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The segment discusses the deen show and the importance of patience and understanding the natural world. It also touches on the success of life and death, the importance of faith and deeds, and the importance of testing one's faith. The host emphasizes the need for testing and finding one's true deity. The importance of setting expectations and witnessing natural processes is also emphasized.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you and you are watching the deen show today in the de show Studio backflush Shaykh Ibrahim sedan tests and trials of life, how to handle it one minute everything's good the next minute, it's a calamity.

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Where do you go? Who do you run to for help? Why is it happening? Do you why'd you take like a man? What do you do? All these questions answered and more on this week's show, sit tight, we'll be right back. This is

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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Che

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How are you? How are you?

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Thank you for finding the time to be with us again. We are going to get right into the topic as the time is short. We always love when we have you in the studio. And the topic today that we're going to cover people tune in every week. For some knowledge of this Deen the fastest growing Deen festival. We live in a world Islam, where life of all profits, isn't it a total complete submission to the one who created us. And in his book, The Quran that he sat down preserved,

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no additions, deletions.

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It's there and it's original. We have all the answers to our problems. And now one of the key problems a lot of people are facing is the calamities every day is a testing trial. So is this part of the test that Allah the Creator is talking about? that we're going to be tested? And how do people deal with these tests when they come one day? Everything is good The next day, you're crying, you're bawling his alarm mad at us is a long one and make things difficult for us. How do we handle this

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala, another most time had made the human being in such a way that is different than the rest of the creation of Allah. We have means of intellect that we can look beyond the physical things that we learned, we can think and we can analyze, and we can do things for what's coming ahead. And this is by itself is such a unique for the human being and as a result of that almost paneled had prepared us for facing tests and trials. For what reason, not just to be tested, but for the human being to worship number decreto devins. In meaning, acts of worship are so many one of which patience is an act of worship, the angels, they don't have this, the human being

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Allah Subhana, Allah created them, so that they would do certain acts of worship that none of the creation of Allah will be able to achieve. One of which is patience, struggle for the sake of Allah, since he's the most twice and one of which that we have to go through tests on the face of Earth. If not, we will be faced with a test at the moment of death. After death in the graves, there will be questions this is test that we have to prepare ourselves for. And it's not good to be intoxicated and to live in ignorance and forgetfulness. Because one day or the other, something has to face the human being this is the nature of life, for what purpose so that when we are faced with tests and

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calamities, we know exactly what to do that last panel data wants from us, to be patient to be pleased with the destiny of the most twice, he's the most twice anything happens happens for a reason, and the most noble reason, it is what Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah jorginho insane idea who do that I did not create the human beings or the jinn, except to worship me to establish this meaning this broad meaning of worship, times of ease, times of difficulties, times of adversity, times of goodness, anything. The person is being a servant of almost.

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So when we say Allah, we're talking about the Creator of the heavens and earth, the creator of the moon, the sun and everything in this universe, the one God, and this one God, this one creator, so He created us and we're being tested is every second of our life, everything is being recorded. And this is either pass or fail if you pass, you got paradise if you fail, the Hellfire, right, and it's the mercy of Allah, that we're not left alone, like some people think that books have been brought down that message

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Just had been sent, so that they would teach the people what they won't know just by what they see around them. The human beings have no capacity to get to know what Allah wants from them unless they would follow the messengers of Allah. And Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, Allah subhanahu sulan and Bill Burnett will answer them Mr. Wilkie turbo Misa the acumen National Trust which means that we had sent messengers, Our Messengers with clear signs and arguments and evidence with the book and the balance of what is right and what is wrong, for what purpose, so that people will do with it what is just to know what is just and what is not just we need the messengers of Allah. The

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final message is the message of Prophet Mohammed sodomize Allah. The final book is the code and teaches us how to be just just with ourselves, when something bad happens to a person, how to deal with oneself, how to deal with others, and to endure patience and to be pleased with whatever happens, secondary Woods from Allah subhanaw taala that he is the most twice and there are many incidences and many things in the Quran. And in the way of the prophets lie Selim that we teach the believers how to act at times of calamity, can you before we cut to a break, can you give us the commentary on a verse, which the meaning of is that Allah, the Creator is saying that I have not

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created life and death, except to test which of you are best in action? What does this mean? This is in solid and meticulous analysis, the volatility, the ideal Molko coalition included under the Holocaust meltdown, hayata, Leah boo masala, that he's the Creator of the heavens and the earth, and the Creator of the heavens and the earth is the most twice, he does not do things out of no meaning to it. And then he said, the lie below are the one that created life and death, for what purpose? To test you, Who among you will be the best of the doers of good deeds do of good deeds, good actions, righteous testimony. And that's why life and that is this. So our home life mission is to be in a

