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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show the all new show on Islam and Muslims. And today we're going to be covering Hadeeth. So this is a very good topic for those of you who have just entered Islam, or you're Muslim and you're confused about howdy if you don't even know what the meaning of a deef is. So today we're going to be giving you the gist of it with a very special person, good friend of mine. I'm going to surprise you Be right back on the dean show.

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I wanted to give him a surprise, because we got Shaykh Muhammad Ali, how are you? Sir?

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aleikum wa salam, peace be on to you. And to you, brother. All right. So for those of you most of the people know who you are already, but let's just refresh them with you telling us a little bit. Introduce yourself for the audience, probably who don't possibly know who you are.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah.

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My name is Mohammed. Say that Lee, if it's too long for you, you can say MSA, this is the shortcut.

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And I'm the director of the Islamic Center in Columbia, South Carolina Alhamdulillah. I've been the Islamic work for the last 33 years. Since 1975.

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Some of you may know me personal. Some of you met me through the internet. Some of you have my CDs or DVDs or my books. You never know what you're going to have next time. This interferes this time. Okay. Now we're going to be talking about today Hadeeth. We want to know let's just start off with the meaning of a deef what do we mean when we say howdy?

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Howdy howdy is something which is

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statement saying

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speech. Those can be a hadith. The Hadith is the opposite of something which is old, something new, it can say this also had this this linguistic token. But if we talking about religious meaning, we talking about the statements of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. We call it Hadith.

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Now the Hadith because we as ones who submit our will to the will of the Creator alone and no one else, right? Muslim This is I'm giving a definition for those of our viewers who just possibly might be joining us for the first time as Muslims, we go by the verbatim Word of God which is the Quran and we say the Hadith. So what do we mean when we say and the Hadith?

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The Hadith is the statements of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him who was

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the messenger of Almighty Allah and the Last of all the prophets and the messengers of Allah, Mohammed son of Abdullah, who born in Mecca. Gotcha. Okay.

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So when we say that we go by the Hadith, ha, these are diff that we have,

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how do we distinguish the diff that we have, if they're authentic? How do we know that we know the Quran is the verbatim Word of God? But how do we know that the Hadith we have are authentic? How did they come to being as we have them today? Okay.

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First of all, that you have to understand, like

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a train track, we try to make things simple for especially for new Muslims to understand what is the train have two tracks to go, all right, gotcha. We as Muslims we are being guided, or the guidance that been given to us had been given to us into form one which is called the Quran, which is the words of Almighty God. And one is the Hadith, which is a statement are the same of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Both of them complement one another.

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Complete one another. Explain one another.

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The difference between Koran which is the words of Almighty Allah, and the words of the thief, which is a statement of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, the Quran is morges is a miracle by itself.

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The way how been compiled the way have been brought together, everything. The Hadees is in normal words of a human being, but still inspired by Almighty Allah.

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But the statement itself is not the statement of Allah

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is the statement of the prophets Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah in the words of a human being. So when you challenge somebody, you challenge him with the Quran as a miracle in the words, the grammatical way is that the grammar, the spelling, the the beauty, all these things. As for the ladies, who did not challenge somebody to say, Make her dislike this is a word of a human being. So the meaning of the Hadith

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the general meaning of the Hadith is from Almighty Allah, but the words is the words of a human being, which is the Prophet of Allah.

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So those are words of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, but he didn't make it up.

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He's given the followers, what Allah wants them to do, given them instruction, but in his own words, the Quran is the words and the meaning is from Allah. The Hadith is the meaning from Allah the words from the prophets, Allah Lhasa, tell us shake, how do we know that when we have a Hadith, that the Prophet peace upon him actually said that, but how is that checked? How is this a check? This is not something symbol as you may think, that we sitting here, there is some people who specialize in this, not me, not you, same thing, that you find a rain shining. So right away, maybe you think is gold, but if you take it to the gold shop, is not going to even give you $5 for it. So it's not

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everything is shining is gold. So, the same thing is not any statement any words but both together, I can tell you this is Hadith. So there is scholars who are specialized in this field to tell you if this hadith is authentic or not what are not what there is, rules and regulations and study. Same thing like a person who understands that became a general that

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you have a doctor specialized only in heart, okay, or in the brain or eyes. So you have some people who specialized in study of the knowledge of Hadeeth that contradicted the Quran as example,

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conflict with any of the teachings of Islam.

