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The importance of respecting and respecting women is emphasized in the context of traveling with a woman who is not allowed to travel alone. The speakers emphasize the importance of obeying the rules and trusting the messenger, as well as avoiding false predictions and the potential for women to travel without a woman or a man. The legal framework for traveling with a woman who is not allowed to travel alone is discussed, along with the importance of fulfilling one's desire to be rebellious and not be liable for anything. The speakers also emphasize the need to show gratitude towards the creator and fulfill their desire to be rebellious and not be liable for anything.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala inophyllum via even mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa seldom at the Sleeman cathedral, my brothers and sisters, I want to remind myself I knew that the meaning of being Muslim is to submit to Allah subhanaw taala. Without question, without argument without reservation or hesitation, to submit joyfully and eagerly. That is the symbol of our trust in Allah subhana wa Tala and that trust is what earns his pleasure and his health.

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That is why the iconic symbol of Islam is the sujood such a state of total and complete submission and helplessness, a symbol of total unhesitating obedience, a symbol of total trust and faith, something which is haram which is prohibited for anyone other than Allah. A Muslim is one who submits that is why there is no such thing as a non practicing Muslim. The word Muslim is a verb and that is that is the topic of my combated a Muslim is a word. The word Muslim is a verb, like the word Musa only one who prays not one who knows about salah.

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But doesn't pray, or the word sign. One who fasts not someone who knows about fasting but doesn't fast or the word Hadji one who has done or is doing Hajj, not someone who went there to help the hedgehog or to make a movie about hedge or a journalist or a bus driver or something, transporting a judge. All of them go to all the places that the Haji goes to, but they are not considered to have performed the hedge and they will not be called Hajji. Because they did not fulfill the rituals of it.

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To be a Muslim, we must practice Islam, and that means to submit our will to the will of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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An immediate topic that is before us today is that of women going for Hajj on their own without Amara, this is not restricted to Hajj, but to women traveling without a motto, is this permissible or not permissible? Let me share with you what our scholars have said and leave you to take your own decisions. Ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide us to what pleases Him.

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I remind myself anew that the basic principle in Islam

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that whatever Allah commanded directly geladeira who in the Quran or through his message is Allah seldom is good for all time because Allah has knowledge is perfect, and is not based on the types. That is what makes the Quran and the Hadith of Rasul Allah is always LM timeless and relevant across the centuries, I must remind myself and you that to open the door, or expediency or modernity, or present circumstances or whatever, is to open the door for the eventual destruction of Islam. This is nothing new. We have seen it happen in other faiths, which also have the same divine origin, but where the leaders decided to change the law which the messengers brought, and substituted it with

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their own understanding and desire. Every time an age will be faced with the same dilemma and challenge, the answer is also the same. Allah knows, and I do not know. So I do what Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told me to do, whether I understand it or not, whether it makes sense to me or not.

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With my limited knowledge,

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I do that not because I'm obeying blindly, but because I'm obeying with knowledge that ALLAH knows more than I do, that Allah knows the future, and I don't. And that to him, is my return. And because I trust him, totally, without reservation, and knowing the depths of my soul, that whatever he ordered, without qualification is good for me. So I obey and ask Allah subhanaw taala, to be my witness, and to forgive my shortcomings. Let me remind you that we apply this principle in our lives every day.

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With respect to any expert or specialist that we deal with, we obey without question, not blindly, but because we respect his or her superior knowledge, and trust their judgment, and believe that they have our best interests at heart in suggesting what they did. I asked myself and you do we have the same trust in Allah.

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There are two opinions regarding whether a woman is allowed to travel without a Muharram who is a man of a man with a husband, or a male relative, who she is prohibited to marry

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or prohibited from marrying?

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First opinion, it is not permissible for a woman to travel without Amara. This is the opinion opinion of Imam, Imam, Abu Hanifa Arahato, Lally, and

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Only mom I have not been humbled amatola Lee This is the Hanafi humbly opinion and is based on the following Hadith and others like them first hadith of a horror of the Allahu reported that also lies on a Salam said it is not permissible for a woman who believes in Allah and the Last Day to make a journey of one day and night unless she is accompanied by a Mara and we know what the Mara means.

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And this is a Hadith which is agreed upon Mustafa gonna lay in Baja in Bukhari and Muslim the second Hadees written by Abdul I've never been on the Allah and Omar who reported that also loss of asylum said no man must be alone with a woman except in the presence of her Mara. No woman must travel except in the company of a man. A man asked ya rasool Allah Azza wa sallam, I have been enrolled for such and such an expedition he was going for some Surya and my wife left for Hajj. So as a result, I'm said, go and perform Hajj with your wife. And this has this is also in Bukhari and Muslim and agreed upon. Now both are very clear and direct commands. The second one includes the command for a

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man not to be alone with a non man or woman. In another division A man asked rasool Allah is seldom What if the woman is pious and also as a result of that to the effect even if it is Meriam, the mother of Isa

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which means by it to that extent, still you are not permitted to be alone with her. Unless her Mahara was present.

