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Got the LGBT curriculum some of the challenges that are posed through there right trying to undermine the foundations that we have as Muslims even many Christians were impressed at the Muslims there in Detroit

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poster of two young Muslim women that were kissing each other which was clearly you know, just meant to be provocative towards the Muslim communities like we're getting hit from all sides media, the news they were showing what they were showing they're blurring it out. You see that documentary? What is a woman? I'm gonna share it with me so he's from a Jewish background. If you're super religious and

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like bro, I'm Jewish and the Quran has like has a lot of truth to the Quran bro like a lot of stuff that I really like. Like like standby like the Quran is beautiful

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be wrong God, Allah, Allah

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam, Islam, this is the dijo

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talk about this I would only talk about explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam. Welcome

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Alhamdulillah As Salam aleikum, welcome to the show media host and I have one of the earlier guests here it's been a while Sheikh Omar Salim on how you doing How you doing man? I even Alhumdulillah hair blonde Amin feels like we just jumped back into 2010 Yeah right Subhan Allah how things here in Texas hamdulillah as you can see, man, the weather's nice and warm.

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Everything is wonderful him that I've been I've been out for a while so got to come back my first Jumaane back Mashallah.

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I got to do it and have you there with me and have that amount of VRC. So hamdulillah everything is? Well. It's beautiful here. Yes. Yes, it is. More beautiful because you hear him on my show. 100 I wanted to AMI we I could I wanted to ask you, were you. I don't know why I have this picture in my head. Way back. You know, you know, Sheikh

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Ibrahim, of course. I don't know how long ago when he made this turn. I'm thinking like with these brothers. I don't know. I don't remember. Exactly. But he was much heavier before right.

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And you lost a lot of weight. Also yourself, didn't you? Yeah. Yeah. made a dramatic. A much more dramatic change. Yeah, he's amazing. Yeah, he's one of the closest brothers in the world. I was a lot heavier before I

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started taking nutrition series. And I was like, and I was really pushing. I was like, do these brothers watch some of my programs? Because I was the I was talking about we need to get Coca Cola we need to get all this sugar out of the Masjid. No, hamdulillah No, I yeah, I I had gotten taken exercise and all that stuff seriously about a decade ago. Yeah. So if you watch my old stuff from like, 2008 2009 Yeah, was around the time. I mean, it was it was a difficult time in my life. It's my mom had passed away let her know so I kind of lost myself for a few years and then came back to getting back into fitness and staying a little bit disciplined. How's that going? How's your

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discipline with that? I mean, because I mean, Islam is a complete way of life. I know you got to also take care of the amount of the trust that Allah give us the body yeah, right Hamdulillah you know, I tried to exercise but then you know, Sheikh Abdullah duro Oh yeah, man, he just makes me feel that every time I see him because mashallah he could he could pick pick me up and my old pick up five with me in my old state Yeah, throw me around. But not hamdulillah man we we got a good group of brothers here Mashallah. That constantly, you know, work out together, play sports together, stay at it together. We're not all like Sheikh Abdullah do or like you Ma'am, I shall

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always working on the gym at the MMA, MMA spots and stuff like that. So we're having it doing the best that we can. But you're right, your body's in Amana. And the more you take care of yourself, the more data you can do as well the more good work you can try to do as well so

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you can't take it with you when you go or you can't take this with you when you go and you can't take this with you when you go brothers and sisters we're all going to depart from this life and all of our material possessions to our money will stay behind but your reoccurring investment is at the center will continue to grow even when you leave this light so go ahead and make that reoccurring investment in a masjid and mega data center that will benefit you in this life. And in the next click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you. Yeah, just recently I had

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because we're like hanging by a thread you just never know. Like I just had someone here approached me at the masjid. And brother, he was living in Milwaukee. And he's here now with you guys. And I interviewed someone from Milwaukee a brother by the name of Yaqoob. And I was just told that young brother, he's got to be in his late 20s, early 30s. And that he would just put on hospice, three to six months to live had some heart condition or something. So given full shifa Amin giving for half an hour just reminds me of you know, how, how temporal and how sacred this life is that we have, it's so short at any time and people are just all over being slaves to this slaves to that, you

