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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Abdullah he was solely Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine under that, before we start, can I just get the the team who's doing the filming today, just to check for me that the stream is working and that we have audio for everybody and inshallah that we can start you'll be able to check that one from the inshallah

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you can check it from from here, you can just grab those.

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Yeah, and you can bring the stream on there. Brilliant.

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Not under on actual yet.

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Okay, excellent. So inshallah you guys can keep an eye on the stream. From there, make sure that it's working. And inshallah tonight we have a special rokeya q&a. And the goal behind this special Rukia q&a In sha Allah Who to Allah is to answer all the backlog of questions that I had. And in sha Allah to tell you about a brand new Rukia course, which is going to take place in sha Allah, who to Allah in the coming weeks. So the goal is basically that I had so many questions that I get asked about Rukia. And as you know, this is the first time that I think I've ever done anything on rookie on my own channel. So far, I've always been doing rookie related stuff, I did some for Kalama. I did

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some with different in different masajid. In the UK, I did some rokeya programs, with different institutions and different people where I recorded courses and things like that, but I have never done actually a rockier course, as part of my own YouTube channel. And so in sha Allah Huhtala I do want to launch a NeuroCare course. But before that, I also want to get rid of all of the outstanding questions that I haven't been able to answer. I've got so many questions in my email. I've got so many questions people asked, and I also want to open up the option to ask questions today. Insha Allah Who to Allah. So how can you ask questions today? How can you get involved, really simple,

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you're going to need the telegram app, you're going to need an app called telegram. You can get that app for your computer, you can get it for your phone, you can get it for your tablet, and on the app, you're going to need to search for Mohammed Tim official, as a user name, Muhammad Tim official. And if you search for that, Inshallah, you will find a group you can join in on that group, there'll be a link to a discussion panel. And on there, you can ask your own questions. I personally find that better than YouTube comments, I don't really like YouTube comments is a lot of kind of rubbish gets put on there. And I much prefer that we have a discussion group, the group will

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only be open tonight for the duration of this q&a. It won't be open at any other time. So I won't be opening it, for example, tomorrow or the day after or whatever. Inshallah it's just for the time that we live tonight. So nobody's going to be disturbing you after that. It's a one time thing only inshallah. So you need to download the telegram app, you will need to open up

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Mohammed Tim official. And then from there, you will get a link to the discussion group for tonight's q&a inshallah. Tada. So we've got our first question.

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And it's really, really a very excellent question. I like this one a lot. If you are possessed, and you meet up with people, is it wrong, not to mention your possession to them, so they can take precautions such as whoodle An earth card?

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I think that here we have two separate issues to consider. The first issue we have is the issue of concealment. And that's the basic principle that we follow as people we follow as Muslims when it comes to people's private lives. The statement of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in Hosni Islam in Mar, Turku. melayani. From the perfection of a person's faith is what to leave what doesn't concern them? So our basic position as Muslims is that we don't get involved in people's private business. And also our situation as Muslims is in nama bash in nama as in nama ash goo bethey, we're Hosni in Allah. I only complain of my grief and my sorrow to Allah. I only complained of my grief

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and my sorrow to Allah subhanaw taala

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And because we only complain of our grief and sorrow to Allah, we don't want to be from the people who kind of complain to everybody about what we're going through. And I'm going through such a hard time and this and so on. On the other side of that, we have a different principle, which is the principle that there may be a harm upon someone that they need to protect themselves against. Now, the question really was, we want to inform people, or we might inform people such as taking so they can take precautions, but what I actually think is you can advise them to take those precautions, anyway. Now, what I would say is not to tell everybody not to make it a big thing. But if something

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does happen, just to mention it in a small way, that yeah, I am, you know, apologize. I am dealing with something at the moment, which is causing me to have a little bit of a strange reaction. And Inshallah, you know, may Allah subhanaw taala. Bring us a cure, you know, mentioned in a light, easygoing way. A lot of people ask this question about marriage as well, I'm thinking of getting married, where I'm sort of, in the process of getting married, and should I sort of tell somebody that I'm going to that I'm suffering from an affliction, I would simply say, it's really simple on this one, there are probably two things to bear in mind, in one sense, the concealment, and that we

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don't want to make a big deal of it. On the other side, the person has a right to know. So I don't think it needs to be the thing you mentioned, first day in the marriage discussion. I don't think it needs to be mentioned in the first moment. But I think if the marriage looks like it could be suitable, that before we go any further, I do want to mention that I have been having an affliction, or I have had an affliction, and hamdulillah I'm treating it, and inshallah won't be a problem. But I do, I want to be, you know, sort of open, I don't want to hide that. And I want to be clear about it. And I want you guys to make a decision based on that. But I would mention that at the end of,

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for example, you go for your first meeting, and the meeting has gone well. And it's like, okay, we're going to all go away and make a decision, should we get married or not? Then at that point, I would say, Look, before we go any further, I do want to mention something which is that I'm suffering from an affliction. And Alhamdulillah I'm treating it I don't see it to be a problem, but I want to, you know, out of, out of courtesy, I want to mention that to you. Inshallah, I want to mention that to you. So I feel like that is you know, that that's really important Inshallah, not to overdo it when it comes to mentioning, because otherwise, it can kind of be like, you know, it can

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kind of be a situation like, Somalia can. My name is Mohamed, I'm afflicted, you know, we don't want it to become like that the concealment, we don't want it to become an issue where

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people are,

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are sort of, like having to kind of act justify themselves or their behavior, but just advising people generally, you know, like, if someone says like, also Paola, like, I'm a bit scared or something, well, there's no reason to be scared. But just, you know, make sure that you do your ADKAR and so on, and generally advise people about that as as a whole. I think that's a good, that's a good way of dealing with things. Okay. The second question, what is the best way to protect children? What's the best way to protect children? It's a fantastic question.

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In reality, let's talk about the best way to protect ourselves as a whole. And then we'll talk specifically about children. So let's talk about the best way to protect ourselves as a whole, the best way to protect ourselves as a whole is by protecting and when I say protect ourselves, I'm going to reword that because protect ourselves is the wrong word. The best way to gain Allah's protection, let's let's say it like that, right? That's a better way of saying it. The best way to gain Allah's protection is quite simply by taking all of the s bap, all of the causes, that Allah has made for protection. So from the causes that Allah subhanaw taala has made for protection.

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Number one, the correct belief, the correct Aqeedah and the correct EMA. What's the evidence for that? And leadin M and well M E lb. So a man whom Bivol Hola, ecollar, homall, UMNO wahome Moto, those who believe and they don't mix up their belief with polytheism It is they who will be guided and it is they who will be safe, they will be safe they will be guided. So Allah described them as having safety. And Allah described them as having guidance because their belief is correct. And safety mean safety from everything right safety for every kind of calamity and every kind of problem. So I believe the very first thing is having the right belief. Now let's let's talk about

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context of children. How do we do that for children. So instilling the right belief in our children, instilling the right belief about Allah, about Allah's names and attributes about turning to Allah, about seeking help from Allah, that Allah is the Greatest, that the shaitaan cannot overpower the Command of Allah, and that the shape Han is under the command of Allah as every creation is under the command of Allah. So I think that's really, really important. And I would advise people definitely instill in your children the right belief, because if they have the wrong belief, there is no guarantee of safety and there is no guarantee of guidance. And if you don't have safety from

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Allah, and you don't have guidance from Allah, then in reality, you don't have anything. So that's the first. The second thing I want to talk about is the Sunnah of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. Allah azza wa jal said earlier today Larina in California and Emory and to see by whom fitna Are you see the home as Edwin le let those people take a warning those who go against his command, in case we cause them to have have a tribulation or a trial happened to them, or they suffer a painful punishment. So Allah promised fitten problems trials calamities in your life, if you go against the Sunnah of the Prophet sliceable how do we instill the sooner the prophets I mean our

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children by encouraging them and and pushing them on the Sunday in everything that they do, whether it's a vicar whether it's the way that they pray, whether it's the way that they, you know, even seek help from Allah subhanaw taala or the way they make to our and so on, that you're instilling in them to follow the Sunnah. The third is to do good deeds and to keep away from sin. And this is the essence of a Taqwa. Because Allah subhanaw taala. He said, We're Mejia tequila Hydra Allahu Maharaja, we also come in haste when I tested Allah subhanaw taala said, Whoever has Taqwa of Allah, Allah will make him away out of every difficulty. And Allah will provide for him from where he

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couldn't imagine. How do we instill talk about in our children, when our children let's say they are, they're younger than puberty, they're not old enough to be responsible for their actions, so they don't sin, but by not setting them up to sin later in life. Because Subhanallah when you teach your children to do haram, and when you encourage them to do haram and you allow them to do harm, not only are you sinning, but actually what you're doing is you're setting your children up to sin later on in life, because they reach the age of puberty and those sins come with them. And so they they may not earn the sin for it when they're a child, but they certainly develop the habit for it

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when they're a child. So getting rid of sin is still far teaching our kids to make it still fall. teaching our kids to make it stick apart to see a Stanford Allah I still feel lost offer Allah. Okay, what else can we do for our children? What else can we do to get Allah's protection for ourselves? That I've caught? being constantly remembering Allah subhanaw taala being somebody who's remembering Allah all the time remembering Allah subhanaw taala

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remembering Allah azza wa jal, when do we remember Allah for example, in the morning after fetching in the evening, either after us or mockup?

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We remember Allah before we go to sleep. We remember Allah after the daily press. We remember Allah when we go out of the house and when we come into the house, we remember Allah subhanaw taala before we go into the bathroom, any we always remembering Allah before we eat and drink, we remember Allah. So we're in a state of remembering Allah all the time, especially the morning and evening Cathcart that is remembering Allah when remembering Allah subhanaw taala after fajr and either after us sort of Maghrib that's a big discussion, we leave it for the rokeya course in sha Allah, should it be up to us? Or should it be after multiple believe it for the rokeya course in sha Allah, which we're

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going to be telling you about shortly? The Inilah E to Allah. Okay. For our children, how do we do that? If they are babies, of course, for a baby, we cannot

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tell, you know, we cannot get them to say the words, we can teach them the words we don't read as card over our children. Like for example, we don't need to go to our child and and when we take the baby out of the house, we kind of say Bismillah to a cow to Allah, you know, we kind of saying it for them. But we can do it to teach them. So for example, when we go into the bathroom, when the child is let's say a toddler, they're too maybe too young to be able to say but we come in comments say Bismillah Allahumma inni, Aldo Bakker Meenal hobo see while haba is and we teach them like that, like so they're learning the habit of it. That's fine.

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The other thing is that there are some ADKAR you can read over your children.

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like to say, and I will teach you how to say for a boy or girl and a group. I'll teach you how to say for all three, a boy a girl in a group. For a single boy, we say we're Iizuka.

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B Kelly Marti la he tam mean coolly shaytaan in Wareham woman coolly iron in lamb.

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That's the first one for the girl or a rookie so the boy was or evil cat. Are you lucky? B Kelly Mattila he term mean coolly Cooley shaytaan in wahama Wyoming Cooley, ie Neelam and the third is for a group or a locum or a locum be Kelly Mattila he tam min Cooley shaytaan in wahama, Wyoming Cooley, Eileen lamb, I seek Allah's refuge for you.

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From every shaytaan and every beast, and every envious I so we can read this over a baby we can read it over a child we can read over it a young child and an older child a teenager we can read over our kids to say to ask Allah's protection for them from every shaytaan and every beast and every envious I so encouraging them for the F con. What's also from the SP job of protecting yourself especially if we're talking about the evil eye is not to overdo your

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what you tell the good that happens to you not to over overly talk about it, you're not to praise Allah for the good that happens to you. You know, but for example, some people for example, if they bought a house, and they bought it for a cheap price, and what happens is they will like tell everybody even they'll post it on social media or icon for such amazing price is the most beautiful house, or this is fantastic and, and they'll fall and all the people you know I did last week I bought, and they tell people all the good things that happened to them. And they're telling people who might not want good for them. The prophets, I tell them when he discussed a dream, he said that

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you don't tell it except to someone who loves you or someone you love. And either he said someone you love, or you could read it in in a different way, as someone who loves you. And he saw that those are the people you tell you don't tell like the whole world about things. And you just keep it to Alhamdulillah in how are you Al Hamdulillah I see that you have a new call hamdulillah How is your new call going for your hamdulillah very well humbler? No complaints, but your Salah it's the best you can imagine you couldn't have anything bad and I go it's so cheap. And then people's jealousy increases right so so you you first of all you tell people that you love and you try to not

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embellish or not to overdo the good things that happened to you. Someone might say what about the statement of Allah will there be near it or not? Because I had this that's not the meaning of the iron. i It doesn't mean that you should tell people about the good things that happened to you it means you should tell people about Islam. That's the that's the main Tafseer of the iron and maybe near material a big war ml Islam any as for Islam for Hadith tell people about it.

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This is that the meaning of the eye and not that you should tell that every single good thing that happens to you should tell everybody but you tell people who love you and people you love them. A people who want good for you it's like a dream as well. When you have a dream that you want to interpret you tell someone that you love them and they love you and you don't tell somebody who is once evil for you or somebody who has bad thoughts about you or something like that. So that's important as well.

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From the good deeds which is especially important to protect a person is the prep the prophets I sell them he mentioned that the one who preys on Sala soba who praise the federal prep fee Gemma a few general Alfie Gemma chemical in the Jama for whoever the medulla Hatha UMC, this person is in Allah's protection until the evening comes in Allah promises to take care of them until the evening comes. This is from putting Fauja in the GEMA for the men for the women. It's not required to pray for a joke in the gym app but for the men to prefetcher in Gemma, you're in Allah's protection until the evening comes. So don't you know don't throw Allah's protection from yourself as well. Which is

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what happens a lot of the time that people start off asking Allah for protection, but then you see them later on and they Subhanallah they, they go on they spend their day doing haram and they take Allah's protection away from them and they it's like they're saying to Allah, I don't want your protection. So that's also important to bear in mind. I think those are a few things that I wanted to mention. Also, if you do see that you feel that your children are being affected by something evil i Whatever it might be, and you actually see that your kids

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have been affected or you believe your kids have been affected, then honestly, my sincere advice to you is that you do you start a rookie a program for them quickly. You don't delay it. You don't delay it. Because when you delay then you know Subhanallah the problem only gets worse. So that's my sincere, no advice in that regard.

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I think that in terms of what kind of a rookie a program you should do, I would answer that in two ways. I mean, for now, there is a video everybody can watch, which is called simple self Rokia, you can search for on YouTube. It's not on my channel, it's on Kalamos channel, it's called simple self Rokia. But in sha Allah Huhtala as we said, we have a new brand new rokeya course which is starting in sha Allah to Allah from next week in sha Allah Bismillah himolla In sha Allah Allah, we're going to be starting from next week. And we're going to go into these issues in detail like protection in a lot of detail with courts and evidences and we're going to inshallah Allah really break it down in

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a lot of detail inshallah. So, that will be there. But for now, there is a good video, which is on Calamus YouTube channel, which is called simple self Rokia. So inshallah you can catch it there be any later

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if a person was fought to be possessed, but it turns out they're not, how do you deal with aggressive or abusive behavior? So I think there's a question I would ask before this, a lot of people ask, it's a question I would ask before this. And that question is, how do you know that a person is possessed or not possessed. And I know at this point, everyone's expecting that Mohammed, Tim is going to just give you this formula, you know, and you're just going to be able to put one and two into a and b, and you're going to come out with C, and it's like, right, possessed or not possessed. The reality is anybody who tells you that there is such a formula, they're wrong. And I'm

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not shy to say, anyone who tells you that there is a formula like that. Tell them that Mohamed Tim said to you, you are wrong.

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That's the reality of it.

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In reality, so many people think they have this formula, and Subhan Allah, they make colossal mistakes, huge mistakes, and they really ruin people's lives. Subhanallah because of it, they tell someone you're not possessed, because I read on you for 10 minutes. And if you were possessed, you would have either no floor stuck to the ceiling or something. And they tell people like that. You would have shaken when I read the iron, you would have screamed when I read the iron wall like this is Subhanallah jello maraca. It's compound ignorance, not knowing Rukia properly, not knowing what Rocky is not knowing the issues of the jinn properly and not knowing the signs of these issues, that

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people Subhanallah they think I read 10 minutes the person didn't have a reaction, there's nothing wrong with him. And this is part of the rookie or money train. Sadly, not everyone who charges money, but it's part of the rookie a money problem of just this constant, you know, like factory type treatment of people, you know, come in here five minutes, pull who Allah who had go, you're not possessed come in here five minutes. And each time yeah, you can pay me a couple 100 quid a time as well. You know, they go, yet not possessed next, not possessed next. That's the you know, the way that sadly, the way that a lot of people are behaving and not everybody, some people genuinely

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believe it. They're not taking money, but they do the same thing they read 10 minutes you're not possessed.

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How do you know if a person is possessed is that in reality, you have to gather together the facts of the case. And you have to look at our wide range of facts. The history of the case, the condition of the patient, the reaction to the rokeya over a prolonged period of time.

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medical reports and diagnosis. Like you really look at everything, you might not have a medical report, that's fine. But you look at everything that is available to you. You look at everything that is available to you. And you gather together the facts, and you look at them. And then you form a what a hypothesis, an idea. I believe it's most likely this is psychological. Why? Because it doesn't have the onset that I would expect from Rokia. It doesn't have the reaction I would expect from Rukia. The prolonged Nokia isn't really having the effect that I would like, I suspect that this is psychological. Now the fact that you suspect it doesn't, you know, in a vanilla economy, not

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Petia your your hypothesis doesn't change the truth in anything, but it's an idea. I believe this is psychological. Then if you believe this is psychological. My next statement to you is why does that mean that you're not doing Rokia

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who says

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That's something is psychological, that that means that there shouldn't be any, there shouldn't be any, any Rokia. rokeya is just as effective for psychological conditions as it is for as it is for other conditions. So I'm not sure why, because something is psychological, we shouldn't be doing Rukia for it. But yes, we might be doing Rokia along with consulting a psychologist or a psychiatrist, along with the rokeya that we're doing as well. So you form a hypothesis, and you go along that basis, but you never ever, this is the right you never ever say like, you know, I, you know, I know this is what's happening. Because when you read on that person later, you know, so many

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people will like, I have like, a list that is so long, I couldn't mention it to you, of the people who came and this rock he read on them and that rocky read on them and they said they're not possessed this psychological there's nothing wrong with them. There's nothing happen. It's in your mind. I had I'll tell you a case recently, I never mentioned personal details, but a very beloved brother, good friend of mine, he

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you know, I read on him and he had some you know, symptoms of not looking right in the rakia it didn't feel good to me. But there was nothing obvious he just not don't feel good. And you know, later on he went to you know, this very famous rocky very famous person, he went to him that person race it is nothing wrong with you psychological.

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I read on that brother recently, relatively recently. And when I read on him, he had a gene reaction like

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an emit like the sun in the sky, as clear as the sun in the sky. It was so bad, it affected me. And he like while I was reading on him, I got affected by it. It was like a big reaction. Huge reaction.

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Him and his family. So I want to go back to that person and say actually, you are the you know, this full and even full on.

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How did you come to the conclusion this is psychological.

00:27:04--> 00:27:05

Why? How?

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Because why? Lacking coma? Testosterone, you're a people who rush. You jumped into it with two feet. You read on him for 20 minutes, you decided it was psychological. You came back home, callous, and you rushed into it, you you came you went too fast. And you didn't take into account all the facts of the case. There are many times people ask me for Rukia. And I read on a person and they said to me, Go on, then give me the you know, give me the report what's going on? I have no idea. I don't know what's going on? I'm not sure I don't know. Well, I don't know. I think you should do Rokia because you seem unwell and Rukia is effective for all kinds of sicknesses. So I really feel like

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you should do Rokia for yourself insha Allah to Allah, that's what I want for you. But I don't really know what's the matter yet. But inshallah we'll try again. We'll try again until Allah subhanaw taala shows us what's the matter and shows us the best way to deal with it. Someone will say, Well, yeah, but you know, if it's medical, shouldn't they be seeking medical treatment, but there's no contradiction between Rukia and medical treatment, go for medical treatment, that's your thing. If you want to go, you don't want to go. But Rokia is effective for all kinds of treatments. So that's my kind of pre answer to the question is that, be careful. A lot of people will say to

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you, it's just psychological. It's not a rocket issue. I believe Rockies should be ongoing for that person who has that aggressive behavior, no matter what, you know, because at the end of the day, Rokia helps a person as well. But if you start to form a hypothesis be perfectly valid. And you start to form the idea that it's likely that it's not a, an issue of the unseen because I actually don't like calling it it's not a rocket issue, because it is a rocket issue. But it's not an it's not me and Rob elevate from the sicknesses of the unseen, like gin and magic and the evil eye. It's not one of those type of things.

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If it's not one of those types of things,

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I would say that you look at what does the Sherry I give for anger? What are the what are the tools Shetty gives you to deal with anger? So one of the tools that is authentically reported is that if you're standing up and you're angry, sit down. And if you're sitting down, lie down. Yeah, so that's one tool. Some of the scholars mentioned staying in the state of water even though it's not a hadith per se, as far as I'm aware, but it people mentioned it, remembering Allah when when the anger comes remembering Allah and I've caught you know, generally state keeping yourself protected from the shapen because what we said about protection earlier on in the video is still true.

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It's still true even though you we might not be talking about gin. You know, we might be talking about protecting

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From the Shaitaan in general, so yeah, it's still true. So I would say you deal with it through the Shetty a method of anger, of dealing with anger. And that's a long topic maybe outside of our topic for today. But you know, some ideas you can you can? I don't know, I think I've answered it before in some videos, that what does the *tier give us to deal with sort of anger?

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But sort of, you know, looking at behavior, correcting people's behavior, and good manners and how we develop good manners in a person. That's all part of the situation. Would I stop Rokia for that person? No way, I wouldn't stop. I would just so we've agreed you and I, that it's not a rookie hack. It's not a it's not an unseen sickness. It's not Gen or evil AI, as far as we can tell, I keep the rokeya going. And I look at you know, how we improve someone's manners, how we educate them, how we connect the heart to Allah, how we correct bad behavior, we look at rewards and punishments in Islam. We look at the method of dealing with anger and Islam, how to keep the shaitaan away from

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you, as well as doing Rukia as well. That's why I would advise and Allah azza wa jal knows best.

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What is the difference between hassad an iron? And what is the difference in their symptoms? Well, is a very, very good question. And insha Allah.

