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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome to the show this week. In the studio, we have a special guest, Chef Ibrahim, we're right back to introduce them.

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One is as far as when a woman during the month of Ramadan, okay, is she allowed if she's has her message too fast. Let him the love salatu salam, O Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala ordained and ordered the believers to Fest in the month of Ramadan and this is an obligation. This is one of the pillars of Islam. And the ones that are obligated for them to fast are those who are Muslims having their mental capacity in a proper way. They're not insane, for example, and they're not sick. And for women, they have to be not in the state of menses or the afterbirth bleeding. If the woman in her menses or in the afterbirth bleeding, then it's not permissible for her to first and this is a mercy from Allah subhanaw taala on to her, but she has to make up these days after Ramadan. Allah Allah these days that she did not Fest in Ramadan. She has

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to make up these days after Ramadan and eyeshadow, Giovanna, on someone asked her about why the woman in her menses after she's finished with it, she has to do the fasting days but she doesn't have to make up the prayers. I shall delana answered in such a beautiful way that gives the principles in our religion. She said, we used to be ordered at the time of the Prophet sallallahu Salah to make up the days of fasting and not to make up the days of prayers or making up the prayers. And this is how simple it is because it's the order of Allah subhanaw taala who says the wisdom behind it because there is a fasting it's a parable Islam Ramadan, one month a year, if there

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is seven days that the woman book or festival, then she can make her be seven days after Ramadan. Okay, so she doesn't fast during her messes, but she has to make them up. Good. Okay, next question. after childbirth. Okay, what how long does a woman have to pray, or if it's during Ramadan fast after childbirth, as long as there is bleeding, then it's not permissible for the Muslim woman to pray or to fest.

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The amount when they said 40 days, this is the normal period of time with women usually have the bleeding after birth. But if it is terminated before that say after two weeks, she has no bleeding anymore, then it becomes obligatory on her to take a shower, and to start praying and fasting if it's in the month of Ramadan. So the thing is about terminating the blood not the period of time necessarily, however, she's still having some discharge the yellowish, brownish? No, it has she has to be completely pure. And there is no whatsoever any color of any discharge, there can be no coloring. Okay, what happens in a situation that she stopped

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bleeding, okay. And she thought that she had to wait the 40 days, but she finds out that she should have started praying right after she stopped bleeding. Okay, now 10 days have gone by. And she just, you know, she didn't forgive but she didn't know does she have to make up those 10 days of Yes, she said, of course as the last panel data for forgiveness. And she didn't know there's no harm. There's no sin on her. But she has to make these as long as it's not too many days. So 10 days, Allah subhanaw taala knows best. But if it's something less, it's feasible for her to make up the praise when she should do the praise make up the praise again, she should strive to make up those 10 days

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later. Okay. Okay, next question. The proper covering for a woman when she's in prayer, okay, how should a woman be covered during her five daily prayers, right? Briefly, the woman should cover herself in the prayer.

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All of her body except the face and celadon image, they said the face enhance. But the feet is not permissible to be shown while in the standing position. So the only thing that is to be shown either just the face, or the face and the hands according to some of the opinions, but the feet is to be covered while she's standing. The thing that she's wearing has to be big, not shaping the body not transparent. And if she is instead of sujood and the back of her feet shows, then there's nothing wrong with this.

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The point is, why is she standing in the Salah, nothing of her feet should be shown that means that all the way to the ground, and only the face no hair, and only the face to be shown, and according to another opinion, just the palm. And that's not more than that some women actually when they pray, and the sleeves are wide, and what happens is that the sleeves will go up like this and then part of the arm which shows this is not permissible that can invalidate the previous altogether. Okay, so during the press, she should be everything should be covered. I said the face and the hands, right. Okay, next shouldn't be showing Oh, no, no ankles, none of this stuff? Of course not. Okay. All

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Next question. Are we doing this just for the woman, okay, nails. Now, some women have longer nails, okay, putting on the nail polish and stuff. Now when you make them we'll do. What's the juris on this, anything that would prevent the water from getting into the skin in the places we're supposed to cover with water, and then that would invalidate the water. So the nail polish, it's something that prevents the water from coming into the knees. So she has to remove that every time she makes food.

