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The importance of positive], [The segment discusses the history of Islam, including the loss of parents and the use of deadly force during war. The speakers also touch on the history of evil actions during war and the potential for deadly force during peace. The segment emphasizes the importance of finding a way to live in a way that is not evil and is not evil in any way. The history of Islam is discussed, including the loss of parents and the use of deadly force during war, the potential for deterioration of the holy Bible, and the misconceptions of Islam.

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And that's if someone wants to take him as a role model. Otherwise many people are taking the celebrities as role models 50 cent to park, you know, these kind of people but, you know, the basketball players, the football players, the politicians, but we have this man who is set by the Creator of the heavens and earth for everyone to be a role model. But you know what, it's up to them if they want, they don't want to fall there's no compulsion in religion is up to them. We're gonna move on to the next thing. The next one. I want to hit this point. Even we make sense, right? Okay, we make mistakes, mistakes, how merciful was he even to the sinners? Yeah. And that's look at that

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Hadith and the teaching Prophet Mohammed Salah, Salah, giving,

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giving positive Hope it in the way in this positive hope when we say positive hope does mean hey, don't give up. Don't ever give up. You are a sinner, there is hope. And he said in the law, he absolutely had to be lame. Leah Tomasi Allah, Allah will extend this and his mercy in the nighttime. For the one he committed sin in the daytime, to ask Allah for forgiveness in the night time. And Allah subhana wa Taala will extend his hand also for the one who committing sin in the daytime, to ask Allah for forgiveness in nighttime and the opposite, and till the sun will rise from the west. So it's always hope Allah Subhana you know, coluna locata all of us will make mistakes. And he said

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kulu Adam hapa all mankind every mankind making mistakes. While he said the best among those sinners, the one he follows the same with doba with repentance. And this is really so beautiful. The Prophet Solazyme is giving us hope, and he said another Hadith in Allah subhana wa tada in the Medina, it was fulfilled in La Ilaha Illa. Allah will come to the first heaven in the last third of the night, and asking the people met the lady

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who was asking invocation making prayer, I will accept his invocation his daughter, who will ask Allah Subhana for forgiveness, I will forgive him who will ask for anything, I will give him what he wants. Look at this kind of merciful the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, one in the history. And this story is very famous. one man and one woman committing adultery.

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Look at that with the woman.

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The woman she came in Islam, in Islam, there is a punishment for the woman married woman if she committed adultery. And the punishment is just to be stoned just like any other religion, Christian religion and Jewish religion for the for the woman to be to commit adultery or fornication. She is married in the Bible. Absolutely.

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So the woman she came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say I committed adultery

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and the Prophet sallahu wa sallam say who is the guardian for this woman.

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And the Guardian came, she is pregnant. And after she delivered the baby, let her come. He didn't punish her because she was pregnant. Yes. And the woman she went, and when she delivered the baby, she came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for punishment. And he said go and breastfeed him two years.

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Maybe this woman she ran away, maybe this woman should just go but she really want to sacrifice her life for Allah Subhana Allah has given her like a chance exactly for forgiveness as Allah forgive this or something or just go away. He gives her this a chance. And boom, after two years, she came to the province of the salon with her son and her son holding a bread in his hand. So he's that doesn't need men more he can eat. And the purpose of Allah is Allah He punished the woman. But after He punished the woman, the people they saying, Look at this woman, she came after two years, I look we Punisher, some of the Sahaba said, and we just like dogs, and the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he

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was really angry to him that the statement and he said, a beautiful statement. They say, Allah Allah, Tada. This woman, Sheva repentance, she made his repentance. If this repentance split among 70 of the companion, they will fit them completely. She is swimming in the rivers of the paradise she made enough repentance to be able to what do you say feed or enough to cover cover? 70 people That is correct. So those are some of what he was telling me give us this kind of chances For even sinners. That's why I say do not give up from the Ministry of Allah subhana wa tada ever. What any kind of in the last paralyzation said in the Quran.

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In a lie or no bigamy,

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Allah has forgive all kind of sin, except if you associate with Allah subhanho wa Taala. That is a great thing other than that, Allah, whatever through Medina danika Maya, he said in the Quran, Allah forgive all kind of sin. So always we have hope. Positive hope, in the province of Alberta minister had it in his teaching, always teach us that. Absolutely. There's always hope, no setup partners. If you're cratered, dial up direct call on Him alone when you make a mistake. You know, we're human beings it happens. Make a repentance, and try to stay away from the sin we're going to be right back to continue on with examples of mercy from the last and final messenger to mankind.