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know, and you talked about, you know, being a slave to your Creator to Allah, can you go ahead and elaborate on that? Yeah, so the concept of herbal idea the concept of being a slave to Allah subhanaw taala you know, Allah subhanaw taala ultimately speaks about people as being enslaved to multiple things. Many people are enslaved to their desires. I eat I'm gonna tell her that either. Haha. I mentioned people that take their desires as gods. Some people are enslaved to their difficulties, they can't see beyond their difficulties. And in fact, anything that they've done worship or that they include in the arena of worship and servitude is with one sole intention of

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escaping a difficulty. So Allah subhanaw taala mentions, I mean, a nasty man. Yeah, but Allah, Allah help. There's some people that worship Allah on an edge, they're like on a cliff. So their worship of Allah is insincere. Because if God is, you know, coming to them, then they stay on. But if hardship comes to them, they jump off the cliff, right? They leave their Creator and so their worship of Allah subhanaw taala was either insincere, or inconsequential. It wasn't true, servitude. It wasn't true slavery to Allah subhanaw taala. There are people that are enslaved to their friends, the opinions of people and how other people view them and perceive them. And they completely shape

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and mold their entire lives, to fit other people's perception. Some people are enslaved by their fears. And you know, the fear of others or fear of events or fear of incidents, right. And Islam kind of comes with this full package of liberation, true liberation of the self. There's a very famous statement from robber even though I'm it'll be a long time and when he walked in front of one of the rulers of Persia, and he said in a locked app, and it includes a very bad memory, but it's really bad either Eva with the ability, that woman bleep dunya dunya, one after a woman Jota a Danila idealism so that Allah has sent us to liberate people, from being slaves to other slaves to

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being slaves of the Lord of all slaves. So you're no longer enslaved to men and from the injustice of other ways to the way of Islam and from the, the constriction of this life to the expanse of this life and the hereafter. So Allah spans liberates us. And we feel that true liberation only when we entrust ourselves to a lost pounds, when we when we enslave ourselves and serve ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada with everything that we have, I want you to paint that picture for people who don't know this scenario, this man is coming in in front of a king, right? A ruler? Yeah. And it just I want people to really like picture this pink this How was he coming in? He's like, walking with what is he

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walking with, you know, on this fancy rug or whatnot. And he's coming in front of the ruler over here. And they invited him to see who these Muslims are, can you elaborate on that this is deep, it is absolutely deep because there was a pretentiousness to that right? There are all sorts of objects and illusions of superiority, that are,

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you know, put forth to give people a rank that they don't have. And so the thrones and the, the garments, and the lower to status and authority, all of that all of those appeals are false appeals, and essentially people elevating themselves beyond what Allah subhanaw taala allowed them to elevate themselves with. And when you have a person that sees through all of that, alright, that doesn't shrink in the presence of those people like Musa Islam like Moses peace be upon him and the Pharaoh Moses didn't shrink, because he saw right through the pretentiousness he saw right through all of the false, you know, appeals of Pharaoh to power and to authority. And so there'll be even more on

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there will be a law on who is a Bedouin man, right? And he's a very simple man and the red carpet doesn't impress him. The Throne doesn't intimidate him. The spear does not cause him any fear. He is liberated because he only considers the sight of Allah subhanaw taala throughout that entire process. And so when he talks about the hierarchy of needs of a person, right, Maslow's hierarchy of needs, so self actualization and Islam that's what I have for now.

