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AI: Summary © The video discusses the history and construction of the Hajj on (the first building in the seas of history), including the use of the word " beta" in the Bible to mean sacred. The Kaaba, a holy church, was also built by Abraham Lincoln after the birth of Islam, and the construction of the building is described as a masterpiece of engineering and science. The condition of the building is described as unattractive, and the Kaaba is a masterpiece of engineering and science.
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Smilla Rahmanir Rahim Praise be to Allah Allah and we praise Him and we seek His help. Whosoever Allah guides is a truly guided one and also ever Elisa say none can show him guidance. My dear viewers everywhere Welcome to the very first episode in the seas of the history of Hajj.

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Many people take it for granted when it comes to religious knowledge. They think that they know everything about the DND thing. They know everything about the Kaaba but Hodge. Unfortunately, this is not true. In this series, it is a humble attempt to explain to the viewers almost everything that they need to know about the history of Hajj on was Aqaba first built built by whom, and when was the Hajj prescribed, and the rites of Hajj and also concerning the other sacred places such as the prophetic masjid and the father's Mosque in Jerusalem and the relationship between the three masajid insha Allah azza wa jal, first of all, the question which imposes itself on us, which is that what

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was the cat that built and who built it first? Because in fact, there is a difference of opinion in this regard.

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Some historians, based on some narration those narrations are with narrations believe that the Kaaba was first built by the angels.

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And others believe that the Kaaba was first built by Prophet Adam peace be upon him when he was sent down to earth. There is a third opinion which believes that it was built by Schiff peace be upon him, Adam son.

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And there is a more right view or the most wide view in this regard, which claims that the Kaaba was built first by Prophet Abraham, peace be upon him. So let's see what the Quran says in this regard. But before we refer to the Quranic references, now I would like to explain one thing when we say beta Allah He had haram, what does it mean? The word by Tala Allah's house, it doesn't mean at all that Allah lives in this house. In emission any place of worship is known as beta Allah. ascribing the creation to the Creator is to honor it is to give it some sort of sacredness when we say Allah is house it is like Allah's Earth. Allah is heaven.

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It belongs to Allah, it is created by Allah Almighty. It is sacred because it is a lot of mighty who made it sacred, as we will be learning Inshallah, whether in this episode, or in the future episodes in sha Allah. As far as the word haram, it means sacred, it is a sanctuary. There are a lot of things which you can do outside but in Mecca, it is a sacred place you're not allowed to do, you're not allowed even to think about bad things. So bad thoughts are forbidden in the sacred place of Mecca.

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Allah Almighty stays in Surah Al Imran the third chapter of the Quran in the two consecutive is 96 or 97 in our world at all the

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DB bacchetta MOBA waka whoo hoo then

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she I add

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one the holla who can Nina while you learn here Arlen dual Beatty Lannister por la he's been one calf off in more Helwani or none in LA lot. I mean, the meaning of these two verses that Allah Almighty says indeed, the first house for worship stablished for mankind was that at Mecca, Blizzard and guidance for the walls. In it, there are clear signs such as a standing place of Abraham and whoever enters it shall be safe. And due to Allah from the people is the Hajj to the House pilgrimage to the ancient house, for whoever is able to find their to away. But whoever this believes that indeed Allah is free from need of the creation.

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So according to this, if we learn that I Kaaba, the ancient house is a very first place of worship to be put on Earth. We've mentioned earlier the difference of opinions with regards to how to build a cabin first. Why did we say that? The song is you that it was built by Ibrahim Ali salaam, it is because of another Quranic reference in Surah Al Hajj chapter

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Number 22 Verse number 26 Allah Almighty said, What is the Bible what about raw heme and Beatty Allah to shriek be shaggy Papa here Beatty earlier on if he can walk over here hinted at earlier for in our call in in our carry sudo mode, which means, and mentioned, O Muhammad peace be upon him when we appointed and designated for Abraham the side of the house saying, Do not associate anything with me in worship, and purify my house for those who perform tawaf and those who stand in prayer and those who bow and prostrate themselves in the prayer. We realize that Allah Almighty have pointed out to Ibrahim Ali Salam, the site of building the Kaaba, and designated for him were to wreck the

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construction of the cab. It is obvious that according to other Quranic references,

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that it wasn't Ibrahim by himself who built the cab. The story begins as follows. When a lot of mighty blessed Prophet Abraham peace be upon him finally with a child when he reach an old age and centrality from Hotjar.

