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Shaykh Yasir Qadhi delves into the names of Allah that relate to Rahma which is used in almost 500 verses of the Noble Qur’an and the Name of Allah, Ar-Rahman occurs 57 times.

Some differences between Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem are as follows:

  • Ar-Rahman (Mercy) is for all of His creation, while Ar-Raheem (mercy) is only for the Muslims. 
  • Ar-Rahman’s mercy is comprehensive, while Ar-Raheem’s Mercy reaches only those whom He wants to reach. 
  • Ar-Rahman is in this world, while Ar-Raheem is in the Hereafter.  
  • Ar-Rahman describes the nature of Allah, Ar-Raheem describes His actions. 

Ar-Raheem occurs 114 times in the Qur’an. The two most common combinations are Al-Ghafur Ar-Raheem and Al-Azeez Ar-Raheem. Al-Azeez Ar-Raheem means the One who has Power and Mercy. Al-Ghafur Ar-Raheem means  the One who forgives because He has Mercy.  

What should be the effect of the 5 names derived from Rahma on our hearts? 

  • Increase in our hearts the love of Allah.  
  • Our hope in Allah’s Mercy should be infinite. We need to have good thoughts of Allah. 
  • To be shy of Allah’s Mercy. How can we be disobedient to someone who gives us so much? 
  • We should be merciful to others. 
  • To use them in Du’a such as “Ya Rahman, Ya Raheem” etc. 

How do we attain the Rahma of Allah? 

  • The ones who show mercy, Ar Rahman will have mercy on them.
  • Coming to the Masjid, praying and listening to Islamic knowledge. 
  • Obey Allah and His Messenger SAW. 


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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala Sayyidina Muhammad in while early he was married remember, we were still discussing the names of Allah subhana wa tada that relate to the concept of Rama or rahima and one of the most famous lexical lexicons of the Arabic language by Mr. Moraga, Swanee and what is one of the first dictionaries ever written, he defines rahima in a very interesting manner. He says rahima is the verb that is used to indicate a son to indicate doing good for the sake of wanting to do good to the one you're doing good to, without expecting anything back from that person. So rahima means to want to benefit somebody

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genuinely helped somebody and you don't require anything back from that person. And Allah subhana wa Tada, as we mentioned, in the last two days, has ascribed this concept to himself and over 500 verses, and he has at least five names that we know of related to this concept of Rama and the term of man or the name of Rahman, it occurs in the Koran 57 times, and it is never paired with any other name, except in six verses. And it is only paired in this six verses with one name. And that is a Rahim. The term Al Rahman always occurs by itself. 51 but in six verses, AR Rahman AR Rahim occur. And of course in the Fatiha is the first example and hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen Rahmani Raheem.

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And I mentioned one opinion about the difference between Ar Rahman and Rahim and that is that Ar Rahman is for all the creation and AR Rahim is for the believers. There is another interpretation and these are all complimentary, that are rushed man is the one whose Rama is comprehensive zu rahmatullah wa sia and R Rahim is the one whose Rama reaches the one he wants to reach the right method wartsila so Ar Rahman is comprehensive. And AR Rahim is the one that is effective to the one whom it reaches. And Allah is both comprehensive and effective. Allah is both Ar Rahman and Rahim yet another interpretation is that Allah is a Rahman in this world. And r Rahim in the next world,

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that this world is a manifestation of Allah Rama. And the next world agenda for the believers is a manifestation that Allah azza wa jal is a Rahim yet another interpretation and these are all complimentary. not contradictory, is that a Raman describes the nature of Allah. And Allah Rahim describes the actions of Allah. So Allah by his nature has Rama and all of his actions as well our actions of Rama and there are other interpretations as well about the differences between a man and a Rahim and the name of Rahim. It occurs a whopping 114 times in the Koran. It is one of the most oft repeated names of a law after the name Allah 114 times Allah mentions the name of Rahim and they