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helmets alone and they don't fear the blame of the blamer that a person ascends to a point spiritually to where Allah becomes their only goal, Allah becomes their only pursuit, God becomes their only goal, God becomes their pursuit, God becomes their audience. You know, a lot of times people talk to me about,

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you know, just from a spiritual perspective, like the sight of other people React, React, which is to show off, right that some people do good only to be seen by others. Well, the prophets lie, some call that a hidden shidduch, you're, you're turning that partner to hidden foreign polytheism, because you're turning that person into a partner of God, because you're starting to worship for him, even if you're not worshipping Him, you only worship for him. And some people will say, but what do we do because we struggle with this, right? You know, we, we do good things. And sometimes we don't know if the intention is for Allah, it's for that other person that's watching. And the

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believer settles that, by becoming so aware of the sight of God upon them, that whether they are in private or in public, they're only really considering his sight. So when they're in private, in their worship of Allah subhanaw taala, they're generating enough of a connection to the sight of Allah upon them, to where when 20 Other people enter into the room, they're only considering the sight of Allah subhanaw taala. And so think of it this way, if you're addressing an audience, and a prime minister walks in, or really prominent celebrity, if there are 300 other people in there, you're thinking about that guy in the front row, right? For us, we're thinking about the Lord of the

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heavens, in the earth wherever we are. And so these companions were so liberated, in that sense, because they were only considering the sight of Allah subhanho Its ad. So you could put forth Your throne, you could put forth your cloak, you could put forth all of your appeals to power and prestige and prominence. But it does not appeal to me. Because I focused on that. And that's what test Kia does what spirituality does. For the believer, it puts them in the servitude of Allah subhanaw taala alone. And a person liberates themselves from being a slave to their desires, from being a slave to you know, the the approval of others from being a slave to power from being a slave

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to the pursuit of anything that is worldly, by committing themselves entirely to the Lord of the heavens and the earth. Well, you have Muslims who are doing that Muslims, ones who have submitted their will to decree the heavens and earth, and they're trying to live their lives peacefully in accordance, what God Almighty Allah has ordained for them to do. And now you see, no, we struggle like anybody, everybody has struggles. And, you know, you go through life and you deal with different challenges and whatnot, every generation has their own set of challenges, but we're seeing something as very saddening, we're seeing something in today's times is something like we haven't

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seen and no other generation, it's hitting us here. And

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how, how would you the sexualization is happening with the children in the schools? You'll see like when now you as you're in Texas, you I don't know if it's the same, you know, you have a big Christian community and Jewish community, people who want to live, you know, by certain values, and they would send their children to learn math, reading science. And now, you know, you see what they're doing, you know, they're just recently I just did something where they had the health department person coming for a particular group of people, and now they're passing around these, these toys, you know, and talking about, you know, it's it's you feel shy, you've been talking

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discussing, but this is a big challenge, you know, how, what I mean, is that the same thing happening here, as I don't think as much as like, please like Chicago and California. Yeah, look, you know, subhanAllah, we face different challenges and different phases of our lives and where we are in different states as well. Right. Yeah, different communities. And so not Texas, here, this is where they have the Cowboys. And, you know, we have our own set of challenges here. Everyone's challenges, right. But, you know, to kind of walk that back a bit, right? So I grew up

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in Louisiana, I was the only Muslim in my school and public school my whole life. I didn't really have to identify as Muslim or not really being a Muslim, because it was it was not really consequential. But I think the pressures of Muslims growing up in public school, for example,

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prior to some of the madness that we're seeing with sexual curriculum right now, or sexualized curriculum right now, a lot of it was just being the Muslim that's kind of out of place, being looked at differently.

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Having to struggle with being a stranger, you know, school dances, pork in the cafeteria. Yeah. The racialization may be if you were if you were from another country, or whatever it may be right, those were kind of the pressures then you got the post 911 world, right. And so that's right after us, you know, and post 911 people going to school Subhan Allah being looked at as terrorists and being looked at as as violent and having to deal with the baggage of the hysteria after 911 and that's

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To another unique challenge. And so a lot of people wanted to change their names and wanted to kind of move away from being Muslim. And then now you have the curriculum challenges the sexual education that comes in and just makes things so much more complicated the these elements, these things that are put forward that are entirely opposed to our value system as Muslims, and that's another challenge to them. Now, it depends where you go, right. So in Texas, for example, you still got like, the first introduction to Islam is going to be 911 here, and then ISIS still going on? That's, that's unfortunately, here in Texas in the curriculum. That's a huge thing. But then somebody, what

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do you mean in curriculum is still there still? Yeah, yeah. So like, for example, my kids were, they are an Islamic? Yeah. That's, that's one of the appeals to Dallas. Right? Yeah. We have a lot of Islamic schools. But

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you know, when

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the pandemic, what, 2020, right, you have the shutdown, that happens, and then now the Schools are shut down.

