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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum, fishmeal to you. Welcome to the deen Show. Today we're going to be covering the Bible. What is the Bible? Where did this book come from? We're going to be trying to educate you, the audience. But you know what? I'm going to have to go find somebody qualified to talk about it. So I'm going to be right back search to make sure I get a wise man, a person who knows the Bible. Well, and we right back to discuss the Bible, what it is where it came from, sit tight, and we right back on the deen show. Excuse me, sir. Yes. Is that you use Vestas? Yes. Hello, how are you? Sir Monica walaikum salam peace be unto you. How are you? Hamden? I'm so

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glad I found you. You look familiar. I'm ready for the show. Eddie from the Daily Show. What are you doing here? I'm looking for you looking for me. You found me. I need you to come on the show and ask some very important questions about about the Bible. The Bible. Yes. And I heard you're qualified to do that. Being a former preacher minister. Well, you know what? Well, I've been accused of worse, I guess. Can you come on and join us and help us out? Let me check my schedule. Yes, I can come. Alright, let's go to the show. Let's do it. Right there.

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Salam aleikum. wa rahmatullah? How are you? Hon. Allah, I'm glad I found you.

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I'm still kind of surprised that your approach to just come out there and ask me to come be on here and talk about the Bible. This is surprising. Well, what better person to bring up someone who was a former preacher of administer the former, I'm a Muslim now? Well, you know what, you have a lot of experience with the Bible. So we want to get down to it. We want to educate the masses, the Muslims and the non Muslims, Christians and people who aren't Muslim. We want to know what is this book, the Bible, where it came from, give us some highlights and insight about this. But there's a point here before we get into the program, and I hope I don't disappoint you, I hope you didn't bring me all

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the way over here. And I'm going to disappoint you now. Because I tell you, I don't consider myself an expert of the Bible. But what I can do is I can quote to you from what real experts of the Bible have said in the past and what they are saying today that I can do that's good enough. Is that okay? I'm giving you the references and people can check this out. But I don't want anybody to take me as being a Bible scholar today. Because after all, I'm a Muslim, and it wouldn't be right. I don't like you know, if somebody is a Christian, and he says he's the expert on the Quran. That's not fair. Is it? No, no. So another one do that either. But I will tell you that I have a lot of background with

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the Bible. When I was Christian. My father also had a lot of background, he was a Christian minister himself. One of the things about my dad he had read the entire Bible by the time he was 10 years old. And hardly anybody does that anymore. And

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what I grew up hearing from him and from the people in our family is that they quote like this, my father would say, the Bible is the inspired Word of man. And then he would say clearly, and this is how I understand it, that the Bible is not in English the Word of God but it is God inspiring man what to write

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Okay, and even as a Muslim I would say that that sounds fair that sounds fair to say that because we as Muslims let's put our our format out there I think first so people know where we're coming from because you get non Muslims listening to what I'm saying. So they want to know where you're coming from with what you got, what we have the Quran and the Quran tells us that in fact the Bible came from God same thing My father used to say yes, but it doesn't exist in that format anymore. According to the Quran does it says that the people had changed made changes to it and man being inspired by whatever it was inspired by his made his changes to it and the original doesn't exist

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but it's the criterion for the Muslim he has to believe in what is being sent to Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam and what was sent down before this is in the very beginning of the Quran, it says that that they have to believe in what is unzila unzila to you, Mohammed Salah Salaam wa min public before you what we sent before you in this is referring to the keytab in Arabic language. keytab means a book.

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Okay, now what does that got to do with the Bible? Well, the word Bible itself is really not an English word. It became English word, but it's originally cone a Greek it was videos, videos, it means book literal.

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It's about survival means the book. Yeah. bibliothek means a library. And so the place where you keep books now, the book is referred to in the Quran many times and stone about the keytab. And it even says Allah has his own book, there's a book with the lava has ever the Book of Life is calling Christianity. And that's what the law and that's the book. It's not what the Quran it's even bigger than just to make a note when you say Allah for our Christian viewers, non Muslims. Allah is the Arabic word for Well, you have Arabic Christians. Yes, you have Jewish people who are?

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Arabs? Yes. So anybody who's an Arab, they use the word a law. B, and there's a reason. Okay, English is deficient, when it comes to religion really is not strong language for religion. And one of the things it has is this word called God.

