Hasan Ali – Signs Of The Last Hour – Part 1

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the upcoming deadline for the deadline and the loss of life due to the loss of knowledge. They stress the importance of not giving up on claims and waiting for the job to come out. The history of Islam and the use of shirts and hats to attract people and avoid violence are also discussed. The importance of trusting people and not giving money back is emphasized. The transcript describes a disturbing image of a man wearing a black dress and a black shirt, while women are wearing black clothing. The transcript describes a plan to collect people together for a war and mentions a plan to act as the hal fallers.
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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah altavilla humana shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem.

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foccacia a shout out to her. So Taka la hora de,

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we now begin a new topic tonight about the science of the last hour.

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And the purpose of this is for us to really think about Doomsday, and to think about the last hour.

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And it's interesting as well, but the whole purpose is for us to really realize that we are very close, or we could be very close to the last hour, the last hour is surely one of those things which everyone should be worried about. And everyone should be frightened about this last day. So when we least last day, come on your last minute Allah He knows. And it has been mentioned in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu alaihe. Salam, that because he didn't know the last hour and jalala history, and once he came, he asked him, he said, When is the last time the purpose of alarms and said melmoth. Eu unhappy Ireland in a cycle that needs the one who's been asked does not know better than

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the one who is asking. And this, we should remember that no one can predict the last day, no matter who they are. So I mean, I was reading last, I think last year, that October, October 2027. October, the 26th is an asteroid is going to hit the Earth. And that's going to be the end of, of the earth. This is all nonsense, really, because these people have predicted many things and then got it wrong. For instance, Nostradamus, they predicted that from his writings, that in 1999, July is going to be the last the last day, or the Judgment Day is going to start. So now I mean, hamdullah, we're still living in 1999. And it's nearly 2000. Now. And again, in 1998, there was a group of people who

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thought that there was going to be an Armageddon taking place in so many Egypt and they all gathered together near the pyramids, but still, that did not take place. So these people are continuously making these quotation but remember that Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, has said clearly, and in the Quran, he says, Call in Mr. Al Maha in the law, tell them that the knowledge of this last hour is with Allah only and no one else.

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The rest of the law has said again, and again, he will talk about the day of judgment and the signs of the dead just since we do not know when the Day of Judgment is the process of loss and has given us certain signs. And the whole purpose of this, like I said, is for us to be aware and conscious of the day of judgment that it could happen any moment, like intimacy, there's one Hadith where the prophet SAW the loss when he's sitting with his companions. And

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you that killed him either killed at the jail, they said, the province of La Hudson talk to us and he reminded us about the job, the Antichrist or the person who's going to fight, or is it salatu salam.

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And he explained in such a way that the companions say we felt as if the job is going to come in our time. And we were so frightened that we thought the job might be behind the next bush. And the professor Lawson came out, and he saw the effect of that on our faces. And he said, What's the matter? And we replied by saying Yasuda to the Canada jail, you told us about the job. And we have become frightened to that extent that we think the job will appear in our time. And in the process of the law, Horace Mann said, Don't worry in Yahoo do unethical for anarchy. If he comes, if he comes out while I'm still alive, then I will be enough for the job, I'll kill him myself, while he

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could well as to feed him but if the job comes out, and I'm not amongst you, then every man sambu Kowloon, every man is is going to protect himself. And if you look at the words of the Prophet of the Last Man, what he did is he created an atmosphere. And he created such a set such words that made it seem he could come up in their time. Because even when they were fighting, he didn't say that he's not going to come out in my time, the problem said he could, if he does come out in my time, then I'll be enough for him. And this shows that was la Hassan, he put into their thoughts that the gel could come at any time, whether it's in their time, whether after the last time every

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nation must see this. And if he could come out, but then again, we should not go to the other extreme

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of thinking that Oh, yes is the end of the world. Now. The job is going to come out Maddie is going to come out. Let's all sit down and let's do nothing. That's another extreme. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam did not say that because he said,

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if the last hour comes and one of you is planting a seed, then continue to plant it. continue to do that.

