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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the "monster" movement, which has been a major event in history, and how it has impacted the way people are treated in France. They touch on the "oppressing of the small group" and the "fitless war" concept, which is a result of "fitless war" and a "fitless war." They also discuss the "monster" movement, which has been a major event in history, and how it has impacted the way people are treated in France. They also touch on the "monster" movement, which has been a major event in history, and how it has impacted the way people are treated in France.
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Salam Alaikum and welcome to the deen show. And I have a special guest here with us coming from New York Shaykh. Omar, how are you? Good.

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I'm doing good. So how are things in New York?

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New York, you know, is,

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at least

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for the most part of the last 100 years has been the, you know, capital of the world. And

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so things are going according to plan over here.

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And usually Washington DC

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is, you know, he can be considered like the capital of America. But New York is really like the capital of the world is where the United Nations is, this is where a lot of the world elite has invested themselves. Now, you talked about not too long ago, how Islam actually saved France? Can you give us the gist of the message that you are trying to get out to the world?

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Yes, so I forget the name of the king, I think it was Louie the fourth or sixth, maybe you can correct me if you remember. But,

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you know, the Crusades were going on. And so this was part of the one of the one of the events of the Crusades. And the point was that

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there was real statesmanship back then, you know, real statements, ship. And there was a respect for the what we can say the other.

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And so during one of these crusades, or one of these wars, Muslims actually captured the king. And they could have done anything they could have killed him. But they did what usually is done in situations like that, especially in those times, which was to ransom the prisoners of war. And he was treated just like any other prisoner of war. Of course, the ransom was much more but you know, he was returned back to them. And so

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that's the Muslims were the first ones to reach out to

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the Franks. And this is during the Abbasid Empire. I mean, Muslims had a confrontation with the Orthodox Christians on the one side.

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And so we were, you know, constantly dealing with constant opal. And then on the other side, was the Franks. And so the Muslims, Harun Rashid, the halifa, of that time, he reached out to them, and he sent them many gifts, he sent them an elephant, that was the first time an elephant got to European continent. And it was the talk of the town, this elephant was the talk of the town. And then, you know, they sent him a water clock, that would like, you know, using water mechanics, would, this ball would come out every hour, so there would be like, 12 windows, and the ball would come out every hour and make a noise, which the, the, the priests of that time thought was devilish. So they

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destroyed the clock. And then he hadn't gave them any other gifts, you know, gold plates, and silver plates and things like that. So there were these, you know, noble exchanges, and there was trade between the Franks and the Muslims soon after that time. And,

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and then, you know,

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things changed. That's how it started. And then things changed after that.

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After five, 600 years, so, we owe each other as people quite a lot. Because even technology, which was transferred, because this was, you know, the first you could say, cultural show of that technology that the Muslims had at that time. And even when the Prophet said, and tell you that I'm not around, but that the oma would produce it, Rob, meaning the owner of Mohammed would produce its own master

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is one of the ways you can look at that saying of the Prophet. So we transferred technology that made them interested in us. And, and that's how it kind of like, that's one of the first like, reach out, we have something we can benefit with each other happened. And and so, you know, then they started getting the knowledge we had, but we treated them overall much better, even though we made mistakes, too. But we have overall treated them much, much better than they treated us. Especially the French, especially the French because the French have massacred doses. I mean, especially in Algeria.

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Yeah, you had like how many over a million innocent human beings who were terrorized oppressed. Is that the small number or what's the conservative number? Would you say?

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The Conservative number like so, you know, the government's like friends gives one number Algeria gives another number. But a third party said 700,000 700,000

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people dragged to the streets I mean tied to cars you have to this day you have skulls. I mean, was France supposed to be some of the most civilized people, but it's still collecting skulls to this day of? Yeah, it's very weird, isn't it? beard?

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How do you? How do we relate that today? What do you think when you see I mean, France is supposed to be the champion of liberty, equality, universal rights, human rights, but then you see the oppression of the minority there. And you say, of specific laws, for instance, a person is now mandated to wear a mask over there. But if that same woman wears a niqab, she can get fine, their ticket, is that correct? Yeah, you have 7070 houses or more of worship, houses of worship, where people are coming to worship the Creator of the heavens, an earth the same way, Jesus, Moses is not a new religion, the same way of life that they all preached in practice. They're just continuing

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that legacy. So those houses of worship are getting shut down charities, were the charities, the Muslims are out there trying to eradicate poverty. And now under this whole printer pretext of what of what's the pretext excuse, and now they're shutting everything down, and oppressing the small group of people there.

