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This guy's throwing some beautiful rhetoric grad shoes from science Sunday. And then how does the story go? on the long line, where he says that the certain amount of Xena is written for every human being the Xena. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in * all day when you see some people who are going down that route, do you ever call them out directly and say the most important thing that your children need to be doing is practicing as long as they're saying on one end? This will you'll have a faith crisis but then they're saying watch more. Well, why didn't you just say oh, well, you can just go masturbate you know, just go do that and you'll be

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Salaam Alaikum greetings of peace. Welcome to the D show. We have another exciting show every week we're here and hamdulillah we got Isa Imam Isa wood in the studio. How are you?

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law? Well, they come Salaam Rahmatullah doing good. Even though it's freezing cold here in Chicago. We don't have this kind of weather in North Carolina. No, not this kind of cold now, sometimes maybe at night during the winter, but yeah, this is this is frigid. How have you been? Good man. hamdulillah. Since the last time I saw you, you have blessed me with two children. So Mashallah, congratulations. Thank you. So it's interesting. You were telling me how this all came about that this topic now that you really you went down this rabbit hole, right? You watch the topic that we did on we had a guest on the shows it was actually a Christian? And somehow the topic of *

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came up. Yes. And then what happened from there? Well, I think that you you turned me on to to a channel that you had interviewed someone on and then when I went to the channel to watch the gentleman, he posted something that really piqued my interest. He He said he showed an article from Psychology Today, which is kind of a famous online,

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periodical article. And it's mentioned, the heading of the article was watch more *. And in the article, it basically stated that * use led to faith crises.

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And, you know, I've never heard anything like that before. You know, obviously, as a Muslim I know watching * is haram, it's wrong, you shouldn't do it, it's but I didn't know that it would cause a person to start to doubt their faith. So it caused me to actually go look up the original article and then I started reading article after article after article on Psychology Today about * and * use. And then and you know, I think a lot spent on Allah for this because you know, sometimes he just inspires you to remember something from the tradition that helps you make the connection. And I remembered that, you know, the, the prophet Mohammed Salaam Salaam

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said that lie. Yes. Nizami hanaa Yes, Neela, who a movement, that when a person commits Zina that there are not a believer. And that's not the only way you can translate that you can translate it is when a person commits Zina. They lose faith

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and time they're doing it right. And this is the traditional explanation of the other scholars what else is in their head, David talks about stealing when death will lead to it and of course consuming and toxic and they'll all have the same effect. And the reason for that effect is actually quite interesting. What what's happening succot psychologically inside of you, whenever you commit certain types of major sin is this.

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What is the man anyway, he man is, as the Prophet Mohammed slaves long defined it the belief in God, Allah is angels, his books, the messengers, the day of judgment, and the and the decree the good and the bad of it. But these are all aspects of the unseen you don't see these things with these eyes. You see them with the internal sight like when you pray, you sense God but it's not a one of your five senses. It's an internal light that you have on. Well, when you go and commit Zina, and when we say Xena, we're talking about adultery and fornication, * outside of marriage, you, you have to temporarily suspend that belief in your mind, you have to kind of push the idea that that God Allah

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is watching you, and that the angels are recording your deeds and that you're responsible for that on the Day of Judgment. And you temporarily suspend that belief long enough to commit that sin. Once the sin is over, if you were a believer, when you did it, then then Amen, the light will come back and own inside of you. And you'll feel regret. And that's the natural inclination. We all have to repent for the sin to make Toba as we call it or to shuba in Hebrew, and this is part of the Abrahamic hammock tradition. So, after a while, when you do it long enough, it creates a contradiction inside of your your, your your conscious mind. And what happens is that you you have

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this internal dissonance that goes on where you're telling yourself that you're religious and that that your religion tells you not to do this and it's wrong but you're doing it anyway. And so, your your, your interest

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Eternal consciousness will fight until you, you you tip one way or the other. And that's actually what the psychologists have discovered also that * * use does this now. * isn't Xena of the private parts, you know you're not going and getting another person and committing an act of * with them. But the prophet didn't limit Xena to that. There's another Hadith from the same narrator Abu right on the long line, where he says that the certain amount of Xena is written for every human being the Xena of the eye, which is to lustfully stare at things the Xena of the ear, which is to listen to sexually explicit language, the Xena of the tongue, which is to say

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sexually explicit things the Xena of the hand, which is to touch something in a sexually explicit way. And then finally the Xena of the feet, which is to go to the places where Xena are committed? Well, * is at least three of those the Xena three Hmm, yeah, the Xena of the eye, the ear and the hand, because those are the things involved in it. And that eventually is gonna lead you most likely to

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the fourth one, eventually it's going to lead you to the next step to committing the actual act. Yeah, I mean, it will do that. But even if it didn't, it's still the Zina that will cause faith to leave you. Yeah. And so Pamela, when I did the research on * use in the world today, it is so ubiquitous. I mean, it's 90% of American people are watching that's that's the is that now the number one addiction is *? Well, I mean, I can't say that it's the number one addiction because even psychologists don't officially come out and say that it's an addiction, even though we have sexaholics anonymous, just like we have Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous. And I

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personally know people who have been and are addicted to *.

