Common Errors in Salaah – Ruku, Neck and Back Straight

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AI: Summary © The speaker explains the proper tying of hands after the Rhema, forming a ring on the edges and both feet facing the elbows. The proper way to use Roku is to go into the posture of Roku, with the arms facing the elbows and the head facing the Qibla. The feet must always be facing the Qibla, not at five to one, and the chin must not touch the chest. There are other aspects to ruku that will be discussed later.
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In terms of our discussion pertaining to Sala yesterday, we explained that the correct way of tying the hands after the Rhema, the three fingers on the on the on the upper part of the left hand, the baby finger and the thumb, forming a ring on the edges and the entire both the arms just below the navel, with the fingers facing the elbows not facing downwards or upwards. So in this particular way, as I explained yesterday, just below the navel, today, we commence a discussion with regards to Roku, what are some of the important things to keep in mind when we go into Roku, now the first thing that we need to understand is when you go into Roku, your neck in your back, must be more or

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less in a straight line. Not to say that you know you take a ruler and you check now straight it is but your neck and back must be more or less in line. And then once you're in ruku your neck and back are more or less in line. You mustn't You mustn't, you mustn't lower your neck so much that your chin now starts to touch your chest. Normally as you lift your head so much that your your head your your head now or your neck goes above waist level. The proper way of making Roku is you go into Roku into the posture of Roku, your neck and your back are more or less on the same level and your head is straight, meaning your chin is not touching your chest and your chin and your neck is more or

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less in line with your waist whilst you are in that particular posture. And then in terms of the feet, the feet must be facing straight facing the Qibla. Throughout Salah whenever we are understanding posture in the ruku posture, the feet must always be straight, not at five to one, neither at 10 to too many of us we stand five to one slightly pointing outwards or even more like a 10 to two kind of scenario. So in Roku and outside of Roku, the feet must always be facing streaks. And with regards ruku again, neck can pack in a line and the neck also straight in ruku. The chin mustn't be touching the chest known as the head lift up where now the neck is not in line with the

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waist. There are other aspects to ruku which we'll discuss tomorrow, inshallah. So handle load