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Hello, and

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welcome to another episode of the deen show, which is a way of life we try to put out there for everyone to see helping you understand Islam and Muslims. And today we're covering a very hot topic, you probably hear about it all over the news, jihad. What is Jihad? You've heard it mentioned dozens of times, hundreds of times in the news by now, which I like to thank you for coming to the source to learn about this word to learn about Muslims. And my next guest is going to be covering this very important topic. He's the author of the book called holy wars, crusades and jihad.

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Without further delay, let's bring out our special guests.

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Abu oboro, sorry about the show. How are you handling? Thank you for being with us today. Thank you very much. We're gonna get straight down to the topic. Yes. Are you ready? Yes, I want to first because the show is dedicated to help build an understanding with non Muslims. Now, there's a lot of myths and misconceptions. So one of them I want to clear up right off the bat. They look at you and they see a beard. They see Koofi, and they see the thobe. And now they say, Man, that's one of the guys I see on the news. And they associate you with terrorism or terrorists? Or what that what do we got to say about this *? Without the glasses? Also, if you buy a new picture that depicts Jesus,

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I would look like Jesus. Exactly. Yes. So if you have Jesus is going to have a skin as Brian is mine is B Brown is gonna have a beard is gonna have here and something to cover his head. And he's gonna wear a soap. And by the way, his mother would wear something so very close to the hijab of the Muslim woman. Absolutely. 911. What do we got to say about that they're probably looking at those are the guys, the Muslims, they're the ones that try to kill us. They hate us. What do we got to say about this? Well, they doesn't mean anything. Because first of all, Islam or Jihad have nothing to do. Neither Islam nor Jihad has anything to do with 911.

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People would like to think about Islam, whatever they want to think. But when it comes to the truth and reality, it's the misconceptions they've had for centuries, they've been emphasized by some actions by some Muslims, who might be thinking that they're serving Islam, but what they did, but actually, they haven't been serving Islam. So if you want to talk about 911, don't act like it is the first incident in the history of mankind, that has violence in it, because I'm a Palestinian. I was born into violence that was created by the Christian world that helped the Jews steal my land, and kill my people. And, you know, we're scattered all over the world. So I was born into violence

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and people who come and tell me about 911. I tell them what to buy me Look at me. I can't even visit my family in Palestine. I can go, I can go to see my own land. members of my family, extended family, upper rope, by the way, there are lots and lots of people call them a rope.

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They were born, they died without me ever seen them or knowing about them. So 911 is Islam is not responsible for those who did it.

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Islam is not responsible for those who did it. Or tell us what does Islam say about the killing of innocent men, women, children, contending is not the word here because when the Prophet of Allah Muhammad sallallahu alayhi Salaam sallallahu Sallam means May Allah peace and blessings be upon him. He ordered the women and children not to be killed in war. This Hadith was collected by the two most authentic resources in Islam after the Quran we have the Quran, which is the Holy Book of Islam, the word of Allah, it is the speech, the literal word of Allah, Allah is the Creator of everything. And after that we have the sooner and the sooner is the practices and speech of Prophet Mohammed Salah

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Salam how he explained the Quran. These are collected in various books. They're called books of Hadith. The most authentic books of Hadith are called Bukhari and Muslim and we have many other books that are close to authenticity to Bukhari and Muslim. These two scholars and others collected a hadith in which the cousin of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam distant cousin of the life Norma said

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That once Rasul Allah found and Rasulullah means the Messenger of Allah found a woman dead in one of the battles to heal. So he ordered that women or children are not to be killed in war. So if question, does Islam condone killing women and children? No, because Prophet Muhammad said, You can't. So if a Muslim comes in does that he would be doing doing it in spite of Islam, not in the name of Islam, not because of Islam, because Prophet Muhammad said, you can do it. On top of that suicide in Islam, as the very vast majority of scholars of Islam throughout the history, they consider it as a major sin. So many of them considered as an act that takes you out of Islam out of

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Islam. Yeah, yeah. So for me sitting here, I was born into Islam. I've been reading about Islam since I was five. I've been teaching Islam for about 28 years, this concept is absolutely not present in Islam that is killing yourself for any reason, because a law has said, and this is called a quasi Hadith, meaning what a lot of will the words to the Prophet, but they are not part of the Quran, in which he said about someone who killed himself before his due time my slave brought his soul back to me before it's due time, Paradise is prohibited for him. So if this is the case, by Allah, the creator of everything, if this is what Muhammad says, This is what Islam says. So 911 and

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Islam, they have nothing to do with each other. And it's not as I said, the Christian world would like to ask to believe that this is the only violent act that happened in the history of mankind since Adam came. It's all absolutely not true. Because the violence that came before and after especially the world war two can never be compared to anything that happened. 911 By the way, people keep forgetting that about 20% of those who died in those attacks were Muslim, were Muslim. Yeah. Wow. And if you go and see the names, you'll find many, many names that are Muslim names come in come in from the same area I came from, from Jordan from other areas. And Palestinian of Judah in a

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passport. So Jordan and Palestine, they're just sister countries, and peoples. So you have many names that are Muslims, plus, many of those who died. Without any record, we don't know them, because many of them maybe didn't have any, you know, didn't have immigration status. They are here illegally. Nobody knows about them. So so many Muslims died, how would any Muslim be jubilant and be happy with what happened? And then think that Islam condones it when Muhammad doesn't? Because in Islam, if you come up with your opinion, then it is your opinion, it's not Mohammed. But when Mohammed was asked the question, and it is hypothetical here, because he saw a woman dead, he said,

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Do not kill women and children. That's it. Period done. If somebody steals, and he's a Muslim, would you come and say Islam condones theft, even though Allah in the Quran said that those who steal, they should lose the hand that steals.