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Yeah, so there are two three things that are happening. Number one is that France specifically has an allergic reaction to Islam.

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And, you know, even amongst European countries, if France has a very big

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allergic reaction to French Islam, because of its own past, and you know, the Muslims that are in France with the same ones that they colonized, you know, there's a reason there's a reason that happens. That's ironic. That's very interesting. So you oppress the people colonize them, you drive them out of their country. So now they come by you, and now you're telling to go back home?

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Yeah, and see, there's two two levels. I mean, there's, there's a whole bunch of issues here. The first issue is, like, for example, in the US, okay, so they have this Judeo Christian morality, okay, Judeo Christian morality, when it does something wrong, it feels like it feels bad, like they have a sense of guilt. Right? So then they say, okay, you know, Black Lives Matter, you know, yes, we shouldn't have done this, but they keep doing it. So it's like, they do it, but they also want to feel not guilty. Okay. The French take that to the next level, because Christianity has basically vanished from there in terms of their, their recent history. So their sense of guilt is not they

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don't feel like they have to justify, like, if, let's say we had red Indians in France, and let's say, if we had blacks and friends, they wouldn't feel that they need to necessarily justify that guilt that's inside them, because it wouldn't simply be there. Okay. And so then they just say simply what they really feel. Okay. And so that's, that's one aspect. And, and, and with what's coming in the world, the next phase in the world, where now Israel will take over a lot of the geopolitical situation, it's going to be exactly like that. It's not going to be like America, where if they do wrong, then there is a collective consciousness that partly feels bad. And the other is

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like, No, no, it's okay. We did this. There's like this internal struggle of good and bad within. It's not going to be like that in the next phase of human history. And so let me go back to friends. The first problem from the modern times happened with the very idea of nationalism. To me. nationalistic flags are the modern idols, you can say modern idols. Okay, so the current flags Say that again, the last part? Yeah, I mean, these are new. These are just the new You know, every century, there's a new form of ship, you can say, you know, ship changes its faces many times. And so one of the ships of this century or this last century, the new ship of mankind started really in

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France with nationalism. You see, the French Revolution brought nationalism. So now, instead of, you know, standing up to God, you're standing up to this flag, you're like, venerating these borders, artificial borders.

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You're venerating these artificial borders as if they have intrinsic meaning in themselves. And so you know, this idea of like, American exceptionalism, for example, or French people think that they had their for their exceptional just because they are French. So like, literally, I mean, dividing people based upon borders of ethnic groups in Europe, particularly in America.

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And then saying, okay, you know, this is how we're going to get along. But the whole thing is set up pretty much as a caste system.

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Now, having said that, when you have divided yourselves as a as a nationalistic group, then demographics become important. You see, and so the fear the fear in America, American, some American intellectuals, especially the neo cons, and the fear in, in friends, is that what are we going to do when the when the when the culture essentially changes? Right? What are we going to do when they're less white people or their influence decreases and they're more of the minorities. Now, this is a very important point because the Quran mentions this point, you see, when there are two Western prophets in the Quran.

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And you see Western civilization starts from Egypt. Okay, Western civilization starts from Egypt. So there's one prophet who came into Egypt, which was useless.

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And one prophet that left Egypt which was Musa, okay. And so when Yusuf was coming in, the statement that was made about him and Musa was exactly the same. They said, the environmental, like the the, the, the Minister, when he was buying him, he said, Nothing one other, we will take him as a son, oh, yen fine, or he'll benefit us. And then when, in our own when the wife of her own songs in the waters, she said, Oh, we'll take him as a son, or he'll benefit us exactly the same word. See, the West has this policy of taking others in. But that policy changed when Bunny is right, it was becoming too big. So now those now that the governments have changed, the dynasties have changed,

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the same people are there. But now the tip the tribe, which was the pharaohs ruling tribe, they were less in number bunnies, right, and we're growing in number. And that became a big problem. And that's when our own started to kill off the boys. One year, after another year after and every other year, he was killing out the boys in order to reduce their population, because they have to somehow control these demographics. And that's a very fearful thing for them. So, when you have a country based upon nationalism on the one side, and then you see the demographics changing, okay, the influence circles changing. And so, you know, so these are the people Yes, you did influence you did

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want their resources at one time you went out and got them, then you felt bad. And you said okay, fine, fine, come over here. You know, we like some of you at least one because what the way it starts right, so first, there was like imperialism, direct imperialism. The indirect imperialism actually was meant for the elite of those societies to come to these societies get indoctrinated, and go back and

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rule over there. That was like the the main idea. But then it became what it became, because there's some good people, so they have some good policies. And then you have the main agenda there, too. So Muslim started coming into France into different European countries.

