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The speakers discuss the importance of forgiveness and share their experiences in order to avoid bringing back distractions from past experiences. They also touch on the need for everyone to share their experiences and the importance of sharing them to avoid bringing back distractions from past experiences. In a separate segment, they discuss the need for forgiveness and the importance of taking breathers to avoid distractions from past experiences.

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no matter who is the you know who want to stop futile when rules will be law Him and follow the unforeseen Amin say Lena Mejia de la who Allah wa may Euclid further ha the Ala Wai shadow Allah Allah Hi Lola who had the hula Shetty Cara

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why the hola shady Kara. Shadow ana Muhammadan Abu rasuluh was a fee Humann Holika Haven lelu Bella rissalah del Amano Nasir had OMA Turaco home island mahadji Tilbury la la lucha Kalahari ha la lazy, la Hardik salatu salam ala

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rebelled Allah Allah Allah Allah azza wa jal Nikita Bill carrying by the bIllahi min ash shaytaan Allah Jamia, you have already in Allah to quality wala tomato Nila and to Muslim on Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran, O you who believe

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fear Allah as he deserves to be feared and do not die except in a state of Islam.

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And Allah subhanho data says yeah, you had NASA duck or a backhoe mill levy halacha command nevsun Wahida wahala caminhada xojo Jaha Wahba thermen humare Jilin cathedra, when he saw what talk Allah had plenty to say alumina be he will not have in Allah Allah Allah Allah. Allah subhana data says all mankind, Fear your Lord who created you from a single soul and produce from that soul it's made and made from their combination many men and women, so Fear your Lord whom you ask each other by and by the ties of kinship, Verily Allah is Ever Watchful over you.

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And Allah Subhana Allah says, Yeah, you are lazy and men otaku Allah wa Pulu Conan said EDA, Allah says, Oh you who believe. Fear Allah and say that which is correct, he will correct for you your deeds and forgive you your sins. And whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, then they are indeed victorious. Well, Manuel de la hora, sola, philosophers efos and Avi, a Mabbott.

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All praises due to Allah Who is magnificent in his essence perfect in his attributes undeniable in his presence, all praises due to Allah Who has the most magnificent names of praise that is forever for him a praise that eternally remains may send peace and blessings in perfect fashion, greeting salutations, complete and everlasting upon the best of his creation. Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made perfect his rank and elevate his station for he taught us what we did not know. And he gave and he gave and he gave because he loved us. So

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52 times a year. When you get together, responding to the call of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Allah says, Yeah, you are lady and I'm gonna be there. No, there is Salah to me Yeoman Juma? First how inadequate Allah without obey.

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Allah says, Oh, you who believe when the call is made

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to the prayer on the day of Friday, Vietnam that you just heard so beautifully recited ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, First how inadequate Allah hasten to the remembrance of Allah

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and leave and leave all transactions.

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And so 52 times a year.

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In villages and towns and the most active and lively cities in the world, the believers leave their livelihood and they come to listen to the Vic for a short period of time.

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And so I wanted to

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remind ourselves

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and I'm not going to be sharing this information that you don't know. In fact, you've probably been hearing it as I have my entire life.

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But the purpose of the Juma chutzpah

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is not so much to educate.

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We have classes for that have books for that have shoe for that the purpose of the hutzpah has always been to be a reminder to power a person for another seven days.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada says with a gift for in the vichara 10 Mini. Allah says remind because reminding benefits the believers, but I want to give you something that I believe is transformative for any persons drummer experience. And I want to share this with you at the beginning of the hotbar as well as the beginning of the year. That inshallah if you were able to engage the hotbar with this information, every hook that you ever attend will be something beneficial for you.

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Many times the way that we gauge the value of a hotbar the value of a heartthrob the value of

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Anybody sharing anything with us is by asking a simple question. And that question is, do I know this already?

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When he mentions were that good for in Nicaragua, I knew that I already. I know this story already. I know this hadith already.

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And so if the person sharing ends up mentioning things that, you know, you walk out of the hook by saying, I didn't really learn anything new.

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But learning is not necessarily the point. Allah subhanho data didn't say, remind, because reminding increases the information of the believers, he says, it benefits the believers. So the question I believe is wrong, that question of do I know this already? Is not the right question that a person should be asking. The question is, do I do this?

