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Have you heard a CRO Magnon man?

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Have you heard of Neanderthal man or the Austrian

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So he assumed because you probably seen the books like I have an article where it shows this man goes to this man, and this one goes to this and so on. So she said, that is not true at all. She said, we know all of us, she said, we know for a fact that all of them coexisted. At the same time, all these so called men, or homosapiens, were existing at the same time, the reason we give a particular time period a name is because we found more of the remains of those particular homosapiens than we did the others. So we knew that they couldn't have progressed, because in each time period, were all existed, but they were more of this than they were that and that's the reason,

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know, you

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see, it's not common knowledge, but a is for a fact,

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the reality.

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So it's very popular thing to just let people become without faith. And this is what I'm very much opposed to.

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I do not want anybody to lose their faith. This is why we're very careful in our work in our project, not to attack other people's beliefs, because I don't need them to become atheists.

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This is not a this is not a good way, this is not progressive at all. If we want to talk about for instance, the Bible, if you want to talk about the Bible, it's really easy to disprove that the English Bible ever came from Jesus. I mean, that's like so easy.

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As soon as you realize that the English didn't exist,

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even 1000 years ago,

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English Bible came to Jesus, would

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that be the end of that conversation immediately?

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Let's before we talk about textual criticism, before we talk about the history of the, the translations and interpolations, etc, etc. But we need to go there.

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Not here to disprove what we want to do is, and this is what a lot of has to do, to

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discuss or argue these points in a way that's better. And the better way is to do what, what he's told us and talking to the Muslims right now, where the law has told us is that we believe in what was originally sent down. Yes. So we don't have any doubt about the fact that the Bible originally came from and that there's any doubt in your mind?

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is an innovation.

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Because that's what it says.

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So why bother to talk about in

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the beginning, it is me.

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Let us look at this. How many of you know about us Valley translation?

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Is that considered revelation?

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Is that revelation, the English use of public and in the middle of the night as a dairy queen?

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No, this crazy stuff? Yeah. So

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originally came in the Arabic language to Muhammad Salallahu. Salam.

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Today, yes. So why bother to go through all this rigmarole when you can just go to what we have? And talk about that? Isn't that more positive? And isn't that the way that Muhammad

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did? He? Did he talks about where we had, where we go around telling people what they didn't have?

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If a person is smart enough, they can figure Hey, I like what this guy has. I love that.

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I was in manufacturing sales marketing for many years. And one of the rooms that we always had is, so what you have, okay, so what you have, and don't worry about your competition, because if you talk about competition that allowed me to go there and buy anyway,

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we could talk about the competition must be pretty good, or you could talk about it.

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And it's much better. You learn about your competition, of course.

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It turns out there is is better, maybe even too bad.

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But to me, guys

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the subject tonight is about salvation.

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But before we can talk about salvation, it needs to be that we will talk about, is there really a god?

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Because if there's no God, you don't need to worry about salvation.

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And if there is no next life, who cares?

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And this is a real serious problem, because if people if the vast majority of human beings didn't believe in anything, what would cause them to act with any responsibility?

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What would be

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if we don't have a belief in something, for instance, this take this for an example, somebody goes into the courtroom,

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and atheists, okay. And you're asking him to swear in the Bible, he's leaving it up in the ground, he said,

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There's even a swimmer, where we want you to swear on what you hold, dear, so that you will tell the truth

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was the atheist belief. He said, I swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. So help me nothing?

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Yes or no? Think about it.

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And if he has no anchor, he has no words.

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For common or criteria, it doesn't have any basis. It can be anything he wants to because he would be a No.

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He will use the excuse that, hey, we know what's good. You might be bad to somebody else. He even people talk like that. So

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whether he says Mike

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Dillard feels good. Just don't hurt anybody else.

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So you have to have some kind of basis? Or Where will your society be?

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Now, up until the last 50 years?

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The number of people on the earth who are atheists has always been in very low percentage from three to 5%. of his grown

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almost double.

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It's reaching somewhere close to eight 9%. Now, you might think that's not a big deal. I consider that very serious. Very serious, because it means they have no belief in anything. Nothing. Does anybody know what I'm talking about? You ever met an atheist ever talk to him? You ever wonder where they're coming from?

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What do they have? What can we look forward to?

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I saw today, they had something on the internet. Anybody know that? YouTube?

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YouTube islam.com.

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we're talking about someone who had killed

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a number of people.

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He killed a number of people. Now once he knows, and they didn't get it, once he knows that the maximum he can get is like a 99 year sentence. He's already killed a bunch of people.

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what's to stop him from killing more now?

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If he has no conscience? He doesn't care. He doesn't believe in anything. And he already knows the maximum they can do to me is this.

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Show will stop this guy laughing.

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And that's only one person going around killing people. Stop and think if you get 20 or 30,000 people running around the same way. This is serious than

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anybody ever been to Norway.

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Okay. All right.

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they told me that one of the things they're real happy with is the fact that they are a society based on socialism. With the government itself takes care of you. You don't have to worry about it.

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From the time you're born until the time you die from the time you wake up in the morning until the time you go to sleep at night, the government