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Check this out.

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Welcome to the dean show another episode of The mailbag answering your questions. hamdu Lillah wa Salatu, Salam ala rasulillah. Praise be to Allah, and blessings, and peace unto the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. There's a question that was sent says, Why didn't God just reveal one religion? From the beginning? There's so many religions, and I'm confused on what to do. So I'm thinking about just not worrying about it until I die and meet God. What's your advice and opinion of what I've said?

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Why didn't God just reveal one religion, that's what God did. He revealed only one religion, meaning only one way of life. And that is Islam, which means submit yourself to the Creator of the heavens in the earth. What's the evidence of that? The evidence of that is very simple. God is one. And he sent to the people one message, and that is worship, the only creator. And that's the message of Prophet Adam and Noah, and Abraham, and Jesus, and Moses, and Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon all of them.

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And this is the message of Islam. So we are calling people to the only one religion that is accepted by the Creator of the heavens and the earth is not a religion that is all of a sudden made, it's the same religion. And that's why those who claim that God is Jesus, for example, what happened to the people before Jesus, peace be upon him? He's a prophet of Allah, what happened to the people at the time of Abraham? What did Abraham peace be upon him called people to worship? Did he know he didn't know about the nature of Gods? So that's why the only way that it makes sense that one religion, and that's the religion of God, and that is Islam. When it comes to the rulings, yes, it was different

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from one messenger to the other depending on the environment and the time where the messenger was sent. So the willing were different, what is permissible, what is not permissible, how to do the acts of worship till the final message came from God to Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. It was a comprehensive message till the Day of Judgment, the last of the messengers, and that's why we get the rulings in it. It's such a comprehensive in a perfect way, and see for your own self, you will find that the permissible things the non permissible things, the sins and the good deeds in the religion of Islam, in the way of life that Prophet Muhammad came with, you find it, it's such a

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perfect harmony, if people would apply it. It forbids everything that is evil, everything that will cause corruption and evil on the face of Earth. It's forbidden in the religion of Islam, and everything that would bring prosperity and success in this life and in the Hereafter, you find it permissible or even an obligation in the religion of Islam, to the extent of which you help, how to protect your health, that this is a trust, that God entrusted you, with your body with your health to keep it even. I'm not exaggerating, to play sports. Sometimes, the prophet peace be upon him one, some of the companions, they asked him that they get tired sometimes, he said, Allah couldn't be

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nicer and meaning, do some running, so that you're not tired anymore. So this is something that is a comprehensive in a perfect way of life, which is one religion. So you need you don't need not to be confused, not to be confused. It's one religion, just follow the one religion and read the Quran, read the way of the Prophet sallallaahu, Selim. And that's what I'm saying. It's not a challenge, just see for yourself. You see how perfect it is. And everything fits in harmony. There is no contradiction between science and matters of the religion. There is no contradiction between our acts of worship, and what we do in our daily life. We still seek provisions, we seek go and work we

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seek, we still play sports in the proper way. And we worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And we do all of these things in one purpose, and that is to worship the Creator of the heavens and the earth. We won't have this bad feeling that either you become a worshipper or you become something else when it comes to trade or business or whatever that is.

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Everything is in harmony. So seek it for yourself and read. And you will find that the true religion is the way of life which is to submit yourself to the Creator of the heavens and the earth. And this is what the message of Islam is all about. But usually, when a person is ignorant about something, he doesn't know something, usually and this is the nature of the human being, he takes it edits his enemy. So a person will take Islam as his enemy, as long as he doesn't know what Islam is. But if you get to read them to get to educate yourself about what Islam is, then the person ideas by the will of Allah will change. Everything is clear. And till next time, we'll see you salaam aleikum,

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back to the deen show. We're talking about the last and final messenger to mankind giving you some glimpses from his life, to give you a better understanding. So let's go to some examples of how merciful he was even to the poor, of the poor and the orphans and the orphans. Yeah, you know, he himself, he was an orphan. When he was eight years old, he become he lost his mother. Before even he born, he lost his father. So he he always said, Allah subhanaw taala says, lm aged care team and our say, due to a loss of one resident, we find you an orphan and we give you a shelter, we take care of you. And he said salatu salam, beautiful Hadith kalenna. What cafeteria team cafe, the one knee and

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the one who sponsored the orphan just like this, just like this in the in the paradise in the agenda. And it's a beautiful Hadith. He said, an A a woman? Yes, I am. The first one will open the paradise into the paradise. But certainly there is a woman will come and race and she want to enter with me. She will enter with me that woman and Prophet Mohammed Salah said he will ask me I will ask her, who are you? Why you are raising with me. And he said, and that woman will say I am the one take care of the orphans. After my husband died at the care of my children. I never got married.

