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By the way, if you've never met Eddie, he's six three. So you know, I still am they come greetings of Peace. Alright, before we get into this exclusive interview with Patrick, Ben, David and myself, we'll show a few clips from it. Jake, how about yourself? What's your story? What's your background? Yeah, so I was raised Roman Catholic. My entire family is Roman Catholic up until today of Revelation where Jesus is going to come which by the way, Muslims also believe that Jesus is the Messiah. I personally never really believed in the religion primarily because the theology never really made much sense to me. I'm What do you accept with a site called jus watch answer that that's

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think about the deeper questions in life? What's the purpose of life? Does God exist? What religion is true that religion is 95%, like what Jake mentioned, it's about worshiping God being devoted to a righteous way of life, loving your neighbors taking care of your parents. That's what 95% of Islam is about. And so I went on this search and eventually found the path of Islam primarily, because I believe that it's the only religion today that truly supports pure monotheism I've ever entertained.

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Okay, that Muslims stand for their principles. That's why he converted. Yeah. Oh, this seems like is going to end up being the roundtable discussion, or what ended up being a debate of the year. Now, this is what to career Islamophobes, meaning that they attack Islam and Muslims for a living. And they're the top players in this $1.3 billion

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anti Islam industry, one in the Arabic speaking world and one in the English speaking world. Now, Patrick did a great job in hosting this, we commend him for that. Hopefully others will follow suit, and not just talk about Muslims and Islam, but invite qualified Muslims to the table to the discussion. He was brave and courageous enough to do that. And we're going to be talking about this roundtable discussion with Patrick and myself and getting his feedback and what we intend what he intends to do for the future in this. So again, much respect, Patrick. And now for this exclusive interview with Patrick, David and myself. Enjoy. God bless this guy right here. Trying to build a

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Dallas engineer country. I'm not talking to you right now. You're a solo you're trying to build a Dallas center here. Islam is violent.

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Lincoln brothers and sisters, this is exactly why we need the Dean center because we have over 300 million Americans who know nothing about Islam like this guy.

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The dollar sent in our country from Surah nine is the most violent chapter of the Quran, the dissenter will be a source of light, a mega Dawa center and educational center, helping our brothers and sisters in humanity. truly understand Islam and Muslims. And brothers and sisters. Remember the great rewards of just guiding one person that humanity to the truth is better than everything in this dunya so get in on all the rewards and blessings. Click the link below donate right now. May God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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are you doing brother? Good, how you doing? You're on the Dean show now. Yeah, you're teaming studios. You're reminding me I was looking at this picture. Yes. And I I remember, growing up I used to have I don't have now at this point now, but I just remember having Tony Montana, the godfather all over my apartment. Yeah, you were that guy? And I remember it. Yes.

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That was my life. But then I see you taking direction seeking the purpose of life, you know, get turning more towards God, I see myself doing the same thing. And now we were making a historic moment. I think I really liked the vision that you have trying to get Christians and Muslims to get past the differences and work together on some of these commonalities. You know what the sexualization of children

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whole gender ideology, a man walked into the women's bathroom at McDonald's. I was in my life. My daughter goes into the bathroom and no man needs to be there. You understand that? Man? You are a man you are afraid.

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You are a man.

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Like a man.

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We recently had a Habib on your program. And we're making history here. We just came out from the

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two sides together and tell us what's your reaction first. We almost didn't almost happen. It was a lot that was there was a lot obviously you know, we had a we had a call with you know there was a misunderstanding from

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I'm Muhammad hijab, and they made a video thinking we were going to ambush them when we said now we're going to be just doing a regular discussion together. And then you were able to orchestrate a zoom between myself yourself and him, which was a phenomenal call. And then that led to Jake coming on and Daniel coming out which by the way, I thought they did very good job and Robert Spencer, he came and he represented his views, his philosophies, love them or hate them. He did what he was going to come and do. And I was impressed by brother Rasheed, as well, by the way, to me, like the two that were most impressive was brother, Rasheed and Jake because I know of Daniel and I know of

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Roberts, I know what they were going to do. But I was impressed by them. The challenge is, with what the goal I have in mind, after spending two and a half hours with them.