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And then now they're worried Wait, we got too many babies being born like literally in France, for like every French child born, there's, like, 10 Muslim kids born. Like in the hospital, if you go to the, the, the, the, the, you know, the hospital where the children are being born, there'll be 1010 Muslim children to one French person even mentions as one though the guy can be unwell, you have any, we'll give you a string with wealth and children. So this, this process of, you know, of where Allah gives us more children. And this is one of the big problems is that the, the European world is reaching its old age, and the Muslim world is reaching its young age, meaning in terms of the larger

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population. So the Muslim world has more young people than old people. The Western world is coming to a point where they're going to have more old people, to the young people, and they're very worried about what is that going to do the, to the economics, to the economics of the whole society. So that's another worry. So there's the demographics worry, but when the demographics there's a big worry about, okay, we're like reaching our old age, and we have less because they produce less. So they have less young people, more old people, comparatively, Muslims have more, less older people, more younger people because more young people were produced. I think somebody wrote a book saying

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that you need to produce an average of like 2.5 on average per family to keep civilization going. Right. So that number, they've gone under that number.

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Even in the US it's under that number unless you include these expanding people. How do you connect also now Austria Austria has also coined now they have a new term, a new fight kind of similar because of some

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attacks that happened there. And obviously, we condemn that we don't condone anything like that, that's very clear, but to go ahead and take some isolated incidences, and then to go ahead and now smear a whole group of almost 2 billion people. So now they are under that pretext, going to go ahead and start, you know, probably doing the same thing oppressing the Muslims, those who want to submit to the one and only created the heavens and earth. So have you heard this term in this fight now in Austria, I don't know specifically about Austria. But the idea of political Islam is, is very important, because you see, where this is very important to understand what I'm about to say,

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inshallah, right now, I think it will be beneficial. And that is that you see, the world is looking for a system of justice. Okay. The world is looking for a system of justice and has been for the last 200 years, we've gone from, you know, communism, to socialism, to democracy, we've tried this, we've tried that. And you, and humanity is thirsty for a system that will show justice. But secularism demands that all religions be made equal, you see, and so you can't really show anyone religion in its full, in its full form. So if you establish so the biggest threat is that if you establish a real Islamic Society, where you can bring in the western intellectuals, for example, or

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you can bring in the intellectual world and say, Come and see the society how this functions in a society that would have no alcohol, a society that functions without drugs, a society that, you know, does not allow the the sexual anarchy where women are literally becoming objects, right? You know, it's not when we're talking about the French, this is like ties in, like this whole thing. And you know, the jazz biggest attack, one of its biggest attacks will be on women, because they'll convince the women that we're actually giving them freedom, which in fact, is like, completely, it's completely the opposite. Because in Islam, you give a privates, like, not private, you give a sacred

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space to women. You can't address a female and Islam unless she addresses you. mean, it's like, she's royalty. You can't, I can't just go in the street and start like what you said. So the woman in Islam is like royalty. And what do you mean, like when you say, the job? Go ahead? Yeah. You know, everyone has their personal space, and then their social their social space in terms of friends and you have your public space. But it's them adds a severe, special sphere for women doesn't it doesn't allow what's prevalent, like in France and other places. You got the Grote groping phenomenon? Yeah, yeah. So, you know, that's actually pandemic in it of itself. Absolutely.

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I mean, you know, just those whole sexual anarchy and all of all of the world, really even the Muslim world, for that matter. But it you know, it stems from these ideas that Freud has, and, you know, where he felt that * was the biggest human urge. And then now, you know, everyone, there's a sexual anarchy. And when there's sexual anarchy, what's that mean? That means that you know, who else your society is going to go down, because you'll have less children, less families, but you said, Now you you listed a bunch of concepts in Islam, in their family, in their preservation, you know, of the rights of women, all these things that they don't know about. But this coming from what

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they call this far right element, they actually I've interviewed people who are part of these parties, when they looked into Islam, they actually connected with all of these concepts. That's the ironic thing is that it's very important point where you're mentioning, especially in the US, that see, most the the, the the, the, the people that decide the liberal side is not palatable to Muslims from a moral perspective, even though they're nicer to us. They're nicer to us, but they're not palatable to us in terms of long term relationship that would be meaningful.

