New Evidence in Andrew Tate case shows Women Trying to get on Netflix

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So let's get into this, Dylan. Let's get into the story. So earlier today some documents were released that were text messages from the to supposedly victims that came out. One was the Motovun that we've already covered and the American and if you look over those text messages, you can see how not only did they plot to frame the tape brothers, they rehearsed going over what to say How to Look how to cry, and how to play dumb they even made a joke two days before the raid happened, how their performance deserved an Oscar that they were going to get a Netflix documentary and evolve this same thing such as an I quote, such a great actress to which the other girls that I practice,

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quote, unquote, their performance was so good that even their own parents called the US Embassy and are freaking out. And the girls got upset with their parents because they almost messed up the show. And they admitted that they were actually kidnapped at the tape brothers said that they could leave whenever they want. So it seems that while the mainstream media and the police are saying that the tape brothers use the Loverboy method, actually what happened was these girls acted as if they were in love with the tape brother so that they could secretly milk it and get as much money and influence and have people talking about them as they could. So my question is this, how long have

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the police had access to these documents? I mean, they were already wiretapping the tape brothers for the past 10 months for 10 months, the police have tried to bury the CCTV footage that proves the tape brothers innocence. And yes, I know what you're thinking these text messages have already been verified. They're 100% True. But hey, I don't want to just tell you, I want you to actually go and see it for yourself. Check out the article, have your own conclusion use row to wise and use your own mind. The tape brothers have been framed as a news story unfolding that the mainstream media seems to be silent on. It's on the what I call the two underwear wearing in public. I don't know if

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they're strippers, the US and the UK girl evidence is coming out that they plotted and planned a setup. They literally acted as if they were in love with the brothers they apply what I would say they they apply the this lover girl method, the Tech Tech showing them plotting to frame the brothers. You also talk about how they schemed on what to say the lot how to lie how to cry. You know they bragged about as a true winning an Oscar performance to get on Netflix. And the question is will the Romanian prosecutors process prosecute? Well, we say these two shaytans Yeah, they are shaytaan for sure. I mean, we'll see brother I mean, they're legally I can't talk about certain

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things are going on. But obviously anything I've put out publicly I can I can go into that and in great detail. We've got two young men agitate trusted tape for 10 months. They were wiretaps like all their phone calls or text messages, emails, they took all their computers they were analyzing that they got new computers, but their wiretap for 10 months. The I think it's called decode basically to simplify for the viewers. It's the police the police of Romania grab the CCT footage which clearly showed that these women are not victims you can see them going out and getting in cars leaving going getting pizza there's some of it's still out there. But essentially they tried to

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destroy it get rid of it, they won't include it in any of the court like whenever you're sitting on the court they won't include it as evidence not as that's not we don't need that that's not useful.

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Then add to that now we've got these text messages that have come out and they've been verified because I was under Owsley um maybe maybe that's just like a coincidence or something but we've had it verified it's 100% Real of them literally plotting leading up to two days before the raid exactly what they were going to do step by step by step and like they were joking around how they're going to be all your such great actress we're going to get a an Oscar we're going to do this we're going to do that and then whenever the police raided the house the first time the the their parents like called their oh my god freaking out like yo Are you okay there? Oh don't worry about it mom we're

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good. Please don't cause any trouble like because the parents are trying to call the embassy the US Embassy figure out what was going on and they jokingly are saying all it's all good mom don't worry about it. We're good. They told us we could leave at any time and all the stuff is there is clear as day and for me it's insanity we do live in the word of world of shaytaan obviously so they're just now the truth we don't we don't need that. So the media the mainstream media has this narrative they're trying to push the human trafficking but then the evidence because always the truth prevails. The truth prevailed is like actually that wasn't true. Okay, let's now let's try to go

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over here. But the thing that frustrates me the most about this whole thing I mean, obviously I am biased because he's a good friend of mine but secondly, there's all this evidence out there that proves the complete opposite and now these text messages and literally proves that the lover boy method happened but it was actually love her girl that are sitting there acting

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like they're serious and all that. Oh, okay, I will come out I think I think we might be the one like talking to them, convincing them that they actually cared about them. They come out there, they're staying at the house, living their best life posting their, their shaytaan, her very haram Tiktok videos, and just enjoying life. And then they're actually plotting the whole time. And then I posted this, I want to say in part three or part four,

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these two young women, and there's lots of evidence that shows that many girls that were around the tape brothers were offered money, ranging from 30,000 to $50,000. Some cases, even $100,000, to try to frame them. But I find it funny that these two young women and I've got the picture on my phone, actually, these two young women went on this fret for Vera holiday, which is a pretty expensive thing, flexing this really nice watch driving a really nice car. After this, they were just kidnapped and liberated. Like literally a week or two after the raid happened. They were partying in the French Riviera together the two girls that were the two victims and one of them tried to claim

