Mufti Menk – Lessons from Disasters – Morocco and Libya

Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The recent disaster in Morocco has caused thousands of people to lose their lives, causing devastation and a need for caution. The importance of protecting health and blessing oneself is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving success in Islam. Prayer for the end of one's life and staying in touch with others is emphasized, as it is crucial for achieving success in Islam. The importance of praying for the end of one's life and not just for their own happiness is emphasized, and the need to use praying for others as a means to protect others and avoid negative consequences is emphasized.
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My beloved brothers and sisters, Morocco and Libya have recently been through disaster.

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It would be wrong for us to stand on the pulpit and not to mention what has struck our brothers and sisters in a humungous way.

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We got up hearing about an earthquake in Morocco where 1000s of people lost their lives.

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Destruction unimaginable occurred within a few seconds by the will of Allah.

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Yes, there are people who might want to have a few theories of what happened or did not happen. That is not the discussion today.

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What I know is that I lost brothers and sisters in their 1000s who belong to the Ummah they are my brothers and sisters just like they're yours.

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The first step is for us to say in law he were in LA or June.

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It should hurt us in pain us if you're a believer.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says we are like one body if a small portion of it is in pain, the entire body is in pain.

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The minute we heard of this loss in Allah he were in LA Hara June we are saddened. We say we belong to Allah and we are all going to return to Allah.

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Thereafter the first thought that should come to our minds and hearts is how can I help?

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And the quickest help

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is to render a quick dua to supplicate to Allah immediately Oh Allah make it easy for them. Oh Allah protect them. Oh Allah grant them Goodness Oh ALLAH alleviate their suffering. Oh Allah be there for them. Oh Allah, you alone know why this happened. We will never understand the wisdom of Allah. Never.

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You alone know why it has happened. Oh Allah help them.

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Thereafter, in the following days, we heard of one of the worst floods that have occurred

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in our continent.

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happening in Libya.

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My brothers and sisters, it is so severe

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that more people lost their lives in the floods and continue to this moment losing their lives than those who were lost in the earthquake, which was bad enough anyway.

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In La he were in La Jolla Rajon

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The reason I address this matter today is it is because it is of concern for the entire ummah.

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When you and I show a concern for others, Allah Almighty appoints those who will show concern for us.

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If you are not concerned for what is going on around you, that is your own destruction and the destruction of communities and societies. Because if I am not going to ensure that my brother is safe from drowning, a day will come when I'm on the same boat and I shall drown too.

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And the beauty is Allah's help comes only to those who are busy helping others when Allah did not need you and I to help others, he could have done it on his own. But in his divine system, he has kept it such that I want to give you the opportunity. I want to give you the chance yet I could do it without you. Do you really think Allah needs me to help those people? Allah does not need me, but he has given me an opportunity. And by the way, not only those people, but even those around me right now who might be struggling. When any cause comes to you. It is Allah who made it come to you, what are you going to do about it? You need to

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have a good heart. Number one, pray. Number two, reach out through your prayers, show a concern. And then do whatever you can

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to help

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and Allah will help you as a result. And not only that, when you give something it is sowing a seed as though you have sown the seed of a tree or a plant that is going to bring about lots of fruit and shade for you not just in this world, but in the hereafter to more importantly in the hereafter. So whenever you give something feasability Allah, even if you have less, you have given something to reach out to those who don't have what you have. Allah becomes pleased with you. And it is your investment

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And the fruit of which you shall derive in this world and the next

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man aka Somalian means sadaqa. No one's wealth has ever become depleted because of a charity they gave something they gave

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my brothers and sisters,

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people say, was it the punishment of Allah? Why did Allah destroy these people? Why did Allah destroy nations? When you look at Libya? In a few minutes, the flooding and there are videos that are online that confirm this we are living in an age of technology. So no one has an excuse. We are living in an age where I have seen and you may see or you might have already seen what has happened.