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And the Bible salamati is an MC coming into with me to the paradise. Imagine how prophets Allah is Allah, and they take care of the orphan and he always when he see an orphan, he took care of him. And he touches him touches it and give a blessing from Allah subhanho wa Taala when you come to the poor, you know of the law, or the law. I know I've loved him. So he's very thin man. He was climbing a tree and it was windy day to give miswak from that tree. Yes. And the wind make is the Sahaba see his legs. And his legs is very, very skinny, very skinny. And the Sahaba start to laugh. And the Prophet philosopher and he was not laughing He was angry. And he said Hakuna Do you are you laughing

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because his his leg is thin. And say yes aerosolized leg is very thin. And above some of the body SLM said, well I he his legs, in the scale of Allah subhanho wa Taala heavier than the mountain of

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the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he said in the lambda

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calculus Allah does not allow it doesn't look like it look at your, your picture how you look like or your wealth. And but Allah look at your heart and your deed and your men, your action

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that is brought to you example, let's hit to this other point. Now, the people that were even fighting against him, okay, because there were times of war. Yeah, right. So let's give examples of mercy even in those times. Yeah.

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A lot of the stories, but unfortunately, because of the time we just mentioned, with the province of Alberta, you suddenly got hurt from his own people. And from the people of thought if and he raised his hand to Allah subhanho wa Taala to save me from this.

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And the last dogen sin Angel, Ella is an mg l CE O Messenger of Allah, Allah heard your app, and I have the angels mountains with me here. Ask him anything you want. And the angel of mountain is came and say Salaam Alaikum messenger of Allah, Allah sing with you to do anything you want. And if you want me just to smash those people between this tumor Mecca is between two mountains. If you won't be just to smash those people in between two mountains, I will do it.

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And profits I'm about to sell them. I said no, Americans don't do this mountain of a mount Angel of mountains. may be one of his offsprings will come and believe in Allah subhana wa tada look at the merciful over officer Salah. You know

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In the Prophet sallallahu sallam,

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in the Battle of bedroom, a fierce battle of Muslims, the fierce battle. And this kind of battle is so amazing

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that the prophets, Allah salami capture 70 of the non Muslims 70 of them, serve it, treat them in the best manners, treat them in the best way and the best manners. And just to give them easy life, easy access to be free of some law, as Alan said, if you teach 10 of the Muslims, I will let you free.

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If you teach 10 of the Muslims, and most of them they are educated, and in the lift, 70 of them leave

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that in the metal even for with enemies, prophets, Allah, Allah Islam, and the last things is when the last battle he opened, when he opened and conquered and take over Mecca, the people of Mecca used to fight the Prophet sallallahu Sallam all the time fighting the Prophet fighting the Prophet. And he was all those non Muslims in front of him. I say,

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what do you think I will do to you? After what you have done to me for all those years?

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What do you think I will do to you? And he said, You are brother and cousin. And they still non Muslims. Still there are Muslims. And, and he said, just go free, they have to go and you are free. He can. Those people, they fight the Prophet sallallahu Sallam for more than 21 years, he can do a lot of that he killed, they killed a lot of his companions. But he let him go free. This is when they came back. And guess what? I'm gonna conquer and take over my car. And they let everybody go free. The biggest army that that I've ever seen. Absolutely. He let them all go up through this. Wow. Yes, this is amazing. And just I want to touch upon one point that even in times of war,

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showing mercy to your enemy during war, that is it allowed which we see people have lost their sensitivity, their compassion, you see people taking innocent people today as captives and torturing them. Yep, doing all sorts of evil things. Is it in Islam allowed to torture someone when you take them as say, a person in war as a you in battle? You'd be very surprised. You know, the profit loss. I mean, if I have a prison, never, never have a prison. The Prophet sallallahu has unlimited capital he leave. He never killed his prisoners. He never torture the prisoners. In fact, the story I told you, one of the prisoner came to kill the Prophet Mohammed, he fit him and take care of him for

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three days. And he just let him go.