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the UK girl the Motovun she claimed that she was this poor girl that he manipulated her and all that well guess what, actually that's completely false. She lived in the UK, she was a stripper she had good money and if you and I can't go into certain details, but the brothers were actually helping rehabilitate her from a certain very haram thing. They were trying to help her out and then when they realized that she had bad intentions, they also they started distancing themselves and then the the American

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literally land with the Shaitaan in America she was got mad because she tried to get a house out of the whole interaction shoots she wanted him to buy her house helped make her tick tock famous and all this other stuff and he said no. And actually something I found today a follower of mine on Twitter, she sent it over to me she's this girl the American and I can say the name out loud so it's not Daxing girls already out there her name's Emma. Emma has a long history of this type of stuff. All the way dating back to whenever she was 15 years old. She got mad at her mom and tried to she just disappeared. And this is literally a recurring theme for this girl trying to actually people

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are doing stuff to or trying to like false rape things falsely, oh, I've been kidnapped but it's just because she's trying to get attention. So this pattern is continued up to these two young women meeting and plotting to frame the tape brothers I don't know their intentions behind out outside of they just wanted attention because obviously they wanted to have a documentary they want to have their own Netflix show. They wanted the Oscar they want all these things. That is insanity to me because if you're wiretapping somebody for 10 months you there's no reality where he didn't see those text messages because they wiretapped that anybody close to them. That's why whenever the tape

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brothers this the second time, he got arrested first and got arrested and some other people around him got arrested, which all of them also had kids funnily enough, but Oh, it's okay. Well, let's just try to push the certain narrative. So at this point, like if, in my opinion, and I'm not a journalist, I'm not a lawyer. I'm just a regular dude out here on my path. At this point with these text messages if this does not completely okay, let's we obviously don't have anything, these text messages completely disprove everything that we've tried to build this case over. If that doesn't happen, like I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be angry. Because that's insanity. Like if clear as day these

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two victims were fairy obviously, they were plotting they were rehearsing there. Oh, actually, maybe here's how you can actually look like you're crying. Oh, no, don't say that. You need to play dumb. Oh, okay. Yeah, let's dress up like this. Oh, okay. I'm gonna say this. And if they ask this question, I want you to say this as well. They're plotting everything. And there's no way the police didn't know it. So I mean, that's my bid on that. I can talk for hours about this. I want people to understand. So we have the first thing that was a red light, where you imagine now someone comes into your house, you got cameras all over and they come in and they steal your stuff. And now you

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can clearly identify who did it you can clear identify what they stole. But now the prosecution doesn't want to use this case. Use this footage, for example. Now flip that if if we're understanding this correctly, you have footage of everything that's going on in the house, but the prosecutor now is not using this. They're not allowed to evidence they won't even touch it. Okay, I think they've used aspects of it but like for the most part, won't even touch it. And then Linda's career this is not you making this stuff up. This is I mean, anyone can look into this. This is a brother Solomon. I forgot the last name like he does amazing. Yes, because I had him on the program.

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My brother Solomon

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is here me like talk or whatever, go check his Twitter out and he does very, very good work, either.

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actually learned some stuff from him just seeing his stuff on Twitter. So I was like, Oh, wow, I didn't know that. So yeah, I mean, this stuff's verifiable. And example, whenever this whole case was beginning, they wouldn't even give the evidence to the the, the original lawyer that we had, which we still have, wouldn't even give it to them until literally like 15 to 30 minutes before. And it was a stack of like 17,000 17,000 17,000 documents, documents, you imagine 17,000 documents you're given right before? How can you build a defense to that? Little things like this, like I started to think you know, what, there is justice in, in Romania. I'm sure they're gonna they'll get

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to the bottom of this. But then after what happened yesterday, and I saw those text messages, I was like, Okay, I think I see the game they're playing. They're trying to embarrass them and they've taken the property over there. We still have absolutely they haven't taken everything but in Romania specifically, they've tried to take their cars are trying to humiliate them there. They've even taken hundreds 1000s of dollars with a crypto I mean, and all this stuff is documented. So I'm not just putting out insider knowledge, all of this stuff documented, and they brag about it. The Romanian media and the government brag about it, like look what we can do. So it's not going to look

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good for many, many years. Like Romania is known for being very corrupt, but they're initially I think they're trying to show oh, we're not corrupt. And this is literally proving that they're corrupt. And if you're a foreigner, why even waste time in a country like Romania that's very corrupt and is going to target you because we have money? And believe something like these two young women that are is completely fabricated, you know, it's fabricated you have all this evidence is fabricated, but you continue keeping these two men and locked up in a jail cell. And you're like, not allowing them to have guests like I've tried to go other family family members of theirs have

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tried to go on allow those little things like this brother, it's, it's really annoying. It's really annoying. So we have that one red light here with the camera footage. Number two is I want people to imagine if you got arrested and now you're like, Okay, who's speaking out against who are the people now that are coming up to say I did something who are the victims, and now they got X and Y

