Steve Harvey Visits Mary Mother Of Jesus Mosque & Names His Son Ali

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Hey, I'm Steve Harvey. Steve is a very successful guy. He is. He is very successful made a lot of money. That's true. Yeah. If I could make myself successful,

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I would have done it a long time ago to man know him for his comedy. You may know him for his mustache. But today, I want you to know him for his religion. Somebody shared this with me and I just, I just couldn't resist commenting on this video because it's our old friend, also Steve Harvey. I know Steve Harvey. He's a TV talk show host and author, a comedian. And he is I believe in Dubai. And he's visiting a mosque. And let's see what else Steve Harvey has to say.

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Today, I want to tell you about a guy. You may know him for his comedy. You may know him for his moustache. But today, I want you to know him for his religion. Hey, I'm Steve Harvey, stand up comedian, entertainer, television host, family, man. But most importantly, I happen to be a man of faith. Now let's stop right there. You see a mosque. This is a house of worship a house of God, if more non Muslims not yet Muslims, and obviously not yet Muslims, because everyone has the potential to submit their will to the Creator of the heavens and earth. That's what a Muslim is. And Steve Harvey, he's wearing this is a cultural thing. So he's behind a in front of the house of worship

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House of God. This is where Muslims go, to pray to the One God the same God of Jesus, Moses, Abraham and all the messengers that God Almighty sent they prayed like, like Muslims pray in this mosque. You know, you could pray outside the mosque in the mosque, but it's more rewarding in the mosque where you all you come together. So we encourage people to visit moss just like he did. And you see him dressed. This is one stereotype if you're Muslim, you don't have to dress this way. This is more of a way that they dressed in Dubai, you know, he can just continue being a Muslim. And if he chooses to, because it's open for everybody, just like Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Quinta, contae

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and you know, all the other African Americans because this is their roots actually is Islam. So if he chose to submit his will, Steve Harvey to the world of credit has an earth he can continue to wear his fancy suits. Let's continue on. Steve is a very successful guy. He has made more money he is ever seen as very successful made a lot of money. That's true. Yes. Then he ever thought, I'm assuming that's his wife. Look, I'm assuming that's his wife. She's She's Mashallah. She's wearing the hijab. I love to ask her. How does your wife feel in that? Look at that, because she's, look, we're Muslim women are commanded to observe the hijab. And this is, this is in accordance with

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Jesus's mother, Mary, look, there's a whole chapter named after his blessing mother and a medium in the Quran. And you have his mother also wore this. So any picture that has been put out there trying to replicate what she might have looked like, She's also wearing this hijab. So next time you see a Muslim woman in a job, you as a Christian, or anybody, you see that Look, she's imitating married the mother of Jesus, specifically for Christians here, just think about that. And she's wearing that this is this is amazing, closer than ever. Why did you not lose faith as you became more successful?

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If I could make myself successful,

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I would have done it a long time ago,

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I would have skipped so many of the lessons I had to learn. But it's not that it's a process. success and happiness is a process man. And in this process,

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I was very aware of the amount of faith that was needed. And as a matter of fact,

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it really took more faith than I even thought I had. This is good. He's attributing his success back to a lot to the crater. People God Almighty, I think that's a lesson for us. We can't ever forget that because people become arrogant is wrong. There is only one way to God.

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But Steve's faith is unique, because it's really not about that. There is no one

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one way to heaven, no one way to paradise. It's like television, now it's over 800 channels of cable, and they're all pretty entertaining. So I'm pretty sure man that to get to hear about this. Let me stop right here. I mean, that sounds nice. That sounds good. I mean, and for him, also someone who's a celebrity famous, you know, this is like what people want to hear. But in reality, we have to look back at the evidence we have to be sincere we have to be open minded we look at is this really what God Almighty You know, he ordained that you can come to him in any which way. I mean, just from a logical perspective just in life, right?

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Is that how it works? I mean people if you're the boss and they can just complete the project in any which way you know you have you can just show up at any time you want to work. You can just wear whatever you want to work, you know, come in your bikini come in your Daisy Dukes to work, right you can cut I mean just in any which way. There are rules in society. And they're also because some people say, Look, I don't want to follow an organized religion, right? But then would you prefer a disorganized religion, a disorganized way of life, and then you would attribute to the curaytor, disorganization and being unwise, and, and all these things that now we wouldn't attribute to

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ourselves. So there is a way but we have to find the way are we sincerely, as a Christian, which he is, he's actually going against a caliphate, they have a weight to heaven. This is with all due respect, as a Christian Steve Hart v knows that look, to come to God, you have to according to Christianity, you have to believe in Father Son, Holy Ghost Trinity, the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But here in Islam submission, and I'm sure this would captivate him interest him and be more of the natural inclination that he would inclined towards Islam is showing that No, no, you don't have to go through a lot of these illogical processes process that are not based on proven

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evidence. But we have evidence that God Almighty throughout time he sent away and that way was to submit your will entirely to the will of the one and only created the heavens and earth. And every we say Allah, and Jews and Christians were Arabic speaking, they also say Allah, you got to probably learn about that while you're in Dubai, Steve Harvey, but we have to be genuine. And we have to sincerely do what God wants us to do on his terms, because it's not Burger King, have it your way. And that's this philosophy, like it, just do it your way. And then it's going to be accepted by God. That doesn't work. And that's not how it is, you got to submit your will to the will of the credit