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And I remember we put our kids into, we thought it was going to be okay, like an online public school, right there online. What's the worst that can happen? And within the first week, it was like, who attacked us on 911. And it was Muslims. You know, it was crazy, right? This was considered one of the better public schools, right? So the public school curriculum is very Islamophobic. In that sense, right? anti Muslim, driven by that, that sort of really raw post 911 hysteria, ISIS is put, you know, they'll actually watch videos of ISIS and stuff like that were told that this is Islam. So that's a challenge for them. Right? Then you go to places like Chicago, I think some of

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the more liberal states, the bluer states, right? And you've got the LGBT curriculum, some of the challenges that are posed through there, right, trying to undermine,

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you know, many of the foundations that we have as Muslims, and that a lot of people have faith. And it's just, it's really challenging. That sounds right, Michigan, what happened over there, I think what we have to do, first and foremost in there, this is multifaceted, right? But we teach our children, this idea of what about this idea of being strange, in a way that's empowering, that you have the truth, that you have a purpose in life, and people are going to chip away and challenge that purpose in different ways. But anchor yourself in the Quran and the Sunnah, and then take inspiration. You know, from the prophets, I'm in front of the companions, and some of the stories

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the stories are not just there for us tomorrow, a lot of these great people of the past, right, you asked me to paint the picture, I do a class on the Sahaba, every Tuesday night, called the first right I talked about the Companions, we anchor ourselves in in those stories, and the son of the Sierra, and those stories, and we keep ourselves grounded through that, just like last contest, don't the prophets lie, some Stories of the Prophets that came before

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we have the stories of the prophets in the Quran, we have the story of the Prophet slice. And then we have the story of, or the stories of the multiple companions around the Prophet slice, and then those that came after. So it gives us something to anchor ourselves. So to really help our children develop this, this strong sense of being anchored in the way of Allah subhanaw taala, of being slaves of Allah's parents as servants of Allah, and that, not only should you not buckle under pressure, but you should challenge the pressure, whether it's political, or whether it's social, cultural, and don't be afraid to challenge it. Don't be afraid to express who you are, and

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articulate who you are, as a Muslim, of course, with wisdom and with the methodology of the prophets lie some, but don't be afraid to articulate who you are, and to challenge it. And some people are gonna get aggressive and abrasive with you as a result of that, but don't be afraid to challenge it. And I think that, you know, Muslims face this, you know, in different ways, this this type of pressure in different ways, you know, and I think that it's important for us in Montana to challenge the pressure in different ways, ideologically, some people are going to need to deconstruct some of the

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underlying philosophies that drive these types of things. Some people are going to need to construct an Islamic framework that's, you know, very much so part of the theme,

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not packaging anyone else's way but actually talking about the way of the Quran and the Sunnah and building those constructs inshallah Tada for us to offer to ourselves and to society around us, because we want good for everyone around us. Some of us are going to need to

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challenge the Texas curriculum, and some of us are going to need to challenge the Chicago curriculum and ultimately, we have Allah subhanaw taala with us in Charlottetown. And when we do that, and we should articulate this as a way of what that look, we are committing ourselves to something greater. And there is no way that you're ever going to take our deen away from us that whether you want whether you want to attack us with pressure, political pressure and the fear

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mongering that often comes from the right wingers Right? Or whether you want to attack us with the social and cultural pressure and you know much of what comes through the left wing, right? We're often caught between annihilation and assimilation, you know, it's like one side wants to kill us. One side wants to change us. And it's like, no, no, we're going to be Muslims. We're going to live ourselves committed to the way of our Lord and the way of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we're going to live our lives with dignity. And we're going to challenge those pressures in Charlottetown, however they come because we're slaves of Allah subhanaw taala. And we are in that

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process in sha Allah to Allah going to teach our children to be the same, to be confident in their Islam, to be willing to challenge that wherever it comes. And I'm very proud, honestly, of many Muslims, and parents even that will challenge it. Right, that will take a stand. And that will say that no, this isn't my religion in Canada, I was in Canada,

