‘…and So That You May Show Thanks’ – Eid al-Fir Khubah 1443 – May 2022

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But can tiny tiny but can tiny Ana them be women coming to me in Kirby

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jelly either call up the MS the hatin da Seanie When does she mean Alon Toby?

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along why

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Alhamdulillah he'll have been with me in Rajnandgaon Rafi.

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Maliki minting II. Canada

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Canada stallion is Dino slit all stealthy stealthing sled on

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Google beyond ie him model on learning

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me meeting

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said he smelled odd bacon

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one lady

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One lady

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said Fujairah who was

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so nobody hookah

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in sha Allah homed in

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on all my

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one oh yes zero gallon use further kid in fit the law say yeah that Caroma Yoshua Terjun

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a lady Auslan now

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more JioFi

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the body of

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jazz EPCA was at Cal was smelled I'll be here if

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they don't see it on

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Sirajul fire

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in hada and I feel so healthy una Sufi wrote on him Musa Allahu Akbar

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semi Allahu naman Amida

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Allah who I could run

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Al Hamdulillah he'll have been robbed me in a rush man Al Rashid me man Mima Nikki young mid Dini I cannot avoid on Ghana Stein did not sleep at all.

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Mostly at all. It's on Latina and him well you didn't know we'll go beyond that he him more on me than

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What Doha Lainey? is, as I said, Jama Dakka Dakka.

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One hirato fine you don't like I mean,

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what I sell for y'all tweak out on Book of Job on LM Yejide aka team

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Wawa jejak elbows on

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wha wha jejaka

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Melia Dima for example, Hello What

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hell what I'm being there Matthew long beak of

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dis Aloha

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semi Allah Honeyman Hamidah

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along them

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along Oh

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center out more than

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a cell

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Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu

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Akbar. Allah Akbar Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar. Allahu Okamoto Kobe law. Well Hamdulillah he can feel what's true behind Allah He booked Quran 103

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in in LA LA who know sola Abijah Wasaga Kawada Wahhabism. AKSARBEN

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EDA in law law what?

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more closely in and out Who do you know what okay healthcare for your own Alhamdulillah he from Al Hamdulillah we thank Allah subhanahu wa Tada for every single blessing he has bestowed upon us, we praise him as he deserves to be praised. Allah subhana which Allah mentions Ramadan in the Quran, and in the context of our whole Bond. He had mentioned explicitly that aid Salah as well and the tech Virata we read within the context of Ramadan, Allah azza wa jal says a Yemen margu dat limited or the number of days so quickly 30 days have gone by and then Allah azza wa jal says what he took me I want you to finish these days. One E two Kabiru Allah Allah Maha doklam And I want you to say

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that could be a lot because of my guiding you what I like them to score on and so that you may give shocker to me these tend to be raw that we are stating they are meant to be the culmination of an entire month long of fasting what he took me

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wanting to compete Allah Allah Maha come when we say Allahu Akbar when we praise Allah azza wa jal and glorify Him. Are we truly understanding we are testifying? There is nothing more important to me than Allah Allahu Akbar. Allah is grander. Allah is more important, Allah is more significant than anything in my life. Allahu Akbar. There is nothing worthy of Me sacrificing or worshiping except for Allah and to Allah, Allahu Akbar, my life and my death ALLAH who

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Akbar, my fasting and my charity, Allahu Akbar. Everything that I have it is for Allah and from Allah Allahu Akbar, wanting to communicate, wanting to Kabiru Allah Allah Maha come while I let him touch Quran and so that you may show your thanks to me you may show your sugar to me brothers and sisters, there is so much to show sugar for especially on this lead. Where does one begin? First and foremost, the most important sugar every single sugar that we do is dependent upon this is the sugar that we deserve that we owe to Allah for having guided us to this religion and faith. The Shuker that we owe to Allah for being Muslims for being in the ummah of the Prophet salallahu idea he was

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setting him for being in the nation that the Quran has come down upon. Dear Muslims, the biggest blessing Allah has given me a new is the blessing of iman. It is eemaan It is faith. It is religion that gives meaning to our lives gives us a sense of purpose makes us noble, there is no purpose of living without religion. Religion tells us why we are here what's going to happen after we die. religion tells us who created us, we thank Allah for being guided to Islam, and were it not for Allah, we would not have this guidance. So we do Shuker to Allah we show thanks to Allah, and especially in our times, when religion is on the decline, and more and more people are embracing no

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faith, it becomes so important that people of faith remind others have the beauty of faith. Every one of us is a role model and Ambassador, every one of us is a representative not only of the religion of Allah, but of the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah, your friends, your colleagues, they will look at you and they will see in you whether you have taken this position or not in their eyes, you are a representative of our faith. So live up to that faith and show thanks to Allah for being a Muslim, the second chukker that I have to remind myself and you especially this feed, the second shocker we have to remind ourselves of is the Shuker that we owe to Allah of having gone through