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And they'll admit it. But what's interesting, and even they pointed this out in their papers is that people who are less religious, like atheists, agnostics, and so called non category non affiliated, they don't tend to see a problem with their * use its religious people who do Buddhists, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, are the types of people that when they use *, they feel bad about it. And they they feel regret after they've done it. Yeah. And so that's what they're pointing out in these articles is that it leads to a crisis in your faith. Yeah, I want to get your reaction to this. So this led you watching this program that we did with the Christian is, I believe, was

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Benjamin on Benjamin. And he touched upon this, and then you went down, and you actually develop a program now where you're actually going to different, massage it in different places, communities, and what are you doing? Exactly? So what I realized is this, if you look from 2007 to 2014, a poll was done, that showed that there was an increase in a particular religious category in this country called nuns, which I just mentioned, are atheists, agnostics, and non affiliated non affiliated means, like, you grew up in a Muslim family, or a Christian family or Jewish family, but you don't associate anymore. This category drew grew by almost 20 million members in that period from 2007 to

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2014. And everywhere I go in the country, I've been to, you know, over 100, maybe close to 200 Muslim communities in the past six years, I see the same problem. And all of them, the youth are either checked out internally, they don't practice, but they don't say that they're not Muslim, or they've literally left their religion. And this is like a modern phenomenon. So when I discovered this thing about *, and how ubiquitous the use of it was, I realized Hold on a second, it's affecting our community, it's affecting the Christian community, the Jewish community. And it's the reason I believe that so many people are losing faith today. And so I developed a program where

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I come into Muslim communities, and I teach about this epidemic problem of * use, and especially amongst even religious people, they say, even as high as 50%, of pastors in the Christian church admit to having * issues, you know, I mean, it's, it's affecting our community, for sure. So you're seeing a direct correlation with people with, particularly people of all these faiths. But now when you go to the Muslim communities, that Muslims who are engaged in this type of activity, that it's definitely a cause of them, potentially leaving the dean or having a crisis in the dean. I'll tell you, I know personal stories of people who were serious practicing Muslims. I

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mean, praying five times a day at the masjid, fasting on Mondays and Thursdays, like sitting in classes, and they got on that *, man, they're gone. They don't practice anymore. Yeah. And and I know it was the * because these particular people admitted to having problems with it before. Yeah. And I recognize that, like, for example, in one of their cases, it was somebody who, who didn't have access to the internet and they were really serious practicing Muslim and then all of a sudden they got a brand new laptop, and man they disappeared. And, and I know people who admitted to me of having what's the age range here Usually, the your man your your experience. This is

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The saddest part of all, I mean, we have people emailing. I mean, I know one of my teachers admitted to having an 11 year old, email him about * use. I mean, this is the average age people are exposed to, you have a one in 17 chance every time you log on the Internet of accidentally seeing * even you're six years old. And so by 14 some of the studies say 94% of children have seen it. And it's not I mean, we have to be clear, it's totally natural for human beings, once they reach puberty, to want to see the bodies of other human beings. It's I mean, this is something a lot put in all of us the attraction, right? But this attraction is now being co opted by the

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* industry. And and and, you know, it's it's such an easy addiction to fall into because it's it's a private matter, you know, you're doing it alone by yourself with your now smartphone used to be laptops and DVDs and, you know, VHS cassettes back in the day, but but now it's like anyone can access it anytime on their phone, and you're doing it alone, and no one is talking about. I mean, it's it's a political issue that no one even cares about. Do you think we're talking about it enough? The community know, and that's why I teach this, this this class. Yeah. Because this is, I mean, it's just common sense. I mean, what you're saying, I like the way you made the connection

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here is that and let's touch upon that, again, you mentioned because psychologists, the psychologists, they're admitting that this is will destroy your faith. And then you're saying just get rid of the faith? Yeah, get rid of your religion get rid of pretty much Islam. So you don't have that? guilt? guilt? Yeah. Let's, let's go to because you, a good thing to do is usually to look at the end result. You practice Islam, you live it, you live a good wholesome life. And at the end, you get gender. Okay, that's one scenario. Here. Another scenario, you get into alcohol, you get into fornication, keep going. And at the end, we see destruction. Just look at the celebrities and all

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the other rock stars who indulgent lifestyle, you're actually part of the lifestyle to Batman. Yeah, I've seen celebrities destroy themselves, okay, front of my own face, you know. So we're making a parallel, you indulge in certain activities. Just take it to the extreme. If you keep going down this road, this will is what will happen. Let's give another extreme you heard attend Ted Bundy? Yes. All right. I want you to watch this. And then let's see, I think I know the video you're about totally. Let's play it. Many people haven't. But this tell us you know a little bit about Dan Bundy, Ted Bundy, he was a he was convicted. And then he was executed for * and murdering a

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billionaire on third from what they found out about 30 women, right? Let's see what he has to say.

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So this is a day before he got executed.

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But as a young, a young boy, and I mean, boy 1213, certainly,

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that I encountered outside the home again,

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the local grocery store, or the local drugstore, the softcore. *, what people call soft core. And it happens, it happened in stages, gradually, it doesn't necessarily not, to me at least happen overnight, once you become addicted to it. And I look at this as a kind of addiction. Like other kinds of addiction of addiction you keep, I would keep looking for more potent, more explicit, more granular signs of material, like an addiction, you keep craving something, which is harder, harder, something which gives you a greater sense of

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excitement. Again, I'm talking from personal experience, hard, real personal experience, most damaging kinds of * are those that involve violence and sexual violence. Some people would say that, well, I

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I've seen that stuff, and it doesn't do anything to me. I wasn't a pervert, in the sense that, you know, people look at somebody and say, I know there's something wrong with him and just tell. I mean, I

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was essentially a normal person, I had good friends I, I, I live a normal life, except for this one.

