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Hussain Kamani
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the characteristics of Islam, including the success of virtual reality programs and the importance of learning to be kind and loving. They also emphasize the challenges of older people and the use of negative language. The importance of patient behavior and staying true to parents' values is emphasized, along with the need to act with passion and care for parents' health and well-being. Additionally, the speakers emphasize the importance of creating a game and giving gifts to parents to make them feel valued and respectful.
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smilla Rahim Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh hamdulillah hamdulillah haka was Ramadan Arigato Latina Slava Susana CG diversity. hortonville ambia

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Lila Ischia was happy. Let me back.

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I welcome everyone to the session on characteristics from the Quran. Today we have an amazing topic of bedroom validation. In this session of ours we aim to address key characteristics that Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us of in the Quran, things that we need to work on to develop our self. But these messages are coming directly from Allah azza wa jal. Today's topic is literally why today. We'll get into that in a moment. Firstly, I wanted to recognize that this program was made possible by the support of our partner helping hand for relief and development. Helping Hand is doing great work and providing relief to widows, orphans and refugees around the world, and is working harder

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than ever in the midst of this COVID-19 pandemic. While we build our relationship with a lot in these months, let's not forget about our brothers and sisters in need, all over the world. And remember that they still need us visit slash Ramadan. To learn more about their programs and how you can help HRD

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they accept Zakat Vidya in South Africa, please visit our website and donate today.

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Now the topic for today is virtual reality.

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Virtual validation can be easily translated in English as being kind and loving to your parents.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentions in the Quran Bhagavata buka, Allah Tabu Illa iya. And your Lord has decreed that you should not worship anyone other than Allah. This is the primary teaching of Islam, that no one is worshipped other than Allah subhanho wa Taala This is one thing we cannot get wrong, we have to do this, this cannot be mistaken. And then right after that Allah subhanho wa Taala says, After telling us of the most important thing that we as Muslims need to do, a lot could have told us to do anything else. That was important. He could have said go noodle off of the Kaaba. Pray your Salah five times a day. After Allah told us to worship Him. He could have listed 100

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things that are important, but what does it last?

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How long without luck with your parents, be good to your parents. Be the best you can be when it comes to your parents. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, in my blue Honda indical, Kibera, Houma, Oklahoma, if one of them or both of them reach an old age.

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Because when people get old, as they get older, they become more difficult to reason with. They have their own ways they have their mind set up and I'm going to do something like this. And that's that, particularly when they get much older. So a lot says if you find your mom or dad one of the two or maybe even both of them at an old age, and it becomes difficult for you to communicate and talk with them. Find out to put lahoma often don't say even off to them, let alone arguing fighting, shouting, raising your voice, all of that is out the window. Ally's saying don't even say off. Off is not even a complete word. It doesn't even have a meaning. It's just an expression of disappointment.

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That's what is what I've done huduma and don't brush them off. macula Houma, colon Karima always use good language when you interact with them. See, a lots of how to hautala is our Creator. He created us from every aspect from beginning when we were nothing Allah subhanho wa Taala medicine into something. Today when we look at our hands

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And we look at our, our face and look at our body, when we try to understand how our brain works, and it's so intelligent and smart, we have to know this is all because Allah subhanahu wa tada gave us the ability to do this.

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However, where Allah subhanho wa Taala is our absolute Rob, our true creator and Lord. Rob also means someone who nourishes and helps something grow gradually and naturally. And that is something that our parents also do. Our parents help us grow. They take us from stage one, to stage two to stage three to stage four, and they help us climb the ladder of life. Where would we be if our parents didn't coach us and guide us if they weren't there for us, in our difficult times, when we didn't know how to talk when we couldn't walk, a famous story, that there was a

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young man. And one day he was lying down. And his one of his parents was also lying on the same bed, it must have been a sizable bed, and they were both lying on the bed. And the parent got up to drink water.

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And accidentally the parent, drop the cup, and the water fell all over the bed.