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occur with many names and combinations, but the two most common combinations of our aim at all of you haven't earned know these because they occur in the Koran or a Fuhrer Rahim. And as usual Rahim. These combinations are for Rahim and Aziz Rahim, are of the most common combinations, period. Out of all of the combinations in the Quran. Remember, I said three days ago that most of our last names occur in pairs, the two most common pairs in the whole Quran, or alpha photo Rahim. And Aziz or Rahim and as I mentioned, three days ago or two days ago, that when those two names occur together, there's always a wisdom. Why did Allah pair those two names? So the name and Aziz Rahim and we're

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gonna come to the name of disease in a few days. And for now we'll just say and Aziz is the one of power. So Allah says Allah Aziz Al Rahim, the one who has power, the one who has mercy, what is the third meaning that we derive? Allah is the origin is saying when he says he has as his and he has Rama, that his Rama is not coming from weakness, his Rama is not coming because he has no other choice. Because usually or sometimes you are merciful, out of weakness. You are merciful because you don't have power. Typically, people of power have no mercy. Typically, power corrupts mankind. Typically the higher up you go, the harder your heart becomes, and this is the sooner

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law in the entire creation from the beginning of times in then Luca, da da da da da, da, da da, de la kings and politicians a lot is mentioned in the Quran, they typically corrupt, they cause evil, they don't have Rama in their hearts. But Allah is saying, I have the ultimate power and my power has not corrupted me so that I'm no longer merciful and my mercy does not come from weakness, it comes from strength. So Allah has both strength and he has mercy he has the perfection of reserved and he has the perfection of Rama and that is why and as usual, Rahim is one of the most common combinations and our order today also mentioned this combination and of course of the most common

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combinations and we hear this all the time is that a food or Rahim and we understand clearly why I love food, we will come to the name of food in detail next week inshallah. But for now, we all know our food means the one who forgives. So Allah is the one who forgives because he has mercy. Allah forgives because he has Rama. So because He is merciful that mercy leads him to forgive. And this is the wisdom of combining between a lover food and a Rahim. Now we mentioned there are five names Rahman Rahim Allah hamara Haman. Hi, hydro, Rahimi and dorama what should be the effects of these names on our hearts? What is the tomato or the fruits of believing in these names of Allah subhana

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wa tada? Well, number one,

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these names should cause us to increase in our love for Allah subhanho wa Taala because the heart always loves the one who is kind and merciful to it.

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The heart always loves the one who is kind and merciful to it. The one who loves you automatically love him back, the one who's kind to you automatically feel a love for this being. So how about Allah subhana wa tada who has given you everything, everything that you love, Allah has given it to you. Everything that you find comfort in, Allah has given it to you. So how much more should be your love for Allah subhana wa tada and our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrated that love in a beautiful Hadith when he was in a battle and a lady was separated from her child, and she was frantically searching for the child. And she finally screamed joy when she found the child alive.

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And she picked up the child and she began feeding the child and our Prophet system remarked, do you think this lady would ever throw her child into a fire? And they said to handle or messenger of Allah, how could this mother ever do this to his child? So the process of him said, law who are humble men had the human live Nia Lola who indeed it's a swell custom, I swear, a law is our hem more Rama. Allah has more Rama for his creation, and for his believers, then this lady has for her child. So when we understand this, then our love for Allah azza wa jal should skyrockets. Number two, when we know Allah is the right man, and Allah is Rahim, Allah is our hammer Rahim in our hope

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in Allah and in His mercy should go to infinite lengths. We have to have hope in Allah, that Allah shall show us Rama, we have to have good thoughts about Allah. You see brothers and sisters, some Muslims, unfortunately, they have an incorrect understanding of Allah stuff for Allah as an angry or a nasty God la la casa Bella, this is not the law of the Quran. Our Prophet has told us that the prophets are seldom said that Allah has said, and are in the one near Abu Dhabi, I shall deal with my servants the way they assume I shall deal with them. So the one who thinks Allah is going to be generous and kind, the one who has positive thoughts about Allah, Allah will deal with him in that

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positive manner, Allah will deal with him in that positive manner. And this is proven in the statement of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam of the man of the man, rich man in the process unfolds a story that once upon a time there was a rich man from the previous generations, he would lend his money to people, and then he would send his slave to collect the depths debts of the people, and he would say to the person, you know, if you find he doesn't have the money, then show him mercy. Maybe Allah will be merciful, if I'm merciful to other people. So when he died, Allah subhanho wa Taala said to him, that I have more right to show mercy to you than you had the right to