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small but very potent and very destructive segment of it that I kept very secret very close to myself and didn't let anybody know about it. I'm no social scientist, and I haven't done a survey. I mean, I don't pretend that I know what john q citizen thinks about this.

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But I've lived in prison for a long time now.

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I've met a lot of men who are motivated to commit violence just like me. And without exception, every one of them was deeply involved in * without question, without exception, deeply influenced and consumed by the addiction to *. There's no question about it. The FBI is on study on serial homicide.

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shows that the most common interest among serial killers is *. And * can reach out and * a kid out of any house today, a * me out of my wallet snatched me out of my home 2030 years ago.

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And as diligent as my parents were,

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and they were diligent in protecting their children.

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And as good a Christian home as we had, and we had a wonderful Christian home,

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there is no protection against the kind that the kinds of influences that are loose in society that tolerates

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their kids sitting out there, switching the TV, dial around and come upon these movies late at night, or I don't know when they're on but they're on and it kid can watch them. It's scary. When I think what would have happened to me if I had seen that was scary enough

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that I just ran into stuff outside the home. But it's big enough to know that children are watching that kind of thing today, or can pick up their phone and dial away for it or send away for it. And let's come into the present now. Because when I'm talking about happened 30 2030 years ago, it is in my formative stages. And what scares and appalls me, Dr. Dobson is when I see what's on cable TV,

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some of the movies, I mean, some of the violence in the movies that come into homes today, with stuff that they that they wouldn't show and x rated adult theaters 30 years ago. So you already heard of Ted Bundy, he was a serial killer. I've seen that video too before you seen that video, but he's on his last day. They're executing on him the next day, I believe. And now he's letting the world know coming out. I mean, what's what I mean? Whatever good is left in him. He's letting the world know that hey, this is my dark secret. This was he grew up in a Christian home went to church. He seemed like he was just a normal kid. And what he's attributing it to is to the *. Well,

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explicitly this violent *. Well, I mean, the first thing that comes to mind when I see that video is you know a lot says in the Koran, you know, yeah, you have Latina Eminem. Oh, you have a man faith. Let me tell you what is shaped like do not follow the incremental steps of the devil what may get there what is shaped on in who yet Moodle Bill phatshaft you wouldn't own car if you follow those steps, he will command you to do disgusting and immoral things. So this is God Almighty saying in the verbatim Word of God the Quran saying don't follow even the footsteps and and he meant he had missed it. Like, you know, he started off with what he considers like softcore *, like, you know,

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magazines that just have naked pictures of people, but then he moved on to the films and everything else. And * today is so unbelievably disgusting. I mean, the articles that you can read online about what goes on in these films will make you sick to your stomach and this is the most mainstream stuff. We're talking about, like gang * * torture *. Yeah, there was there's a there's a there's a post. Yeah, it says that the number four most watched video this week with over 4 million views is of a teen girl. where her hands feet shackled down mouth gagged, being penetrated with the machine. electrocuted, and she until she is screaming and pain in her body burnt with wax.

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It says Don't tell me. * is not violence against women. Yeah, I mean, it's absolutely horrific. And I mean, and this, this is the mainstream stuff. Is that where the feminist and all this? You know, the whole movement, the women's movement, the wonders of a woman's right. This is like an oppression of tour of women nowadays. Yeah, it's it's absolutely horrific. And Chris Hedges, who's actually a friend of the Muslim community, you know, he was a war correspondent during the Gulf War, and he suffers from PTSD. He actually went and interviewed these * stars. And he, he said, the first thing he noticed as he interviewed them is that they all had PTSD, just like him Post

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Traumatic Stress Disorder, which you develop from being in a warzone. And then they admitted to him that before they went on the set to perform these acts on camera, that they were taking fistfuls of oxy cotton, so that they were so physically and mentally numb that they could go and perform these painful, disgusting and demeaning acts. These these ports are particularly probably the women. Yes, the women he's interviewing and he mentioned that by the time they're finished, their bodies are black and blue, that they're going in for surgeries to repair their body. I mean, this is horrific. And this is the mainstream *, people are watching your 11 1213 year old boys and girls are

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watching this. I mean, can you imagine what that's doing to their minds? I mean, it's turning. It's it's just it causes them to just see people as just objects of their desire to be you

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used and abused. And and one one Muslim sister asked me at a youth conference I did on this. She said, Now how do I know if my husband is doing this? I say, is he asking you to do things that are painful, disgusting and demeaning. And that's, I'm telling you, that's where he's getting these ideas from. Because normal interaction between men and women is not supposed to be painful. It's not supposed to make you feel humiliated. It's not supposed to be like that supposed to be a loving experience. But that's not what * teaches. * teaches us to use and abuse people. And, you know, I mean, clearly, Ted Bundy was a lunatic. And I mean, we have to factor that in. But it's

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interesting that he would even bring that up on his last days, you know that that was a contributing factor to his interest in that type of behavior. So it's certainly a part of his his illness, or the development of it. And not just that, he said that from all his time that he spent, he spent a lot of time in prison before he was executed. Then he also, he made the example of all the other the majority of how many inmates that were in there for violent crimes, they also had this addiction. Well, I have a friend in in Atlanta, who ESCO and he actually does a program for the Muslim community, also in *. And he admitted that in the Violence Against Women classes, that one