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Yes, we need to be careful while living in this age of technology to ensure that we are not duped by that which is fake and created and artificial and so on. But you know what I am saying when we have seen something and the devastation of it. Ask Allah to protect you from ever being inflicted by such damage in your own lives. When I want protection,

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I am helpless besides the help of Allah, what do I have? If Allah wants to destroy Amin? Pura,

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sunnah. bieten wahana imune

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are the people of the valleys are the town's really at ease that Allah will not punish them

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while they are asleep, perhaps taking a nap of the afternoon.

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We are not safe

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except by the safety of Allah. And if you want that, you need to show concern for those who have struggled rather than getting into the debate as to whether this was a punishment or a test from Allah for them worry about yourself and myself.

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If it was a punishment for them, how did it change your life? Have you moved? Have you stopped to the bad habits? Have you stopped your adultery and your gambling and your intoxicants? And have you stopped the haram? If the answer is no. Are you not just waiting for something worse? May Allah forgive us? May Allah strengthen us. If Allah takes you away, in a condition that He is pleased with you, no matter how you died, you are successful.

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No matter how you died.

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If Allah has softened your heart before he took you away with Allah He He has blessed you.

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But if you are drifting further away from Allah every day you have none other to blame than yourself.

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Don't ever blame anyone besides yourself my brother my sister. Death is not a bad thing but how you died may make it bad for you.

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And I May Allah take us away in a condition that He is pleased with us. Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam used to make dua Oh Allah keep me alive for as long as you know that life is better for me and oh Allah take me away when you know that it is better for me to die

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why the DUA because you and I don't know Allah Who Maya mocha liberal pollutes a bit Kulu burner Allah Dini Oh Allah, the Turner of the hearts, turn our heart towards your deen not away from it. I mean, my brothers and sisters,

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we should be reaching out to our brothers and sisters who are struggling no matter where they are. Yes, I do know. The circle is starts off very small, where you should look at your relatives, your families, your tribes, your people, and then your nation, your country and then you move out to others who are further and further and further away. When you have money for charity, the first people you look at is your kith and kin, your family, your brothers, your sisters, your cousins, your relatives, your uncle's, your aunts and so on. Those are that will orba where it then koruba has gone who will miski Now otherness serving look at how Allah starts with the will Poorva. Allah

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says give Who should I give that will you start off with that we'll put up our first and then you go to Mysskin and Noosaville. And you know what that means? Those who are poor or those who perhaps don't have homes and so on. The circle continues and not everyone has the same capacity. So do not belittle the little that comes from a person who might not have as much as you do. Because that again

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is failure.

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In Islam, we are taught there are two aspects one is the figure and two is the blessings. Sometimes there is the best of both. You have a person who managed to give so much and it is filled with blood

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thinks a lot will be achieved.

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But sometimes someone cannot give that much but it is filled with blessings which is more important the figure or the blessing of Allah he in our deen we are taught that the blessing is more important.

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When you earn ask Allah for blessings before you ask him for figures. Today we asked for figures before we ask for blessings. The blessings will come Don't worry First give me the figure, masha Allah. May Allah give us the best of both Rabbana attina for dunya Asana of in FIRA de hacer Nathon, Machina, Adana,

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my brothers and sisters

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when we have been giving or receiving and we avoid of blessing it is only because of the first word that I told you at the beginning of this quote, but we don't have a connection with Allah. That's why it is impossible for someone not to be blessed. When he has a connection with Allah. He is happy even if he has zero naira. Even if he has nothing. He is content. Do you know why there are blessings in his life that are priceless? He has something that no value can be attached to? It is the relationship with Allah. If I were to go now, if you were to go now, where will you go? That's a question. If you die today, if the earth opens up, like it has opened up in societies and

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communities, not very far from us here in Africa recently, and it has swallowed the people while they were asleep. If this earth has to open up and it is the same earth and take you and I right now, whoever's heart is clean and clear, is fortunate to go while he is in the house of Allah, whereas people right now could have been in a place where they are disobeying Allah, where will they go? How will they go? The question is if I go now, where am I going?