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On the other side, you have the US have within the Republican conservative you have that the neoconservatives if we overlooked the fact they don't like us, and we work with the conservatives. And we because they're the afternoon kicked out. So there is a common basis between us and then we have to overlook the fact that they don't like us. And we have to find segments within the people who are going to get them that we can work with as a as a community in order to move forward. Because moving forward with the liberals, that's that's just a dead end. That's just the atheists and then the neoconservatives the complete right side, that's also just just not gonna work. We have

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to find the right alliances that we have to work with. You know, the right type of Christians like a lot of black Christian Christian churches would work Hispanic

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Christian churches would work.

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They because, you know, they wouldn't be on completely on the right side of the neocon agenda, either. Let me let me I got a lot of things I want to cover we have a short amount of time. So now you have we mentioned Okay, political Islam, Islam complete way of life covers all these things. So my point was, is that they're scared of Muslims establishing a model, because they're to Islam. There's an Islam, it's not as a Muslim. Islam as a Muslim, you can say is how you, you know, your mode of worship you where you pray, how you pray, your rituals, your birth, your marriage, your death, your rituals, your league, your highlight your harem, in terms of food, your clothing, okay?

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They don't mind that, that's palatable to secular to the secular society. But if you talk about it in Islam, that will fully express itself as a system with its own economic system where there's no HIPAA, which is heaving havoc on the society to accommodate interest, your interest, you know, non non This is also this is also prohibited in the in the Bible, isn't it? The Bible prohibited in the Bible had been considered prohibited in Christianity till the till the 15th century. Yeah. So nothing, nothing is new here. I mean, that's another proof of Islam, Islam, meaning submission to the Creator, that you don't find in the Bible. And then when you are you see you said, it's you

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said, a term that might get us you know, you know, in some trouble, but this is, this is like the 10 commandments. This is the Divine Law, this is from the Creator, when Moses went up and get the law. This is this is what we're talking about shittier, it's mentioned over 200 times in the Bible, actually, should he has mentioned in the Bible. So this is what Jesus also called to Moses. No, the last one, a major problem, Mohammed, but isn't this is another proof of Islam that not only does it give you the blueprint to run your life, but again, it's a blueprint to run society, humanity

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to make it more peaceful, just because no justice, no peace, so to make justice prevail, so peace can prevail. It's a complete blueprint for everyone, for the individual and society. steps for that is that, you know, families have to be given power back as families, the secular state takes away power from the families, I can't educate my children the way I want them to be educated, I cannot, you know, live, where I cannot live independently, as a family as a family members, you know, everything has to be registered, everything has, that's the attack. That's the attack now in France there, they're actually even denying homeschool, now they are at the young ages of four or five,

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they're also trying to take this away.

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Yeah. And so, you know, they think somehow the state has more compassion than the parents would. And so, you know, they've done the same thing with parenting, you know, they take a few bad parents, and then use that as an excuse to take away the rights of parents across the board. And the same thing is being done with Muslims. But they are really scared that if Islam should rise, I mean, imagine all the big businesses look, all big businesses make money doing how wrong you know, the big businesses, like loaning money, for example, alcohol, cigarettes, these these, these the people that are making the money in the world. Okay. And so, you know, there's very few exceptions to that. But

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majority of the rich people they do they become rich doing wrong things. Yeah. If you, here's another example. And it's done. You cannot have corporations in which you can sue the corporations, but not those who run the corporations. I mean, Since when does this make sense?

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Right, and so you, you know, some person he runs a corporate Corporation, he gets his golden parachute, which is the money they give him when he's gonna retire because he's been doing very bad. He's stolen millions of people's money. And and so you know, and now you have you run after the corporation and not the people, right? That's, that's how I'm in Islam, that people that are running a corporation are respond, meaning running a business are responsible for that business. You cannot have corporations in Islam in the sense that we have them today. And anyway, sorry. So good points, really good points. Before we go on to the next thing I want to cover. This is also we'll move on

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from the France and Austria where you had these attacks that happen that we condemn, and but you had things that are uncovered. That's what you can also touch upon critical thinking, right? That certain things are fed to us. And Allah God Almighty, in the Quran tells us to when it comes to us, you know, to verify to check to crit do use some, you know, the gift that Allah subhanaw taala gave you but not just be like sheep just blindly following everything that the mainstream media is pushing out. And you had some instances where you had certain people screaming, Allahu Akbar, and then they unfolded that deep No, they weren't Muslim, but they were trying to pretend to be Muslim.