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So, there is something that you study in the metal of the Hadith, and something that you study in the chain of generators of the Hadith. And the people have to study both. You study the reputation

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of every narrator.

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You have books, famous book like the book of Imam Al Bukhari, Imam Malik, Muhammad ibn Hanbal, Mata Malik, you see, there is many, many books of Hadith. So, this is the books, how to teach a disease mm, from this Imam, to the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he may have about 40 different people from so and so to so and so and so and so headed, so on so and so on. So, also, so now those scholars, he examines the history of every person who call in a chain of his name. So from the time that been collected and been brought in a book, up to the Prophet Muhammad sallahu wa sallam, or at least up to the Sahaba, the companions of the Prophet, who is this person, what's his name, where he

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born? Did him and the person who narrate from him that ever they meet each other, what is the reputation of this person was honest or not? So say adley make ad. All right. But when you study the history of adley, that when ad born ad, he was supposed to be 120 years old, so there's no way he can live at least until 120 years old, and if he still alive, that his brain could not remember all these words. So there is something wrong here how he made ugly and hear from him. So this itself will classify as his head if there is something wrong, something fishy here. We could not take this hadith. Why? Because the age of ad and adley is so big, different. Or maybe our age that there is a

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possibility you can meet but actually lived in Arabia. He lived in America, North

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aeroplane is that times anything? How does it meet each other? So there is many things that you have to study about every night rater is the chain you talking about? It can be 40, it can be 50 people, every person, you have to know where he born, what's his name? Who's his father? Where did he travel? Did he ever meet was the other persona narrate? So you go through all this process? So now you verify the fetish men, the second man, the third man, until you reach it as a hub. Gotcha. Yeah, it's a big process. So it's not anybody can sit down say oh, this is not authentic or this is anything. So it is a process that you have to go through to verify the Hadith. So just to give an

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example, so what you're saying is correct me if I'm wrong. So, you have the last and final message of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon them, okay starts with him, then you might have a narrating the B to C and then it comes to the last person and then the person like say, Bahati, he will go and verify all these people, their credibility and their life and all these things, and then from there, the diff will be accepted and be accepted. Otherwise, if there is any defect in one of the narrator,

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or there is a defect the ends a statement of itself, which you consider the Hadith. So, this would this qualifies this hadith to be authentic to be utilized. So can it be I want to give you an example as example, there is a story been narrated about me, Buhari.

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Allah, Allah, may Allah have mercy on his soul? That is those justice scholars who used to travel from country to country only. He used to travel for a whole month to see the other Narrator And when he reached him, he said, Did you hear from someone so his statement of the Prophet such as such as such, to verify, so anyway, amendment will have to hit level for a month or two, to meet one of the narrators of the Hadith.

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So when he reaches the other country, he sees this man holding a bucket. Okay, and they try to tempt the horse, okay, to come to act as if you have food for the horse. When is the horse again,

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the guy

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throws the pocket away and hold the horse and get in his back. We kind of tricked the horse. Exactly. So amendment Buhari turn away after all this long journey, I say, I could not trust the person who lied to his animal. If this person did such act like this, that mean he is not reliable. He deceived the horse or could not. So he even turned out he did not even go to ask him about

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the use the studies or history of the people, as example. There is something can scratch his reputation as a reliable person. As example, if he shaved his beard, if you walk in the street with no coffee, if he eats standing up small violations in Islam, like to me and to you today is not a big deal. So what this means that somebody standing up and eating is only a macro as example. But to them was a big deal. So they study these people one by one.

