A Muslim Can Follow that Part of the Society which is not Contrary to the Teachings of Quran

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Today we find that there are various societies

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and the various ways of life in these societies. We have the Islamic way of life, we have the western way of life. And we have a variety of different ways of life.

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As far as Islam is concerned, Islam is a complete way of life. it caters both

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to the spiritual aspect of the soul, as well as the physical aspect of the body.

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And Allah says in the Quran in surah majda, chapter number five, verse number three, on this day, have, I completed your region for you,

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and have completed my favorite for you, and have chosen for you Islam. So once Islam is completed, nothing new can be added or subtracted from it, our Deen is complete.

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So as far as the way of life is concerned, Islam is a complete way of life. When we mix Islam with the other societies, and other ways of life, and other cultures,

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whichever culture we're living in,

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if that part of the culture is not against the Islamic Sharia is not against the Quran and the Hadith.

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We do not mind

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following agreeing with that culture. But if that culture, if the society goes against Quran and say Hadith, we should not following Islam is number one.

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And now, we find

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that many times while a bring our children, we have a problem, because of the differences societies and cultures.

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And we are aware of the Western society,

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as many of the Muslims, they live in Western society. And we find that

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though the Western society is advanced

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in science and technology, but as far as moral values are concerned, they are declining.

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We find in the Western society, that alcoholism is on the increase, drug additional increase, opposite is on the increase. Adult is on the increase. rape is on the increase. Crime is on the increase.

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While educating our children, we should see to it that we give them a proper Islamic education. And while we train them and bring them in a Western society or any society in the world, it may be an Eastern society also, we should see to it that we should make them a good Muslim. That is one who submits his will to Allah subhanho wa Taala