00:31:19--> 00:31:44

I think the evil eye is a topic that really needs more detailed, and we have given it you know, not just me personally, but even just generally like the books, I've a bunch of books here. And there isn't. These are all rockier books, by the way that I sat here on I don't know if you can see that. I know you can. They all sat on the desk. These are all Rukia related. And some of them are copying Rokia and prophetic medicine and things like that.

00:31:45--> 00:31:53

There isn't a lot of these books that deal with the evil eye. I actually have one here, but there isn't a lot to deal with the evil eye.

00:31:55--> 00:32:14

The evil eye even describes it like an arrow that is fired from the soul of the person who has jealousy, or possibly amazement. So let's think of it like this. What is

00:32:16--> 00:32:36

what is the evil eye? What is jealousy? And where do they overlap? What's the evil eye? And what's jealousy? And where do they overlap? So, the evil eye? The first question is, does the evil eye come only from jealousy? Or can the evil eye come from?

00:32:37--> 00:33:03

Or can the evil eye come from? amazement? So that's the first question. And the first one of the majority of our machines is that it only comes from jealousy. But many of our machines Who are you can see a specialist in the field, along with specifically ship idle multiple, I asked him this question. And he was very strong in saying that

00:33:04--> 00:33:10

he was very, very strong in saying that jealousy comes from

00:33:11--> 00:33:21

the jealousy comes from amazement, not just from the evil I was very strong, seeing that jealousy comes from amazement, not just from not just from the evil eye.

00:33:24--> 00:34:07

So if that's the case, that's one difference between the two, right? If that's the case, that's one big difference between the two, that jealousy would be something that that sorry that the evil eye would not always come from jealousy. What could be an example of that? You're not, you're not you're not jealous of yourself, right? You're not jealous of yourself. But you might be amazed at something like you see, you look at yourself in the mirror, and you're like, wow, today, you know, looking good. That could be amazement, you're not jealous of yourself, but you're amazed of yourself. And I believe you can give yourself you know, you can actually give yourself the evil eye through that I

00:34:07--> 00:34:16

believe you can possibly give yourself the evil eye through that. So if that's the case, that would be one. That would be one major difference. That will be one major difference.

00:34:17--> 00:34:59

The other thing is that jealousy doesn't always result in sickness. Jealousy is haram. Right? And it has evil for the person. But it doesn't always result in sickness or in calamities or difficulties or hardships for the person not all the time. So I could be jealous of someone Lakota Allahu Darrick. May Allah make it happen. I could be jealous of somebody. And my jealousy of that person doesn't hurt them at all. Nothing happens to them, but it's just a sin that destroys me as a person. But with the evil eye, the evil eye is that something comes out from the soul. It comes out from the soul like Gabriel came described it like an

00:35:00--> 00:35:16

Arrow that comes out from the soul of the one who gives the evil eye to the one who it's given to, it may hit that person and it may miss that person. And it may hit that person and the person may have armor or not have armor.

00:35:17--> 00:36:00

So, here's someone gives someone else to evaluate second arrow, right? So they fire the arrow. Okay? They fire the arrow. Now the question is they the arrow, the arrow got fired? Did they hit or miss? If they missed, nothing happens to that person, but the arrow is still fired. It's not the case in hazard. It doesn't have to be. But in the evil eye, the arrow was fired. The arrows fired, did it hit the person or Mr. Person, it could miss the person by the decree of Allah. It never hit them. And it could hit them, if it hits them is that person protecting themselves with as car of the morning and evening with going to the prayer with their correct belief with following the Sunnah

00:36:00--> 00:36:41

with Taqwa with all the things we talked about. So maybe it just bounces off, the arrow hits them, and it just falls down on the ground, it doesn't actually cause a serious problem to them. So that would be two those would be two big differences. One is that the evil eye comes with an an attack on the person. But jealousy doesn't have to represent an attack on the person but even though it destroys you know, the person who is jealous, and also whether the evil eye comes with amazement, and I will I really feel tempted you know, or inclined towards saying that the evil eye can come from amazement, not just jealousy, even though the fatwa of the majority of our mushrif May Allah

00:36:41--> 00:36:59

azza wa jal bless them all, is that they said that it only comes from jealousy. Allah I just, when you look at that hadith and you look at the you look at the situation of the evil eye, you feel that there is some evidence that it can come from being amazed as well as jealous and Allah knows best.

00:37:01--> 00:37:05

Okay, all right. This one is a bit of a, a little bit of a long one. Let's see.

00:37:08--> 00:37:09


00:37:11--> 00:37:46

When I was trying to warn my cousin regarding her tie with, and the contact with a magician, I myself got inflicted and possessed. I think it's because the magician saw me and gave me evil eye because he knew I was warning her but Allah knows best. Now my question is how can I help and warning to rookie on family members if I end up suffering myself? My cousin is still wearing her towel with and do a rookie on myself and it's difficult but I'm doing better Alhamdulillah I don't know how I can help her or others in this situation. Would you know how to tackle this? Every time I try to open a message to her my symptoms get worse because the gene is trying to stop me. So yeah,

00:37:46--> 00:38:29

Subhan Allah may Allah azza wa jal give you complete shifa, and may Allah give you reward for what you did. Because in sha Allah, if it's the case that you got hurt, in doing Rukia or you got hurt in giving advice, then this is like getting hurt in Battlefield sebelah. Right. It's like being a Mujahid for the sake of Allah like being a soldier for the sake of Allah who gets wounded in battle. So you should be so happy. Wallah. It's a big blessing from Allah, that you are like a soldier for the sake of Allah that got injured in battle. And you should not see that to be anything but yes, it needs treating for sure it is treating inshallah like if you are a soldier, and you were in battle

00:38:29--> 00:39:13

for the sake of Allah and you got like, say for example, you got you got cut by a sword or you got shot by a bullet. You would go to the hospital and get you would get treatment, right, you would get yourself patched up. But you would still be be grateful to Allah that Allah azza wa jal allowed you to be injured for the sake of Allah. So there's nothing wrong with that. I think it does show how important protection is seeking the protection of Allah azza wa jal is I think that's really important. And it shows how people can get I mean, I'm not I always, I always discourage people from feeling like rockier is dangerous. Because that's, if we all felt like that. We would, we would have

00:39:13--> 00:39:31

a big decrease in the number of people who do Rokia and for most people, it isn't dangerous, but I can't say you will never be injured, you know, in Rokia. Subhanallah just the other day I mentioned earlier in the video I had a really bad you know, Rukia session and I came back feeling

00:39:32--> 00:39:41

you know, injured for want of a better word you don't want like I wasn't handled, I didn't have any battle scars or anything. But you know, I came back feeling really quite injured and quite rough Subhanallah

00:39:43--> 00:39:55

and that obviously needs treating. And maybe that leads me to kind of look back and say, well, maybe I wasn't very observant in my car. Maybe I went into the Rukia session with a bit too much of a

00:39:56--> 00:39:59

you know, confidence maybe like all Sharla you know, nothing else

00:40:00--> 00:40:12

or, you know, maybe it was a bit too much overconfidence perhaps, and maybe not enough trust in Allah subhanaw taala so I look at that and I evaluate that and I kind of asked myself Okay, what could I do better next time and of course the treatment in sha Allah

00:40:14--> 00:40:54

I do feel if you had such a bad reaction to something like this and it didn't go with regular rokeya It may be that you had a kind of a vulnerability to it before or a kind of problem that happened to you before Allah knows best. It could be because usually these kind of temporary afflictions that come to you from the magician trying to harm you or the jinn trying to stop you or discourage you they're quite temporary in nature. You know, they last maybe a few days a couple of weeks of Rokia inshallah they go away basically lie to Allah like what a rock what happens to the rocky sometimes they go away. But if they're more long term, then either the treatment might not have been enough in

00:40:54--> 00:41:10

the beginning. Or it could be there was something there to start with. And that kind of made it worse or it's discouraging you don't stop trying to help people. Because for the simple reason the prophets I seldom said Willa houfy O'Neill Aptima candle aberdovey only

00:41:11--> 00:41:13

and will lie i If I could,

00:41:14--> 00:41:20

if I could have a hadith that I put on my wall and I looked at it every day.

00:41:21--> 00:42:02

This would be one of the Hadith that would dead this would definitely be a candidate for that hadith. Wala houfy O'Neal Abdullah candle Abdul Fionn yaki. Allah helps you as much as you help your brother, your sister in Islam. How much you help other people Allah will help you will love you only optomechanical abdulfatah Only Fe so don't stop helping people. Don't stop trying hard. Don't stop trying to advise about the taweez don't stop trying to do Rokia for people. But just obviously you have to give attention to yourself first because Allah said yeah you Hello Dina mm cool enforcer como Alikum Nara or you who believe save yourself and your family from from a fire who's met whose

00:42:02--> 00:42:13

fuel is met and stones so Allah started with saving yourself and then with saving first of all saving yourself and then with saving with saving your family

00:42:14--> 00:42:16

so that's one thing

00:42:21--> 00:42:39

Yeah, so if how would you do it when you end up suffering yourself? I think you have to SAP you have an expectation that Allah will reward you for that will lay Subhanallah I was reflect cheerful Islam when Tamia Rahim, Allah Tada. He said that Rokia is from the greatest forms of Al Jihad V. Sevilla.

00:42:40--> 00:43:14

And subhanAllah that's something we can't do today. Like we don't have an option. You know, I can't go join an army. There's not an army that would have me if I went to join them. You know that there isn't, I can't go and join an army today. There isn't an army that would welcome me and say, Come and join and fight for the sake of Allah. But Rokia is a viable option for fighting for the sake of Allah because you're fighting to make the word of Allah the highest and the word of those who disbelieved the lowest and you're fighting against the jinn and the sheltering and the magician's and will lie if you went into battle, you wouldn't be surprised if you got wounded. So if you go

00:43:14--> 00:43:43

into this battle and you get wounded, testable, agile, Allah expect Allah's Agia for it. Expect Allah to give you so much reward for it, and bear it with patients and treat yourself and don't lose your intention to treat others. It won't happen every time inshallah maybe you had kind of a big affliction that was hidden that came up or maybe it was just that the ADKAR weren't there or something, but inshallah it won't happen every time. Don't think that it's going to be like every time you try to help someone's going to happen, but just

00:43:44--> 00:43:58

bear it with patients with beautiful patients. Turn to Allah and complain to Allah and ask Allah is help, you'll be fine Inshallah, tada, you'll get over this affliction. And insha Allah to Allah, you go on to help many, many people, but even you later on.

00:44:00--> 00:44:32

How would you tackle in the question when the symptoms get worse, because you're trying to advise someone or you're trying to tell them about advice, but your your symptoms are getting worse. So in this, I think it really requires two things. It requires a really good Rokia program. So that Insha Allah, what you're doing is you're, you're fighting against that gene and pushing that gene back, so they don't have the ability to stop you. That's one thing.

00:44:33--> 00:44:59

The second thing that it needs is it needs a lot of his default. And I'm going to tell you something will lie I will lie believe it's true. And I fought about it. And I thought about it. And in the beginning I heard a rocky brother who gives lectures on YouTube. I heard him say this. And when he said it, I was a bit surprised. I kind of stopped and said I don't know if that's true or not.

00:45:01--> 00:45:12

But he said that if the Djinn gain control of you, like they actually stop you doing things or make or talk or take over your body,

00:45:14--> 00:45:21

or like they, they, they, like exert control over you. This is because of your sins.

00:45:22--> 00:45:38

And I was like, I don't know, you know, I know practicing really practicing people who are afflicted you know, I have some patients who are Subhanallah really deeply practicing hacker than several whom Allah who has Ebola Nozaki Allahu Ahad, we don't declare anyone to be pure in the sight of Allah.

00:45:39--> 00:45:47

But they seem to be deeply I mean, really practicing people. How can the jinn take over them like that?

00:45:48--> 00:45:49


00:45:50--> 00:46:33

I came across an iron and when I came across the iron and the Tafseer, I actually came to realize that this is completely true what he said. And that's a statement of Allah azza wa jal in lemony Tabak me know, when the only people that the shaitaan will have power over, or those who follow him from the gar we, and one of the meanings of Allah when our oil money been the centers for I came across this idea, and I said, Well, I believe it's true, I'm actually think it's true. I think that if the gene has got a good control over someone, and they like changing what they see what they do, not talking about a little bit forgetfulness, we're not talking about like, like, maybe a little bit

00:46:33--> 00:46:56

of pain, but we're talking about like a control over them. They like start to control what they do, that this needs so far. And it's not to blame. It's not like, Okay, you're a sinner. Join the club, you and me both any, we are all sinners. It's not that it's it's not that you are bad. It's that there is a cure that you might not have tried yet. And that cure is Catarratto towball. It's

00:46:58--> 00:47:05

just lots and lots and lots of Toba and still fun. I remember the first time I watched the video, share it.

00:47:07--> 00:47:26

I watched it this video Qaeda say it's amazing video, well, let's be really good. Qaeda Sahale the plot of the magician and the chef, he said something and I wish I could remember perfectly because I don't have my notes. But he said, someone came to him and said, I'm afflicted.

00:47:27--> 00:47:52

And the sheriff, he answered him and he said, I'm going to give you three three things. If these three things don't help you, nothing will help you. There is no Rokia that will help you. And I know it's your idol from what I know of him. Having a lot to add at the shift. Always. You know, when people come to me with Rukia problems, he he doesn't really tell them to do Rukia very often.

00:47:54--> 00:48:01

And I used to kind of find this strange, you know, like pure conversation and possessed. And he would say things to them, like make make Toba?

00:48:02--> 00:48:07

Or they would say she had possessed and he would say you need to pray in the last third of the night.

00:48:08--> 00:48:49

Say she had possessed and he would say, you know, sometimes he would tell them to read over water and oil but but he's not like he wouldn't be like, hey, you need to go to a rocky, you know, you need to get rocker. And the thing that I realized is I realized that this is what is missing for most people's Rocky is to actually they are doing Rokia but they're missing some of the most important things and one of them is more last October will still fall just constant Tober and is still fine. La ilaha illa Anta so panacur in the con two minute violin, there is no god that deserves to be worshipped except you Oh Allah, you are perfect. And I am one of the oppressive

00:48:49--> 00:48:52

people are oppressed myself from the sins that I did.

00:48:54--> 00:48:58

And Allah sophister Jebin Allah when a junior homeless workaholic in general meaning

00:48:59--> 00:49:19

I answered him, and I saved him from his distress and in this way I will save every believer will be saved by this panel by repentance and it's the fall that repentance it causes the shaytaan will law who will enter into law it causes the Showtime to lose control of you

00:49:20--> 00:49:54

and to stop being able so I would say if you feel like you're trying to write that message and shaitaan is kind of stopping you try just making it stiffer stuff for a lot La ilaha illa Anta Sapan aka iniquity military mean think of a sin you did I make Toba for it. Think of another one make Toba for it. I feel the Jin is going to let go of you at that time. He's not going to be able to hold on to you. And I've been trying this lately. various situations. And I do I do believe it's true will allow Adam and Allah knows better and I do believe that is true. And Allah knows best.

00:49:56--> 00:49:59

Okay, next question. Is it ever

00:50:00--> 00:50:13

Okay, just to decide to live with your possession, it's been extremely hard to get rid of that affliction. And you've learned to live well with it, can you just leave the Rokia? Is it blameworthy? Or is it part of having slavery?

00:50:15--> 00:50:57

Well, like I, I see patients, you know, with, I see patients who have really long term afflictions. And you know, don't think that I sit in front of this camera as someone who if I read on someone in 10 minutes, they get better. And all Subhanallah it's not like that. And we have cases. For eight years, nine years, we've been advising people we've been telling people we've been trying Rokia we've been, you know, and Allah didn't write for us that it worked yet, until now. And also Paola cases like that Allah years years go by, I mean, I can think of a case now, the first time I dealt with that case, was

00:50:59--> 00:51:01

maybe 2006.

00:51:02--> 00:51:33

Maybe or 2007. Maybe around that time to maybe give or take, give or take, it could be maybe 2007. or around that time. He Subhanallah how many years? We going for 15 years, Paula, and that person is not better. And you know, Allah didn't decree for them, that it's that they go better yet. But well, I'm going to give you a few things that I will give you sincere, sincere advice. Number one.

00:51:36--> 00:52:21

Allah subhanaw taala is too great and too generous and too kind to merciful to leave you without answering your door. So put your trust in Allah, that Allah will answer your DUA. That's the first thing. The second thing is that your treatment itself is actually your treatment itself is a good deed. reading the Quran is a good deed. Like people say to me, oh, you know, it's a big inconvenience that you know, you read Rokia on someone and I'm thinking, to be honest, that if I don't read rocky on someone sometimes because I don't finish my portion of the Quran that day, like, you know, it's a blessing to be able to read the Quran is a blessing to be able to,

00:52:22--> 00:52:36

to turn to Allah to plead with Allah to make dua to Allah, to feel that nearness to Allah is a blessing. So if that was the only reason I would say don't stop the treatment, because the treatment itself is your good deeds. Don't stop the treatment.

00:52:37--> 00:52:46

I would also say if you look at the prophets in the messengers Allahu wa salatu salam, they didn't give up, or you how many years and you was afflicted by shaitan remember

00:52:48--> 00:52:53

with Cora vedana, a UVA is nerd, Rob Bahu, any Messonnier shaytaan

00:52:54--> 00:52:58

be no spin. Why that? Remember a you

00:52:59--> 00:53:08

when he called out to his Lord shaytaan has afflicted me with pain, with pain and torment.

00:53:09--> 00:53:42

So his affliction was from it was from that was from the shaytaan SubhanAllah. So this tells us any when we see this, that this affliction the affliction he had it was from the shaytaan a Europe his affliction was from the shaper. He remained patient for all those years, all those years. And think about our Prophet Muhammad sai send them how many years did he fight against his enemies 23 years he fought against his enemies until Allah Subhana Allah gave them victory

00:53:43--> 00:53:47

or the better part of 23 years until Allah gave him victory.

00:53:48--> 00:54:33

What till can a Yamanaka would have been a nurse these days we vary among the people. These days we vary among the people we give the day to someone and we don't take it from somebody else. So it's normal that you will have good days and bad days. No, I again, I something I've penciled in for my regular course I really want to talk about this dealing with long term afflictions. But I will give you one piece of very important advice inshallah would love to give you that piece of important advice. Rokia has to be manageable and sustainable. Don't make your Rukia so much that it is unmanageable and unsustainable. Mohamed Tim, what is your evidence for this? The statement of the

00:54:33--> 00:54:34

Prophet so I said,

00:54:35--> 00:54:38

I have Bula Amelie Illa Allah, I do Mo who was

00:54:40--> 00:54:58

the most beloved of the deeds to Allah is the regular deed even if it's small Subhanallah if you're trying to read Bucher on yourself three times a day I remember I remember God she added to add heavy the hula and I said there's a patient really difficult she I'm not making any progress with this patient.

00:55:00--> 00:55:02

He said read sort of baccala

00:55:03--> 00:55:06

I said she couldn't associate

00:55:07--> 00:55:16

Accra cooler all of it the whole of Bukhara all of it. Then he said to me, Martin for you twice at

00:55:19--> 00:55:33

all of sorts of Bacala twice a day said all of it twice, also less moderate. He said all three times I thought I'm gonna stop asking now before it gets worse you know what we're going to end up with how many times he said twice or three times a day. So

00:55:34--> 00:55:51

now that is beautiful advice Wallah. Don't contradict it at all. But I will say that if that is a struggle for you that you are really really struggling to be able to do that and be able to manage that and you're really struggling to

00:55:53--> 00:56:09

you're really struggling to manage it. Yeah. And then you know, I think then in that case, you know, go down to what you can manage but be be regular and be be consistent Inshallah, be regular and be be consistent.

00:56:14--> 00:56:50

Okay, I am a revert Muslim. I became Muslim six years ago Alhamdulillah. Me and my husband are affected with see her, which has been confirmed by a sister has correct Aqeedah and does Rokia for the last 20 years. I do my Rokia but my husband want doesn't want to accept that this is the problem. And our relationship gets worse by the day. I'm scared because I don't have any Muslim family and my family back home. My country won't accept me with my Islam. And in case he divorces me, I don't know what will happen to me and I'm scared for my religion. What should I do as I don't find anyone to speak to my husband and to explain to him what is happening? Lice is a very difficult

00:56:50--> 00:57:00

situation and a very serious question. And we start by asking Allah azza wa jal and Heyoka young to cure you with a cure that leaves no sickness.

00:57:01--> 00:57:14

And we ask Allah subhanaw taala. To make things right between you and your husband, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to keep you safe and to keep you safe in your religion and to safeguard your religion for you.

00:57:15--> 00:57:25

And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to make your situation easy. And to remove the difficulty from this is the least we can do is to is to make to add, that's the smallest thing that we can.

00:57:27--> 00:57:34

So we have a situation where husband and wife are going through difficulties because of an affliction.

00:57:36--> 00:58:07

And I believe this, they said that she is doing Rokia for her affliction. But the husband is not doing his or the husband might be doing his but he might be struggling to accept that this is the problem. And sometimes the shaytaan does that to people. You know, the shaytaan confuses you into thinking that Rukia is not what you need. And I'm not saying this about ordinary people I'm saying about people who do Rokia themselves. I mean, I know people who do look here,

00:58:08--> 00:58:10

quote unquote, professionally if that's the right word.

00:58:12--> 00:58:56

They do look here for people and SubhanAllah. They end up getting to a stage where they start saying, oh, this person doesn't need Rokia, this person doesn't need rockier. Why? Because the shaitaan starts to influence their thinking in that way. So it is it is something that you have to deal with. Okay, what's the best situation here? The first thing is the best thing that you can always do is to is two things. In this situation, two things. The first is really sincerely turning to Allah, complaining to Allah. In nama Eshkol. bethey, we're Hosni Illa. Allah I complain of my grief and sorrow. Allah loves you to complain to him. Nobody loves to complain except Allah. No one

00:58:56--> 00:59:12

loves a person who complains except Allah subhanaw taala. Complain to Allah. tell Allah about your problems. tell Allah about your worries. tell Allah about your fear over your religion. tell Allah about your fear over your marriage tell Allah has to tell Allah azza wa jal

00:59:13--> 00:59:31

uncompleted, you know cry your heart out of everything that you want to complete, Allah loves for you to complete. And Allah answers the doer of the one who complains to him like the story of Yaqoob in an ash school, bethia, Hosni illallah wa ala Momina Allah He mela to animal that's the first thing.