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where you had some of the, I think there was a poster of two Muslim women that were kissing each other young Muslims that challenge that, right. And that actually made a difference in that, and I went there, Subhan Allah, and it was in London, Canada, where you had a car, you don't just think about the different pressures, I think this captures that. Well, a man who ran over a Muslim family, and killed them and locks up the machine. And in the same place, you had, like, you know, this poster of two young Muslim women that were kissing each other, which was clearly, you know, just meant to be provocative towards the Muslim communities, like, we're getting hit from all sides, but

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the youth over there really are some of the most impressive youth and they've been forced to be that way. Because of the pressure that's been hitting them from multiple sides, and may Allah bless them, they held themselves with a lot of dignity with a lot of beauty.

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And I was very proud of them. And I told them when I went and I saw them, I said, you know, Allah has made you a very special, you know, group, very special community that you literally had to fight, you know, pressure from all sides just for being Muslim for just trying to be yourselves and hamdulillah Lost Planet Allah has blessed them with with much success and so much confidence in the process of law. Now, what do you think? What was your reaction when you saw, like many, even many Christians were impressed at the Muslims there in Detroit?

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They stepped up, you know, if you don't, you know, they were putting these books, in the curriculum in the schools and libraries in the Muslims, you know, saw this and these were books that now with pictures that it's really strange that the media, the news, they were showing what they were showing, they were blurring it out. Because it was so yeah, vulgar. It was so vulgar. But then the kids they were given these things that kids and you could see the Muslims took a stand, the only thing I saw there was missing, and many people a leader to step up and lead. Well, I think I think many of the local Imams at hamdulillah did a good job there in Detroit, you know? Were you in

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contact with anyone there? Did you?

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I was like, what did you think? What did you think of the whole situation? how this goes? And it goes back to what you're saying? Tip was to, to challenge? Yeah, no, look, I think that

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when parents come together,

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and challenge a school board, yeah. That's one of the most effective ways of organizing your community. Yeah. So I think at the end of the day, I mean, you have to look at that situation of Muslims, parents that came together. Don't be scared to challenge Don't, don't be scared to especially Look, man, these people at the end of the day, our elected officials, right, your local school boards, your local representatives, don't be afraid to challenge them. Absolutely not. And so I think that those parents, you know, and Hamdulillah, they, they came together and they said, This is outrageous, you know, what's happening with our children. And I think that we should take that as

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a lesson in Charlottetown around the country. You know, here in Irving, Texas, we, we had a similar situation with our Public Library. And actually Muslim parents here got together handed metal but I mean, and with people that were concerned, from other faith communities even and so this is ridiculous. We don't want our children being sexualized in a public school library, right? This is this is not something that we want to see happening. So I think that him did a lot of rhyming May Allah bless them and reward them.

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You know, when parents come together and say articulately, that this is not what we want, and they work with the local Imams, they work with sort of the local community leaders, you know, I think that it's something that's very powerful and profound and inshallah Tiana can be done around and I think just to connect it to the initial discussion here, right when you talk about Obadiah, right, this idea of servitude to Allah subhanaw taala this this at the

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core of this, right? This idea of, you know, transcending not just some of the basic notions of who you are, you know, in the sense of gender, right. But transhumanism, right, this idea of transcending our humanity. Right? You know, and I think that we have to think about this going forward, right, with the a sense of AI, you know, artificial intelligence, and so many other things that people are trying to transcend, they're very humanity and our children are being told that the only way that you can liberate yourself is through injecting yourself with all sorts of hormones and expensive surgeries and

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transcending the very essence of who you are, and this is opposed to your fifth law, this is opposed to your natural inclination. And that's such a, that's such a horrible message to be giving to children, when they go to school, right. And that's such an injustice to the parents that send their children's children to these different schools, where they're going to be, you know, fed some of these notions of happiness and these notions of

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transcending your humanity, right? Instead, we Inshallah, tada can ground our children in something that's better. And something that's closer to the fitrah closer to their natural being their natural way, their natural disposition, and help them grow in confidence and being able to articulate that as well didn't like to add. And I think that parents need to do that parents need to play a role. I think that frankly, this has to become a more wholesome discussion about you know, a lot of parents put their kids in public schools because Islamic school tuition is prohibitive.