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constant Can you say, a state of self development to develop yourself to be the best human being possible. And that's why imen or faith is not just a belief in the heart, and that person could do whatever they want and live their life the way that they like and desire. No, everyday is a is a day when we elevate ourselves. Emmanuel faith is made of so many parts as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he said 70 something or 60 something parts, the highest of it is to believe in that no one is worthy of worship, except among the most high. And the lowest level of Amen, is to remove an obstacle from the path. This is by itself is part of our faith. So in between, there are so many levels. That's

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why every day we elevate ourselves. That's why for those who and all of us we would face one way or the other some tests and some difficulties with the faith and with this belief and this attitude, a person is able to be the strongest when it comes to facing these types of guarantees. So let's take a break and we'll come back for more. Right back for more and shake Ibrahim's a day here on today's show. So type II is gonna be born, what 60 years ago in formal Slavia today's bassia after the Second World War, and imagine today, you have one child killed too much. It's important that we realize that Islam is a gift. So we believe that in the teachings of Jesus, what is left there is

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truth in that he is the result the truth has been mixed up with paganism and with nature worship. And so Islam has given you a pure straightforward way of approaching monotheism.

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Back on the deen show with Shaykh Ibrahim sedan in the deen show studio, and we're talking about the test of life. So life is one big test. And we're being tested. So we want to pass.

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Now, let's talk a little bit about the wisdom of this test. I mean, it's kind of easy, like, you know, without the calamity sometimes somebody would say, Yeah, I believe this debt and then some hits and then a person just you know, he jumped ship. So can you comment you commented on one verse from the Noble Quran, the Glorious Qur'an, the verbatim Word of God? Now, let's go to another one. I believe it's in chapter 29, the second verse, or God Almighty, the creator Allah is saying it hasn't been a year who is Yes. Can you comment in English? He's saying that, you know, do you think that you're going to be left alone, just saying that you believe and you're not going to be tested can

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talk about this test. And Allah subhanaw taala after this verse, He said that we have tested the people before you, so that the truth ones will be shown distinctly from those who are not truthful ones. So this is the purpose of the test. People are times of ease, everybody can be good. But the real people, the truthfulness of the people shows a times of adversities

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difficulties, you would know a friend, not when you're enjoying your life and everybody's healthy and everybody's wealthy and everything, you won't know your friend very well till you are in need. If something happens to you, those who are close to you, those who are truthfully, they want to be friends of yours, not because they want something from you. So this is a fact of life, that the real mannerism and the real characteristics of a human being shows clearly when it's time of difficulties. So that's why our last panel titled The most wise, I would like to comment on something very important, many people they would see, why would Allah subhanho wa Taala treat this

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big test, and what's the purpose of all of this, he can just take everybody to gender and the matter is over paradise, right? The purpose of this there's so many reasons, of course, but one of the great meanings that many people are not aware of. We know that God has names and attributes, the perfect names and attributes, one of which that he's the most forgiving, that he is

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the one that is food bearing, appearance, and his patients and so on. These qualities and attributes are to a lot to God, even if there is nothing to practically to prove this. But because of the creation of the human beings, where this attribute will be in place, if there is no human beings, if there is no test on the face of it, there has to be sins to be forgiven. There has to be some difficulties for people to endure patience, and to seek rewards from Allah to turn to Him alone. Human beings are tend to be ignorant. They don't tend to the Creator of the heavens and the earth only, unless they are in time of distress, most of them like this. But God wants from us that at

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times of ease, we turned to him. At times of difficulties, we turned to him, I remember one time I was in a plane. This was like maybe 15 years ago, the train was over the ocean. And the pilot said, like this bike,

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we're not sure if the guests will take us all the way to the states will try to land somewhere north because of the resistance of the air. But we're not sure. He said this. People would before that, having fun drinking, you know, things like that. Once he said that, I watched people in the plane everybody looked up.

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They know in their heart, that Allah subhanaw taala is the Most High. At this time, it cannot be explained with words, I can just say it and relaxed like this. But when a person faces a moment like this, the real Eman and faith comes in place. And this is mentioned in the caller had the ability to fulfill their duty when the disbelievers are in the ocean on an on a ship. And now the stone comes in place, they will turn to Allah sincerely. They're not thinking about the means in this life anymore. A test comes, see the benefit of it, that they will turn their hearts will be completely in this state of worship, turning to the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone, asking for help

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from him, when all the worldly means would benefit them. This is such a noble act of worship, that we want to be in that state when we are at times of ease. Now, for example, we're not in a calamity now. But where is this attachment of our hearts to the Creator of the heavens in us that we are really feel that we are in need of him like someone drowning, and he's holding to a piece of woods in the middle of the ocean. How is the application how sincere it is, is not thinking about the ship and the plane coming is sincerely training to the creator alone, saying oh God helped me this sincerity we need to develop a times of ease, not just the times of difficulties, and this is what a

