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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the implementation of Sharia law and the concept of "monster" in Islam, emphasizing the importance of education and working together to achieve peace in the face of fear. They also touch on the history of Spain and the influence of the Eastern European community on the region's culture. The importance of history and history to distinguish religion from Islam is emphasized, and the historical incident of the Golden Age is discussed. The conversation also touches on the rise of Muslim culture in Europe and the importance of avoiding mistakes during the golden age.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah salaam aleikum, we greet you with the best of greetings peace beyond to you. This is a greeting of Jesus. This is a greeting of Moses and the last and final messengers sent to mankind of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Now all these messengers, they came with the same message, they never call people to worship themselves, saints, angels, nothing in creation, but the one God. And they came with a complete system, a way to live your life, not according to your whims and desires. But according to how the creator wants you to live. It only be fair, if he said, a complete way of life, otherwise, it'd be left for you to figure it out. You'd be making mistakes

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here and there, bumping into this and that. So God is the most just, and he's the guy. So he had said, the guys on this episode of the deen show.

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We're going to talk about that complete guidance, and how it was implemented.

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How it was implement, we're going to go a little bit way back in history. And you're going to see when those who submitted themselves the Muslims when they implemented Islam

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and the law of God, Sharia all some people get a little nervous here so you can learn about what should he means. And a practical example of when it was implemented, and how wonderful things were. And we come back here

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe it's maybe it's just to break the ice. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you like it was set on piecemeal to to shake Wali? Yes. How are you? How are you good humbler? You don't shake? Well, he was Sony. Of course. First, I loved him so much. Yeah. So tell us now. Okay. We have so little time. But this is a vast topic. Yeah. And at the end, we're gonna direct people where they can go look into it, because you're actually teaching a course on this show.

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This is something we're not of the not yet Muslims, they hear this word. They say we don't want no Sharia over here. They don't even know what it means. So let's start off there. Before we get into our main topic. What does this word should really, Sharia simply,

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if we want to

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define it, it's Islamic law, if you want to translate it this way. Because it is something it is law that is decreed by God. Because when you think about it, God or Allah, as we call him, he's the one who created human beings. And of course, the one who creates knows better about his creation than anyone else. And this is even if someone invents something in this life, they know about it better than anyone else. So the one who created the human beings is the one who knows what works best for them. And you said, a law so we're not talking about a man inventing this or the moon inventing is we're talking about who the creator of the universe and the human beings and everything. This is the

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Islamic definition, which is it means the the law that is decreed by a lot to the human beings. And it's it's

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two parts, there's one the the law of worship, and then there is law of dealings, meaning the trading that

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dealings when human beings deal with each other, or deal with anything else, even

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nature, anything else, there's a law that governs the Muslims and their life. And this is the idea of law that is a law has told us about. And of course, we have parts that a law has made. Our God has made that it's the same, it's fixed, all, it doesn't change based on time and place. But then we have the other part, which it's flexible. And people depending on where they live, and what time they live and where they are, they could adapt these laws to suit the environment that they're in. And an example for that, if you want to give me a give us example. So let's talk about, for example, the laws of trading. So interest is something that is fixed, it's always wrong. And it's always

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forbidden in Islam, because it always leads to a lot of

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destruction. And we have seen that we are actually witnessing this scenario right now. So yes, when we saw the recession, and everything that no one could argue about anymore, it's might in the beginning, we might, some people might get a gain of it

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while other people are losing, but we could witness what it causes to the worldwide economy in general. So that's something that is always forbidden in any time in any place. But for example, in the laws of trading, for example,

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there is a flexibility

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For the currency, we could use gold and silver, we could trade with each other things directly. We could use paper money, we could use cheques. Islam here leaves things flexible so that people could deal with whatever is comfortable to them. So we have part that that doesn't change, because there's always a constant harm throughout history. And then we have the parts that are flexible so that people can adapt it based on where they live, and what time now the Jesus, Moses, Abraham, did they come with a Sheree? Also? Of course, yes. Now, the all religions are the previous religions, they're actually Islam, which means the submission to God because we believe we as Muslims believe in all