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It's the same thing here. If somebody comes and kills non combatants, where Islam says, you cannot do that, then Islam cannot be asked about it, because Islam doesn't condone it. I've had many people. And we'll get to our main topic. Well, this is actually relevant to it. Say, why don't Muslims condemned such act? Why don't the prominent leaders, so I wanted to make sure that I'm this show that the guests that I bring on that we are doing it because I had a friend of mine asked me that why don't these scholars, why don't these people, the primary leaders condemn such acts as 911? We're doing that right now. So as you heard our guests mentioned, but also this is such a fake

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question. First of all, as I said, Islam is not responsible for these acts, period period. Because the Quran and the Sunnah, they tell us that we cannot do such acts, we can't kill ourselves. We cannot hijack civilian planes or anything and kill those civilians. We cannot kill civilians, period. This is number one. Secondly, why would I condemn something that I had nothing to do with? I don't agree with never propagated, never preached, and my religion doesn't preach? Why don't the Christians come and condemn every act of violence against Muslims only in this century? Let's start from 2000. And now by what the Jews are doing to the Palestinians by what's happened, what happened

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in Europe, and Africa and India. Muslims are being killed on a daily basis. Why don't they come and condemn it? Plus, Muslim leaders have condemned these acts repeatedly. But the West doesn't want to hear it? Because they're not hearing their magic words. Yes, we're sorry. Islam is responsible, then now they're never gonna hear it. Islam is nervous because it's not. Plus, we the responsible Muslim leaders throughout the world, whether they are religious or political leaders, they condemn these acts and they said this is not a part of Islam. Yeah, so

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That's it. That's it. Okay, let's get to the book holy wars crusades, jihad, give us a little preface of this book, what happens that I used to before 911, I used to work on my books. I'm basically a translator, that's what I did before. I'm working on a secular media of Islamic literature called sad or mad when 911 happened. And it wasn't part of my plan, actually, to debate these issues, either live or in books, I was just concentrating on my other books, projects.

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Then people started saying things about Islam, including Muslims. And that made me, you know, not only outraged, but I thought it is really a necessity and needed that people who live in the West like me, who have access to the English language to the Arabic resources to come and set the record straight, by explaining what Jihad means in Islam, how it is done properly, and how things that are called Jihad today can be analyzed in this view, so that anyone who reads this book can understand that Prophet Muhammad said, Don't kill women and children. Therefore, if a Muslim comes and does it, then Mohammed is not responsible for it. Salallahu alaihe salam, why? Because he said, you can do

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it, because he ordered his companions not to do it. He didn't do it himself. And so I wanted the concept of jihad to be understood, because so often I hear people who have no clue what Islam is about, especially in the mass media, jihad, holy war, jihad, Hollywood, you know, this concept hollywood, hollywood is not, doesn't exist in our religion. It doesn't know Jihad does not mean holy war. This is why my book, I started by saying Hollywood because this concept, it appears it came from the Jews, we don't have it in our religion, the crusades, you know, who did the crusades, and jihad is our way of defense. jihad is the defense mechanism that Muslims have against their enemies.

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And it's not only fighting, it's not only against non Muslims, it can be done even against Muslims who attack you, you have every right to defend yourself. It's called jihad. And by the way, Jihad has 13 different aspects. One of them only is to fight in the battlefield. So I wanted to write this book to set the record straight about jihad, let people know what Jihad means, how it is properly conducted. Also, another type of person who you might see many Muslims who would like to lower their head to numb, you know, non Muslims, as you know, we're nice, we're good, we just kiss each other on the cheeks for peace, and this and that, because

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we're not for peace completely. Unless your non Muslims are for peace with us. Yeah, so we're not pacifists. We, our religion, a part of the meaning of Islam is peace. It's a part of the meaning, but the larger meaning is submission to the will of God, Allah, the creator. And therefore, when we talk about peace, we're not pacifist, meaning what? If you attack us will attack you don't attack us will not attack. If you seek peace with Islam and Muslims, you will have peace with Islam and Muslims if you don't you want. So I wanted all these concepts to be explained in such a way that there is a comparison also, I said, I don't know what my neck except to my Lord, the creator. That's

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what we do in sujood. When we prostrate, we just do it to Allah alone, the creator, I wanted to make a comparison between what we have in our book, which is very, very clear, has been practiced throughout the history of Islam by the Prophet and his successors, the companions, generations after that the scholars of Islam, it's very clear and documented. And compare that to what the people who are attacking Islam they have in their books, but they're hiding behind their backs. They have books that contain terrible, terrible orders to ancient prophets. And as we reject these orders, and think God never would have, you know, ordered them, we reject what these people are saying about the

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profits too, because we believe in all the profits from Adam, all the way to Mohammed, passing through Noah, Noah, Ibrahim, Abraham, Musa, Moses, Isa, Jesus and every other Prophet, we believe in all those prophets. And if you don't believe in any of them, you haven't believed in Mohammed or in any of them. Give us some examples of what you're talking about, as far as the things that are slander that's talked about, like for example, the killing of women and children. I just explained it because Okay, this is a concept that has to do directly with 911 killing civilians. When the Prophet says, according to Bukhari and Muslim you can't kill women and children, he ordered his

