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The speaker discusses the importance of persevere and perseverance in life, forgiveness and acceptance of Islam, and praying for oneself. Prayer and repeating words are key steps to building a foundation in life, and forgiveness and acceptance of Islam are crucial for breaking fast. The speaker provides a framework for practicing these steps and avoiding mistakes, and emphasizes the importance of praying and not repeating words in building a foundation for success.

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I've been giving this session for the last 1920 years, and I usually give it more than once. before Ramadan, I usually give it in both languages Arabic and English. And it's talking about the bounties of Ramadan canoes Ramadan, what you get out of Ramadan. And I have not changed within the session a word for the last 19 or 20 years, I've not added anything to it. And I will continue to treat it exactly the same way every year. So you're welcome to omit this, this session. If you've heard it too many times before I find it beneficial. Like I enjoy it myself, I enjoy writing the Hadith and talking about the verses and talking about the actual bounties and listening to just listening to

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them because they're very helpful. Ramadan is really about, you know, that spiritual high that you can get out of,

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out of committing yourself to the masjid and being close to Allah subhanaw taala. Grant grant you that,

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that closeness and that, that clarity and that serenity that you don't find

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any other time throughout throughout the year for sure. So it's always nice to think about what these balances are, and kind of have them in your mind because if you have to, I'll talk about five basic ones. And I'll add a sixth one just at the end for for the sake of adding. But there are five basic boundaries of Ramadan if you take some time to think about them, you memorize them, then all throughout the month, you have something to aim for, you know what it is that you're going for what you're trying to achieve, what you're hoping that Allah subhanaw taala, grants you and grants all of us and show without it. So we'll start with the light Allah by

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narrating on it, there's long Hadith that narrated by a man basically, in his in his job, and for Bharani as well. And this hadith is different. There's a there's a there's quite a difference of opinion on his authenticity. There's quite a difference of opinion, on his authenticity from a Senate perspective being from the chain of transmission. As far as the machine goes, as far as the actual wording itself, there's almost no difference we all scholars accept the concepts that is teaching just maybe the Hadith put together, there's some degree of difference of opinion on how authentic authentic it is. All of my teachers read this hadith with almost no reservations at all,

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and I feel the same way towards it. And I've looked at it a different aspects of it many times in the past, so I'll narrate for you. And Hadith says when the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam before Ramadan just before Ramadan just maybe a night or two before Ramadan but the Hakama now rasool Allah has some Allah Allah you it was like you started Kappa and I mean he got on the member and he gave and he gave a hope. And that he would do that a slot to us multiple times outside of Juma. You didn't owe us a member, but he will stand up and he would hop up on him he will give us a call when we speak to us. He will speak sometimes sitting down that wouldn't be called the hotbar. Can you

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have different analogies Latos. And that's the wording that you would hear it daddy's new sit down, you speak to us talk to us give a halacha like I'm giving right now, it would be but if you stood up on a salatu salam that's now a horrible, right they have these distinct they, they will distinguish these things quite clear out dogs were very, very big on communication. They're very good at that they sucked a lot of stuff, but they're good at that they knew they're good operators, and they know how to speak and they had specific descriptions for every type of speech. Sometimes in Arabic, I can give you the wild for example, that just wildly if I want to explain that to you in English, I have

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no idea how to explain it to you. So Dallas that's going to be based on reminders that are more emotional than they are philosophical. That's what a while while there's so there's all these distinguishes all these distinctions in terms of the names of different types of of teaching or communicating and that'll be very specific about it. So the Prophet Allah has also got up and stood up that it was gonna, he's going to give us a hook of I mean, this is something where no one interrupts or asks unless he offers the only somebody offers the possibility to do so. And at daddy's session, you could just you could just interrupt him it so you never dropped him but you're

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you're more likely to contribute or participate than you were if he's standing out of your salon or reading

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or he had a specific way. But if

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I was to rely on Allah Allah himself from the call, I Yohannes but Allah Allah can cheer her on our women mobilock

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Sharon, feel a legend hieromonk l Vishal Shah, Rohan Jain Allah Who so yeah I'm in a hurry he FIRREA button well yeah Malayali he thought

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so let's explain that piece first and then I'll continue your setup it is upon you or people is a great magnificent and beautiful month.

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A month. That is within it is a night is a night that is better than 1000 months.

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In that month, you're going to find one night that is going to be worth a lifetime and we'll talk about that in Charlotte which is a two color it's a month that Allah subhanaw taala made the fasting of its day obligatory and the praying at night optional or additional or recommended

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mitochondrial Buffy it Allah He because sletten Miracle soil hiring gonna come in at the very bottom female Shiva woman ad free button fee. Can I come and add the Submariner for the button females who are those who do

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An act of any good deed any form of good deed within that month is equal to performing an act of Rila within another month. Now, it's important understand why that's why that matters. Nothing is more important to Allah subhanho wa Taala than you doing, you're performing the obligatory actions that you carry, nothing is even remotely close. So when you say that any good deed in Amazon is equal to a federal outside Ramadan, then that's a big deal because the frog, you can spend all of your life praying.

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For example, you see the we came up with merchandise last last year, I would tell people at the end of Ramadan, at the end of the night, it was a pleasure to be better than Tarawa and go go home, I was trying to get people to get out of the masjid because they were staying here until 12. And no one was coming for sure, please don't anymore. And the reason is, because all of it that all we put together from the beginning of time, until the end of time is not equal to $1, or one feature, or one answer, or one mcgarrybowen ation, all of them work together. Don't add up to one. Now even when

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they don't, they can't equate themselves even to one for the law. That's how important the funnel is. You miss a funnel, you will never make up for that job ever again. You'll make you have to pray it obviously have to make up for it, but you lost it as you'll you'll never make up for again, no matter how much you pray you have to make up for it and pray a lot for Allah to forgive you and to add your Senate but you just missed out on an amount of of the reward that you could not find and you can't find an accident.