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Meaning that drops last me saying even if the last hour comes, don't don't just sit sit down and think that this is going to be Doomsday and that's the end

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Everything, if you see some signs, and I think continuously we've been bombarded with these claims of Maddie has been born. Maddie has coming out the jollies here, or he's born, he's going to see me now time, all these claims cannot be definite. Because only Allah subhanaw taala knows when he will come Yes, we should fight. And we should be aware that the gel could come out in our time and he could come up with any any anyone's time. It could be many generations after us. It could be it could have been many generations before us. But the thing is, we should not just sit down and say okay, that's it, forget it. Let's just wait for the madeon Let's just wait for a satellite salon

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salon to come out. And then after that, you know, everything will go back to normal. Now.

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The major sign we will discuss later, let's deal with the minus signs of the minus signs, there are those signs which have already passed, they've gone by, that's the first category, the second category, those signs which have appeared and are continuously increasing by day, a second category. And the third category, the signs which have not yet appeared from the minus signs. And remember, none of the major signs have yet appeared. There's approximately 10 major stop signs from the minus signs. Those are the first category the category that has already gone by, he said to

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all feel nomadic, or the Allahu anhu and this is a hadith in Bukhari. He said, Oh, dude, sit in a Sarah count six things from the sun signs of the last hour, Moti, the first thing he said my death. And then he said Summa fat probating Noctis. And then the conquering of beta Noctis, which is in Palestine. And then after Summa Mouton, yakushi kukaku, oscillococcinum. Then after that, there'll be an a, a kind of death or

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a disease that will spread and this was a town this was a plague that spreading the time of Armada the Allahu anhu and in that approximately 25,000 people died, including sahabas and Professor Lawson system must default to null and then after that, the abundance of wealth Hata eurotier, allegedly, allegedly at a dinner until a man will be given 100 dinars by asila sacaton. But he will not have any interest in that 100 dinners and 100 dinners was was a lot of money that time. And this has already happened in the time of Ramadan Abdullah Aziz, when he bought back the the good days in the time in his own time, and the wealth became so abundant that people because of the piety that they

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had, they did not want to know anyone so people who are actually going around giving the cart to the to people who who earn the staccato Who, who, who needed this card, but then they would not take it because of the party in that time. So my fitness club a two minute RV lead the harlot who then there will be a fitna at a trouble coming out.

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In the Arabian Peninsula, they won't be a single house but every single house this fitna will enter, and the Prophet sallallahu wasallam is talking about the fight that went on between Ali rhodiola Juan Amalia, and also Ali and Ayesha are the Allahu anhu madman. And this was just for them to find out who was on the hukou was on the truth. So Mahabharata Kubina Kuma, bang, verbania, Benny, Benny Lhasa, then after that there will be a great war where in my oma will be conquered by a group of people and the prophets of Allah Salaam. He explained this group of people as been with us for the tribe, the yellow tribe, and these were known as the Tata these that came and conquered the Muslims

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at one time this has already happened, fire the rune white fire to knock on Tata, Samana via they will deceive and they will come in,

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at different under at different flags,

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tactically rioting, ignatia alfen. And under every single flag, you will find that there is approximately 12,000 people who will come to battle and fight you. And that's what the title is, and some others that came to fight. Anyhow, all these have passed, they've gone by. The second category was the professor of law Horace Mann has mentioned those

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signs which have appeared and which will continue to increase, even though they've appeared. And the first one, I think the most important one is, is about those who claim to be prophets. And the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said that there will be 30 lies that will come out and claim that their profits and this is a Hadith, which is in our modern torani, the Prophet sallallahu wasallam says, For fish and he has already won. Now cassava means a Latina cassava and they will be

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a liar amongst 30 lies that will come to pass the law said in his own time, and one of them was Mozilla, Mozilla, who claimed to be profit enough enough after just after the Prophet sallallaahu Stein, but he was living while the privacy law was was still alive, and allow them how many have passed, but we've just had one or two recently we've had Elijah in America we've had in Pakistan, we've had qadiani, who claim to be Profit and Loss said there'll be 30 in total, so it's continuing. The next one, the law has been said,

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well, they're not in order. But these are, these are things which the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has mentioned. One is,

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they'll be the poorest people of the Bedouins, who will compete each other in building the highest towers and the highest buildings. And this is the famous Hadith of

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the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was approached by the brain and he asked me said

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why Saracen asked the Prophet, he said, when's the last time when the Prophet said the answers are totally around? And then he said, from Amara to heart, then what are the signs of the last hour and the Prophet sallallahu said amongst the signs are,