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Did you hear it?

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That, and then you get then you had also a priest on priests fighting, but then that doesn't get covered, right. But as soon as now someone again, identifies as a Muslim or you got some lunatic that, you know, they can put and put Mohammed as his name or whatever or Abdullah or something, then mainstream media just

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runs with it all day and night

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to double standards, things that when you when you when you try to understand the system of disinformation, one of the key elements is, is that look, if I have my new station, and you have your new station, and somebody else has their own new addition, so what is CNN, the other is ABC, the other is whatever. So if we're all running our own independent news, we would all be showing different news. Right? Because there's so much happening in the world, right?

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There's so much happening in the world, that there's enough space for us to more than 50% of our news would be different from one another. Okay, but the fact that you know, the news, the whole news media, the whole industry runs with the same news, okay, is itself very problematic and shows the, the level of the level of insincerity, or the level of there's no genuineness, they're all running with the same headlines. Whereas in the world, there's, there's hundreds of things that are happening that are not reported that are just as interesting, really, okay. So, for example, in America, there was no hardly any talk about the wars that were happening between Azerbaijan and

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Armenia, for example, this is an example. But that's happening, but no one talks or does talk or focus, but the focus is always the same, which makes no sense from an industry from a perspective as an industry. Because if you if you go back to the even in the US, when the US used to be us, I consider that you know, and when America was like I was born in the 70s. So the America of the 80s, and 90s was very different than the America that we were here. When we were young. We had news reporters, actual news reporters reporting in corporate America, people actually going out doing investigative journalism, right, which has now gone down, it doesn't hardly exist, investigative

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journalism. Now, it's all about everyone having the same headlines, the same headlines, the same headlines. And so this, this now seems to be more like akin to like, propaganda than actual news. And that's one of the problems and then, you know, the along with it, many other issues. But if brother, if I can go back to friends, I was mentioning the allergic reaction friends has, especially to net of any job, you see that there is a idea called the panopticon. And the idea of the panopticon is that you have to be able to see others and while others cannot see you, this is Jeremy Bentham, one of the philosophers of England came out with this idea that the key to power is that

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you see your opponent, but you cannot win, they cannot see you. When the French took over the Muslim world, one of the biggest complaints that their generals had is that even though we occupied their land, we cannot see that because the women were wearing nip up.

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Okay, so now, even though you conquered the land, you don't psychologically feel in control, because you don't see the what you conquer, you don't see your trophy. So this thing, and enter this became a big national debate in France, this whole phenomenon became a big national debate. And so he the issue of hijab, and the issue of niqab has been in debate in France, and very strong, what they, in their own words, masculine voices, very strong, masculine voices. In fact, it went to the point where they even gathered women, and forced nightclub out of them just to be able to take their pictures to say, because they didn't feel they can show off to the elite that they have to, without

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showing pictures, see, their * are off. That's like the complete takeover. The complete takeover is that, you know, we got them to take off their *, because they didn't psychologically feel because now they've, you know, in the streets, women are walking, and they're covered, you can't see them. And so that really bothered them. And, and, and anyway, people have written about this, and it really captured their fantasy, their desire to like *, if I may say * the Muslim woman, you know, in terms of control, and so this this is carried on and it carries on in France or other Western countries, more than any other place. So what do you think? How do you

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apply critical thinking skills at this time, day and age?