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A little later tested Ibrahim Ali Salam, he ordered him to take her job. and Ismail her son, the baby was still being breastfed into the desert into a barren place and uncultivated place. Ibraheem Alehissalaam used to live in a sham. So you told them far away to the place which was known as babka. One of the names of Maccha is also back when he deposited in in this barren land as a oronsay hedge RPC upon her call upon Ibrahim, Alice. And she said, Are you gonna leave us here alone? But he never replied back. She asked him again and again. And a couple times. She said, Allah Who America be had, did Allah order you to do that? Look, he answered in the affirmative. Yes, indeed headed. At

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that hedge. Rolla has Salam was in comfort. And she was assured and she said, either lenoble Johan Allah, then indeed, we will never get lost. Allah will never let this happen. Ibrahim Ali Salam liftback to Hashem, Hatcher and Izmir remained alone there until Alaba. Mighty made it easy for them to survive. And that will be explained in future episodes in sha Allah but he will talk in about the story of building the Kaaba first, then he is there or when is my he'll grow up. And then Ibrahim Ali Salam was allowed to go and visit his son. And according to Abdullah live now best and the hadith is collected by Imam Buhari when they both met in Mecca. They did what a father and son would

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do when they meet after a long absence, they hug each other, they greeted each other. Then Ibrahim alayhi salam said to his son is my that Allah Almighty has ordered me and commanded me to do something, would you assist me in it? He showed willingness, what was it? It was to raise the foundations of the cab. So the ISA is according to Surah Al Baqarah, second chapter of the Quran verse number 127. What is the alpha Ibrahim Kawa Are you done you know, Beatty? What is mareel or betta Cobb mean in Naka, test semi early and mentioned or Muhammad peace be upon him when Abraham was raising the foundations of the house. And with him ash man, saying both of them were invoking a

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lot of mighty throughout the process of building the Kaaba. Our Lord, accept death from us accept this work from us. Indeed, you are the oil hearing the old knowing. So according to this idea.

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It was Abraham and his son is my PC upon them both who built the cabin. Then the Hadith explained Ibrahim Ali Salam was in charge of building and putting the bricks on top of each other. While Ismail was in charge of bringing the rocks and the stones, making sure that they are even bricks, so that he would hand them over to Abraham and he will put them on top of each other without any binding materials with no cement. So that is the original building of the Kaaba, no clay, no mud, no cement between the bricks in the beginning he

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He was shown by Allah Almighty, the pillars of the Kaaba. These are the pillars and the boundaries of the Kaaba, where he started building the walls by putting the bricks on top of each other. When the building of the Kaaba was getting higher, and they did have letters, so Ismail Ali Salam wrote him a stone in order to stand on top of it so that he can reach a higher level to add within the bricks on top of each other. As a result, it remained and he left, a footprint again is a stone, and this footprint remained until today. This stone which have the footprint of Ibrahim Ali Salam is known as Mercado Ibrahim, which was referred to in a number 97 of Surah Al Imran fie yet on the net

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Maqam Ibrahim such as the station of Ibrahim Ali salaam, that we can see clearly it is in a showcase a few yards away from the Kaaba, the this stone which have the foot print of Ibrahim Maricela muse to be attached to the cab or very close to the cab.

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But because the Prophet salallahu Salam once prayed before it, Rama ricotta ordered, that the stone should be sent distance from the Kaaba in order to allow people to perform tawaf freely. So it was Ibrahim Ali Salam, and Ismail, who raised the foundations of the Kaaba, it is quite interesting brothers and sisters in this area of Surah Al Baqarah, That Allah Almighty mentioned that while Ibrahim and Ismail both were building the Kaaba, they were busy making this beautiful witches, or bene, the cub Bellman in NACA and the semi Allah Halim Kaboul is the most important concern of the believer. It is indeed that Allah Almighty Who ordered them and honor them to build a cabin, but

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they were busy asking Allah Almighty to accept this effort from us. Subhanallah it is very interesting that in the beginning when Ibrahim Ali Salam deposited Hajj and ismail alone, there was literally no life whatsoever. A lot of mighty recorded this condition and what Ibrahim Ali Salam said in this regard, in a beautiful area by the end of Surat Ibrahim, chapter number 14, verse number 37 Ibrahim Ali Salam in what Allah is saying, Rob BANA in me ask to me, reality the word in ye these are in that a tickle how one

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or berani okay mo Salah

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F Edith Minun Sita we lay him was Oh Minna, San arati la I love him yes school,

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according to this area, which means I will move I have certain some of my descendants in an uncultivated valley near your sacred house, I will, Lord, that they may establish the prayer. So make hearts among the people inclined toward them, and provide for them from the fruits that you they may they might be grateful.

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This ayah brothers and sisters is the reference to those who say that basically their Canada was built even before Ibrahim Ali Salam. Because according to the IEA, it says that Ibrahim invoked Allah and he said I have deposited and settled my family here in a place which is very ainderby taken Muharram nearby your sacred house. So there used to be a house of worship here. But where exactly how did it look like no one have any clue. But according to the sound references, we do not have any Hadith or any idea that describe what was there before Ibrahim Ali Salam had built the Kaaba. And if anyone else whether Adam or the angels or any other prophet had built the cabin, and

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that's why we pause at this. And he tells us that literally there was no life whatsoever because when he says be welding, or at the Zahra in a valley, which was uncultivated, it was unproductive, any fruits, but Allah Almighty have turned everything into an entirely different world where it became the busiest place on earth in sha Allah in future episodes, we'll continue talking about the remodeling of the Kaaba and the condition of the Kaaba since the past until today on the next episode, I leave you all in the care of Allah, wa Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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