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So compare this time and in the time of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam is a beyond imagination, what's going on in the in the world right now? What about how do you answer before we come to our last point we want to cover what about for someone now who takes things out of context? And they will go and just like we're giving glimpses of his life, but we give it in the context will they'll take glimpses and they'll say, Look, he be, you know, he did this or he did that not giving the whole picture but just purposely looking for something and quoting it out of context. Have you come across these things? Of course, all the time, when I go and give lectures in the churches and

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schools universities here, for example, about the Battle of Mecca? Yes. And he said the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he killed 70 of the people of nicaea. Okay, but it was not true. Yeah, in fact, the brother Salalah salami, he distribute his army around Makkah crater and he told the people do not fight anybody enlisted those people fighting you. And in fact, a lot I did this in, in the Quran 181 in the second chapter of the Quran, Allah says, What do you call it, you can find the people they fighting you that fight the people, they fight you. And no one except when a group came to fight halogen worried and carried throughout the law. No one in his game. He fight those people

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back. And even the process of a sudden we get angry. So hurry, I told you don't fight. And is the Messenger of Allah, those people they can be from behind us to fight us or we fight back only? Yes, yeah, he's Islam. It is so amazing if we under really understand the insidious look to take something out of context. God says in Isaiah number 84 in Surah Baqarah the second chapter also

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known about the keytab water

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Do you believe in some verses in the Quran, some ayat and disbelieve in some ayah and God says in in the fifth chapter in the Quran

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verse number

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six, Allah subhanaw taala says, It's so beautiful Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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Number three, I'm sorry. God says in the Quran, Allah young acmella to lacantina come to our equanimity. What are the two documents lamattina Today I have completed perfected for you for Quran. So the n is a complete and then when you want to understand the Sierra the story history the Prophet some of us study the Holly Story, not one incident. One point no the whole point to understand the whole picture. Yeah don't take things out of context. Now cut and paste you can do it again with any any degree. Absolutely. Let's go we're gonna wrap it up. Let's go to another point. The animals even mercy to animals. Let's talk about this. This is the animal is amazing. When the Prophet sallallahu

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wasallam says the woman from the past she entered she entered the Hellfire

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that she entered the Hellfire because she arrested a cat in the house and she never let the cat go out. Or she never even filled the cat and she died a lot but that woman the Hellfire she like locked up a lot of the cat inside a home like a closet or something. Exactly. And she died I love with the woman in the Hellfire because a cat was a kid. Not only that is the woman and that woman excuse my language is a prostitute. Yes. And that woman, she thinks a dog. She She gives a dog thirsty dog a water she went to the will and get the water in her shoe in your shoes and she gave the dog to drink. She saved his life. And gods and bourbon. Mohammed says Allah will put that woman in a

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paradise because she saved the life of that dog. And even Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said when you want to slaughter an animal and he said in beautiful either in the lack of Revelation and a condition Allah has rotated gentleness and

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gentleness in everything. And if you want to slaughter an animal fascino then what you have to do you have to show your knife very well and not to show the knife to the animal and make the animal very relaxed, relaxing animal we're gonna eat now of course Yeah, yeah, yeah. So do not show and only when when he was passing by. And he saw a man holding a knife, killing a goat in front of all goats. A prophet Muhammad says this man killed this goat twice. Oh, man. Imagine why because it killing the goat and the goat in fear. Yeah, should not do that. One camel. Brothers are touching the camel. And the camel just like is speaking to the prophets, Allah.

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And the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Who is the owner of this camel? And is he one of the Sahaba say me messenger of Allah. I say, don't give this camel hard time. Feed him. And don't be stingy. And don't give him too much work. Look at this mercy of the prophets of the Lord. Animals and he's an animal. That's why God says again, in in circle MDF. The circle is the profits. Number 107. God says beautiful is one

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Leilani Oh Mohamed, we have sinned you mercy for all mankind. Indeed, he was a mercy and His teachings are there. We're gonna take a break and we're gonna come back and wrap things up. Sit tight. Right back on the dean show.

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Check this out.

