Pastor Leaves Christianity for Islam

Adnan Rashid


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Assalamu alaikum Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim. I am Adnan Rashid. I am currently in Rwanda, in the capital city of Kigali. I am at one of the biggest mosques in the city. And this mosque is surrounded by a slum, you can see around me, there, there are a lot of households, a lot of people. And Rwanda, basically, is accepting Islam. The people from Rwanda, are accepting Islam in big numbers in droves. Since the genocide in 1994, the numbers of Muslims have grown from 2% to 12%. This is what we have been told, lately. This is a situation. Now I have a very special gentleman with me. May Allah bless him. He was a pastor, up to the age of 40. He studied pastoral curriculum

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in Congo, in a university in Congo, where he studied how to be a pastor. And he was pastor until he was 40. And then he was giving that he was given our by some shakes and the art. And they explained to him why Islam is true, and why what he was following, didn't make sense. And he told us that even the pastors who were teaching at the school at the University or at the institution, they knew sometimes when they were teaching, they knew it was wrong, what they were teaching didn't make sense. But they were still teaching, because it was a matter for them to you know, go go with it because of money or job or whatever, right? So he accepted Islam. And when he did, his wife left him

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and she left eight children with him. And to this day, he is very steadfast. He continues to do that. He is doing our day and night. And at one point, he gives shahada to 1000 people in villages. Writing at this port where we are right now, he's telling me that everage every week between 10 to 20 people accept Islam. So this is a very special person. Allah has blessed him with Islam. He left his pastoral position, he lost everything. He lost his job, he lost his money, he lost his wife, for the sake of Allah. And to this day is dedicated. He is running our center right here in the masjid. And, you know, we are very, very pleased to see him. I just wanted to share the story with you

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because it's so inspirational. So meet with a brother who will give this advice because he doesn't know the English language. So he will speak to you in Swahili so that he can share his thoughts and his sentiments about it. Now this new life family Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen Assalamu alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh was on the Cusco Allah subhanho wa Taala Am I commend him to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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Islam, karma village Ganga metacarpals Ooh, zakat Kaluga can get into my Alhaji Camana Suleiman exa pasta may be poor pasta lucky Nicki Minaj Google Moon ecology, genomic Islam OBD Naito Cardinia Aki Hakuna demon DeVita is for guanidine in imager denier Islam, Lusaka, Zambia Kenya Dawa Cassia Dawa mocassin Zuli Sana nearly refined Eminem in India with Islam. They made you acquainted with the Gili workplans undeniably the new Islam had the new fillet Okay, so the schooling economy Islam, Islam siSwati to save me further Cassia Dawa to Pottier Dhawan moovel to say the dour end Bailey wishto A*aka Islam Sababa Islam do Dini moja Allah Allah PATA mytuner water until the water and eco

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Islam. How Akona Demian Gili? What yesu we slum? Musa, we slum Nabil? Blame Islam Nabil No, we was Adam Buckelew Dini moja ingenie Yo te busanga co D me Allah, Allah Bhatia demand Eugenia Islam na school Nico Miss La napoo funny come Islam nama panda Islam nanny Cafe Nina flakes on a promise love Nicola pasty no Nico Muslim Alhamdulillah LA schools Allah, Allah brothers, Allah me I could I could feel the power of His words. I didn't understand what he was saying. I can understand words of course Islam and he's talking about the prophets and why Tao is important. But I could feel the power coming from his heart Allah He may Allah bless these brothers, may Allah continue to use them.

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And why am I making this video I'm making this video for you to realize that this is an open world for you. You know there are people here who want to learn about Islam. They want to know about Islam, they want to know about the Prophet.

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They want to know about the beauty of Islam, you know, during the genocide in 1994 Muslims say

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hundreds of lives in mosques. Many, many people who were victims. They were running into mosques to seek refuge and they live was saved. Even the president of the country, he acknowledges the role of the Muslims. positive role the Muslims played in, you know, that during that catastrophe, right. So the point is, people here, they love Islam. They are open to Islam, and they are willing to accept it. We are here to give them down. And our brother, I thank you. May Allah bless him. He was a pastor until he was at Chick fil A man. His name is Hartsville Amman and Mila continue to bless him. And now it's time for Margaret Adan is going on. May Allah subhanaw taala bless you all and make dua

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for a shake for the man that man may Allah strengthen him and may Allah join the hearts and re unite us in gentlemen for those I mean Salam Alaikum