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So if you do any good deeds in Ramadan, it's equal it's equal to a fart outside of it. And if you do a forbidden Ramadan is equal to 70 outside of it two months and a bit

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more than two months, good deeds every every other that you do. And that's what he's been explaining how to use the law to set up the code and he continues quite well who I shout or suburb. Well, subtotal whoo hoo, Jana, who are shareholders who Eisah. Well, Shaolin used to do fee his whole movement. So say it is thought was done. And this is the month of perseverance. And there is no reward for prayers for perseverance except Except Jana in nema. You have a sub euro euro home, but it isn't. exclusively the perseverant are the ones who are given their award you'll milk piano with no judgment. mean they don't have to go this is like the biggest deal ever. Like the the biggest

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deal. The best VIP car you'll ever carry is this is this one. If you can just omit judgment, Yokoyama mean, you don't have to go and open the book and read and, and answer questions about what you did and wait to see if you did well or not. That is the the worst moment of everyone's life. And this is the worst moment of every human beings life, even if they are good and pious and solid and nubby doesn't matter how great you were in dunya, that's the most difficult like moment of your entire life. It's coming. There's no way like, in our lives here. You know, when you do like a really difficult interview or an exam or something. So you're worried and you're worried until

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you've done it and then you feel your there's the best probably feeling you have is once you're done, right, that moment, when you walk out here and you're finished, whether you did well, he's you're done. The most difficult moment of our entire existence is at the end, is your real family, we stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala, for sure. So you should feel for the for the entirety of your life thinking about it, preparing yourself for it, preparing yourself for what is to come, you're going to have to stand there and explain yourself, explain the time that you spent the money, the energy, the effort, and your youth, your wealth, all that and explain where you spent it, and

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why and why you made these choices. And start with some stuff that you know you must jump on and you're gonna come in, you're gonna hope that you've done enough for Allah to forgive it, you're gonna show that you repented from it, and then you change things around. That's what you're gonna have to do. You have to stand there explain a lot to Allah subhanaw taala a sober, those who persevere they don't they admit that. They don't have to do any of that.

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They immediately they go to Gen nebula he said when when either there is no there is no judgment. And then there's no punishment, they just cut there's like a, there's like a lane that is specific for them. They just walk right through, you have to be perseverant though, it doesn't mean that you have to live through difficulties, you have to understand that perseverance doesn't mean well, my life is going to be easy. So perseverance has nothing to do with having a difficult life. Perseverance means that you are going you see your goal, you see what needs to be done, and you you persevere and doing it no matter how hard it may be, or how much time is going to take. That's what

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perseverance is that you set yourself up for a standard that is going to require you to persevere which is the case, there is no way that there is no other way to actually live life appropriately aside from some pushing yourself to do to be the best you can and persevering through the difficulties that come with that. And Ramadan is Johto sober.

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Realize the month of perseverance is hard.

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There's no There's no question about that. No one's gonna find a model uneasy.

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But you persevere and sober. the only the only reward for that is Jana. So you can keep that in mind. And as the monk

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have empathy, and more. So it's the name of the hospital used to work in this area. There's no empathy there at all. But showing that this has been, since the month of May was the month of empathy. Why? Because you learn, and you learn to feel the suffering of others, because you fast voluntarily and others don't. Because you have the ability at moment to break your fast, but some people motive comes in, they don't break their fast, because they have nothing to break to break their fast on. So the amount of empathy in your heart increases, the people who struggle or suffer

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through any type of difficulty are more likely to understand the suffering of others, then those who didn't. That's why the best, the best substance abuse coaches and counselors are people who actually did.

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People actually went through that because they understand what it feels like they know they have empathy to the poor person who stuck with this problem. The the person who does who never did this before, they can, they'll try and be empathetic, like, don't get me wrong, they have empathy, but they can't have it as well as someone who's struggling or struggled before because they, they have a better understanding of it. So when you fast all day for three, for 30 days straight, your understanding of hunger is way better than others who never tried hunger, or don't know what it's like. He's there every time he's the problem. Whenever we talk about the profit out of your son's

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life, and we say,

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The Lord days, where Yanni or there were months where you are Doofy, we ended early Muhammad now, three months go by and they would they would have no fire in their home. No fire. I mean, there's no cooking, not even a pot of tea. I mean, there's there's no actual food being made for people to eat. It's just whatever dates around the house and some water and maybe some milk, if it's if it's sent over from people, that he would come to the point of hunger where you would tie

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the Ansara. They thought they could beat him, they sort of got so hungry. There were times when they got really poor. So they got so hungry, they would tie a rock to the belly. Now what why do they do that? Here's the philosophy behind that. So you're you feel hungry based on the size of your poach your stomach, your guestroom. So the bigger the pouch, the more hungry you are. So that's why people who are overweight or overeat, they're actually hungrier, even though you're like, Well, you have so much reserve, you shouldn't be hungry, but it's not about how much reserves they have. It's about how big the poachers, which is why gastric bypass surgeries work, because what they do, they cut off

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the stomach, they make a small stomach, they don't feel as hungry, they still eat because psychologically they're used to eating got to beat that part. But they don't feel as hungry because their stomachs are so small, they don't feel it. So if your pouches big, you feel hungry, and it's if it's empty, obviously that's what the hunger comes in. So what they used to do is they used to put a rock and they would tie it tight. And that was the rock would basically smush the two walls of the Gasim together so the posts would be smaller, like the emptiness is smaller because it's stuck together. So they feel less hunger. It actually works. But you don't know that and neither do I. And

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you probably never will because there's a degree of hunger that you don't get even after fasting in July July 1 And you don't get it you have to be it has to be like three or four days in a row where you're not getting enough food that's when you feel that hungry. So I'm sorry they were that tight to their stomachs and he came to the property and slaughter was that I'm hoping that he would give them some wealth. He didn't have anything at the time. So the way they did it instead of asking that they lifted their get Libya and showed him the rock on each of their stomachs are three three young men

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to buy some antibiotics on he smiled he picked up his baby and he had to

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he had to talk to rocks to his stomach is not to assume he was so hungry.

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So showing him wasa the month where you you feel empathy towards those who struggle you take time don't spend Ramadan and feeling sorry for yourself please don't please don't spend Ramadan feeling sorry for yourself that you're fasting and everyone's not and you have to go to work on being an Indian getting up there don't do that. Don't do that. Think of because you're gonna be fine. You're gonna be fine Muslim is gonna come around you'll be fine.

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You're gonna be totally fine. But there are others who aren't made Ramadan strengthen. That's what he's explaining. He stood up and you give me and I'm gonna want to strengthen that empathy in your heart. So you feel for those. So you give more. That's why the second piece piece after that or shareholder news I do feel it is called movement in a month where the it is the

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the provision of a believer increases.

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Well, I have been fasting in Ramadan for over 30 years. Never have my as my bank account increased at the end of it. I've never been paid more by the institutions I worked for never magically have any more money in my hand. Because that's not what he's trying to explain it at all. What he's trying to say when he says us adds to his movement, the provision of the movement will increase. It's because you will appreciate it more. Because if you have something and you don't understand its value, then you don't if you don't appreciate it then it seems

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All, but if later on if for some reason, life smacks you around a bit, and you come back and see that thing was so valuable, because even though it's the same thing, you just feel like it's more valuable now, because it is. So that's how your your your your result your provision increases. It's not that the amount goes up. It's your appreciation that does, because if you are thinking about life, as most of us do, I'm thinking if I'm going through life feeling very entitled, that I have this much I want more, why can't I get more? I've been working for so hard for so long. What am I going to get a little bit more? When can I change this, this old Corolla that Muhammad Hamel gave me