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And they try to see their behavior and their discipline, not only how much he can memorize how much he can remember, they chugs him from A to Z to accept this person as you go for the second one, the third one until they reach this hour. So we really need to be asking ourselves would we be qualified to have have a DVD accepted from us? Probably not at all.

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These were men that we would be happy if they say Salam Alikum to us. Yeah, we're gonna take a break and we'll be right back on the dean show.

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because Hobbes

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lays out a coup to

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welcome. Mina to have Sorry, no way further than a 401 what are you Dina Xena tahuna illa Mahara minha

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Welcome back to the deen show. We're with Shaykh Muhammad Ali, we're talking about Hades, we want to know what the Hadeeth are, and just giving you a gist about them. Tell us for the layman like myself and other people myself. So, for the layman, how do we because we're not behati we're not Muslim, these people that collected the Hadith, how do we know now what's authentic was not how do we know with you know, sometimes for the layman, it can get a little confusing. What do you recommend, in actuality, the higher standard of enamel Bukhari and Muslim these two books considered the best books and the most authentic books that are accepted by the whole, the entire Muslims everywhere,

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after the book of Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala. For a regular person like myself and yourself, we could not take a book and say this hadith authentic this ad is weak. So to be safe, stick to Bukhari and Muslim until you can found one of the great scholars who is qualified to tell you if this book or this hadith intimacy is authentic or not authentic, this hadith in what Mmm, is it authentic or not? But for me to open any one of these books,

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I may have authentic hadith or weak Hadith. So we have two books, which in Zim, I can say almost about 80% of Islam.

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If he's not more

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if you hold his two books and take all the headings that is there

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you'll be up like

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like I don't want to use the word like I said, you'd be key became so righteous person, because what you one of us understands that capable or able to practice nowadays 80% of his Deen so let's be on the safe side. And the practice 80% of our Deen was something good and solid, reliable, then having 90% or 100% and most of it doesn't hold any water. So it's terrible carry a Muslim for the time being unless you have a person who specialized in this field or that he read the books of the scholars, luxury Imam, Al Banu Rahmatullah LA. And he will tell you, in Churchill Albury said, This Heidi's authentic, this hadith is weak like this. Now it makes total sense, if you look at it, is it

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correct to say that every messenger of Almighty God Allah came with Hadith he was given the revelation for instance, Moses was given the Torah, Jesus, peace be upon him, was given the Injeel and their words were Hadeeth. And then, is that how I don't I don't really want make a statement like this. Because Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah,

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don't talk about things which have no knowledge, it maybe doesn't come to my mind now for to answer a question like this. But I don't want to say that every prophet have this, because there is a big possibility that profit relate to his community, what Allah Almighty said, but the Prophet sallallahu Sallam has told us, Allah in the OT takita warmists lahoma. Indeed, I've been given the book, and it's similar book with it.

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But the other prophets, I don't know what I want. What I mean is that you have the revelation then you have the representative that came with this, this is true, but let me give to the viewer a simple example to understand what it's hiding. Yeah, you know, nowadays you have the Constitution of the United States as examine or the bylaws, whatever. This is the low buzzer his other books it comes to break down this.

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And this is the reason when you go you found the alert, they have all these books in their shelves, which is like memorandum, or addition, or some kind of to break down the constitution to more categories and subtitles. Yes. So this exactly what is the Hadith is doing, you see? So the Hadith is

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Explain the Quran more and give more details. So you have two books and you have to go by both of them. You could not go by the Quran by itself. But did every prophet have the Torah, the Torah, and also his statement beside it? Did Jesus have the angel as example? and His Prophet?

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saying, I could not make a statement like this for the time being at least, I have to think about it more or check it more. Gotcha. What about for someone who says, You know what, the krons enough for me? I'm just gonna go by the cron. I don't need the howdy How do you respond to this?

