How Do I Know If Allah Loves Me

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The spirituality of Islam is discussed, including the importance of knowing who God is and the significance of the Bible. The use of "has" in English is also emphasized, along with a discussion of Jesus's weight and the origin of his death by a man called Niseem. Prayer for one's nation is also emphasized, with a discussion of Jesus weighing on his weight and being walking.

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intall Hamdan in

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indeed, all praise thanks and gratitude are due to Allah. Please call up something in your heart and we are grateful for right now. Now Magoo and we all praise Allah one a starry no who and in praising Allah, we ask, please ask, we ask for help we ask for guidance and we ask for food, ask one at our Kanwar na.

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We believe in Allah and we place our trust in Allah subhanho wa Taala so not only do I plug the location into the GPS, Allah guide me, but if I took a wrong turn to come here to the masjid, what would GPS do naturally? It would recalculate. We ask Allah for guidance and then five minutes later on misguided you'll do. Allah will recalculate. Me and Dean will find out more Wainy Lala

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whoever Allah guided whoever got it. They got it. Well, maybe you're bleeding Fanaa the land

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and whoever hasn't opened the door to guidance.

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There's no guidance.

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One has had will unlock

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ILA has eaten Illa Allah

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I bear witness. That's why I'm giving Clickbook and you bear witness. That's why you came to Joomla there is no God except Allah. There is no other God Sustainer creator there's no other architect of my skeletal frame Illa Allah there is no one else who made me the way I am beautiful and loving. In the lies just Allah so when someone says you look fabulous. Check the manufacturer he's I mean you think this is awesome. Illa Allah, one a shadow and La ilaha illallah wa shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Su. Okay, fair enough. You believe Allah made you? How do you know Allah loves you? What's the name on the back of your jersey? When you're stuffing it from 30 feet out? Who's the name on the

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back of your jersey will hammer the Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when you want to be fly like someone will have mother Rasul allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So I bear witness and testify there is no other creator Sustainer there is no other God except Allah. And who is Allah subhanaw taala his favorite person? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and who when someone says What team do you play for? SallAllahu I will have Medina and Mustafa I get to say So who's your prophet? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and I get to wear those colors with pride. Auto sell out US dollar. Oh, Bill Hoda. wande Neil health. So I believe in Allah. Allah doesn't love me because he

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sent me Mohammed salatu salam. Why did Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa salam alaikum I will set out also allow Oh, Bill dowdy Neil Howe, Paul. He came with guidance. How I pray how I take care of my spiritual needs. But then does God stop at the masjid door? What do you need help? No, God's outside this door too. And so when I get cut off by some crazy guy with his windows down,

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should I should I say something? I'm going to jump up. Do you know how weird it would be? Yeah, I'm on my way to jump.

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Right? It would be weird. Get out of my way. I'm going for Guidance. No, it's different.

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I'm going to jump off. I'm gonna go the way Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would have gone I would have gone the way one of our mothers would have gone hottie Donald the Allahu Donna. I tell the Allahu Donna for Juma prayer. How would they have gotten in that same fashion? So Allah has Nabhi sent have sent guidance spirituality.

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And he said how I should deal with my life outside. Although we love He made us shame on your on him. I seek refuge because I'm Muslim. I get you know the kid who said Shazam. He gets to see Shazam because that's his thing. I get to say as I was Willa him in a shape on a routine. When I say I seek refuge with Allah, I'm protected. Because I have an ego. I have laziness and procrastination. But there's one verse that no

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Numbers 37 Friends, today I'd like you to you could open up Surah Yunus got swallowed by a whale, I a number 37 And then the football first club buzz complete

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womankind I have that

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Allah azza wa jal says and it is not such that this Quran the one you believe is Allah has a US dollar million dollar need

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I know you believe in it but just listen to Allah is clean here. Why Lion King does deep on levy by NAn De

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This is not for you. This is for them. On the contrary, Quran is not only just from Allah, but it confirms the Bible and the Torah that came before it. One nine Q Does the concrete

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and it is while lacking does deep under the binary they want they'll sleep with Keita be loud watching Buffy he made one big lie on me.

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It is a book that not only tells you about the Bible about the Torah, but it also explains itself. Where have you heard this word? Or Bill Allah me? Al hamdu lillahi rabbil aalameen is first verse of Fatiha the whole Quran of seeland kita loughrea Buffy mil Robben Island without any doubt.

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This is the book that is from the Lord of all nations. But I pause you know this already my question as I sit for the first football How many of you didn't know Quran was a miracle? Eyeshadow Allah Allah Allah Allah, except where do you fit into that miracle? And this is my clean in your mustard to date. The Quran hasn't been read yet. My claim to you Autobots received it, it traveled but has the whole world heard Quran?

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Who is the part of that miracle? You are? But brother I don't sound good. For who remember when Umar Radi Allahu one came in and he was about he wanted to kill the Prophet Salado. So what was his sister doing? Reading grant? Was it this need?

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My little walkie please, please. Was it some fancy recitation? He heard God spoken word. And what is you do? Southern LIDAR.