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I remind myself I knew that if we accept one part of the Hadees, we cannot reject the other part. It is not permitted. If it is not permissible to be alone with a non Muslim woman, then it is not permissible for a woman to travel without a Muharram, both of which are commanded in the same Hadith. Second Opinion, it is permissible for a woman to travel without a matter. This is the Shafi and Maliki opinion and also the opinion

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held by most contemporary scholars,

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like Cher, whose work Qaddafi ran with the lolly, the European fatwa Council, the DAR Lifta of Egypt, and Chef, Cora, Davi and the scholars of Alaska.

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Now, obviously, these scholars were aware of the existence of the Hadith I mentioned about and the opinions of, of Imam Abu Hanifa. And Imam Muhammad been humbled, I had to learn the image by these scholars looked at the as Bible route.

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circumstances and possible reasons the is not the chain of narration of the of the Hadith, and the what is called the Law,

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which is the effective reason what is the reason for the ruling then decided

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that the effective reason why this ruling was given was because in the past, it was not safe for women to travel alone, and Surah Surah Surah Salam prohibited that now since times have changed in the opinion of these scholars, this ruling does not apply any longer. I'm not going here into what that what the data tells us today about the safety of women traveling alone. But clearly that has relevance. To support this ruling. There is another direction in phulbari where Imam Al Hijra Allah Kalani, or Hunter Lally, a great Hanafi scholar quartered a Hadith from Buhari where I've even had him at that era, Villa and who said that also as a result, I'm told him and if you live a long life,

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you will surely see a woman traveling from Hera till the amygdala of the Kaaba,

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fearing no one except Allah. Muhammad, Muhammad Ali quoted the Saudis as by He in Whose Hand is my soul, verily, Allah will bring this matter that Islam into Completion, until women travel from Hera and make the wife of the Kaaba without being accompanied by anyone. The scholars have said that this is a form of Bashar writes a form of good news of prophecy about the future may Allah keep us alive to see this. It is certainly not a permission to do it, and doesn't negate the clear command in the Hadith quoted earlier. Also, if I were to ask the question regarding this, and this is today, that time when Islam has come into Completion, and dominance, where Pax Islamia which is the you know, to

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use the word Pax Romana, which the Romans used to call the piece of the Roman Empire, if whether I whether this pacts Islam is in place, if I were to ask that question, what would you say? So, let me leave you to ask and answer that question. The scholars will permit it a Muslim woman to travel on

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Without a madam, one of the following conditions and said that it is permissible for a woman to travel without a matter if she can ensure and this is the key thing, if she can ensure the following one, she ensures that the paths towards her destination and on her return journey are safe, and she does not meet with any harrassment and chaos, which can jeopardize her safety number two, that she has trustworthy companions throughout the journey. The majority of scholars such as atta Seidman, Jubei Rima serine, Hassan Busey Rahmatullah Alayhi matchmade. They have also permitted a woman to travel for obligately hedge fund hedge without a Mara if she is accompanied by trustworthy people.

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Imam I will Hazara if the Bata battle, mentioned in Shara Bukhari, Imam Malik Imam, Allah Jose and Imam Shafi said a woman who does not have a matter may travel for obligatory Hajj

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with other women in trustworthy company. These scholars base their opinion on a procedure, the Omaha mumineen the Mothers of the Believers are the alarm. Jemaine performed Hajj after rasool Allah Salah Salem had passed away and during the healer of original kata, or the Allahu Anhu

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in the guardianship of Muslim near fondo de la who was not who was not there, Madam, I'm gonna hand it over there and also accompanied some women from his neighbors. For heights. Key question to ask is, is the travel of the Mothers of the Believers from Medina to Makkah in the Halawa for Maribel Cadabra Velaro accompany not just by Usman Mina Fonda Delano but by their all entourage and military troops and so on, at a time when every inch of the way they traveled through was under the rule of Mr. hymnal. Katara. Delano. Is it the same as a woman traveling alone fast today? Let me leave you to answer that question.