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to the barely runs anymore? When what am I going to get? Whenever I'm fixing to make the basement of my house? What is my wife? You start thinking Why can't I have Why is my bank account so bloody? superficial? Where's where's money gonna be there. And then, and then after a while, then I fast and I feel hunger. And I said, hamdulillah I'm not hungry. I'll be making my fasts at the end of each day. Like I have. There's enough nice house a lot of food in it. I'm hungry right now. But mostly, there's enough food for us to eat. So that after a while that money that I was a moment ago, I wasn't too happy about suddenly, they seemed pretty good. Started by the monks 100 I have I have

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more than others when we're there. So it's not that my provision goes up is that I appreciate it more. Because I understand what it means not to have anything because I'm starving throughout the day, because I'm hungry at the end of it. This is this is what you're supposed to think about. This is what he's saying. And he's like, your provision will increase because your appreciation for it will. Because you'll feel that this is my shot. Hamdulillah I have so much hamdulillah I'm able to fill my belly and the belly of my children 100 This is a big deal. A lot of people, especially today, especially today, we're we're witnessing,

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witnessing people being starved to death. Like we're watching it on TV, there's enough money somehow to film it all. All right, this is always mind boggling. We have just enough money in for us to watch it live, but not enough to feed them. If there's enough money to actually record their starvation, but not enough to put food in their mouths, you have a thief. There's enough wealth to get to send me the information that this person is starving, but maybe maybe the wealth that you're using to send the information use that to feed them. Maybe that's a better use of money altogether. But this is what we're seeing. So when you see it, I think this Ramadan Yanni is important. For all

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of us. I've been talking about this for the last three months. This is a turning point for for this OMA or it isn't, or it isn't. But I think it should be. This should be a turning point for this OMA, what we're seeing is extremely the amount of brutality and savagery the amount of hate that is coming out. And, and the lack of of attention to the sanctity of the human Muslim life, for some reason, especially the people of the Holy Land is something that is very bothersome and very concerning and is very alarming. And it's telling us as Muslims that you have not been doing your job, you have not cared enough about your own status you have done and contributed properly, you're

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not participating, you are not living life, the way you shouldn't be living it, you don't have purpose, and you don't have reason, and you're not going for what you should be going for. And you have way more responsibility than you even even realize that imagine

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that you should be doing this month this month should definitely do that. So

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this piece of showing us how to figure this one movement, you should feel it. Because you're going to be watching people who are starving as you are hungry and thirsty they are too. But they're not breaking their fast STOP mode, because there's nothing to break their fast on. And you will. So maybe we appreciate things a little bit more. It's very hard to if you have your very, very apparent it's so hard to raise an entitled kid, it's possible. It's possible. And it's the thing that makes you lose your mind like people, parents die early, because when they have entitled children they do well like it accustomed, it's very hard to because because someone has more than enough and they

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just don't see it. And they continue to ask for more. It just it just burns you on the inside. We're all like that, though. And Allah subhanaw taala is looking at us and say you have way more than you need. Way more. Why is it that you don't feel the value of what you have? Why is it always not enough? Why is it always little, it could be more, of course, it could be more, it could also be much less to write. It could be more, of course anything can be more, but can also be less? Why is that not? Why is that not an option? Why don't you think about that piece could be less? You could have more you could have way less, could be healthier or way sicker. May Allah subhanahu grant you

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all Alfia the name of this place, if you have wellness inshallah you will. But appreciation, you feel the provision is more because you appreciate it more in this value in your heart is more. All right. When photography is like this, this whole body has a lot to say and I'm explaining a lot. Use three words is yours very few, but they listen to them. But just the difference is it's so obvious. Listen, they took it seriously shuffling us out if you'd ask me, I mean to make more money? Probably not. That's what he means. What do you mean? Okay, I get it.

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And then they do that when photography is largely mankind, Allah who may throw at him doing and young also VALIC I mean, he he che

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whoever it offers

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for Iftar for someone who is fasting, he gets the same measure of the person who's fasting without the person who was fasting, losing anything.

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If you if you help someone break their fast, you get the measure even though they don't lose anything, you just get an extra piece of visual. So the Sunnah is to always try to offer people to break their fast, especially people who can't be especially who wouldn't otherwise break their fast appropriately. There's nothing wrong with having family over it's a beautiful thing do it all the time. It's a way to strengthen Jani family ties by giving helping them break their fast but Allah Allah Miani this hadith I'm just telling you what I most likely what he meant by this I used to watch was when he was referring to people who otherwise weren't gonna really break their fast

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properly and then you help them break their fast

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and even though both are appropriate even though helping you bring your family over and friends and having a break that advice is very appropriate. But I think we've lost the other piece a little bit like we've lost sight of that other piece were really the agenda he's talking about here Salatu Salam is for those who couldn't break their fast like he was encouraging the Muslims who had enough to eat in Ramadan to make sure they helped the Muslims who didn't break their fast so they wouldn't fast throughout the night waiting maybe to get something at the end after the before because you want them to break their family, which is the Sunnah right so they can achieve the sudden they're

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breaking their faster Maghrib

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Well, Chevron, is it a little bit different than the one that you have up there but it's all the same? Well Sheldon a wonderful Ramadan Rosa Houma theologian who I follow who at Columbia now it's a month the beginning of it is the compassion and mercy of Allah in the midst of it you find his forgiveness Subhanallah at the end of it will free your neck from the hellfire and that's his whole body his love to us and he said I remember it is what he taught people in so he said, and he was obviously extremely helpful. So let's go through the five bounties of Ramadan by bounties Ramadan, number one multirotors group forgiveness of sins. Now this is the number one again, you'll you may

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or these five, I'm not putting them in any specific order, you mean fine number four more valuable to you the numbers I don't care doesn't matter to me, just know the five so that you can aim towards achieving them Inshallah, forgiveness of sins, a true moment will for sure, watch out for this, because many people who are believers, people who are close to Allah either feel the burden of their sins, they feel the burden of their shortcomings of their lack of adherence, lack of compliance, lack of commitment and grit for the sake of Allah and they feel the weight of that they don't sit down and watch and then compare themselves with the general public and feel well, I I'm probably in

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the upper 5% of those who actually do anything so I don't see they don't do that. They don't they're not interested in other people's stories in their lives and where they're going to mill piano. They just focus on themselves and they feel the burden of their shortcomings. So to them. This is a big deal. There is an opportunity of you complete of having your slate wiped clean, just forced to start over echolalia Southwestern

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male salam ala Milan Eman and Watty seven a laugh at Allah hula who might have caught them in them be those who fast Ramadan, Eman and due to their belief in Allah was the server and hoping for the agent from Allah that's what he meant when he said mean all of their previous sins will be forgiven so thermal Sahaba mumbled all of Ramadan it actually fast appropriately and do it well, it's hard. So he started off evil. How do you done the right thing for you are in the Bukhari Muslim Bacala man karma Ramadan, Eman and YT seven although if your Allah who might have caught them I mean them be the person who prays throughout the night during Ramadan will have all of their previous sins

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forgiven Eman and YT seven obviously the same thing due to belief in Allah and desire and his reward. So people mumbled because they can't always do that. Oh yeah. And they have jobs and sometimes they're away and traveling Faqad audience Latos law muncom And a little Kadri, Ema and and what is urban, or if you're older who might have caught them, I mean, them the the person who prays during the night of legal culture will have all their previous sins. So the last the next Jonnie, if you just commit the last 10 Nights, then you you'll you'll get it. And then this, this applies to the concept of having your Iverson I've ever seen is gone. You'll know piano that's a big deal for

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you to open your book and find that a lot of the bad stuff are grayed out. They're there. For the most part, they're there but they're grayed out and they're stamped forgiven. You have to still read them and say I did that but then you You're out of your grace, you forgave me and he will say yes, I forgave you for that. That's gone, but you did it.