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Progress is going to take a minute, it's not going to happen overnight with one, you know, one debate or one discussion, the one podcasts or one show, we're going to have to have a lot of these conversations to realize what's going on, I can tell you for a fact, it's going to be very hard. But the enemy is real. If we can figure out a way to see what values and principles we have in common, and which enemies we have in common, then we can make some progress. But if not, that division is constantly going to be there for a long time to come. What do you see happening? Because you are you've been very vocal about this. And what caught my attention was the program you did with was the

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pastor or the the Charlie Kirk charter, correct? Yep. You were talking about? Look, if Muslims and Christians if we can, what your words, what were you saying? Well, yeah, I just division, because to me, I don't understand why 74% of Muslims vote democratic. I don't understand it, because that's the party that is more for leniency with LGBTQ with leniency on what they teach in school with leniency when it comes down to the family nucleus, the Father, Mother relationship, the father son, relationship, the, you know, the ideas they came up with that took in 1940, were only 4% of women who had kids in America were to single mothers. Today, it's 40%, we went from 1940. And America,

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only 4% of women were single mothers when they gave birth to a child. Today, it's 40%. Those policies were policies of FDR, they were the policies of Lyndon Johnson, they were the policies of democratic policies. I don't see Muslims following those policies and the way they live, so why they vote that way is very concerning to me. And then on the Christian side, we're like, no, no, no, you know, we can we can't talk to Muslims. We go, no, no, no, we can, you know, it's almost a little bit combative of I talk to anybody but a different religion, especially especially Muslim or Christian. I'm trying to see if we can get a way to unify. And here's, here's the way I broke it down today. We

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can have the faith debate all day long. Let's do it. Okay. Well, Mohammed Prophet Mohammed did so you know, Jesus days, or Bible base, or Quran, this or this, you can do that all day long. None of us know 100% What's gonna happen if we die? It's all faith, believing something you have not yet seen. We could all be wrong, we could all be right. One of us could be right. And the rest could be wrong. We don't know. That's the risk we're taking I take the risk as a Christian, you take the risk in a you know, as a Muslim, right? Okay. Then there is the business side, which you have to respect the fact that how fast the Muslim religion has grown with their average in the each women average is

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2.9. Kids, Christians average 25 2.5 to 2.6. And non Muslims are 2.2. And the replacement number is 2.1. You guys used to be 4.5. By the way, 30 years ago, 9090 9095. It was 4.5 4.3 kids per now is 2.9. So Christians may be sitting there saying, well, it's not fair, what's going on that the Muslim religion is going to be, you know, at 3.1 billion, you know, by 1960 by 2060. And they're going to be 31.1% of the population in the world religious, but what are we going to do about that? Have more kids? They're competing. So you have faith, the debate of faith, you have the business competitive standpoint of what's growing, then you have common enemy?

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Who is the enemy of Muslims? Who is the enemy of Christians? And can we find a common enemy to go after? My goal is to see if we can find this. I don't know how much of a progress we made on today's show. The fact that everybody was willing to sit down and have a conversation, I think it's step number one, that's progress. But I think we got work to do. Yeah, I think people who are more in line with his vision is going to be important. I see. I want to bring possibly divorce attorneys to

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marriage reconciliation, right. What do you think about when Daniel was he kept stressing the point of defending Christian traditionalism? You know, really going because we strongly believe that we do have a lot of Daniel's a lot a lot. I love

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With traditional Christians that actually care about the Bible, and just don't, don't call it a book of fables, we have values in marriage, you know, preserving marriage, preserving chastity, modesty,

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you know, opposing sexual immorality, preserving gender, you know, the concept of gender is so important. That's a shared value with traditional Christians and traditional Muslims, the importance of the family, respecting parents, respecting, you know, raising children the right way, raising children to respect these values of morality, communities coming together, these are all shared values, their traditional values, do you believe in God, belief in God and caring about God? Do not and, you know, it wasn't really talked about in this episode, but our love for Jesus, one of the most important Prophets in Islam, is Jesus, son of Mary, you know, you know, the Tate's and Tristan

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Tate actually makes this point is there are people in the world who will punch you in the face? If you insult Jesus Christ you take strongest subject you say anything about Jesus peace be if I were going to step up, say, What are you talking about? Don't talk about Jesus, you gotta mean or the Virgin Mary or anything. And those people are the Muslims, we love Jesus, I mean, things, you know, there's a whole chapter in the Quran named after his blessing and things like this, I think are important. There's a lot of a lot of commonalities. And just zooming in on some of these contentious issues, you know, what do you see moving forward like, with with this part where, you know, coming

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to people who are in that same who can kind of temper that but just come for that to really see what you're seeing, you know, on both sides, where they're not just going to be on the on the attack? Because we could be here all night bringing up yes, and no, you know what I liked about today's show, brother, Rasheed was the only one that actually lived in a Muslim nation outside of myself, he was in Morocco, right? He gave his testimony, Jake was the only one that was is American that converts to Muslim who wants to go to Morocco. Right? It was very interesting.

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To go back.