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companions. We're talking about Islam now. Yes, yeah. Now, when you go back to the Old Testament, and hear that Moses

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has been ordered and the order he gives it actually to Joshua and others, other

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people, children of Israel go to this town. This is the word The Lord is speaking go to this town and kill every man woman child Sakhalin infant oxen sheep donkey. That's Bible now Yeah, talking the Bible. Yes, that's what I have in my book. And I have the references reference after reference after reference. You know, the funny thing is, when I debate some Christians, they start saying Islam this and that and this and that killing, killing, killing, you know, non Muslims, kill them wherever you find them. And when I tell them about, what about what you have in your book, because killing of non combatants is not only bad, just when it pertains to Islam or any other religion because I

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challenged you, in your book, there is an addict in

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the Second Samuel that says go to this town kill every man woman child suckling in front of the rest of it and donkey I don't know why the Bible has a problem with donkeys because in many aspects or many parts of the in the Bible, donkeys are being ordered to be killed. donkeys are okay. I mean, the sound is not okay but they're okay. You know, Jesus according to the four gospels, he went into Jerusalem, a donkey on a donkey, so donkeys Okay, it helped Jesus peace be upon him, because we believe in him far more than people think. Now, when I tell them, you have this ethics, in your book, they come and tell me what this is an order for ancient nations, you know, doesn't pertain to

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us. I say this is not my question. When God ordered Moses, and Moses ordered the profits to go into this town and kill man, every man woman charged and suckling, was this order when it came righteous are good, and good or bad and evil is terrorism. They don't say anything. Because the minute you tell them what the Lord said, they distance themselves from the Lord saying this is for ancient peoples. Let's suppose it is for ancient peoples, okay? Because we don't believe God or that these Anyways, this is another reason why the Bible has been rewritten by these people. They just put any stuff they liked in these books.

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We'll be right back. There's a bumper sticker that reads God said it. I believe it. I guess Bart Herman's reaction to that is what if God didn't say it? What if the book he take has given you God's words, instead contains human words. ermine is the author of the new book misquoting Jesus. It's about how the New Testament was altered by the scribes who hand wrote each copy, and in the process made intentional or unintentional changes. ermine chairs the Department of Religious Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He's a scholar of the New Testament and the early church. He was born again at the age of 15, and studied at the Moody Bible Institute. Later, while

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attending Princeton Theological Seminary, he started to have doubts about the literal interpretations of the Bible, he now describes himself as an agnostic. Let's start with how the Bible was hand copied for almost 1500 years. With the Bible, we're talking about period before there is movable type. And so for books to be reproduced, they had to be copied by hand. And so all of the books of the New Testament and all of the books, in fact, from all of antiquity, were reproduced by hand, which is a very slow, painstaking process to mass produce a book in the ancient world meant that you would give the book to a to a company that did these things. And they might have five

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scribes there who would copy the book. And so the mass production or the kinkos of the ancient world was the little scribal shop on the corner, where you might have five guys doing this, to make a living. So the book, the books got copied out by hand, and copying a book by hand, of course, meant copying it one sentence, one word, one letter at a time. And, and that's, that's not only a painstaking and slow process, it's also lead, the process is open for mistakes to be made, either accidental mistakes as described as just being

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careless, or possibly he's tired, or possibly he's inept. And sometimes scribes actually changed the text intentionally. But sometimes they would actually change the text and make it say what they wanted it to say. And so we have these 1000s of manuscripts of the New Testament, we have over 5000 of these manuscripts, but no two of them are exactly alike. There are hundreds of 1000s of differences in these manuscripts. And so the task is to figure out what did the author actually write, given the fact that we don't have the originals, given the fact that we don't have the originals? Given the fact that we don't have the originals? Right, I started out, being interested

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in the Bible because I was a born again, Christian, a fundamentalist who thought that the very words of the Bible had been given by God and so I, I studied Greek in college and decided to read the New Testament in Greek. So the more I studied, the more I saw, there's an enormous problem. We don't have the original Greek copies of any of these books. All we have are these 1000s of these

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1000s of manuscripts from centuries later that have all these changes in it. And so this, realizing that we didn't have the original and that we that some places we don't know what the original said, that had quite a profound effect on my my faith that these words had been given by God

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given the fact that we don't have the originals, given the fact that we don't have the originals. So this realizing that we didn't have the original and that we that some places we don't know what the original said, that had quite a profound effect on my my faith that these words had been given by God.

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They're not original anyway. When I tell them what I'm not asking you if there were four ancient people when they came with these, or the scheme was the order from God to kill women and children and fence and succulents. Was it a righteous order? Was it good? Isn't this terrorism or not? Just tell me and they won't say, I can't intend to they find a single Christian preacher who attacks Islam or evangelist, or anybody or TV host, whatever, who can come and say, yes, this is bad in the Bible. And this is bad Islam because I'm going to tell him in Islam, we don't have it. I challenged I had a brief debate with Craig when Craig when wrote a book, extensive book about Islam, and the

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title tells you about what the book is about. You don't even need to buy the book. I don't advise you to buy it. You can find it find it online for free. Well, anyway. Islams terrorist dogma, from the words of its prophet. So what does the book talk about? You know, understand what from the from the title. So I had a brief debate with him on national radio with the on the mike Gallagher show, which is in Dallas originary. So I asked him throughout the brief debate, I spoke for about 12 minutes, he spoke for about 20 minutes, more than double that than me, or less than double whatever. So I asked him, Time after time, bring me one verse in the Quran that says Muslims killed women,

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children, non combatants, priests. I'm gonna bring it the next segment. next segment. Hmm, what is the answer to my question? Where is that verse? I'm gonna bring it next segment, even though the host of the show Mike Gallagher, who was really fair, because even though he is is a friend of my gala, I mean of Craig when he used to bring him all the time to his show to talk about Islam. He told him, Craig, where is that? Where's this man has been asking you about? Are you making this stuff up?

