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AI: Summary © The conversation covers factors contributing to divorce, including dangerous soldiers and fake news. A woman found out she had been killed by a group and was not properly addressed by the media. The conversation also touches on the number of people who received a message and potential consequences of it. A video of a person falling while driving in a group and advises listeners to be careful with their information.
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Just a very quick reminder in sha Allah

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Today we're going to talk about rumors.

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As we all know, rumors

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in the era of social media, they spread so fast.

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And rumors, cause divorce rumors, destroy communities, rumors even cause war.

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And sometimes rumors

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could get so bad that could lead to the hellfire.

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When it comes to the rumor itself, there are three factors.

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And when it comes to stopping the rumors, there are two soldiers.

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The ones when it comes to the first part, there is the one who

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fabricated or started the rumor.

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The one who spread the rumor,

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and the one who believed the rumor.

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The one the most dangerous one is the one who started the rumor.

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I remember around, I would say maybe 1516 years ago

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when they were when the chat rooms were very popular.

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There was a lot of Christian talking in the chat room. And they said, let's come up with a rumor. And see how do the Muslims react?

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And look how quick the Muslims believe. And let's see how far this rumor will go.

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So everybody started giving a suggestion what the rumor should be.

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And then one of them said and he was the one who

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was successful.

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He said let's put a guy on a

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hospital bed

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and put you know,

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an area on top of him saying you know something about good and personal heart

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and on the monitor the heart monitor. Let's make the sign of the heart says hola on it.

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So they designed the IT guys. So they designed a sign. Very easy. That says on the monitor instead of the what they call it in medical. Yeah, the cardio thing that's moving. Instead of that it says Allah and then Allahu Akbar, look at this man. On his deathbed. The cardiologist said Allah said Allah the name of Allah

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in five minutes

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this picture with the with the man and this was all over the word.

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House No, Fatima, this is the way it's supposed to be. Look at this miracle from Allah azza wa jal. And the people were, you know, saying and laughing and joking. Look how far this went.

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So this is the first group of people

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very dangerous. The second group is more dangerous because the second group or the first group will not be successful without the second group. The second group is unfortunately many of us. Yeah, hola.

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Anything that comes Bismillah forward?

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You're checking, no verifying no clarifying no nothing forward.

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Number one, if it was a religious matter

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if you forwarded a fake, fabricated

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and authentic material

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all of a sudden Rasulullah salAllahu alayhi wa sallam whomsoever say something about me, I did not say his place in the Hellfire is reserved.

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Would you like someone to say about you? Things that you did not say.

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How about Rasulullah sallallahu sallam.

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We get a hadith we get so excited we get so emotional. Young Allah

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if you wanted the one time I got a hadith, supposedly.

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If you look at your father face after Fisher equal to 70

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If you look at your father's face after Salat al Fajr has to be measured not

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equal to 70 times you want to hash Allahu Akbar, forward,

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Baba, let me look at your face habibi.

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And many, many, many, many similar things and we have seen it

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and not only religious Yeah, one religious is the most dangerous any matter any matter that we get remember

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few months ago, maybe almost a year ago, very went viral. So the, and I'm not defending them. So it is now teaching Hinduism in their schools. curriculum. It was went viral this video, all it took is one second.

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You click and you put the topic it tells you fake news, this is not true. Sometimes some people came up with it and they, you know, maybe one of those guys, the chatroom

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the third guy,

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they believe it and it stays as a mental load in the back of their head.

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Released when needed.

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Now, let's come to the most important part.

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There are two soldiers.

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The first soldier, the message stops at him. He finds out this is fake. And he does not forward. This is amazing, excellent. But there's a better soldier

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there's a better guy, the guy he the one who when he finds out that this is wrong. He contacts the person who sent it and said habibi.

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This is not authentic. This is not right. This is not true. Please be very careful, do not follow this material, especially if it's in a group. And it takes three seconds to to go all over the world.

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Three seconds, and we've seen it.

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We've seen many things spread so fast.

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I recorded a video one time three, four years ago, now 2014 When I first came to Dallas,

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a brother called me from

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from New York. He said, Sheikh I have seven 800 people in India in my groups and I need the reminder about the Asia

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so they said you know what I'm driving to Arlington I'm gonna record something for you audio, not even a video audio. So I recorded an audio and I sent it to him. Till this day, this audio is circulating all over the world. Even though the dates are wrong because 2014 the ledger started different. This is something good and people send it to me from Tanzania sheperson that you see all over the world. Look in a fraction of a second something could go like wildfire.

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If you see something that is wrong, even like I said even if it's a dunya matter, like

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Cadbury has pork what Cadbury has pork boom everybody. Yeah, I love Cadbury stuff don't talk about Cadbury. I'm talking just

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there's no pork in it.

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People stop buying you ruin somebody's business. Just because you got a message you did not even check it I'm not even nothing. This guy did this. Yeah, Allah.

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Please be very careful. Be the last guy, the one who not only stopped, but also will verify and check and these days are a few seconds literally few seconds. I'll give you something very, very, very recent.

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Wildfire, a guy giving a cookbook and fell how many people saw it raise your hand. He was giving a cookbook died. Allahu Akbar going to Jana Masha Allah Who turned out the guy himself.

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himself. He did that video on purpose. He and his intention was good to show like you know, this is a he was talking about this and he died.

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And his last words Hola, Ilaha illa Allah.

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He was in a halal Allah and he fell

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on his website or on his Facebook, he said that I was doing this to remind the people but this part nobody sends it. They just send the part where the guy is falling down and and then another one in Morocco a few days ago went like wildfire. Right? How many people got the Morocco guy who's giving a football and fainted? Everybody got it? This guy? No, no, this guy. They said that he died, but the guy actually fainted. All you have to do is check khateeb Phil Maghrib Aktobe. Write it down. Boom you get immediately the

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A guy actually fainted he did not die

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you know Subhanallah So, any as simple as, as something like this, we have to be just careful Yeah. When when we forward things and sometimes even though you know those things you might think they are simple, but if they are religious matter, Allah He and He be extremely careful, be extremely extremely careful specifically, if it's a religious matter and even if it's regular matter just like you do not want people to spread things about you do not spread things about others or about their businesses, because you do not know the damage that you might cause may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the people who listen and apply the second law here Subhanak Lama dam the ignition

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stop federal counter tubik In musli me now almost Lima de one meaning Mina team one on et now I looked on it that he was loading pain I was sliding on he was on the Rena was Slavia rod Do you want before she you know she

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was before she I mean I want to call she is the one downside BP now one no downside the party was all me I was all in I

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wouldn't have you Lena photo gentlemen, one half your warranty was good enough.

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Was the guilt or I don't

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genuine nauseam.