00:59:32--> 00:59:59

The second thing is, have good thoughts of Allah. Think good of Allah and have confidence that Allah will cure you will have confidence that Allah will QE. What did Yaqoob say when he said in nama Escobar fewer Hosni Illallah I only complained my grief and sorrow to Allah Yaqoob said something he said what I learned will mean Allah He may Allah Tala moon I know about Allah what you don't know. I know

01:00:00--> 01:00:37

about Allah, what you don't know Subhan Allah and that knowledge of Allah knowing Allah has names and attributes knowing who Allah is knowing what Allah subhanaw taala does. And turning to Allah and trusting in Allah like that. It really does make a big difference and Allah subhanaw taala will take care of you no matter what. So don't feel for your religion don't feel what if my husband divorces me? Or what if my husband leaves me or what if my husband doesn't let me do my Rokia because Allah will take care of you. You don't need your husband to take care of you Inshallah, he will may Allah bless him and Allah Subhana Allah guide him and Allah subhanaw taala honor him with the best of this

01:00:37--> 01:01:01

dunya and akhira. But you only need Allah subhanaw taala to take care of you. And if Allah takes care of you, it doesn't matter how many gene and shell teen go against you. And it doesn't matter how many people from Benny Adam don't help you. If Allah subhanaw taala helps you that's all that you need. You don't need anything else except the help of Allah subhanaw taala. So putting your trust in Allah,

01:01:02--> 01:01:32

doing the Rukia for yourself, this is the third thing I'm going to advise you is that if you can do Rukia on yourself in an effective way, I promise insha Allah to Allah is going to help with your husband. Because Rukia for yourself is going to reduce the affliction. It's going to reduce the presence of the Shaitaan in the household. And it's going to facilitate for your husband in sha Allah to be able to see what is really happening. Allah tells us why it is that people don't see when the shaitaan afflicts.

01:01:33--> 01:02:19

He tells us in Surah, two out off, which is the seventh Surah of the Quran, in Ira number 201. In Alladhina, taco, either Mr. homepod, e4, Min ash, shaytani Tadek carova either homochiral, those who have Taqwa of Allah, when they're Touched by an affliction from the shaytaan, they remember, and then they can see clearly. So for your husband to be able to see what's happening, he needs to remember, he needs to remember, what does he need to remember, he needs to remember two things. He needs to remember that this is coming from the shaitaan. Now we can even say to him, that My dear brother Wallah, I'm not even saying about you being possessed or not possessed. But marital

01:02:19--> 01:02:27

arguments come from shape on true or false. Marital arguments come from shape on shaytaan sits with his throne on the sea. And he sends out his army.

01:02:28--> 01:03:05

And they come back and they tell him what he what they did. One of them comes back and says, I did such and such a thing. He said you did nothing. Another one comes back and says I did this and that he said you did nothing. Until one comes back and says I kept on whispering until I split between a man and his wife. And he says to him, You have done well and he embraces him and he sits him on the throne that shows you that regardless of sex, regardless of gender. At the end of the day, if you are having arguments in your marriage and difficulties, this is from shapen. For you has to remember the problem is from the Shema. But what is really powerful is the second meaning of the iron to that

01:03:05--> 01:03:17

Kuru meaning vacarro law. They remember Allah when you remember ALLAH, what happens for you their whole mobile see Ron, they can see clearly

01:03:19--> 01:04:01

all the confusion is removed and they can see. So I would encourage him, me Allah blessing. I would encourage him to remember Allah a lot. And the more he remembers Allah, the more the issue will become clear to him because Allah said interlinear taco is a mess the home party for min ash shaytani R that Cole fader Matsudo one more point from the I O. Allah restricted this to a group of people that people have Taqwa. So doing good deeds, and keeping away from sins helps you to realize the reality of what you've been afflicted by. And if you're doing sins, and maybe not so good with the good deeds, then that could also cloud your vision about the shaitaan afflicting you.

01:04:03--> 01:04:15

Also, we often say to somebody that look, let's say for example, you're right and I'm wrong. It's not a rookie a problem just in compatibility between the spouses and divorces, all that type of stuff. Okay?

01:04:16--> 01:04:29

We'll look here hurt you. Nothing, okay, I won't hurt you at all. It's not gonna do anything. Rokia won't hurt you at all. It's only going to bring you benefit. It's only going to bring you hail it's only going to bring you Baraka.

01:04:30--> 01:04:39

So insha Allah Who Tala Rukia as the way to go. But I'm going to mention one thing in support of this brother.

01:04:40--> 01:05:00

And not in any detriment to our sister Allah bless her, but in support of the brother and that is that the shaytaan takes advantage of our natural weaknesses. So what I mean by that is, is it possible that by working hard on your marriage, and trusting in Allah and trust

01:05:00--> 01:05:12

trying to correct things between you and maybe improving the way you treat each other and speak to each other and kind of taking it like a regular marital problem. Could that weaken the shaytaan? Absolutely.

01:05:13--> 01:05:53

So when someone says I'm having marital problems, I need rockier. What I would say to that person is okay. You know you do need Rokia. I'm not saying you don't need Rokia. But you also need to try and fix those problems to it will help. So it's kind of maybe even like a, an agreement with him. Like, how about we do this? We do Rokia because Rokia doesn't hurt. Inshallah, we realize this problems coming from the shaytaan. But we also try our, you know, counseling, our you know, solving our problems working things out between each other, because that will help to reduce the effect of the shape hug because the shaytaan only works with what is always what's already there. And I believe

01:05:53--> 01:06:17

that's what should idol used to say? And I never I wanted to ask him I never got a chance to ask him actually is used to say a setup law you had Riku Serkan? Well, are you sick, you know, Moto Headrick and something along those lines that you had the principal like that, that see her doesn't make something still move or something move become still.

01:06:19--> 01:06:46

And what I understand from this principle, will love Adam, is that part of that meaning is that shaytaan will work with what is there in within you already shaytaan will work with what is there within you already. And so if we can correct the flaws that are in ourselves, we can reduce the opportunity for the shaitaan to take advantage of those flaws in sha Allah to Allah.

01:06:50--> 01:07:07

Okay, if a Rocky is asking you for photos, or a question like your mother's name, is it 100% guaranteed that this person is a magician? Okay, really good question.

01:07:08--> 01:07:41

It's 100% guaranteed that this person is doing something very wrong, and that they are going to seek the help of the jinn in some way or another. That's 100% Guaranteed. Are they a magician? In the true sense of the word? The answer is probably not 100% guarantee because there are people who do practices of the magician, but they don't realize the reality of what they're doing.

01:07:43--> 01:08:27

So I believe 100% They are doing something related to the gym, and they're doing something evil 100% But is it the case that they know that they're doing it? Not always so I'm going to kind of make the answer easy and say 100% They're doing it? Do they know they're doing it? Not 100%? Not all of them know they're doing it, some of them. And a lot of people from you know, imams of massage aid and stuff like that. The mom says yeah, give me your mother's name, date of birth. See, I want you to lie. When Daddy moolah Minister Humala who feed accurately Mikala nothing in the hereafter. You destroy you sold your religion. What are you doing? He's like what you mean? Is a Sarah, it's magic.

01:08:28--> 01:08:53

It says it's not magic. I just, it's in my books. You know, my chef told me you write the mother's name and you write the codes down and you put it and you work it around in something and you throw it and then you bury it in the grave and then everything will just turn up fine. It's a play, who makes it turn out fine. Do you really believe that when you write those symbols and the names of shaitaan and the mother's name and you calculate those chords, you really believe that it's Allah Who taught you how to do that.

01:08:56--> 01:09:35

Lie This is an evil thing to say about law. I'm to coluna Allah Allah He maleta Allah mode. Do you say about Allah what you don't know rather say I learned it from the shaitaan you open? Say Shay, Pontal shaytani insole G either. shaytani in sociobiology in one of the shayateen told you it wasn't Allah Who taught you to take the mother's name. It wasn't Allah Who taught you to take the date of birth. It wasn't Allah Who taught you to take the clothes or the hair or the undergarments, or the nails it wasn't Allah Who taught you to write down the symbols with the names of shaitaan and bury in the earth or put it in the water. How they you you learned this from the shaytaan whatever will

01:09:35--> 01:09:43

matter to Shell teen or other monkeys with a man woman cave also a man where they can sheltering well, they can shelter in a castle.

01:09:44--> 01:09:49

They followed what the devil's gave out in the time and what the shaytaan gave out in the time of Solomon.

01:09:50--> 01:09:59

Then the magic the shaytaan give out soon a man never give out that magic. It was the shaytaan who gave it out you early more than necessary, teaching the people magic

01:10:00--> 01:10:21

So 100% They are to be avoided 100% They are doing something very wrong, but maybe maybe we can not say 100% That they are a magician in the sense that they fully understand what they're doing. Many people they just read it in books and they just you know they're just Subhanallah swimming in the ignorance along with

01:10:24--> 01:10:57

what we're going to do okay, we are going to get close to the other time and I am inshallah going to go for Salah because there is no benefit in doing a class and then missing missing salah. That's not going to help. I am going to go for Salah inshallah in about 10 minutes, but I'm going to come back and I'm planning for this to be a late session you don't have to stay till the end inshallah you Allah bless you, you don't have to stay till the end. But I am going to come back inshallah to Allah but I will need around about 45 minutes. So we will put up a graphic on the screen telling people we're going to come back not just yet in about 10 minutes time. Do we have that ready?

01:11:02--> 01:11:05

Yes, Salah is Okies Koperasi we have time.

01:11:06--> 01:11:18

Okay, so insha Allah Tala, what I would like to do is in this time, because maybe some people will not come back afterwards, I would like to tell you a little bit about the rookie horse we just sent me the

01:11:20--> 01:11:23

can send me over to the details of what we agree for the course now.

01:11:27--> 01:11:30

Isn't live in the state.

01:11:34--> 01:12:17

So I will tell you in sha Allah to Allah a little bit about what I'm planning to do. So in sha Allah, I'm planning, if Allah makes it easy to start next Sunday in sha Allah to Allah at the same time, however, this course will be a proper registered course. In sha Allah to Allah, it will be on an online learning portal, which encourages student commitment. It encourages in sha Allah like for everyone to be committed and and to stick to it in sha Allah, the course is going to be around around 11 weeks long, at least, it might be more, I've got 11 weeks planned already, and we could still be more inshallah. Each week we're going to take a topic relating to Rukia. And I'm going to

01:12:17--> 01:12:35

really try to research it more than I have already. I'm gonna try and go through every single one of these books again, beginning to end and try to insha Allah to Allah. Take out as many of the benefits as possible. Some of the topics we have topics, in depth about protecting your family from the shaitaan, we're going to talk about in sha Allah Who to Allah

01:12:37--> 01:12:45

Scheffel Islam even Artemia his insight into the world of the jinn. We're gonna talk about insha Allah Huhtala

01:12:46--> 01:13:23

we're going to talk about the reality of the evil eye and fact and fiction we get each week we're going to talk about a topic each. Each week we're going to talk about a topic, inshallah Tada. During the week, we're going to take your questions and answers for the people who attend in the course. And we're going to be posting onto the learning portal, we're going to be posting updates like answers to the questions like visual video answers to the questions, inshallah. We're going to have interviews and discussions inshallah with people, I've got people who I have a lot of respect for working in the field of Rokia, we're going to be interviewing people in sha Allah, Allah, Allah,

01:13:23--> 01:14:00

and all of that content, we're going to put it on a dedicated learning portal in the light Allah. If Allah makes it easy, I would like to start it from next Sunday in sha Allah, who to Allah, if Allah makes it easy, and you'll be able to join and watch the classes live. The reason I chose this time, which is between Margaret and Asia, in the UK, where I am, is because if you look at the world, basically, it's it's a time when most people in the world will be able to watch each other, there's not too many people, it will be like middle of the night for them, Inshallah, most people will be okay. But the classes will be uploaded as well to watch in your own time. Believe me later Allah

01:14:00--> 01:14:36

notes will be provided for the classes in sha Allah to Allah with all of the details from the books. And we'll also be displaying pictures on the screen and videos on the screen as well in sha Allah for the duration of the course. Why am I doing this course, really, I have two or three objectives that I really want to achieve in this course behind this course. One thing is I feel like I keep saying the same thing kind of over and over again. And I keep doing it on different people's channels that I haven't really got together all the information to put it in one place. So I really want to be able to refer people who email me and people who kind of,

01:14:38--> 01:14:59

you know, like, ask me questions, I want to kind of refer them to something and say, Look, this is what I know. And there's more things that I'm ignorant off, but this is what I know about Rukia it's all here. So I wanted to do that. I also really feel that a lot of these topics need depth. You know, we keep doing Rukia courses that are one hour long, two hours long.

01:15:00--> 01:15:35

Three hours long, four hours long, and we don't even scrape the surface. You know, we didn't even go into the depth of the details about it. So I really want to go into a lot of detail about this about each topic and research it. So I'm going to take the whole week of each week to research the topic. And then Insha Allah, Allah presented life, and in sha Allah, Allah also upload to the course portal, Inshallah, we won't be using YouTube. For this, we'll be using a dedicated online learning portal, you'll be able to register Inshallah, there will be a small fee associated with the registration, but if anybody can't manage it, they can just tell us that we can waive it for them.

01:15:35--> 01:16:09

It's not the purpose of it is not that DNA. The purpose of it is that it gives a little bit of commitment from the students. And it helps us to support the dour projects and the things that we do the equipment that we needed, things like that, but it's not really a problem. If people can register those who you can call it like a voluntary contribution or something, people who can't manage it can just drop an email and we will give them a cord shot and it will be a very small something small, just to contribute towards the cost of it inshallah Tada, but it will be registered. So we won't be just broadcasting it for everybody because we want people who are

01:16:09--> 01:16:11

committed, we want people who are going to learn Inshallah,

01:16:13--> 01:16:46

the type of people we're looking for, we're not just looking for people who have afflictions, although if you have an affliction, Inshallah, to Allah, there'll be benefit. We're looking for people who are supporting people, people who want to support other people in the community, not somebody who wants to earn money from it is somebody who wants to support people in their community support their family, with we're also looking at people who are interested in the topic and want to go into more detail than what we have available in the existing lectures in sha Allah Allah. So these are some of the points. What else did I miss out? Yeah, q&a, as I said, In sha Allah Allah,

01:16:47--> 01:17:19

we're going to be doing regular q&a from the attendees. Every question you guys post, we're basically during the week we're going to pre record the answers and we're going to upload them to the course portal inshallah. We're going to be talking about brand new material and also if the lectures when we're going to let the students decide where to take the lectures. So for example, if I finish a topic and you guys want more information, like I finished what I know about the evil eye and you said, I really think we need to do more like we need to talk about evil AI

01:17:20--> 01:17:56

for example, in a different way or in a different aspect, we will make a new lecture for that because I just want to keep adding content to the portal. So I have like a comprehensive portal inshallah of questions, answers, of videos and so on. Now, some people might ask the question, well, if I don't register for the course, will I still be able to access the material? So inshallah yes, that we will be taking key points from the material and putting it on YouTube Inshallah, we will do that, of course, we will do that Inshallah, on YouTube and other social media, we will be putting key points, but we're going to try to keep it for the people who you know, they have that dedication

01:17:56--> 01:17:57

for Inshallah, to Allah.

01:17:58--> 01:18:39

So some of the topics I have got here, plant, staying safe, a step by step guide for protective protection for you and your family. I think I'm afflicted what now? Even Taymiyah has insight into the world of the unseen friend or fraud how to tell the difference between a rocky a ripoff and a real magician. I like that title, friend or fraud, how to tell the difference in hierarchy, a ripoff and a real magician. A Brief History of magic the ways and means of magicians from the time silly man until today Sharla that will be with video and pictures and shuttle Alta addict coming up on the screen alongside the video possessed or psychosis. How do we know and what do we do about it? The

01:18:39--> 01:19:15

perfect program putting together rakia a plan, a rockier plan for every affliction. So inshallah Allah does the plan and I'm planning to start it inshallah life Allah makes easy next week, okay? How can you register for the course have to wait for that Inshallah, to Allah there are two or three ways you can you can find out about it. Number one, I'm going to post a video to YouTube and I'll post a video to Instagram Inshallah, to Allah once the course portal is ready. I don't want to make it until we the portal is ready, inshallah. And also, I will post it on my telegram group, which is if you go to the telegram app, Mohamed, Tim, official, just searching Telegram for a user called

01:19:15--> 01:19:50

Mohammed Tim, official, Inshallah, I'll post it on there, I'll post it on my Youtube, I'll get the brother to post it on Instagram, which I don't recommend for anybody. But I post content on there for those people who are on the platform, please don't download Instagram because you think you're going to get any extra content from me is the worst thing in the world. But we just put the content on there for people who are already on the platform Alhamdulillah so that they can see some good along with all the evil that is there. And perhaps a loss pantalla will encourage them and incline them towards any getting the content from somewhere else. And that also leads me to another point

01:19:50--> 01:20:00

and there's a lot of announcements today. But I really wanted to get this announced as well in Sharla and that is that insha Allah Allah Allah we are going to be moving away from live streaming

01:20:00--> 01:20:39

On YouTube, I have taken a Vimeo account for live streaming. And inshallah we're going to be live streaming on Vimeo instead of YouTube in the near future, don't worry, it's not gonna be today tomorrow, but inshallah we will, this course will be live streamed over the Vimeo connection. And also in the future inshallah We'll be live streaming the kids class, the Tafseer class, Q and A's will be live streaming them on Vimeo. The reason why is I hate with a capital H, the adverts on YouTube, and I hate the fact that I've never monetize the channel on YouTube ever. And I never want to be in the light either. But Subhanallah they start putting adverts even without our permission.

01:20:39--> 01:21:19

And I read that it's worse in the live classes than it is in the, in the regular classes. So I'm going to keep putting videos on YouTube, but not live the live videos, I'm going to broadcast them on Vimeo. So you'll be able to get them through either the telegram group, or likewise, Inshallah, I will post them on website and I will probably have like an email mailing list or something where people can get the live stream links from Inshallah, because I really don't want to keep on fueling this YouTube adverts and music and people uncovered and all this stuff, which is coming on, which is, you know, we don't want it so inshallah we're going to move the live streaming over to Vimeo,

01:21:20--> 01:21:55

which will be kind of you won't be you won't need the app or anything, it'll be embedded in the website, or it will be like, and they'll just be a link, you can click it will, it will not open anything else except that. And also one thing I hate about YouTube, while I'm talking about even though I'm on YouTube now one of the things I hate about it is I hate the recommended videos, because even though you might get very beneficial. Also, they might pick one big share time, I was watching a video from Madras Tara Maria, the other day, and Subhanallah when I opened the next recommended video was what for me how how a Christian Professor proves that the Quran is fake,

01:21:57--> 01:22:35

taught, and is no doubt this is gentle, no doubt ignorant silence silliness, but Subhanallah look how like these recommended videos come. So I don't want to be a part of that. So what I want to do in sha Allah is to help develop the website, my website so that all the videos on there, develop the live streaming on Vimeo so that nobody has to see any adverts or recommended videos in sha Allah. And Inshallah, you know, kind of just use YouTube as a backup where we put the videos there, just for people who are using the platform like similar to Instagram, like how I don't recommend it, but we just put the videos there for people who are already on the platform. So probably the same will

01:22:35--> 01:23:10

happen with YouTube inshallah. And that's going to be moving over in the next month to two months, we've got it ready, but just slowly moving over, because take time for people to get used to inshallah. So those are some announcements, the Rokia course and all those things, we'll be announcing it very soon, inshallah. And as I said, the plan is for it to take place. 4:30pm live every Sunday, but if that time is not good for you, UK time, if that time is no good for you in Sharla, then you'll be able to catch the lessons recorded uploaded on the portal. And we really want to build a massive database of questions and answers. In Charlotte, I really hope if I could get

01:23:11--> 01:23:46

some of our machines, but I'm not sure if I will be able to get them to be able to interview them. But inshallah I've definitely got agreement with some of the Rockies and people that we're going to be able to do some q&a with them as well, in sha Allah to really build like a portal of benefit in Charlotte Tyler. So that's kind of what I want to do. Let's take one more very quick question. Do we have a quick fire question? No, no, they're long. They're long, okay, no problem. So what we'll do, Inshallah, we're going to pause normally, we're not going anywhere, Inshallah, we're just going to go and pray. Now it's going to take me 45 minutes, I'm going to put a graphic up or something upon

01:23:46--> 01:24:26

the screenshot Allah to kind of just tell you that I've gone away to pray Inshallah, and we will be back. Like I said, Inshallah, less than 45 minute bye, bye by 630. UK time, or you can say, if not 636 40, something like that. We'll be back. And I'm going to keep going, shall I'm going to try and answer as many questions as I can. Because I haven't done this for a long, long time. And whatever I said, that is correct. It's a it's a it's a gift from Allah, that blessing from Allah. And whatever I said, That's wrong. That's my responsibility. It's not anybody else's. And I don't claim that all my answers are right. I can only come to answer in the best way that I know how an Eliza Journal's

01:24:26--> 01:24:36

best. Wa Salatu was Salam ala Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine will be back in sha Allah Allah Allah in about 14 minutes from now, Inshallah, but 645 UK time

02:11:17--> 02:11:57

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala Abdullah he was a soli nabina, Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mine. So we resuming this Rukia q&a session in sha Allah, if you're just joining us, we started the session at around 4:30pm. UK time. And we're just opening up to general questions people have about Rukia I feel like I haven't done this for a long time, I feel like I've been dealing with a lot of Rukia cases lately. And I just felt like I could do with having more answers and more resources available. Also, I wanted to announce the Rukia course which is upcoming in sha Allah, and also

02:11:58--> 02:12:05

to try to reduce some of the backlog of questions that I have from people. So this is the goal in sha Allah.

