Ramadan Seeds Of Revival – Using Miswak While Fasting

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AI: Summary © The speaker advises against using words like "will" or "will" when it comes to toothpaste. Instead, they suggest using the phrase "will" to avoid causing a bad smell. The speaker also suggests replacing "will" with "will" to avoid creating a "will" feeling.
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Can you use the toothpaste or you can't? I will advise not to use it. But if a person uses that word, and he tries his best not to let something which is thrown the fastest, okay? Because he did not eat, he did not drink, but it's better to avoid it, you know, because it's quite sensitive.

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And if you want the alternative, which is not just the alternative, but the one that you should be doing is to take the siliq The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I used to do this work every time and he advised us to do the Sivak and he tells us the benefit of the SU aquat of them he says naughty little funny Omen, cotton Larrabee. It cleanses the mouth and also it brings you the pleasure of Allah subhanho wa taala. So use the syrup and then modernize it. Sometimes some people they use the swag but they put some toothpaste on top of it like item, you know, then but that doesn't do that just use the cure the way the prophets Allah sama is using it and you can use it

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according to the best opinion at any moment of time. In the morning, after though, there are some scholars who are saying that seawater cannot be used after vo

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looking at the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that says the Halluf femicide me up here, we're in the line of the helpdesk.

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The bad smell of the mouth of the fasting person is more pleasant in the eyes of Allah subhanho wa Taala than the fragrance of the misc.

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He will look at him give them a very nice answer in one of his writings. It is actually that smell is not initiated from the mouth Originally, the mouth takes the effects of it, but usually it is coming from the mouth. That's tamakwa It gets empty naturally it produces the bad smell. That's why in some situations, even if you brush your teeth, still the smell comes back, okay? Because the stomach is empty. That's why the smell is coming back. That's why in most instances the time you eat, it doesn't come like that. In the day you're not fasting the smell is not in the way

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get it so that's why the best opinion is the one that says you can you can swap to do see work at anytime you wish.