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Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you from Samana. Hello. Would you just say you said something in Arabic? What's that all about? That's a peace be upon to you also. Yeah, that's that's what the greeting of all the prophets of Allah and the mercy of God of God. Now we're at a place where they're talking about the most misunderstood way of life in the world. Islam you're at this journey of faith tell us a little bit about it was the third conference the third year that they're having this conference journey of faith and the idea is to get the knowledge out there to the Muslims and even non Muslims get the knowledge and get an understanding of Islam and benefit. Now I heard that

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the non Muslims and non Muslims they get in free to get free food they get hospitality Is this true? We got the best hospitality even the speakers like it's even too much like you get kind of embarrassed you know, I mean, catering to you you need anything the best hospitality for them I'm talking about more so for the not yet muslims for them. Yeah. invited in to come and eat with the speakers if they have any questions, you know, any can concerns or any anything, feeding them and giving them snacks and refreshments everything? Now give us be real with us. Tell us? Did you hear any hate speech going on around here? No, no hate speech is no. Just presenting Islam and the clear,

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clear cut way, the way that Islam is supposed to be presented. And

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inshallah Now tell us, yeah, can that be translated as Jacob in English? No, john, john, john, or yahia. Now that was one of the prophets of God wasn't one of the prophets of God, the son of zecharia, or Zacharias and the cousin of Jesus, john the baptist, that was one of the prophets of God, tell us you weren't always a Muslim, a Muslim like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, is one who consciously submits not to a man to a monkey, but to the Creator of the heavens and earth. You weren't always a Muslim, you were a Christian, raised Roman Catholic and brought up as Roman Catholic. I started to even go to different churches and investigating and

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tried many of the churches and just couldn't find anything that I was looking for. Father, Son, Holy Ghost, Trinity, salvation in the death of Jesus, God coming down committing suicide, this is something that you believe before, this is not what I believed before. And that's one of the reasons why I actually was attracted to Islam. And even when I was I found the Koran and English translation, I found Islam, I said, This is what I actually am about, like, this is what I believe already. So you didn't believe in God being a man. Now we love our brothers and humanity and sharing is caring. So we just want to clear up the confusion because many people are confused about this

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triune thing. And I've talked to many of the DDS people who have gotten master's degrees in divinity and they couldn't figure it out. Can you figure it out? There's something that you know, you were able to put together with this whole Trinity thing. I couldn't figure it out. And like I said, I even used to read the Bible, like, you know,

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extremely concentrated on Jesus words. I wasn't getting that Jesus was God. Jesus was part of the Godhead, even stuff like that. Jesus was a Prophet Jesus was a messenger of God, you know, saying that I am the father, or the father is greater than I, things like that. Like, you know, this is what I was reading. This is what I was getting. And when I found this lamb,

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this is what I was all about already. Now, how did you stumble across Islam with all the other religions? Why didn't you become a Buddhist, a Sikh, Hindu, a fire worship or idol worshiper? How did you come? Or did you try these out? And what happened? And what led you to accept that there's only one God, there's no God, but God and Muhammad is the messenger?

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Actually, it was. Some people would say, probably kind of strange. Like, I didn't know any Arabs. I didn't know any Muslims. I didn't know anybody was on this religion. I didn't even know there was an Islamic Center in my city. I started reading the Koran one day, I found it in the library, the Public Library started reading it. And I actually like said, I started calling myself a Muslim for about a year before I knew anybody before I met anybody. And I said, This is what I already believed, like before, about Jesus about, about life like about how God is who God is.

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Now, is your life easier now? Since you accepted Islam? Is it harder were there challenges? Life is a I think life is in general, like life is a test. We know we know from the Quran, and we know from the religion that life is a test this dunya is a test this life and but you find something now, for me personally, it was I found something though I found the meaning of life, I found a purpose in life. Why? Why am I here? And I found an end like a an end to the journey, that after we leave this life, it's not just all about like, you know, going to the dust as some people might say or even reincarnation at all. No, there is a there is a final abode or a final journey that you're that

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you're coming to.