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of the things they would tell you as a husband is that if you're going to continue to stay in this marriage, you have to stop watching *. Now, that's a very interesting, this isn't one class. It's classes that men take who are involved in violence against women like classes that they have to take. And he said that one of the things they tell you in those classes is that you're not allowed to watch * as part of your recovery process. Because they know they know what * does to men, they know that it teaches them to use and abuse women. And And the same thing is doing to women also that watch it because there are women who watch a large portion of

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women are watching it these days. And, you know, what I found so fascinating is that, if you look at that category of people who make up the so called nuns, the non affiliated atheist, agnostic, their increased takes place at a particular time in history, and amongst men, specifically, in the millennial generation, the very generation that had internet access to it for the first time in history. So in 1994, the first websites come into people's homes, and by 2010 75%, of access to this industry is now on smartphones. So this entire generation, this millennial generation has been raised on this stuff, and and just having access to it all the time. And so my general theory was

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this is that when the Prophet said peace be upon him that he man would leave you when you commit Zina, the shaitaan figured out a way for you to commit Zina all the time without even needing another person. And and that's what it's done is it keeps putting the light out inside of people, Christians, Jews, Muslims alike, and they're leaving religion because they, they, they they're choosing to side with the sin over the repentance. I want to go back to that, where you and your personal case study and then I'm sure many Imams and others if they look into this, they're going to probably see a lot of similarities here. Now you have to make a decision, because you have you

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mentioned that even the psychologists are telling you that this will destroy your religiosity, right they call the faith crisis, your email, and this will cause a faith crisis. Now their solution is to get rid of the guilt. Right? So the guilt is there, the consciousness there that a lot of the creative the heavens are put out there. That's like a check engine light that's like slowed down to Stockley, they want to now get rid of that. So what are they saying? They're saying, watch more *. So they're saying watch more *? Yeah, they want you to destroy that light inside. So now if you're now Sadly, many Muslims, people who are gauged in this, whoever they end up worshiping in a

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sense, you know, the modern

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psychologists, psychiatrists, they end up just, you know, they have been with the professors at the school, they really idolize people like this. And they're like, hold on, you know, they can't be wrong here. So now you don't, don't have a solid stance on your dean, you're not well grounded. And now this guy's throwing some beautiful rhetoric, grad shoes, some science someday. And then how does the story go? Well, I mean, it's there, you have to understand that all of these people a lot most of your professors in school, even in the Islamic Studies, programs, and in an even at these, these icons, they're coming at these this information from an atheist world perspective, this is very,

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very crucial to know this is very important and understand and and so they've already removed God and the angels and the books and the messengers and the day of judgment from the picture altogether. So they're looking at it and they're saying, Oh, you know, the problem isn't the *, the problem is your religion, you need to just get rid of the religion, and then you won't have any guilt and but that guilt is in there for a reason that's a gift from God to wake you up and tell you like, this is wrong, what I'm doing to myself, because it you know, and just from just from an atheist perspective, it's a well known fact that * will lead to erectile dysfunction, it

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will lead to you not being able to have a proper relationship with another person, you know, I mean, so it has physiological impacts on you, even if you're not so how can these

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People, the psychologists, particularly the one that was writing about this, they're saying on one end, this will you'll have a faith crisis but then they're saying watch more, right? But then we're discussing that all these health disasters and marriages and all this stuff. It'll lead to that right? yeah and and and that's that's the interesting we see it, we see it leading to that. Yeah. And this is imams will admit that they get tons of people who come into their offices, where it's it's found out that they're having marital problems, and it's the man watching *, or in some cases, the women watching *. And the same thing happens in the Christian church and

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Jewish synagogue, it's happening all over the words affecting it's, it's being used as a weapon on human. So then this is like their dollar pretty much the shape tonegawa through these people who don't know any better, because they don't have Dean, they don't have God in their life. Right. So now, they end up just recruiting more for the for more people to go away from right God and more towards atheism? Well, you know, I mean, and this is just something to be aware of, you know, there are governments who have used * as a weapon on populations. You know, in 2002, the Israeli Defense Force invaded the Palestinian Authority television stations.

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And they took over three or four of them. And for an entire weekend in Ramallah, all you could see is * films 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This is Doctor This is now this should really raise a serious question for everybody. Why would a government a government who collects tax money from its citizens, and would risk the lives of its military professionals to break into a television station to play * for their enemy, if they didn't know that it would do something to them? You know, they know that * is a destructive force, that it breaks up families, that it causes faith crises in people, that it causes anger inside of people, and that it

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divides society and makes you weak, you know, and so they use it as a weapon. And I believe, I mean, that was back in 2002. I believe * is being used as a weapon on all of humanity today. I mean, I blame the internet service providers, because they're the very people who have access to shutting this stuff down. You know, and we, as believers have to be smart, we have to say to ourselves, you know, I'm not gonna engage with this content, because it's only a weapon, if you will allow it into your life. But for young people, it's especially difficult because they don't yet have control over their wills like adults do. And there are tools inside of our religion to help you