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That's a big deal. You're welcome to come and have none of your sins still lingering. Waiting for approval of forgiveness or waiting to see if maybe there's gonna be a punishment to that just have them all forgiven. That's a big deal. If you think about your life right now, and how much how much sin we got it we've accrued over, over over over the over this last year, last summer. Or maybe even before that.

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What more bigger value is there? Then Allah subhanaw taala granting you a clean slate, just wiping it clean?

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Your start over? Let's let's try this again. It's as if Allah Allah said

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Think about okay, this is this wasn't working obviously. We you haven't been getting along you're not focused. All right. Let's start over. Let's act like let's bygones be bygones. Let's just turn a leaf, and just go at this again. And we'll act like all the years that the before it all the mistakes and all of the lack of attention and lack of commitment and all of that when it didn't happen, we're gonna forgive all of it. We're gonna remove it all complete, there's nothing more beautiful. You see, you see Allah Subhana. Allah loves to forgive. Human beings don't by the way, human beings are very difficult to Allah for right? Human beings, aren't you almost Yama, I need

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you. It's such a loss for you to come here. milkmen have sins that Allah subhanaw taala could have forgive you in the dunya and you didn't get forgiven. They just didn't You didn't commit yourself it's almost impossible to live it. So I would go in the member before Ramadan every time you take a step he would say I mean the take another step. I mean a third step I mean, they turned to people giving football ticket awesome Allah what was the just the Lucinda now is going to say I mean what was happening Bacala whenever I turn it up, but you he came to me and he said certain things to me. And he said Ravi man for Aberdeen Dakka Alayhi Ramadan for Harajuku Mala mule for Allah.

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Raleigh month meaning he says if making dua against someone, that's what it means in English, it's making dua against someone so they've been saying making dua against someone who witnessed Ramadan, Ramadan entered, and he actually made it he or she made it through Ramadan, and didn't have all of their sins forgiven.

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What were you doing? It's almost impossible. There's so many opportunities to have your slate wiped clean. Why wouldn't you? How could you? How could you How do you pull that off, you go through Ramadan and somehow did not come on the other side with with it with a clean slate you must have Did you like you try not to like or you put an effort to make sure that didn't happen, because it's so easy, faster to pray at night later. There's so many ways to have your sins forgiven. And there's nothing more valuable to me than having their sins and the burden of their sins lifted and relieved. Number two, freedom from punishment. We call this an LLB and it's an L late formula Na, na, na na.

00:27:11--> 00:27:21

Na ET is when you free a slave law to someone who's been freed. So the simile is as if it's as if any, there are these chains around us.

00:27:22--> 00:27:28

And actually, it's not even as if the prophet is on talks about this as from a fingertip perspective, it there's the chain around my neck.

00:27:30--> 00:27:58

And that chain is connected somewhere in jahannam. And unless he feeds me, your milk am at some point I'll be I'll be pulled in that direction unless somehow I'm saved. Right? So the Escuela Na is saying that no, you're fried, we break we broke the chain, the chain is off. You're not You're not bound to that place anymore. And it's plumbing enough. And when you think about it, there's the prophet and he was saying that is it for you remember what he said? Will Allah He or TA will meet with Erica Kula Leila.

00:27:59--> 00:28:34

And he says Allah and Allah subhana, Allah has taught me as people who he frees from punishment he looks at and says, Okay, fine, I'm never gonna hand them again. You will never see it, you will never hear it, you won't witness it, you won't be there when it's paraded. It's not you're not involved in that altogether. And you are stamped as it if you're RTFM, even though you're free to punishment, and he does that during Ramadan every night. Now, the question that you have to ask yourself is, Well, how was he doing? Do you think this is a lottery ticket? I think it's just a roulette wheel just turn around and see who whose name comes up? Or do you think maybe it's based on

00:28:34--> 00:28:45

some degree of priority? You think maybe it's based on merit, as those who are showing Allah subhanaw taala the best of themselves hoping that they get there. And whether he's qualified either after a year

00:28:47--> 00:28:54

and then when the last 10 Nights enter he the amount of people freed is is is much higher like he just see

00:28:55--> 00:28:58

what whatever moment do you think exists in your entire life?

00:28:59--> 00:29:01

The day he graduated,

00:29:02--> 00:29:03

the day you got married.

00:29:05--> 00:29:11

The day you had your first kid, the day you bought your first house, the moment you you know,

00:29:13--> 00:29:21

repair promoted to that position that you've always wanted to be in. Or at the moment Allah supplement that looks at you and says Phoolan will never entered your hand them again.

00:29:22--> 00:29:23

Because he doesn't go back subhanaw taala

00:29:24--> 00:29:57

they'll never go back. Like they'll never give it to you and then take it back and say no, I take that back. If he grants that to you, if you granted its commitment now to you will never be taken away ever again. Doesn't mean that you'll never sin again. Just means that every time you send your repent, then even if you even if you fail to repent first, you'll repent later. And even if you fall into haram, you'll find a way to get rid of it. Even if you do it again, you'll find a way to do so it doesn't enter your heart. Meaning you'll always you'll always be watched out for you'll always find your way back to him subhanho wa Taala and for you in a positive way, not in a negative way

00:29:57--> 00:30:00

because at the end it all matters how our lives kind of are

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

Think about how our lives are concluded. And that's what exponential is. It's the most valuable moment of any given human beings life is the day, the moment that Allah either grants you freedom of punishment, you'll never be punished.

00:30:14--> 00:30:34

I can't think of in my mind, this is what he asked for the most out of his thought to assemble Kamala, if you want to, if you want to follow his lead, this is what he cared for the most out of his thoughts was that he was continuously thinking about this, he made the most the majority the bulk of his dua that you pull from the collections of Hadith. The ones that we know at least were done towards the end of Ramadan.