02:12:06--> 02:12:43

In terms of how long we'll go on tonight, we'll probably go on until I run out of energy, or the camera runs out of battery or something like that, inshallah. But I would say that you just, you know, people listen for as long as it as you like, as long as it's relevant to you, as long as it's important to you. And don't feel like you know, you need to stay up until me for some of you, it's the middle of the night. Whatever is easy for you insha Allah to Allah, you can always catch the recording on YouTube. Later on. I did announce the rookie workshop coming up in sha Allah to Allah, we will be trying to cover at least 11 weeks of rokeya training in sha Allah, online dedicated

02:12:43--> 02:13:21

online portal. We'll be doing some interviews and discussions as well, some q&a pre recorded q&a as well in Sharla on the portal, and that will be announced soon. If you want to find out more about that there are a couple of ways you can do that. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel, this YouTube channel and we will post a video advertising of course, you can subscribe to my telegram channel. And that's how you can ask me questions today. And you can do that by downloading the telegram app. And by searching for Mohamed Tim official, and inshallah from there, you'll be able to find the discussion group to be able to post the questions. I don't have access to the discussion

02:13:21--> 02:14:00

group in front of me. That's deliberate because it will just I'm a person who gets so easily distracted by things around me before I got distracted by some monitor over here and that's why I kept looking that way. So I've got I get so easily distracted. So for that reason, I told the team who was recording me today, I asked them to select certain questions to be answered one by one. They are selecting them in relative importance. They're also looking at you know, various other reasons why they selected certain questions more commonly asked than others and things like that. But we will try to get through everybody's questions as much as we can today Inshallah, I can't promise

02:14:00--> 02:14:34

that answer every single question but I try my best to answer as many as possible inshallah. But I know some people complaining. He missed my question. I didn't miss your question. It's just that I am getting the questions. spoonfed question by question. All right, I have heard the Renew see her every new year is this. So here also, some of the questions might be summarized in nature. Maybe you typed something longer and the team just shortened it down, which is fine. Is see her renewed every year. So let's step back that question asked the question is the hell renewed? Or

02:14:35--> 02:14:49

I asked this question to shift either. Look, we'll have it a whole lotta Allah. And he said to me in fatica Lee No, no, it's not. And I don't know anyone who knows more about magic than him. But

02:14:51--> 02:14:59

we didn't get to discuss the evidence. I didn't get to ask the shake about what's the evidence for what he said. But he was adamant, no

02:15:00--> 02:15:21

I don't know if his opinion change asked him a long time ago, it wasn't recently, I asked him, maybe back in like 2000, whatever it was when when, when he came to the UK, like 14 or 15 was a long time back. So it's been a while I haven't updated to ask the question, but he was adamant it doesn't happen. So how it is not renewed?

02:15:22--> 02:16:03

I certainly think for sure it's very, it's either doesn't happen, or it's very rare. But why do people think that cell is renewed? And could there be situations where cell is renewed? So I do believe there could be situations where Sahara is renewed, it's not impossible. And I do not want to contradict what the Sheikh said heavy the lot at all. I just mean that there's, there's an HTML, there's a possibility, there's nothing physical that I can see, that would stop a magician from doing that. But it's not the norm. So the question then is, why do people think their cell is being renewed?

02:16:05--> 02:16:35

I think there are a number of answers for that. Number one, people don't get rid of their affliction properly or completely. So what happens is with afflictions, is that people treat themselves to the point where they're 90%, better, 80% better. And then they let the situation go, and it gets worse again. And so it feels like it's been renewed, but really the problem was never gotten rid of in the first place, not properly. That's one issue.

02:16:36--> 02:16:39

Also, another issue is that people

02:16:40--> 02:17:12

often have multiple gin, and multiple problems. So multiple Gen is one problem, where you have many Gen who are enforcing the sale, you get rid of one, it becomes weak, it dies, another one takes its place that was already there in the first place. And people feel like it's renewing the sale, it's not renewing the sale. But the sale was a team of five of these Jin, and one of them died. Now the other one steps in his place. And now it feels like the magic has been renewed.

02:17:13--> 02:17:56

Also, his people have the other issue is people have multiple afflictions. So what will happen is someone has Iein, see her a gin possession, something else happened to them, then they went for istikhara. And that was done through magic, then somebody else did something to them through logic, then they went for a cure, and they got a tallied from magic, and all like they have like 20 different things all inside of one person. So again, when you get rid of one, you feel like you got a new car done on you. But actually, you're just moving on to the next problem in the list of problems. Also, if a family is afflicted, it can be the case that a person draws in the gene of the

02:17:56--> 02:18:44

other family members. So let's say there's a family of, and this is a benefit, by the way, not harm. Let's say there's a family of five people and magic has been done on all of them. And one person is doing Rokia or one person is doing more okay, for example, what can happen is that when their gene becomes weak, another gene which is another Ginny, which is with the other family member, comes to them, I kind of Amgen don't usually crossing jump too much. But this is a case where the Jimny here is what's the word already been sent to the family. So it comes and attacks this person to stop what is to kind of stop the cure from happening to the person it was with. But now the interesting thing

02:18:44--> 02:19:27

is, could this be used as a method of Rukia? Yes, it can, in the sense that you could be doing Rukia on somebody, or focusing or someone is doing a good job. And maybe some of the other family members are not doing as much. But what can happen is you can kind of weaken their affliction by drawing the jinn towards the person who's doing the work. So they shouldn't feel sad, that my affliction feels like it's going on forever, you might actually be dealing with five people's affliction at one time. So that could be another reason why people think it's been renewed. I think it's more likely to be renewed if it was to be renewed. I think it's more likely when the magician is very closely invested

02:19:27--> 02:19:59

in the patient or closely related to the patient. Because there's, there's a psychology there's that there's a sort of emotional, psychological reason to keep doing it. Whereas I think that a magician who's just employed by someone for money, I mean, unless they keep on paying him every year, why would he torture himself because the magic that they do is like torture for them, you know, as well. Why would they just torture themselves every year every two years or whatever. Instead, it's it's more likely

02:20:00--> 02:20:41

that somebody who let's say the magician is a family member, then there's an emotional reason why they want to keep on even if it hurts them, even if it tortures them, they want to keep on doing the magic again. And again and again, because of the fact that they've got that deep emotional hatred, as opposed to the magician who is employed, which is more situations where, let's say it might be a family member who instigated it, but they go to the magician and the magician is employed to do a job. It's very unlikely, if not, nearly never, almost never, that that magician will renew the magic of their own accord. Other than that, I don't know, I really would love to sit down with a chef and

02:20:41--> 02:21:24

ask him more about it. I asked him and he was so adamant about it, he said I but then evidence doesn't happen. So, you know, that's my take on why on what I found, is that most cases I found where I felt the magic was being renewed. I felt like he that it was a very close family member and there was an emotional reason why it could be, or I felt like it was just that there was more than one gene sent in the first place. Like when the magician did the magic that was Tenjin that was it. So it feels like it's been renewed 10 times. But we remember that Subhanallah in the sight of Allah de Shayateen indicator shaytani Canada if the plot of the Shaitaan is always weak, nobody should

02:21:24--> 02:21:30

ever feel like the Shere Khan is too strong or too powerful. Send 100 Send 1000 Send 10,000

02:21:31--> 02:22:13

Allah in the Nasir Allah who carry the help of ALLAH is close. Don't ever, ever feel Like the army of shaitaan is too big. The shippon is nothing in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala that's why we keep talking about our key that your belief and your trust in Allah in your connection to Allah. It's so important in rokeya because you could be faced with what do you do when you're told I've got this there's 10 Pete Tenjin with this person, one of them took you six months to read on the person to get rid of and you're feeling like spiker handleless anymore. How am I gonna do this for five years for 10 years? How will I manage by the strength of Allah by help from Allah, not by your own

02:22:13--> 02:22:50

strength? If you go and think it's your strength that removes a genie, or it's your strength that makes the problem go away? Why you You're weakened the shaitaan is weak in Oahu, legal insanity. Brief indicator ship honey Canna, Viva la even wildlife, you're both weak. But Allah subhanaw taala in Allahu Allah zap the Quwata Almighty, Allah is the all powerful Allah is the more strong than almighty. So Allah subhanaw taala if he helps you, he answer Comala Farahani. But if Allah helps you nobody is going to defeat

02:22:53--> 02:23:07

our genes attracted to certain colors or wearing certain colors, we're told not to wear red or orange or Jin will be attracted you will lie. I like this question. I'm not sure about colors, but I wanted to answer this question more generic way.

02:23:08--> 02:23:17

What attracts the gin to a person? And honestly, you know, the gin are

02:23:18--> 02:23:27

attracted by things that are have one thing in common. And that is that it's something that Islam tells us not to do.

02:23:29--> 02:23:42

And I think this is most of the case, even with the Ashik Muslim gene, if we're talking about the USHIP gene who is Muslim, a gene who is a Muslim, but they are attracted. They fell in love with someone. How did they fall in love with that woman?

02:23:44--> 02:23:52

I can't imagine she went out Muhtar Cuba in full niqab and Abhaya you know from head to toe and the jinn fell in love with her.

02:23:54--> 02:24:33

I'm not saying could never happen but I never saw it happen in my in my experience and it could happen but I never saw it happen. But what happened she went out motor battery jar, you know, without hijab with makeup on or with a really nice, you know, beautiful set of colors and, you know, really, really adorned and you know, she went out Bizzy neTea with her beauty and with her adornment for the jinn fell in love with her Muslim or non Muslim Yanni The point is that I can't think of an example where a Ginny was in love with someone or attracted to someone because they did something Islam told them to do.

02:24:34--> 02:24:41

No Allah um I'm not saying it's impossible I'm not saying but I'm just saying that I can't think of an example

02:24:42--> 02:24:47

but what happens is that people go out in a way that Allah didn't tell them to go out

02:24:49--> 02:24:51

the the statement of Allah azza wa jal

02:24:55--> 02:24:59

while at about region at about region, Jaya Healy at Ola don't

02:25:00--> 02:25:41

go out to the women don't go out the way that the women used to go in J. Leah, you know, going out Daund and adorned and dolled up and dressed up and don't go out the way that the people used to go out in China. Because honestly, it brings a lot of harm upon you if it's not the jenama thing is the genie if it's not the genie if it's not the evil if it's not the magician, well I brings a sin upon you. It brings Allah's Anger upon you, for I believe it's not like certain colors, but I can you don't go out and disobey Allah. But if you go out of the home, and you go out in a way that you are sticking to the limits of Allah, there is a Hadith will lie this hadith is a must for anyone who

02:25:41--> 02:25:55

wants to protect himself by the Grace of Allah or anyone who is scared of being afflicted or worried about being afflicted. One Hadith I'm going to give you the hadith of Abdullah and it is it for the love of

02:25:56--> 02:26:24

God, the rights of Allah, Allah will guide you. If you stick to the limits of Islam and you stick to the rules of Islam and you stick to the regulations of Islam. Allah subhanaw taala promises you for the life of Allah will guide you, Allah will guide you protect you, Allah will keep you safe. Look at the Hadith when you go out of the house, what do you say Bismillah tower kill to Allah Allah. Well, how old were Quwata illa biLlah

02:26:25--> 02:26:35

Bismillah I put my trust in Allah and there is no ability to change anything and no power to do so accept from Allah.

02:26:37--> 02:26:42

Allah says to that person, that you have been protected

02:26:43--> 02:26:46

and you have been guided and you have been sufficed.

02:26:47--> 02:27:08

Any there is for you there is protection guidance, and you've been suffice me everything is taken care for you. And the shaytaan sees the shaytaan sees how the shape or whatever handle shape, shape on turns away and says What will I do with someone who has been guided and protected and suffice unsupervised?

02:27:09--> 02:27:30

What can I do? What shall I do with somebody who has been guided protected suffice? So mostly okay, I know someone who got afflicted, and they were observing the proper rules any man or woman and they were observing that Islam, but even in how they got afflicted, they, for example, there was a child I know child got afflicted.

02:27:32--> 02:28:07

And it was quite a bad affliction. So Paula, and we looked at the history of it, and the child was taken out between Maghrib and Isha child's not without without seeing child never did anything wrong. But the child was brought out at a time between Muslim and Asia, the time in which the prophets lie, some said Indonesia planning to shatter will hotfoot, the shaitaan, spreads out and snatches people. And so again, you know, it comes back to the fact that the rules and regulations of Islam were not being followed. Now, I'm not saying you never go out and walk away. But you know, if your kids out in Montana, you must quickly put a box over their head or something like that. No, but

02:28:07--> 02:28:45

you know, you avoid letting your kids play out at that time, you avoid going out with your kids at that time to be outside. And instead you either wait until part of the night has passed any until after Asia or you. Any you you you do what you need to do, but you you don't plan it like that, you know that oil activities will go out after maghrib between Maghrib and Isha to the park or something like that. And the kid didn't do anything wrong. But again, you know, the rules of Islam are not being followed. So I feel that is behind many afflictions, even those that are from the point of a show of love from the gym at the gym, like getting attached to people and following people around.

02:28:47--> 02:28:52

I can think of one or two as someone said that the gym kind of give evil I unfollowed because of that, that can happen.

02:28:54--> 02:29:32

So this person wasn't like, again, the evil eye might be more common if they were like say dressed up or whatever. But this person wasn't kind of dressed up or anything. But what happened was that the the the jinn kind of got an evil eye from someone and the jinn followed it, and there's a big mess Allah, I'm going to try to really do a bath for it for the Rokia course, which is the mess of iron origin, the iron from the jinn, and where does it come from? And is it real and what's the outcome of it? But I think even whether it's true or not that the jinn give evil i is definitely true that the jinn can follow the evil eye like someone can get the evil eye from someone and it can

02:29:32--> 02:29:59

be hit then be hit by Jim possession like followed up from that. And I dealt with a case about that recently confirmed case of someone gave evil eye and the jinn followed it and they became possessed by the jinn but the origin of that possession was an evil eye from somebody. So that could be like a situation where, you know, I mean, in the evil eye, do we advise people like for example, to not

02:30:00--> 02:30:32

Like, for example, if someone is is, I don't know, like if someone has something good about them, like, I give example, someone has nice hair to advise them. Like don't don't keep your hair nice, you know, like mess up your hair so that people don't give you aim. I think that needs research, I will try to research it for I've got it on my list of things to research for the iron course. Should you tell someone like that, you know, like you have a nice car, don't ever get it washed, keep it dirty. Well, I didn't find any evidence for it until now. Except, well, Alama. There's a narration about Othman Rhodiola on Earth moment.

02:30:33--> 02:30:43

So I need to research this narration about with man to find out what the reality of it is. And to find out, do you really tell someone you've got a nice car, keep your car do eat? Because people give you I mean,

02:30:44--> 02:31:20

I don't I don't know, I didn't find any evidence until now except a narration from us, man. And I'm going to research it in time for that for that particular element of the course. That's one of the reasons I really want to do the course in sha Allah, because I really feel like there are issues that need researching, and we need to go into deep dive into some issues, you know, like this. So inshallah that's what Allah made easy for me to mention on that question. Okay. I occasionally feel vibrations or movements in my legs is more frequent. And now it's rare. Could this be psychological? At times, I have had a rookie issue before. It could be psychological. And I think when anyone asks

02:31:20--> 02:31:59

me, Could something be psychological? I would say, yeah, it could be. But I would say like, if you look at a balance of the fact you've had a rookie issue before, you have some sort of things that could be Rocha related, I think it's very wise and prudent for you to do Rokia, you know, to just make sure or to just, absolutely get rid of the problem, because as I said, I feel so many people go 80% 90% And stop, you know, and we all do it. And we you know, even I do that, you know, if I have a bad Rukia session, I come back and I'm a bit like, not myself or something, you know, subhanAllah I do the same thing. You know, I'll read on myself, and I feel like 80% better by the Grace of Allah.

02:31:59--> 02:32:32

And I'm like, okay, hallux Hamdulillah. That's enough. Now, you know that, but it's not, we have to try and get it to the point where we have nothing at all. So I'm not going to say to you that it's it's psychological isn't. But I would say it's wise to continue Rokia at that type of situation, because you have a reasonable kind of a reasonable reason to believe that could be something related to Rukia. And if it's not true, it can get worse later on. I can go back to how it was before. So it could also be a sensitivity I have that now. I don't know. I don't I don't think I do a lot of Rukia

02:32:34--> 02:32:34

I know that

02:32:35--> 02:32:48

they always get those rumors get spread Mohammed Tim, stop doing Rukia Hamilton doesn't do Rokia. But Hamilton doesn't answer people's questions on rookie I, you know, the rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated as they say.

02:32:49--> 02:33:11

So I get like those kinds of, you know, things that are said. But in reality, I don't think I do that much Rokia because I believe that self rookie is the way forward I believe that that patient lead Rokia if that's an even better way of seeing like, not that you never get any help. Not that your family member doesn't help you, but that the patient is the one leading the Rokia.

02:33:13--> 02:33:55

You know, I feel like this is the way forward. And so I try to discourage people who say come and read on me that, look, this isn't a solution. Because I don't know how many people we have watched this q&a, maybe, you know, in the next week, we could have 1000 people, for example, watch this q&a. So Paula, if you one person was to try to read on 1000 people, how would they be able to manage it? If one person might take you know few weeks of reading or even may take few months or even may take longer than that? Let's just say average, three to six months average of once a week or twice a week three to six months average, for example, depends on different types of cases. That's not feasible

02:33:55--> 02:34:38

if you have 1000 people and will lie the number for me it's more than that any Subhanallah that that ask and that put questions forward. So I tried to discourage people from getting from from waiting for for someone like me to do okay, okay, recommend me someone. That's the next question. recommend me some, there's nobody I can recommend you because it's not the solution. And if I if I knew one good, Rocky, I do. Give them credit. I know one good Rocky, and I say to that one good, Rocky, actually, please, you know, have a patient take them. He says okay, I've got 1000 of my own, you brought me 1000 I've got 1000 of my own, what you want me to do? Okay, we'll recommend a third guy

02:34:39--> 02:34:59

coming. He says I've got 1000 of my own as well. So it's not the solution. And that's why we need to educate people to do Rokia among themselves, their families, their circle of friends, their neighbors, the people in their masjid, so that we can spread out the burden of this among more people or spread out the responsibility of this

02:35:00--> 02:35:38

among more people in sha Allah, and some will just do it on themselves, some will just do look here on their family members, some will do rokeya on lots of people. And I have people who attend my courses and came back and said, Yeah, I do Rokia now. I'm a rocky, you know, and I say to them, you know, I don't give out test yet. I don't give a test gear to myself. So how will I give a test gear to you? I don't, you know, I don't give out test yet. But I will just say that, you know, I don't feel I'm qualified to do that. But I will just say that, you know, if you attended the course and you're helping people, may Allah bless you, and may Allah give you more knowledge, and I value the

02:35:38--> 02:35:42

feedback, you know, people come back to me and say, I was,

02:35:43--> 02:36:24

you know, I attended your course, I've been doing rokeya I've got, you know, 1020 3040 people I'm reading on, and I listened and I benefit so much from what they tell me Well, like, like, I remember a brother did my Rukia course. And he came back to me and he said to me, you know, I found something I think it didn't get emphasized enough is the importance of the DUA, the rokeya as current to us, along with Akira. So it's not just reading the Quran, but also the the to us like Allah Mara Burness if he will, best issue viewer and to Sheffy last shifa, Illa she fell because she patent low quality or Sakuma Bismillah levy lei or dororo, mass me Shea on Philology, whatever Sarah was Samuel and he

02:36:24--> 02:37:04

said, I think that this has been helping me so much that I've been using those as well as Quran. And my patients have been getting better more quickly, by the Grace of Allah. I took that on board, I changed also my teaching and and tried to include that as well. And hamdulillah and I think that's amazing. But, you know, me reading on somebody is not necessarily the solution. I try to look for cases where people just, you know, it just came in in front of me and I'm just, you know, I have to just try and manage it. And I'll say to somebody, look, I just read on you once I show you what to do now you read on yourself, and I come back. How can you manage so many people just accept like

02:37:04--> 02:37:22

that, you know, subhanAllah so many people email me I missed the email I tried to answer I couldn't answer in time. people email me really serious things And subhanAllah it's just too many you cannot manage it, you just try what you can and you apologize to them. And you ask Allah's forgiveness for for the shortcomings. Subhanallah

02:37:23--> 02:37:25

so yeah, I mean, this

02:37:26--> 02:37:32

person doing rockier for themselves and a person, you know, trying to,

02:37:33--> 02:37:36

to do Rokia

02:37:37--> 02:38:05

to 100% Conclusion not to 90% as as I was, before I went off on a long tangent. People do in rookie up to 90% It's not enough in all like till you feel a little bit better. I had the same problem. Still. Okay, I feel a bit better. Okay, fine, Carlos, I'll just carry on. And then I realize okay, you haven't really, you know, you haven't really done enough. So you need to do it until there are no symptoms left at all in Sharla. And if you had anything come back at all, keep doing it.

02:38:07--> 02:38:26

Arjun involved in sleep paralysis, they could be. I've heard a couple of reasons put forward for sleep paralysis. I think there are some cases that are definitely 100%. But I'm not sure if every case of sleep paralysis, some have suggested that it's to do with the roof, and the roof entering back into the body.

02:38:28--> 02:39:06

And Allah knows best. I mean, we don't know anything about the waste alone, aka any raw, quality raw human embryo BMlt to mineral Elmy Illa Khalid say that the Spirit the rule is from the knowledge of my Lord, the command of my Lord. And not when none of you have been given knowledge except a little bit and you've not been you have not been given knowledge except a small amount. So Subhanallah we haven't been given full knowledge of the rule. How's the rule? But you feel like possibly some sleep paralysis may be connected to the issue of the rule. When the rule we know the rule leaves the body at the time of sleep. And Allah knows best but

02:39:08--> 02:39:29

I had some sleep paralysis cases confirmed as Jin. But I mean, I didn't have enough research to be able to test like 1000s of people who have it to see you know, is it at all of them are iGEM related or just some of them, but it's certainly something to do with car maybe do a bit of rocky on yourself. At this point. I wanted to talk about some it's really common question.

02:39:31--> 02:39:46

Most people know me because Iraqi essence because of shift paddles seven day program. So this is the seven day program Muhammad Tim seven day program. It's not my program, she had this program, Allah bless him and Allah preserve him.

