Ramadan 2019 – Therapy – Dua 30

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The Dua Beloved by Allah!

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh it's your brother Hey Rahim with the final Ramadan therapy you're number 30 and we thought we would follow the suit note of that word of mouth of Hadith. Those who have followed the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam critically know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was one who always spoke with comprehensiveness Joanne Marie's kelim it was a gift and a blessing and a miracle given to him by Allah. We're going to make our final the final draft recorded by the Imams of Hadith and their books, and we will take the student out of shape and Hadith. The Greek is Iam of Hadith, Allah Ma'am, Mohammed Ebony's, Mariela Bihari

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Rahmatullahi Allahu Allah. This is the very final Hadith recorded by Lima Bahati in his Swahili collection of Hadith. This is the hadith of ebihara or the Allahu anhu Allah, the Hadith you'll be familiar with and I pray that you know this the current it's a powerful one and one that feels this scales on the Day of Judgment with reward the prophets of Allah while he was seldom was heard to have said, and this is narrated by many

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of the books and chains of collections. Kelly Martin hubby Bethany a lover of man, there are two statements are that are beloved by the merciful, a loss of Hannah with either heavy fat Daniel Elisa. Nevertheless, they're very light on the tongue. Sufi Latin if it means on heavy on the scales of the Day of Judgment. So Pamela will be handy to pound the light on the Allahu Akbar. So Pamela will be handed soprano line or the soprano line will be handy. So Pamela hill of him, Kelly mattoni. Habib, Attorney, a lot of men, to statements that are beloved by Allah, the Lord of mercy. One of the direct we studied is that we asked the lots of hands on with Allah. Oh Allah, we ask you for

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your love, and the love of those who love you and the love of the deeds that earn your love. This is one this is one of those deeds. Habib attorney Illa Rahman. These two statements are beloved by Allah each of them individually is loved by a lot Habiba tan not just in as a collection both of them but when you put them together they're even more blessed and loved by Allah and therefore on their own Subhan Allah will be handy on its own is a blessing has many different Hadith and drop mentioned by the prophets. Why Selim it's something you and I say in our students of Hannah law, Why be handy brother dies lm says in authentic hadith in Bukhari and Muslim that the one who says this

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100 times in their day their sins are forgiven, even if they were to envelop the cover the oceans, the other one is Subhana Allah halali which is what you say in euro Chua. Subhana live will be handy to handle I mean, this is a natural habit of a believer to be excessive, consistent praising of Allah subhanho wa Taala. With these two particular Durand, why are they so significant? Both of them begin with sapan the word sapan Subhana Allah, it comes from Sabha hat, which means an infinite process, something that you don't know where it's limited, there's no limit to it, you cannot estimate where it ends, where it begins or where it ends. And therefore Allah subhanho wa Taala when

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you say Subhana Allah, limitless is your glory, Oh Allah, nothing could ever take away from your completeness of Allah. There is no change to your Granger to Your Majesty to your magnificence of Allah. There is nothing that alters your Rama or Allah, there's nothing that changes your greatest of qualities. Oh Allah Subhana Allah. And therefore you say this as an exclamation when you see something beautiful or also something repugnant, repugnant? When you hear the claims of those who claim for Allah an offspring a child a son.

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a share a shared an accomplice in this world, say sapan a lot. How could someone say this? Well called Tada, rock man what are the Suhana they claim that the majestic a lot of man the most ever Lord of mercy, has begotten a child Subhana glorified in his limitless is he beyond this need Subhana Allah will be humbly and all praises you team will be handing the hand of Allah implies two things. It means that you elevate Allah and you limit it from anyone other than him. so adamant Allah well amadora who I make this hand in praise of a law in a way that nobody else can be deserving of it in a way that nobody else will be worship, worshiping of it. And that's the secret

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of you making this in your salute. You say Subhana Allah will be handy because you will never make salute to anyone but Allah.

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He's the only one worthy of your servitude and enslavement. Subhana Allah would be handy sapan Allahu la lien. You end by claiming you're attesting your statement, your conviction, your belief that

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Allah is allowing him he is greater than all things. He is mightier than all things. Whatever problem you have, my dear brother, Allah is there. Whatever hardship you face sister Allah is there Subhana Allah Subhana Allah Subhana Allah will be handy. So Pamela has been happy for eternity I listen lisanne light upon the tongue. So Hannah law will be handed to Pamela and Arlene, selfie later and even means on heavy on the scales of the day of judgment and amendment Buhari last chapter

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is about to heed the very last collection of his head he is kintampo here the uniqueness of Allah in our worship of Allah as being that only one name is eternal uniqueness subhana wa Tada. And a mammal Bahati narrates this heavy one because it is the most perfect of ways to end the book of Hadith in the greatest ways of earning reward, is to ask Allah through these words, but also it shows you the conviction that we have that we will be questioned about what we've lived, our deeds will be weighed and if you want your deeds that you know our light, in good deeds from other reasons, fill it up, fill it up with a simple statement. And I want to end our series this Ramadan therapy this blessed

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Ramadan May Allah accept it from you and I with you understanding this point, the simplest statements are the ones that will earn you the greatest reward from Allah. That one ayah in the Quran is the greatest day of the whole and at courtesy, it protects you from all harm. The last two verses have sort of the locker and those are the chapters that we began those are the door that we studied in the very early time, you can go back to my YouTube playlist on the Mamiya here below him you'll find all 13 episodes of Ramadan therapy.

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Consider that the simplest of deeds will earn you the greatest reward and make this testament to it. So Pamela, so Hannah lied all the time, a lot of you having to sort of handle light all the time. And we end with Subhana Allah Subhana Allah had all the mail long requests worthy of our place with him in a high standing agenda in the livina M and while I'm in a slightly higher level more often than those who believe in work righteous deeds May Allah make our deeds testament for us, that Allah will create for them love May Allah create for us love in this life and give us his greatest love in the day of judgment and join us because of our love for him and our love for his Navy Mohammed so I

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sell them in the highest levels of earth for those with an in the circles of the prophets and the martyrs and the verifies and acceptors of truth and the righteous I love them I mean, we have lots of kind of Allah forgive us our indiscretions. Male also panel to elevate, elevate our names, we are loss of Hannah with Allah, make mention of us as we have made mention of him. And may we remember Allah and make dua to Allah outside the month of Ramadan as we have been persistent in it in Ramadan. May Allah give us an accomplishment of taqwa before the end of Ramadan. May Allah accept my fast and your fast microbiome and you're clear that of you and your family, our pm and Roku and

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sujood along mean me are like that from all of us the blessings that we have sought to fulfill in our deeds and worship. May Allah Subhana Allah returned it upon us in greater and greatest Baraka mela except our charity in the little that we have offered towards others in service and I asked you in conclusion to remember your weak and sinful brother Yeah, Ibrahim, in your sincere Dora met lots of hands on with arella grant me and my family is the Harmer and firmness of heart upon faith and that of my children and our children's children until we return to Allah. Yo Meredith Allahu Allah Bowman, ie her or suddenly let him know we're sending him was into abetik is easy now Mohammed was

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early, he was so happy he was headed into Sleeman kathira somehow not because of delays at all. And once again when Alan Moore said you know what, hamdulillah horrible I mean, anything that was good in this series that were said that was correct, it is from the blessing of Allah and the teachings of the messenger Mohammed, I sell them and anything of error it is from me and from the influence of the chiffon and Allah and His Messenger are free of blemish subhanak along with the Hammond ik, I still feel a tuba La La Ilaha Illa and Delilah you would have been? Well now how Noah hall with Ellerbee La La li la de Subhana Allah subhana wa halabi