00:30:35--> 00:30:50

Were focused one way or the other. And the long idea took me years to memorize most of the long idea that a lot of hunt a lot of magnification of Allah subhanho wa taala, talking a lot about Yanni, about his about his about his magnificence and

00:30:51--> 00:30:52

I knew

00:30:54--> 00:31:23

he he would say things that are useless to us, that are extremely heartwarming, he would speak to Allah subhanaw taala in ways that, that no one can really do like, when you when you read these, these Algeria, and when you hear them in what you do when we make dua most of the stuff that we say we didn't make up and no one did, it's the stuff he would say out of your Salah to Islam, when he was speak to Allah subhanaw taala towards the end of Ramadan at the end just to say Allah who didn't even know Allah who made it happen even in not Allah mctimoney him and he came in and now he would just at the end I asked the same question Jarom

00:31:24--> 00:32:00

and the idea is imagine that Ramadan goes through and you're not one of them. What a loss what a loss how and why why not? Every year will say the same thing every year because you never know what would have happened but it's an opportunity that exists every year you're being granted here I can you're gonna get a free a free card and jail free card you don't you don't have to you don't have to be involved. Jamelia McClenney will be will be dragged in it will be paraded well I don't know Johanna my yo man even lil Katharina Allah will be a parade be brought out for people.

00:32:01--> 00:32:44

It's pulled with 70,000 chains upon each chain 70,000 of Allah's angels just containing it. The car do Tamiya zoom in over you it is almost ripping itself to shreds in frustration with the human being. Because the human being is the only creation that sins doesn't listen. So John M is ripping itself in wanting to devour al Masha, everyone who's standing there and these melodica containers when it's paraded in front of them. What's cool Lomatium Jaffe people fall to their knees. They're not able to stand up straight if you have your knees ever buckled in fear. If they haven't handlers, it's a big blessing because it's honestly the worst feeling that you'll ever have your knees buckle

00:32:44--> 00:33:00

and fear. People you'll know the MO were standing there, their knees will buckle in fear and fall to the ground. They're not able to stand up. What are all whom you're all doing. I don't know how fast you're in. I'm in a Zulu young guru and I'm thought of in coffee and they are subjected to jahannam in a state of complete humility.

00:33:01--> 00:33:39

Look looking at it from the corner of their eyes. No one dares fill their eyes with Johanna mule Murthy. Emma. No one actually dares look at it and actually stare at it. They just turn the corner of the their eye they're so scared of it. Let's win anatomy and you're not there for any of this. You don't see lyase Morona Hi Cseh Lassie says the sound that Johanna Mesa Jana makes us sound genuine was alive. In the Quran is like it's a living thing. It's a living thing. You're not hearing any of it. You're not there, you're not witnessing it you're seeing it subjected to this horror. Boom fameshed hurt and boom caught in Europe you're in a better place standing far away. Because

00:33:39--> 00:33:47

Allah subhanaw taala one night and Ramadan in 2020 for granted you because you brought your A game

00:33:48--> 00:34:27

because you brought everything you had in Ramadan, you put yourself you push yourself to your limits, if not beyond because you want Allah subhanaw taala to choose you because you're going to take it by marriage. It's not it's not given no nepotism in this. Number three who knows it has energy minister award Minister award the amount of reward is not is not measurable. So I talk to you about a little bit about that in scope body slot to send that he gave where he said Mike Duffy for either kind of recommend subpoena for the law fee masiva those who do any good deed get the reward of a very low side and those who do a very low and get the pleasure of 70 obligatory actions outside

00:34:27--> 00:34:29

of Ramadan was already an

00:34:30--> 00:34:32

immense amount of minutes.

00:34:34--> 00:34:45

But then he says he is taught to a seminar in a hadith regarding Western where he says call Rama Livni Adam la industria for in know who Lee what energies Eid

00:34:46--> 00:34:51

with Robert Islam says Allah Allah says all the actions of the human being that deeming does

00:34:53--> 00:34:59

law meaning there is a amount or award that is assigned to it except fasting

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

That is That is my Alexa. That's mine. I'm the one who rewards for that. Here's what I want you to imagine. Here's what happens.

00:35:08--> 00:35:40

You've got me on the piano. And there's this big billboard. And on it is all is the assigned amounts of reward for all the deeds that you did, like they are done. So you're looking at your book, and you're seeing what your checkmarks are checkboxes you have and what things you've done, and you're calculating Heiser nuts, because you want to make sure that you have more than this. Because unfortunately, you may Allah subhanaw taala grant us all the multitude of all our sins, right? If there's bad stuff there that weren't somehow dealt with, and now you're looking at them, you're worried. So you're calculating. So you're seeing salah, and you're seeing is a car, you're seeing

00:35:40--> 00:35:46

hydrogen, you see him every day, you see all this stuff, and you're calculating, calculating, calculating the final car, there's nothing written.

00:35:47--> 00:36:17

There's nothing written. So it looks one of the melodica who was passing by and asked him, you guys missed something that I can, can you put in the number? And he goes, you know, they there's no number attached to this. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala either personally rewards you for. He will call you in personally Subhana wa Tada to reward you for it. Because of the fact that you decided that he told you okay, don't eat and drink. Don't actually don't do it. Don't eat and drink for three days straight from you know, from from from dawn to sunset.

00:36:18--> 00:36:23

And you did. You actually did you didn't break your fast. Dad.

00:36:25--> 00:36:40

I want to talk to you about this personally. Because it's very easy for you not to do it. And no one can blame you. Since it's your basic instinct. It's not like it's not like you're going in eating haram or drinking alcohol. It's just you want to just eat you're hungry. You're a human being you're a mammal your creation you want to eat.

00:36:41--> 00:36:42

You actually did it God.

00:36:44--> 00:36:55

The reward is not something that a number can carry. I can't numr I can't numerate it for you. It's not calculable. Come let me speak to you personally. You actually did this. Allah subhanaw taala sees your CRM is a big deal.

00:36:56--> 00:36:58

Even though you think about it, how big of a deal is it?

00:37:00--> 00:37:01

Really how big of a deal is in

00:37:04--> 00:37:05

terms of effort? Come on.

00:37:07--> 00:37:09

It's not that hard. We all get through it.

00:37:11--> 00:37:44

It's a bit of a struggle. But yeah, you make it you get through it. But Allah subhanaw taala ceases as the biggest deal you actually do, you actually didn't break your fast throughout Ramadan time. Your multi OMA the amount of hasenhuttl You're going to be given for it is not something that is calculable. So as you go through Ramadan, you think about that. And you think about the pleasure that you are receiving for all the deeds that you're doing. Every good deed that you do is equaling a flurry of outside. Everybody does equaling 70, and then the act of fasting so please fast well, will I please fast? Well, fast, fast, well, maybe fast?