02:39:48--> 02:39:59

And I translated it into English. And a lot of people say to me, we're doing your program, we're not getting better. And I think the program is amazing. The value of the program is it

02:40:00--> 02:40:39

doesn't take long to do. Anyone can do the reading. It's not the patient doesn't have to do the reading because you read on water and oil. So you don't the patient doesn't need to do the reading. It's so easy. It doesn't take your time. Like, for example, an imam in the masjid can do the reading or your friend can do the reading or whoever in the family can recite the Quran, well can do the reading, and then you can apply the patient can apply the the treatment, and Inshallah, you know, it will help. But I think there are two things people don't know about the seven day program that I would like to share. I think two things that are somewhat contradictory, but you'll you'll kind of

02:40:39--> 02:41:00

get what I mean in Sharla. So the first thing is that it is incredibly valuable over a prolonged period of time. And I do know people who treat themselves with only that any over a long period of time, which are not seven days, but seven days, every month or seven days every other week or seven days continuously. And they just keep on doing it

02:41:02--> 02:41:53

constantly. And hamdulillah it does, it does help a lot. It's really beneficial. The other thing is that it isn't meant to be a replacement for Rokia. But the idea behind it is that the chef looked at prophetic medicine and Rukia and put together an easy way of using them. It's not a sunnah, and that that's really important. It's not a sunnah, like the prophets lie. Some didn't say do it for seven days. If the Prophet said do it for seven days, sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that means you can't do it for eight conduit for six. You can't change anything. You can't extend it. The chef looked at the hadith of Shiva, Shiva in honey that Shiva in zamzam though the shifa in rakia, the, she fought in

02:41:53--> 02:42:11

anointing yourself with oil. And he put together a simple way of using those ahaadeeth in in a like a simple recommendation for how to use them. Now some of my Ask the question also is this not bidder? I actually answered that question on the seven day program

02:42:12--> 02:42:46

page on my website where actually said that she actually courtship and that's where she members said it's not bidder. This is a medicine. It's member. It's a medical issue. It's just like a doctor recommends you take paracetamol twice a day. Okay? The prophets I some recommended anointing yourself with olive oil, tick, the prophets I seldom recommended zamzam tick the prophets I seldom recommended Rukia tick, the prophets I some recommended Blackseed tick, the Prophet slicin recommended drinking honey tick, Chef idol said this is an easy way of doing all of them.

02:42:47--> 02:43:21

That's it. There's an easy way of combining these into one that's easy for people and he used to give it out just to people like you know, some competent chef I'm sick I've got Jenny shoot take this seriously, I'm sick, I've got medical issue, take this shot, I'm sick I've got and he would just you know, like, if I walked behind him is like, you know, give him give him my seven day program give him a seven day program Hamdulillah we translated it by the grace of allied to English it's still there on the website, which is as old as Allah Subhan Allah Allah knows best any how old it's as old as the time that I when I met the chef in the first order and that inshallah we're going

02:43:21--> 02:43:22

to going to fix it later.

02:43:25--> 02:43:49

But the, the idea is not that it's a sunnah in itself, like as a program, but that each individual component is a sunnah. And this is just a recommendation. If you want to use it for longer than seven days, if you don't like drinking, honey, you want to swap that out or you're diabetic, if you decided you prefer black seed oil instead of black seeds, or you preferred to use

02:43:50--> 02:44:28

I don't know the olive oil in the morning instead of the night. No problem. I mean, it was it was put together by someone who really knows what they're talking about any someone who is one of the world's experts in this field, but it isn't a Sunday and the individual components are Asuna so it's like a medicine it's like a prescription from a doctor. And although you trust the doctor and you you know in Sharla you know you you you rely on Allah and then you rely on the doctor to give you good advice. At the same time. The doctor is not infallible, right. So the points mentioned are all from the Sunnah. But the rest of that is how it's put together there is flexibility and we do

02:44:28--> 02:44:59

sometimes change it I say to people do it once do it seven days every month. I say to people, you know, you're suffering a lot do it continuously, but it's not a replacement for a proper rokeya program. So people say to me, you know, I've got a really bad affliction, terrible. So how to be done on me for years, I've never been able to get rid of it. I've been doing your seven day program and I'm thinking well, that's not really enough. That's not really what the program is for. You know, the program is a simple start to Rukia but you need a proper Rukia program as well. And that's also you know, something which is really important.

02:45:00--> 02:45:01


02:45:03--> 02:45:18

I've noticed that whenever I give Islamic advice to people, I'm afflicted with evil like, for example, I was telling my cousin's wife who is very pious hiker and I said to her, we believe her to be like that. And Allah knows her best about the correct prayer timings, especially about Fajr.

02:45:19--> 02:45:37

And not to for local sunrise timings as most people are still in prayer in the skies late. So next day, I suddenly develop some sort of body pain around budget time and are struggling to get up. There'll be many multiple instances like this when I give advice it kind of backfires with some kind of affliction, especially my relatives are jealous of my Islam.

02:45:38--> 02:45:40

I have my share of sins and I try not to show off and so on.

02:45:41--> 02:46:22

Maybe they their children and themselves are not on the right path and maybe they get jealous, so I stopped giving dour and can evil I prevent someone from being a good Muslim. So my advice honestly is not to stop. Not to stop of course when you give that away, you need to make sure you give him the right thing. Call however he sabini either Illa Allah, Allah wa sera and when many tab any was Subhana Allah on that enemy Shiki so this is my path I call to Allah upon sure knowledge me and those who follow me and exalted is aligned I'm not one of the polytheists calling to Allah upon sure knowledge is based around three things. Knowledge of the religion,

02:46:23--> 02:46:24

elbow Sierra,

02:46:26--> 02:46:54

fee, Dini law, he Isogen knowledge of, of the religion, and knowledge of yourself and your limits. And that's a Basilar to for neffs, or basura to die for NFC life, knowing yourself, knowing your limits, knowing where you stop and what you should say and shouldn't say, and what's right and what isn't.

02:46:56--> 02:46:58

And then basura,

02:46:59--> 02:47:29

in the one, you're giving data to a filmmaker, oh, Edie and who you are giving data to having vasila about that person knowing who they are, and what way to reach them. So there are a couple of possibilities what you mentioned, and Allah knows best. And I definitely don't diagnose people over YouTube. But there are a couple of possibilities. One possibility is, as you said, that they are there are some people who are jealous.

02:47:30--> 02:47:41

And those people don't like that, you know, people give other people correct Islamic information. And they might afflict you with something of the evil eye, that is certainly possible.

02:47:42--> 02:48:00

The second possibility is that you may have an affliction, which is with you like a gene affliction or something like that from before, or maybe from the first time, and that is what's stopping you. That's what's making you not able to get up and stuff like that. So it could be the evil eye, it could also be gene related, as well.

02:48:01--> 02:48:20

Sometimes if there's a gene with you, that gene doesn't want that to happen, so the gene causes it like that. So it could be gene related, it could be evil, I related and Allah knows best. But I think the answer to both of those is an effective Rukia program. Really good Rukia treatment, effective Rukia program in sha Allah. And then I think,

02:48:21--> 02:49:00

to continue, because, like Allah azza wa jal said, work with Rebecca Hata to kill your team, keep on worshiping Allah until death comes to you. And that entails keep on giving Dawa until death comes to keep on telling people are good about Islam. The Prophet slicin didn't stop or you didn't stop, nor didn't stop 950 years, and only a handful of people accepted from him. So you keep on going, but you need to look at your your not your affliction, or what's causing it. So maybe you started really constant Rokia program, not like, I'm only going to do rokeya When I have the problem, but like a constant consistent care program, if nothing comes out of it, like that shows that there's an

02:49:00--> 02:49:36

affliction already there, then maybe we're dealing with the evil eye, like you said, but in that case, it's more about protecting yourself properly. So you've got a really good program for protection, you're doing active Rukia to get rid of any affliction that is their Insha Allah, and then you go about doing the right thing, but making sure you're doing it upon knowledge, knowledge of your religion, knowledge of yourself and knowledge of the person you're giving Dawa. To have got a little our course, on Kelim as you know, it's on my YouTube channel, actually, I think yet on my YouTube channel, so dour workshop, it's about two days worth of content. I mean, like two, three

02:49:36--> 02:50:00

hours a day or something. So maybe like six hours, four hours of content, something like that. But I went over some, you know, kind of important things. And I have a recent episode of abiti sebelah with meu, where we went over some important points on data as well. I only mentioned that because if you're giving go in the right way, you know, you know Shala you know it's worth the affliction it's worth the reward for each other. Like I said to the person who was saying that they got

02:50:00--> 02:50:01

afflicted when they did Rukia for someone

02:50:02--> 02:50:13

when they were advising them not to have a tattoo, they got afflicted. So I would say, you know, if you know you're doing the right thing, it's worth it to get that affliction, but you need to make sure that you're doing Tao in the right way inshallah.

02:50:14--> 02:50:14


02:50:16--> 02:50:26

I dreamt that a black and red snake a small one bit me on my small toe, and I couldn't avoid it there. My mother put vinegar on it. And I was insisting it should be olive oil, not vinegar. What does it mean?

02:50:28--> 02:50:55

You know, I don't interpret dreams. Because interpreting dreams is giving a fatwah. I don't give fatawa and I don't interpret dreams. But I feel the stream. Maybe possibly. What I understood from it is vinegar is a medicinal treatment for a snake bite. Yes, like they tell you to put some snake bites, they tell you to put vinegar or acid on it.

02:50:56--> 02:51:36

Olive oil is a prophetic medicine, included in Rokia. And in the medicine of the Prophet sallallahu. It was sector. So I feel like what the stream might mean, and I don't interpret dreams, it's not an interpretation. But maybe what it may mean is that you realize that this snake is not a regular snake, but actually, it's a representation of the shaytaan. So it needs Rokia treatment, not conventional treatment. So it feels to me like in the stream, you are indicating to your mum that it doesn't need conventional like medicine is not what I need, I need Rukia not medicine.

02:51:38--> 02:52:16

And maybe the snake was from the gym, and either a gene that are snakes and also any the shaytaan sometimes comes in the form of a snake. So I feel like that could be the answer to the stream. And it may be if that's the case, you should try perhaps the seven day program with the olive oil. You could try that in sha Allah, it's on my website, sha Allah will update the website and make it much much better. It's so ancient, like, I just kept saying I would update it and Allah homestand so many things got so busy, so many things got in the way, but inshallah it will be because for the course it needs to be updated anyway, inshallah and the new Vimeo videos that are coming out and moving

02:52:16--> 02:52:54

away from YouTube, live classes, so the website needs to be updated in Charlotte. But the seven day program, you find it on there, just put Mohammed Tim seven day program. And you can try the oil from that in sha Allah. And see because I believe that vinegar is like, what people would treat it like traditionally or what people were treated medically or like or like, sided in the community. Like oh, it means vinegar or something. But actually what what will help it is prophetic medicine in sha Allah. That's what I understood from it, and I could be completely wrong. So that's just a word of advice, but I hope that advice won't harm you anything to do the seven day program in shop.

02:52:57--> 02:53:10

What's a solution for an ashram in residing in the private parts and affecting marital relations are specific ways of dealing with an ASHA Jin? Okay, so an Ashik gene

02:53:11--> 02:53:25

is a genie that attaches itself to someone because of love. It isn't being sent by a magician. It's not being locked in by magic. But that genie is in love with the person.

02:53:27--> 02:53:41

And that love is what keeps the Jimny with the person not magic or something. But we know that love can be a very powerful thing and and passion and emotion can be a very powerful thing. And that means they can be a bit awkward to deal with.

02:53:42--> 02:53:52

First of all, every affliction from the afflictions of the unseen needs a good solid Rokia program, go to my video, simple self Rokia.

02:53:53--> 02:54:36

It's on Kalamos YouTube hammer Tim simple self Rokia inshallah. And that video is a good place to start, like the 45 minutes a day and all that type of stuff, but what extra can be done. So if there is pain in a particular part of the body, the Rukia bath can be really helpful. I think I have a link to that on my website, if I don't, there used to be a website called rockier support. And I think the website went down now. But you could look in the archive, the internet Wayback Machine like where you can see all versions of website, websites and type in Rukia support Rukia bath shawl is a good Rukia buff on there for I don't remember if I copied it onto my website or not. But

02:54:36--> 02:54:42

there's a good Rokia bath, description that so Rukia bath could be a good a good option.

02:54:43--> 02:54:46

Oil on at night could be a good option as well.

02:54:48--> 02:54:59

And the other thing is one of the things people don't realize, but there are there is something you can do to really, really help and in fact it can help so much that actually it

02:55:00--> 02:55:04

can almost help as much as or even more than Rokia.

02:55:05--> 02:55:52

And that is make the life of that genie an absolute nightmare, by doing as many good deeds as you can, and keeping away from as many sins as you can really make it for them. Really, really hard to live with you. And then say, okay, you came in into me, you will follow me around, okay? Now let's see how much you can be patient. Whatever good I can do I want to do to come close to Allah to ask Allah to get rid of it for me. So I believe that doing good deeds and keeping away from sins of people say I do that I do good deeds. I know that. I'm not saying don't do the good deeds, but making an effort to really make things hard for that God, really make them suffer through doing as

02:55:52--> 02:55:54

many good deeds as possible.

02:55:55--> 02:56:39

There's another way you can make them suffer if it's Ashraf Ginni, and that is by really working on a good relationship with your spouse, and being really caring to your spouse. Because that Ginny is just going to feel like so miserable, you know, like, it's like they came to fall in love with you and you just keep affirming your love for someone else. It just make life miserable for them. Make them really, really, really miserable. And make it really hard for them to stay with you. By doing as many good deeds as you possibly can and keep it away from as much Haram as you possibly can. Turn into Allah pray to Allah sadhaka teaching people good until that genie just doesn't want to be

02:56:39--> 02:56:42

there. Because remember, the only reason it's there is it's in love with you.

02:56:43--> 02:57:06

So make it hate you. That's a good that's a good solution to the problem. The other thing is that you need with regard to the gym I came because I want to do a lecture in my Rukia course on even Tamia Rahimullah to others insights into the world of the gym, Sheffield Islam, his insights into the world of the gym. I've got a really good book here if you can, you can see I think the camera if you switch

02:57:07--> 02:57:09

that the angle, this one here

02:57:10--> 02:57:50

this one here is called Fatima Nan fi gem a column Scheffel Islam or Fatima non gem okay lamb shaker Islam, even at Mia Anuj is basically a collection of all the things you've been Tamia said about the gin. But there's one very powerful thing she could Islam said about the chin. He said the jinn have been commanded to do good and keep away from evil like we have and we are commanded to tell the jinn to do good and keep away from evil. We're not commanded to talk to them interact with them, mix with them request from them seek help from them. We are required to do one thing to the Jin and one thing only and that is el amor para mouth and Nahan.

02:57:51--> 02:58:16

So when you deal with the jinn, you need to deal with them from that point of view. This really helped my Rukia so much Well, I really did to realize that you know when I speak to the jinn What should I say is that like, what's your name? Where you from? How old are you? You know, know what I should be saying to the genies el amor been Moreau for Nahan mancha commanding them to do good fear Allah accept Islam leave this person

02:58:17--> 02:58:57

and cut forbidding them from evil. Volume is haram It's haram to oppress someone it tequila fear Allah. And that's also something you can do through the Quran. And this is another tip that I have which is communicate with the jinn through the Quran. And that means that instead of wasting your time asking them you know, where were you last year? And what do you know about and who sent you and what time of the you know what what happened last weekend, Jin land or something like that, which is what people do they waste their time with? Well, a lot of color, they waste their time with it. Instead of that, focus on reading the Quran to deliver the message you want to message you want to

02:58:57--> 02:59:12

give them if that message is to fear Allah read the ayat that make them scared. You know, I often read sort of softcat not because it's the prophets I some Read It For Rukia but I want that genie to be scared

02:59:14--> 02:59:52

as elica higher on nozel and I'm sheduled to Zacco Is this better for you? Or is that is it better for you to eat the tree of the comb, and make them really feel Allah like, you know what you're doing is evil. You know, so I sometimes I read surah as different soldiers, because that sort of makes me maybe scared and I feel it will make them scared for them to realize that you know, is really make them suffer and make them really scared and make them realize what you're doing is very wrong. You know, they say I will not leave, okay, I will not leave so instead of me saying you will leave I won't leave you will leave I won't leave you will go around like that for a long time.

02:59:53--> 02:59:58

Instead of that. Read them and if that shows that Allah has power over everything.

03:00:00--> 03:00:44

that you don't choose anything warmer Tasha, owner Illa shout Allahu Akbar Alameen or read to them in Allah Allah Cooley Shay and Cody, Allah can do everything and read them the ayat that they call escape Allah, and they can't, they can't choose to do something, if Allah doesn't will for it to happen. So that way they will get the message but they'll get it through the Quran, they're gonna get that message through the Quran Inshallah, instead of getting that message, you don't just by you speaking to them, but when you do speak to them, speak to them directly and just be, you know, be firm. And it doesn't mean you have to be nasty. Like I often say, I didn't come here because I want

03:00:44--> 03:01:28

evil for you. I say, I say to you, or Jimmy, I didn't come here because I want evil for you. I came here because you are oppressing someone. And Allah commanded me to help the person who is oppressed with whatever way I can. I didn't come here because I want evil for you. I want you to accept Islam, I want you to leave, I want you to, you know, to be a good Muslim, that's what I want from you. But if you're not going to do that I have come here to for you to leave by the permission of Allah. That's what I've come for. I've come for you to leave by the permission of Allah. I didn't come because I just want to hurt you. I just wanted this advice from a brother i He we did rock here

03:01:28--> 03:02:06

together in the beginning and then he kind of went off and did his own thing. And you know, Allah bless him, he got back to me said again, many times the jinn left when I said this to them, because they got their you know, they good, they were foolish and they got the idea this person just come in and beat me up and shouting at me and you know, all of that stuff. And they never really got the message and I said, Look, I'm not here to hurt you. Because you are you and I am here to stop you doing oppression by the permission of Allah. If you stop that oppression, I don't want any evil for you. accept Islam and leave. If you don't want to accept Islam leave and go find out about Islam

03:02:06--> 03:02:38

from among the jinn. But I am not going to tolerate you to be here inside of that sick person. Because that's an oppression and Allah subhanaw taala said for call to let he temporarily hide Taffy umbrella fight against the people who oppress until they return back to their command of Allah until they obey Allah we fight against that genie until they obey Allah but not because we want evil for them. So I sometimes say that to them that look I'm not here because I want evil for you. But I am here because you are pressing this person you leave fear Allah.

03:02:40--> 03:03:07

But don't spend too long talking because usually it just goes okay I leave. I had a case the other day I leave olive olive olive olive, olive, olive olive. Again, again again the whole time I'm reading Quran olive olive olive olive olive. I thought well I if you wanted to leave and Allah willed for it to happen you would have left by now. So I'm not going to discuss with you I'm not going to have a discussion or negotiation with you. I leave but one thing I leave if you asked me to.

03:03:08--> 03:03:44

This is this I had this the other day. I leave I leave but only if I asked you to. Then we send another rocky to see this person. They said no I'm not going to leave because of him. I will leave only if Tim will come if Tim comes I believe sent it tequila fear Allah. Who is Tim you're going to leave Tim comes Tim is this Tim was going to if Tim reads on me, I'm going to leave. And I read and you didn't leave also. As well as that Hi chef and also Akira you selling me bad deeds day bad dates, and you cheated me on the wait as well. And how you're going to lie like that. First of all, you're seeing your leave and then you don't even leave to start with. But the point is that it's not

03:03:44--> 03:04:08

serious. And if you are going to leave, you would have left any nothing stopping you from leaving. So leave and fear like I don't know how to leave but you knew how to come in. How who does that who knows how to come in, don't know how to leave, tequila, leave, figure it out. If you don't know how to leave, I tell you what it is I'll recite on you for another two hours and see if you remember any law like I said,

03:04:09--> 03:04:25

perhaps you will just you know perhaps you will just remember it after a while of being tortured from the Quran by the permission of Allah maybe you remember how to leave after that. For I don't tolerate this long discussion. And they said if you ask me I will leave. I said I asked you by Allah to leave.

03:04:27--> 03:04:41

They didn't leave. But why is it by Allah is I don't want them to say that Mohamed timeto requests you know he requested for me to leave see you requested for me to leave. I said as Allah Kabila. I asked you by Allah to leave as Allah Kabila here, Dortch

03:04:43--> 03:04:59

by Allah's name. I asked you to leave, and I'm not leaving. Then five minutes after the recitation, I leave, I leave, I leave I leave early. All I do is just come. It's just speech waste, waste waste of time. So don't you know

03:05:00--> 03:05:19

don't debate with them that much, or to or tolerate that much kind of discussion with them, read more and talk less. But that can be helpful with the action as well. So making them hate you through doing good deeds, through showing your love for the person that you're supposed to love and not the person that they, they, they or that they want you to love them.

03:05:20--> 03:06:00

But what to do if it's interfering with your merit, marital sort of life, that's a really tough one. And there's not an easy solution to it. But I do think that really aggressive Rukia you know, it really, you know, really going good, you're doing a lot of Rukia and multiple types, the oil, the water, the bath, reading, the blowing, and everything, and lots of dua to Allah and I go back to what Chicago used to say about those things that I wish I remember exactly the words of it, you can find it it's he mentioned it in case. But one of the things he said is he said well give you three things

03:06:01--> 03:06:02

Kiama lane

03:06:03--> 03:06:04

is still far.

03:06:06--> 03:06:12

And he mentioned one more one more thing. And he said that if these don't benefit you there is nothing that will benefit

03:06:13--> 03:06:58

and will lie in what is true Yanni. Like pre pmla Ask Allah subhanaw taala make to our is still far, you know, really turn to Allah or whatever you can. And Inshallah, you know, Allah subhanaw taala will give you control over that genie and also if the Jimmy is affecting you physically go back to what I said about sins. And so far, it's not that I'm blaming anybody. I don't think there is anyone watching this video who has more sense than me. And that's, you know that that's the reality of the situation, Wallah. That's the reality of the situation while long was done. But I believe that if you can, if you see the Jin has control over you physically, like for example, in moments of

03:06:58--> 03:07:21

intimacy or whatever, then this is definitely a sign that there needs to be loads of Estelle far and Tober. And turning back to Allah, and Allah knows best. Also, don't forget the spouse, often, you know, sometimes they rookie, I'm going to tell you something interesting. So I wanted to do that it's this little interesting, like, you know, sort of anecdotes.

03:07:22--> 03:07:50

Sometimes in Rukia, we get the wrong person. This happened to me recently, where we had a case of someone who was afflicted, quite clearly affected. I mean, they were they had very significant signs of affliction. And no doubt, you know, generally, we read and read and read and nothing, you know, like, zero reaction. But there's clearly something very unusual.