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My claim to you as I sit between the flip bust of Quran hasn't been read yet. A couple of people in the world read it. But it hasn't been read in the voice of a woman who was born and raised in Mississippi. It hasn't been read in the dialect of a person who was born and raised in Houston and said hey, would you learn to the Arab world to learn Quran? Nah, and learn the Quran right here at home.

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My clean to you. The Quran is definitely a miracle. I didn't fly here to tell you that you are a part of that miracle and when you do not read Quran in your house Alhamdulillah he'll have been loved I mean, you're hurting every plant the soil, the air, the animals, the sick person, the guy who's cracked out on drugs on the street, you're hurting him. Make a dua read the Quran and see what happens to your nation. See what happens to your street. But before that, see what happens to your household. Between the sittings of the football no dua is rejected my request, pray for your family, pray for your ummah, pray for this area. But pray for the weapon. The tool of healing that's between

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your tongue that is between your lips, and your respiratory I know you're looking at me he can read Quran but I can't.

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Why can't you?

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And that's my request to you between the sittings of the football Oh Allah show me a miracle.

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La ilaha illa Anta Subhanak in equal to men of God, please pray for your families. If you haven't prayed for your grandparents in a while. Pray for your forefathers. Pray for those before you may be a grandmother's dua is why you're sitting here today. Please remember your forefathers the lineage you don't have to like them. You don't have to know them deeply. Pray for your lineage and hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah he'll have been I mean, was slowing down towards Salah more Allah was Saudi he never been in Katy wanna Addy he was like be Hina Flavien a PA heating Allahumma and to set on wanting to set up to about Octavia than Jelani when he called him hey, you know what

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nada are set up. Yeah. Are you? Yeah, after you Fridays have magical day. I know you don't like this word. But I like it. It's things happen on Friday. I want to show you one of the things we were taught as children. Magic. Colors. Sorry for the wrongness. Did Allah pray Fajr this morning? Allah pray Fajr Allah doesn't pray. Fajr does Allah fast?

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Does that Allah? What is one thing I could do right now that Allah has been doing?

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What is one thing that you're like, Oh, I'm not pious. I don't know how to read Quran. What's one thing you could do right now that Allah is doing? It's a useless Luna in Allah, how am I?

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You can tell, indeed God in His manifest perfection, and all the angels holding his throne and every angel around them. You slit noona they say well, how am I walking?

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Summer or who it was. And then God says, y'all, you know Him to

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you and Naveen. Ah, ah man, no.

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Sludge, no. either. He was said Nemo, this Nima. Allah ma Slendy, Allah Mohammed the wydad When your heart just exploded, and you said Allahumma Salli, ala Muhammad, you know who was saying God, peace and blessings beyond Mohammed, you know who else was doing this? Allah, you're not a miracle. You need to be woken up. Say sallallahu alayhi wa salam. God knows a lot of languages I checked, peace be upon Muhammad, peace be upon Mohammed Mia salutation of have small children with balloons go and say Salah Levana Muhammad May a circus with bears and tambourines. Pass my nubby sang SallAllahu ala Muhammad may trees of baklava come to my Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa salam, and I know you're like I

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love the Prophet. So then there was one thing he liked. There was a favorite track he had it had 114 songs on it SallAllahu ala Muhammad they didn't Mustafa in Elia mobility 171 He is weighing her and fascia you will Moon carry Well, Bob, and better than this whole hubba Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar Allahu because you know, you feel it. You're like, what are we supposed to do? Do we donate to something now? You donate to you. Lila Hill Allah, you donate to. I love you to Allah and say that once before the football once before the Convert completes.

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I love you to Allah. Allahu Allah in the US and Luca who Bagua Manu hymnbook washer Bahmani Yukari Guney either kubek

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in Allah what motivated the winning Sunday what you didn't put up by the way and I need fascia you would wouldn't carry Well, what are they could Allah He Akbar? Allahu Jana Mamata Snell, okay, masala. A Long Walk them and hamdulillah he'll beat

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me in a bra mine hillwalking me, my buddy kill me day.

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A year Konar boo Iyar kinda stere

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Dino slid along one more step

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slid off Glen levena inom Danny him waiting movie it he wanna blow off oh god me

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Yeah, well mail Ooh, Maru one Mala ah in can to slum fun Leia can learn Munna eat man. eat lamb Madden Ebina novel rock man Juan Barnhouse all

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that he can help pull from O Shah at Delphi dot E now on beaky my BA in

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downtown Kumada urban arriba are that God eBay Oh my overruled Mr. Obama but damnit hear the mouth. God dammit yada while cool Can you name

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Danny oil to Lulu Canfield who named Danny Goleman to do

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a lot of work to the Alhamdulillah he'll have been locked me out Walkman you're walking the mighty Kia whoo me Dean a year can our boo EUR Canada stary

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Dino sleeve all water more stoking sleeve Auckland levena And

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he weighed in in the mountain Lubyanka he won out on me assuming

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what Dini was saying he don't want to do you see me now I have Baladi ME IN LOVE order one out in Santa Fe sunny doubly sumela Dadda na who is Vanessa

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Illa levena Aman who are army who saw he had the fella who agile rune volume known samurai you can the Buka bar do Biddy,

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or ISA law who will be a gamete How can you me? Oh lot of work