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will enter Allah hufa tala tala Aleta Dr. Shari, you will see barefooted and all almost there almost just about half close. And they are from the Bedouins they are better beings that they used to look after sheep. Yes, otava, Luna Hill, Boone Jani. They will be the very people who will compete each other in building the highest building. And this is a hadith of Muslim and we've we've seen this today, because just 100 years ago, the Arabs were doing this. And now if you look the Arabs are competing each other building like one builds fine. The other Bill 67 then is continuing. And we have this even in our we are actually living examples of this because I mean, just two three

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generations ago before our fathers came to this country and who were they they were actually looking after cows and on the fields and they have not come over here and they they're competing each other in places like Pakistan, Bangladesh and India in building the highest building that's also going on over there.

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Another one the province of the last mentioned is a lot of obscenity will outbreak will come out. And this is from hadiza Buddha radi Allahu anhu mentioned in Muslim transmitted by Muslim and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said sin fanomena halyna lamb aroma. There's two categories of people from the fire of the fire belonging to the fire. But I have not seen these two categories yet. And comunism car two cars not been buckled. There'll be a group of people that they will have something

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they will have something like a whip with Ross Lawson was explaining a whip that will be like the tail of a cow Yardley buena pianos they will hit and strike people with it. And I think we have this in we've had this before in certain areas where the police have been going around with with whips and the prophets of Allah and they used to hit people actually without any reason. And this is just one category you can find many other categories that fit this and then the last one said the second category Missa encarsia Arias, certain women who will wear clothes and also be naked at the same time

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wear clothes and also be naked now people have had problems understanding this Hadees for many many years, but I don't think we have a problem in our time. Because before whenever they used to wear clothes you could not see through the clothes. But now we have closed the maid and you can see right through the clothes and the process of blossom said this is this is the second cut Now listen to what the purpose of the lesson will say afterwards.

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He said the description of these women movie last night a lot they are those who

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learn others and incline others towards them man a lot and they also inclined themselves to others will also lose their hair. description of the hair is cost limited book till mama ILA. The hair is like the hair of a camel, which is a book to come on our book to come and has all of it all of its hair

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like a bush and we see we have women in our time. You know, like like this. And liat, Hulu lead Hulu and Janice Rihanna the profit and loss said neither of these will will enter Paradise. While I did Nari Haha, they will need a smell the fragrance of Paradise winery haha yuja to me Maserati kuzava unprofessionalism said it's it's fragrance could can be smelled from a very large distance and one had this he says 500 miles of a distance. You can smell the

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fragance are paradise, but these people won't even be that close to paradise. And we should really warn our women if they are wearing such clothes and if they are calling others towards Hellfire, just like they are going towards Hellfire themselves. And really

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something to really think about because the profit loss method clearly, they will not go to Paradise meaning after they burn maybe for a long time, then after that they will go to Paradise, but they will have to suffer for a very long time. Another one the profit and loss man has mentioned is

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following others without any thought at all.

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And this is when the Prophet Allah has Hadith which Bukhari Muslim both have quoted from citing naka de la de la sideloader, the Allahu anhu, the professor Lawson's said that Uranus sunanda man cannot come surely you will follow the ways of the people of the past, she will not be shipped in just like one span is exactly identical to another span, run be run just like one arms length is identical to another arms didn't have

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to be in that area to move home until even if these people were to enter a hole of a hyena hold of a hyena, then you will also enter that hole as well. So the first lesson is showing how how much we would follow these people to what extent and then the companions asked messenger of Allah, Allah Allahu donousa, or messenger of Allah, are you talking about the Jews and the Christians and the prophets of Allah has been set for man, who else am I talking about? And if you look today, I'm telling you, if the Europeans tomorrow, they put a health hairstyle that will go and drop to the maybe waist, then you find many Muslims who who put that have that hairstyle, if the Europeans and

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if the when I say European, they are the Jews and Christians, if they have a style, where they have a very thin beard going all the way down, then they will follow that. If you look at let's say, for instance, the 70s you had, you had a sideboard sideburns here very long, and people used to keep them because that was in fashion. And then after that in the 80s, you know, throughout you've had different styles. One of them was a donor beard, and people will keep in donor beard, because that was the style. And then you come into the 90s and you have very awkward ones like one goes halfway down your cheeks. And he stops in the middle. Um, it looks it looks it looks ugly, nasty. You know.