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develop your will. And so I have a, you know, a seven point program to getting off of * or from staying away from it. You know, the first step begins with Toba, you have to acknowledge that this is wrong, if you've been doing it, and you have to ask a lot of forgive you, then you have to start actually performing your prayers on time. If I had to say the number one thing I see in a lot of people who've left Islam is that they stopped praying. And that's exactly what * does to you. It puts you in a state of Geneva. And then you have to go take a listen. So you can pray? Well, that's what the shavon wants you to do. He wants you to be in Geneva all the time. So you

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eventually just don't pray you miss prayers. And so you have to start praying on time. But then you have to start doing things like voluntary fasting because the Prophet recommended voluntary fasting for people who weren't married yet. And this is one of the most important tools because this is one of the one things in the Quran a lot clearly explains to you why he prescribed this. Yeah, you Khalid Nina Ave, kuti biotic mo CRM, Qmr cootie, Bada Latina, Min publikum, the Allah contattare clone, that fasting is a tool that God has given you to increase your consciousness of him. And so, whenever you fast, it's the it's one of the types of a baddha that really it, it turns that light of

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a law and angels and everything own inside of you in a very powerful way. Then you have to be a person of Vicar. You know, Allah says in the Quran, that that one of the shamans plans for you is yes sued the home and victory law with Annie Sala that he wants you to abandon remembering him remembering God and abandoning your prayer. So you have to be a person who you know, in the morning in the evening, you say all the overall that the things that the Prophet recommended the last three chapters of the Quran, and the different protective, do I you know, supplications that you say, you have to be a person who does this, and you have to be a person who's around good people, you know,

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you have to the the Quran tells us all the time to be part of a Jamaat or be a part of a group of believers be around a solid whom, you know, people who are righteous, because they're not going to be people who are going to try and get you to do this stuff. A lot of * spreads, because a friend shows a friend, or someone you know, wants you to go to a website and look at something. And so this, this process of Toba and praying and fasting and making Victor and being around good people, you know, this protects a person from going back to that type of behavior. You know, and and and we have to be people also

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avoid being alone, you know, our religion tells us to be people who stay busy, doing good, you know, all the time, you don't need to be alone in your room with your cell phone, you know, you need to be out doing something, keeping yourself busy, you know, and lastly, you know, my advice, especially to the Muslim community these days is we have to start facilitating marriage for our young people, you know, we have a very big problem in our community these days of, well, you know, such and such as, gotta get a four year degree and, and a masters and a PhD, and they got to get a house and a car. And once they're 32, you know, then they can get a wife. And this is unrealistic in this modern

00:30:34 --> 00:31:10

world. And we have people walking around today dressed worse than prostitutes used to dress in the 1950s. And, and, and we want our children from the moment they hit puberty at 13, and 14. And then we want to send them off to you know, the, the, these licentious environments and not expect them to fall into sin, you know, it's just not realistic. We need to start facilitating marriage for our young people as soon as possible, helping them get married, you know, helping them get apartments. And I know people right now in college, because a lot of parents asked me this question, they, they're married, they have children, they're working, and they go to school, and they just can't

00:31:10 --> 00:31:41

believe that those things can all work together, but a lot puts blessings in marriage, he puts blessings, when people do the halau thing, the permissible thing. And we need to get out of this mentality that if I, if I'm married, my child young, at you know, 1819 years old, this is going to destroy their education or destroy their No, I mean, this is ridiculous. Having a spouse actually helps you in life. And me and you both are not because we're married. You know, I mean, I'm the greatest blessings in my life came when I got married. Now many people have taken this you have you have many entrepreneurs, they talk about this,

00:31:42 --> 00:31:55

that many people have taken some of the top entrepreneurs who have made it who've who haven't even had some of the top degrees, but they talk about many of these degrees for people have become like something divine, let's send

00:31:56 --> 00:32:34

this particular degree from the school. And then you sacrifice in many cases, Islam is not nothing. We putting the secular education above education to the dean and the priorities that last one the law has told us to do first and foremost, right? We put this above that. And then we wonder why we have catastrophes? Well, I say this to them, I say, you know, what would you rather have like your child, like happily married, practicing Islam doing the right thing without a college degree? Or would you rather have your child Absolutely, and utterly addicted to * on a pathway to jahannam not praying, but with a college degree? You know, I mean, we really got to put things in

00:32:34 --> 00:33:10

perspective for a second, we're people who look beyond the life of this world. And we so we have to start planning our lives and the lives of our children around that the most important thing that your children need to be doing is practicing Islam. I mean, that's, you know, or whatever your belief is, that the practice of it is so important, you know, and for us as Muslims, we believe this is the correct way, you know, and, and our religion offers a methodology for achieving a relationship with God through ritual. And, and that stuff protects you, it protects you from falling into traps. Yeah. And then you have these institutions that are that are just sucking the Amman out

00:33:10 --> 00:33:43

of out of the children right out of the young adults out of the and then you have all these things that come as a result, well, once you cut that light off inside of you, and that's what the the * is doing, it's cutting the light off, you can give it all the Koran and prayer and everything you want, you're not gonna have any spiritual experiences from it, you're not gonna have that inner sight is out. So then it's easy for doubts to be sewn inside of you, if you ask the average ex Muslim ex Christian, like, why they left the religion, you know, a lot of them will give you sometimes really silly reasons. Now, that's not to say that they all have silly reasons. But

00:33:43 --> 00:34:15

sometimes some of the reasons that I've heard from young people why they left Islam, or why they left this, or that, or reasons that for me, as a believer, they just don't, I mean, these are insignificant things like that would not cause me to doubt the existence of God or something like that. But what I recognize is that through their * addiction, or their drug addiction, or their digital theft, addiction, right, because that's stealing, like anything else, dealing movies and games and everything else on the internet, that they cut that light off inside of themselves. And so those doubts actually took root. And so you can see, because you've been a part of that a

00:34:15 --> 00:34:20

lot. The Almighty is giving you the foresight you can see and people who have kind of

00:34:21 --> 00:34:59

come from that background, have grew up and have faced many of the challenges that are out there. You when you talk to someone, your average person maybe talks to them and then this this person who's having this doubt, for instance, the facade the front that he comes with the front, he has tried to come intellectually he'll try to repeat some things that he's heard from a professor this any other. But when you start digging, when you start digging, right, then you'll see like, really he just wants to or she wants to they just want to follow their lust passions and well they want to justify the the rejection of the things that would cause them to feel guilt for what they're doing.

00:34:59 --> 00:35:00

Exactly. So they want

00:35:00 --> 00:35:21

To shut off this check engine light, they're conscious now, and they can do it. And Allah says that, you know, battle Iran, they put a seal over there. And then why do you want to shut that off? Because you want the guilt to go away. So you can do what keep going down that path of self destruction, self destruction, right? So then it doesn't really come down to you know, yeah, you can have doubts, but Islam answers all those doubts, legitimate, some

00:35:22 --> 00:35:57

legitimate doubts, but really, at the end of the day, this is one of those things that you've seen is the following the lust and passions, desires and the *, and this is what you're seeing. We need to talk more about, you're seeing that this is destroying people's mind. And many people are leaving the dean because of this addiction. Yeah, I mean, and when you look at the numbers, and I'm just being honest, it's it's so staggering how many I mean, it's literally everybody, you know, almost, it's watching it, it may not be that they're watching it every day, or even every month. But according to this to the the studies that have been done, it only takes one viewing of *

00:35:57 --> 00:36:26

to start to change the way people think. And, and and and as one brother put it, you know, our mind is like a hard drive. You know, you can't just delete these files off. And, and a lot tells us very clearly in the corner, especially to men, you know, Z and the NASS hope, Boucher teaming and Nisa that the number one thing on your list of desires for men is going to be the attraction to women. And so those images of these women in these films is going to stay on your hard drive. Now,

00:36:27 --> 00:37:03

with time and recovery and victimhood and all the things I mentioned, it'll start to be put in a file and then that file will be compressed, and then you won't have access to it is easily in your in your mind anymore. But it's it's almost impossible to get those images out of your mind. And so and that's what the shaytaan once he, he gives you the devices so that he can inject the malware in you, you know, and then once that's in you, it's in you all the time. And it's putting you in that state of mind all the time, and your reproductive system is just on all the time. And that's not a state that we want people to be in. And it has to be it has its place. But if it's if this industry,

00:37:04 --> 00:37:38

it has to be like you're saying this is they don't admit it, some psychologists but I mean, this is statistically it's the number one addiction, because look how much money just is generating, it's $100 billion, more than football, basketball, all of this getting more hits than Amazon and Twitter and Netflix combined, combined yet. So the kind of money that means you got to have the people who are paying for this out there, and that's going to lead to that addiction. And people ask all the time, like, why is it so easily accessible, it's because they don't have to charge for it, they can just put ads up on the page while you're watching it. And then the advertisers are where they're

00:37:38 --> 00:38:18

getting all the revenue. You know, and and, you know, that's what makes it so awful is that it's so easily accessible to people, you know, that never in the history of mankind, have we had this fitna on our own our own humanity where people are watching other people commit Zina, you know, in just massive numbers. And this is having such a drastic effect. And I fear for the Muslim world right now the Muslim world is not in the top 20 countries, it's mainly European countries and Western countries, so to speak, that they have the highest numbers but but as as the internet becomes more and more accessible to people, you know, and the smartphones and are in the hands of everybody, you

00:38:18 --> 00:38:56

know, I fear for the Muslim world, if those are the Ummah in those places, don't start speaking about this and the dangers of it and what what it does to people, because, you know that like I said, it's being used as a weapon on religious people, I believe and inshallah this can be a catalyst where we can get more people motivated. That's my hope. That's my that was my full intention for coming here today to start more more moms more spiritual leaders, from every faith group can start joining together, this is one thing to work together on, to try to. And by the way, this is something that Muslims can work across religious boundaries, you know, we we can unite with,

00:38:56 --> 00:39:32

with the, with the true believing Christian and Jewish and Buddhist and Muslim world on at least fighting this evil, you know what I mean? I mean, because this is, this is primarily not promoted by people from amongst us. I mean, we have, unfortunately, people from amongst us in the industry, unfortunately, some of the most popular ones are even from our community. But, you know, those people don't, you know, are definitely not part of the religious or group of us. And, you know, this is something that really we can look past our differences to look towards a greater good, which is that we should all as religious people, even non Muslims speak out against this evil it is evil.