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First of all, we understand we answer them by the Quran itself. If you really want to go by the Quran, the Quran say you're allowed to Rasool obey Allah and obey the Prophet. So how are you going to obey the Prophet? The Quran is commanded you to obey the Prophet. So what is the order of the Prophet? Because when you say, obey Allah, that means you're not going to sit and listen to what he's saying, obey Allah obey the book of Allah, and obey the Prophet of Allah. So what is the Prophet of Allah now?

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So how are you going to apply this verse? This is one thing, give you another example. The Quran say aqui masala, etc. Establish the prayer and gives us the care.

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But how many prayers and when we're supposed to make the prayer and how to do the prayer. There is no details in the Quran. There is no single verse in the whole Quran to tell you that the prayer or five

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so how are you going to make the Salah. So you have a command direct command from Allah to establish the prayer? How are you going to establish the prayer? How are we going to do it?

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How do you know you understand that Jericho comes in before June bound come before prostration so there is then there is no way a Muslim can live by the Quran or even understand the Quran is the absence of the Hadeeth No way.

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So can a person well that basically answered my next question my next question was going to be can a person just go by the Quran is no way is no way that you can live only by the Quran

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alone Allah subhanaw taala he says there is many verses in the Quran talks about the obedience of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam when Morocco Morocco Morocco Manifesto. Whatever the Prophet of Allah gives you that take on whatever he forbade you from it, stay away. So there is other things different from what's in the Quran been forbidden by the prophet sallallahu sallam.

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Otherwise we can eat dogs. Okay, but we could not eat any wild animals which has Fein. Fang. Yes. You know this big truth. Yeah, because it came in the Hadith. Allah forbid in the Quran, any date failed to be edited by the prophet sallallahu Sallam said was exception of the fish. All right. So there is many things

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and say, Amen Americana Lima. Allah momento de cada la hora sulamani. acuna Emery

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is not befitting to any believers, male or female, when Allah or His Messenger, this is a matter, that they have the choice. So there is a saying of Allah, and there is a sin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam had indicated prophesize that it will come time that some people would say, Quran is enough for us. And he said, Indeed, what Allah for bed is equal to work, the profit for bed, and what's the profit make Helen lawful is equal to Allah make it lawful and Helen, so the Prophet sallallahu Sallam already had prophesize it will be some people who act in this kind of manner. But there's no way the prophets Allah Allah celibacy kulu macchiato Luna

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Jana 11 Abba, Guillaume Salalah call among other Anita Hello, gentlemen asani for cadabra all my nation will enter heaven or paradise Jenna. with exceptions those who refuse the companion said oh prophet of Allah, our person will refuse to intergender say whosoever obeys me, he will enter agenda, Whosoever this obey me that means he's refusing to enter origin.

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So this is a big deviation.

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for somebody to think that he can go only by the Quran Allah said ask somebody who say I can

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Only go by the Quran. Did Allah command you to pray? He will say yes. Ask him, show me one single verse in the whole Koran tells you how many Salah is supposed to pray every day? Do you have no answer? Somebody may be telling you three, somebody told you to somebody tells you as much as they want, you see the confusion, a lot of confusion. So we cannot separate, it's clear that you have the verbatim Word of God the Quran, and you have the Hadith, you cannot separate the two at all you could not and this is actually a mercy from the creator that you have represent his representative showing us how to implement this grant. Yes, exactly. And we should be grateful.

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And we should follow the way of the prophets of Allah, Allah. Allah said, you as a Muslim like a trail. He got these two tracks, you have to go on them otherwise, you know what's going to happen? Well, thank you again for being with us and help us My pleasure. Thank you.

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And I'd like to thank everybody for tuning in. Hope you guys got to benefit and we'll see you again inshallah, God willing on another episode of the deen show. Until then, you can visit us on the deen show calm that's th e d, e n show.com. Until next time, as salaam alaikum peace be unto you.