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But in Arabic, the word for God is Isla. Isla, not a law, it's a law. And that's anything that's worshipped. So we're saying basically that if you said, am I a law is a law? That's correct. My God is a law but a law is the name of that's the Creator of the heavens and earth we're talking about. Also, it can't be made plural. Yeah, Isla can be

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the HA, HA HA is the plural or no gender, female gender, you can have gender with ILA, but not well, so just for the people know what we're talking about. Now, back to the one mother point. Yes. Go to any hotel or motel on the planet. Okay. Okay. And when you go to the little drawer by the bed, and you open it up, what are you gonna find? About? Yep, open it, take it turn about six pages, it'll show you the translations to Arabic and other languages. Look in number two, which is Arabic. And it will say right there in in Arabic language for Allah. So love the world, is that there's the proof. So let's go back to a book where many people try to live their life by is this, like you said the

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inspired Word of God? Or is it Aspire word of man? And how does someone

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know that this book? Is the guidance for a person to guide live his life by?

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Well, first and foremost is that God can guide people by any way he wants to? Don't you think? Yes, he can guide people by a stop sign if he wants to, can guide him with a billboard or the yellow pages? Certainly he can guide them with the Bible to what he wants him to know or not know. But the guidance is that always the key in Islam is from him.

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In order for the Quran to be guidance for us, there are conditions. And we talked about in some of our programs in the past, but I just want to set that out there. Just because somebody reads Quran doesn't mean he's guided.

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Then just because he reads the Bible doesn't mean he's not guided. Gotcha. Okay, so but the point about the Bible is that it doesn't exist today in the original form, we don't have it in the original, the original format doesn't exist. Now this is not just use a vest is telling you this. This is what I know from all of the scholars of the Bible from the Jewish because that's the Old Testament and from the Christians, when that's the New Testament. Let me lay this out for you let you think about this.

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There are a number of books you can go right now borders, books and music amazon.com,

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Barnes and Noble. There are a number of books that you can go and get in English explaining clearly what the Bible really is by Bible scholars. Yeah. I'll mention a couple who wrote the Bible that's going to be dealing with the Old Testament by Richard Elliot Friedman. Now that is clear, when you read that, you'll know that the original Bible zero does not exist misquoting Jesus, then another good book, don't jump the gun and get some more stuff for you. First, the history of the translations of the Bible to the English language by FF Bruce, a very renowned and well known Christian scholar, so Navigant ever who's just go to look up Bruce B.

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It's something like the history of the translations of the Bible to the English language. It's a very long title. And he mentioned some of the things that that

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now which I'm not really dyed in the wool, strong Christians believing in the Bible, yet they have said clearly that they don't have the original manuscripts. Do they know who the authors are? Who are writing these books? I'm gonna come to that. Okay. Now you're excited. I can vary.

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Okay, let's let's look at another point. And then I want to go now to the book that you mentioned, which is misquoting Jesus, and the author also has lost Christianity's. His name is Bart, Bart Aram. And he used to be super strong preaching the Bible in the Bible is the absolute Word of God. It was revealed like this, maybe even saying it was revealed in English. I don't know why the way no Bible could be revealed in English because there was no English language until 900 years ago.

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Then 66 ad, that's when the Normans invaded the Saxons. And that's when they established the angling angle in England, and Anglican Church and English language. That's when it started. So how could it be any prophet ever spoke English? No, no? Well, that means everything has to be translated. So when you get a translation that the original and when you're not translating from an original is still going to be a problem. But Bart Ehrman is the one who really, I think, laid it out clear, clear as can be, because he says in each one of the books that he writes, he always puts this phrase in there, we do not have a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy

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of any thing, original from any part of the Bible. And he repeats it. He said, I said, five times, we don't have even a copy of a copy. That's a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy of anything that's original. We don't know what it said, Matt. Now, he got that when he was studying in Princeton. And he realized that by the manuscripts that they have now, and the archaeological work that's been done, that in fact, there's no way to prove the Bible said this said that, and there's no argument for against it. In reality, we're talking about Bart Bart Ehrman, who's a renowned Bible scholar who wrote misquoting Jesus and lost Christianity's books. Let's take

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a break and we'll be right back on the deen show.

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Muslims believe that every human being is born clean and pure, ready to submit by nature, which means no one will come on the day of judgment and say, oh god, you cannot punish me because you are the one who created me bad by nature.