03:07:52--> 03:08:28

I happen to read on a family member, and that family member reacted. And I don't know, still the case is ongoing. I don't know what's going on. But I believe it's possible that that affliction was centered around the family member more than it was around the person I thought it was. In other words, I got the wrong patient. I thought the patient was a particular person, but actually the patient was somebody else within the family. And the gene was kind of just showing itself through that person, yet he kind of like attacking that person. But actually, the origin of it was with someone else. I'm still dealing with the case, I don't know if that's gonna be true, but it it looks

03:08:28--> 03:08:56

like it's something that opened my eyes that maybe there are some cases where the person displays the sign of affliction, and you read on them, and you don't get anything but you read on their spouse, and suddenly their spouse goes like crazy. And you're like, oh, okay, I got the wrong person, the person I thought it was, it's just they're displaying the effect of it, but actually, the real problem is with the spouse, so I would always treat both husband and wife if there was an affliction like that.

03:08:57--> 03:08:58

I will treat them both.

03:09:00--> 03:09:08

To make the jinn really, you know, make the jinn really have nowhere else to go inshallah that will be really important

03:09:24--> 03:09:24


03:09:26--> 03:10:00

I think it's really important. I'm going to mention a little a little rules, house rules, guys, house rules, the issue of the questions and answers on the telegram, you have to respect the admin. Okay, if you're not gonna respect the admin, I'm either going to block you or I'm going to switch off the camera and go to sleep. Because everyone needs to respect. The admin on the group is really important. They are doing a difficult job, they have loads of questions they have to choose, and they have to kind of bring questions together and they have to present them

03:10:00--> 03:10:21

questions that I already went through loads of questions in the in the prayer brick? And I said, Yeah, I want this one nor make this one together bring this one with this one. So you guys have to respect the admin team, they do a very, very difficult job in selecting the questions. So I don't want and I do not want people answering my questions for me. Any, anyone who answer someone else's question out?

03:10:22--> 03:11:00

Clear, straight away, not now we give them a warning. Nobody answers the questions because that that then becomes like it's my answer or something like that. If you want to answer questions, any you make your own YouTube channel, but we don't want people to answer the question. It's not nice. I don't let anybody do it in my classes, because it's not it's not nice that to answer the questions for other people. In sha Allah, Allah the admin will select the questions. I will answer whatever Allah has written for me to answer and the best I possibly can try to answer as many of your questions as I can in sha Allah. But please don't give the admin a hard time and don't answer other

03:11:00--> 03:11:01

people's questions

03:11:02--> 03:11:04

for them, or for me because I colloquial

03:11:06--> 03:11:22

questions about dreams. I mean, I don't interpret dreams but if the dream is like directly related to Rokia, then I might be able to give some support show. Okay, we live in an area with a lot of donkeys and roosters when a donkey brace is an indication of genius with a person could we use donkeys as Jinn detectors?

03:11:24--> 03:11:44

Although I don't think we can use a donkey as a gene detector, it's not a bad question is that you know that we know that they can pray but but that's not why the prophets Isom told us about it. When the donkey braise, we seek refuge with Allah when the rooster calls we we anyway, we know that the rooster saw

03:11:45--> 03:12:02

saw an angel but but it doesn't. Like it doesn't give us any action like related to that apart from seeking refuge with ALLAH there's nothing like specific like bring a donkey into the room and if the donkey breathes when the person they've afflicted well it's not it's not reliable.

03:12:04--> 03:12:17

You know, it's not a reliable and I really believe the best way to diagnose cases is Rukia along with case history, along with you know, monitoring the case and gathering the facts is the best way to diagnose a case.

03:12:20--> 03:12:31

Do you have to talk to the genuine self rakia or is it fine just to recite the Quran? Well, I don't know the answer to that question. I've tried it I won't say I haven't tried I'll be honest with you. I tried it. I did try.

03:12:33--> 03:12:56

I tried talking to the gym during cell folkier But I'm not sure that it made a difference I even tried thinking it as well like you're not if you kind of like think think to them or talk to them but I never found that it made like a huge difference to me. Or that it was like it was really effective in in Rokia.

03:12:58--> 03:13:06

But I don't see anything that's like necessarily wrong with it. I just don't know the answer honestly, I just don't know the answer to it

03:13:09--> 03:13:15

you know if you were to be doing rocky on yourself and say you know enemy of Allah lif fear Allah

03:13:16--> 03:13:41

it's not halal for you to be here. A tequila I don't see anything any harmony shop. But I don't I haven't got any proof that it's effective either. Allah knows best but Quran no doubt that that's more than enough. Think if you don't feel comfortable with it, just limit yourself to the Quran. And maybe if you feel more comfortable or you want to try it then you know I don't see any reason why it would be forbidden and Allah knows best

03:13:43--> 03:13:50

how do we deal with hallucinations and unreal was was caused or was was was was caused by Sal

03:13:53--> 03:14:17

you can have really bad hallucinations. I had one like that one time when I went to India and I didn't do my I didn't do my car properly. And subhanAllah I went to the hotel room and I woke up with a really really bad hallucination of this like big needle driven into my arm and I was pulling it out the blood was pouring down the wall and it was really weird

03:14:20--> 03:14:40

and I think it was because I was tired I was traveling and I didn't finish my I joined market and Asia and I didn't do my car and I I did my really limited maybe I say a little bit and I just crashed in the hotel room in the hotels full of like idols and I took them out of the room but I just Paula and I had a really bad hallucination and

03:14:42--> 03:14:59

I feel like the best thing is if you can remember ALLAH, that that's the best way of dealing with it. If you can remember Allah subhanaw taala you know, when that hallucination is happening, inshallah it will it will become clearer and I think the eye and sort of are off is very applicable here in the livina

03:15:00--> 03:15:07

Whoa it's either number 201 in the Latina taco either Mr. Han typhoon, Min ash shaytani to that candle for either mob Ceylon

03:15:08--> 03:15:19

because Allah mentions being able to see clearly. So Taqwa is the first thing so obedience to Allah doing as many good deeds as you can keep it away from as much Haram as you can. Tell what?

03:15:22--> 03:15:43

Remembering that the hallucinations from the shape are like, look, it's not real from the shaitaan. And thirdly, remembering Allah Subhan Allah La ilaha illa Allah Allah, how La Quwata illa biLlah reciting some Quran. I mean that that worked when it happened to me but only happened to me once. I can't say it's happened to me again. And it worked.

03:15:44--> 03:16:20

So I think Taqwa doing good deeds, keeping away from sins, I think, remembering Allah rememberings from the shape on, you know, that's the way to be able to see clearly. But I think if it's happening a lot, it's a sign that there needs to be like a really good Rukia program in Sharla. And WIS wise is a big topic. I've got a section in the course dedicated to the rockier course dedicated to that chart because it's a big topic. And even with swosu have to deal with over several weeks you know, this was in in Eman was worse in an AMA was worse in Tahara.

03:16:21--> 03:16:26

But like, really, like, let's see hearing voices or something like that?

03:16:27--> 03:16:32

What's the best way for like hearing voices or seeing visions of things?

03:16:33--> 03:16:59

Especially if those visions are troubling, like some people see visions of things, but they're not troubling them. Some people see visions when they when the Quran is recited, but they don't see them otherwise, some people are kind of plagued with hallucinations and voices, and stuff like that for a very long time. And that can be really, really troubling. So remembering Allah is really important. reciting the Quran is really important and a really strong, rockier program as well for that person is really, really important as well.

03:17:01--> 03:17:02

I think that

03:17:03--> 03:17:25

reciting the Quran or listening to the Quran, to push away those voices, the Advan can also help as well. I feel like that's a good a good starting strategy for it, along with the indication of what's mentioned in the eye out of sorts, and out of it number 201. And also enforcing that when Allah subhanaw taala said

03:17:28--> 03:17:29

what's the I'm thinking about?

03:17:31--> 03:17:48

When Mainzer Nicki Minaj, headlining is when I first started Biller, Inna, who was me writing, and if the shaytaan touches you with an affliction, then seek Allah's refuge. Allah is the One who is all seeing all hearing and the All Knowing.

03:17:49--> 03:18:03

So saying I was the villa administrator energy, but I feel like if you're you're at that stage, what happens regularly, it's not like a one off, then it needs a stronger Rokia program, a better Rukia program, a stronger Rukia programming sha Allah, before you're able to,

03:18:04--> 03:18:09

you know, to do that in sha Allah, to be able to like that it doesn't just happen one time.

03:18:11--> 03:18:14

I am 36 and sort of foresee, okay.

03:18:15--> 03:18:16


03:18:18--> 03:18:24

How can you tell the difference between mental illness and gym possession? So really interesting question right now.

03:18:25--> 03:18:33

I've actually been able to actually go into a hospital that is a hospital for people who have

03:18:34--> 03:19:05

psychiatric and psychological disorders. And I was able to go into that hospital and to do some Rukia by the Grace of Allah azza wa jal and his father, and then by the efforts of some of the parents, and some of the doctors, may Allah bless them all. That, you know, I was able to go in there. And you know, from my point of view, I feel like it's not that important to make a distinction. Because I feel like you Rokia is effective for mental health, just as it is effective for

03:19:06--> 03:19:40

mental health issues, just as it is effective for Rob, you know, of the unseen sicknesses of the unseen. So I kind of feel like, in the beginning, you don't need to make that distinction. If I really believed something was 100%. Psychological, I would continue with Rokia, but I would probably maybe look for more psychological support, like counseling, behavioral therapy, and you know, even better, perhaps even psychiatric intervention. But I would look at that from a Muslim if possible.

03:19:41--> 03:19:59

And I do have a really, really good friend who's an amazing brother, may Allah bless him, and probably have been out of touch with him for a little while, but he's actually a consultant psychiatrist, and he's very interested in Rocky and I would love to get him on the course on the program as an interview or on YouTube as an interview in Sharla to talk about Rukia and

03:20:00--> 03:20:03

psychiatry and Rokia and how the two can go together?

03:20:05--> 03:20:47

I would I wouldn't. You know, Allah forgive me, I hope I'm not saying something wrong, but I wouldn't seek psychiatric support in the beginning if it can be dealt with by Rukia. And I hope that doctors will understand why I say that, you know, if a condition can be dealt with by Rokia, that's got to be better than medication. And it's got to be better than, you know, putting pressure on a hospital or someone being in an institute for people with you know, psychiatric disorders are a mental health institute, it's got to be better if that can be dealt with by Rokia. Also, if it's proven that surgeon related issue, I don't feel that they could they have that many interventions

03:20:47--> 03:20:54

that will help. Their interventions are primarily around, you know, like a person, what's the word,

03:20:55--> 03:21:14

you know, reducing symptoms symptomatic or to the, quote, symptomatic relief. So it's to do with reducing symptoms and things like that, which I feel in a rockier case is not that helpful. I mean, it may be for some people, but like, I would, I would always avoid that. But if there's a case where I really believe it's psychological, and I've honestly I have,

03:21:16--> 03:21:42

I've read on the person, and I've done a lot of research into the case, and I really believe it's psychological. And I would look for a Muslim doctor who could perhaps support me in my Rukia, and maybe look at some psychiatric interventions, or whether that's, I believe, I'm not the world's greatest expert on this. But we did chat with a doctor in the hospital, they were telling me that, really, they had three categories of interventions, they have a

03:21:43--> 03:22:16

sort of medicinal category, where we're talking about drugs, and we're talking about medicines. And they have a counseling category where we're talking about psychology, and we talk about speech, we talk about counseling and therapy. And they have a community category where you're talking about community things, which include religion, and people's religious beliefs, where they get people when they get both things involved. So one of the things I do like about the profession of psychiatry, is that they are open to religious

03:22:18--> 03:23:03

therapy. So when I go into the hospital, we call it Quranic therapy. And it's only delivered to Muslims who request it, but, or whose families request it. But alhamdulillah in the way I explained to the non Muslim doctors is this, you guys have three categories of treatment, you could give someone drugs, you could send someone for counseling, or you can look at Community therapies, which is what the person already believes that it's in line with a patient's beliefs. And this patient believes that the Quran will help them or their family believe the Quran will will help them inshallah and so this is a therapy from the uniform that from the sort of community therapies or or

03:23:03--> 03:23:32

kind of, I don't know what they call it, sort of, I don't think what sociological I'm not sure what they call it. But those kinds of therapies, which, you know, could could help the person because the person believes that that will make them better. Now, of course, from our point of view, that's not what we think at all. We think that the Quran is the symbol, the best therapy for anyone in any situation, but just to explain it to them that look, the patient, finds comfort and finds relief and finds that their, you know, their case is improving.

03:23:34--> 03:23:52

Through this therapy, and 100 lining, we had really positive reactions of patients who, whose medicines were, you know, being reduced in sha Allah who are getting better, but it Nilla the non Muslim staff were seeing that they were much better and hamdulillah any like, that's, it's not my ideal place to do Rukia. But

03:23:53--> 03:23:56

it's, what I meant by that is that

03:23:58--> 03:24:32

even psychological conditions could also be trapped through Rokia. So for me, I'm not I'm not going into a hospital, or I'm not going into a see a patient, where my feeling is, if it's not a jinn and walking out, it's that if it's that I want to try to help this person through the Quran by the permission of Allah, and whatever, that they have wrong with them. But as I go on, I try to formulate if it is psychological, I am going to involve more of, you know, maybe Muslim psychiatrist or a Muslim doctor,

03:24:33--> 03:25:00

that I would involve more, or a counselor that I would involve more if I felt that it was more psychological, if it was more generally it would probably rely more upon the Rukia alone with the help of Allah without any sort of psychiatric intervention. So, you know, for me, I don't see it to be this big question mark or big deal, but actually, I see it to be something that it is possible to treat

03:25:00--> 03:25:29

psychiatric disorders with Rukia. And I believe even a percentage of the of the profession themselves, even non Muslims agree with that. Because they agree that if a patient believes something, then you can treat them in line with that belief, and that belief can be effective for them. Even the non Muslims believe it Subhan Allah. So, you know, for us, I don't see why we as Muslims should have a big doubt over it. I think it's okay. But I will try and answer the question, what are some of the things

03:25:31--> 03:25:33

that would make me think that it was psychological?

03:25:34--> 03:25:36

I would say

03:25:38--> 03:25:53

probably, I would say an absence of signs that it's a rookie issue, and their mind signs that it's a rookie issue, I'm not talking about like jumping up and down or flying in the air, okay, the person didn't fly in the sky. It's not a rookie issue. It's psychological. But I'm talking about

03:25:55--> 03:26:22

sort of a lack of any of the real science, the real, you know, sort of like, from experience that you're looking at this case and thinking, I'm not seeing any real Rokia related, sort of signs, even in a case history. I'm not seeing anything here related in that it could potentially be psychological. For example, young boy presents with autism, diagnosed with autism from a very early age,

03:26:24--> 03:26:31

nor history of magic in the family. Parents don't react to Rokia, they're absolutely fine. No major signs of evil eye.

03:26:32--> 03:26:35

But the boys diagnosed with autism since a very young age.

03:26:37--> 03:26:44

And I read on the boy and the boy doesn't have any significant reaction to the rockier

03:26:46--> 03:27:31

sort of over a period of time. So I can't find anything in his case history that says it's the gin. I can't find anything in his family history that says is the gin and I can't find too much in the Rukia that says it's the gin. But I'm not ruling it out at all. I'm just feeling like, Okay, this could be a medical issue. But in sha Allah, we need to do Rokia because Rukia is a treatment a valid treatment for autism, even if it's not a gene related case, but I've had cases diagnosed autism where it's clearly the gene. I've had autism cases where it is, you know, Gene Central, you know, autism case like that. But I've also had autism cases where it doesn't seem to be, but I don't know

03:27:31--> 03:28:09

the reality of it. It could be and we keep going with rokeya, as well as medical, psychological, you know, other behavioral therapies and things like that we try to do all we try to have that led by Muslim doctors who appreciate the value of Rukia if possible, it's not always possible, but where possible, and then inshallah like that, you know, Perhaps Allah will open up a cure for that child through leukemia, perhaps he will open up a cure to the child through the therapy or the counseling, or the other behavioral therapies and things like that, that they do, perhaps through medicine, because Allah can give a cure through any of those things. As he wills subhanaw taala

03:28:14--> 03:29:03

Are there any specific to as you can read for anxiety caused by the gin and Sara? The most common one? I think there are two there are there are some of the authentically reporting the Sunnah and there are some scholars recommend, so the ones that are authentically reported in the Sunnah. And I would say one of the best of them are two. One is Allahumma inni are also because mineral hammy will have women on edge z will Castle, woman L. Berkeley well joven woman Valeri Dane wahala battle region, or life seek refuge from anxiety and from worry, and from stinginess and cowardice, and from laziness and inability and stinginess and cowardice and from being overpowered by debt are overcome

03:29:03--> 03:29:30

by men. And the other one is Allah in the SLO cabbie coulis men who are lack some meter behind hefsek Oh, and CELTA houfy keytab IC o alimta, who I had me cultic always sticks out to me he for me, maybe in Dec integer aliquam Anna Robbie or kalbi one or suddenly were Jalla, Hosni weather habit, Gumby, that's from memory as I like, it's close to that, I'll come a heart so Allah

03:29:32--> 03:29:48

while I ask you by every name that is yours, that you taught to any one of your slaves, or you named yourself with or you talk to one of your slaves are you sent down in your book? Are you kept in the unseen with you to make the Quran the light of my heart and to make the Quran

03:29:50--> 03:29:51

touch Allah Khurana

03:29:52--> 03:29:59

the spring of my heart and the light of my chest and the cause for my worry to go away.

03:30:00--> 03:30:13

And the cause for my sadness to be relieved. This is also from the Sunnah. As for what the scholars often recommend is the Ayat of Sakina there are six ayat in the Quran mentioned Sakina two of them in Surah

03:30:14--> 03:30:17

affetto right sort of better

03:30:18--> 03:30:24

just find means it just often sort of the factory you find twice once at the beginning of sort of wants at the end of the sort of the iron numbers you can give me

03:30:29--> 03:30:30

the the

03:30:31--> 03:30:33

in which Allah subhanaw taala said

03:30:39--> 03:30:48

whoever the answer the second is if you couldn't be more meaning, Diaz dad Eman MA in any impasse, the first one in total vaterite

03:30:51--> 03:30:58

Whoever the answer is Sakeena ficolo Bill Momineen. PSD to email and my email him.

03:31:00--> 03:31:18

And then the idea is Jalan Vita Cafaro Fukuro, Obi Wan Honeyeater homies and JD for Anzahl Allahu Sakina. Tahoe at our solar heat. While I don't mean we're Ozama home Kalamata taqwa. What can we how can we how Allah this is? Well,

03:31:19--> 03:31:27

these are just two examples. But if you search for ayat of Sakeena you can actually find all six of them sort of the fact I remember

03:31:34--> 03:31:35

and before

03:31:36--> 03:31:37

that's the

03:31:39--> 03:31:46

whoever the answer the second answer Asahina to follow meaning he is there to Eman and my Amen him Yeah, that's it before okay.

03:31:48--> 03:32:17

Yeah, it's Charlie's in a cafe and number 26. So I in number four, nine number 26 sort of factor for example, both mentioned a sick enough coming down to the believers like peace and not not having stress. But not just to read them but I feel to reflect on them. So if we think about the first day who led Angela Sakina to feel cool will be Minnie Diaz dare do Eman and mark him and him. I remember I know before right.

03:32:19--> 03:33:04

He is the one who sent down His tranquility to the hearts of the believers so that they would increase in Eman along with their Eman. So working on developing our Eman and coming close to Allah and building up our Eman is a reason to bring Sakina and Allah subhanaw taala sends down his Sakina and seeking Sakeena from Allah seeking it from Allah and also the statement of allies which is Jana levena Cafaro for Hulu became Wilhemina to homies and JD for Enzo Allah Who Sakina to Allah rasool Allah meaning what else Zuma who Kalamata Taqwa when those who disbelieve place in their hearts the homeotic they put for me in the translation and I number 26 like the the burning kind of

03:33:06--> 03:33:09

like fanaticism almost of Jay Haley

03:33:10--> 03:33:15

the eye and then Allah sent down His Sakeena

03:33:16--> 03:33:18

upon you got the translation

03:33:24--> 03:33:27

just give me the other translation look for my son Carlos I International.

03:33:44--> 03:33:55

Like they got worked up. That's the meaning of d&d. They got worked up and they call themselves to the call of Jamelia and they got themselves they were roused by the call of Jay Haley. That's the the rough meaning of it.

03:33:56--> 03:34:29

And then Allah sent down His peace and tranquility upon His messenger and upon the believers but what I wanted from this what else Zima whom Kalamata taqwa, he stuck them to he stuck with them. La ilaha illa Allah, the word of Taqwa. So, he he made them firm with law in a heilala and he made the peace and tranquility come upon them because of la ilaha illa Allah. So if you go through all of the Ayat of Sakeena in sha Allah, and he did, there will be a lot to learn and read as well. You can find tranquility in sha Allah

03:34:30--> 03:34:41

Scheffel Islam Potamia Allah Allah mentioned it, there are six ayat of the Quran that mentioned the word Sakina. And this could be something to, to to think about.

03:34:43--> 03:34:59

I've been doing Rukia for two years now, but I'm still suffering from many symptoms at night. I see two light two lights like is flushing from different sides of the room. So this is definitely a big topic, which is the topic of long term afflictions. And I think the way to deal with long term afflictions is that you have

03:35:00--> 03:35:37

I have a process for dealing with them. And my kind of summarized answer for this process is number one, my first answer for this process is that you go back to the courses, the videos, the books on the topic of this, any magic and the agenda and so on. And you go through and you look at what you are missing. And subhanAllah will lie every time I read little book little book like little book like this says very small book, a rocket to Sharia. Makita we will soon

03:35:40--> 03:35:44

took tour, Ali, Mohammed Nasser *y

03:35:46--> 03:35:51

is a very small book, And subhanAllah on every page, I find things I didn't know.

03:35:53--> 03:36:21

On every page, I find things that I didn't know Subhanallah so many things I didn't know and on every single page I find things that I didn't know about I forgotten about that. I Subhanallah I needed this is really important. Okay, interesting. Yeah, I wrote found out about that. So, you know, I feel that going back and going and studying it again and looking at it again, there's so much that you can find out Inshallah, tada, there's so much that you can benefit from insha Allah Tada. That's,

03:36:22--> 03:36:24

you know, that's one thing inshallah.