00:37:46--> 00:38:21

Not the I'm just not eating and drinking type of thing. You see, let me explain to you. The red line in Islam is clear. Here's the red line over there is haram. Here's halal, we stay away from that red line as far as possible, right? Now, food and drink is not over there. It's over here. It's in the highlighted piece, food and drink and your relations with your wife, for example. These are good things. So Don comes and tells you the line now is here goes down over there. Send over there because the line is no longer here. It's over here. It's down over there. So how is it that you're gonna go ahead and send over there, you're not going to so you're not doing stuff that are usually

00:38:21--> 00:38:56

valid. You're gonna stay away, not you're gonna stay away from things that are always halal. And then do something haram that's insane. That's just the silliest thing ever. You have to stay away from haram and he's telling you on Ramadan, not only from haram, I want you to stay away also from things that are always halal. So you stay away from the things that are 100 and then do the things that are haram how does that like Where's where's the there's no logic in that there's no logic in at all. If you're staying away from Allah, then you are farther away from haram. That's that has to be the concept that you hear that I can't even come close to. I can't be fighting, I gotta be

00:38:56--> 00:39:18

cursing. I can't be gossiping. I can't be harming people. I can't do any of this stuff because I can't even do the stuff that I'm commanded to do. You're commanded to eat and drink? Well, you're commanded to to have a good relationship with your wife, you're commanded to do these things. But the day of Ramadan you don't, because he shifts that line that way. So it makes no sense to jump away. But there's no that doesn't work that way.

00:39:19--> 00:39:34

That's why the Prophet Allah is awesome says Raposa les Salah hoomins. See me here in La Jolla, outwash or obika in Malaysia woman PME. Elissa Tom, scary Hadith Ray by WinMagic. There are many people who first all they get from the fasting is that they were hungry that day.

00:39:36--> 00:39:49

That's it. Like what's the outcome of the day that I fast? I fasted this day. So what do I get? You get that you were hungry earlier? I did nothing. What made people pray all night and all they got is that the end the end of the night? They were tired.

00:39:50--> 00:39:59

Because they didn't. They didn't think about it. They weren't focused on the reward. They weren't internalizing the importance of this reward that's being offered so didn't have the right intention. So they didn't do it approach.

00:40:00--> 00:40:06

Really, so they got nothing for it. There's a minister award, but there's always the flip coin to that if you don't do it right, right, number four

00:40:08--> 00:40:09

later, this

00:40:11--> 00:40:16

is my favorite one of the four little cuddle the night of status. I don't mean status

00:40:18--> 00:40:25

is a really important thing to study because if you go and take solace in the Quran, so Tiger was revealed

00:40:27--> 00:40:30

roughly 10 years before Ramadan was even a thing.

00:40:31--> 00:40:40

Roughly 10 years before Ramadan was even a thing before, before the concept of fasting was even talked about. Fasting started in the second year of East Asia it salatu salam

00:40:42--> 00:41:23

so to toggle in Angela who feel a little cuddly or Madoka, Malay, little cuddly little cuddly Hiram and El Visscher, when this surah was revealed third or fourth year of his birthday, he salatu salam, right. So 13 years, I bet that's around 10 years before Ramadan was even known. So how did they understand this? Even before Ramadan? Like how does it even fit into the narrative if there's no Ramadan, because they understood that what he's trying to teach subhanaw taala is that it's not about quantity. It's about quality. It's about quality. It's about quality, not quantity. Doesn't matter how many years you live, it's what you do within the time that you got, because you can live

00:41:23--> 00:41:36

very few years but still do so much in them. That is worth 50 lifetimes. So he tells you that the Quran was descended on the night of status, the Quran that night when the Quran came down, that was a night worth of 1000 months.

00:41:38--> 00:41:50

1000 months 30,000 Nights, one night was worth 30,000 nights. And that's what he's trying to explain to a supine hotel. And so the Prophet Allah Islam would teach the Prophet alayhi salam knew about it early on.

00:41:53--> 00:42:01

Have you thought about what 1000 If you pick up a baby, and you look at it, and you say, surely you live 1000 months, that's a pretty good, it's pretty good run

00:42:03--> 00:42:11

a two years. Awesome. Awesome. Maybe two is the average, more than the average of the Canadian men is the average Kenyan woman but not not the Canadian man.

00:42:12--> 00:42:13

for other reasons.

00:42:15--> 00:42:49

So if you look looking at baby 1000 months, that's a lifetime. It's a lifetime, what he's trying to say. So what he's saying to you, let's feed in the client, that little color can be one night can be worth a lifetime, can be worth a lifetime. Forget about how much you lived, just think about the quality. So he would look for that on a slot. So he knew that was in Ramadan. So he would do Attica, you know, when you just kind of commit yourself to the masjid and don't do anything else. And then the first 10 nights of Ramadan, and up he came and told him a lady type Hassan who let me divide, what you're looking for is not now. So we did that together in the second time. So you can tell them

00:42:49--> 00:42:55

what you're looking for is not there yet for attack from the last time. So you really came and told him, this is where they are.

00:42:57--> 00:43:27

And then he came, and he told the prophet it is also very well Muslim, when it was going on here is when the night of the last Congress. He was happy it was and he came out. Tell us about it. And two people were fighting and yelling, and you're screaming and find the message and causing problems. So he spent a few minutes or maybe more trying to fix the problem and bring their brotherhood back and stop the tele hire as Heidi said that are higher they were by the time he was finished doing that he forgot which night it was. Now

00:43:29--> 00:44:02

I'm pretty sure Jabril came a few times after that. So he could have asked him or he could have told him again, because it's simple, but there's symbol some there's a certain degree of symbolism, this whole story. There's a reason of why this happened that way. The lesson is, look, don't ruin it by you know, harming people or having having to follow him and he ruining your relations of kinship or or breaking off your relationship with your brothers and sisters and causing and dividing your community. So you want to get rid of them. But also, he told us that he saw those me so happy I shouldn't have hit him and I'm gonna look for him in the last 10 days of Ramadan. When he says Oh,

00:44:02--> 00:44:41

tell them I shouldn't have here the last the winter. Listen to this carefully. I'll count the month from the beginning. And they count the month from the end. All right. So 30 Nights, if you start from the beginning, then the odd nights the hotel, the odd nights will be 2120 320-425-3739 if you're counting from the end, then the 30th night which is even becomes odd and then even nights all become the opposite. And we don't know exactly what he meant when he said this on his last one which is why all of them will have to clean all the heavy scholars have also and have talked about not you know doing the bullseye type of approach where all right it's 27 Let's see if it works and then

00:44:41--> 00:44:51

that's all I'm going to do is just a one night thing. I'm going to try this one night it works. The point of Allah subhanaw taala hiding it for the Prophet Allah you saw this. I mean, he doesn't know what it is. And the point that scholars look for is that

00:44:52--> 00:45:00

we dedicate ourselves for something. We know that there's a night that is worth our lifetime within these 10 Nights. Now

00:45:00--> 00:45:04

If you really care, you'll dedicate yourself. I want you to imagine that 1000 months

00:45:05--> 00:45:09

think at two years worth of imagine you make a sujood that night.