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And it's from the solar and fitrah from the way of the profits, that the person would cut his nails. You know, and this is the same for men and women. So to be always on the clean side and always cutting ones nail. This is something that is the way the profits are selling. And there is no difference between men and women in the same shape for men and women right now for any of these things that we talking about. Can someone say well, I'm with this my head wrong with this school of thought we don't do that. Is this align the board for what you're telling us? Is it like all methods agree on this?

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We get into this issue. Yes, everybody it's almost agreement. There's no like, are that your opinion or No? No? Okay, this is all across the board the same? Okay. The prayer for the man and the woman? Is there a difference? Now do the woman have to pray a little different than the man but as far as their hand positioning or their postures, right? Anything in the matters of the religion. If the order come from the prophets of Allah is Allah, then there is no difference between men and women unless specified in the Quran, when the sooner the prophets, Allah Allah, in matters of the prayers how to pray. Men's prayer is the same as the women there is no differences whatsoever, mentioned in

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the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. The only thing that is mentioned in some of the things of Allah is when the woman in her Salah she should be like altogether, meaning Institute, she should be together, not trying to expand or move her body in such a way that this is the only way that some of the ultimate they mentioned. But as far as the position of the arm, the hands and all of these things, it's all the same. And when people say that no women they can they should raise their hands in different places than men. It's all based on opinions. When there is no room for opinions when the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim.

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He said pray to see me pray right. Simple. So the difference is that you said that some say that while she's in should do this, you should be right kind of took her 100 Okay, that's the only thing that has been. That's the only thing All right, great. Next question. On the deen show, just for the women. Hey, next question. She please help us out with this give us some advice from the Quran and the Sunnah. Tell us as far as a woman who's breastfeeding Okay, does she have fast

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masala was regarding to the breastfeeding women or the pregnant one. If a trustworthy Muslim doctor would say that it's would affect her health. It's either she would break her face because of her health would be affected. Or the health of our infant or the baby in her stomach. Right? So if she's breaking the fast out of the field for her own health, then she can do it and she makes up the days after all. If she's breaking her first now because of her because of her child, then in that case, to be on the safe side Yes, she should make up the days after Ramadan. But there's something more here the guardian of the child which is the husband in that case, he should feed a pool for everyday

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she broke her face because she did that for the son and not for her own self. Okay, so

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the husband now he gets involved somehow now he right so he's got to feed the poor person the whole everyday is not the wife the husband yes but she got she has to make up the Fed has to make up the first and he would feed the poor person for every day she broke her fast because of the child so for for every day for so for let's say the whole month of Ramadan she didn't fast but if she fast now Can Can the milk still come out? Depends from one person to the other. And that's some of them for example, when the day is short, they would drink a lot at nighttime Yeah, because it's mainly with the liquid thing is more liquid right so if and it's all you know people wouldn't in the medical

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field they know better. So if it's gonna affect the child and somehow or harm, especially if he's very small and he's only dependent the milk of his mother then

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She should break her first and she makes up the days and the husband would feed a poor person for every now is this is a sooner which recommended or he has to do this now somebody should there is differences of opinion with regarding to this but this is the correct opinion unless peloton knows best and also it's the safest opinion. Okay if a person do this then he's he has the he doesn't have to deal with the differences of opinion in this regard. Gotcha. Okay, what can a woman that's on her menses on the D show for the woman today with special guest Shaykh Ibrahim, what can a woman do as far as ibadah we know she can't pray. We know she can't fast right? What can she do? This is a good

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question because the prophets are seldom said that the deficiency in the religion of the woman is when she's doing her menses Chica fast and she cannot make prayers. But that means that you need to make sure that she's still raising her imen because the man increases with the good deeds decrease with the bad deeds. So she should not be instead of forgetfulness because she's in her menses may convict, making dua to Allah subhanaw taala and joining good forbidding evil giving charities she has to make sure that she is working on herself to raise her image. So these are the things that should be done and it made it easy for her last panel to Allah is the most beautiful thank you so

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much for being with us today here on the D show. inshallah, we'll have you back again to thank you very much. Everyone has got to benefit from the advice and the question and answer session that we have for you. Send your continue to send your questions in and any suggestions that you might have, and we'll see you again inshallah God wanted a Salaam Alaikum peace be on to you