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He said I'm gonna bring it. He said it's in Surah hack.

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I started laughing Of course, because there is nothing in the four iron called syrup in his house. He got mixed up between Surah

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Surah something and see that even his house Sierra is a book about the biography of Rasulullah prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam peace be upon him. It's called Sierra table is half written by a man. The Quran is not written by a man is the words of Allah. So he failed to bring that verse and until today, I can find it.

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And by the way, you know, one of the things that actually made me start working on this book, it's in 300 pages, I put so many references there, and from the Islamic resources, various resources about jihad, what it means how it is properly conducted. Also, I made reference to the Bible, Old Testament New Testament things Jesus alayhis salam, as reported to have said, one of the things that made me write this book is that this verse, kill them wherever you find them. Or you can ask me about it. Yes, tell us because this is something that is quoted by the orientalist people who are looking to try to bash Islam. This is the verse they use, what do we got to say about it? We got to

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say lots about it, because this is in the second chapter in the Quran. Surah Baqarah. I 100 am means verse 100. And it actually doesn't mean verse But it means a sentence, but it can be translated to verse in English anyway.

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190 which is chapter two,

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Allah subhanaw taala says wakasa lofi sebelah he Latina, ukata, Luna kumala Tata do fight in the sake of Allah, those who fight you, but do not commit aggression in Allah, Allah you have been mercadien because Allah does not like the aggressives. Walk to loo home hydrostatic to move home and then kill them wherever you find them. This is verse number 191. Next one. So they eat up the verses before, and they come to 191 and quote it, kill them wherever you find them.

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Them refers to whom? For Christians and Jews, it's like there is no other religion on the face of the earth except Christians and Jews. But we have no business doing anything in this life. Muslims, except Christians and Jews know there are hundreds of other religions. Why them would mean, you know, Christians in fact, if I come and say kill them, wherever you find them, without explaining it, and talking about bringing the verse before it, you might understand them to be to mean what kill them chickens, cows, what, why Christians, Why kill them What? Because the verse before it has something that then refers to, for anyone who has a sane mind who's not led by his outrage and

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hatred for Islam. Listen, this is verse 191 190 says, fight in the sake of Allah here it means what in the sake of Allah This is the meaning of jihad. Our fight is always in the sake of Allah has to be righteous, it's not to read you amin non Muslims of money, or their wealth or their children. It has to be in the sake of Allah for a righteous cause. fight in the sake of Allah, those who fight you. So here the subject is those who fight you. But do not commit aggression aggression here as a maverick casier. And this is the major Tafseer explanation of the Quran that we use today. And hamdulillah I translated a half of it. It's it's a huge volume of books. I mean, a huge about 10

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volumes I translated more than five anyway. Mmm in case he mentions references here, he says that do not commit aggression. protests are not killing women and children, priests, etc. Because the Quran and Sunnah they fit together. You don't explain one without the other. Yes. So when it says do not commit aggression, we understand aggression. It means that it pertains to children and women and non combatants from the Prophet statement Do not kill kill women and children do not kill priests. Also, he said that, yeah. So because Allah does not like the aggressors. So if you are committing aggression, In the Name of Allah, the area already says, No, you you're not, you know, you're a

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Muslim. You come and kill women and children, and you use this area, this area refutes you. Because it starts by saying fight in which cars and the sake of Allah do not commit aggression. So if you commit aggression by killing women and children, then you are not doing it in the sake of Allah. Kill them, then it says, and kill them wherever you find them. So then refers to whom? Those who fight you. So give us an example for the person I still don't get it. What does that mean? Someone who's doing aggression, aggression against you, you have a right to defend yourself? Absolutely. Muslims have every right like every other nation, every other individual on the face of the earth to

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defend themselves, and to defend themselves with violence, if they are met with violence. No one Christians, Jews, pacifist, Muslims, anybody can take this right from us, we have every right like every other nation that exists to defend ourselves. And therefore, somebody comes attacks me in my land. I have every right to defend myself, my family, my religion, my Anna and my wife, because I am a human being. And this right has been given to everybody. Now they want to take it away from Muslims. Because anytime you want to defend yourself, they're gonna call us the word jihad. And it's not jihad. The word is jihad. No, they see they, they say, gee, ha, it's like, you know, you're like

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that guy who came from Texas, on top of, maybe an oxen with a hat or a horse, you know, gee, ha, that's what reminds me of cowboys. You know, it's not Jihad never heard this word in my life. It's jihad. If you have an enmity with this word, at least stretch on the stage properly. It's like Muslim, what's the Muslim? I never heard of a Muslim in my life. I'm a Muslim. And we have more than a billion Muslims on the face of the earth. the least we can do is learn how to share the religion properly. But anyway, jihad, jihad. Well, Jihad doesn't. This word is applied against all kinds of

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dressers including and the Quran says it.