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. And welcome to another episode of The mailbag on the deen show, where we answer the questions from our viewers and listeners about Islam and hopefully clear up some of the misconceptions that may have affected our viewing audience. Let's take a look and see what we have today.

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This writer asked how can we be sure Islam is the truth from God? Please give me some evidence. Or if you want evidence that Islam actually as it and we know that Islam and Islam the focal point is the Holy Quran and or the book of Islam, the book that was revealed by Almighty God through the angel Gabriel to Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. And understanding that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was an unlettered man. He was illiterate, he was not able to read or write books. But yet this only and that describes the beauty and is the nucleus of Islamic faith has evidence in itself with the court and bears witness to the truth with his which is within itself. The the

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evidence that Islam is the best way and some of the evidence is in some of the scientific facts that

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revealed in the Holy Qur'an that it took 1000s of years for scientists to actually acknowledge or discover. One example, is actually the creation of the universe itself, that the universe had no ability to create itself. But inside of the universe that was created by Almighty God, we have things in creation that we noticed today that were only recently discovered by scientists, for example.

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It is written in the Quran, that God brings together in the belly of the cow feces and blood, and when it mixes together, it makes blood pure, it makes milk pardon me, pure and agreeable to drink. Now, scientists only discovered that maybe a couple of centuries ago, that this is how this is how milk is manufactured in the belly of a cow. But over 1400 years ago, the Holy Quran was revealed. And this is one of the verses in the Quran long before science was able to, to discover and we searched by means of microscopes and so forth, how this manufacturing process in the cow took place to make pure and agreeable milk. Something just that simple. Another example is that if you look

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into the Atlantic Ocean, which is a sea of salty water, and you look in the Great Lakes, which is a body of freshwater, that there's one point where the ocean and the Great Lakes meet, but yet the freshwater and the salty water doesn't mix in the water core and says, again, I reference you that the Holy Quran was revealed to mankind over 1400 years ago, that between this freshwater and salty water is a barrier that they do not transgress the only a God can do that only allows one or two Allah can do that. Human beings don't have the ability to mix salt water and fresh water together. The other example is the fact that the Quran itself was revealed to an unlettered man. Now if he was

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unlettered since the Prophet Muhammad was unlettered, that means that the things or incidents that happen before he came into being could only be revealed to him by a God who knew these things, because he wasn't able to read them in the books that they may have been written in. The Holy Bible was revealed before the Quran, but it was not written before the Holy Qur'an, meaning that it was the water cooler and was the first book it was just the last revelation. So Prophet Muhammad, how else would he know about Adam and what Adam went through? How else would he know about Abraham? How else would he know about Noah and lot, and Moses in the other incidents that happen before him,

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peace be upon all of them? How else could he know unless it came from a miraculous book? Islam shows the basic reality of life that only God is the reality. And everything in creation has that that exists in creation has the potential and has the promise that it's going to deteriorate. And anything that deteriorates, anything that can deteriorate is not permanent. Anything that can deteriorate is not real. And anything that can deteriorate is something that was created by the Creator. And that's the reality of Islam, Islam as a truth, Islam as real as a reality. And all of the prophets taught the same message that there's only one God, and this is nothing new. It's not a

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new teaching, but it is something that is only currently being re elaborated on, so that we can understand the beauty of what is what Islam is, is it the truth? Is it real? How do we know? Examine yourself, look into your own self and you will see that even your own existence depends on the one true God and not many gods. We hope we answered your question. That's it for this session of the mailbag on the deen show Tune in next time

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talking about the last and final messenger to mankind we covered some points here mercy to Muslims non Muslims women children sinners, the enemies during war mercy to them even the animals the poor, the orphans, you know right now somebody should have you know what

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a feeling to want to continue investigating at least or a lot of things that negativity they used to think it should be cleared up. All right, we want to wrap some wrap up now. give some advice, some closing comments to those you know what that they've been for years they've been hearing lies distortion falsehood, and now they're hearing this there might be confused. Is there anything now that you want to the advice that you want to give to someone who's searching the truth, but you know what they've been caught in a mix the confusion now? Yeah, unfortunately, it

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What I see in the media, always bringing a fabricated things to the audience to the people, they want to see the products exactly is a selling products, and they want to bring any fabricators to sell, you know, in the profits of all audiences and I'm giving this a chance. They told them, they told his uncle, if he wants to be rich, we make him rich. If you want women, we make him woman, give him woman, if you want to, if you want to be a king among us, we'll make him a king. If he is sick, like a gin or something like this, we'll give him the doctors, the best doctors ever.