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the previous prophets that came before that were mentioned in the Quran and Hadith. And, of course, certain laws, as we see are the same in Islam as in other previous religions. But also there's laws that have changed because human beings change. And we know this as a fact, from different time periods. So based on those changes, the law has changed. But however, since Islam is the final religion, or what Prophet Muhammad came with, since we said it's all Islam, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him came with, then this was at this time, if this is the final revelation of the religion that would be followed to the end. So you mentioned what the prophet Muhammad peace be upon

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last and final, Mr. senton. That kind of came when it's not. But did Jesus Moses, they all did Islam, didn't they? because Islam means to acquire peace by submitting like you said, to your will to God's will. That's correct. The creed, or the belief doesn't change our belief about the God our belief about the angels, our belief about the messengers, that part is fixed among all the messengers, the part of that change is the law, because human beings again, the environment and the surroundings were different at the previous messengers. But since Islam, as we said, It's the final religion, then that part there was a part that is made in the law fixed, and part of that is made.

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So just before we go on into our main topic, yes, as we said, all the messages came with the same message, submit to the One God worship the Creator, and not his creation, and do the good that God wants you to do. So you can get to paradise. So they all came, they were all Muslims, because a Muslim is one who submits to God, they all came with Islam, worshipping submitting to one guy, and they all came with Sharia God's law. Yes. So now we're going to go into a contrast before and we're going to use one part history, because people can go and look this up. Because like I said, most of the media are trying to create a fear frenzy. And they throw out these Arabic words, and they don't

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even know what they mean. Yes. And they create this sensationalism. And we hope that the media and all those because we care, we're sharing with them, that they can come to the deen show, and they can learn about Islam. So then we can all live in peace, because then this fear will be eradicated because of you creating fear that you know what people are obviously not going to be more in tune to collaborating, working together, and we want to work together. So we need the proper education. That's what we're trying to do, and sitting with scholars such as yourself, so then we can all come to this proper understanding. Now, when we come back, you're going to talk to us about Spain. How's

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that? That's excellent. Okay, so we're gonna be right back here on the deen show. To give you a example of when God's law Islam was implemented, and how people were living in peace.

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Born about 60 years ago, in former Yugoslavia, today's bosnia after Second World War, and imagine today you have one child too much. It's important that we realize that Islam is a gift. So we believe that in the teachings of Jesus, what is left is truth. And

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the truth has been mixed up with paganism and with nature worship. And so Islam has given you a pure, straightforward way of approaching monotheism, from hunger. shakily, go ahead, now we're back here with you. Go ahead and take it away. Talk to talk to us about Sharia, and Islam and when it was implemented in Spain, talk to us. Yes, thank you. I had the pleasure to go to Spain this year. And I witnessed over there the Muslim heritage and how this Spanish culture was affected by now if we want because many people say Okay, so

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how did the Muslims get there in the first place? And there's always this misconception about the Muslims trying to take over the world or something. People might be scared when they hear about this term in the beginning, but how did it happen and also that Islam spread by the sword and all these misconceptions, but Spain or the history of Spain is the perfect example of how it

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That was not the case. And the best way to know this is to compare and contrast between Spain before Islam and Spain after so we'll start with before Islam. Yes. So we'll start before Islam. Now again, some historians they call the Muslims that they have occupied Spain for example, but why wouldn't they call others other

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nations that came into Spain before them this, so is Spain. And there was people living there and 10s of 1000s of years ago, years ago, and then the Romans, they took over the land of Spain, and then the visigothic Kingdom, the Germanic tribes, they came and took over from the Romans after the around the fifth century, they took over and then after that around the eighth century, in the year seven elements specifically, that's when the Muslims came. Now what's happened? And how was it before and after? So in order to understand, before the Muslims were there in Spain, there was a king called Rodrigo. And this king he was ruling Spain by force and by dictatorship. So people

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actually before Islam over there, they were paying so much taxes more than half of what they're making. And we're not just talking about just the the rich or those who have businesses, even the poor were forced to pay that tax. So they were paying like 3040 50% of their earnings, yes, more more than that. And it was taken to them by force as sometimes whether they worked or not. Yet at the same time, also, there was a lot of spread among there was a

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it was spread over there a lot of evil. So for example, people were afraid because there was forcible rape by the soldiers aboard their soldiers or raping people before Islam. That's before Islam, there was chaos, there was a lot of stealing, and there was a lot of killing. And this was all this is documented. You could check this even in the non Muslim history books, how Spain was before Islam, Brian was at an all time high rate, denigration of women, subjugation of women, everything was just upside down. That's correct. And we're going to see this actually, once the Muslim came, how people who were in Spain reacted to when the Muslims came. And and when the