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these last two years of one of the greatest if not the greatest tragedies of our times, and that is the COVID cycle and the COVID crisis. Brothers and sisters never forget two aids ago we were praying at home never forget literally two reads ago there was no need. We were telling you how to pray at home and there was no there was an empty masjid. And I was speaking here simply for the video. We thank Allah last year there was a partial A that I'm going to Allah. And now we'll hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah. We thank Allah that things are returning to normalcy. But never forget, brothers and sisters do not take what you have for granted. There are people that are no longer with us because

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they have gone in the last two years. There are people that COVID crisis has taken away. I do not think there is a single family except that they have loved ones or relatives or friends or at the very least acquaintances and colleagues who are no longer amongst us. So Shuker, Allah azza wa jal has chosen me and you to come out of this crisis, Allah has chosen us, let us demonstrate to Allah, that sugar in our actions, and the third and final point of sugar, and again, this is just a partial list otherwise, as Allah says, if you were to count the blessings of Allah, you would not be able to count them. The third and final blessing from Allah the Shuker that every one of us should

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appreciate brothers and sisters for the blessings that we have, especially in the time and the place that Allah has allowed us to live in. There are people around the world who are being persecuted for their religion. There are people who are not able to pray Eid, there are people who are in jail mass incarceration of Muslims taking place in places around the world. There are people who are living under governments that are increasing in their anti Islamic rhetoric and their mosques are being torn down and the public is being riled up to attack them. There are people that are being persecuted simply for c'est la ilaha illallah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, this isn't just one place, the

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list goes on and on and on. We can begin with philosophy and move on to Kashmir what is happening in China, let us not forget the situation in India and there are so many other lands Subhanallah should we not show Schuco to Allah? Should we not show sugar to Allah for having given us the luxuries the freedoms for having given us the life and the wealth and the health? We are not worried about civil war in the last few years how many of our own lands have been bombed? How many of our own Muslim countries have had civil wars going on? So in Hamdulillah, Al Hamdulillah we shook her to Allah that we are in a presupposition and an opportunity to worship Allah without fear without retaliation.

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Dear Muslims, when Allah has given us this privilege, when Allah has bestowed upon us this bounty, and others do not have it, then how can any one of us be ashamed of being a Muslim? How can any one of us not be pride take a legit legitimate pride in your sense of the Kadima Allah in either Muhammad? Allah, how can we not avail ourselves to the freedoms that we

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Ah and so many other people do not have the least that we can do given all that we have is to show that sugar to Allah what He took me literally data what he to come but Allah Allah Maha while I let them touch Quran show our chakra to Allah and chukar is shown brothers and sisters not just by the tongue by saying a shoe Kuruvilla And Alhamdulillah shoe could be shown in our actions shoe could be shown in our rituals shoe could be shown and how we interact with one other shoe could be shown in our charities our entire lives can be centered around sugar. So let this day be the day of eat enjoy this day in a halal manner. But take the lessons of Ramadan, take the spirituality of Ramadan, take

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the image that we have all increased in Ramadan and then use it to propel yourself forward until the next time oh god for those of us that will even be here. Make sure brothers and sisters that every Ramadan is your best Ramadan, make sure you continue to raise the bar every single year and yes indeed enjoy today. It is a holiday of enjoyment. But Be especially careful brothers and sisters that you do not destroy the good deeds of Ramadan by the sins of one day. Enjoy within the halal framework do what Allah has allowed you to do and do not go beyond the bounds. Allah humma in niederrhein For me, no, I'm going to make dua say I mean, Oh Allah, we asked you to accept our good

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deeds of Allah. Oh ALLAH forgive our sins, secure our faith, save us from calamities, conceal our false increase our wealth, protect our health, preserve our children, perfect our manners guide our progeny, except our repentance is the pangs of death. Fortify us in the grave. resurrect us with the righteous, make heavy our skills, ease our judgment. Give us the books in the right hand, shelter us with your shado Allah allow the messenger to intercede for us and cause us to be of the people of Jana, with your Rama Oh Allah Oh Allah bless Islam and its people and the OMA make it peaceful and protected from those who desire for an evil you're the Korean disease. Oh Allah, we asked you to

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protect the believers in Palestine, the believers in China, the believers in Burma, the believers in Kashmir and in any land where they are persecuted for your sake. Oh Allah grant your safety upon the Muslims of India and against all Muslims who are being oppressed by tyrannical governments around the world. Oh Allah help our brother and around the globe all who say the Kalima Oh ALLAH against all forms of Trinity and injustice, you are the almighty you are the all powerful servants of Allah. Allah has commanded you with an order that he began with himself and then commanded the angels to follow through themselves. And then he asked all of us to follow ourselves for he said in the law ha

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woman, equatorial saloon other Nebby Yeah, you 100 Hina Amma no Solu either he will send the motors Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam whereby the culinary Abdul Posada Mohamed while early he was some big marine servants of Allah may Allah subhana wa Tada accept all of us from us our good deeds and congratulate your brethren on this day a very well como which is from Allah who was set up to La hate la Baraka.

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me Ms de Heaton doll Seanie

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me what to

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Sunday. What

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are we talking

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down to

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me down in