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The famous Maliki scholar, Imam Abu Walid al Big Al Andalusi. al Maliki was the contemporaries of Imam Hassan Rouhani. The main main he mentioned in Alman taka Shara al what that that a woman's travel without a Muharram is contingent upon the number of people accompany her. It is not permissible for her to travel without a matter of if she is with a small group of people. However, it is permissible for her to travel without a madam if she is accompanied by a large number of people who can ensure her safety. Now please note that being accompanied does not mean all the people on the plane it means though she knows and who she is going with for Hatch who are going to

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ensure our safety. I've given you both the opinions and ask Allah subhanaw taala to guide you to do what is most pleasing to Him. The basic principle indeed my brothers and sisters is that deen is easy deal to use. We know the heavies of ISIS, these are the alarm and now who said that as soon as the seller always chose the easier option if it was not something Haram as our scholars have warned us, You're not better than Rasul Allah. So we know the Hadees of Aisha Delana when Abdullah Ahmed Abdullah Isola della and two of his friends came to her to ask about the life of Rasulullah Salam and after they listened to her, they said if rasool Allah SallAllahu Sallam did so much worship, and

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made so much effort, how much more should we make, and so we will fast every day, and we will worship Allah subhanaw taala all night every night, and we will never marry.

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When the soul as a reseller heard about this, he was displeased. He summoned them and he said, I know Allah more than you. And I have a relationship with Allah closer than yours. But I fast on some days and I eat on other days.

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And I worship Allah subhanho wa Taala for a part of the night and I sleep in the other part. I stay away from my wife sometimes and I'm with them other times. It's a well known and respected position and fickle all the McGraw Hill, that when Allah subhanaw taala has given a rock star he's given a permission in a situation we must express and given some ease.

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In in a situation, we must express our gratitude for it by utilizing it for example, Allah subhanaw taala granted as the Roxa of shortening our Salah and pray Casa during travel to avail of this benefit is to show our gratitude to Allah subhanho to say I don't really need it because my travel is comfortable and so I will pray the full Salah is to show that we do not appreciate what Allah subhanaw taala gave us and to take an extreme position which Allah subhanaw taala does not like the salah will still be valid, but to professor would have be more pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala for

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Hajj, Allah Subhana Allah made it conditional upon two requirements for men and three for women, for men hedges fun if and when the man has the material and financial means and is healthy enough to do it. For women, in addition to these two, the third requirement is the requirement of a Mara to accompany her. This means that if these conditions are not satisfied, then HUD is not forth on that man or woman not compulsory, not obligated on that person. And they will not be questioned about about that by Allah subhanaw taala and they will not be liable before him jelajah who inshallah

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we may want to go over arch. That is our desire to make the desire subservient and subordinate to the law of Allah is the essence of Islam. That is what Islam is to submit to the will of Allah. to insist that one must fulfill one's desire is to be rebellious, about the will of Allah subhanaw taala. We know the Hadees also Elijah Salem Wait, he said that if a person has a genuine desire for shahada, and makes dua for it, ALLAH SubhanA wa gyla will raise him with the shahada, even if he dies in his bed, I have to say who says that about the woman who genuinely are the man who genuinely desires to go for lunch, but does not do so? Because the woman does not have a mammogram or the man

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or woman do not have enough money and so on. And they want to obey Rasul Allah Azza wa sallam and they don't go. Allah subhanaw taala told us to take unconditionally, whatever is messengers Allah Selim gives us and to leave whatever he ordered us to leave us rather than as a Roma. kumara Sunova koto wa kumawu Fanta, who what the cola in the larger little recap in Surah Harsha Allah Subhana Allah said, Take whatever my unambiguous you and leave whatever he he stops you from And fear Allah subhanaw taala is punishment and he is Severe in punishment. May Allah subhanaw taala help us to do that, and remain in his Amana in his safety in his protection. Talking about obeying unconditionally

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the Sahaba accompany resources Salaam for ombre but was stopped at who they beat.

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The desire to make aura

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the desire to make Amara to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala but when does all as an asylum commanded them to shave their heads and sacrifice their animals and return without doing ombre? They obeyed. That was the qualifying exam after which Allah subhanaw taala gave them MK two years later. Allah Allah called it Fatone Beaubien great victory. What was the victory? They had just signed and unfair one sided treaty. Seven Amara La Habra galanos questioning and later his regret is an indicator of the mental and spiritual anguish that this test presented for the Saba but they still have it. That is why Allah subhanaw taala called it a victory. The victory was the fact that they obeyed Rasul

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Allah so Salem even though what they were being stopped from was by itself righteous and virtuous, yet they didn't insist on doing it, but follow the command of rasool Allah Azza wa sallam. Islam is all about obedience. That is why Rasul Allah Selim said your Eman will not be complete until you make your desires subordinate to the deen which I have brought. Please note he didn't say haram desires. He said desires in Ramadan, we give up our Halal desires to please Allah subhanaw taala. That is because obedience is superior to whatever we may want to do, even if it is virtuous in Islam, what is virtuous is not what we think but to obey Allah Subhana Allah may Allah subhanaw

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taala guide us to do that which pleases Him and save us from that which does not please him. Robert has alumna anfis and avail of the filling out our Hamdallah coordinamento Cassidy robata Artina for dunya Hassan at our villa Villa to some of the Okinawa was Allah Allah Allah Nabil Karim Allah Allah He was I will name that I have to go