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Muslims, they entered the country over there, and King Rodrigo he was fighting in the north. He had some internal conflicts, which one go through much. But when he heard the Muslims there, and he came with his army, and the Muslims were outnumbered by one to eight, yet they were able to defeat that army, it was again and they weren't killing civilians. It was soldiers. So let's just roll here. You said, Okay, so there was no killing. It was a complete constitution, Islam where there is no killing of innocent women, children, none of this was going on. That's why the Muslims, yes, it was soldiers against soldiers. And that's what happened. Now, after that period, the actually, some of the even

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it was documented that some of these soldiers because they were forced to fight by the king Rodrigo, and they were not getting anything out of it. So he could imagine and that was one evidence for this is even though they were outnumbered by eight to one, they were able to defeat them. And after that, when the Muslims they went to the, to the towns and villages one by one.

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First, of course, when any new nation arrives, people are afraid normally, because you're afraid of what you don't know. They're a little bit timid. Yes. But when they saw how the Muslims First of all, the people don't have to pay those huge taxes and put out right away, that's completely cut off what they have to pay.

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That that they have the choice either they accept Islam, and this is done there is no compulsion or force and they will put a knife on your neck and say except this on you is this allowed, that never happened because it happened. This is because even when the Muslims ruled Spain for 800 years, the Christians and the Jews and other religions as well were living there, and they existed there until finally together peacefully technicians and what I heard that this was like a Golden Ages for the Jews in Spain is is true. That's correct. Yes, that was the golden age, and they were protected by the Muslims. But once the Muslims were defeated and forced to leave, that's when the Inquisition

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happened. And they were killed. And this is a historical fact that we can hide they were killed in the Inquisition and tortured by the Catholics, for example. So the Catholics killed the Muslims and the Jewish and the natives as well. That was the Inquisition. Yes, and at that time, but before that, I'm sorry, before that, Jews Christian loosens we live in a peace complete clean peace and that's why we saw even there's some scientists from from Jewish people as well who flourished under the endless Empire yet. Again, we always say Islam practices, tolerance, with

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That compromise of the

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of the people or the religions was this under Sharia law. This was the under complete Sharia law. So Wow. So what's happened is

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people there when they saw how the Muslims were treating them very nicely the soldiers there were protecting these villages from, they were protecting the order, like acting like the police. So peace came back to these cities and villages. And at the same time, those people instead of being disused actors, they only had to pay if they don't want to accept this, let's go back and they had a choice. Now they're gonna accept Islam, are they gonna be killed? No, no, no. That's a nice concession. Yes, yeah. The other option is they paid just how much one gold coin a year, if they could afford this call. This they called dizzy. What does this mean, when it's just, they get

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nervous and scared about this gesture, which is actually a lot less than the 5040 30%. Is that right? Of course, if the people this is only for the work and people who could afford it, if you if the people were sick, if it was the women, if they were also the the senior, actually, they get paid. under Islamic law, they get paid, if they have any needs, and no one is there to fulfill their needs, the Muslim government would fulfill those needs for them. But this, even that gold coin was paid that one that they paid, they paid it for their protection. So if someone was gold, and a for example, and fights with the Muslims to protect the nation, he wouldn't have to pay that book. There

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was a story that I heard maybe you can elaborate on this where the Muslims who are protecting the Christians, another group of Christians came to fight the Christians and the Muslims were defending the Christian because they were living in paying this tax to Jews. And they weren't able to fight off the Christian army that was coming to fight the Christian army. So they gave them the job back, but they tried humbly to defend them. Did you hear cases like this? Yes. And there's even even in later in history that's happened, for example, the leecher Ottoman Empire, they're protecting the Netherlands, the Dutch people who were protesting. They were protecting the Muslims. were protecting

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them from the Catholics. Yes. And there was actually an economic relationship between between the Netherlands and the Ottoman Empire. So that's another example. And in history that the Muslims, they, in this case, they protect the truth. And even you were just mentioning the, what's happened to the Jews. Now many people don't know that. When