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Do I do this?

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And then it becomes a simple reminder about reading the Quran. Am I reading the Quran these days? Or have I fallen short, if it becomes something about gambling, when was the last time I pray, it becomes about am I making dua to Allah Subhana Allah, if it's about sadaqa, then when was the last time that I gave sadaqa. The point isn't, to always increase our information. The point is to increase our action and our worship to Allah Subhana Allah data. And there's always more that we can do, even if there's not more that we need to know. And so in this brief hookbait inshallah I will be sharing

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something that is also transformative, and it's very, very crucial.

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We look all around us and we see an earth, not one particular country, but we see an entire earth that is bleeding, we see sadness and grief, we see corruption that has spread in the land and in the sea.

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And rightly so,

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we look to mobilize ourselves and each other to change much of the mooncup that we see, because the Prophet salallahu is an absurd murder. I mean, c'mon, Karan, fell over, you will be ready. Whoever Have you seen as an evil that let them change it with their hand. And so we organize and we mobilize and we act.

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But even as we see all of that, and even as we do all of that, there is one factor that we must never forget. There is an equation that is placed for us in the Quran that is written in stone and needs to be inscribed in our hearts and in our minds. Allah subhana wa Tada says,

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He also Kamala Fela, Valley Bella.

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Allah says, if Allah is to support you, then there is no one who can overpower you.

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What you learn from the lady on solocom embody, Allah says, if Allah were to forsake you,

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then who will support you after him? While Allah if Allah told me no, and upon Allah, let the believers rely.

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And so this equation, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah tells us that if Allah is on your side, then it doesn't matter who's against you. And if Allah is not on your side, then it doesn't matter who is with you. And upon Allah let the believers rely.

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And so as we organize and as we work, and as we engage,

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we have to remember that the most important entity to engage is ALLAH SubhanA data.

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The most important person or not person when it out of the law, but the most important one to recruit is Allah subhanho wa taala.

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So how do we make sure that Allah Subhana Allah data is on our site, that our projects can come to fruition? That that's what we are seeking becomes actualized that that which we fear becomes distant from us and repelled from us. One of the ways and this is the one that I wanted to focus on in this talk, but is it still fun? seeking forgiveness?

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Tada he says in the huddle Quran, yeah, do look.

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He says this Quran instructs you to your ailment, and it also instructs you to your remedy. It tells you your disease, and it tells you your cure, he says for unmad outcome for the No. He says ask for your ailment, it is because of your sins. One not the outcome file is the one and as for your cure, it is in the seeking forgiveness of Allah subhanaw taala

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a person

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Then, who is really looking to change the world for the better, whether that's locally or globally or their family or their own state? That person must be concerned with their own sins, because sins, unravel your success. Sins unravel your Baraka, the owner might even discussed whether his sins shorten a person's lifespan.

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And even little AM, he argues, and he says, even if it doesn't shorten a person's literal lifespan, it shortens a person's lifespan, in the sense that your real life

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is the time that you spend with Allah subhanaw taala. And so whenever a person engages in a sin, that time in which they were engaging in that sin has been removed from the time that they have been spending with ALLAH SubhanA data, it's removed from their actual life.

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And so the notion of our sins and the harm that they bring to us and the difficulty that they cause, no and a tsunami says, For call to start fear or a buck come in now who can have a Farah, you're a citizen.

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William did Combi

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wedge I love him Jannetty and wedge I love him and Hera mana Kamala tell Junaid Illa, who ACARA some people came to.

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So people came to Hassanal bacillary, the master teacher of the tabby in the second generation of the Muslims, and a person came to him and he was complaining about poverty. He was complaining about being broke. And so it hasn't told him and he said go and make his stuff funny. How many people in the day and night do we interact with who complain about not having enough money? He said to him go and make us the fall.

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Another person came to an essence. And he complained. And he told him, me and my wife were not able to conceive, we're not able to have children. And so he told him and he said go and make it still fought. Another person came to him and said, it hasn't we are suffering from drought. A farmer there's no rain. He said go and make us the fun. Now his students that are constantly with him, they were surprised that this man is giving three different prescriptions for three different completely different scenarios. And then he told them and he said, Didn't you hear what ALLAH SubhanA data said on the tongue of his prophet nor I they sit up, he told his people and he said, seek forgiveness

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from your Lord, your Lord is oft forgiven.