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One of the wonderful things about Islam is that we do not believe that human beings are born into some type of original sinful curse. We believe in fact, the creator of all God Almighty, has written on the hard drive of every human being the ability to know him to draw closer to Him and to worship and serve. Thus, instead of original sin, we as Muslims believe in original goodness

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that people are born without any inherited sin. Although we believe that we are from Adam and Adam this earth. We also believe that if someone has committed a sin or a crime, he should carry the sin on his own shoulder on the Day of Judgment, not on the shoulder of his sons or his grandsons, or his great great grandsons.

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Jimmy and

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when is it all how frequently

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rissalah to D.

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and usamah

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Welcome back to the Dean's show in the de show studio Shaykh Yusuf SS former Christian preacher minister, we're talking about the Bible today. And we left off with Mark Herman's book, who's a renowned Bible scholar misquoting Jesus. Now please continue on. Well, what we were talking about is the authenticity of the Bible more than anything else. The Bible today is not the Bible of Jesus, Jesus did not walk around with the King James Version of the Bible. Okay, nor did Moses or any of the rest of it. In fact, a lot of what was written was written after Jesus was gone. A lot of what was written was written and made up after he was gone, approximately how many years after? Well, the

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closest they have to him and this is the most is some said 12 years after he was gone. But the reality is that it's a lot more likely to be 5060 and some of it even 120 years for the original to ever be to start actually writing down did write some parts of the New Testament actually were written 120 years after he was gone. So is it like me hearing you say something and then I get to if I live, another

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50 years from now, then I start to actually start writing is 120 120 you're not gonna live 120 years. Yeah, any of you did, you would have been a little baby at the time and you wouldn't know. It means it's impossible. that some of what was written in the Bible was really Bible at all it was stuff came up later, to try to resolve issues trying to solve problems, try to explain things in words that they were using. Because remember, they were trying to preach in Latin. Yeah. And they were preaching in Kona Greek, that preaching in in the q&a Greek was not their tongue. They these followers of Jesus were originally Jews, they were speaking Hebrew and Aramaic. So all of their

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stuff that they was doing, that's why there's so much focus on Kony Greek. But that is not the language of Jesus. Nor was it the language of any of the prophets, but more Matthew, Mark, Luke, and john, that are attributed to Jesus who wrote these, and is Jeez, nobody knows. Nobody knows. There is no person named Matthew, there was no person named Mark, there's no person named john, no person.

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Matthew, Mark, Luke, john, none of them what it is they had manuscripts that had code letters on them. But to give it a personal effect, what they said was, well, we know some things about the author. And for instance, Matthew, they said, it seems that he was probably a lever. And the lever lights were tax collectors, it looks like he was a tax collector, it looks like he was in they basically fabricated up in their minds, or exaggerated in their minds who this person might have been in gave him a name to fit the character that they were coming up with. And that's where the name comes from. Sam for Lucas, which became Luke, Marcus, which is mark that and the oldest of the,

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of these four gospels, is considered to be from all intents and purposes, is the book of Mark. And it is based on an older book, according to scholars, a book called q they refer to it as they used to refer to all of them by these letters, and it was called Q. And they don't know what is Q. They've lost that a long time ago, a few more questions before we come to a close. So again, is the Bible God's Word to God revealed this book, the Bible for guidance for mankind to live by? Yes. The Bible was definitely my region. Well, yes. But it's the same for the Quran. The Quran in the original language is what we have to go if you've got a translation of Quran that's not fair to say

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that the Quran is it? Is it No, no. When so that's not fair. Did you say it about Quran or the Bible, which want to know is what do we have this authentic, so we don't have the authentic information, the authentic book that was revealed today, if somebody does, it should bring it, we'd be happy, the whole world would be really happy to see it. So now if I'm listening to this program, and I've dedicated my life to like you, you actually dedicated your life to the Bible, and you found these things out, dude, as a person, continue on.

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Go, I don't want to discourage anybody. I don't want to discuss.

