Can I Pray Isha at 2 am due to Difficult Working Hours

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from Houma trip from Dubai, can I play Asia at 2am due to difficult working hours.

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As far as the time for Asia is, it is after the time for Maghreb ends, approximately depending upon different countries, approximately one and a half hour after sunset, it starts and is up to missile level. That is up to midnight. This is the time between which you should offer Salah you cannot offer a shower or any prayer before time or after the time expires. So offering a shower after this full length, that is midnight is prohibited since you're staying in Dubai.

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Now, I believe the time in Dubai would be close to 7pm.

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the sunrise is at 5:50am in the morning. so if we calculate from 7pm, when the sun sets up to 550, sunrise, it's approximately 10 hours 15 minutes. So the full length, the midnight would be five hours 25 minutes after sunset, which is 12:25am.

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So in Dubai, you can offer Asia Salah, approximately one and a half hour after sunset, that is from 830 up to 1225 minutes nice full length you want to offer at 2am in the morning, it's not permissible. And as far as he is concerned, the prophet said the more you delay before you sleep, it is preferable but before this full length. So if you are living in Dubai, you can offer your Salah anytime between 8:30pm up to 12:25am you cannot offer after that, or before that

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you are saying that you are working in a job and because you're busy, difficult to pray on time this is not accepted at all. And since you're living in Dubai, in UAE, which is a Muslim country, it is not possible that anyone can prevent you from offering Isha Salah on time. Irrespective whether you're working in a Muslim company or non Muslim company, you can always request them to give you a few minutes to offer your shala that is preferable you're offering Jamaat go to the mosque, and there are many mosques in Dubai. take a short break a few minutes. No one can prevent you if someone prevents you go and complain to the authorities of Dubai. I'm sure inshallah they will reprimand

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your company. No one can tell you that work is compulsory and can prevent you from offering Salah especially in a Muslim country, especially in the country where majority are Muslims especially in the Gulf country. In Dubai, I've been several times to the bay I spent several years in Dubai. You may be feeling shy very well go and tell your boss whichever company are working in whether Muslim or non Muslim and tell him I want to offer HR Salah in the mosque he can never prevent you. If you prevent you go and complain to the authorities of Dubai inshallah they will put the person in the place