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Did you prepare for it? Did I prepare for it? Good news to you, my brothers and sisters. The fact that Allah allowed you to come to his house today is a sign of Allah's love.

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Continue with it. But Allah says to you and I compulsory is not just one prayer in the week, it is five prayers a day. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar.

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Imagine your time of death is written at the time of Salah to Lhasa on a Friday for example. And you are not in the masjid, you are in the wrong place. If you were a person frequenting the masjid, where would you have been? That's the question, whereas at the same time, another person could pass away and he was in the masjid. But the timing was exactly the same. It might have been the moment when he was in solitude, and Allah took him away, who was blessed and who was not blessed? What would you like?

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Julian culpa, whom Allah Campbell Messiah JD, a person whose heart is always hanging in the masjid. I am concerned with Salah, the next Salah another Masjid a masjid let me go to this Masjid when I'm traveling I will stop this Masjid that must be what is it that is so big about the masjid Wallahi it is the place where you can engage in an act of worship in the house of the one who owns entire creation in a way that you are the closest ever to him accountable. Maya Khalid Abdullah will be here who has added the closest you can get to your Lord is while you are in frustration, imagine you are taken in that condition. What are the chances? Well, if you don't pray, the chances are zero.

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And if you pray more, the chances are more and if you ask Allah, Allah already knows and if you are kind Allah will give you a good death. What is the dua of a believer? Oh Allah grant me a good death it is known as personal customer, Allah whom in the LUCA, Fatima, make the DUA. Oh Allah I asked you for a good day. You've given me so much you have not embarrassed me on Earth. You have covered my faults, you have kept me so good. You have shown me destruction of others in such a way that I have taken heed. I feel your anger Oh Allah, I feel displeasing you I love you Oh Allah, you made me Oh Allah, grant me a good and honorable death where you are pleased with me and where I can go in a way

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that is not going to be an embarrassment for me after my death.

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May Allah grant us all a good death. My brothers, my sisters, there is no option you have to go. Guess what Allah has already chosen how you are going to go. Just continue to ask him because those blessings when they come, they will be the best. How do I achieve blessings? Turn to Allah. Change your ways your habits. Every time you see disaster on earth. Let it be Ebro. Let it be a lesson for a tabula rasa will absorb all of you who have foresight or you who have intellect or you who can see, take heat. Draw a lesson from what what has happened to others. If what happens to others in terms of negativity, did not move yourself

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myself, we are at a loss. One of the reasons Allah allows us to witness what has happened to others is for us to take heed and change our lives. Allah has blessed you. Allah has given you. Is it so difficult to abstain from haram? Is it so difficult to do halal and enjoy Halal Allah He my brothers and sisters it's not difficult to it for the sake of Allah he will grant you a blessing that is unmatched. He will give you a death and not just a death but even your life in a way that you will be pleased. The best day ever will be the day that you will return to Allah and meet him.

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Allah Who mage and Hydra Yamuna, our Kira Medina

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Oh Allah, let the best of our days be our last days and let the best of our deeds be the last deeds. How will that happen? If we are not moving in that direction? My deeds are becoming worse and worse as I grow older. How do you expect to have the best of your deeds being your last? Do you know why the DUA is there? Let me explain. Allah is so merciful that He will judge you based on your ending not based on your beginning. No matter what you've done up to today. It is deleted if you change if you seek Allah's forgiveness Allahumma

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waka fear and mercy dinner whatever phenom Allah

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O Allah forgive our shortcomings.

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Oh Allah expiate the bad that we did convert it into good on the good side of the scale through the Toba that we are engaging in as you have promised, and oh Allah resurrect us with those who are righteous.