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show mercy to those people and he was forgiven because of that. This is the concept of Rama that the man said Allah will show mercy to me shall Allah will show mercy to me, and he was merciful to the people wanting Allah's mercy. So Allah azza wa jal gave him that mercy and of course, the famous Hadith of the prostitute who saw the dog,

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the dog thirsty on the sand

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Not able to drink and feeling pity and Rama for the dog. She had run off for the dog. She went into the well and she put some water in her shoe. And she put the shoe in her mouth because she had to climb up and then she fed the dog. And the profitsystem said, because of her Rama, she's a prostitute because of her Rama for the dog. And the dog is not a noble animal in our shed era. Allah had Rama on her. This is Allah who is a man right man, when she showed Rama to Allah creation. Allah showed Rama to her. So when we understand how much is Allah Rama and I quoted yesterday, the editor, that even the caffeine if he knew how much Rama Allah add, he would hope he's going to intergender

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and the famous scholar of Hadith, Sophia thodi. When he was on his deathbed, he said to the people will lie he is more happier that Allah will judge me on the Day of Judgment than even my own mother, because I trust the mercy of a law more than I trust my own mother's mercy. This is the love that these great scholars of the past had, that they have seen that Allah is Rahman and Rahim Allah is Luna Rama, Allah is full of Rama. So he said I would rather a law judge me than my own mother and father because a law will be more merciful to me than my own mother and father of the benefits of believing in a laws names that are commandment Rahim number three is to be shy of Allah subhana wa

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Taala. What does this mean to be shy? You know, when somebody is generous to you, then how can you insult him back? When somebody gives you so much then you're you feel that I must repay this person back. This feeling is a positive feeling. So how about Allah azza wa jal who has given us everything? Should we not feel a sense of shyness? That How can I use a loss blessings against him? How can I use a loss wealth that He has given me in sins against him? How can I use Allah has everything to come between me and Allah, there should be an element of higher analyzer which I mentioned in the Orion one interlude do namrata la de la sua, if you will try to count the blessings

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of Allah sit down and count them. Think about how many blessings Allah has given you. You will not even be able to finish the list. This is what the Quran is telling us so we should feel a sense of higher from Allah subhana wa tada as well of the benefits of believing in the name of Allah Rahman. And Rahim is that we should be merciful unto other people. We should have Rama for other people. As our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam demonstrated when a man came and said, You had a sort of law, I have a hard heart, I don't have mercy. I just I find no emotions. What should I do? So the prophet SAW sent him said, Go and wipe the hair of the orphans. How are you going to get merciful go

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and wipe the hair of the orphans means be with the poor, be with the wretched be with the deprived Have mercy be with them, when a better one came, and he saw the process and playing with Hassan and Hussein, you throw up in the air kiss him. And you know, the better ones. They're known to be coarse and harsh. He got he said, You do this with your children. I have 10 sons I've never once picked them up Never once kiss them. This is machonis False machonis and the prophecies that have said, What can I do? If Allah has removed Rama from your hearts, you have so little Rama you can't even play with your own children. So having Rama upon other people, and our process of them said that of

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these signs of respecting a lot of respecting a law is to show respect to our elders and to be merciful to our youngsters, there should be a feeling of compassion, that we must feel be moved once the profitsystem is giving a hoot about and some of the veterans came. And these were such poor people that they weren't veterans, excuse me. They're from another tribe that were coming to accept Islam. They were so poor, they literally only had something to cover their hour, and they had nothing else. And our processing was so moved. He stood up after the hotel, and he had a fundraiser right then and there for them. And he said who is going to help them with food and whatnot and

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people began to bring until there was a pile to give to them. The moving the heart of the processor has moved when he sees that poverty in front of him. This is what Rama does. So of the benefits of believing in a loss names or reitman and our aim that we try to have mercy on to other people and of course of the benefits of believing in these names of Allah is to use them in