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What will your Lord do? He will make the rain fall from the sky

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and he will extend for you children and he will extend for you gardens and he will extend for you rivers and then he says My Allah Camilla total Junaid ILAHA, Cara? Why is it that you don't give Allah His DeRay?

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Why is it that you don't give Allah his due estimation, as we would say his due respect? Why is it that you and I, when we have a problem, we will go and knock on the door of everybody to have our problem resolved.

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You will go to the Imam,

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you will go to your parents, you will go to your spouse, you will go to your friends, you will go and knock on everybody's door.

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But the one who you do not knock on his door is the one who if he says it happens, the one that if he says yes, then it doesn't matter who will say no. And that's why the aroma they said when the Prophet Islam Allah do you send him said that Allah descends in the last third of every single name?

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And he asks three questions. Who is asking me that I may grant them who is seeking forgiveness from me that I may forgive them. And who is repenting to me that I may accept their repentance. The Prophet sallallaahu send them this was reported by dozens of companions.

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So many the provinces sell them kept telling them last third of the night, last third of the night. And so they said, If someone says that they want something

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and they are not able to ask Allah in tahajjud for it, it must mean that they don't really want it.

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If one of us has a job interview at 8am somewhere or 7am, somewhere we're up at five RUP at four

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but so much that you and I won.

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And we're not able to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala for it. And so seeking forgiveness from Allah, Allah says my local Minotaur Junaid, Allah Who ACARA why is it that you don't give Allah His do estimation? The prophets of Allah Allah who was sending him he said toolbag, Iman Where did the fistula

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If he is the foreign cathedra he says glad tidings for the person who sees written in their scrolls a lot of is default. Now this is default however has to be in its default of that's worth something, as it might be thought to be said, r is the father is in need of is the father

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is the father and a dad, you're either listed for how so? Because if a person's is default, they're just saying stuff about stuff and it's just lip service.

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There's no desire to actually change

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than obviously, Allah Subhana Allah knows that.

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And so what then if a person wants to change or they know that they need to change,

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but their heart is still attached to a sin, because that becomes a problem.

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I know that I need to stop doing this sin but I just enjoy it too much. And so I cannot even ask Allah to seek forgiveness from Allah for this sin.

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Then that person needs to ask Allah to change their hearts. yarmulke label Kuru third biblical be Allah Dainik as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam always used to say, he used to say oh Turner of hearts, make my heart firm upon your religion control my heart and the province that Elijah is sending them told us that the hearts are between two fingers of Allah man. He turns them however he wishes but there's also a duet that's very important that a person should say if they are attached to the sin and they want to get removed from it and that is Allahumma. Habib Elena Eman was a you know who feel Colombina will carry Elaine l COFRA. Well for Zuko and Ser

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that a person say oh Allah make faith beloved to me, and

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adorn it in my heart and make something that is hated to me. cough and forsook, and disbelief and transmission and sin.

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Why? Oh Allah, my heart loves this. And you control the heart. So changing my heart and make me love what you love. And hence the prophets of Allah Aeneas. And I'm also used to say Aloma, Luca, who were who

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were hooked by many new booni Illa Rubik. Oh Allah, I asked you for your love, and the love of those who you love, and the love of actions that make me garner your love. And so if you love those who seek forgiveness, then make me love seeking forgiveness. And you will love those who wake up in the night that make me love waking up in the night. If you love those who listen to the heartbeat and benefit. They make me love those who loves the prayer

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and loves charity and love fasting make me love these things. And finally

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we don't just seek forgiveness for our sins, but we also seek forgiveness for our good deeds.

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And that is amazing. How is it that we seek forgiveness for our good deeds? As soon as we're done with the salah? What are you and I going to say as soon as we're done, we're going to say stuff for Allah stuff.

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So isn't that interesting that you have just offered a pillar of Islam, the obligatory prayer, and as soon as you're done, you say, Oh Allah, I seek your forgiveness. Why do we do that? Why is it that when a person spends 1000s of dollars and travels for 1000s of miles, and goes to hatch, and is standing on the mountain of alfalfa, and is crying with this insecurity that they've never known before? On a day where Allah frees more servants from the Hellfire than any other date? Allah subhana wa Tada says, some field woman, Hazel Alpha nurse was stuck there Allah.

