Why Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) did not do Miracles like the Previous Prophets

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him and how he did not do miracles. They also mention variousaroundaroundings of the Prophet's stance on animals and the split of the moon, and the history of the miracle of the holy eye. The speaker concludes that science cannot prove the spiritual teachings of the Prophet and that the holy eye is the ultimate source of spiritual knowledge.
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There's another question that came on the Facebook just now from shake for Khan. Why Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not do miracles like the previous prophets.

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To say that Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him did not do miracles is totally wrong. There are various miracles that the Prophet did, for example, the prophet, he split the moon. It is mentioned in the Quran sarcoma.

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And even scientifically today, if you do research, you come to know that the moon has got Fisher, they don't know what that is. But since the Quran says about sarcoma, that the Prophet spread the moon, there is a book written, it talks about the miracles of the Prophet and there are a couple of 100 Miracles mentioned in that, that the prophet spoke to animals. The tree came and shaded the profit variable for the fall of nature, there are various miracles but but we Muslims don't boast of the miracles. The reason we Muslim Do not boast of these miracles because at the time when the Quran was revealed, it was not the Age of Miracles previously was the Age of Miracles at the time of Musa

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al salaam at that mo Salah Salaam. And there are many miracles which are mentioned in the Quran. Even the Prophet did miracles, but all the miracles that were done by the earlier prophets you cannot prove it now. For example Musa al Islam is the see it mentioned the Quran Muslims believe in it. Can we prove it logically scientifically did Musa al Islam split the sea? We cannot

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ystalyfera I'm give life to the dead. It mentioned the Bible mentioned in the Quran. Can I prove it to the year later that without doubt, no. Prophet split the moon and approve 100% scientifically No, I can give Okay, there are indications that there is a fissure in the moon, it may be bigger, but no to the miracles are things which science cannot justify

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at that time. So what was the miracle that time may not be a miracle today?

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What we have to analyze today, the miracle of the miracle given to the Prophet masala Salam was the Glorious Quran. Quran is the miracle of miracles, which can prove itself at that time

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can even prove today, and if we analyze Quran has proved itself with the Word of God in all the ages, when it was revealed, it was the age of literature and poetry.

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previous knowledge of miracles Kuranda the miracle of miracles, when the Quran was revealed, it was not the Age of Miracles or the age of literature and poetry, the non Muslim, the pagan Arabs, at that time, Arabic was at its pinnacle.

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The moment they heard the verses of the Quran, they realize this cannot be from any human being the way it is the words

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it has to be from God and they accept it some today is not the age of literature and poetry. If I say in a very poetic fashion, the world is flat will a modern man believe the answer is no to the age of science and technology. Today if we test the Quran, with science and technology, you can easily be satisfied that there is not a single verse in the Quran, which is against established science. And though the Quran is not a book of science, SCI MC, it's the book of signs Fei Jie and it's a book of AI arts, and there are more than 6000 finds 6000 ions in the glory of Quran are two of which more than 1000 speak about science and have given a talk on Quran and modern science

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compatible or incompatible if we put the test of science to the Quran. Quran if you only read this book on the face of delivery passes the test, all the other descriptors they will fail the test.

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And later on they may be another age we don't know what age it will be. So alhamdulillah Almighty Allah subhanho wa Taala gave the miracle of miracles to Prophet masala Salah and Allah says in the Quran in surah unqiue chapter 29 was number 48 that we give the book to a person who's unlettered, the Prophet was unlettered, he could not read or write, so that even the blabbers of entity would not object that means this Quran no one can say that the prophet is author he thought to it that the last and final messenger was unlimited.

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So that no one could lay an allegation the prophet would the Quran knows biller.

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Even the most intelligent men cannot right but even that smallest excuse hardly big enough to hang a flat Allah did not give them so that is the reason on hamdulillah the greatest miracle actually was given to the prophet that is the Quran, which cannot really be proved that time it can be proof today and will be able to be proved to be the word of God till eternity inshallah