If I Have Money Saved Up For Hajj Do I Have To Pay Zakah On That

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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If I have money saved up to perform Hajj or an impending marriage, maybe next year or coming, do I have to pay zakat upon that.

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So those who have been following my cat videos in this series will know my philosophy. And it's the easiest pickable one is supported by number of scholars as well. And it makes everything very, very simple for people, whatever money you've got on your second day, you got to pay zakat upon it, it doesn't matter whether you recorded yesterday, had it for a year had it for no years. Or if it was this Muslim. It's just too much headache. When you see the Prophet sallallaahu Selim centers, the circuit collectors out to make the cut in the time of the center, they will go and say, What have you owed? And what have you, they will see whatever is there, what have you got there? What have you

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got there, okay. And then that's it simple. So it doesn't matter where your money is, if you have money that day, then everything that you have in hand, the card has to be paid upon. And when I say in hand, I don't mean in your pockets, because you can use cash anyway. I mean, everything that's on your cards, everything that's in your current accounts, which you get immediately in your savings account, we might which might take a little bit longer that which you've, you know, hidden in your random place, that which you fund this, you bet all of it is to be valued, and he gives a counterpoint that includes money, which has been put aside for Hajj and for weddings and four x and

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for y, it doesn't matter if the money is available, then the card has to be paid upon it. And conversely, if the money is not available, because it's in a Halloween pension fund Investment Fund, or you bought houses with it or whatever, then all of these are things which are not cash, they need to be sold to free cash. And that's not one of the requirements of zakat. So you don't need to pay upon those which are illiquid but liquid those which are available in accounts and cash and so on and so forth. That is to be paid upon all of these. Hey, thank you for watching and subscribe so you can continue to get the rest of the videos I don't know what somewhere over here, there, whatever

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