00:45:10--> 00:45:18

Imagine what your what your hustle not look like that night. The day the hand of hustle not in that scale.

00:45:20--> 00:45:23

At two years of everything being put in, within one night.

00:45:24--> 00:45:24


00:45:26--> 00:45:47

amazing. Oh boy, it's mind blowing. Just one night. If you get no you don't know which one it is we all try to say what do you think it was 2324 every every year we we sit down at the end of it and we start talking? Yeah, just for the sake of what did you feel was the night and I don't think it matters. I don't think I think sometimes maybe it was even specific to people. I think they do consider demons more specific to people because this

00:45:48--> 00:46:00

that talks about how you Roman elvish er was revealed way before Ramadan. So the concept of it is more personal than it is communal, right? But what's the significance of it really, the significance of it is the Quran.

00:46:01--> 00:46:38

The reason we have this night, the night of status and the reason that was put in Ramadan is because of the Quran. Ramadan is the month of the Quran. And Les little cuddle is the night of the Quran is the night that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam received that first revelation that night of EcoLog Bismillah Vika the Halacha falafel inside I mean Alico that's what he in the cave, I think it sort of received those first words. When the Quran was was given the first words were given to the prophet Isaiah, you saw those I'm beginning this beautiful relationship between the sky between the heavens and the earth for 23 years. Every year during that night, there is an ICA to while Rofi her

00:46:38--> 00:47:12

be in Europe be him in Cali Amerind salaam on here. Now Paula and Virgil Gibreel doesn't come to dunya anymore. After the after the prophecies were over. He's away. There's an arrangement where I'm Wayman. barnacle. Habashi are the Allahu Allah Allah Allah the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his nanny who took care of him and the mother of Osama bin Zayed, the great Sahaba that she broke into tears when the Prophet alayhi salatu salam died a few months after he passed away. So he said it's a loss we're all Jana, you have to move on. And he's like, she's like, I'm not crying because of that same crying because your brain is not gonna come back again. Because the way you talk to Allah, hey,

00:47:12--> 00:47:13

there's no more revelation.

00:47:15--> 00:47:20

So I'm saying no Bucha and the narration is someone else will point out to her whatever it will cover.

00:47:21--> 00:47:28

So she calmed down, because every year and later cuddle up descendants from the heavens with his with them.

00:47:29--> 00:47:48

And they observe the status of the Quran within the hearts and the minds and the souls of his OMA out of his love to us. It's like that he's coming to see to make sure that the Quran is still there, that people still love it, still recite it, are still holding on to it, they still know it by heart, they still love it in their hearts, so practicing it.

00:47:49--> 00:48:30

And that night is set up is it's peace from Allah, to all of his creation until the even the cancer, even the person who is set up to all creation. It's not one night where Allah subhanaw taala gives peace, full peace to all of his creation. That's why when you fight with someone, you ruin it, if Allah subhanaw taala is declaring peace for all of his creation for that one night to me, no one he he will not take wrath upon is is creation He will not punish them for that one night that's set up it's full peace. So when you go ahead and fight with someone you ruin it, so be careful in those last 10 nights of your behavior and your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala but that's a look at

00:48:30--> 00:48:33

two years worth of I sent out in one night number five

00:48:36--> 00:48:44

is to Java to draw the acceptance of your supplication way says Allahu salatu salam, you saw me and a few three he did our to

00:48:46--> 00:48:51

the person who is fasting when they break their fast they get it they get a free dog that will never be rejected.

00:48:52--> 00:49:27

Please understand what it means in terms of acceptance of dogs just understand what that means. Doesn't mean that whatever it is that you want, you will get immediately when you ask for it. That's not what it means. acceptance means that he he will not reject it and he will respond to you. Meaning he will respond positively to the dog that you made either by giving you what you want something better then later removing difficulty holding on to for you you're milking them and they're forgiving your sins through it or giving you higher status. But he'll respond to it meaning once you make that to it's an open is open through the heavens, there's no there's no customs for

00:49:27--> 00:49:28

this job.

00:49:29--> 00:49:32

You're wondering why is that important? Not all do I get that

00:49:33--> 00:49:35

some Aditya the Prophet Allah is on tell us

00:49:36--> 00:49:49

do Oh, vulnerable who are superb at that some people make dry doesn't make it to their roof. If I go to my dua ofI What do you he can cut in Berlin and their die is thrown back into their face like a dirty piece of laundry.

00:49:50--> 00:49:53

Some people their diet is thrown right back at them, keep it don't want to hear it.

00:49:55--> 00:49:57

But when you're fasting, you break your fast

00:49:58--> 00:50:00

whether right before right after that.

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

Doesn't matter relating. I know this is something that people like to fight about. It doesn't matter whether it's good to hear you make that you break your fast you get a free da

00:50:08--> 00:50:11

teach yourself not to hold on to it until

00:50:13--> 00:50:20

did you make to make the DUA Yeah, at some point, remember that you have the Sahaba would prepare their idea for Ramadan six months in advance.

00:50:21--> 00:50:51

There was then the last six months preparing what they're going to be memorizing that dua. So every time they make sujood, they say, because you want to know something, when you exclude the Imam doesn't give you a much enough time to make something up, you have to have something ready. So they will prepare and practice there to answer that when they made salute immediately they know what to say. And every time they made they made sure they were standing up there when they made they always made that dua whenever it is that they wanted and qualified and called the RAM allow us to zebula data and then the year wouldn't come by except the last 400 granted us the response to our to our da

00:50:52--> 00:51:30

please learn to do this. Please learn your art is your open communication with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. Learn to speak to God learn this is what Islam is. Islam is to teach you who Allah is and how to communicate with them. That's what Islam is really, at the end of it. That's what it is. Who Allah said my daddy for Allah to know Allah and then know how to speak to Allah. Because how many other supreme beings do you have relationships with? What other deities that that you know of that you know, you have no experience in having a relationship with three whom you do not see nor hear nor touch nor smell, this is the only relationship that you have, you can act like a pro at it, you

00:51:30--> 00:51:36

can bear it we can barely manage our normal relationships with our siblings and spouses and children.

00:51:37--> 00:51:42

having relations with Allah subhanaw taala have completely different nature. The key to it, the key to it is

00:51:43--> 00:51:49

is learning how to supplicate is learning to practice how he is only made Dotty salsa in Ramadan, like this.

00:51:51--> 00:52:03

He put his head down and put his hands we have it in a state of complete humbleness, or they use Latos law and complete humbleness when he spoke to Allah. Please don't do the formal interview type of thing.

00:52:05--> 00:52:14

You're not interviewing, you're not in the suits, you know speaking to your peer, you're not speaking you're speaking to Allah you are when you make dua in Salah Salah when's the right time to do it.