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heavens on earth. And this is Islam and a Muslim is one who does that. And you have to obey the messenger that was sent at Jesus's time it was, it was Jesus, you couldn't bypass him. He was the way the truth and the light Moses time it was him. He brought the revelation and evidence that he was a messenger, you have to obey Him today is this time for Steve Harvey. Harvey, for anybody is the last the final messenger Prophet Muhammad, he is the one the last and final messenger you don't worship Him. We don't worship Jesus. But we follow their way the way they practiced that submission, the way they perfected their character, the way of morality. Everything was laid out there we have

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it today in the Quran, and the example of the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him. And God Almighty is saying that whoever chooses other than Islamic submission to the will of the Creator, never will it be accepted of him and in the hereafter who'd be among the losers. And Mohammed said, Look, wherever here's the me and denies me look rejects me, then that person will find a place for them in hellfire. Look, so we this is evidence, we have to present it in the best way. And we're trying to do that. So let's continue on here with our friend, Steve Harvey, there's got to be more than one route and called somebody watching another channel or taking a look at the

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channel than you. They still getting into tape. And they probably still getting to him. That's wishful thinking. I mean, they're probably still getting to heaven as human beings, you might, you know, you think you're going to get a certain car or you're going to get a certain position or some money just by wishful thinking. It's like, money's gonna fall out of the tree trees or whatnot. But there's a process you got to work, right. You got to work for Jelena for paradise, you have to do good deeds, you have to have the right faith. But at the end, it's ultimately by God's mercy and God's grace. But it's according to his will not our desires. That's the main thing that's equals

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Islam. This isn't just stock. Steve lives by these words. He has three sons, two of them, he gave them Christian names like Broderick, and one of them he gave a Muslim name as the as a sign of respect and appreciation for the Muslim religion and the Muslim culture. I named Molly because I knew I knew that that was very nice, but he might be different. And you have no problems with it. He named his son Ali, Sonali.

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Islam is a religion of peace.

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Peace. It's just a

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really cool guy. This is one Miss notion that people have that Islam just means peace. No, it means peace acquired, by submitting your will to the will of the Creator that has an earth belongs to people and that's how you get peace in life. Truly, that's how you can contentment by doing God's will. That pretty much means doing it on his terms, not your desires. Remember that it's very important. a mosque with the name Jesus on it. Yeah, the world could use a little bit more than that. I've never really understood exactly what I was doing. I had a feeling about it. But now when I look at this name, right here,

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And it says, Mary, the mother of Jesus mosque

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comes it gives me a little bit more of the understanding maybe was something I didn't quite know at the time. But now it's starting to make a whole lot more sense. And Steve, it'll make even a lot more sense. Look, engage with Islam Look, just by this known fact now that we love Jesus as Muslims, we love Jesus, not as a God, or literal Son of God, we ask people, what do you mean, you know, cats have kittens, dogs have puppies, cows have calves? What do you mean God had a son, a baby God doesn't make sense. And there was no evidence for in the language of the Bible, you know, because the Bible has sons by the tons, but men have metaphorically that's different, while the children of

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God but to have God have a literal son. That's not what it meant at that time. Nor does it mean at this time. We are all the servants, we are all the creation of God Almighty. And you are amazed by that, that we love Jesus and His Blessed Mother. Imagine if you now engage, and you got to know about the pure monotheism in Islam, and you're able to make sense of the way that God Almighty wants you to be upon Islam. If you were to look at the evidence, and you were looking at the odd, sincerely humbly just read the Quran, since you're already in Dubai, and you're already wife is wearing the hijab. And you're already excited about few of these other things. Imagine if you were

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even to engage more and you were to learn a little bit more imagine of the doors of blessings and mercy that would open and at the end of this life, we know that anyone who truly submits his will to the created heavens and earth lives on God's terms obeys God truly, not according to his desires but according to how God wants you to live Alright, not our wishful thinking than paradise. Paradise is in store for that more of these mosques many many more of people like Steven of the mosque Yes, we can agree with gnostic open up the mosques have open houses that will we do that open up the mosques, have open houses and invite people like Steve Harvey, and others, your neighbor so they can

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sit ask those tough questions. There's so many different misconceptions about Islam. Islam is this Islam is that people talking about Islam, but not getting truly the opportunity to get to know Islam to get to know a Muslim to connect to make the human connection. So I wanted to make this short, quick little video and respond and give my reaction. I like when you guys send these in, it's kind of it's kind of nice. So continue to send some of those videos that you'd like to see me talk about, discuss, and inshallah we can try to do that. Thank you very much. And for Steve Harvey. Hopefully we can get you on a D show one day, and we can discuss your journey there. And inshallah we pray

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that you look into Islam read the Quran, and I always give this homework as the Creator of the heavens and earth God Almighty, Allah asked him for guidance, they guide me guide me guide me if these people are in the right way. This is the way that I need to be out on that will get me to your pleasure, your paradise put me on that road, that's the road I want to be upon. Because we can go ahead and make up like people do. They make up their own religions, their own ways, but at the end, it's not a comment on the creator to accept that it has to be on his terms, not our desire, religious respect, religious tolerance is the most important thing. And we need to promote that

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every single day. Share religion share the share of caring and sharing and we need to be respectful in a respectful, kind, dignified way, we can agree at the end to disagree and we can still live in peace and harmony. Thank you very much. Subscribe. If you haven't already, hit that notification bell and support us on our Patreon page. We'll see you next time here on a D show. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum