The People of the Cave – A Journey Through Surat Al-Kahf #04

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The importance of finding one's balance and finding one's way to a healthy environment is emphasized in Islam. The use of shem and the sun create light and heat, and protection is required in the cave. The importance of understanding one's actions and deeds is emphasized, and the need for a new knowledge that benefits the group is emphasized. The holy grail's and the holy month are also discussed, as well as the importance of not arguing about things that aren't very prolific. The segment ends with a brief advertisement for a TV show.

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Oh no I don't want you have boom and

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when a sad lie Buffy is yet another day no I'm wrong. Lubin

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Bonilla boom ang a movie of all Allah de Navarra Gu Allah Emery him Lana des hidden.

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Miss Judah. Sam una Thalassa robinton Girl boom where Kulu Nahum satin sad you soon Cal boom rajim Bismillah ye well, where Gulu Serbia was caribou home. Rugby will be daddy him lamang Khaleel Salah to marry him

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here on the Stef TV him in

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one second said I want to make them respected sisters please the Quran is being recited and so we should be listening or giving away to the Quran.

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Our champ Amon has been practicing all week for the surah as well, secondarily. So please if you're going to be with us in sha Allah, please give us your attention. And to our reciter continue with SHA one. Doc Wulan Ohnishi in the vine on Valley gada a question

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was good Rebecca is Nursey ADA Anna she Tawakkol NASA a De Niro Beeley Acorah Berman rassada, wallabies woofie caffiend Salah Tammy urgency Nina was Dadoo this

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morning Lachlan Leung Namo Bhima lobby to learn who I was similar to one out I will still be he was a smear mellow

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Dooney Muhuali you usually goofy hook me I had

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this villa Mashallah. It's like we're like Lafayette and Captain Amon.

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Can I borrow the seat for a few minutes? You can be back in 30 minutes a shot like and have it until next Friday. Exactly. Okay. naman swindler, masala Lama Vedic. So, who's our recycler for next week?

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Who's our reciter

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I'm going to pick on the adults if the youth don't step up

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it's like a love hate on chef Hashem got it.

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His son's been voluntold Okay.

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Zach a locator

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. While early he was heavy a drain.

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Loma Linda main found on fire Nabila headlamps and I was in their element alone and I was a bigger Nepal Azura Scheffel Judo Naka wouldn't know gonna be giving them if TuneIn we begin the name of Allah All Praise and Glory be to Allah had mais finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and his family and his companions and all those who tried his path.

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We ask Allah to teach us that which benefits us and benefit us with what he teaches us and to increase us and beneficial knowledge. May Allah azza wa jal protect us and our tongues from swerving in our presentation of his deen

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and from every ill

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that could be involved in in the study of his book in an incorrect or inappropriate way Allahumma Amin May Allah Illuminate our hearts and minds and yours with his eye yet

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and make us a new of the people of the Quran that are celebrating their commitment to the Quran in this life and then the next in sha Allah will start with is 16 as a review and then moving to the other robots mature in sha Allah

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so we left off last week

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that the young men who are known as the you know, the youth of the cave, or the boys of the cave, or the Seven Sleepers in the cave,

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depend depending on what you're reading and where you're reading it. They confronted their people Allah fasten their heart and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sedated their fears and gave them the strength the I'd say to stand and say our Lord is the Lord of the heavens and the earth we will not call upon anyone else besides Allah azza wa jal, Subhana, Allah Allah and then they withdrew from their people. Yes, they withdrew from their people and all that their people worship besides Allah azza wa jal

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And they said, Oh LKF let us take shelter in the cave, Yunshu, lecom, Robocop and rahmati. He your Lord will unfold in the site cave, he will spread out for you. He will accommodate you even in this cave and unfold for you from his mercy man Brahma de where you Hey, Lycoming Emmerich from Russia, America, and cause for your great ease great care in this cave of yours.

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The one thing we did not discuss last week that maybe we should have is that there is a principle here that is related to every believer in their in every time in place, which is, when am I supposed to withdraw from society? If anytime, right. And so I don't even want to get into the discussion of will jubile Hijra the obligation to migrate away from you know, non Muslim majority lands and live amongst the Muslim majority. Because even among the Muslim majority, right, you would still not be allowed to place yourself

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in a an environment where your DNA is threatened, right. And the DNA of your children is threatened. And so essentially, even if you were to live in a Muslim society, you would still have to either better the place that you're in, or withdraw to protect yourself from the evils and the harms of the place that you're in.

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In this modern age, in this modern time, we cannot fully separate ourselves from all the ills of our age. But that does not mean that we should not try our level best to insulate and protect ourselves from the scourge of values that are alien to us the values of the secular liberal times. And so relative isolation is still necessary, you know, a place to incubate or cultivate our beliefs and our values. And this is why you hear us the past few years speaking about the importance of turning our centers into, like, the Islamic village feel a self contained hub and environment where the tree of faith can grow for ourselves and for the generations to come. This is, you know, an absolute

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obligation, this is extremely important.

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Because there's no cave, the caves have Wi Fi, right? There is no cave.

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And to say there is no cave, you know, and I'm just going to ride the wave out and I'm just going to mix you know, in a cavalier way casually with wider society, and that's not going to affect me, that's also ludicrous, right? So you can just ride it ride the Tiger of modernity, as you call it, and you can't really run from the Tiger of modernity, you have to find your balance you have to find the Midway that keeps you safe enough and and make your stand and the stand is community. The stand is healthy, thriving communities.

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relative isolation can be a part of that. So let's move on in sha Allah when they assume the best of Allah is 17 now they assume the best of Allah Allah will take care of us even in this cave.

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Everything we're going to see here now is the outcome of their hosting have been there you know, excellent assumptions in the most difficult hour of Allah terracotta Allah in this ayah Allah Baraka with Allah says, without a Shem said either Allah azza wa jal on Caffee him that Alia meanie were either garrapata credo whom Delta CheMin just that first segment, you would have Ouattara and you see the sun? What do you mean, you see, we weren't there. And even the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, if he's being addressed in the second person here, he's not there either. Allah azza wa jal wants you to place yourself in that scene. Ouattara because your belief is unwavering that Allah is the

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most truthful of speakers, right? It's almost like LM Tara cave of Allah Bucha vs Hubbell field, didn't you see what your Lord did? With the elephants that tried to overrun the GABA? Then you see it. You of course you saw it. You saw to this because Allah told you he did it. Okay, it's close, right?

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And so what Tara Shams, Allah says in that moment when they entered the cave, and they put all their trust in Allah and they assume the best of him, you see now, as Shem said, either follow the sun every time it throws, it rises every morning that passed over them, you know, they slept for 300 years, or 309 years. We'll get to that in sha Allah. But every time the sun rose,

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it veered away from their cave, Tessa waterline Caffi him. What does that mean? It means that Allah azza wa jal bent, bent the rays of the sun the sunlight away from their cave.

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So their cave hadn't means this means that their cave must have had an opening on the eastern side because the sunrise is from the east

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or else there would be no reason to bend it. And at the same time, Elijah saying he bent it so the light was supposed to enter

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But he turned it away from them. He veered the sunlight away from them as it rose on their right side, right so they're facing this way. This is the right side, it's the actual East because Allah is bending it the light away from it, otherwise it would be there.

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Does that means no light entered the cave whatsoever. This is possible it remained dark for 300 years providing them the deepest sleep. Some scholars said he veered it away means he caused it to not enter directly into the opening of the cave, but instead to bounce off the wall of the cave and reach them without its intensity without its heat. So a reflection of the light is what came to them. You know how you turn the angle of light with a prism or a glass. Allah turned the light for them that way. Because obviously if you're sitting there sleeping through a sunrise, forget the fact that you're going to wake up, you will burn you will get roasted by the sun in 300 years, your

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clothes would burn forget your skin, right? So Allah azza wa jal, every single morning has the sun rays diverted from entering straight into their cave, we're either not all but it's our credo home that she Mel. And every time it sets, to clear to whom that Ashima the scholars interpreted this two ways, it says here in the translation, moving it away from them to the left, so when it's coming down the left he has it move away the sun.

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This could mean he either caused it to pass by them very quickly, it moved away from them very quickly. Or it just means that he allowed the sunlight to only reach them as opposed to bouncing in the morning, as it's setting. On the left side. On the western side, the Sun enters in a way that's harmless. So the opening only allows for the warm soft sunlight at the end of the day to nourish them with whatever they need, right the vitamin D or whatever we want to talk about.

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The cradle whom that that she met. And they said they had many proofs for this, but one of them that could be close to home is many of you Arab or not are familiar with a term called the Hudson called the Hudson is what

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what's the current

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or this alone or the Hudson is a good loan like a loan without interest, right? So current is alone. Loans are like basically easy money, right? I didn't break my back for it. Someone just spotted me ahead of time to take care of my needs, right? And so that's why Allah didn't say and he gave them some light. He said to clear the home that she met the Sun gave them a freebie basically, here's some soft harmless sunlight. Only at the end of the day, I'll show myself to you if you will. Understood is the concept clear here in the morning it is veered away from their cave so it doesn't harm them and at the end it is given to them in an easy convenient fashion.

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All this by the permission of Allah azza wa jal will home fee fed you what's he mean? Who and they are in a federal they set a federal is like a wide area. Federal just means opening in general, but it's a wide area or they say it means a deep area. In other words, this cave is actually very deep. We already know now No, it has an opening on the eastern side, no opening on the western side, right? You got that part, you have the visual now. When you have your door open, and then you open the window when there's a nice breeze isn't that when the breeze actually is felt? It passes through one opening to another. So he has them in the depth of a cave, right? In a safe place. And there are

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two openings also to circulate the air for them to get you know the the smog out so there is no rotting and also the animals don't invest as much and otherwise. It's like a coastal breeze. He has them in the penthouse basically, and the air is passing through and the light is just right and they're in complete comfort.

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This is amazing, even beyond the miraculousness of Allah azza wa jal causing the light to bend or hit them in certain ways that it naturally would not or possibly would not simply the fact that they chose

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their steps were being guided by Allah, weren't they? They didn't know they were gonna sleep for 300 years they entered into a cave. They were scrambling, they were fleeing and they stayed here. It was the perfect dynamic, right? The cave was perfectly structured for all of this that Allah subhanho wa Taala is describing. And that is why the AI continues to say that he came in I Atilla This is from the great signs of Allah,

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Mejia de la HuFa who will moated on my yield little fella and taggi the Allahu Walia Murshida

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these of the great signs of God whomever Allah

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guides and he is the rightly guided and whomever

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he miss guides for him he will find no Molly and will ship directing friend

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and so this is of the great

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signs of Allah. You remember the earlier verses? Do you think the boys in the cave or something amazing from God signs they're not amazing the boys called upon Allah Allah save them gates closed. Right? Now Allah azza wa jal is saying this, in fact, is one of the great signs. It is not the greatest of signs, it is not a standalone in human history. But at the same time if Allah does not guide you to recognize his power through the likes of these amazing events, then you didn't deserve it. Because it's not enough that He sent His signs. He has to open your heart to accept His signs to reflect on his signs to consider his signs to have the humility to benefit from his signs he decides

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that whether you are deserving of being benefited from his signs or not, as we said before, it is not the absence of signs, it is the or the presence of signs, it is the presence of arrogance that stops you from benefiting, this is clear. The next ayah Allah azza wa jal says, What are several whom I call Vanga, whom wrote code

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and you would think them awake if you entered the cave, you would think the sleepers were actually awake. Although they were asleep. What does that mean?

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Many scholars said it is because their eyes were kept open.

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Why were their eyes kept open?

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Allah azza wa jal knows best, perhaps to scare anyone that may stumble inside, right? I'm not sleeping, I'm actually awake.

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And of course, medically speaking, you know how problematic This is? Right? Like your eyes would dry up and you know, a little bit of time if your eyes are open for for a day or a week or a year, 100 years through this, these numbers actually

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become very problematic. So Allah azza wa jal knows best why he kept them appearing as if they were awake. You know, some scholars tried to say that early scholars like however, the devotee, and otherwise Allah protected them by keeping their eyes open. Right? Because if the eyes were closed, they would have got sealed closed, and it would have been bad for their eyes. But also if you keep them open, it's also bad for their eyes. Right? So this wasn't a miraculous event if it was in the fact eyes but the eye doesn't say that. It says that. They appear awake how Allah knows best. Allah knows best possibly if their eyes were open, Allah protected them despite that being an unnatural

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state to have your eyelids open for such a prolonged period of time. Then he says when we label him that Telia meaning that she Mal and we turn them over to the right and to their left. That's obvious why is that happening?

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Brother and evac

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so the body does not rot. There is no nurse in there to flip you over so you prevent the bedsores how fast people get bedsores.

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Couple days all right, you know,

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anyway, no tangents.

00:18:10--> 00:18:27

If not best for the Allahu Anhu Emma says that Allah azza wa jal used to keep angels in the cave with them to turn them over and over each time turn them left turn them right turn them left turn to the right so that their you know their bus, their muscles don't fall apart, their body doesn't fall apart, their muscles don't sink.

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you know, if you want to just reflect on like a lesson here, Allah azza wa jal is guiding these people in their sleep. Right? Can Allah azza wa jal guide someone overnight in their sleep? Absolutely. Can someone have a change of heart overnight absolutely happens a lot.

00:18:50--> 00:19:07

Don't bank on it for yourself but don't be surprised when Allah azza wa jal gives it to someone either. Don't say I'm gonna fix everything you know, on the last day of my life that's just a bad gamble. Right. But is it within Allah's power? It certainly is and it is certainly documented throughout human history people are guided in their sleep if you will.

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Next week's Hot buzz about dreams okay the power of dreams next Friday

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and then he says well Cal boom Bassett on there i He will, we'll see it there and they're turned over to the right and they're left with their dogs stretching its paws across the threshold. So the threshold of the cave the opening of the cave from the angle people can climb on or climbed to the dog has his palms outstretched he's outside the cave or he's sitting on the door of the cave basically at the exit of the cave with his paws outstretched he's not like curled up in you know that round form. No, he's he's upright and his and his paws are outstretched outside the cave level Tala Tala him they were late. I mean him pharaon had you looked at them, had you been able to

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actually enter the cave?

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Level late I mean, whom pharaon you would have turned

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turned away from them running but actually tell I late I mean turned away from them while later a will were later via raka Cavalli, you would have told everyone run, run, run run, like the few people that may have seen them would have chased everyone else away from the cave. And they'll ask you like I don't wanna talk about it. No, no, I didn't see that. No, that can't really be happening right now we're late I mean whom Ferrara? Meaning you would have yourself driven other people away from the cave

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well I'm late I mean whom Robert and you would have been filled with fear of them.

00:20:33--> 00:20:41

So in this idea and an idea we will visit later on we noticed that the mention of the dog is always there with the boys in the cave or the youth in the cave.

00:20:42--> 00:20:46

Why? Why is the dog so significant in this story

00:20:49--> 00:20:53

Think with me so you don't fall asleep sisters? Why is the dogs presence so significant?

00:20:59--> 00:21:00

Help us?

00:21:04--> 00:21:13

Yes, protection is one reason the scholars mentioned Allah is making it crystal clear that cave was protected by a sentinel dog. 24/7. Right.

00:21:14--> 00:21:18

The other reason also, they mentioned is that Allah honored this dog.

00:21:19--> 00:21:22

Allah honor the dog because he was in the company of the righteous.

00:21:24--> 00:21:29

I'll come back to this point in a second. Why was the dog at the mouth of the cave? Aside from protection?

00:21:32--> 00:21:36

If Nick if he had him alone, do something cool here. Why was the dog at the mouth of the cave?

00:21:37--> 00:21:40

Why wasn't he inside the cave? Aside from protection?

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And I'm on people, like if I'm climbing that mountain, and there's a dark cave and the first thing I see these two paws on the boulder, right? The pitch of the cave, right? I'm gone right? Is that a cougar or a dog? It doesn't really matter actually. What it is those two paws will skip. They said he Allah mentioned where the dog was at the mouth of the cave. Yes, he's there as a guard guards are usually you know in a in a safe space before you can reach those they're guarding. But also because there was angels in the cave.

00:22:18--> 00:22:50

And angels do not enter places where in there is a dog. The Prophet alayhi salatu salam said in America that Hello beta and V surah. To know like hell, that the angels do not enter a house in which there is an image meaning an image of an object with a soul like human or animal a full image of a human or an animal hung up somewhere, or position set somewhere like a statue or a picture on the wall or a dog the angels will not enter. They said so it fits perfectly with the understanding of not best that the angels were sent to assist them through that.

00:22:53--> 00:23:28

But Allah azza wa jal honored this dog because of in whose company he was in, right the same way he entered the cave like we don't know the cave. We don't know the location. We don't know anything about it. Why are we reciting about this cave over and over and over and over again, because of the young men who believed in God who took shelter in that cave, they honored the cave. You know, it's like celebrities when they sell celebrities shoes or something. It's not about the shoe, right? It's not my size smells bad. It's wore out. But Jordan wore it. Right? And so this is what adds value to it, what it's associated with. And so that dog Allah azza wa jal is telling us that even an animal,

00:23:28--> 00:23:36

even an animal who may be in edges, according to most scholars, was is honored because of the virtue of those believers that he was around.

00:23:37--> 00:23:54

You know, imagine a believer now There's that famous Hadith of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam when he said that Allah azza wa jal has angels that scan this earth fly around always looking for the circles of victory. The circles like this one in sha Allah, may we have them.

00:23:55--> 00:24:09

The circles of vicar and when they find them, they, they settle down, they land. And then they ascend to Allah azza wa jal, and he asked them Kay photonic to Mareeba the How did in what condition did you leave my servants? They said, Yeah, Allah, we,

00:24:10--> 00:24:17

we left them as they were praising you, and they were glorifying you, and they were admitting your greatness and they were testifying to your oneness and otherwise.

00:24:19--> 00:24:43

And he said to them, what are they asking of me that they are asking for your pleasure for your paradise? He says, And have they seen it? He says, No, they haven't seen it yet Allah you know, Allah knows all these answers. He's asking them, for these people to be heard in the heavens so at the angels may speak about them, describe them to others in the heavens, he celebrating these people have they seen my paradise had no to and what would happen if they saw my paradise Allah asks these angels.

00:24:44--> 00:24:59

They say they would be even more driven to pursue it. He said, and what are they seeking refuge from? They are seeking refuge from your punishment and your hellfire. He says that have they seen my hellfire? They say no. Is that what if they would have seen my Hellfire that yeah Allah they would

00:25:00--> 00:25:03

even more driven to flee from your hellfire and escape it.

00:25:04--> 00:25:25

And he says, You will testify, oh angels that I have given my servants all they desire and protected my servants from all they fear. This is the point now at the end of the Hadith, they say, Oh Allah, there is one man among them who is not really of them. Like some guy sitting in the gathering, because

00:25:27--> 00:25:30

I don't know, his wife forced him to drive the kids to the youth course or something.

00:25:32--> 00:26:13

I'm gonna get myself killed. Okay, let me give you think of a better example. Someone is here because he's waiting for the lecture to end because someone owes him money and they want to talk about it. Right? So he said, let's meet Russia. Then he got stuck in a lecture, because it was more than Russia was Russia and a talk. So they say Allah, there's one guy there. He's actually not of them. He was not intending Vicki when he sat down. So Allah says, home will comb la Yash kabhi him Jalisa whom they are such a people, such an honored people, meaning they are such a people, that anyone who sits with them will not be deprived of their awards. Right. And so even the dog gets

00:26:13--> 00:26:17

celebrated because he is in the company of these great believers.

00:26:18--> 00:26:35

It is the believers that add value to their surroundings. You know, even Mecca, like Mecca is the most valuable place on earth. There was a period of time when Mecca was a land of disbelief. It was dark. All right. Why? Because the believers weren't there, the monotheists weren't there.

00:26:36--> 00:27:16

These were people that are in Mecca in the most sacred place on Earth, but their association their residence in Mecca, would not prevent them from being tormented being punished by Allah said that in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal said, Why am I can Allah Julio Aviva homeland to feed him? He said about the people of Mecca, Allah who would not punish them while you are among them. Oh, Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, not while they are in Mecca, they'll get punished even in Mecca. Because it is the people that really sank the fireplace. The believers, Allah who would not punish them while you the Imam of all believers is in is in their midst sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

00:27:17--> 00:27:36

So the dog is there with his arms or his paws outstretched across the mouth or the threshold of the cave. Had you looked at them you would have run in flight. What emulate I mean whom Raba next Ayesha Osman. The 19 Daya Allah azza wa jal says worker there dk by Sinha whom Lea

00:27:37--> 00:27:42

lubaina home and so we awaken them so that they might question one another.

00:27:43--> 00:27:44

Hold on

00:27:45--> 00:27:55

the English really doesn't do it justice Allah saying what can they're like and just like that, we bath now home you know bath means to drive someone forward.

00:27:56--> 00:28:34

Bath is this is one of the names of the Day of Judgment because people are driven from their graves. Bath is wretched resurrection. So Allah saying it's as if they were dead the same way I put them to sleep as if they were dead. I awakened to them as if they will never did never asleep. Make sense. This is the meaning what can they like? And just like that the same way we put them down. We brought them right back up. No stretch. No, like how do I use my tongue again, just like that. What can barely get back to now home later set a loop so they just get up and start having a conversation so that they may question one another. One of them exclaimed.

00:28:36--> 00:28:36


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Carla. It'll mean who can live with them? How long have we been sleeping? How long have you remained asleep? For Lulu Bithynia woman Oba VIOME some replied, perhaps a day, perhaps part of a day.

00:28:54--> 00:29:37

Why were they guessing they are part of the day. Because just like that there was no signs. They like their hair. They didn't change color. Nothing changed, right? If not best about the Allahu Anhu man this is says and it was nearly the same time of day. They went to sleep in the early daytime and woke up in the early evening time. So they went to sleep, let's say before after the hook, and they wake up and the sun hasn't set yet. Like the sun's about to set. So they're sitting there saying a day have we been asleep for 24 hours? Were we really that tired? Full tone, it's daytime again. And then someone else looks outside basically sees it about to be sunset and says Bob Do you know maybe

00:29:37--> 00:29:44

just half a day? Maybe the day hasn't even ended yet? Those are their two guesses. This first group of people

00:29:46--> 00:30:00

Elba biome Carlo bukem Alam will be relative to them, and then others among them. I'm gonna keep saying they're seven but just trust me until I defend myself and if you want to disagree after I defend myself, I can't argue with you according

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To the surah

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Galuh or bukem Allah movie mela wisdom he said Allah knows best your Lord knows best how long you've remained asleep meaning someone suspicious like I'll only Allah knows when something's off here so he says let's let's test it out for but I thought I heard that gonna be worried become heavy heat and Medina so go send one of you with this silver of yours What if here is silver silver coins meaning your money, let's just ration up our money, give it to any one of us and send him down it Almudena to the city fairly unload and let him check at you have as calcular Iman which of the foods that are available today as capital Iman our most pure meaning most Halal

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fairly tea communities caminho and let him buy some food of what's available.

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What are you Sharon Nobilia Tala tough and let him be real cautious, locked off, like let him be like, let him tread with caution. While you Sharon Nicoma hada and make sure nobody discovers you mean go. Just make sure the food is highly selling. Don't buy a lot of food. Don't buy 40 burgers, right? Don't buy a lot. You don't want to draw attention to yourself fairly, it can be risky Minoo too, just grab some quick, just make sure it's highlighted the only thing you need to worry about. That's how much they care. These were believers, right? They wanted to make sure their food was halal. And grab any little bit of it. And be careful. Don't sit and be familiar with a lot of means

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don't argue about prices. Don't sell of like, hey man, give me a better deal. Just be real cautious. grab whatever's hella a little bit of it and come right back. Where are you Sharon? Nebby coma hada.

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You know, some of the scholars pointed out in this idea that the brotherhood of these brothers that they gave up all their gold coins to any one of them let any one of you go with your with your silver I'm sorry with your silver coins. And this is what the Prophet SAW Selim did. Right? When he came to Medina, he said share your money. And they trusted each other with that. And even one time a man from the tyranny that comes to mind now he came to Abu Hurayrah the Allahu and said, I want to be your brother for the sake of Allah.

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Like I want to be with you, like a true fraternity, the way you Sahaba were like each other. I want to replicate that I missed out I'm not so heavy. Let me let me so he says to him, do you know what that entails? What does it entail telling me I'm ready? He said that you have no more of a right to the money in your pocket than me.

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So he said so non I can't handle that.

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Golf at Lake Anthony then.

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Then just stay away. You're not ready for it. Of course it sounds like socialism, and we are not socialists, but meaning you should be happy to give up whatever is yours for your brother. That's what he intends that readiness the spirit of brotherhood, or do we don't mean the legality here, the technicality of my money is your money and your money is my money. That's actually not even the case with marital partners. We can talk about that later. So wider circle society would not be the case technically either. But they trusted each other that much like any one of you go have your coins. And let's just get some food. And this is why you need to be super cautious. Next idea in now

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Khomeini of huddle, la comida Jumeau como una do comfy me let's see him Milan to flee who even Abba because if they find out about you, if they recognize you guys, I told you, they're easily recognizable. They're royalty, they will stone you to death. This idea is why we said in the earlier ayat that they heard the execution order, they know what's waiting for them. That's why they ran wasn't simply like, Hey, this is a more peaceful place in the mountains. They knew that their life was on the line and they left on a dime, and they just got out of there. They will stone you to death, or force you back into their old faith, right, the false faith and you will never succeed. In

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that case. Like it's a lose, lose.

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What could be a very important lesson here

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don't subject yourself to trials. You know, don't tell yourself let me let me test. You know how strong my faith is and subjecting myself to all of these different challenges to my faith. Don't think that putting your trust in Allah means being hasty and reckless and foolish. Right? He's saying listen, we escaped yesterday. We might not escape today. We took a stand yesterday maybe we get weak today. Right? The believer does not subject himself to trials. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said let a man know Luca Allah do don't ever wish to meet your enemy you know in the battlefield, but if you do remember God and stand firm, right? You should not seek it out

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because you don't know how well you will fare and that is why some people I believe even the Tamia Rahim Allah, he said and the people who subject themselves to

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fits and two trials usually fare the worst in trials. Because when you say I can handle it, I'm going to dive right in. I'm going to speak truth to power be unapologetically this or I'm going to whatever right? When you do that, many times this comes from an overconfidence within you an over dependence on your own strength. I got this I can do this. And the more you actually depend on yourself at heart, the less you're actually depending on Allah, which means you're going to fail.

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You understand why that happens? Usually people who are reckless, usually regret their recklessness and they fall apart religiously. Because what's driving that recklessness is not an understanding of the deen and is not true to what could true reliance on Allah is an action of the heart. I'm going to do everything in my power. Be careful, be quick, go get the food run away, right. I'm going to do whatever is in my hands. And while my heart is reliant to that Allah who will render my means effective if he so pleases. That's it. Very important lesson.

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Don't put yourself in a fitna. The next is is I'm closing out here in sha Allah.

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What can Valley Catherine alley him Leah Alonso and nawada Allah He helped and that is how

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we cause them to be discovered.

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The Quran is amazing. You may not notice how much information is absent and Quranic stories. Shankman is nodding his head right? There is just enough information skipped in the story to not make it extra. But you fully understand what's happening. Right? Pay attention to this when you read Quranic stories, that there's so much not being said, but it's still perfectly understandable. Right? You just sit there and you think, okay, they got sent. And they were afraid of being discovered. And that's how they got discovered.

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How what's the filler he went to the city and was discovered in the city. That is how they were found. When they returned to the city they were discovered the the the Sahaba Radi Allahu Anhu they mentioned and their students that have been eating like pizza and Mujahid and other students have not Besson and us. They said what gave them away was their coins. Some said we'll give them away was their clothes. And these are probably all true, right? These are all like very likely what happened like you show up after 300 years, your currency is wrong. Or it's like equals that is like what what's what is this? Why does your hair look like this? Why are you wearing that belt? Like

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as one she said, like I saw that in museum? Why are you wearing that? How'd you get that? Did you steal that from the museum? Is this a circus is the circus and he looks totally different. And he's speaking totally different. And his coin is totally off. Right? And so they discover this man, as he walks in, he's like, a sore thumb. Right? Everyone spots him. And he realized has to run. The narrations mentioned, he runs back to the cave. He's not able to outrun the people, they tracked him down. He finds that the the men he was going to get food for had passed away. And Allah Allah knows best. And he sat among them and Allah took his life as well. They never came back to the city, they

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never returned to the city. It was they were discovered. Allah says and this is how we caused them to be discovered, so that their people might know that Allah's promise is true.

00:38:28--> 00:39:06

There's a lot implied here so that the people may know that Allah's promise is true. Christianity had a very vicious debates for hundreds of years, or it became it built up to hundreds of years on Can God resurrect or not. And this is throughout the Quran, by the way, you know, is there really a fire the mainstream position in Judaism today, by the way, is that the Hellfire doesn't exist. You know, 1400 years ago, the Quran says they say the fire only touches a little bit, right? The main state mainstream position today and Judaism has mutated even beyond that to say, the fire is figurative, or the fire is not real, or the fire is mythological or otherwise. Right. And so

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likewise, in Christianity and early Christian literature, there was a huge vicious debate on whether there will be resurrection, whether God is going to give life to the dead, right? And if he does, what does that mean exactly? Is it real? Or does it mean like God takes the spirits to another world? And so Allah cause the boys in the cave being discovered. Those are the ones from the story. They all know the story. The boys who disappeared, it lasted for centuries, these pious saints, right? This is how they realized Allah resurrect the dead, these people will resurrected after 300 years. So Allah Who with these boys or young men, and did that debate and that discrepancy in

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Christianity, is this clear, the Alamo and now Adela HOXA. They may know Allah's promise regarding resurrection and bath is true. When I say Allah Riba and that the our there is no doubt in it. If you attend as a yes if you attend as our own abena, whom Ambra home

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When the people disputed with each other about the case of the youth now here's a new sentence Okay. When the people disputed with each other about the youth after they had died, some of them said

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is this translation wrong?

00:40:20--> 00:40:58

Yes or no? Are they him Banyana build a structure on around them. So this is missing the end of the year. God Allah Xena Allah Allah Emery Hamlet the hidden gnarly him Masjid the people who were able to get the upper hand in that debate, that bait was how are we going to deal with these youth? These youth who all died just now they died in front of us or just recently? What do we do with these great saints. Some people said, Let's build a bunion over them, let's make it a big shrine or let's make it a big monument or otherwise. The other opinion the other group said, Let it decay then Allah him miss Judah, we will turn it into a place of worship, we're going to turn into a masjid, this

00:40:58--> 00:41:22

site of the young men, the cave at the door of the cave, it will become a house of worship a sacred place. Of course, this is not allowed in Islam, right? To take shrines turn them into masajid. The Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam as he was dying. He said Allah's curse is upon the Jews and the Christians. They took the shrines or the grave sites of their profits as shrines. It's a Buddha, MBA masajid.

00:41:24--> 00:41:41

And he mentioned the severity of that and severity of the punishment that would happen. But the scholars also pointed out something very interesting here that when they discovered the boys in the cave, wow, I went overtime today. Can I have seven more minutes? Just the youth are still working?

00:41:43--> 00:42:24

No, no, I have to close out. When they discovered them. This ended a huge debate, a very important debate whether there's resurrection or not, instead of settling on the truth being delivered to them by Allah azza wa jal, allowing them to discover the boys in the cave. They get into a whole nother debate again, what should we do with the boys in the cave, monument or Masjid? Right? And this is all for the signs of misguidance and all nations including our Ummah, this happens in our own way all the time. We missed the big picture and we debate on the trivial stuff. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said MALBA, left OMA, no community has ever gone astray by that who then can lay he

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led to jail after having once been upon guidance, except that argumentation was cast among them. They just waste their time arguing debating fighting, commotion, strife, you know, hurting the fabric between them. Last idea.

00:42:43--> 00:43:19

And then Allah says, and they had another debate, they didn't just stop with monument or Masjid. Then they started debating how many were they again, and they get into these whole number of debates, showing you the triviality of them. This is the lesson here knowledge which does not benefit you throw to the side knowledge I can't act on what difference does it make you missed the whole point right? Who cares what the number was Allah saying here? Say a coluna fella threatened robber or whom kill boom some will say they were three and the dog was the fourth where coluna comes to answer this who whom Cal boom while others say they were five and their dog was the six Roger men

00:43:19--> 00:43:20

Bill Vype

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only guessing blindly you know Roger, what's Roger?

00:43:27--> 00:43:42

Roger Miss stoning, right? Like the felida Roger mazanec For example, right stoning. Roger men Belhaj babies the unseen meaning they're just throwing rocks in the dark you know when we say I'll take a shot in the dark I'm just taking a shot in the dark here. That's all they're doing the guy three and the dog Are there

00:43:44--> 00:43:51

five with the dog right Allah disqualified these and said they're just taking shots in the dark they have no idea what we're talking about.

00:43:52--> 00:44:04

We have coluna sabaratnam with me no whom Cal boom and they also say they were seven and their dog was the eighth notice Allah did not say here taking a shot in the dark

00:44:06--> 00:44:12

right? This is where some of the scholars said they were seven many scholars This is a very strong opinion that it was seven

00:44:13--> 00:44:24

gold said to them Oh Muhammad Robbie Allah morbidity him my lord knows best their exact number in other words, I'm not going to debate about this right? Allah knows their number.

00:44:25--> 00:44:43

May Allah Muhammad Allah Khalil only a few people know as well. So if not better, sort of the Allahu anima used to say what nm NL Colleen I am of the few that know the number. Allah has blessed me with knowing the number has taught me the number they were seven. Early Christian literature says they were the Seven Sleepers says they were seven.

00:44:44--> 00:44:59

And where did it not best get that from the fact that Allah separated he didn't say they say three in the dog and five in the dog and seven in the dog taking a shot in the dark. Allah said three and five. Taking a shot in the dark and some also say seven. But tell them it's not important.

00:45:00--> 00:45:15

He didn't disqualify the seventh. So from that subtlety that subtle over look of the the claim of seven is where even the best of the Allahu Anhu my likely got that that was it. That was the true number that Allah who was indirectly telling us they were seven

00:45:16--> 00:45:26

only a few people know them. Here's the point to close fella to marry him in La Mirada and Valhalla, so do not argue about them except with shore knowledge.

00:45:27--> 00:46:08

I'll come back tomorrow and Valhalla while at the Stef, TV Him in whom I had and don't ask any of these people who are sticking shots in the dark anything about them. Right the Prophet alayhi salatu salam was asked about the boys in the cave. He said to them so much more than they ever knew about the boys in the cave. And he exposed the fact that and here are the points you guys are unsure about among yourselves. So it was a total you know, TKO on the subject. So don't talk to them about it, period. And when you do speak about it, only argue, meaning only make your claims. I don't mean argue as in hostile I mean argue as in present your positions and your evidences, except with Mira

00:46:08--> 00:46:17

and VA Hera, Mira and La Hara can mean one of two things. One thing it could mean is that obvious argument obvious, you know, with clear proof,

00:46:19--> 00:46:21

in which case none of us should argue.

00:46:22--> 00:46:23

The other opinion is

00:46:24--> 00:47:00

Mira and VA Hara means like a surface level argument like an argument that will not cause us to have hard feelings with each other. That's why I said you can you can disagree with seven and I'm not allowed to debate with you, right? You can make your assertion but only make it Mira and Valhalla don't get sucked back into? No, it was this and it was that who cares? Who cares further to marry him in La Mirada. And while Hera and the position of na best seems to, to support this issue, because he didn't make a claim, but he did not defend it, staunchly. That's what the Quran is telling us to do when you make your claims about things that aren't very consequential. Just say

00:47:00--> 00:47:01

your piece.

00:47:02--> 00:47:29

And that's it. Let bygones be bygones. It's not the end of the world, not very consequential. Not much action based on it. Don't be like the people who took Adam Alehissalaam eating from the tree and they said, what kind of tree was it? Was it an apple tree or cherry tree? You missed the whole point, right? These boys in the cave, How many were they again? Right? You missed the whole point. So may Allah grant us a new knowledge that benefits and benefit us without GSR does Subhanak lomi Hamrick shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. And Christopher O'Connor to like.

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See, when the kids were screaming last week, it made me speak faster as well.

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They gave us it let's bring the kids back. When we took them to childcare, I felt too comfortable and I took an extra 13 minutes. Are there any questions? Yes, sir.