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Hello Amanda Rahim Alhamdulillah we'll be in a stain or Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad he saved now Mohammed and

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Delilah knew that for tonight is quite long, but it is it is straightforward in the sense that the different meanings that come with that draw are also very clear.

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And that is

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as follows llama igneous Luca meenal. Heidi Cooney, ideally he will actually no I didn't mean who woman.

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So this is about asking Allah subhanaw taala for all the good things so communicate accordingly. Wherever there is good wherever there is greatness, wherever there is benefit I asked you of that goodness and great for greatness as well in Charlottetown, man him to minimal one lm lm whatever I know of it, and whatever I do not know of it. Ideally he will ideally and that which is you know, coming quickly or something which is deferred wherever the goodness is, then just I am asking you for that goodness, and that which I know that which I don't know. And at the same time, law minerals we come in as Sheree. Ideally here ideally, my island to mean Hormel and Ireland. So again seeking a

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loss panatela to keep us away and to give us refuge and protection from all evil. Whatever it is, whether it's something is going to happen soon or late, whether it's something that we know or we don't know. Now I live to mean Hormel in Ireland. Then we're going to ask our last pantalla for so we've asked a lot for all good. The second part of the drama is Aloha. My name is Ella come in Haiti Massa elica. mahina. Luca,

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Luca and I'm asking you all that first of all, you asked for all of the now asking a lot for all the good that your profit and your your slave, Mohammed asked you for Well, I will be coming Srivastava come in who abdicate whenever you and likewise I am seeking refuge from you. From all that which the profit, your profit and your messenger your ad sought refuge of you from as well along mainly as a local agenda.

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What can you learn now your current caribou la Hammond Colin?

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Where are you becoming a na wakulla my horrible la henoko you know I'm in the third section is our ally seek refuge of you from so I asked of you and Jenna. And all that will make me close to Agenda whether it's speech saying or actions and I seek refuge or free from the fire. And anything that makes me Come closer to it of actions and speech

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was iluka and digelar colormap Aveda who Lee

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and I asked you that whatever you have destined for me to make it good.

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So you see this is very encompassing, it's very wide. In two aspects. There's the Hale and the sharp, the good and the bad. I'm asking, you're asking a lot of manpower, this graph all aspects of good everything close, something's gonna happen soon, something's gonna be later deferred. And also to guide me through actions and sayings to that hail. And keep me away from the sharp, all of the sharp, whether it's close, deferred, whatever actions who's going to make the clothes push that away from

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then I asked him for the same thing but with what the prophet SAW Selim has asked you for and what the prophet has sought refuge of for And lastly, ask him for agenda and not just agenda but also guide me through your ama and through your wisdom and your guidance to all the actions and the speeches that will also help me to get an agenda and to push me away from the fire. So it's a very all encompassing, and it's not hard even though it's a bit long, but it is if you understand it in meaning then inshallah You can also easily practice it. Their email as pantalla benefit me and you with this beautiful that. We're going to end tonight in Charlotte Allah and we will just make it to

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finish off