Names of Allāh 03 – A Summary of the Name ‘al-Ilah’

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Allahu la hora

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Allah Holla Holla Holla polldaddy all Mousavi Malik Malik Razzaq Al Hamdulillah heydo sama dlo.

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To summer summary of the of allows perfect names

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al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu wa sallam. I don't remember all theory. I mean Nabina Muhammad wa ala early he also happy ajmeri

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so this is our second summary of one of the names the beautiful and perfect Names of Allah azzawajal.

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And we've come to the name alila.

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The Sheikh Sheikh Abdullah Zachary better in his own summary didn't mention anything further about the name Illa or alila.

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The reason why the chef didn't do that, and Alon was best is because he sufficed with speaking about the name Allah. And he had already mentioned in his book that the name alila is the linguistic origin of the name Allah. So he didn't, he didn't expand any further, he didn't add anything further. In his main book, he speaks about both of them. But in the summarized form, he only spoke about the name of Allah. And he didn't speak about the name of Allah. But because this course we want to give a summary for each name individually, I have added some points on the name alila from myself, This is my own. These are my own points taken from the ship's book, which are which the chef

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himself didn't mention in his summary.

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So alila means the one who is worshipped.

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Allah Allah is one of our laws perfect and Beautiful Names and a name which is itself found in the Noble Quran.

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Allah possesses the attribute of divinity.

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divinity, which is an attribute of Allah is the great attribute because of which he deserves to be God. And because of which he deserves that non share this great attribute with him in any way. If someone were to say what is the attribute it means that Allah is God, the attribute is divinity, Allah here, that Allah is the ILA.

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The attributes of divinity are all of the attributes of perfection. So if someone said, you know, what are the attributes of divinity, all of his attributes of perfection, the attributes of majesty of greatness, of beauty, of mercy, of virtue of honor of benevolence, all of these attributes are attributes of divinity. And they all come back to this idea that Allah subhanaw taala and this, this name that gives us the information that Allah subhanaw taala is alila, the divine or the one who is worshipped,

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the one who is taken as God.

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These attributes are those because of which he deserves to be deified. He deserves to be worshipped, he deserves to be God. He is God because He has these attributes of greatness and grant. He is God because He alone is the one who has the attributes of sustaining his creation, lordship sovereignty and authority. He's God because He alone is the one who has the attributes of mercy and bestowing blessings, both apparent and hidden to all of his creation. He's God because He has encompassed everything with his knowledge decree, wisdom, beneficence, mercy, power, might and subdued his God because He alone has the attribute of being absolutely and perfectly free of need, just as all

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others apart from him are in need of him, always and in every way. They're in need of him to bring things into being and to direct them. They're in need of his help and provision. They're in need of him for all of their needs. They're in need of him for the greatest of their needs and their greatest necessity, which is the need of creation to worship Him alone, and attributing divinity to him alone. Therefore, the attribute of divinity encompasses all of the perfect and Beautiful Names and lofty attributes that our last panel to Allah has. That is the summary of the name, l ILA.

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And again, in terms of the practical implementation, I'm going to mention probably the same or similar to the three that I mentioned about the name Allah.

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When it comes to the name, and Isla number one using it in our do our sometimes in the winter prayer, we hear the Imam say, ILA Hana,

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or our ela

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or our God, our object of worship, our deity.

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And sometimes, also, if you're making that individually, you might say, Eli, oh, my God,

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my object of worship that I don't have any options

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worship except him. So one is to make use it in your job.

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The second one is to attribute all of those things to Allah. That Allah is the one that sustains. He's the Lord the sovereign. He has ultimate authority. He's the one who has mercy He bestows blessings. He has knowledge, infinite knowledge, perfect knowledge, perfect decree, perfect wisdom, perfect beneficence and mercy, power, perfect might perfect subjugation of his creation, you know, all of these things to affirm all of these things for Allah, the way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam affirmed them. And the way that Allah is so Joe told us about himself. And also that means to negate the things that Allah isn't to say that a lot isn't. isn't what Allah isn't

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what he told us. He isn't that what His Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us that he isn't. So Allah subhanaw taala told us that he doesn't sleep. And Allah told us he doesn't slumber Lata Whoa, whoa, sin attune. Well, I know.

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And so we have to say the same thing about Allah azza wa jal.

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But remember, whenever we negate something about a law, there's a principle that whenever you say a lot isn't, you always affirm the perfect opposite. A lot isn't affected by sleep, therefore he has perfect life. A lot isn't unjust, therefore he is perfectly just, Allah isn't

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unkind therefore allies infinitely kind and so on. Whenever you say something negative about a law you don't stop there. Because just being negative about a lies is really, you know, it's the essence of denying allies names and also it leads a person to atheism at the end of the day when you start talking about a line the negative, but whenever you say something negative about a lie, you affirm the perfect opposite. And ally himself. Subhana Allah told us about this in the Quran, Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah Yokai Yun Lata Hussain, attune while I known Allah there is no god worthy of worship but him la the one with perfect life Alka Yoon, who sustains his creation.

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latter who sent it to one I know he isn't affected by slimeball asleep. He isn't affected by slim but asleep because he is LA. And okay, so it's a it's a Quranic methodology, when it comes to the names of Allah azza wa jal

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and no doubt, Allah, Allah is the one who is worshipped. And that is why even Allah subhanaw taala in the Quran, told us about this that the word Allah Allah refers to the one who is worshipped, in sort of Zakat of it number 45.

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West elements are seldom incredibly common Rosalina agile Nam Indonesia Rahmani r lehighton you are by to

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ask those whom we sent before you from our messengers

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have we made besides our ramen?

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LEAH Ali has the plural of Ella and Ella, you are Bedouin, in Isla which is worshipped. And this tells us that the word Isla, it means that which is worshipped lehighton you are by doing

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Alia any Illa gods that are worshipped and that's because

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or deities that are worshipped and that's because the deity or God is that which is worshipped.

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And so there is no doubt that when we take that meaning from the name of Allah, that leads us to dedicate all of our worship to our last panel to Allah alone, and to make sure that we don't accidentally or deliberately offer any of that worship to anyone else. That's what I realize which I made easy for the summary analyzer which knows best

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in sha Allah Allah we will be going on to the full explanation in the next audio clips, where we will start to go through the name of Allah and the name and ILA in quite some detail inshallah, from the book and the PDF is also available for you to read and follow at the same time. Analyze which animals best or Salatu was Salam ala nabina, Muhammad Ali, he was so happy he edge mine