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I'm being serious because if you look at it from humans, I it looks as some of them keep hairstyles I'm not sure that concise. He reminds me of a bit bird's nest. It remind me of a bird's nest. And it really is very odd that the people have kept good here, here, here, there. They're there. Each time a style has come out they've kept a beard, but they've never thought that all of that if you added up you get the full sooner.

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You get the full sun level suicides come in the the the the bottom has come in under the chin, the sidebar, the chin, the cheeks, everything is coming. So that's the sooner but yet the people won't follow that and then follow what the who the nesara the Jews and Christians have kept because that's the style. If they now bring out a new brand, you find many Muslims who will follow that brand. And the pastor last month said this is a hadith by Tehran in Abu Dhabi. And also Buhari has quoted this hadith

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Abu Abu Malika Ashanti rhodiola han who hindrances of Allah He Makka bunny semana de Sala yaku lacuna Minami Aqua moon, the rocks lost who said they will surely be from my alma certain people, yes, the hill lunella Hill will hurry well hum, one massive, there'll be people who will permit and find it permissible to commit adultery, and to wear silk, while hunt, to sell and drink. Alcohol and intoxicants while massive and to play musical instruments, there will be from my alma and all these people the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has said in another 100, different Hadees that they will they will really will must fail or must be mocassin that their faces will be changed. There'll be a time

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when their faces will actually be changed. And may Allah protect us from all this. The next is another one which the Prophet Allah has said is in a manner, that trustworthiness will slowly go away from the world. And the prophets Allah has said in a hadith by Hosea yBnL Amanda the Allahu anhu, also is to be transmitted by Bukhari and Muslim.

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He says that the prophets of Allah Some said to the foul Amana

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this thing about trusting each other will be lifted. Phenomenal. rajul a man will sleep by night. So my estate is on when he will wake up in the morning. We'll call Amanda Colby. He will find that his trust which he had before had already gone part of its gone through Miami.

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He'll sleep the next night. And then mithril worked. It'll be like a small little.on his heart. And then after that, it will go after he sleeps, it will slowly, slowly go, meaning this thing about trusting people, you won't be able to trust people before the last hour. And you know, the second one is that it will get to the stage when people will actually point and say that if you want to find a trustworthy person, then go go to that city, and in that village, or in that particular house, and then you will find a person who, who you can trust him with your money, you can trust him with your wealth. That's how to become and it's become like this today. I mean, especially now

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countries really start to say you can trust more people over here in the West, and you can trust them in our back in our own countries. And if you give anyone money, and they'll say, when did you give me money, or you give you give them a loan and and then they won't pay you back.

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And the professor Lawson remember this, if anyone has given a loan

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and is back there waiting for the for the debt to be paid back. Those who are not paying back, remember that the profits or losses never used to pay the janaza of one who never has to give loan back, who never paid their debts off before they died. And he would ask before he paid pay the janazah had dispersed has this person given away all the has this person paid off his or her debts. And if somebody would not take up the responsibility of paying the debts, the profit and loss, say I'm not paying to janazah this isn't really serious, because these people won't be able to show their faces to the results of the loss and on the Day of Judgment. If he was not going to play the

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janazah in the world. Do you think he's going to intercede for them on the day of judgment? It's it's, it's something to really quote to those people who aren't paying their loans. The profit and loss also said it's not the only la vida de that matters, main matters will be given to those who do not deserve it, who are not capable of those. And this is something we find everywhere in this Omar today. approximal husbands has said is a hadith of Abu huraira de Allahu generated by Buhari transmitted by Buhari either we'll see the amarula radiology fantasy rasa, when matters may not as will be given responsibilities will be given to people who are not capable of of taking

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responsibility, the responsibility, then wait for the last hour. And you look anywhere you look at the kings who are ruling the Muslim countries do they deserve to be there? They don't deserve to be because they have no capability is is just a hierarchy where one king dies under the sun takes over before the Kings used to be brave, brave. They just have intelligence. They used to have a lot within themselves. And then you come down slowly, you'll see that I'm for instance, mosques as well. You find the people who are controlling the mosque, the people who are going around,

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you know, controlling the mosque, they are the people who are not capable of it.