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We understand that when they talk about in the media about Islam, and certain things are put out there the people who know Islam they know Okay, this is false. They see they learn Islam from the books from the Quran and the Sunnah, that it promotes justice, peace, love, happiness, family unity, all these beautiful, beautiful concepts. And this is what draws people to it the pure monotheism, all these other things, and we can go on and on about that, but then you hear in the media, and then it's something totally different, but we can recognize it. But then a lot of times the media becomes like for a lot of Muslims themselves magic, and they just take everything that cnn Fox News, and all

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the other pundits out there, give them and they don't question and and as soon as you start to question you do critical thinking, what the last one the last commanding you to do. Now, labels start getting put up, put out conspiracy theorists, and other labels and whatnot. I think part of your question is, how do we? How do we know? Or how do we identify disinformation? Yeah, how do you identify in this day and age, there's so much information, fake news, and some people who go too far. And they start coming up with all theories. But obviously, we know that shaytan is out there, conspiring day and night. So now when you're not, the evidence doesn't point to, and it's not going

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down easy when what the mainstream media is telling you. There's other there's other source for sources of information, independent news sources and whatnot, but and then it contradicts the mainstream. And now a lot of times, even as Muslims, we have a hard time accepting that. Yeah, so you know, over here, there two, three things that I think I can have beneficial, they've been beneficial to me. Number one, like I said, when you see the same headline across the board,

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then at least be suspicious. Same headline across the board be suspicious. Number one, number two, is when you see a camera at the right place at the right time, be suspicious. Okay, so you know, somebody just happened to have their camera on top of the building at the right place at the right time. And they see just exactly what was going on. It was like as if it was pre arranged. Interesting, you know, so this idea of pre arranged

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videoing is very, very important. The other thing is, if the scenario that they present to you meets Hollywood standards of a movie, that's good point. Okay. So if because these Hollywood meets Hollywood standards, yeah. So I'll just give you an example. And I may be right, I may be wrong, but the idea is, right. The idea is right. The point I made meaning, the example I'm giving may be right or wrong, but the point is, right. When this Saudi brother, because so Gee, the journalist was killed in the Saudi embassy. Okay. And so what was said, you know, somebody came, and he was selling his bones and, and, you know, a special group of people came there, and like, when they make it into

00:32:55 --> 00:33:38

a Hollywood movie, right, when they're saying, okay, they're cutting off the next, you know, like chopping off next, that's a Hollywood movie, okay? When it meets, when the story meets Hollywood, a Hollywood movie standard, like, you're like, oh, that would make a good scene, right as a director, because they've already captured our imagination with these movies. So when they give us a story that meets the standard of those movies, it already comes with certain ideas and certain music behind those scenes, certain ideas behind those scenes. And so we have a more visceral reaction to that. And for more a stronger reaction to that. Because we've been, you can say, there's been this

00:33:38 --> 00:33:53

internal predictive programming, so when they make a news event, sound like it's a real news event, but the story is very much something you would actually put in Hollywood, there's, you have to be very suspicious, if that's true or not.

00:33:54 --> 00:34:11

Then, of course, you know, in our case, we have the advantage of having a prophet that really told us about Subhanallah everything, you know, I mean, verifiably told us about everything. I mean, it's it's like, you know,

00:34:12 --> 00:34:59

it you There's hardly anything in terms of major events that he has not pointed to in one way or the other. And so when you see that, like, for example, about news media itself, just the Quran itself, I mean, even before the sayings of our beloved Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Quran itself regarding his certain group of people, the Quran Did you read una youth funeral Lybia for him. So this is now they want to extinguish the light with their mouths with the media. When you see a certain media talking unjustly against Islam, that's a sign that's that that's that becomes a litmus test. Wait, I know you're lying about this for sure. This is not a scam.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:39

them, and you're running with the story. And don't tell me you're so naive that you weren't able to figure it out that it's not that bad, right? That it's not like this. So when it is, when you are beyond the point of innocence, it's not a matter of innocence, when you see that they're intentionally saying things about Islam that are not true, then that is the litmus test that then you have to really be careful about everything else. And in fact, you have to analyze everything. And then now you they're actually giving you the ammunition that you can now actually take their stories that they're giving you to peel the onion to see, okay, really what's going on? Because the

00:35:39 --> 00:36:06

assumption is that it's not true. And, you know, there's this, it's not just it's not it's it's sometimes especially in the liberal media, its attack on religion, whether it's Christians, Jews, Muslims, religion, traditional, traditional ideas, and there's an attack on that, regardless. And then, of course, with the republican or the conservative, they thrive on anti Islamic sentiments, because, you know, I mean, it's like,

00:36:07 --> 00:36:33

it's like the US hobbled feet, because that's how we feel, you know, the time of Aloha. It when they were going against the GOP, but they were also right wing Christians. Okay. And, and so we have the right wing Christians and the right wing party of the elephant today. And so, there's a lot of similarities. That's interesting, because you'll hear from one and they're all this fake news that they they are very skeptical about, but when it comes to Islam, what they're fed, they just take it.