00:52:15--> 00:52:23

So you would write so you think about what's the use, what is it you would you're taking the most dignified part of yourself, you're putting it right on the ground.

00:52:25--> 00:52:48

This is like the most humiliating move that you'll make. Bowing is pretty humiliating, as it is like if you bow to someone that means you're kind of explaining that I'm not equal, you're better. But this is groveling really is not. So it's not it's not here, this is you're on the ground, your face is on the interlock, it's on the dirt, because that's how you see your relationship with Allah subhanaw taala I see myself as a servant, and He is my Lord. So I don't speak to him.

00:52:49--> 00:52:50

Formally Allahumma

00:52:53--> 00:53:04

you, you come to him with with no no mask, no filter. You don't have your DR at the beginning of your name your a PhD at the end of your name or you know your account with your bank account to Allah subhanaw taala making sure

00:53:06--> 00:53:54

that I have you come to Allah subhanaw taala with the simplicity of who you are as a creation, just that simple breakdown of what I am. I'm just a weak, scared human being trying to manage and You are the Lord of all of all things. And I could not need anyone as much as I always need you. And I could not fear or revere anyone as much as I revere you and I could not love or desire anyone's satisfaction or pleasure more than I could desire and love yours. And that's how you speak to Allah subhanaw taala I beg of you to capitalize on the beauty of dua Ramadan, you all make way more and Ramadan, you know it, it comes with the package of the month even if you didn't attend this halacha

00:53:54--> 00:54:26

or any other halacha Ramadan comes in and just naturally people just make more dua we pray with Salah tarawih and there's wisdom in the Imam makes DUA and wants you to learn to do this. Well, I want you to learn to make dua and learn to do it. And this is the exercise I'll give you we're running out of time. Make sit down one day in Nevada and make dua say all the stuff you've memorized, say them all say them all. Get them out of your system, save them all Allahumma you know instantly settlement mean was all that stuff, they don't get it out. And then when you're done, drink some water and then sit down, make dua again and do not say one word that you said in the

00:54:26--> 00:54:59

first one. Right? Do that. Do not repeat one word from the dog that you made the first time. So you learn how to unmask yourself a little bit and kind of sit there bear because you have to sit there bear with Allah subhanaw taala you have to learn how to speak to Allah. And that's he guarantees. I saw something for you that your DUA is Mr. Javid Ramadan How do I know that in the verses of Ramadan, Shadow Ramadan and let the wounds UniFi heal Quran? Who the leanness yogena terminal who that will focus on right the first right after it what either Eva Danny, and if you're My servants ask you about

00:55:00--> 00:55:39

AMI Subhan Allah, He sticks around Dido, oh Muhammad, if my servants asked you about me, now usually the answer will be then say, then say this. No, he omits the then say peace. He answers himself audience law to his son. It's like instead of say, hey, if someone asks you and then you just go right to the person, you remove the middleman. salAllahu alayhi salatu salam, why do I say I like anybody I don't say for anybody I am the closest to you and close. Oh gee Buddha, Allah Tada either and I respond to the supplication of the applicator when they supplicate fell yesterday Bulli. May they respond to me. Well, you mean it will be. I love him, you should love me they believe in me and

00:55:39--> 00:55:44

they will find their way if they do so. Those are the five bounties of Ramadan

00:55:47--> 00:55:48

never fails.

00:55:49--> 00:55:59

No, not once it's impossible. Impossible. The day that this works perfectly will be my retirement day. He said I saw to Islam in the Hadith narrated by Imam Muhammad.

00:56:00--> 00:56:07

When he stood fill in the 38th of Shabbos Bacala Jaya Akuma Ramadan, shout on Mubarak, if done or the Allahu Alikum cmo

00:56:09--> 00:56:53

to factor ofI wa will Jana my dog Allah Kofi available now what a while you feed him now that to Shayateen fee Leila to entitlement l Fisher. Oh man hurry Maha Yoga, Hatha decoding, Chara is awesome. In this hadith you will say this is a blessed month. You must pass this month you must pray in this month in this month. The doors of heaven open. You cannot deny that Ramadan has a different vibe to it. You can't you just can't deny that there's something different about every aspect of these 30 days. That's just you cannot replicate any other time throughout the year you try to lay we try impossible. You do a forest and you try to get people to do pm It's just it's just not the same

00:56:53--> 00:57:36

Ramadan just has something in it why? Because the doors of heaven are open wide. What Dhokla puffy here why buena and all the doors of the Hellfire close shut what to call Luffy Mara to shayateen and all of the big Shayateen that do what Stresa they are chained and they're pulled back to join them and they are not there and during your day and Ramadan by the way, whenever you sin, that's your enough's just for your own information and how you're going to Ramadan is amazing for people I've tested you will understand this a little bit. Ramadan gives you the distinction between the external sources of loss and of the of distraction and of sin and the internal sources. Ramadan is all

00:57:36--> 00:58:13

internal. Whatever you do you my friend, that's all you say Atlanta has nothing to do with it. He's not even around. So it's really good to learn these things and think about it. But that's the beauty of Ramadan. The Gates of Hell are closed and the gates of heaven are open and Allah subhanaw taala yah, he had to tell you the ultimate way or the VSG of charity charity, ALLAH SubhanA cause upon his creation Ramadan, it says oh the one who wants to come near an O the one who wants to otherwise stay far. Why do you think we have all these people coming from above? Who brings these hearts who was medical Mulcair who and whose medical milk who was making medical calls the hearts of His servants

00:58:13--> 00:58:49

they come running to him and Ramadan who does this? Who can do this? We try to bring to run programs and get people in no one comes yaki best case scenario 50 People are sitting in, that's like a rock star night. And then Ramadan comes in and they and people just come in. It's like, it's like the floodgates open. And people that you've never seen in your life, they just come who brings these hearts who who opens their minds that okay, I've gone through the message of why it's because Allah subhanaw taala calls the hearts of his of his creation time to come to me come to me and we come to Him Subhana wa Tada. And we come to Him and we draw ourselves closer and we we bathe in his mercy.

00:58:50--> 00:59:28

We bathe in his compassion and we we take his unwanted coming to us in His forgiveness are just entering our hearts whether whether we even want it whether we even realize it or not. Subhan Allah when hoodia Maha Yoga for him the one who's deprived of the hate of Ramadan is the one who is truly deprived in this life, not the one who has nothing to do with the deprived one is not the one who has no welfare has no status is the one who did not get the height that Ramadan is offering to them. And that I think that's enough, we're done. Here are the five bounties are we gonna leave them up for you and Charlotte's for till the end of the Halacha number one forgiveness of sins. Number two,

00:59:28--> 00:59:41

the freedom of punishment. Number three, the immense rewards that are waiting for you and number four, the night of status a little earlier. And then number five, the acceptance of supplication. There was one more sixth one but we'll end with that and show us a backlog. 100 Kerala, Illa illegitimately wa sallahu