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And his uncle telling that and he said, those people, they have intention to kill you, Muhammad. And he looked at him. And he said, But why?

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And he said, By Allah, uncle, if they give me the sun in my right hand, and the moon in my left hand, to leave this matter, I will never leave the truth on this matter.

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The Prophet sallallahu wasallam he's suffered for 13 years in Mecca, and 10 years in Medina. For what? For the truth, for only the truth, nothing but the truth, which is that there is no God to be worshipped except the one true God to deserve to be worshipped as God creator. That's the main message. Exactly. Exactly. That's amazing. Exactly. So much hard times and turmoil and persecution. Absolutely. And the code is a friend in front of him, his companion in front of him, they killed it, not only that is you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. One day he was praying next Aqaba, one of the people is named up Bible wise. He came and he put his foot on the interface on the

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face of Prophet Muhammad. Somebody said, Fatima. She was younger, the daughter of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, she tried to defend her father because this man is so huge, tried to kill the Prophet sallallahu wasallam and, and all all all those disbeliever disbelieving prophet even with his own family. He suffered in Mecca in the way they killed

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the father of American Yes sir. And his lager front of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam passing by seeing his companion tied up as his sovereign and as for internal illumination, have patience sub patience, the people of yours the family of Yasser Allah promise you to be mentioned.

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Below are the alerts are below, they typed in below. And they put us on a

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huge walk in the desert in the high desert. And Bilal because he's not Arab. He's from a senior. And he used to say I hadn't had a lot is one allies one. And brother salani send them he sent a worker to free him with money because he was a slave.

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And he become a brother to the Prophet Salalah hadiya said that his slave become a brother than the brothers of allottee.

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So we're gonna wrap it up now. Just a couple more points I have to get in there. Does Islam have anything to do with terrorism? Many people if we got some non Muslim watching, they've been programmed thinking that Islam is terrorism, that Islam teaches violence promotes violence. What do we have to say about this? Unfortunately, we have to define what's terrorism. Look at the whole world who's under risk Russia right now under killing right now who is getting killed every single second? In this moment? I'm speaking to you the Muslims. Well, who is the terrorists theory are terrorists we have to define that Islam is very merciful in the way you cannot imagine it. The

00:33:36--> 00:33:59

minister because the word Islam is a piece and you're going to tell me that the Muslim they are tourists. The tourist whoever we have to define with tourists, we have to define also what's infidel, you cannot find one single word in the dictionary college dictionary that means infidel, they are the Christian or the Jews. No, no, no, absolutely. The people of the book, there's a Christian

00:34:00--> 00:34:37

book. Absolutely. Absolutely. So we have to define was terrorism, terrorism, and who is the terrorists? So let's make this clear that in Islam, the Islam does not justify killing innocent men, women children, even cutting down trees. Is that true? Absolutely. We're gonna speak about this accident a different that's a different topic. I just wanted to put throw this point in there. And I'd like to thank you for being with us. Now. We can go on and on. But we're gonna have to talk about continue talking about some of the hardest questions that we get and many things stay tuned. We're going to cover this in shell on the next show. I want to thank everyone for tuning in

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remember, always come to the source, I hope we were able to clear up some of the misconceptions that have been in your mind a lot of the lies and distortion. Islam is about surrender and submission to one guy to worship god alone and not his creation. If you can do this, then you can do the rest of it. It's about mercy and compassion. We covered mercy to the orphans mercy to the

00:35:00--> 00:35:38

Pour to the women to the children to mankind. There's no killing innocent people in Islam. Islam is not about terrorism, about terrifying people. Islam is something that's for the whole of mankind. This last and final messenger was sent for the whole of mankind. So before you go ahead and start to bring up things and quote things out of context, please Humble yourself. Open your mind, humble your heart, and ask yourself why you're doing this. Are you really trying to promote peace? Are you trying to promote an agenda? Are you angry with yourself? So you want to make other people angry? Let's try to find a common ground. Even if you don't accept Islam. Let's try to understand each

00:35:38--> 00:35:47

other and build tolerance so we can live together in peace. Until next time, Assalamu alaikum peace be unto you.