00:39:33 --> 00:39:39

And, and the, you know, kind of last thing I'll end on is that the Prophet warned us about this, he said that

00:39:41 --> 00:40:00

there would come a fitna on all of humanity, like waves of the ocean, and he said that it would be displayed to the hearts of people like a flat map, line by line, and the heart that that is exposed to it would become gradually more and more black, and the one who

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

Didn't expose themselves to it, their heart would remain white until a time would come when there would only be a fully blackened heart that could hold no good, and a white heart that was gonna stay white until the end of time. And then that one that has the black heart, they would no longer be able to tell the difference between right and wrong, and they would totally be filled with what desires Yeah, and this is to me and feel free to disagree, a clear prophecy, about a time when something would be available that it was flat, and it would show you tempting things that would cause your heart to become gradually more and more black until today. We have morality, you know,

00:40:38 --> 00:41:11

collapsing all over the world traditional reality that comes from morality that comes from religion. Do you ever since you have this, you have this experience me You can come in from the days of Jai Leah where you can kind of know what people's interests and even now, today, when you see some people who are going down that route? Do you ever call them out directly and say, when they try to come up with so called intellectual arguments you address then they go to something else you addressed? That? Do you ever go down? And and then they'll admit it? Yeah. In fact, I was just talking to someone who had would like you'd be like, come on. I know what's up. I know what you want

00:41:11 --> 00:41:19

to do. Like, you talk straight with me. Let's Let's stop, you know, with all this smoke. Yeah, yeah. I mean, I I straight out asked a young

00:41:20 --> 00:41:54

man the other day who had left Islam, and he was talking about all this stuff. And I said, how much * did you use to watch? You just came on as a discount and asked him, because I know now what's going on. And he just admitted, he said, I was a huge * addict. Just the other day, I was listening to NPR on the way to, to give a clip but in Virginia, and they had a Mormon guy on and he was discussing how he had gradually left the Mormon Church, which is traditionally very conservative. And they asked him, they said, you know, what was your major problem with the Mormon church, and he just came out, before he even said it, I knew what he was about to say. He said, I

00:41:54 --> 00:42:32

have a problem with their stance on *, which is another way of saying, I watch *. And I don't like the fact that my church says that I shouldn't be doing does any church say it's okay. I don't know of any church that says, okay, but we even have people now today, you know, even amongst the Muslim community who are trying to make this * out. No way. Yes. And, and, and they're doing it in incremental steps, you know, by by by trying to gradually one after another to say that these things, you know, are not explicitly forbidden in the religion. And we really, you know, we have come across those people. Yeah, I mean, it starts off what I've seen is them them

00:42:32 --> 00:43:05

coming on, on, on shows and on YouTube channels, and saying, for example, oh, there's nothing wrong with *, you know, it's that, you know, there's not it's not explicitly forbidden in the religion. But yet, we know that the companions didn't do this, we know that the prophets didn't do this. I mean, we know that because if it was something that we were supposed to do, they would have told us to do it. We even have one tradition, where the companions are out with with the Prophet, and they're, they're doing a campaign with him, and they don't have their wives with him. And they can they come to the prophet and they say, oh, messenger of God, should we castrate ourselves?

00:43:06 --> 00:43:42

And then he tells them, no, of course, you shouldn't do something like that. Well, why didn't he just say, Oh, well, you can just go masturbate, you know, just go do that. And you'll be okay. That was a perfect opportunity for him to teach us that that was something to do, but he never did. And so, you know, it starts off with that and then just moves on and on and on. And we have to put a stop to this, you know, anytime we we have scholars and stuff trying to make these things that we we just intrinsically know are not right. You know, Allah says in the Quran for men need for money bla bla, bla, Daddy kapha, hula ecohome without doing anyone who seeks a way outside of marriage to to,

00:43:42 --> 00:44:17

to fulfill their sexual desires. That person is transgressing the limits of a law. You know. And what's interesting about that word, Li Dune is it is it's related to aggressing against the laws limits, you become a person filled with aggression. And so today you have so many people who who've allowed * into their hearts, they become angry, just like Ted Bundy was mentioning all these people in prison filled with anger and rage, because that's where they get it from. You know that the * causes you to start hating God, hate yourself, hate the institutions you're a part of. It just fills people raging. What do we see today, a world filled with rage, and a world

00:44:17 --> 00:44:51

filled with * attics, and I'm just trying to make the connections, I could be wrong. And I'll admit that and people can feel free to disagree with me. But I'm seriously seeing a connection between these things. I mean, it's not you don't have to be Sherlock Holmes. Well, and you know, I mean, people want all kinds of scientific studies and stuff and say, you know, just go read these articles on psychology today. And you'll see, you know, yeah, yeah, we have an insider right here, this guy in his last on his dying bird. And he's talking about even FBI reports Ted Bundy, he's talking all these different serial killers in the prisons. And they all I mean, what else do you

00:44:51 --> 00:45:00

expect? I mean, from such such an evil * act, other than more evil, right? It does. It definitely doesn't breed any good in your life.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:35

You're much better off getting married and having a family. And that's another reason why they want * so prevalent is so people aren't starting families, people aren't getting together and doing the things that are halau, you know, because those are the things that will bring you real joy. Yeah, there's nothing wrong with *, there's nothing wrong with with enjoying the pleasures that Allah has put into this world. But there's a halau way to do that. And, and that's the avenue you need to focus your attention on. You know, it's not all of the other ways, because there's lots of other ways, but those those ways lead to spiritual, mental and physical destruction. And that's that

00:45:35 --> 00:45:50

that's just reality. You can accept it, or you can reject it, but it doesn't change the fact that that's how things are. Yeah. Last point. Last thing I want to ask you, is real scary. Now, when you talk about the axis, what can we do for the children? were