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when they were prosecuted in Spain, who did they seek refugee to at that time they suffered due to the rising Ottoman Empire. So the Ottoman Empire the Muslims protected them from what's what's happening to them, the Muslims? were protecting the Jews also. Yes, there was no in history. Yes. You just got to do your homework. Yes, this is well, why is this false information now spreading? Like Islam is the enemy of everything. Everyone. Islam doesn't want peace. Muslims are okay. They'll say Muslims are good people. But it's Islam, we need to worry about why do you think this is there's two things we have to pay attention to first is getting educated about Islamic history and all

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history. And the other thing is, we have to distinguish between Islam and Muslims, Islam as the perfect religion from God, submission to the one God, but the Muslims, some of them are good. Some of them are not following the religion correctly. Some of them may do wrong things, but that should not. As they say, Don't judge the car by the driver, you could have the excellent car and a reckless driver. And if you want to test really that car, you should have a good driver behind the wheel. So we have to always distinguish between the teachings of the religion and what people are practicing. Great. So tell us now so the tax was eliminated this high tax is killing the people now they go and

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make so much money. Now they got to give half of it or more to the king Islam comes. Now the people can keep their money they're paying what is equivalent to the amount that they're having to pay. What is it equipment? So so you calculate one gold coin right now, you know, I mean, how much is the gram of gold equals right now? And

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10% 5% 2%? What is it equivalent? You put a percentage on taxes? It's not really a percentage because as we said, it's it's a fixed amount that you could you would only pay if you are working and could afford it. And what do you compare it to the 50% compared to that one coin, so people get a better reaction, and there wouldn't even be a comparison you can't comparison. You can't compare them. So well, it did. Sometimes, we have to also be historically accurate. Sometimes they increased it to four gold coins, because certain

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certain elements like for example, there was some friction or wrongdoing from

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The other side. And there is a few exceptions in history where, for example, someone misused this law to get depth as we say, these are the exceptions, we always, in every time and in every place, we're going to find people who are the exception, they don't follow the law, they do it wrong, they use it, or they use Islamic law for their own game. And we have to be fair, I mentioned that this did happen, okay. So when you read history know about it, but we should not, as we say, put the microscope on them and try to make that all Muslims throughout history every time and because that's the defense of the Muslim. Yes, that's what happens. Sometimes, we choose certain bad parts of

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history, and everyone has history. And we try to, or the media tries to highlight those parts. Let's hold it right there. We'll be right back with more here on the digital. He is.

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Coming to the truth requires two things. It requires deep thinking that you've already done but it requires another step. And that's courage. If you have the truth, but you don't have courage, you won't stand up for the truth. And that's as good as standing up for falsehood.

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I would say this thing that you just told me, it's not in the Scripture, and they would say a marginal note added by a scribe. Yeah, okay. We know that. And I'd be thinking, if you know, this is not the Bible, why are you preaching it as if it's gospel truth?

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid to stand alone.

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I am not afraid.

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I am

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not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Peace be unto you. Welcome back to the deen show. And we're talking and giving a live historical example of when God's law Sharia. The same way *heel was implemented during

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other prophets times. Now you have it here, Islam also, which is the call to acquire peace by submitting to the one guy submitting your will, to the will of the Creator of the heavens and earth. And we're showing the justice, we're showing that the tax was eradicated. And now we mentioned earlier, the contrast between the two, you had rape of women, you had crime, people were scared? Because the criminals are out what happens now, when Islam takes over? Yes, when the Muslims took over eventually, we'll see first that. One of the things is, once they did this model of applying the Sharia law, the the news spread, about how fair they were treating people and everything, that

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to the point that they were able to be to,

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they were able to easily go from village to village and have a presence there. And in three and a half years, all of Spain was under Muslim rule. And just within about 15 to 17 years, the vast majority of Spanish people who were living at that time there, they accepted Islam. And that's how it became many of them will see the soldiers, the number of them, who initially came was for 7000, and then 12,000. And it was about 30,000. But people accepted Islam in masses who were living in voluntary voluntarily and under no coercion. That's true. And the only part that was left because it was surrounded by the mountains was the Basque region in the north. So because why they saw the