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If two Muslim groups fight with each other, okay, they they will lead into fighting each other even though it is this allowed in Islam. What does the Quran say that try to make peace between them? If one of them persist in aggression says no, I'm not gonna go to peace, you have to fight that group. That's also Jihad come in here today, from Connecticut, to Chicago today is a type of jihad,

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even was the Kufa doing literally, by going to work every day, literally is also a type of jihad. Jihad means to pay the effort. If the effort is, in me speaking, it's the type of jihad working type of jihad and in my sustenance, you know, it's called reserved in Arabic, and Arabic. It's a type of jihad. So jihad is not only about fighting, and it's not only to, pertaining to non Muslims, even if a Muslim comes to your house, tries to commit aggression against you in your house. The Prophet gave an answer to that, and this is also jihad. One man said to the Prophet of Allah sallallahu, ala Muhammad, he said to him, What if a man came into my house and wanted to kill me?

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Should I fight him? Prophet said yes. He said, What if he kills me, you're going to paradise?

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What if I kill him, he goes to hellfire. This pertains even to Muslims. Therefore, the word jihad, if you want to use it in the proper Islamic way, it has 1313 different aspects, only one of them fighting non believers in the battlefield, and it has to be righteous in the cause of Allah. Meaning what if you have oil, if none Muslims have oil, I'm not going to go outside to their country just for the oil and then make up some, you know, fake reasons for me go in there. It has to be for the sake of Allah. Like, they're committed aggressions against Muslims who live there, trying to prevent them from practicing their religion or trying to kill them, whatever it is, this is the righteous

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cause, cause and I have every right like every other individual on the face of the earth to defend myself. If I defend myself, it is jihad. If I defend myself and use the word jihad, the news media concern He is calling for Jihad? Yes, we do. Because it's our defense mechanism, you know, a part of jihad, the major part of jihad that takes the longest period in your life is fighting against temptation from the devil. That's the biggest Yeah, that is the biggest with regards to the timeframe. It takes from the time you understand the order and commandment from Allah until you die, you have to keep fighting the temptation of shaitan shaitan is Satan is the devil. So from the

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entices the tendencies to go in, to drink alcohol to go and fornication, adultery, all the evil vices, you have to stay away from everything that's bad, that that is the biggest jihad, meaning with regards to timeframe. The biggest with regard to reward is when you fight in the battlefield, because this is when you show you, Lord, that You submission to him is perfect, that Muslims are being attacked, then you defend them, if you die, you're a martyr. And it's called Shahid. Also, some people who are you know, today, like I said, about lowering your neck for other than Allah, some Muslims, they think that by making Islam look like it's pacifist,

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they they're doing something good then not. And some of them say Islam is only defensive, it's not.

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Islam, also offensive if this nation can start war against nations all over the world, they call it pre emptive attack, okay? If they can justify it, and claim that this is not violence, and this is not, you know, this is good. Islam has the same concept. So if somebody and I have a chapter in my book, preemptive strikes, because in Islam, if the Islamic State, if you're the leader of the Islamic State, you hear about a country that's preparing to attack Muslims, you have every right to pre emptive attack and attack them before the attack.

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They might come and say, Oh, this proves Islam violence is violent Islamic violence, that it is violent. Tell them where if you can come on the media and say, well, the Christian world is also violent before attacking countries like Iraq that never attacked the west or America. Then if you think that's righteous, then how come it is bad or evil? Well, Islam is doing it. You see the hypocrisy. This is why I wrote my book, because there is so much hypocrisy out there. They're accusing Islam of things that they have far more worse, far worse in their books than we have. But there's a lot to discuss the Bible, they just want to discuss Islam and me and you know, that's what

00:34:57--> 00:35:00

I wanted to address. Next, we're talking about

00:35:00--> 00:35:06

About the shakes, book holy wars, crusades and jihad.

00:35:07--> 00:35:32

And I want to get into this next point about the Bible, we discussed a little bit and we'll get back to it Jihad as from the Quran, which is the verbatim Word of God and the Hadith, which, from the last and final message of Prophet Muhammad has been sent to the whole of mankind. What does the Bible have to say? Is there jihad in the Bible? Absolutely.

00:35:35--> 00:35:40

Right back, Islam prohibits killing of innocent human beings.

00:35:45--> 00:35:50

Every day, innocent human beings have been killed in different parts of the world.

00:35:53--> 00:36:17

most religions condemn the killing of innocent human beings. But Islam goes a step further and faith in the Glorious Quran surah chapter number five, was number 32. If anyone kill a human being, this would be for murder, or for spreading corruption the land, it would be as if he has killed the whole of humankind.

00:36:20--> 00:36:31

It does not stop here, but continue. And if anyone save a single human life, it would be as if yes, save the life of the entire humankind.

00:36:33--> 00:36:43

Remember, please do not kill a single, innocent human being, but rather save the whole of mankind by saving human lives.

00:36:44--> 00:36:47

human life is precious.

00:36:49--> 00:37:06

Is there jihad in the Bible? Absolutely. There is jihad in the Bible and Jihad By the way, and in Islam, it's allowed permissible and impermissible impermissible is that when you attack like non combatants, I, like I said, the Bible has the same.