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And they're just ignorant, but yet they think that they are, you know, very knowledgeable and they are the ones which everyone should follow. The Prophet sallallahu has also, I mean, he has said in another Hadith,

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that knowledge will disappear from the earth was the whole region. And there'll be a lot of ignorance on the earth and the hadith of Abu Dhabi or the Allahu anhu transmitted by Bukhari and Muslim. When he says the purpose of the law Some said the last hour will not come up

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until knowledge is seized by Allah. And how will Allah sees knowledge? Not by taking away books and not by taking away

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Let's say the tapes or something where knowledge has been stored No, is a hadith of Ahmed Ignacio de la Han who also transmitted by Bukhari Muslim and he says that I heard the Messenger of Allah some law some saying in Allahu alayhi medullary surely Allah will not seek knowledge in design into zero means a bad by taking it from people were like in the middle or in the club dilemma but allow CS knowledge by seizing the people of knowledge. Those who are true scholars allow will take them away how to move key argument until Allah will not leave a single scholar on the earth. There'll be a time like that it does not loosen you, Harlan, when will be very rare to find scholars like today

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it's very rare to find true scholars is very, very rare. Those who who really remind you of a lot who are who have the entire Quran in their lives. And as they you look at them, and you can see the Quran in their lives. Those are the people of up to scholars, and it says the people will take their leaders take the ignorant people in that time as leaders, facade, facade lufa to view it, I mean, they will ask questions, and they will be given fatwas, they will be given verdict without any knowledge. I mean, that's another thing you know, today these days, you ask someone a question and you find five

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For the people answering without us answering the question, and I see it in this mosque here. The people of those people who have been asked don't even get the chance to answer the question when you find these ignorant ones who are shouting it Oh god, this is the answer to that. And that's the answer to that. And this is another thing that is against the etiquettes. And the signs of the last hour really, but yet when they when these when this knowledge will be taken away.

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It does not mean that books will be taken to know the process. The last one said one of the signs of the last time is that there'll be lots of writing. And this is in Hadith by Ahmed and also bizarre Hakeem, by even a Masuda viola, why don't we say that the Muslim said, in Albania, this is one of the signs of the last house is was the hudl column, the pen will emerge, I mean, the pen will the committee what the professionalism is saying that there'll be a lot of writing a lot of writing that time. And look at today, the computers first it was typewriters and as computers, and with the computers, look how much knowledge we've stored, and we think we are exactly increased in knowledge

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we haven't, we've decreased because this the knowledge of this deal is not to be stored on shelves and in discs. The knowledge of this, this and religion has to be stored in minds and in hearts. And it is not in minds and hearts. And that's, that's not counted as thought. I mean, the people of the past WooCommerce needs to know, look, how is this you know, just one memory, one mind one brain. And I used to memorize 1000s and 1000s, hundreds of 1000s of IDs. And this was so fast in finding one Hades, off the off memory not looking in books than ever, it was a it was actually deficiency for some of those scholars to look into a book or to write like Mr. Abu hanifa, you find that he never

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wrote books and the ignorant ones of our time are saying, oh, if you know, our hanifa was very great than how come he has nothing written down? Well, the answer to that is that in the time of email, if you wrote then that that meant that you'd had a weak memory, you had a weak memory. So it was a phone to right same Abu hanifa. And all the people whose time they used to debate through their knowledge and any reply these two here, they used to memorize it straightaway, just like a tape recorder will record today.

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And this device was message soon. There'll be a lot of writing, but knowledge will have gone.

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There will be a lot of Phaeton meaning a lot of

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conflicts and troubles on the earth, and facade corruption, fitna corruption on the earth. And the first lesson said, One corruption will come after the net another corruption just like a pair of beads. If you break the, if you break the string, then the beads will start falling out.

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And when they fall out, first, they will fall slowly, but the ones coming behind will come faster. And the first lesson is, that's how the signs of the last will come. That will start appearing. And once they start appearing, the last one will be faster than the first one. And the next one after that will be faster than the one before that. And the process of Larson also said there will be a lot of breaking ties. And if you look at any family, you find that we don't get on with certain members of the family. Many families, you know, wherever you go, and you ask, I'm not talking to my brother. He's not talking to his sister. She's not talking to her auntie. And this is breaking ties.