03:36:25--> 03:37:10

The second thing is that doubling your efforts in or doubling your determination. So what you found that you're struggling in what you found your shortcomings in making the Azima cynical Azima like they talked about it like having true determination, and being really determined to be really really strong in sha Allah, who to Allah and just trying your best and making those efforts again, and I think the third thing is looking at the things people forget about rakia. So what are the things people forget about rockier, so things like still for seeking forgiveness? Also, you know, giving sadaqa also, what else can we see that people often forget? Like the belief you have in Allah, Allah

03:37:10--> 03:37:33

His names and attributes, the Stories of the Prophets. Look at the story of Ayoub the story of Yaqoob and the story of Yunus, three stories, two of them on Kalamos YouTube one from me, one from Chicago, man Hassan. If you look for story of Ayoub that one was Shepherd runs on Kalama. And you look for story of Yunus and that one was mine on Kereama, they are part of a program in sha Allah,

03:37:34--> 03:38:15

that will benefit you a lot in sha Allah. And likewise the story of yaku the story of use of the story of yaku will lies so many things which we learn in there about attaching our heart to Allah and about the way we deal with affliction and patients. Then we ask ourselves, you know, if an affliction carries on for two years, does that mean that that is necessarily we are bad people or that we're not doing something right? I would say it doesn't because Allah subhanaw taala said what to kill a Yamanaka will have been a nurse while he LM Allah who led in Amman, we attacking them in crucial hideout. Allah said these days we vary among the people, these days, we vary among the

03:38:15--> 03:38:52

people and we give victory to some people and we take victory away from from others. These days, we vary among the people. So that Allah may test those who believe and Allah may take matters from you. So for you to be tested, or for you to give your life for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala that is a great wisdom in in the fact that we don't win every battle that we fight. That's a great wisdom. And there's a lot that we can learn from that learn at what about a group with could Abba dinner, a YouTuber, if nerd Rob Bell and the Messonnier shaytaan albinos.

03:38:53--> 03:39:03

He was afflicted by the shaytaan for many, many years, I forgotten the number of years that they said in the scholars, scholars of Tafseer but many, many years that I you was afflicted

03:39:05--> 03:39:15

for so panela by the shaitaan. And he remained patient upon it. So it doesn't mean that it's a bad thing, but we use the time to renew our intention, renew our learning. And also

03:39:17--> 03:39:52

we use that time in sha Allah to Allah to turn to Allah to try to increase our efforts and also to increase our Eman in Allah subhanaw taala and our trust in Him and inshallah through that process in sha Allah we find what Allah subhanaw taala will give us relief to our and so on which is so neglected you know, sub highlight becomes we become a routine it becomes like I've just had this for two years, it's always gonna be here, and may we start to think badly of Allah, but it's got to be the everyday you believe today's the day that I'm going to get better by the Grace of Allah insha Allah Tala and even if it doesn't happen, I'm going to be patient, but I believe that it will happen

03:39:52--> 03:39:59

I believe that Allah subhanaw taala will answer my dua because Allah said in the Hadith courtesy, and our end Avani Abdi

03:40:00--> 03:40:12

Be as my slave thinks of me and I feel that's a much neglected issue when it comes to when it comes to Rokia. We just take a little break for for just a minute Sharla

03:40:13--> 03:40:20

maybe you guys can just put the press screen on for a second for me I just take his two minutes in Sharla and you can put the audio for me

03:41:08--> 03:41:15

okay, sorry just a quick a quick break. Okay in sha Allah so let's have a look here

03:41:18--> 03:41:55

a few years a few few years ago, I can tell it's getting a little bit late. A few months ago, I had burned a towel with and it took around eight hours to burn because it was difficult to burn it was burning slowly. I was told this is the way the gym protected How do I burnt it the paper turned black and I couldn't see the writings. The paper itself didn't burn completely and some parts were still connected with the center of the tearaway be destroyed. Well that's a great question and I totally agree with you. I've had to since I can't say eight hours but I've had similar things happen. It's really important to read over it while you burn it. Like so read AlFalah a nurse LF

03:41:55--> 03:42:06

loss al Fatiha I too could see you know read it over yourself as you are burning it and blow up on it and Sharla

03:42:08--> 03:42:42

and I've had that I mean I've had situations where I've poured petrol on it and set on fire and it doesn't burn the petrol burns off and the paper is still there. And you know sometimes I think the magician dips it in something clever like you know some kind of protective but then I think like it's paper I mean, how protected can it be it's a piece of paper in my hand it feels like regular paper a little bit of wax on it or something. How can it be that I pour petrol on it and set it on fire and the paper doesn't burn and you read on it inshallah and you're right the gin Do you know this is the gin kind of try to protect it from from breaking down. So I always you know, there's a

03:42:42--> 03:43:16

couple of options there one options, put it in rockier water, either before or after, dry it out. One option is to physically make sure it's broken up. And obviously to read on it while you're burning it. Those are all good options, but in Sharla Sarah would be destroyed. If anything remained from it. Sometimes it can, then inshallah good Rukia program shallow we'll get rid of the problem. And again for now, for those who don't go to the course or until the course materials ready. There's a video called simple self Rukia which I did for Kalama Academy you a YouTube show that you can benefit from that one in Sharla

03:43:17--> 03:43:36

Do you think the gin and shaitan are watching this video with us? I'm experiencing such a migraine watching your video. Wallah it's not a bad question. I've got all kinds of pains going on now doing this video follow the Hamdulillah I got paid this arm and this arm and it just thought when I do the video

03:43:37--> 03:44:05

What can you say? I don't know if I don't think they are watching to learn any but there are people definitely who are afflicted. And you also Paola, it happens in Subhan Allah so we just be patient with it and inshallah you know Allah subhanaw taala help us and Allah subhanaw taala May May Allah Subhana Allah guide us mere las Panatela que are those people who are afflicted Subhanallah it's it's a really it's a really horrible experience to go through.

03:44:06--> 03:44:16

But yeah, I don't doubt a lot of times I started Rukia class and I just get certain pains and I get the day I had scratches just appeared on my arm

03:44:17--> 03:44:54

but six scratches all the way down where my hand on my arm just appeared from nowhere that's it can happen any but it's usually a lack of ADKAR not doing the car as well as I should be or you know maybe some of the sins and things like that. So so far Toba Rukia and all the rest in Sharla and you know shall light gets back but yeah, I'm not surprised you get a migraine doing it. Maybe you know it's worth I that's what I love about the seven day program is I feel like it's such a good like, easy thing to do for someone who doesn't know if you've got a problem look, I got a migraine watching the video doesn't mean anything. Psychological you know everyone shouting psychological,

03:44:54--> 03:44:59

psychological. It's not real. But you know it doesn't hurt. Read on the oil read on the water.

03:45:00--> 03:45:19

you know put it on yourself go to sleep wash it off the next day do that for seven days drink three glasses of water a day with honey and black seed in it and see how you feel inshallah and you know basically lie to Allah there's nothing wrong but yeah you know you can get some kinds of affliction bye bye

03:45:21--> 03:45:36

in buy bad because you're doing something shaytaan doesn't want you to do and that's different to watching horror videos never advise you to watch horror videos horror movies I don't know obviously watch any movies but I don't advise you to watch horror scariest video ever scariest Gen video ever.

03:45:38--> 03:45:40

First of all will like It's like

03:45:42--> 03:46:17

those who can do and those who can't make videos about it. Like you know, if you want to really help somebody who is suffering will go and learn Rukia and read on someone and then you'll see someone fly through the air and you'll see someone any spin around and you'll see some more levity and you'll see the jinn talking and you will be in the later Allah you can help somebody in Sharla but just to watch on YouTube for entertainment Allah it's it's a waste of time and some of it is fake. Some of it is real. Allahu Allah. Some of it is fake, some of it is real. But it's

03:46:18--> 03:46:23

it's not befitting in would like to take as entertainment Sharla and I there's a video

03:46:25--> 03:46:54

and he probably won't thank me for saying In fact he definitely won't thank you for saying this. But there's a very very nice video like that my Rokia partner Abu Mohammed Barsac he did and he has own YouTube channel nice to see your videos you should check it out inshallah very, very beneficial. hamdulillah and Mohamed, he did a rocky course in one time, and we did rocky or someone on the stage. We were planning it it's a step that brother collapsed in front of me in the masjid. And so we did rock it on him on the stage

03:46:56--> 03:47:08

to show the people how to do look here. We didn't allow filming, we switch the cameras off with the allow anyone to film it on the phones, but we say look, the Brothers collapsed in front of us instead of sending him home and saying to someone do rocuronium we do look at him and we show you.

03:47:09--> 03:47:50

And we did that and suppiler It was in was in West London. And subhanAllah you know, he made a really good point is we're not here to entertain you, you know, like, we didn't come here to give you entertainment. You know it wasn't here to make you entertain this is a real real life problem people are suffering every day. So I would say like for someone who's interested it's nothing wrong with being interested in Rukia but you know, learn the real stuff, you know, don't learn dislike videos and special effects and you know this thing went bump in the night and wherever learn the real world of the Djinn and the real, you know, situation of Rokia and the condition of the people

03:47:50--> 03:48:14

that go through it. So the inshallah you can help people with it. And you know, Allah will I believe it's a grace from Allah. Allah is a grace from Allah blessing. I've seen what I've seen. And I feel it has increased me in Eman and ask ALLAH that it has Inshallah, that is increased me and a man from what I've seen, all I've seen from the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah and he is when it lies ohana, Tala, any signs of Allah subhanaw taala

03:48:15--> 03:48:53

that really, you know, I feel so blessed to have seen it. Because it really, you know, increased me in, in, in, in demand by Allah's permission. I hope that was the case in sha Allah, I ask Allah that was the case. So I don't that's a good thing. But it's like people are watching the videos on YouTube just for entertainment. And it's not it's not entertainment, any people suffer. Well, I just meet one person who suffers will lie you all the Philly feeling of entertainment will go from someone's heart. It's the most you know, horrible thing. That's why people asked me like, sometimes people say like, what's the most, you know, amazing thing you've seen or interesting thing you've

03:48:53--> 03:49:18

seen or most thing that sticks in your mind? And they want me to say like, you know, I saw someone flying through the sky or I saw someone you know, something or that. But to be honest, the thing that sticks in my mind is the suffering. Like how much people suffer and how much people just every single day just suffering so much we're like, and I remember I mean you were talking about gene stories, I remember the first

03:49:19--> 03:49:23

not the first time the second time that I remember seeing someone levitate

03:49:24--> 03:49:27

properly levitate like as in like levitate

03:49:28--> 03:49:30

And subhanAllah

03:49:31--> 03:49:43

if it's not all like they show you like for example, you know they show you in in like in special effects in in in like video clips. Like people levitate like straight you know like kind of just float up into the air.

03:49:44--> 03:49:59

But this was horrible. Like I thought the person's back was gonna snap. Like it was like someone drove a stick into their back and threw them into the into the air and their back will lie to their spine was gonna break. It was horrible. Like it wasn't

03:50:00--> 03:50:42

Are all entertaining or like, wow, they never take look, I can put my hand underneath. It was like horrible, horrible situation. The person's back was like, what I do not know how the spine did not break. They were bent like that. And in the air and bent like that Lola was horrible. So it's not like it's not entertainment and it's something serious and if someone learns it, learn it to help people learn it to increase any manner learn it to get nearer to Allah and learn it to become closer to the Quran. But don't don't learn it for the sake of you know, entertainment or view it for just the sake of entertainment as it really important to me. That's why you never see videos of me do a

03:50:42--> 03:51:12

rookie on people in Sharla. Any I do okay on myself, I do a video for it. I do. Look, you're on a demo person who gives me permission I'll do looking for it. But I don't like to do Rokia like, you know, videos of the sturgeon talking. You know, Jen, you're on YouTube, there's 5000 people watching you. What are you? What do you got to say to the world, you know, I was a biller. This is not entertainment, this is somebody's life, and it's one Allah. So, for me, I take that really seriously, I don't mess around with that stuff.

03:51:13--> 03:51:20

But you know, for the cause, I really do want to do a rookie a demo, but either I want to do on someone who's willing to have it done.

03:51:21--> 03:51:53

Or I want to do it like either I just do it upon, like upon someone doesn't have an affliction, just to show you how it how it can be done and what should be done. Inshallah, because I feel that it's important to show people but I don't want it to be like an entertainment or to like, expose the sins or to expose the private matters of a person. You know, in Rocky, a lot of private matters come out, like private feelings, our becomes uncovered things like that. So you know, it's a very private kind of thing. I hate video, you know, videoing it, wherever it happens.

03:51:57--> 03:52:14

In your experience, what is more likely to be a Jinsol? Evil like is a person of different types of psychological behavior problems like bipolar, schizophrenia, or a person has issues, chemical imbalances are parts of the brain more developed or less developed, and others like autism? or ADHD?

03:52:27--> 03:52:31

That's a really good question. Like, that is a question.

03:52:32--> 03:52:51

I want to ask that question to an expert. Shall I'm going to I want to take that question. And ask it to ask it to an expert, shall I? Because that is a powerful question what like, so you've got behavioral, psychological behavioral problems, or you've got chemical imbalances or issues in development of the brain?

03:52:53--> 03:53:11

My first feeling is that the psychological behavioral are more likely to be generated. But I have seen chemical imbalances be caused by the gin? I have seen it I'm not gonna say but the behavioral ones are really common, are really common.

03:53:12--> 03:53:34

And the development of the brain I feel it's probably the least likely but but not that the gym can't can't do that. Or the iron can't cause the brain to miss develop. But it's if it's maybe less likely than the others. But that's just my initial feeling. But it's it's a really, really good question. And it needs deep research or like really does.

03:53:35--> 03:53:36

Can Jin X?

03:53:38--> 03:53:45

Try again? Can Jin affect fertility? Yeah, I think that's a fair statement. I think, let's be honest and say that,

03:53:46--> 03:53:49

you know, having children is in the hands of Allah.

03:53:50--> 03:53:52

You have Lima, your shirt,

03:53:53--> 03:53:57

in earthenware hypokalemia. Shell, the court, Allah gives

03:53:58--> 03:54:38

girls and boys to whoever he wants. But Allah may make the jinn a cause for a person not to have children. Ultimately, it's in the hands of Allah. But Allah subhanaw taala may make a course. And we have seen that those kinds of cases where there are fertility problems, and what would I advise someone who has fertility issues I've, I've written an article on that on my website, about people struggling to have children and I gave some advice on this, I would recommend them to go to that challah. We talk about the fact that children come from Allah and that you need to seek help from Allah. The fact that you know, there's nothing wrong with going down a medical route as long as it

03:54:38--> 03:54:41

doesn't involve haram for some fertility treatments involve haram.

03:54:42--> 03:54:43

And that doesn't involve haram

03:54:45--> 03:54:59

or that if something is told to do that is haram. An alternative is is is found for it. And there are good answers for answers on that question. And that a person does rocky as well because at the end of the day, it's another

03:55:02--> 03:55:05

Forgot what the expression is, it's another

03:55:06--> 03:55:29

another another weapon that is available to you to fight this issue that you're going through. It's another option for you. It's another setup for you a cause for you. So yeah, it's it doesn't hurt to do Rokia for fertility issues. And it's certainly a lot better than fertility treatments. But then it doesn't hurt to do fertility treatments either. As long as they don't involve haram. But you do need to be careful about that. Sure, yes.

03:55:31--> 03:55:54

I visited my ancestral place. And after that, I started getting repetitive dreams about it, and many of my extended family members and we swass and loads of issues. Does it mean that there is see her there and the relatives may also be afflicted? will lie? I think I find it difficult to maybe say that for sure. I think that it seems like there was some kind of affliction that definitely.

03:55:55--> 03:56:35

And that something isn't right. But I would probably start with the idea that it just doesn't feel right. To me, it feels like something's wrong. But I'm not sure how much or what exactly is wrong there. Is it that there is see her there? Is it that there was, you know, some kind of gender? Or is it you know, something else with relate to another member of the family? But I think it's worth investigating? I mean, I'm really, really slow when it comes to diagnosing. You know, I'm definitely not that 10 minute Rocky, you know who 10 minutes, this is what you have. I'm like the slowest person in diagnosing what's wrong with someone, several Rukia sessions, lots of asking questions,

03:56:35--> 03:57:13

lots of you know, looking at the whole picture, and then even then I'm like, maybe Inshallah, it could be along those best. Because I just feel like when you go slow like that, and you look at everything that's available to you more likely that Allah will bless you with the right answer. But yeah, it doesn't feel right to me. It doesn't feel right. It feels like it needs Rokia. I don't know why. Exactly. It could be like you said it could be something a little bit different. There's a lot of possibilities. But it definitely feels like it would be it would be wise and prudent to do Rokia for yourself first. And then if you see continued dreams about same person, and that person's a

03:57:13--> 03:57:52

righteous person who you know insha Allah is someone who is a fleck affected, and not the one was causing it in sha Allah, then, you know, I would recommend them to do Rokia as well. That leads me to a question of my own. I think it's beneficial to ask, which is if you see someone in a dream, doing magic to you, and that person, say a family member or the jinn tell you that this person did the magic on you. How do you behave towards that person? So the first thing is that this enough is not reliable. Allah azza wa jal said, Yeah, well, Idina M and injera confess it could be never in fetter, they ya know, and to Siebel Coleman Beija highlighting philosophy who Allah for ultimate

03:57:52--> 03:58:11

admin, or you who believe if a disobedient person comes to you with news, make sure of it shaytaan came to you with news shaytaan is the most deserving person to apply this idea to shaytaan told you something, check it out first. Otherwise, you will hurt people without

03:58:13--> 03:58:19

any knowledge and you will become regretful over what you did. So I feel that's really important.

03:58:21--> 03:59:03

However, you start to look at the situation, look at the Quran in the other facts that are available, the person is known for, you know, not practicing their religion and so on being far away from the deen, then I still wouldn't accuse them. But what I would do is I would just take precautions, who to take your precautions, in also, I would be careful around them, I would give them their rights as a relative, I would not take their rights away from them. But I will be careful and cautious. I'll be doubling up on the car. I'll be especially careful around them if there were signs that this could be true. Like it was said and the person is known for having the wrong sort of

03:59:03--> 03:59:14

beliefs. And you know, the person once gave me some food tea and after that I was ill and and and and you know, lots of things are building up. I wouldn't accuse them but I would I would be

03:59:15--> 03:59:19

cautious around them and careful around them. Yeah.

03:59:21--> 03:59:24

If an adult sees a dream about going to the toilet,

03:59:25--> 03:59:57

and then wets the bed, can it be an effective gin possession? I mean, it could be but I don't think it necessarily has to be. I don't think it necessarily has to be. I think if anything if it comes along with other things, if it's a one off like that, and it doesn't have any other associated symptoms. I probably wouldn't put it down to a gym related issue. But if a person's worried I would just say try the seven day program to start with inshallah just as a start and then we can see where it goes from there Charla

03:59:59--> 03:59:59


04:00:00--> 04:00:05

What I want to do now is I wanted to have a look out if you got a long list more or you haven't.

04:00:08--> 04:00:42

You've got loads and loads more. Okay, but we ran out of time, okay, we'll put ourselves a time limit on it, Inshallah, we can do another session, we save all the questions we haven't answered. And we'll answer them as part of the course as well, Inshallah, so if you're joining late, and you don't know what the course is about, so inshallah we're going to be doing a course, it's gonna be at least 11 weeks long. It's going to be one live session a week, along with pre recorded answers to questions throughout the week on a portal, dedicated portal, inshallah will be registered, so you'll have to register for it. At the moment, I don't have a link to give you but I will put the link with

04:00:42--> 04:01:23

this video when it comes out. So when that when we've got the portal ready, I'll put the link Paul should be ready tomorrow or Tuesday, we put the link in Sharla in the portal. In the video, we'll also send a link to telegram we'll also make a YouTube video about it, we'll also post it on Instagram, as well in Sharla. So we'll let you know about it. And the idea behind the course in sha Allah is really to go into detail because you've seen how many questions we got. And you know how little time I you know, we need the detail and we need to go into detail and we need to really, you know, explore topics in depth inshallah. So that's what I want to do. I've picked 11 topics so far.

04:01:24--> 04:01:26

And I started my reading material right here.

04:01:29--> 04:01:32

But I want to do more than that, we're going to have discussions, Inshallah, we're going to have

04:01:34--> 04:01:38

all sorts of sort of interaction, live interaction and things like that, inshallah.

04:01:39--> 04:02:05

And what it's going to be, it's going to be on the same time, it's going to be on a Sunday at 4:30pm. UK time, because I believe that's the best time for if you look at Dubai, you look at the US and stuff, it's a reasonable time, like a Sunday at 4:30pm is reasonable time for a live class. And then inshallah the questions will be pre recorded during the week and will upload answers to questions. So what I can do is I can actually start banking the questions that haven't been answered.

04:02:07--> 04:02:29

And what I want to do with q&a, though, in the rockier course is something different. I want to do themed q&a. So this is open q&a, right people one question, I am on Cospa rokeya. About genuine question about dreams. I want to gather all the questions on dreams, and make one video where we answer the most common questions on dreams. And then again, gather all the questions on

04:02:30--> 04:02:57

let's say ain, and try to answer them, you know, after the lecture, so, lecture on EIN, and then q&a on EIN, and lecture on gin possession q&a on gin possession, and do it like that Inshallah, we can start banking the questions to put in the course Inshallah, or to do a second YouTube video. The thing is that we do a second one, as soon as it's live, there's going to be another 200 questions, but we can go for a little bit longer. I'm quite happy to go for another 20 minutes, inshallah.

04:03:00--> 04:03:18

How do you deal with involuntary tics and twitches caused by the gin and Sara? So it's kind of like, you know, jumping, twitching, things like that. And generally, a good Rokia program is my basic answer. Specifically, there are a couple of things you can do.

04:03:20--> 04:03:52

Rukia oil works very well reciting oil and, and rubbing it on on the place where you get the ticks or twitches, but also pressure, you know, people talk about hitting the gym and hitting the gym works. I'm going to be honest with you, it does work. But it also is a double edged sword. First of all, it's probably illegal, where you are most likely, it's, it's like most likely illegal where you are, it might get you into loads of trouble get you arrested,

04:03:54--> 04:04:05

or your Rukia stopped. And even more than that, it might not work. Because I've example, you have a gin, let's say let's say the gene is in the person's hand, right? And you

04:04:06--> 04:04:07

hit the person,

04:04:08--> 04:04:09

you hit the person.

04:04:11--> 04:04:12


04:04:13--> 04:04:24

the person feels that pain. If you get it right, the person doesn't feel any pain. The gym just feels the pain. But if you get it wrong, the person feels the pain. It's like, Oh, that hurt, right?

04:04:25--> 04:04:43

So it doesn't it's not helpful. Like it's if you knew how to do it really well and you were living in a place that allowed it. It could work, but it's not that helpful. What is really helpful is things that are physical pressure that don't hurt the patient.

04:04:45--> 04:04:59

I give you three, one, massage, like firm massage. So you get in the Twix the ticks and twitches like this. And you're and you read it and blowing and reading and blowing

04:05:00--> 04:05:19

and really putting that pressure on only men to men, female to female or maharam to Mahara? No, none of this go into a girl who's not your Muhammad, you're massaging her arm LIJ was haram. As haram, it's not allowed for you to do.

04:05:20--> 04:05:24

So you're massaging, yet putting pressure.

04:05:25--> 04:05:36

Yeah, putting pressure on the place where it hurts, reading, blowing, putting pressure, yet is very beneficial. Yeah, it is really, really just help.

04:05:38--> 04:06:04

Things that are related to that I do know a brother who used to carry like, a one of those massage machines that like electric ones that kind of like, massage you. That's that's not a bad idea. You know, if you read, I don't think you need to go and buy one. And I don't have any affiliate links as well either to go and buy any. But I mean, I don't see any issue in that, to me. It's something that doesn't hurt the patient, but probably does hurt the gym.

04:06:05--> 04:06:30

But I think if you just went with it, you you wouldn't you need to learn how to hit them first. Because otherwise, you're going to go in there with this machine. And you got to be like trying to massage the person and the person will be like I just hurting you What are you doing? So you have to kind of know what you're doing first. But yeah, I could see how that could work. Even a row, you know, those roller things that you roll on people's back to get the get the knots out of their muscles. They work as well.

04:06:31--> 04:06:32

So like if you're like,

04:06:34--> 04:07:16

rolling, like, or you have these like massage things, as long as they're not associated with other religions. And you are like putting pressure on them. It works well lay like anything that puts physical pressure on the gym, and you chase the gym around the body. You know, don't let them stay in one place. So it does work. hamdulillah it does work. It's not a bad. It's not a bad thing. I don't recommend electrocuting people, please don't do that. And you guys allowed my guys in this room are laughing but will lie, lovey? Yes, I have seen it in front of my own eyes, I would like to recommend it. It's really not It's not allowed. It's not legal. It's not safe. It's not healthy for

04:07:16--> 04:07:24

the patient. I really know like, I know, they're finding it very funny in the right go and you guys can pause the audio for a second or laugh it out

04:07:30--> 04:08:06

alright, you can put the audio back on now. Five, you've got to have your system. But that's you know, we've seen things like that, you know, so Paula, I don't recommend it. I also don't recommend beating the person black and blue. Again, it's not allowed. It's illegal And subhanAllah you could cause the person to die people have died from rock. Yeah, I mean, rock is supposed to be a healing process. And the person comes out, you know, dies from it well is not well, it's not right. It's not right. I believe personally from a theoretical point of view, that physical pressure on the jinn is very beneficial. But it has to be done in a way that takes into account the patient's needs and also

04:08:06--> 04:08:09

is caring towards the patient. So massage works well.

04:08:10--> 04:08:13

Gentle tapping works well.

04:08:14--> 04:08:51

And also, you know, maybe anything which is similar like we said like rolling like the those things that kind of roll that the knots out of the muscles and things like that. But it's not needed. I used to go I remember when I first used to do rookie, I used to go with like a proper bag of stuff, you know, No, I never had a taser. I used to go with a proper bag of stuff. I used to go with like herbes and with prophetic medicine and with oils and with you know everything. But after a while I came to realize that will lie, the best thing you can do is read the Quran. Read the Quran below. There's nothing better than reading the Quran and blow read the Quran and blow read the Quran and

04:08:51--> 04:08:57

blow that's all you need inshallah. But yeah, for sure, you know, the physical pressure helps with the ticks.

04:09:00--> 04:09:04

Can women be trained to perform Rukia? And what's the process?

04:09:05--> 04:09:16

It's interesting because I see a benefits and I see some harms. And I think it's about maximizing the benefits and reducing the harms. So two harms that I see

04:09:17--> 04:09:37

that I would want to mitigate or avoid in with a sister who's doing rockier number one I would want to avoid her going around, you know, people's houses from house to house. Like, you know, for example, in the room with

04:09:38--> 04:10:00

people who are not maharam and things like that I would like to see that avoided even going from house to house you know, it's not the fact that that Allah said Allah said we're currently BeautyCon and remain you know, remain in your home remain. You know, find your tranquility and your respite in your home and going from place to place and traveling from city to city and region.

04:10:00--> 04:10:23

On people I kind of wouldn't like to see I don't like traveling for Okay, so I would like to see to recommend that. And the other thing is that aspects which can be really physical. Like if the gym starts fighting and starts being violent, I think there needs to be some kind of process for that. But I also believe that there are many situations where a sister needs to look at our mother if she's too rocky upon the profit slice.

04:10:26--> 04:10:28

And likewise,

04:10:29--> 04:11:00

you know, the there are many situations where the woman she's the one who should be doing the Rokia like, it's her family, it's her children. So I don't think women should be stopped from doing Rokia. But I just, I don't know whether we should have like a rocky per se, but maybe she's going to other women and she's, you know, helping out in the fact that the men don't have to go that's that can only be a good thing. But I just be careful about that issue of her like, you know, being out of the house all the time and just going from place to place. And likewise, the issue of

04:11:02--> 04:11:30

the issue of sort of dealing with the violence and the physical aspect, but apart from that there was a woman who was reading upon Irish and the Prophet size and came in she was Iraqi she was reading Alicia Rocky, she was reasonable Ayesha and the processes that allergy happy tabula read upon her with the book of Allah. There is no he didn't say stop doing it. You're a woman, for I don't see any issue. But just be careful about the dangers and the harms and unmitigated Same with the brothers. Everyone see a brother who is

04:11:31--> 04:11:36

you know, people start to rely on that brother instead of Allah. I don't want to see a brother who is

04:11:37--> 04:12:11

you know, always touching non Muslims, you know, like always, you know, in situations and I'm not saying never happens, I mean, it can be situation you read on a sister and she just starts hitting you or something, you know, like, you cannot, you know, you can't really do anything about that, or she starts to talk herself, you have to pull a hand away, but it shouldn't be the norm. It shouldn't be what you're doing every day. And whenever it happens to me, Wallah. We always have a review. We treat it very seriously. Like I'll go back afterwards and say to the person who rockier with me, what did I do wrong? Say located Rokia you're too close. You shouldn't have been that close. What

04:12:11--> 04:12:37

did you do wrong? You didn't have the Muslim ready? What did you do wrong? You didn't blow in the Muslims Han. Like, we take it really seriously. If there's ever a situation where in an emergency, there's like a rookie or other sister and she ends up touching me or getting or like hitting me or something like that. I take it really seriously. Well, I really seriously I would like look at why did that happen? That should never happen. So for that even a brother I wouldn't want a brother to be like that.

04:12:39--> 04:13:19

I wouldn't want a brother to be you know, a lot of things that that people do like when people travel to you as though you are like the QA you know, I really discourage you people say can I travel to travel for what any is for what will you travel any Subhanallah Surah Fatiha, you don't find somebody with you can read sort of FATCA and it's not an I'm not saying there's not an expertise in Rukia but it makes you ally, you know, you feel bad, you feel scared that people want to travel for for okiya you know, and that's why I personally just continues to encourage self Rokia. But even in a self Rukia situation, many times we need need sisters to do it. So I see no

04:13:19--> 04:13:24

harm in a sister doing it. Just be careful about those, you know, maybe more violent interactions with the jinn.

04:13:26--> 04:14:01

And be careful about being run on my hands and be careful about being sort of being someone who just pulls you out the house all the time and takes your time. Which Subhanallah is is a difficult thing with Rukia because, you know, I don't take cases like regularly I don't I don't have like a clinical cases I take regularly. And I still at any one time have like 2030 You know, kind of people who are just hovering around with rockier cases, you know, that's not by email that's like physically, like just Brother, can I just read on this person? Or can you just see this person and, you know, it's really hard to manage your time because we have other more important things that we want to do as

04:14:01--> 04:14:23

well in seeking knowledge and teaching people and you know, other things, Islamic projects and charitable projects that we want to do as well. So it's really tough and that's part of what I want to do a thorough course as well as test is to kind of reduce the pressure so that more people can learn and more people can do it Inshallah, and that means Inshallah, to Allah that be even Allahu Kelim

04:14:25--> 04:14:59

we can, you know, spread our time across all the different types of good things and not just be busy with one thing and one thing alone. Having said that, I believe rookies is is very virtuous while I really do and I hate it really It's my pet hate when people belittle Rukia and they say like oh why don't want to do rock here for you know what your job is to be a teacher you want to sit on a chair and teach people why you want to do Rukia for people actually find any coffee from the street you will read on them. You will find any go to any Masjid find a car they just give him you know some small amount of money he will read it

04:15:00--> 04:15:07

Why are you doing rockier for people? And why are you wasting your time with this walleyes This is makes me so angry

04:15:09--> 04:15:26

Subhanallah reading the Quran is an honor. Helping your brother in Islam is an honor Allah helping them so it's an honor to help them alive. It's an honor from Allah to Allah Subhana Allah, fighting against the shaitaan is an honor. Like we said it's Jihad visability fighting against the shaitaan.

04:15:29--> 04:16:09

Fighting against the magician's correcting people's belief attaching people's heart to Allah. Seeing through your Eman and seeing the signs of Allah and increasing your Eman in the signs of Allah will is so beneficial. You know, trusting in Allah and, and having increased understanding of the unseen is so beneficial. Allah rokeya is so beneficial, nobody should belittle it. But it's true that I don't want to look here to be the only thing I do in my whole life. No, I want to like, learn other things and study and teach. And so we want to try to help people to learn so that they can share that knowledge with other people in Charlottetown.

04:16:11--> 04:16:30

My son who's 20 years old was diagnosed with autism when he was three. And he started running away from any type of Quran recitation when he turned 50. So again, you know, autism is a really, really wide spectrum of,

04:16:31--> 04:16:41

of sicknesses, and we ask Allah azza wa jal to cure him with a cure that leaves no sickness. And we ask Allah to make it easy for you, is a very, very difficult thing autism.

04:16:43--> 04:17:25

The fact that he's running away from the Quran is something that needs to be investigated. But it doesn't necessarily mean that it's a Rokia related issue, like guaranteed, because autism can have I mean, people can display certain sort of erratic behavior and and they can feel very scared of things, and they can feel uncomfortable around things that might not be anything wrong with them. But yeah, the fact that he's, you know, running away from the Quran, that is something that is, you know, something to look into and investigate and consider about whether it could be a Rokia issue. I mean, it's, it's something that should be given its consideration and investigation. And with

04:17:25--> 04:17:30

autism, I always take my time, and it needs a lot of time, well, life really got to take your time with it.

04:17:32--> 04:18:24

Because it's not easy. And the reason I find autism not easy, is that the behaviors that are associated with autism can appear to be mixed up with effects of Rukia. So what I mean by that is, I go to read on on an on an on a non autistic child, and that child starts crying, and hiding from the Quran. I know there's something wrong with that child, I go to read on an autistic child, and they start crying and hiding, sometimes that's part of their regular behavior, you know, they're scared of a stranger, or they don't like new things that they haven't seen before, or they don't like for example, the fact that I'm reading too loud or you're not so that's the hard thing with autism, it's

04:18:24--> 04:18:53

to know which of these behaviors are part of the condition and which of them are reactions to the Quran? It can be a little difficult so take your time, but I definitely think should explore ways to look at treatment and I look at building Rukia into what you're already doing, you know with regard to him and the kind of behavioral sort of things you've learned and the coping mechanisms you have I would say like adding into there inshallah rockier for sure inshallah Tata would be very beneficial. Okay, we have a

04:18:55--> 04:18:59

an another question here when I was 12, and I started practicing Islam.

04:19:00--> 04:19:33

I found that had a rocky related issue for that I was doing very well in school. Afterwards, I became bad in school and I was hospitalized and diagnosed with bipolar and autism and I never came back. Then I came out of hospital, my father's do a lot of Rukia. For me. I remember seeing a video with the symptoms, Asha, and I had all those symptoms and I had many, I have had many manic episodes. The most recent was very severe. Sometimes when I think about it, my heart starts to race. I used to do a lot of Rukia and I just use olive oil on the body and finish a big bottle in a week. After the last episode, I read less Rokia, but I read surah baqarah. And most days, sometimes I'm

04:19:33--> 04:19:59

forced into sin by the shaytaan. Recently, I've had a lot of was was in prayers and Tahara used to have extreme social anxiety. So a lot better now. But I feel uncomfortable in certain social situations. The shaitaan is reacting and said many things in the past. I read a list of symptoms of rookie related issues and recognize some of them my childhood and I've always had a darkening under the eyes, which I've heard is a symptom. Do you have words of hope? What's the fastest and the best way out? May Allah reward you shout out

04:20:00--> 04:20:46

Part of the MEU Junior program. So the first thing is I ask Allah is soldier and Heyoka you who is an Heyoka you who is VO Jalali will ICANN, I ask Allah by His greatest name, the name that he if he is asked by he gives an if he is made to add to it with it he answers I ask Allah azza wa jal Allah al hate Alka you Jelani what the Quran to cure you with a cure that leaves no sickness and to cure all the people who are afflicted who are watching this video who come across this video, we ask Allah azza wa jal and Heyoka young to cure them all with a cure that leaves no sickness, and will lie, I will be a witness and I testify that Allah subhanaw taala is able to do that. And it doesn't

04:20:46--> 04:21:14

even take the blink of an eye. Allah subhanaw taala in the blink of an eye could cure every single person that watches this video, in who will use it, we'll call the rally. Allah is the One who we trust on we put our trust in. And Allah is the One who can do that. And it's not difficult when they're Vatika. Allah He realizes, it's not hard for Allah subhanaw taala at all, it is not hard at all. Woman delicado liabilities,

04:21:16--> 04:21:41

the the situations like this, and I really do want to do a shallow like a proper breakdown of this. So this is just a short answer, not a proper, I want to do a full episode on how to deal with really kind of prolonged afflictions. Like it's just been going for a long time, and I've done a lot of treatments and we need to find out how to deal with it.

04:21:42--> 04:22:18

So, like I said before, I really feel that knowledge is so so important. Knowledge is critical, like knowledge, the more knowledge you have, will lie the more the faster and the better. And inshallah the more effective the treatment is going to be. Inshallah, tada, that's the first thing. The second thing is I really feel in prolonged afflictions, that it's so important to bear in mind, seeking forgiveness, turning back to Allah, and worship of Allah, not just

04:22:19--> 04:23:03

treatment. I think in a lot of prolonged afflictions, what happens to us is we just start actually, we just start treating and treating, treating, treating, treating, and that's really beneficial. But I really believe that what we need to do as well is we need to remember to worship Allah, to pray to make to art, faster turn to Allah to ask Allah's forgiveness. It's so so important. And I'm not seeing it as a, like a small thing. I'm seeing that I've seen people who were not cured by anything other than this. I mean, this is the main reason they were cured. I Toba was still far or Catarratto, a bad lots of a bad Toba and is still really important.

04:23:04--> 04:23:12

I think it's really important to have an effective Rukia program. And effective rokeya program doesn't necessarily mean

04:23:14--> 04:24:00

a lot of Rukia, although that is part of it. But it also means having a program that works for you, and having a rockier program that is tailored to what you need in Sharla. And, and having a Rukia program that is practical. Because sometimes if you have a rockier program, which is like really, really you can't and you're struggling to manage it, then that that can be you know, that can be difficult as well like can be detrimental. It can be harmful to a person, if they have a rockier program where they're doing so much, but it's just not practical for them. I think anyone who has an affliction, which is really, really prolonged, and they are struggling, and they're seeming to do

04:24:00--> 04:24:35

the right things like that, they're reading Baccarat, and they are you know, they're using the oil, the water, they're doing at least 45 minutes of rockier every single day, but it's not getting any better. I think that's a time when you definitely need to look at the three things I mentioned knowledge, getting more knowledge in case you you know, suppiler you read a book, you come across a book and you're like Subhanallah I never thought of that. This totally you know, I need to do this. The second thing is looking at things outside of Rokia, improving the Ibadah improving the nearness to Allah and so on.

04:24:36--> 04:24:59

And something which connects those two together is knowledge of Allah His names and attributes. The more you know Allah, there is no greater hope than this. The greatest thing that can give you hope, take this as a you can write it down from Muhammad Tim Muhammad Tim said, the greatest thing that can ever give you hope is knowing Allah Subhana Allah in His names and His attributes and His actions.

04:25:00--> 04:25:30

The greatest thing that can ever, ever give you hope Insha Allah, because you realize how great Allah is and how powerful ally is and how merciful ally is and how kind Allah is Subhanallah Inshallah, that this is the fastest way to, you know, to gain hope in sha Allah. I never, ever, ever saw a rookie a case that could not be treated when he lied, and I'm not going to say I have 100% success rate.

04:25:32--> 04:26:00

But I believe that every time I wasn't successful it I can see where it went wrong. Like I have a case, my longest ever case, which is still not successful. But I understand why, like, I know what's going wrong. I just don't know how to fix it, like how to correct it. I know what they need to do, but I don't know how to convince them to do it. So in that sense, yeah, I, I don't know, I never seen a case where I said to somebody, you can't be cured.

04:26:01--> 04:26:08

Ever, ever, ever, because Allah is so great and so merciful, and Allah His power is infinite.

04:26:10--> 04:26:13

But we have to understand that this is part of our test.

04:26:14--> 04:26:20

And we don't tell Allah what to do, right? We don't tell Allah that you have to finish my test tomorrow.

04:26:21--> 04:27:00

And who knows, you know, Subhan Allah, Perhaps Allah will give you Alpha dose and Allah min agenda because of what you're going through. Perhaps Allah will give you the highest place in Paradise because of what you're going through. So it's not the thing bad like that. Subhanallah you know, we want it to end I want it to end for you. But while it's not ending, take advantage of it. So I hope that makes sense. I'm gonna say it again. I wanted to end as quickly as possible. But while it hasn't ended, take as much advantage as you can. Getting near to Allah, you know, asking Allah pleading, Allah begging with Allah worshiping Allah, telling Allah about how you feel about how

04:27:00--> 04:27:07

difficult your situation is, take advantage of it, because you might never get as close to Allah as you are now.

04:27:08--> 04:27:21

And I, you know, I've said that to people, and people say to me, What are you saying, I say will lie. Sometimes the closeness you feel to Allah, when you're sick, and you're been afflicted, and you're suffering, you can't ever get that closeness back again.

04:27:22--> 04:27:42

Sometimes you can never get the closest back again. So I'm not saying you should wish for it to last longer, not by take advantage of every minute, because you might get a closeness to Allah now that you can't get any other time. And that is the closeness of being afflicted of suffering of calamities.

04:27:43--> 04:27:58

In the Sahaba felt that if you look at the Sahaba of the Allahu anhu, when they when they conquered all of the lands, and the gold bags of gold used to come to them. They used to cry and they used to wish to be back in the days where they were poor.

04:28:00--> 04:28:12

They used to wish that I'd say that perhaps Allah has taken my rewards away from me and my accuracy has given me in the dunya it's not that they didn't like me, you know, having money. I mean, everybody likes having money. But they, they

04:28:14--> 04:28:51

they missed that time when they were with the messenger slice of them. And they were suffering and they were in difficulty and they were turning to Allah and they were near to Allah, they missed it. So when it happens to you, you should seek relief and ask Allah to make it quick for you. But at the same time, you should take advantage of it because it's a golden opportunity to get near to Allah and that's my advice to all the people who are afflicted and we ask Allah azza wa jal Heyoka. Humans generally when a Quran to give you a she fat that leaves behind nor sickness, we ask Allah Subhana Allah that Allah is the One who is able to do that. And Allah is the one that we put our trust in to

04:28:51--> 04:28:52

do that.

04:28:55--> 04:29:37

I think that's a good place for us to stop. Allah He. I know I didn't do it justice SubhanAllah. And I'm sure usually, it's the case that when I come off the camera, there are more questions yet to be answered than there are answered. I want to say hello to the team who's working in the backend will lie they did a great job. And it's very hard to sort through questions and people are asking you And why's my question and stuff. I am going to save the questions in Charlotte I am going to delete the discussion group now because I just don't want everyone just just to be discussing with each other and you know things like that. But I am going to save the questions before I delete the discussion

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group today. I will save all the questions. I will put them in line for the Rukia course inshallah.

04:29:45--> 04:29:53

I hope inshallah today I was able to help in some small way. Whatever I said that was right is a grace from Allah and His blessing.

04:29:54--> 04:30:00

And whatever I said that was wrong is my mistake. And Allah and His Messenger have nothing

04:30:00--> 04:30:38

to do with that sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah to teach us what will benefit us. We ask Allah to benefit us with what he teaches us. We ask Allah to increases in knowledge, we ask Allah to give us the ability to act upon it. We ask Allah by His men and his Quran, by his, by his generosity and his kindness, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to cure the people who are afflicted, we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us a cause, for them to be cured. Through beneficial knowledge and righteous action. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to send his peace and blessings upon our messenger Muhammad and upon his family and his companions. Please do keep an eye out for the rokeya course in sha Allah, we

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will be advertising it. I think by Tuesday Inshallah, it will be starting in sha Allah is new live coding next Sunday at 4:30pm. It will be live it will not be on YouTube, but we will be putting adverts on YouTube for it. And also on Instagram and also on the telegram group. If you'd like to stay up to date with what I'm doing the easiest ways to download the telegram app and to go for Mohamed Tim official, but we are working on fixing the website as well which is Muhammad But for now the easiest way is to download Telegram, onto your device, computer, phone, tablet, wherever you have an inshallah to look for Mohamed Timm official. i Don't bombard people with

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messages I probably send

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a handful of messages a week. And it's mostly letting you know about classes, letting you know about activities events. If I go to a class in another city, I let people know so that they can come to that class inshallah. And that's what we use it for each other.

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And it's not like people can message you on it. It's just only for receiving information in Sharla otherwise, subscribe to the YouTube channel if you're not already subscribed to it Sharla because we are going to be moving over to Vimeo soon. And when we do we will be using YouTube but we'll only be using it to post videos after the event has already taken place. And the actual live event will be taking place on Vimeo inshallah that's what Allah made easy for me to mention tonight. I certainly benefited a lot and hamdulillah from your questions may Allah reward you please forgive me if I didn't answer your question inshallah I will be answering your question in the near future. That's

04:32:08--> 04:32:10

what Allah made easy for me to mention Allah knows best or solid