00:45:51 --> 00:46:33

given access to some of these phones and internet now? What do you advise the parents? Well, and this is the toughest one because, you know, my own personal way of dealing with this is probably very different than most people, I don't have television in my home, I don't have laptops open and desktop computers on where people, you know, no one's gonna have a phone alone in their room. You know, I mean, that kind of stuff. I feel like when you hand a child, iPad and a smartphone, or a laptop for them to have alone in the room, you're handing them a loaded weapon to shoot their man in the head. Yeah, you know, and, and, and a lot of parents are not realizing what they're doing. But

00:46:33 --> 00:46:49

it's just, you know, it's so easily accessible for them. So what do you do in a specific case, where the, the, the schools, the even Islamic schools, they're making the kids get the iPads because they're doing the testing, and much of the curriculum is on through the internet through these

00:46:50 --> 00:47:26

devices. So there's a few things you can do, if you can't get the devices out of their hands and out of your life, then you have to make them only public devices, you can only have them in the home, in public rooms, the living room, and the screen has to be facing, where parents can see at all times, you can't have these things alone, and no one can have these things alone in their rooms. And, and then there's filters that can be installed on these to filter out a lot of the content. But the most important thing is to teach them early about this stuff. I mean, you can teach even very young children in a way and using language appropriate for them, you know, hey, there's pictures and

00:47:26 --> 00:48:00

videos that are out there of people without their clothes on doing things alone, together, that are that are not, that are are evil and wrong. And if you come across these things, and chances are they will let's be realistic, you know that the first thing you do is shut it down and leave the room, you know, just shut your laptop down, cut your phone off, walk away and tell somebody what what happened. You know, and if it's a friend trying to get you to watch it, or something, you know, immediately just get out of that situation if you can. Because if you can just prevent yourself from ever allowing it into your heart, you know what I mean? Like staring at it and and just and deriving

00:48:00 --> 00:48:36

pleasure from it, you know, but the real thing you should do is be disgusted by it, you know, the first time you see it just immediately, just say that this is wrong, you know, and that's how you prevent yourself from going down that path. But parents really need to be I mean, this these technologies are great. They give you lots of access to information, but they have so many trap doors today. That really I mean, I don't recommend getting, you know, young children and even preteens and teenagers, these smartphones, you know, but I know a lot of people are gonna completely disagree with me. They're gonna say I'm ludicrous. I mean, it was it was Steve job ludicrous when he

00:48:36 --> 00:49:10

actually didn't allow his own children, the inventor of these gadgets, he didn't allow his child you can look this up to have an iPhone. Right, Steve Jobs. Yeah. Well, I mean, I don't blame him. He's the inventor. So he's prohibiting his kids. Was he crazy? No, but he knew the danger, though that was potentially could affect his children. Right? Did you know about that? No, I didn't actually look it up. Well, I mean, you know, I mean, there's a lot of people that didn't know and understand what I'm saying. And and even people have said, you know, like, if I find out my children are involved in this stuff, I'm just gonna cut the internet off and I don't care how much I have to

00:49:10 --> 00:49:49

suffer because they know once you get on that stuff, man, it will ruin your life. You know, and and that's, that's the reality of it. It's either the technology and you you letting your children alone with it to babysit them which is what unfortunately we do to them today is a form of child abuse to me, but the this this technology is going to destroy the hearts of your children and eventually their man and that's that's the worst thing ever. I mean, who wants to be on the Day of Judgment with their children headed to the Hellfire? Suhana This is a great reminder for all of us. Yeah, you have that Dina Ave qu and fusi como de cumnor like, Oh, you have faith like save your family from a

00:49:49 --> 00:49:59

fire. You know, we as fathers especially are responsible for what our our children and our and our spouses do. You mom Isa wood. Thanks for having me.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:42

Thank you very much. If people want to invite you to come out to talk about this at their community at the masjid, how can they reach you? Well, it's totally free. You can either email me at ESA at FRQN dot o RG Isa at four conda. org, you can also reach me through the alpha Khan Foundation website, you can email any of the email addresses on there and say that you're interested in having my my probe Isa Woods program. I don't charge any money for it. It's just something that really, you know, once Allah gives you knowledge about something like you have to go teach it, you know, because, you know, he didn't just give it to you for yourself and your own family, you have to go

00:50:42 --> 00:51:05

out and tell the rest of the community about it. And so I'm happy to tell them and Alhamdulillah all praise and thanks to Allah, many, many, many communities have invited me to teach this program and it's a dark subject, you know, I mean, I have to admit it it's it's, it's a it's a hard thing to realize what's going on. But the first step is just to realize the darkness that's around you so you can turn the light on. Beautiful. Thank you, thank you for sharing that.

00:51:06 --> 00:51:10

With us, shalom. Many people could be motivated to talk more about it inshallah.

00:51:12 --> 00:51:48

Last month, Allah we can implement these steps and we cannot take the matter more serious. So we can do like Allah the Almighty told us to save ourselves and our families from the Hellfire exactly someone we know our enemy. And we can be better prepared that enemy to mankind is the Shakedown and the Titanic forces. And this is one of those tools that the dark forces they, they say tannic forces are using and so there's * and all those things that come with it. So we need to protect ourselves protect our families, and hope you benefit from this we'll see you next time inshallah. God willing, continue to tune in here to the deen show. Subscribe if you haven't already. We'll see

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you next time inshallah. God willing until then, peace be with you. I said, I'm on a comb.

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