00:37:07--> 00:37:56

It has edicts about how to deal with enemies, those who are not believers. So Moses musala, his Salah peace be upon him. One we believe in Moses, as we said, It is reported that he's been given different kinds of ethics to go to towns and exterminate everyone, Joshua did the same. This Prophet did the same day with killing people, you know entire towns and bending them down and all these you have instructions in the Bible about awful killing. It is literally called Jihad meaning what it's a struggle, okay? Because she has also been struggling. But this struggle is not righteous, as it is described in the Bible. First of all, there is no way God could have ordered Moses or any prophet to

00:37:56--> 00:38:40

kill women or children. We don't believe that. And this is proof that the Bible has been tampered with. Secondly, this Bible says that the prophets received the orders and did them, they acted upon them. So we have not only the awful object, but how it was practice put in practice by the prophets, which is not true as we said. So but the problem here the difference between the Bible and the Old Testament is specific and the Quran and the Sunnah is that we have a set of organized rules on what to do in which situation with the reference from the Quran and Sunnah that goes with it. In the Bible is case, you don't know who's saying what about whom what to do, in which situation. This is

00:38:40--> 00:39:22

why you see town after town after town, Joshua eliminating everybody. He didn't leave anyone that really is alive, as the Bible says often, and I have it in my book, these references. So it's chaos there because there is no restrictions. There is no set limits. It's all about the children of Israel, being able to kill everybody who went against them. Just the Bible. Yeah. And in the Quran and Sunnah. But you have a set organized rulings, what to do in which situation plus how it was put in practice, like for example, there is war. The disbelievers came non believers, non Muslims, they came with their women and children, you cannot direct your attack to them. Why? Because the Prophet

00:39:22--> 00:40:00

said it. They don't have this in the Bible in the Old Testament in specific, the New Testament is mute. It doesn't say anything about the Old Testament. You know, the Christians claim that Jesus is the one responsible for revealing the Old and the New Testament, okay? He has nothing to say in the New Testament according to their records about the Old Testament saying, I'm sorry for what I did before I changed my mind now. There's nothing is absolutely nothing. All what we have is a statement similar to what Prophet Muhammad was being criticized for, for saying I was sent with the sword. This is

00:40:00--> 00:40:13

Statement they keep repeating. Okay, he said it. Definitely he said it and it has a meaning anyway, they say Jesus, that that he said, let me rephrase it. He said, Don't think I came to bring peace on earth, I didn't come to bring peace, but to bring fire.

00:40:14--> 00:40:53

And fire it is. That's what the Christians brought to the whole world since then. And these are the peoples who time after time occupy other people's people's lands, kill entire nations, you know, drive people away from their lands, the Christians drove away. I mean, the Europeans drove away the Jews from Palestine 2000 years ago to begin with, it's not us. It's not the Palestinians is the Romans, they kicked them out. And they stayed somewhere for 2000 years, all of a sudden, they came there. Remember, they have a land, oh, this is ours now. But this is not this, because they never owned it. These ones here, they never owned it. So now when we talk about the Old Testament and the

00:40:53--> 00:41:37

New Testament, there is curious, because there isn't no set rules on what to do. The New Testament has nothing to say about the Old Testament, nothing that Jesus said, Well, now I'm a human, I feel the pain, I feel your pain. So I am eliminating all these all this they stay. In fact, Jesus says that this world will end will end before the any even letter from the words of God can end. And therefore these orders in the Old Testament they stand but this is not the point. If they say Islam is violent because of this, and that, I tell them Christianity and Judaism are violent, because if this and that, and this and that, and this and that. And this and that. That's what you cover in

00:41:37--> 00:42:22

your book. Yes. Yeah. Because I'm not going to allow them to attack Islam, knowing what they have in their own house. If you have a house made of glass, you don't throw stones at best advice. Do you know, tell us you mentioned the sword? Can you go ahead and give us the explanation of this saying, Yeah, Prophet Mohammed was sent with the sword just before the last hour, he was given permission to fight. It has to be in the sake of Allah. And that's what he did. Also, he was given permission to collect booty from the war, which were as the children of Israel were not. Plus, Islam has the right and legislation to preempt any treacherous attack that's been planned by any nation anywhere if they

00:42:22--> 00:42:30

can. Plus, Prophet Mohammed when he said, I was sent with the sword, it means what I am allowed to fight.

00:42:31--> 00:43:17

And I am going to raise my sword in defense of this religion of mine. And how did that translate in his practical sooner, some nations fought he fought them. And for that he was sent with the sword. Some nations sought peace, he gave them peace. Some nations sought promise of protection, he gave them protection. So he didn't deal with everybody with the sword. No, he was sent with the sword, meaning he was sent with the establishment that is called jihad in Islam, which, again, is the self defense mechanism that Muslims have, not only against the enemies, but also against their own temptations and the devil, and all the trials of this life, in your book you also had written and if

00:43:17--> 00:44:04

you can elaborate on this, that before any preemptive strikes or any jihad, as far as in the battlefield, self defense that this has to be done with an Islamic State. Can you go ahead into this a little bit, that's another thing you see, when Prophet says Allah sent with the sword, it means the leadership in Islam is the one that the one that establishes jihad, in fact, the Muslim Ummah, which means nation, agrees that those who established the fighting the war, actual war, are Muslim rulers. And whether the Muslim ruler is is practicing their religion as he showed or not, we still have to follow the lead. When that is established. In Islam, you cannot establish a group, an armed