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So the young man got extremely frustrated, you can't even hold the cup properly, you dropped the cup, and got really angry. Now I have to fix it all. And change everything and change all the beds and change the mattress out. So after this person went ahead and changed everything, the parent then said to the child, that I want you to know that when you were young, and you would urinate and wet your bed, I never got this angry at you.

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And every straw fit like this. I was so kind to you when you were young, I was so patient with you. When you struggle I was with you. Our parents were by our side, and we didn't know what two plus two was.

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And today, when they

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say something to us, we get frustrated, we get worked up. We should always remember how kind they were. And this is what this is teaching us.

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Nobody said a long while he was someone tells us if you want to please Allah, he must please your parents first. And I understand that this relationship isn't always perfect. Sometimes it's difficult. Sometimes it's very difficult. You might be speaking to your parent and your parents decides to just unload on you get really angry, frustrated, they're just probably dropping it on you.

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But it's at times like that, that you must continue to be patient. One thing I always tell myself, in my mind is that on the Day of Judgment, I don't have too many good deeds that I can present to Allah with confidence that I did these things properly with absolute sincerity. But the one thing I can do and inshallah I will do is that when I stand in front of Allah, I will say to Allah, Allah, I did my best to love my parents.

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You know, at my home, when we sit down for thought, I don't eat until there's food in my father's plate first. That's the right thing to do. Today, when we were having to hold our children were giving us dates as a part of our school meal. We tried to have a date because it stayed in the How do you think maybe sort of long while he was sort of nice to have dates as well for his soul.

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So when my children were giving us food,

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I said to them, that before anyone gets a date, you will first give a date to your grandfather, because he is your father's father. He is the one that you need to respect a lot. Depending on our teachers used to say this to us, that a person who serves their parents will go very far in life, they will go very far, do a service and do hit them of theirs that they aren't even expecting. Send them a gift. Give them a cup of water, take care of them, call them, ask them for the law. Make dua for them.

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But remember, you must try your best to be patient with them in this dunya try your best, at least inshallah you can say to Allah on the day of judgment that I was respectful to my parents. That's one thing that I did.

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Now, I will say in some cases, there are parents who are abusive. Sometimes the parents might do things to kids that are not right, that are not acceptable in Islam. For example, there is a parent who's bullying their own child who swearing and using bad language at their own child. You know, who is hitting their child so much every day, every night non stop shouting and screaming at them. That's not okay. And that's where these

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young men and women in our community who are being oppressed. See, there's one thing where that parent raises their voice when they speak to their child, because they're doing it out of, you know, via trying to reprimand the child. And they're using a tactic. They're using a tactic, they're using an approach. But overall, the parent is very loving to their child. They're very kind, they're respectful. But sometimes they get a little rough. And that's with an intention of trying to achieve a goal. On the other hand, you have parents that might be non stop abusive, there might be a father, who is a drug addict himself. And he's not in his mind. He maybe drinks alcohol, and he's an

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alcoholic, and he's out of his mind. And he decides to start abusing his parents child, whether it's physical or sexual. In cases like this bitter while again, in its own place, you must seek assistance and help shed er does not stop you from that, rather shut you out promotes it, that every person should live a life of peace and justice. Just remember this, if there is an easy path to walk into genda, it's through serving your parents get their two R's while you can. I'm telling you, when there is someone standing next to me, and they receive a phone call, and if I peek over at their caller ID on the screen, and it says phone coming in from mom, incoming call from mom, it kind of

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burns my heart because I realized that that's a number that I'm not going to get on my phone ever again. My mom is not going to call me again, she left the world.