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lot of Muay Thai wants from us to be true servants of the Creator of the heavens and earth, not to turn to no one. But

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now we'll see that, you know,

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trying to look for the wisdoms and things in some of these tests are the test when you go through these trials, if you pass them with patience, if you're forbearing does this increase your Eman your your faith, this is supposed to make you a stronger believer. Of course. And and this is one of the great benefits also that it changes the human being. Make him a better human being Lost Planet Allah says in the Quran will enable will not compensate him and how he will God will not reverse that we will test you by something and this is the mercy of Allah not all fear, but some fees and some hunger and some loss of wealth and loss of life. Right? So and then he says, Well bestiaries sabreen

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give glad tidings to those who are patient patient is a key word here, right? But then the verse after it explains what are those patients once those when the calamity afflict them? This is what the verse says. They would say, in Mary lay, we're in a very Harajuku, which means they say that to the Tongass, but their hearts is full of that belief conviction that we belong to Allah we are owned by Allah and we shall return to Him. If

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The sun would say this, and the heart believes in this, no matter how heavy the calamity is, it brings so much tranquility and peace in one's life, we are owned by Allah. And we shall return to Him. So what really matters is how our returned to him, and he's the most wise, he's all watching us. So we need to have the good expectations, that nothing happens from him unless it's a great wisdom. For us, maybe a person has been away from Allah. And he didn't come back to him at times of his calamity hits. It's not something that is good for the human being. But what good comes after this is that the person would flee to almost panel and have the level of the last panel data in

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one's heart and tendons and see, I don't know if you can recollect, but from your own personal experience, I know people that when

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the times of trial come, either at that time or later, they start to reflect and ask the Creator, to let them know the wisdom behind that they might not see it at that moment. Maybe you can share some stories or something and comment on this. But later they saw from this test, there was something that they perceived as bad, but then later, so much good blossom from it. Can you comment on this, this is a very important point. Because we do not know what is good for us. And in many cases, some, for example, even some worldly things, a person wanted to go to medical school so bad, right? And he would think that if I don't go to medical school, this is the I'm gonna be a loser in my life. And

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he applied and applied and he never get accepted. And he would feel so much misery How can these other people can be accepted and not me, why me not and things like this. But then coming after 10 years or 20 years when he sees that his status is so much better. And that he must parent Allah guided him and directed him in a certain path, that he feels that this is the best thing for him, he would look back and say I was silly, to be sad of something that I'm not sure exactly if it's good for me or not. Same thing when it comes to marriages, the same thing that when it comes to any relationship, we need to reflect and see the wisdom of Allah, why this has happened. See, the life

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of the human beings is so complex person coming from another part of the world to meet someone, and then all of a sudden they get married and see how the effect of such relationship that we need to reflect on the wisdom of Allah subhanaw taala, that it all has to come into the meaning of establishing the worship of Allah subhanaw taala on the face of it. And this is something that Allah subhanaw taala ordered us to reflect on and to see. And when we see that in every day of our life, we would see that this amazing work of the Creator of the heavens and you want to take another break, we'll be right back with more God Willing in Sharla so tight, no problem, you can take my

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daughter to dinner, you and my daughter and me

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tell you something, it's natural. That's the idea. And He created us to have a good time, we should have a good time.

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Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. And most of the converts are women, not men, they see that the rules of Islam instead of constraining the rule set them free.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid to stand.

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Back here on the deen show. We're talking about the test the test of life. And we're expounding on some of the verses from the glorious career and the verbatim Word of God and given us some commentary and some advice. Now, should somebody who's going through this test. You mentioned the person that was excited about medical school didn't get accepted. And then later, he sees after a year, 10 years, two months, whatever the case, he sees that, wow, this was silly that I was upset over this. Is the state of this person. Is it going to evolve to something better if he's patient, rather than let's say he doesn't get accepted and he turns his back on the crater. He turns his back

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on prayer. He turns his back on doing good and he just you know, lets loose or he's steadfast is a normal, he's a little bit depressed, but still in his heart. He's he holds on he knows that. You know what my crater is never gonna let me down. And I'm gonna keep doing what I'm supposed to be doing. worshiping Him alone, establishing a prayer, being good, doing good. And then by doing this, we'll then he'll see the blossom the fruit of his heart.