00:36:35 --> 00:37:18

Yeah. So you see the contradictions? Yeah. So we tell them come visit us. Come hang out with us Come have a tea or coffee? Visit your local mosque? Yeah, well, I mean, all you have to do is just become friends with somebody that goes to the mosque, and it would benefit in anybody tremendously, just not even from anything except getting to know people that are more peaceful. I'm talking about eternally peaceful, that you can feel that when you're with Muslims. inshallah. Yeah, one brother was telling me how he, he was friends with one one Christian and conservative, conservative Christian, and he was really respecting the values of Islam, he saw, I mean, and he was impressed.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:25

And then he wanted to, he went back to his community and he wanted, you know, to form some kind of connection, but he got a lot of

00:37:26 --> 00:38:08

kickback from that he got a lot of pushback from that. But when when we talk about and unfold, you know, the family values, you know, the morality code, all these things, the concept of God, the love of Jesus, his mother marriage, all these beautiful similarities, you know, it's we have a lot in common just to close up now and you connected a lot with the this term digital Can you go ahead and just connect all of this, these concepts we have in Islam towards into times, you know, from the verbatim Word of God Almighty, the Quran, authentic hadith that we have from the last fundamental problem Mohammed and understanding of the best of generations of Sahaba. One thing that comes to

00:38:08 --> 00:38:23

mind where you'll have, you know, people who are truthful will be looked at as liars, liars will be looked at as truthful, this deception will be foreign rampid. How do you equate that because you talk a lot about this about the term digital?

00:38:24 --> 00:38:24


00:38:26 --> 00:38:27

So we like Christians, look,

00:38:28 --> 00:39:04

we like the Christians, and the Jews believe that there is a coming back of the Messiah. Okay. We believe that the Messiah is coming back Christians believe in the science coming back the Jews also in many of their groups, they believe the Messiah is coming back. And we like them also believe that there'll be faults in the science. And so we both agree that messiahs or profits are somebody saying, I'm Jesus is going to come back. And we also believe that there will be liars amongst them. And so this we have in common,

00:39:05 --> 00:39:21

where we did where the Christians have a certain bias, even though it's not scriptural, but the bias is, is that this antichrist will be Muslim. Okay. This is this feeling, even though I want

00:39:23 --> 00:39:34

the Christian brothers and sisters to know that throughout Christianity throughout Christianity, throughout the history of Christianity, it was always thought amongst Christians, that the Antichrist would be Jewish.

00:39:36 --> 00:39:38

Okay, and the reason for that is that who killed your God?

00:39:40 --> 00:40:00

You know, or who you blame for killing your God is the Jewish people and I'm not singling out Jewish people, but I'm only saying that the narrative at that time was the Jews hurt Jesus. And so it was that is how they actually had good relationships with Muslims and they didn't

00:40:00 --> 00:40:09

Did it look at Muslims? Okay, the Antichrist will be coming out from the Muslims it was unimaginable for and you have to remember something very important.

00:40:10 --> 00:40:16

One of the great, you know, Catholic philosophers actually sent this I forget his names right now.

00:40:18 --> 00:41:03

Usually nations or civilizations that share borders is where conflict happens. Okay, so Islam and Christianity has shared a border for almost 1000 years. Okay. And when you share a border conflict is inevitable at some point between two people, right? It's like having a neighbor for 1000 years, you're going to run into some problems sometime. Right? What, what the Christian world and therefore even the Muslim world has to realize is that we've been neighbors for a very, very long time. And out of the 1400 years, we've been pretty good neighbors. Okay, pretty good neighbors for the majority of that time, with the exception of maybe 300 years of crusades. Other than that, we've

00:41:03 --> 00:41:50

been pretty good neighbors. And we've had pretty good feelings, especially at the religious level, at the religious level, Christians, favorite Muslims, to the point that even I'm sure you notice that even the catechisms of the of the Catholics mentioned that Muslims as a potentially saved group of people, and I think it's catechism 814, something like this that says, you know, those people that follow the belief in the one true God follow the way of Abraham, so on and so forth. Christians had good feelings towards Muslims, but the majority of their history, unlike what media has done, now, you see, this all started with a Bible called, which is like they're, you know, like in Islam,

00:41:50 --> 00:41:52

we have a primary.