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And if you don't understand how lucky you are to have parents today, go and ask someone who doesn't have a mom and dad. Imagine that there was no one there to ask you about how you're doing to wash your clothes for you. If you're very young, to make food for you. Again, if you're young, even for those of us that are adults, we know that the only person that will make dua for you, without you even asking them is your mother and father. They just can't stop making law. As a father, I tell you this, even when my kids are sleeping, and I wake them up in the morning, sometimes I put my hand on their heart and I make two other Yala put him on their heart. Sometimes I raise my hands before I

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wake them up for a minute and I make to offer them. They don't even know about that. But that's what a father does. That's what a mother does. We make dua for our children without our children even imagining. One year I remember going to Makkah, and I made the vow to Allah while I stood in front of the Kaaba. I said, Yeah, Allah on the Day of Judgment, if you give me Jenna, I want you to give me agenda because of my kids. Because that will give me the guarantee that they're going to agenda. And then if I go to agenda with my kids, I'll be very happy.

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But it will hurt a lot. A lot. If somehow I got agenda and my kids don't make it. There are a lot I want you I want you to send us to gender, as a family as a unit. So serve your parents while they're alive. Learn from them, be patient with them. Today, if you are patient with your parents, tomorrow, your children will be patient with you. You know, go out of your way to serve them, take care of them, earn your agenda through them. I want to end by

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two things. The first thing and these are one is a narration The other is an action item. The first thing that he said a lot while he was sent him he was once climbing the pulpit the member to give a lecture. His pulpit had three steps, he would climb each step stand on the top of it, turn around face the people and then lecture. So let me set alarm. It was said I was getting ready to give a lecture and he put his foot on the first step. And he said I mean,

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the companions were looking, they said Who is he saying? I mean, this is weird. he's ever done this before. Then they'd be sit alone while he was set up, took a second step. And he said, I mean,

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and everyone was like what's going on here?

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And then he took a third step. And he said, I mean again.

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So after the lecture was over the companions asked or messenger of Allah, why did you say amin three times like this?

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I sort of lost that a lot while he was said I'm set. Well, it's because Judy, lolly Sam came to me while I was climbing the member. And he made three drawers and to all three of them I said, I mean,

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when I was climbing he made law. Oh Allah

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will be to the one or destruction be to the one who enters into Ramadan, leaves Ramadan, and does not earn his gender. He does not free himself from the fire of *. Because Ramadan is an easy time to earn your agenda. It is tough to raise your hands and ask Allah if you want to be freed from the fire of * ask a lot of Yvonne it's a very easy thing. And if you still don't get it, you're the one who lost out. It's kind of like,

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like imagine it's raining outside. It's so easy to get wet. All you need to do is step out and you'll get wet. You don't have to even do much. You want to earn Gemma inner Milan. It's so easy because the

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Agenda are open. Then he says that I took the second step and he said, I'm said, will be to the one or destruction B to the one who has parents and does not earn his gender.

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Because it's so easy to earn gender while they're alive. And then he took the third step and said, will be to the one

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who hears my name. Here's the name Hamlet and does not say some of the low ami was it? That's why whenever we hear the prophets name, whenever we say Prophet Muhammad, after that as an oma, what do we say? Salaam Allahu alayhi wa sallam.

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Now the last point I wanted to mention is create a game plan. If your relationship with your parents is bad, work on repairing it. If you call once a month right now start calling once a week. If you call once a week, call once a day. If they're older, take the responsibility to provide for them financially, they may not need it. But when you give it It means the world to them. buy gifts for them. Take care of their medication, make sure they're fed, make sure they have proper clothing. If you Allah has given you well send them on hamara send them on Hajj, take them on Hajj, these are all things that we should do. If you have the ability to take them on a on a trip with you somewhere,

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serve them while you can. And as a part of action items. The one thing that I'll say in this I want you to pay attention every time you raise your hands.

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Every single time you raise your hands, it is your responsibility. It is your duty to make to offer your parents before you make to offer yourself

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because that's what they did. And we owe that to them. Serve them while they are alive. If your parents have passed away, you can still serve them to read put on for them gifts others on their behalf or respect the people who they loved while they were alive. This will also contribute towards respect and love towards them. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala gives us that they'll act upon this beautiful characteristic of the Quran, bring it into our life, and that we become people of amazing and beautiful character. We pray that Allah subhanho wa Taala accepts will set along with Donna and I see that I'm someone to lie to Allah or Baraka

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