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Imagine when we are resurrected on the day of judgment. And you see around us good people you can be happy you already know my hisab is going to be easy Shala imagine imagine you get up on the day of judgment around you a Who are you who are you seeing Allah has some really amazing beautiful souls. But imagine getting up and all those people you see around you are criminals than what I do. That's why the Hadith says before you get into your grave, there are a few questions you are going to be asked just as an introductory into the hereafter. What is it Shala a Salah salah. Did you pray Why is prayer so important? Allah does not need it. You need it I need it. Why is it so important? It

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streamlines your life. It keeps you in check. It helps you balance it makes sure that you can abstain from haram if you are concerned about one Salah after the next your will do needs to be intact. If that is the case you will be protected the devil even feels ashamed because your mind is actually worried about the prayer, not about the sin.

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That's why salah, Sala salah, it will help you in this world and the next it creates a mood and the light on your face. When people see you. You are pleasant. You are pleasant. They know this is an honest upright man. How do you know I just get the feeling? Don't you hear people say that? By the way, some of these feelings are wrong because I tell you, when you yourself are evil, you will never pick up who's right and wrong. Mostly.

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A bad man can only be attracted to another bad men. It happens unless ALLAH has had mercy on you. But when you are generally a decent person, you feel comfortable with others why there is something in common what is it? The blessing of Allah? May Allah help us and guide us to distinguish? Yeah, are you loving?

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Allah, Allah come follow Karna what a powerful verse Oh you who believe if you are conscious, if you have the correct relationship with Allah, if you fear the punishment of Allah, and if you fear angering Allah and you have a beautiful connection with Allah, He will give you the ability to distinguish for con criteria, to be able to tell right from wrong good from bad, good people from bad people, Allah will guide you in my life. There are so many decisions to be made to be made. How do I know which decision I should make? I need to ask Allah's help. And if I have a connection with Allah, Allah will give me the guidance is

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mini for inner who younger will be moody lucky.

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When there is a believer you need to watch out he knows Allah blesses him with foresight, from who from Allah alone. So look at how disasters that happen across the globe ought to teach us lessons while we are reaching out to them.

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Feel for everyone. Reach out to everyone remember, a duty of us as Muslimeen is to give people who don't have what we have. What we have.

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It's part of your Eman. One of your pillars of faith is a cut. You have something that guy doesn't have it if you have more than Allah says Listen, whether you like it or not dig in your pocket. Take our two and a half percent this the men

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Give it to him. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. I'm just giving you an example. Allah tells you you have yes I have. Okay. There is a guy there who doesn't have, okay he doesn't have you have more access. Yes, you are going to take it out and give it there. That is a pillar of Islam.

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There is great benefit in this Allah wants you to soften to say this is temporary. Everything you have today you are going to leave it on Earth. Everything is going to stay here, you are not going to take a thing. The only thing you go with is your deeds, what you spent, your name is written next to it what you have not yet spent, someone else's name is going to be written next to it. May Allah help us to use things in the correct way.

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My brothers and sisters let's turn to Allah.

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I ask Allah to help those brothers and sisters of ours in Libya and Morocco. And I ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to use us to help them through our DUA and through whatever means we can. And I ask Allah to let it be a lesson for all of us. May Allah grant them Jana to those and may Allah grant us Jana the day he takes us. Sometimes people die lying on their beds, but one wonders whether they are going to Jana or Johanna, whereas sometimes Allah has taken people away in in what might appear to be a violent storm but they may be martyrs going to Jannah.

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So we ask Allah to make it easy for the those who are left behind there are little children who are left with no body. There are people who have nothing there are boys and girls whose families have been wiped out there the only ones remaining there are communities that are no longer existing they are towns that have disappeared into thin a con May Allah Almighty never do that to us. May Allah Almighty protect us. May Allah Almighty never test us with tests that are too difficult for us to pass BarakAllahu li Walakum Quran you assume that you won't have any what yeah can be Murphy him I mean it will Hekmati Apollo Cody ha That was stupid Allah Ali. welcome Melissa in Muslim manifesto

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in the whole photo Rahim.

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