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Yeah, we have to I don't like to make it look like Oh, your Bibles are wrong, and then leave Christianity because then what will they do become an atheist? That's what happened to Bart Ehrman. Yeah, he became an atheist. He told me I talked to him myself. And I asked him to come and be on a show with us. He said, No, I've given up on religion totally. Now. Why? Because he's so disappointed when he found out I don't want to disappoint people. I want to make it clear that we didn't come here on this show. We didn't come here to talk about putting down the Bible putting down Christianity putting down Jesus will lie he would never do that. We love Jesus. And we do believe in

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original Bible, and we love the Christians more than any other faith groups out there. Their consciousness, yes, but we want to say is guys, if you want to know what the real Bible said, it's still in Quran because a lot of quotes the Bible himself in the Quran. So if you want to know, it's not far off, for instance, the expression, worship My God and your God, worship my Lord and your Lord, this is still preserved today in the Arabic language. Jesus is the Messiah, this is in the Quran. So this is the miracle birth. This is in Quran. Jesus is the son of Mary and she was a virgin. This isn't Quran, Mary is the best of women. This is in Quran. And Jesus is

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somebody very important to God. He's a very loved and very special and he has a special place. There's so much so in the Quran is named five times more than Muhammad. Isn't there a chapter named after his mother? Yes. COVID-19 chapter 19. Sure, Marian. So we love Jesus. And if I say, Look, I don't believe in Jesus and I'm not a Muslim. No, not only that. You're not a Muslim. If you don't believe in Jesus as the Messiah, as the Word of God, it's Kalamata law. He's the word of a law. He is the room. He is the spirit coming from a law. It says this and when Allah created him, he said, gone by you can be and he is, so he is literally the Word of God. The word becomes flesh says we

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have no problem with that. The difference it comes in, we'll do another program, we'll have to talk about what's the difference that we have, but we totally believe in so many of the things that

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We want to show where's the compatibility where we can agree to agree and where we can agree to disagree, I think on those subs, but let's come back to the Bible before we have to wrap up the whole show. The Bible today has too many versions for anybody to take it serious in English to be an original. I mean, you'd have to really stretch your imagination to measure all these different translations. But I wanted to say this one thing, that in the Revised Standard Version of the Bible, which was published in about 1953, the preface to it made it real clear to me as a small boy,

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because it says in it, many good things about the King James version and the you know, the eloquence of it in the cadence of speech in it in the poetry and the guidance and many good things. But then it says, yet, the King James version has grave defects, gra v grave defects, to the extent that it must be retranslated based on some of these old manuscripts, and it tells you the details in there and I have several copies of anyone want to read it. I have a website that they can go to and read Bible a closer look, Bible closer look and the websites called 911, Bible 911 Bible 911 Bible calm now when you hear something on the news that your car is being recalled back for a defect, you run

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back to return this car you got a problem here to tell us that the Bible has grave defects so many so serious as to call for a vision that's what the United Church is the churches you didn't make Christ sick, they came together they came they said we this is so serious is that we have got to come up with a new transport where Can someone verify this and see this is on my website? Bible 9115 we're gonna have to come to an end. Oh, no, tell us really quickly for someone now who's you know, you got their attention and they they they want to know Okay, now, what's this Quran talk about? What's the message of Islam? Can you tell the people? What's the main thing that Islam is calling

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the people to?

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The main thing that the Quran calls to is the same thing the Bible call to nuts, one can tell you for sure you can find compatibility. The first commandment in the Bible in the Old Testament Exodus, chapter 20. Deuteronomy chapter five. To know Israel, the Lord your God is One Lord and you have to worship Him with all your heart, all your mind on string, Thou shalt not have any other gods beside God. And then New Testament clearly stating again, to the greatest commandment as Jesus, what is he said is to know Israel, the Lord your God is one and you have to worship him or love Him with all your heart, all your mind, know your strength and reputation of what we found in chapter six in

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Deuteronomy. And then now we look to the Quran and we find Wilmarth collective general Incidentally, Abdul, Allah said he only created us in the first place to worship Him, and to worship well known with our partners, La Ilaha, Illallah luxury Cola, that there's only one God worthy of worship, which is a law, and he has no partner, one God, that's the most important message of all of these words, not his creation, the first, the first testament called the legal Old Testament, the second one, the big one they call the New Testament, and the last testament, which is Koran all say the same thing. Worship the Creator, not his creations. I'd like to thank you again, for being on the

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deen show. And we'll see you we'll do it again. We'll do it again. God willing inshallah, we'll see you again. Salaam Alaikum. Peace be unto you.

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