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on the witness sheet, and you're like, hold on, you know, you're saying I didn't do anything but not just that. Now those victims that the cops came out, they're also protesting saying that we shouldn't be on that list. It's yeah, we're not victims. So you also have that okay piece of evidence that you also have that it's a red light. And then now we have that you've other things but now we have this coming out that this is the what's the the messages, the text messages going in detail on the conversations of these two strippers? And I also heard that one of them or which one was doing prostitution? Was there something there with that, to my knowledge, that was the girl from

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the UK and then the other girl was mainly a stripper and she had a stripper and a prostitute now coming together to set up a frame job and all the details are there and they're bragging out how they can win an Oscar trying to get a Netflix documentary going? What Romania What are you doing? What's up and I think we need look Dylan, I think we need some brave congressmen to step up to go ahead this is a US citizen you know you can like him or you like him not you know what I mean? But at the end of the day, if you're out for justice, you know have on certain principles, you got some integrity. Now you should have some US Congressman step up to go ahead and advocate you know, based

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on all of this evidence now that's kind of that's that's for them not against them because in Romania what we come to know is that the prosecutor has is trying to get evidence and now if the defense if you come up with evidence that can exonerate them they won't even use that that's how their legal system that's how this set up I'm hearing to turn it Yeah, that's crazy man. Yeah, won't even look at it brother and we actually we have an American lawyer that went over there and we part of the team was trying to get in wouldn't even allow it so it's like little little things like this it's going to take and the sad part of this world now is we like to be divisive. A lot of people

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create their entire perception of reality based off headlines so they okay Andrews Andrews, this this and this so anyway, he's just bad but then if you just turn and look at the truth, it's very obvious everything that the media and everybody else is saying that it's just false. So hopefully we'll see God willing or inshallah inshallah inshallah we will have somebody from America that's prominent, come forward and actually start talking about I've seen he's not a politician, but like, people like Tucker Carlson's mother, like, Americans, I guess, for the audience have come out and been supportive, but it's good. It's literally going to take like some kind of American politician

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that would make me gain a lot of respect. And to come out there because these are two Americans.

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isn't being held with zero evidence having their property stolen in a foreign country? I mean, that sounds like something that the US should actually care about. And this sets a precedence for some what someone else in American US citizen comes up you know American US citizen has rights now who's going to go ahead and protect these rights and you can see they're being violated like him or like him nuts if you did a crime if you did something wrong, okay, show the evidence take care of it you got to take care of but now you have all this stuff coming out. You got to stripper the prostitute trying to women any Emmy Award? And Oscar? I mean, come on, is that bragging about it? I mean, come

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on. Enough is enough. So action items, Dylan, I mean, we can give the people start calling your what do you think they can start calling some of their local congressmen, put some pressure put some pressure on these politicians. And let's see if someone who has some components, as they call it, you know, some great politician, Congressman, whoever can come up and start to go ahead and advocate on the US citizens behalf. What do you think? Yeah, 100% brother, I'd say do that. I mean, social media has been powerful. But if we truly, truly are in alignment with the truth, and alignment with God, and like, we see that this is clearly not a good thing. Like we can see the evidence clearest

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and use your own two eyes, use your own mind. I'm not telling you what to do, what to believe, go go look at it yourself. But the evidence is clear that they've been framed, call your local congressman, call you even call the embassy call them see try, like just beef them beef them. And just put it out there. Because unless we actually do something, we were talking earlier, you can't just talk about it, you got to actually show it. If you actually want if you actually care about the truth, you need to go out there and show it in the real world. You need to go out there. Call your like you're saying your local congressman, embassy, literally anything, anything and everybody and

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we'll see if anybody actually has the components that I think you said to like, stand up and actually go, okay, maybe I don't like this guy. Maybe I don't like the lifestyle. But I stand for America, I stand for truth. And these are two, obviously innocent young young men. So I'm going to stand to stand up and I'm going to do something about it. So we'll see. We'll see. Dylan, thank you very much for coming on. And we'll be in touch get her brother. Let's keep contact and we can help you along your journey and all along your way. And hopefully, next time well, we speak our

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agitate Christian truth. Tristan Tate will be out of this dungeon and they'll be out as I believe they're being held hostage now. So inshallah there'll be set free.

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Thank you, brother for having me. Thank you very much. Salaam Alaikum Peace be with you. Thank you too. I cannot leave without giving you a gift. If you're not yet Muslim, and you tune in and see what these Muslims are talking about. And you'd like a free copy of the Quran. Go and visit the deen We'll take care of the postage and everything and get it delivered to you. And if you still have some questions about Islam, call us at 1-800-662-4752 We'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you as salam aleikum. And if you liked this episode of the deen show, like this video, share this video far and wide brothers and sisters we've all had love