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The brothers last Moses said, Why

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do I have to hurry Bahati? There'll be a lot of killing on the earth. And if you look all around, you find I mean, look at Indonesia, how much killing there was Kosovo, you look at even Pakistan, you won't, you won't find any rest. You won't find any amnesty even in the cities or even where you live, there will be a lot of killing everywhere. And people are just shooting and the profit and loss also has said

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there'll be a lot of tiara, a lot of business, as the hadith of Massoud of the Allahu anhu. There'll be a lot of business fasho at ijarah people will trade that like it never traded before. And it's true look at this time where it's easy to send some goods to a country via let's say plane or train or ship. So very fast indeed you can you can send goods and now the new thing ecommerce

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and trading through the internet. And this is amazing the profit last month predicted all this but yet he says I need to huddle. halaal people won't look for what is halaal what is what is allowed and what is not allowed. They will just trade for money and for business. The profit or loss Moser also said Takata was the man Takara was the man this is a Hadith

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of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam mentioned his many books

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the time

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will seem to lapse

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the time we'll see too close. And this is something which is which is true. If you look at the time before, for instance, Imam Shafi Rahim Allah has to complete 10,000, a hardy revised 10,000. A Hardee's between us and Madrid.

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And in the province of last time, they used to they had so much Baraka in that time that they could between acid and mclubbe, they could slow for a camel, take the flesh off, cut the meat, cooked the meat, eat the meat, go away from there, take a walk into the distance, miles away into distance, and then come back and then pray monthly. I mean, we don't even we cook a biryani in what 24 hours?

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Every the most. But yeah, they used to do all this just between ourselves and Muslim Subhanallah amazing. And today you find that time

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Do you find that time is just going by I remember one.

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When I was eight years old,

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I looked at the clock ones in my grandma's house. And there's a very old fashioned grandfather clock. And I looked at the ticks of the clock and I still memorize the distance between the ticks. I was looking for a long while and it was gonna

00:31:39 --> 00:31:44

if you look at the clock now, by the time I've done three, you'll find that it's all in there five or six.

00:31:46 --> 00:32:19

And this is something that over the years have been so thinking is still in my mind exactly how he was taking, exactly I was taking but now when I look at the time, you know you find it I remember there was a time when I used to read even for a cause. You could read it in really slowly in four minutes. Now you read for a cause you just about finish it quickly in five minutes or something we must take advantage before time becomes even shorter. And remarks last minute said that it will become like for instance time will soon he says you seem in the time of the gel.

00:32:21 --> 00:32:25

The time will become like a year will seem like a month.

00:32:26 --> 00:32:27

a son or

00:32:28 --> 00:32:35

a month will seem like a week was shallow kajima but he was Dumas to Yeoman

00:32:36 --> 00:33:04

Jacobi and a whole week we'll see naka de Waal yo casa. And a day will seem like part of the day was Sarah Katana 2 million now and thought of a day which was a large portion in that time will seem like the flicking of a fire, the sparks of fire, it will just go like that. And if you look today, how close does last year seen today, the province of Alaska has also said

00:33:07 --> 00:33:19

that there will be a lot of fighting on the earth. And there are many, many other signs amongst the science. For instance, there's one last method a man will

00:33:20 --> 00:33:28

a man will find that his own opinion is the best before the last hour and I mentioned this the other day.

00:33:37 --> 00:33:41

The purpose of the law Horace Mann has given us a hadith wherein he has given us 72

00:33:42 --> 00:34:02

different signs and they're all in one single Hadith so it's very easy to go over them. And this is in Abu Dhabi, which is one of the books of Hadith. And it's by Ernesto de la know who says that he heard the promise of the Lahore's Mercedes that is our item on us when you see people amount to Salah, when they will

00:34:03 --> 00:34:04

not pray

00:34:05 --> 00:34:38

not pray Salah or leadout Salah become absent minded about Salah will adore Amana when they will abolish trustworthiness with a collude Riba when they will eat and consume usually an interest was the hallel Caribe when they will find it allowed when they were permitted to lie or stop forbid demand, when people will find it like to kill each other was the old style old banana when people will start making high high buildings about Dena be dounia when people will start