00:41:53 --> 00:42:02

The, we have a primary, you can say, exegesis of Quran explanation of Quran. So they, they came up with a new exegesis of the Bible

00:42:04 --> 00:42:23

called the Scofield Bible. Okay, I believe that's when it's called the Scofield Bible, which was published by Oxford and then given to all the Christian seminaries for free. And that was the beginning of the turning point, especially in the Christian circles, where the anti Islamic sentiment started to rise number one, number two,

00:42:25 --> 00:43:05

because of what happened with Protestant Christianity, because if you see when Protestant Christianity is separated from Catholics, now they are the Jews and Christians are reading the same book. Okay. And the Quran even mentions that call it a new hoodoo laser thing, the solder on lashay. So this this kind of like are unpredicted, this kind of like change that would happen and so, you'll see how I make this point. So the Quran says the Jews say, Allah to do who do lays it in the solder eyelashes. The Jews say Christians have no claim they have they don't know what they're talking about. What Valentina Soren is the new hoodoo Allah she, and the Christian said, the Jews have no

00:43:05 --> 00:43:50

claim. And then Allah says, Well, homea through Nikita, even though they're both reading the same book, they're both thinking they don't have a claim, even though the Old Testament is common between them. Right? And so they're they're both pointing fingers. So this is one angle of history. The other angle of history is, is that where who knew who the owner saw, become Jew or Christian, you'll be guided. This is the coming together of the Judeo Christian civilization. What has happened to Christianity, and what Christians have to realize is that they have to unlock themselves from this, a Scofield Bible version of Christianity that in the modern times where it's been completely

00:43:50 --> 00:44:34

detached from the past, okay, the Christianity of the past the Christianity of the forefathers, the Christianity of St. Augustus, the Christianity of Martin Luther, the Christianity of all the big, huge personalities of Christianity of the past, are in complete antithesis of where Christianity is today. And so they themselves have to go back to their own books. And then if they do this, they will come at the doorsteps of Islam. You see, the Quran says yeah, Nikita Oh, people have the book and Alliance talking here to the Christians and the Jews. Let's demolish it, you don't have a claim has to be moved over there is the you know, the the the myth of Christianity. And then there is the

00:44:34 --> 00:44:59

text of Christianity, you have to go back to your own text to actually see what your forefathers were actually saying. And if you go back to the actual Bible, you will find that you have a lot more in common with Muslims. And you will appreciate everything from hijab, like the covering of the women. And in fact, there are women, Christian women, that this is becoming a popular thing. Now. Again, in

00:45:00 --> 00:45:40

Even in Christianity in orthodox places, like in Greek, in Russia, women are beginning to cover themselves. And, and a lot of things to Islam for that. And even though unfortunately, a lot of Muslim sisters are taking off the job, Christian sisters are wearing the hijab, no interest. But the point I'm trying to make simply is, is that you need to go back to the text of Christianity, and see what your forefathers were saying about those texts, not following the myth. Don't learn the Bible through the media, because that's just mythology. Thank you very much. You're welcome. Thank you. It was really nice having you with us. And if people want to look you up, where can they find you? just

00:45:40 --> 00:45:52

typing shareholder below on YouTube? You know, you'll find me JazakAllah. Hi, thank you. Thank you for sharing that with us spend some time with us. We'll see you next time. And Shawn lodge has applied for a coma.

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Thank you guys for tuning in to another episode of the D show. And what can we take away if you're somebody who's new to this channel, and you're wondering what Muslims and Islam are all about, you've seen that there's one thing that you might get from the media. And that's something distorted. But Islam is actually the house of peace, and we're all looking for peace and purpose. And that's what Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation gives you invite you to the house of peace. Because when you're connected with your Creator, then you truly know yourself. And when you truly know yourself and your purpose in life, that's when you get peace and contentment in life.

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So if you'd like to learn more, call us one 806 six to Islam, ask those tough questions. But start a conversation. Connect. If you're a conservative Christian, if you're somebody who believes in the Creator, the heavens and earth, get to know the concept of God in Islam, ask those tough questions. What do you guys believe? Do you really believe what the media is telling us? What we've heard? ask the tough questions, have a conversation. It's really that simple. Because you understand that the media lies that the media is about hype. There's a lot of propaganda, but there's a lot to learn. And if your mind is open like a parachute is going to work, we can have a conversation and you will

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