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and are continually mentioned this in every name that I mentioned. To use them and drop. We should use the name yarraman Yara him we should use it whenever we have any drop. You see. Most of the last names are specific to something you want. Yeah, Kadeem, use it for specific things there will have yeah Shafi but there are some names of Allah that are universal. You can use them for quite literally

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Anything such as the name Allah, such as the name Rob, and such as the name Rahman and Rahim, there's no specific issue except that the name Rahman and Rahim is relevant to your job. You want forgiveness, you want gender, you want a job, you want children, whatever you want. Yara manyara him. So you use the names of Allah. You're invoking the one who has Rama. And especially when you're in trouble, especially when you're in trouble when you're suffering a calamity. When your heart is hurting, when you're physically sick when you're emotionally grieved. Who better to solve your problem than the one who has Rama? A YouTube 10 years left proceed. He's lost his 10 children. his

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wealth he was a multimillionaire is down to poverty. He has nothing. Everybody leaves him for 10 years. He is a pariah, outcast, and he raises his hands and what does he say? You're up in Nima suniel burrow under our hammer Rahimi. Oh my Lord, you see my pitiful situation. You see what I'm in? I'm in pain, I'm suffering. And you Oh Allah or the other hammer. I mean, that's all you did not even say overleg get rid of the pain. He just said you are out a hammer. I mean, you see my situation, that's all I need to do. So Allah says *a chef, Bobby human book, when he made this, so please memorize it. Let's use it for up the Indian essential guru or until tomorrow human. This

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is Dr. Hugh, Robbie and Mr. Sanyal door are hammer me. When he made the dua Allah says, we lifted up all the problems that he had, and we gave him more than we took away. So this is of the benefits of believing in the names of Allah Rahman and Rahim, the final points, how do we attain the Rama of Allah? How do we attain the Wrath of Allah? Well, number one, I already mentioned it. Give Russia to others, Allah will give Rama to you. And this is in the beautiful Hadith memorize a beautiful Arabic or raha moon, your hammer hammer.

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Hammer woman fell out of your hammock or Memphis summer, or raw hay moon, the ones who have mercy, your hammer home or rock man, a man will have mercy on them. The ones who show mercy will be shown mercy by the one who has mercy. Have mercy on the people in the world. The one in the heavens will have mercy on you. This is a beautiful Hadith. You want Allah Rama, be merciful even to dogs. Be merciful to animals, be merciful to plants, be merciful to the creation, and Allah will be merciful to you. You want to learn our process that I'm said Rahim Allahu Allah will have mercy on the person when he buys his gentle when he's when he sells he's gentle when he interacts with others his gentle

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gentleness and mercy with other people. Rahim Allah Allah mercy will be on you. So number one way to get Allah's mercy is to be merciful. Number two, coming to the masjid, praying, listening to Islamic knowledge, as it is in Bukhari and Muslim. The ones who could never desert group come to the house of Allah and recite the Quran and listen to gatherings of knowledge, except that rahima comes in envelopes them, Rama comes in envelopes them and Sakina descends upon them and the angels envelope them in their wings. So Rama will come to the people who come to the massages. So coming to the massage it brings about a lot of drama. And number three and this is the final point we'll mention

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of the ways to bring about Allah's mercy is to obey Allah and His messenger will allow you to la hora Sula, La La come to heaven. baltierra la hora Sula, La La come to Harmon obey Allah and His Messenger so that you may attain Allah's mercy. Remember, brothers and sisters, Allah says in the Quran, that in either B or C will be he meant a shot, my punishment, it shall only reach the people that I want. My punishment will only go to the people I choose where it was at.

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My ra ma encompasses everything. This is Allah Our Lord, this is a right man. This is a Rahim This is our hammer raw. I mean, this is highroad right? I mean, this is the Rama. If this is our Lord, then how can we possibly despair of the mercy of the one who is the ultimate in compassion and mercy? May Allah azzawajal increase our love and demand in our man? May Allah bless us to be merciful to his creation so that we may attain His mercy. May Allah azza wa jal make us amongst the servants of our man. I will continue other names tomorrow, inshallah tada was set on wanting to lie about a gadget