00:34:40 --> 00:34:59

exchanging the religion for the world? What a katatak or harm when ties will start breaking where Kunal * Mulder afar when the person in the society is wise will become weak while it can he will see the car while kids will see the car when when lies will become truthful people will accept lies

00:35:00 --> 00:35:13

was well how do you do labasa when people will start wearing silk men will start wearing silk was the hardest job when a lot of oppression will prevail on the earth. Well Catherine Taleb, when

00:35:14 --> 00:36:04

divorce will become abundant on the earth or molten Fuji Fuji, when sudden deaths will start appearing abundantly, what terminal ha in when the person who who deceives will be trusted, while who will mean when a person who is trustworthy will be shown or known as one who deceives what should they call kasi? When a liar lies words will be accepted? Because Eva saw that when a truthful, truthful person's words will be rejected, while castle castle Kossoff when there will be a lot of blame blaming people accusing people are doing certain things, while Colonel metodo Kiowa when the rains from the skies will stop and there will be a lot of drought while while aduba when

00:36:04 --> 00:36:48

children will be filled with with anger or fatherly. fayda when evil people will become abundant on the earth. Well God Allah curado VEDA when noble people will start decreasing Wakanda Kumara busara Juana, when those who are leaders and those who are in charge will be those who deceive and those who have no trustworthiness in their in their affairs, while Rodolfo Salama when the scholars will start pressing, while pura fasciata when those who recite the Holy Quran, they will become those who sin a lot in our lab. asuma suka botany when people will start wearing leather from certain animals.

00:36:50 --> 00:37:34

But their hearts kulu boom antamina Jeeva their hearts have a stench worse than the corpse. Well I'm not roominess sub Shem Allahu fitna tanita how Kona Thea the Haku and Taha Kalia hood, these people will be destroyed they will have tongues sweet as sugar. As the previous lesson said mineral acid it will be sweeter than honey, but yet their hearts will have a stench worse than the dead corpse. What of how to suffer when a lot of gold will start appearing on the earth or to tabula rasa, and a lot of silver and gold will be demanded on the earth or took sudden Futaba tatsuro kotoba when many, many people will start

00:37:35 --> 00:38:23

wanting to deliver sermons, while a kill Amma will maroof and calling towards good will decrease where he left holy Attila Maasai, when Quran and the Quran that we have they'll be decorated with su wirathu masajid when the mosque will start also be decorated or to Willa telenovela when members will start becoming very long well holy battle kulu when hearts will start becoming destroyed, or should rebetiko mood when alcohol and intoxicants will start we will be drunk on the earth abundantly belterra tilaka dude, when the when the boundaries of Allah subhanho wa Taala will be disregarded. What do we need at him? Amen. Amen robata when a slave girl will give birth to her

00:38:23 --> 00:39:08

master, and this means some orlimar have said this lips is in its literal meaning and others have said it's it's metaphorically used and it means when children will start disobeying the parents will thoroughly rot Assad Sato mulu. Can you see barefooted naked Bedouins who hardly had any clothes at once. They will become the kings or shadowcat in Morocco de terre Jara. When man and woman they will both get together and start doing business in the market. Watashi wa who want to shut up jollibee Nisa when men will start dressing like women when it's out will be rigid when women will start dressing like men were Holy fabula de la he when people will start taking oath other than Allah

00:39:08 --> 00:39:59

taking out in other things while shahidullah Amina I used to shudder when people start witnessing without even being called for witnesses was suddenly nominal. It was ultimately what what the law when people will start learning knowledge of this Deen for for a pleasure other than the pleasure of Allah or to Liberty dunya via Manila Hera, when the world will be obtained through the actions of the Hereafter, what to do that what what to Madonna mudo Allah, when the vanina which the booty will be taken between people and people will find that this there is no trustworthiness inside these people to start taking it without any consideration at all. Well, Amanda to Mother Mother Nana

00:40:00 --> 00:40:05

When people will take a trust as as an email booty between themselves

00:40:08 --> 00:40:24

was the car too much drama when people will find is the cut as a burden or kindness or you will call me out when the head of a clan will be the worst amongst the clan welcome Raja Raja who when a man will will