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Allah says, go from where the people have gone and seek Allah's forgiveness. Why are we seeking forgiveness after standing on the moment of Allah?

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Why is it that after the greatest

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act of worship that any body had ever offered the greatest ribeye that ever was the 23 year Risala of Rasulullah sallallahu less than 23 years of Dawa, calling people to Allah. And then at the end of it, Allah Subhana Allah says, either or not so low and feta, what at NASA coluna for the likes of wotja for some baby hamdulillah because the fearful in now cannot awaba seek Allah's forgiveness.

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Why is the prophet being asked or commanded rather to seek Allah's forgiveness at the end of his messenger ship? Because at the end of the day, this Salah that we're about to pray,

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is it what ALLAH SubhanA dot deserves?

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The Hajj that we do, is it what Allah deserves the fasting that we do, the charity that we give? And so we offer

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What we give

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and we seek refuge in Allah subhanho wa Taala for the human shortcomings for all of the mistakes, all of the distractions intentional and unintentional. We ask Allah subhana data to make us aware of stuff here in Nepal Massimo Mr Corolla they were looking for stuff

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um they love so much that was really loud. I decided to say MC MC if you're not, I want to conclude with remembering that Allah subhanaw taala is the one who named himself a love of food and Rahim.

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And then Lavasa and Allah Farah

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and this is important because we can never allow for anybody to ever believe that whatever they have done in their life, puts them in a position where they are beyond the forgiveness of Allah.

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Many of our brothers and sisters because of their distance, they do not want to approach the religion again because they feel that what they have done, they're just the bad Muslim. There are Muslim Yeah, maybe but they're a bad Muslim.

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The only person who would believe that is a person who doesn't know Allah Subhana Allah that

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Allah Subhana Allah Allah

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says, as the prophets of Allah they have said them told us, as reported by Timothy in the hadith of Ana's, he says,

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You have been the Adam

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in Natoma, that Ohtani water Joe Tony has offered to laka Allah Makana Minka, what are obody

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Allah says oh son of Adam.

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As long as you call upon me and have hope in me, I will forgive you no matter what you have done.

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And they will not mind

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yada yada Adam loban aka drew Buka Anna Anna sama Mr. Fortini over to duck oh son of Adam if your sins were to reach the sky

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and then you saw forgiveness from me I would forgive you

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yeah Ben Adam, no Annika Tate any baccarat bill out there the hotwire familia que la to Shrek Misha la de to Kirby Kirby Hama, Farah, the province the la vida is an M says Allah says that if you were to meet me with the Earth's weight in sin,

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and then you met me on the day of judgment, not having committed should stick with me. I would match you with forgiveness equal to it. And so that is who Allah is. And so to bow, glad tidings to the person who finds in their day and night in their scrolls on the Day of Judgment. A lot of is the thought may Allah make us of those who seek his forgiveness much Allah who may Nana's local general makalah Bailey have been called you know, when they come in and not Omar Karla Billingham, according Muhammad, Allah Houma Tina fusina Taqwa Zakia anti romanza ka Antonio how Mola Aloha maximum dynamic Cu*ic Emma to Hulu behave in an hour BMRC ethic

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women it came out to be a luna agent network were mean to her we will be here today now most likely but dunya Oh my turn Allah who might be smarter in our upside in our Quwata ever the map data which on Hulu I mean, watch I thought when I

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was touring Allahumma Adana without animals Dena well outage Allah dunya Kabbalah Mina Well, I'm a blogger in Mina, Willa Illa Nanaimo. See Aruna Wedgetail agenda here Donna medicale hamara HeMan but Durham Houma come out of there it's Avira Rob Durham Houma come out of bury Selena Allahumma Rama kabhi masala phenom kubina frequently makan Allah hamara Maka barely enough you Burma. Have you seen have you stayed where Surya wasa era Bella did Muslim in Allahu multimer one enough in Yemen of his soul man, Allah Houma out of behind enough is Sudan, Allah Houma Inanna school Ilica Raja Raja Hatena Allah humbled to Bill Mohamed Salah Allahu Allah us Allah

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wa salam ala l Mursaleen. Where hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa como la sala to come here honey ham Kamala

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oh, what? A shadow,

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long shadow