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And then Robert Spencer is the you know, coming from a place of the scholar, you know, the books he's written, and the enemies is created in the jihad watch.

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Which, you know, then you have Daniel Harvard, you know, five sons, he's given his testimony, and I thought he was also a very good communicator. I thought it was great. And I think, you know, again, I can't wait to do 2345 of these. And seeing where it takes us next, because I realized two hours is not enough. I may only be limited to two people next time, one from each side. And I don't know if I'm gonna do four again, because for you almost feel obligated to go to everybody, and there can be a battle. So I don't know if I'm gonna go for five total with myself. But

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I learned a lot. This was fantastic for me to hear everybody's testimony. I think there was obviously a good 45 minutes of it that was contentious. That was going back and forth. You said this, and you said this, and what about this? And what about that? So both sides have to make their own arguments to defend themselves. But I thought it was a lot of progress. Yeah, I think I think this was this was the hardest one, I think, I think, which is, you know, the start, but I think if you can push forward, and really, you know, obviously, you're already in your mind's already working, you know, work through this. But I think this was the hardest one, I think, getting people

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on the same vision, the same path. I think a lot of good can be accomplished or not. So So you know, I was I was born in Iran. And here in America, I get a hold of this book called power versus force. Yeah. Okay. And I'm 25 years atheist, I don't believe in God, because I'm living in Iran. I'm seeing bombing happen, people dying. I'm not having it. I go to Germany at a refugee camp. And I do I do what I do there. And I'm around Pakistani, Afghani, and I speak Farsi. And I'm, you know, now I'm a Christian. So then I come here, and I'm reading this book called power versus force. So our book is the Bible, yours of the Koran, and I'm bringing power versus force was written was written 20 years

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ago, 30 years ago.

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And the author talks about levels of consciousness in life, okay, from the lowest level apathy, shame, guilt, anger, and probably missing one of them and, you know, desire, like desiring woman desiring food, desiring drugs, and keeps going up and up and up. And then the first level of consciousness that you're going towards, actually making progress is courage. So you gotta have the courage to have the conversation. Everybody could have the courage, right? For us to have that conversation. Then it goes to the next level, which if I don't say it in order, it's accepting acceptance. I'm willing to accept that we have differences. Okay, great. Then it's willingness. I'm

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willing to have the conversation. So so far, everybody here today have courage. Everybody here today was willing to accept that we have differences and they were willing to have the discussion right, then it goes to reason. Can we reason you seem like when you and I talk, we reserve the right to conversations or reason. Spiritually, you're in a different side. I'm on a different side, but we know how to reason. I think the foundation

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used to also be believed that we set aside faith and were able to reason then comes love joy, then it's enlightenment at the highest level. And the only explains that only a couple of people have made it to enlightenment. Enlightenment is a different level. Reason is a very valuable quality we need nowadays, if we don't have reason we don't sit together, if we don't have reason, we don't want to talk to each other. If we don't have reason, we're not going to do these kinds of things. So as long as we have courage, we're willing, we're willing to accept our differences and are able to reason what I wanted to destroy each other. I think we'll make progress. If we don't have those

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things, there's going to be no progress. I think we made progress. And I think we really did make progress. I was watching one of your interviews. And it was very interesting, what had you because the main theme of the deen show is getting people to think beyond the materialism beyond the material world, you know, purpose, purpose of life. And it was interesting at one point you were you're talking about two things. What was your God at one point, right? And how you how did you get to the point where you started reflecting and started to think and I think you said, you said what you said

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women women was my God all day. That was my Yeah, I mean, I can that's you just can be a point for anything. That's core, you know? Yeah. And that's something there's actually that's something for myself I can relate. Yeah, so I related to that, you know, those and but taking gifts and you started to you starting to think more outside of just that and getting to you know, yeah, to stage your life where you're at now. And by the way, if you if you've never met Eddie, he's six three. So yeah, I thought he was like 585 10 He's six three. But yeah, so you know, I'm having this conversation with this YouTuber called Graham Stefan super successful business guy, young guy. 3233

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are multimillionaires, done very well for himself got like four or 5 million subscribers. And he says to me, you know, one of the CO hosts ask the question about God, you know, seems like God plays a very big role in your life. I said, you know, everybody has a god right? Some people's Gods video game some it's porn. Some it's worse than some drugs. Some it's alcohol, some it's party and someone says, when I was an atheist, I may have claimed that I didn't have a God. But I did have a God. It was party. It was nightlife. It was women. That was my party. That's what I will you consider yourself an atheist? At one point? Absolutely. I was an atheist for 25 years, I didn't believe I got