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Working patients, right. And that's definitely patients would never lead the person to any form of loss. Never the best life that the person would live is the life of being patient. By witnessing the wisdom of our last panel, that nothing happens, without the perfect wisdom of a last panel that he wants you to be a true service to him. So as a result of that anything that happens to us we feel honored, that allow the Most High head in his knowledge that we have to be afflicted by this or that, for us to turn to Him alone. So with patience, and there's a very beautiful Hadith of the profits are so low, that choose how to develop this patient in our life. He said the sub and the

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submitted oola, which means patience is in the first instance, not that we wait for years afterwards, and we saved him to lead that this was my path. No, you're hit by a calamity in the same instant, you are witnessing the wisdom of the Creator. You see, this is his destiny, and I'm willing to be pleased with it. And I know that it will bring good to me with the condition that I'm patient, and seeking the pleasure of the Creator of the heavens and the earth alone. And that's why if we want to be patient and want to have our forms of happiness, when calamities happen, and it will happen, we have to die, person gets sick, you know, something has to happen. For us to reach this

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level. We need to develop this when we are at times of ease.

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You know, when a person is hit by a calamity, what most people do, they get trapped into this moment of calamity, they forget that they lived in so much long time in matters of ease and goodness. So when at times of ease, we need to develop the man and the faith and turn to Allah alone. That's why the five daily prayers remind us of this, so that anything happens, we are connected constantly. So we would see that. And that's why the most happiest people in the face of it are the people in the believers, and not the ones that are intoxicated. A few more points before we run out of time. So we mentioned that so this is for the person who stays patient. But if you flip out, and you do

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opposite, are you just bringing more harm to yourself, you're pressing yourself and you know, you'd be the means to your own destruction, right? Because the calamity is like a message, a letter coming to you from the king. You're supposed to behave in such a way because of this, either person will behave accordingly or he is heedless of it is heedless of it then that means he is in danger. So that's why we need to witness the wisdom of Allah, something happens that we should ask ourselves, there's something here meant for me to do, that God wants something for me to do. He wants me to do something. How can we know this is not by dreams or anything. It's what's in the revelation Quran.

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And so now the prophets are solid. And what is meant for us is to turn to Him alone and to worship payment to make remembrance to him and to deal with others with goodness. Allah says, with Jan Nevada, Camilla Baba and fitness and atmosphere, we made you to one another calamity and attest, I'm attached to you and your test him. If you are in any relationship, people are test to one another. So what to do, he said, Let us be rude, should you then be patient, I should be patient dealing with you, your patient dealing with me, knowing what Allah wants from you dealing with me, husband, with his wife, a husband, with his children, the same thing, the wife or the husband and the children,

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what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us in these types of relationship, because it's all tests. Because a lot of most wives, we do not meet people just like that, without a meaning or a reason for it. So it's meant that you meet that person in that particular place, that you marry that person, and so on and so forth. Everything in our life is with the great wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah and His knowledge and his mercy. And we end with the last point where you mentioned shake that at the moment, patience is at the moment you lose a loved one, someone who is so dear to your heart. Now is time for patients, your wife, she spills, some some

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you know, she ruins your favorite outfit, you come home and you freak out patients at that moment has Megan's a second one patient.

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So whatever we just given examples, that's all. So something happens you think of the worst at that time, right then is to you know, you want to let out you want to just vamp you want to just scream and you want to break? No, you don't want to do that. Right? Is that correct? Just patience and patience, meaning at that moment, make remembrance of Allah say

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don't say that word. Don't say a curse word. Don't punch somebody.

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amongst the most twice. There is something mentees Yeah, right. And it doesn't mean that will become too bad things are relaxed the truth. No, we do the right thing. But we need to have this we say out of line and

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we seek refuge in Allah from the devil, and so on. But we have to train ourselves at times of ease. When this is coming. I'm ready for any test. Can you put your head on the ground makes the Jude prostration also fall down Put your head down. So Dude, this person is something good happened and he makes a joke.

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To be grateful to Allah subhanaw taala. But something close to this is to rush to the salad rush and make two units of prayer. That's right. Whenever something concerned him, he would rush to the salad making will do makes a stand in the Salah and get it all out. Yeah, cry complained to the creator You do? Yeah, you make all the drama and all the right complaint. The good complaint is when you complain, not complaining, but you're getting all of your feelings out to the one that is the most merciful to you. Yeah, he's the one that is now seeking pity from the people just come to the Creator of the heavens and earth. Thank you very much shake. Thank you very much. My God Almighty,

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the creator of low reward you Thank you. Yeah. And that was another episode of the deen show from the womb to the tomb and it's one test in between. So we want to pass the test. We got some great advice from the shake. Continue to tune in here to the deen show. Keep us in your doors. And we look forward to having you here with us again next time here on the show until then peace be unto you.

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He created the universe

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alone the heavens and the earth.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He is messengers.

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no greater danger

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there is none greater