00:40:25 --> 00:41:14

be disobedient and hurt his father were Jaffa ma who and keep his mother away. Or Barbara sadhika who when a man will follow and obey his friend will attach to who and obey his wife while Allah as well to foster Castle masajid. When the sinful people will start raising their voices in the mosques, what took a little while massive and when instruments will be taken and start start to be used in the world abundantly. When we're shooting a movie, when people will start drinking on the streets. Alcohol is a little new chakra when people will start becoming proud over the oppression that they do on the earth. We will be our hukam

00:41:15 --> 00:41:32

baccata t shirt to what Taco Bell Khurana, Masami, when there will be a lot of people will start making conditions without any use at all. When the Quran will be taken as as a song people start singing the Quran, what do you what do you do to civilize?

00:41:34 --> 00:41:43

When people will start using very soft cushions to sit on, meaning people will start becoming very lazy. Well, I know.

00:41:45 --> 00:42:22

When the last of this oma will curse the first people familiar turkey were in the valley when all these things happen. The brother Salallahu alaihe salam says, Then wait at this time to see Rehan Hamra to see red storms were Hassan, and to see people being sunk into the earth, the earth will take people inside what must call when people's faces when we change into the faces of monkeys in one room, it says, and the faces of swines because the sun will rise and there'll be plenty of other signs that will come at that time.

00:42:24 --> 00:42:32

these are these are some of the ones that Professor law has mastered. And if you really look into their hobbies, you will find plenty more with the professor lasma said.

00:42:33 --> 00:43:08

We seem to find a Hadith of the prophets of Allah Harrison in Abu Dawood that promises the healer for coming back. The halacha which was on the province of Lahore isn't his manhood which was on his way of like, for instance of Abu Bakar Osama Rossmann, Alia de la Juan Mata, by the way they ran the earth, the lava will also return like this. And this is a hadith of Abu Dawood and this will be before before Maddie, don't forget, before Maddie appears, there'll be let me just briefly give you a brief up, they'll be the healer for coming back.

00:43:09 --> 00:43:19

Then after that, there will be the melody. And after the melody in his time, there'll be the gel and Elisa Allahu alayhi salam and after that,

00:43:21 --> 00:43:28

there will be a huge a small tribe which will come on the earth and not from from a Salah salon and from the jungle.

00:43:30 --> 00:43:37

These are the major size which will come and there'll be some some more after that. But here there's quite a bit of explanation here.

00:43:38 --> 00:44:23

The professor Larson has said the akuna killer for in the multi halifa people will dispute on the death of a halifa in the future for Yahoo do Rajan Amina Khalid Medina t howdy Bonilla. maka, one man amongst them will run away from Medina from the people of Medina and he will go to Makkah via t he NASA minalima the people of NACA will crowd around him and fire five Regina who Akari hoon. They will come out and they will say Come on, do bear with us. Do bear with us. They will put their hand out and say give us a pledge that we will make you the halifa for you by your Runa who bainer Luke Newell Matan and this will be between Brooklyn and Liam macam which is in the car by itself just

00:44:23 --> 00:44:31

around the car but that's where they will do the buyout because the last Khalifa that had died, people would would not know who to do by with and this will be the melody.

00:44:33 --> 00:44:43

The purpose of the law says you ought to be smooth who is me his name will be the same as my name must be his might be his father's name will be same as my father's name. Yum

00:44:44 --> 00:44:59

yum load our Keystone Mandala kamuli as Luna Majora is a hadith of Trinity. He will fill the earth with justice just as it was filled with injustice before he came into his power.

00:45:01 --> 00:45:03

This will be the very first in will, which

00:45:04 --> 00:45:11

will start collecting people together and they will start going out for certain fights. Now as soon as he becomes the melody.

00:45:12 --> 00:45:31

There'll be a group of people from Sean. Now Sean has been in Syria, we know. But Syria before had a few more lands with it. It was not just the Syria that we have today. Today. The Syria today is very small before Palestine and many other lands around Syria was also in it.

Signs of the last hour
This lecture focuses on the major and minor sins of the last hour. It also includes descriptions of the Dajjal from authentic Ahadith.
This was foretold to us over 1400 years ago, and see how true it is!

Shaykh Hasan Ali takes us on a journey covering the signs leading up to the Last Hour.

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