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kicked out of Bible study school for 25 years, I got kicked out any run I got kicked out of schools for a Bible study for just saying, I don't believe in God, you guys think you need this? You need this? I don't need this. If God existed, why did we have war? Why did these people die, so I wasn't a part of it. And then one day, my dad is at the hospital at UCLA Medical Center after he had a big heart attack. And I'm sitting there, and you know, the hospitals not really taking care of him. They're not attending to him. I didn't get him I wasn't happy about I got upset with the people that were working there. They kicked me out of the hospital. So I'm downstairs in my Ford Focus. And I'm

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just sitting there crying. This is my dad. I mean, this is my Hero Six, six years old. He's been my guy, he's been my hero. And then I gradually whether it was a man who gave me a Bible in the military when I was 990 97, or later on when I started doing Bible study, Friday nights from six o'clock till two o'clock in the morning, or when I was going to anybody and everybody I could find to debate Scientology or Catholicism or, you know, Jehovah Witness or Seventh Day Adventists, or Mormonism, I was just debating everybody, any chance I get, I wanted to debate anybody with the topic of religion. At one point, I thought I was maybe going to be a pastor. And then

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I see my dad could potentially die. Changed my habits changed my life. Stop doing anything with women. And the rest is history for me from there, my life changed, completely change. And the fact that my dad is 81 years old right now still alive. Let me tell you biggest blessing. So God's grace to regular guy like me, has been seen and felt so many times. He's given me so yes, so much grace over this regular guy. Right? That now, I don't sit there claiming I live a perfect life. I'm a sinner. I have temptations I do a lot of different than all of us do. But I feel God is right now looking for people to rise up and lead. And that's the relationship I have with them. I want to be

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one of those that he can count on. A couple more things. How was your experience now going? You went down to actually meet with Andrew Tate. And what do you what do you see happening with this and what was the answer was loud man, Andrew was loud and was a great that he can be an intellectual guy. He can be a driver. He can be a troll. He can be a you know, sarcastic he can be funny. He's a comedian. He's a non duplicatable communicator. Andrew is one of one. There is no 25 Andrews there's only one Andrew Tate in the world. And, you know, the way they've targeted him, they've done what they've done, but my experiences with him that we've spent time together has been nothing but a

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breath of fresh air. I have not partied with him. I've not gone out with him. I didn't know the 22 year old Andrew, or the 28 year Orlando.

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I know DeAndre that I've seen him to multiple times when his brother

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Tristan, I can tell you, you know, in the area of women Tristan is game is a very unique game, he is a little bit too handsome Tristan, this style is a, he's the guy that he's just there to back up his brother and defend him and no one can do anything to Andrew. Andrew is a revolutionary type of a character, he's going to be targeted, he's gonna be he's gonna have enemies for the rest of his life. It's never going to slow down for Andrew, the only time they're going to stop targeting him is after his last video. If he stops making videos or says anything or tweets, they'll stop targeting him. For as long as Andrew is going to be opening his mouth and tweeting and talking. He's going to

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be targeting, they're not going to slow down with Andrew. But I think he's a true believer that he wants to fight. And I think his voice is necessary. And he calls out a lot of these things that you also have an objection to me as Muslims and Christians this whole

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spectrum of genders you believe how many genders are there to like when you asked Khalipa could be brilliant. It was Russia how many J i live in the mountains my brother there's only two gender when I went to the bathroom, he was given the story right? So we can agree on that. And there's a lot more and with that said, I just want to commend you because you with this vision I strongly believe in it and us working together and a commonality a common good. We don't have to compromise you know, you people have their strict beliefs, they won't stick to it. But we share. That's the model didn't show because we care we share and it's up to you want to take accept if not reject, but at the same

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time, we don't have to be at each other's throats. We'd like I liked that analogy you gave people are cursing you and this Daniel okay, but it needs to come after your children realize that what they're trying to do to our kids. None of us agree with. You know, none of us agree with you know, the whole saying goes that somebody can curse you out and you're like, Yeah, whatever. Thank you, Robert. You're such an effing this. Okay, cool. Hey, you know, you're such an F and there's

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cool. Hey, let me tell you, you know your loser. Cool. All right. Hey, I'm gonna turn your kids into teaching them about LGBTQ at five years old. I'm sorry. What did you say, as a catalyst for that. And there's been many examples of Muslims and Christians coming together and we can come together and other things. What do you think I totally agree with you there. I'm with you there. Let me let us be an example to that. Amen. Thank you. This wouldn't happen today without what you pulled off. And you know, I want to I said that on the podcast. I want to make sure your audience you play very important. Thank you very much. Appreciate it. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're

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not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen show.com will take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time. Until then, Peace be with you as salaam alaikum.