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matters of the Muslims. And they saw that the soldiers were there to protect them not to steal from them not to rape their women. They have never seen anything like this. And even that's what they there's something they said when they went to report to the Spanish King, they said, we've seen people that are almost like people who came from the sky. What what why did they say this because they serve them normally at that time, around the world. When a new nation comes, they are trying to take over by force to steal the money to steal the land. The Muslims did not do any of this. They came and they said to them, what do they want. And they said, we're just coming here to let you know

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about the religion of God and whether you accept it or not. And then they spread the peace. And this is this was something common that the Muslims have even in the same timeframe. Egypt was under the occupation of the Roman Empire. And they were the Roman Empire was taking all the resources of Egypt when the Muslim came when the Muslims came, they defeated the Roman Empire. And so the Egypt within a few years also became the vast majority of them became Muslim because they the Muslim saved them, they didn't use the resources. And they didn't. They didn't use the resources at the same time. They were

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The Egyptians were able to flourish under the Islamic law, and they had that type of protection. So the Muslims was not to rob and pillage, rape, this is

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not to steal the land not to steal the money not to rape. It was for the spreading of the religion, but not by force. So you can accept that there is a creator.

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Yes, that's true. And when they want to open in the region, it was when they were not able to give a to preach to people there because we saw, for example,

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when we found that,

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over there that the Muslims were there, and there was, they were living under a Christian King, initially, yet they were they're living peacefully, and they're able to give the message to others. But when other nations at that time were oppressed, like Egypt was oppressed by the Roman Empire, and the Spanish people was also oppressed by the king. That's when the Muslims are not able to tell people about their religion. So they have to, they have to go and defeat those forces are taking the resources of people save them. And then at that time, people would have the choice and they would live under the piece of Islamic law.

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But you know, what people are given

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a couple more minutes, tell us another few of the many things.

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And inventions were at the top of science. What are the things? Yes, and science and inventions to the point that even the elite, the kings of Europe, at that time, there were some incentive, they needed their children for scholarships to study under the Muslims in Spain, and they have the largest universities in the world over there at the University of Cordova, over there. And Cordova had the second largest library in the world after that, that was the capital of the Islamic caliphate,

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and quota, but they had 5000 500,000 books at that time, when the largest at that time it was recorded. And this is, again, in nanoscale sources. If you check this, the largest library in Europe at that time was in Rome had about two dozen books, not more than 30 something.

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at that time, the trade of books has flourished through the Muslims that they were also getting the paper and they were writing it, they were translating all the sciences from all over the world. But then they built on it. And then Europe built again, their Renaissance based on what the Muslims have achieved at the time of

00:27:47--> 00:27:49

religions, they weren't leaving.

00:27:50--> 00:28:08

Yet, they were leaving. And it was also a chance for, for scientists from other religions to flourish under Muslim law, they were not prosecuted, they were not killed, as long as they have the freedom to explore any topic as long as there is no blasphemy against God. And this is something we have to

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this is expected because he's our Creator. And we have to respect a lot without our creed, a lovely glorified. But other than that they were able to explore in any field of science, and they could do other things through debate and talk this there is no

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there is no cap on the freedom of speech in this if they want to talk

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and have a dialogue between the Muslims about their religion. That was there was this freedom. And we could check this the best way to check this is through the books that survived. So you also are doing Of course,

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yes, absolutely. In this course, we're trying

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to show intensively in 16 hours about give them a flavor of that history of the Golden Age and what happened. And also at the same time, we will admit that there's also mistakes and we want to learn from these mistakes so that we don't do them again, we're trying to for people who can't go to speed, we try to bring something to them. So they will get to see we shots of all of these places that remain from the Muslims and how they use even until today some of the technology that like the watch can out there. So if you go to this video, you'll be able to see them between the trees that how the water goes and that's just one example of it. And then

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if Allah wills this will be produced in a book by next year and people could also get this book through our website. Thank you very much.

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And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the deen show. And thank you for listening. We gave you an example when is slam the call to acquire piece by submitted to the owner. He's the one who created you the one God

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People were living in peace Jews, Christians,

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and Muslims. And you can go verify this, check this up and do the right thing. If you're looking for guidance, and you like what we had to say,

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as the one who created you, him alone to guide you.

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And even if you feel you know what, it's not time for me to submit I want to do my own thing. At least you got to understand us a little bit better. You can always reach us at one 800 662 Islam to learn more. And we'll hopefully see you back next time here again on edition until then peace beyond to you