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Everything This cup is insincere submission to the one who created it because it's following the rules of gravity by definition, this is how we can say that Islam has been here since the very beginning of time. Anyway, the Muslims went to

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people embrace Islam in masses, countries and nations. And this is something that is amazing never happened on the face of earth when people saw a practical way of life of being truthful, be honest, making sense of everything that they do. They worship they buy and sell,

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afraid to say,

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to say

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I am

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not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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Now, some people don't know about the wonderful reverence that we have towards Jesus peace be upon him. What do you believe about Jesus now, as opposed to them? Mostly, it's, I still believe the same thing that I believed about Jesus, even when I was a non Muslim. But now we have more respect more reverence for Jesus as being the Messiah, not the Son of God. And you know that God had a child, God had a son, but being the Messiah being born of the Virgin Mary, right? Knowing that he's going to come back before the day of judgment on the last day to this earth, he's going to come back again, things like that. Now, tell us a few more questions. Tell us tell us it's very important. Some

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people think you know what, Islam is an Arabic word Islam is for the Arab law, some moon God, what do you got to say about this? Islam means submission to God, compliance, obedience to God only, and only to God, you know, not to a man, not to a teacher, not to your forefathers, not to some culture, not to some group, and so on. But your, your, your obedience, your compliance, your submission is only to God, the one who created you.

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That's what Islam is all about. And Allah is your Creator, your Lord, the one who provides for you the one the Sustainer of the universe, the Sustainer of all of us. This is the one that deserves to be worshipped. He's the only one that deserves to be worshipped, revered with that, with that ultimate reverence and

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submission to does the religion, the way of life to complete compliance with the laws of the Creator of the heavens and earth, Islam to acquire that peace that everyone's yearning for by submitting to the owner. He's the one guy now that you've implemented Islam, has it improved your behavior, your character? Are you kinder to your parents, kind of to your neighbors, what's been the outcome of it, there hasn't been a change in, in, like, I wasn't drastically, like some way before, you know, like, a criminal and so on, and hamdulillah All Praise to Allah. But there is a change. Whenever somebody accepts Islam, sincerely for the sake of God, for the sake of Allah, there is a change in their

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life, they become more respectful of people, respectful of the creation of human beings of animals of everything, more respectful. And there is that change, and anybody who accepts Islam, and this is my advice to everyone, that when they do accept Islam, they will see a change, you know, it may not happen overnight, it may not happen even within days or weeks. But gradually, there will be a change in the person's life. For people that feel that Islam is synonymous with terrorism, what do you got to say, Islam cannot be phenomenal, synonymous with terrorism, you have to go back to the religion, the end, the book that was revealed by God to the Prophet Muhammad, you have to go back to the sun

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and the way of the Prophet Mohammed, and see how he behaved with non Muslims see how he behaved with, with the people in general, everybody? And see then after these actions of certain people, even if they have the name, Muslim, you know, does this coincide with what's in the quarter? And does this coincide with what the prophet Mohammed, how he used to deal with the people?

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So is it safe to say that Islam condemns killing innocent women children has nothing to do with events such as 911, seven, seven, and all these other things that the people they see it on the media, and they start to link it back to Islam?

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It's clear in the border, and it's clear in the way of the Prophet Muhammad SAW said And like I said, how he dealt with the people. And it's clear in the Koran of what you're allowed to do, what you're allowed, not allowed to do, like, you know, innocent people are not to be killed. And it's specifically the Prophet Mohammed Salim gave instructions and warned against that. Now, tell us for the not yet Muslims, those who like what you have to say they're also confused about the Trinity about God becoming a man and in no way are we trying to offend or hurt or offend anybody, but we want to clear up the confusion. So they like what you have to say, what should one guy do the good

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that he's told you to do? And you know what, but they're a little hesitant. You know what? You're American, you are Christian, and they can relate to you. What would you have to tell them a good piece of advice

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I would say look for the truth. And be sincere with it first open minded. And don't pay attention to the media. Don't pay attention to everything that's going on, or everything that's being said, you know, look for yourself going search, search for yourself the truth, go to the poor and start reading, go to like, some websites that you know, go to the local Islamic Center and ask, it's your right to ask, you know, like, What is this about? What does this mean? Is this in in your book? Or where does this come from? And seek the truth and open mindedly and sincerely, thank you very much. We started with peace we end with peace, peace be with you Salaam Alaikum. Salaam to la vida,

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Colombia means and the blessing of Allah be upon you and YouTube brother. Thank you, brother, john. Brother. Yeah, thank you. Yeah, thank you. And you got to hear it here on the deen show. If you want peace, go to the owner of peace. And that's the Creator of the heavens and the earth. The one God's submit to Him, not his creation, do all the good that he's told you to do. Don't worship a man or money, or money or women or power. Don't succumb to that. Don't succumb to your lesson desires. submit yourself wholly to the one who created you and live a righteous life. We'll be back with more on the deen show.

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There always be someone that will be there to say something negative, but at the same time there'll be someone there to say something positive also, just hold on to the wolf of Allah. Everything in this universe. Rely on me for answers don't kill women. Don't kill children. Don't kill the old people don't attack the civilians. This is what the prophet Mohammed told

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that the prophets are solid. Never ever start a war against anybody.

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