00:44:04--> 00:44:14

gang within a state and act like you're in a state and start making peace and war with the world without permission from Muslim rulers. This is one of the things that

00:44:15--> 00:45:00

911 started by such a group, that they go to a Muslim country, ruled by someone else, they establish armed groups, and they start attacking and making peace and war without any regard to the nation they're living in as guests are taking their permission. You can do that. First of all, jihad is an organized effort for defense. And for offense, as I explained, yes, it has to have an army leadership, and that's when Jihad would most probably succeed. Why? Because you have the effort concentrated in, for example, the fighting Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu, Sallam established estate, armies, leaders of armies, and they didn't go

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

fight without his permission, without him telling them to go and do that, in fact, some of the armies, he told him go and fight, or I'm sorry, go to that area. And after a day or two, then you open my lecture to see the specific commands. And they would go and do that. But it was him who gave these commandments. And this is why the Muslim rulers, I mean, the Muslim scholars, if you read their books of the first called books, means minor aspects of the religion, you will find that jihad is established by the ruler, you find it repeated in almost every book of Islamic jurisprudence, you find it there, because the ruler is the one who's supposed to establish it, not armed groups, not

00:45:43--> 00:46:23

individuals, you don't sit in a corner somewhere, and then have some young men around you and say this and that let's establish war and peace. I'll give you an example. Some of those groups almost led to a nuclear war between India and Pakistan. And this is to me is so terrible. Why, because of their ideas about jihad, and whatever it is, they would rather or doesn't matter to them that millions of Muslims would die on both sides. Because remember, India has 200 million Muslims. And Pakistan has about 150 million Muslims, we have both sides, we don't want them to fight within what because they're going to use weapons of mass destruction that would eliminate millions of people for

00:46:23--> 00:47:09

no reason. They would rather do that, so that they can justify their opinion, there is a leader there, you cannot do that you cannot establish war and peace without having a physical authority on Earth, being a head of state or a state that makes this now, if an attack comes to a Muslim country, all of a sudden, and the authority the country, the state, you know, is just devastated. There is no authority anymore. People can establish in neighborhoods, you know, some kind of defense, but it has to be temporary as Imam Ahmed, one of the major scholars of Islam, it has to be temporary until they get the leadership back in line. And then they start again, the you know, the effort of jihad under

00:47:09--> 00:47:15

the leadership but in Islam, jihad, as a matter of warfare has to be done by the Muslim leader.

00:47:17--> 00:48:03

Thank you for being with us. We are talking with Sheikh Abdullah, Abu Abu Abu, and we're discussing his book, holy wars crusades and jihad. He's the author, publisher, translator of over 40 books. Mashallah. So we're coming to a close just a couple more points. Tell us for the confused Muslims, confused non Muslims? Where do they start now? You know, we're talking about an issue jihad, and we'd like to thank you for coming to the source. But how about those who are confused by the media, the negative propaganda, and some people who even like twisting the truth? What advice do we give the people? I What can I What can I say more than that, you have to seek knowledge in the religion

00:48:03--> 00:48:50

that you are taking as an enemy, or as a friend. You know, I have been studying Christianity since I was younger, in Arabic and English. years and years and years. After that, I decided to talk about issues in Christianity and Judaism. But I go through the references, I don't come up with concepts of from my own without, you know, going to the resources and, you know, to make sure that what I'm criticizing is found there. What I advise Muslims and non Muslims alike is that read, read, ask Muslims about Islam. Do not ask cnn about Islam don't ask the evangelicals about Islam, why? They're already taking sides? I wouldn't you know, I was speaking to some of the Christian audience before

00:48:50--> 00:49:31

and I said to them, I've read about Christianity extensively in Judaism. I've had none of those media outlets ever contacted me to talk to them about Christianity or Judaism. Why is it every time somebody wants to talk about Islam has to be a Christian or a Jew or Indian non practicing Muslim? Who's the so called expert? Yes. They're always experts. Can you recite one area verse of the Quran Arabic, they just come up and say Islam is Islam and that's in this Muslim society, this and that, and that and history, this and that. No proof, no references, nothing. They can't even read the resources. They're all in Arabic. And they can't understand the word that if it is said to them, or

00:49:31--> 00:49:59

what it means. It's just awful. Yet you bring people who have no clue what the religion is about that you're attacking, and they are the experts. You never bring me to talk about my religion, my religion. So my advice, of course, is that ask Muslims about Islam. Go to our references, ask us questions. Like for example, I mean, I'm just one person. I established an effort on my website, www Islam

00:50:00--> 00:50:43

is l am l i f e? slum I have lots of articles in there about jihad, about refuting what people say about Islam, and also criticizing other religions. Because if you want to hear it, I'll put it for you scientifically with the references, page number verse number. That's what you people should do. Ask Muslims about Islam, ask us about our religion do not come to the media, allow the media to deviate you. Plus, just like in your religion, you have people who don't have knowledge in your religion, who act in the name of your religion and make mistakes and errors. And then you you come and tell us No, we don't conduct condone this because our book says this and that we have the

00:50:43--> 00:51:13

same problem. We have sex, we have groups, we have deviant groups who are claimed to be following Islam, but they don't. And they have all kinds of opinions and ideas about the religion. And if you are confused, just find out what the resources say. Like, for example, question. Does Islam condone killing women and children? No, Muhammad said you can't? Then the answer, you got it. Now, if somebody whose name is Mohammed today is killing women and children, then he's not the only thing the name of Islam.

00:51:15--> 00:51:54

Asking, and learning, education is the key. You're not going to bring somebody who is not well versed in chemistry to give you a lecture about chemistry with you, because you're not going to accept anything they say. Why'd you bring Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, non practicing Muslims to talk about Islam? How are you going to reach anything this way? You're not going to understand that religion. You make Muslim Muslims even more furious. You make your own audience more furious about Islam, because they're hearing misinformation all the time. And therefore, it's education. I can't say more than that. Plus, if you know, and you must know, and everybody knows,

00:51:54--> 00:52:35

you've been created by someone who's waiting for you to go back to them. Prepare an answer for your hatred, or misunderstanding of Islam, let's say not the only hatred, misunderstanding Islam, prepare an answer to go back to your Lord and say, I didn't become a Muslim because of this. And that, based on what on a Jew called wolf who comes on CNN, who used to work for, you know, the Jewish organizations here, you think he's gonna say anything fair about Islam, he's already decided where he stands. Like, I already decided where I stand. I'm a Muslim. But there is no way I'm going to come up with a concept that's not found in Christianity or Judaism and say, This is what they these

00:52:35--> 00:52:43

people believe in unless I have a reference, you see, the same thing has to be done from their side, they have to listen to us. We are not going away.

00:52:44--> 00:53:27

Try to close your eyes and think us away. You know, imagine that we are away out of your sight. Open your eyes, it's going to find 1.2 to 1.5 billion Muslims. Tell us the people have been here in a law they've been hearing Muhammad peace be upon us here in Islam. Let's say they heard it for the first time. What are we inviting to? We're inviting them to the religion of Allah to monotheism. You see, our mission in life is not to kill people. Our mission is to invite them to the religion of monotheism that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam came with, to re establish the same religion, that Prophet Jesus came with Prophet Moses before him know, all the way to Adam. So every prophet who

00:53:27--> 00:54:04

came came with the religion, and this is the foundation of the religion, the branches, is Islam, the fruit, I mean, the branches is jihad, the fruit is jihad, talk about the tree trunk itself, if you don't believe in the tree trunk was the point of talking about the leaf, and discussing it or arguing about it if you don't believe that the whole tree. Now, our religion is based on Tao, he totally means a large Islamic monotheism, that he's the only one who deserves to be worshipped. The only creator, everybody's going back to him, and he's going to ask you about what you did in this life. So this is our mission to call people to Islam, to monotheism, to the submission to the will

00:54:04--> 00:54:43

of God. And if they accept is good for them in this life and the hereafter, they become my brothers and sisters, if they don't, they will have to answer for the decision with their Lord. But our mission is not to kill them to begin with. We only do violence to those who are doing violence to us. And those who attend and tend to do violence to us, we do violence, otherwise, we'll be eliminated. And they will love that we eliminate jihad, because it means that I'm going to be just tying my hands, I'm not going to be defending myself. Anybody can come and kill me and that's it. So we call to monotheism, to the religion of Prophet Mohammed, the same religion that Jesus came with.

00:54:43--> 00:54:55

And we are like in a store, we invite everybody to come and buy from us. If you have a store and you kill every customer who comes in, you're not going to have much of a business or you know,

00:54:56--> 00:54:59

so your book now, tell us where they can get this holy war.

00:55:00--> 00:55:42

crusades jihad. Everybody should. If they're really inquisitive about this subject further, we covered and gave you just certain highlights, but you should get this book if you want to know more holy wars crusades, jihad, where can they get this book, you can go onto my website, Islam and email me through there, I just have a few copies left of this book. So anyone those who come first will be served first. I'm working on an eight book book series called The prophet of mercy. Each book in this series has its own title. One of those eight books is the second edition of the holy wars crusades, Jihad because I wrote it before the war in Iraq. And I have so much information

00:55:42--> 00:56:26

to add some reorganizing the whole book, I'm working on it, maybe soon, in a few months, I'll have it out and it's going to be far better, more organized. inshallah, meaning Allah willing than the first print. So those who are interested in this topic, I'm going to add far more topics plus doubts about Islamic Jihad that came after I wrote the first book, you know, it's just in 2002. So it's been six years since then, so much information I want to add, so be patient until I'm done with the second edition of the book, and it is completely redone different way. And I know you like the book, but I think you're gonna like the second edition even far more shallow. And everyone who, well if

00:56:26--> 00:57:06

CNN, Fox News, NBC, the Glenn black show any of these people would like to bring on someone to have a dialogue with people of other faiths. They can contact you. Absolutely. You're ready to. Absolutely to attend, huh? Yep. Okay, well, we'd like to thank you for attending our show, being with us on the deen show where Jaco, and I like to thank everybody for coming to the source. You heard it here. Jihad means to struggle to strive for goodness for everything that's good. On the path of the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Islam is not about terrorism or terrifying people or killing men, innocent men, women and children. It's not about that. All right. It's about

00:57:06--> 00:57:25

surrender and submission to the Creator of the heavens in the earth. And this is where you get that true peace, doing what your Creator wants you to do. Thank you again for coming to the source to learn about Islam and Muslims. We'll see you again next time on the deen show. Until then, I sit down with acorn peace be unto you

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