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So we got to think about the tuition of Islamic schools and making Islamic schools more accessible to parents and some of these communities and then we need to make sure that we're teaching the right curriculum in these Islamic schools inshallah Tada to construct a better worldview to construct something that's more wholesome, and that's more in tune with the fifth Allah and inshallah to Allah, we can continue to challenge you know, the various pressures that are around us again, with, with with wisdom in sha Allah, Tiana and together and everyone playing the role as we go forward. Do you think we should take as a community and more proactive instead of reactive role in this, we're

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now it's coming to your door as many are seeing, you know, you just, we couldn't be talking about so many other things, that I'm kind of forced to talk about it also because I fear for not just my children, for others children's for you know, just humanity in general. You see, what's what's going on? They're trying to convince you that I mean, it's clear you know, God Almighty, Allah is telling us the man is not like the woman, you have the only one who doesn't have a gender as the creator of the heavens and earth. So now, young, young, impressionable kids at the age of 456, are being led to believe that they can go ahead and be you know, a wolf tomorrow or they can go ahead and be a woman

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can be a man, a man can be a woman we're living I cannot believe that we're living at a time like this, you know, so, what do you think for people who are kind of within the law, you know, not calling to any bullying or violent any of these things, but just practicing our freedom of speech within the law, as a community who lives by certain values ordained by the Creator to heavens and earth as Muslims, we believe that's from the remainder Word of God Almighty, the Quran and the Sunnah. So how can we and what do you? What do you suggest instead of it comes knocking on your door, your net your masjid, and then you're reacting to it instead of being proactive? Because I can

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look at look, I think that the pace at which things have been unfolding are a major cause of concern. Right? And it's, it's crazy, right? If it's a big pace, right? Six, seven years, like how much of the world has changed? In the last seven, eight years? Right? That's like things that we would have never thought we'd see in our lifetime happened within a decade.

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And so the pace of this is very aggressive, right? And very penetration through popular art through movies, right? You got to scan every cartoon every movie that you're exposing your family to in advance, right. It's it's it is really concerning. So even if they're not getting it in the curriculum at school, they're certainly getting it in the curriculum. Have you just mentioned some Netflix movies? They have the Muslim girl Fatima, some set up to put pressure on Netflix. Right, we have the boycott Netflix campaign? And have you heard about that? What's the what's the Yeah, they went there was a shadow ban on social media for posting the boycott Netflix campaign. And that

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revolves around this what we're talking about, like, like, Who would think like, what, what natural, just

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common sense would allow you to think that a show sexualizing young Muslim girls in that way would be okay, you know, but and then to it seems like targeting Muslim, the Muslim audience, the Muslim Yeah, I think immunity here to look, I think that it's targeting communities that are naturally sort of resistant towards some of these ideologies and ways of thinking, right? And so the pace is very aggressive. And so what

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What does that mean? For us, that means that everyone has a role to play. We need to create alternatives and media that are different than what's being fed to our children. We need good quality media, we need to have people that deconstruct at the philosophical level, some of what is behind these ideologies, we need to have Muslims that can construct the alternative ways in Charlottetown as that are closer to the fifth on that resonate with people we need to articulate our frameworks inshallah to Ana better, and we need to work together in Charlottetown. And to have a plan strategic. So you mentioned you mentioned that turning up the pace I started thinking like, you

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know, when Habib turns it up, you know, you gotta you don't slow down, you got to turn it up. Absolutely. But like, look, you know, you think about, you know, protecting religious institutions, the right to function as our institutions in China Wakanda, right, our massage with our slang schools. So you need to bring in your lawyers you need to bring in, okay, so now we're going to action plan to get into lawyers keep going. You need lawyers, you need people in media, you need religious scholars, you need people that are academics that can deconstruct this philosophy philosophically, you know, you need to bring people, medical professionals, now medical

00:31:12--> 00:31:46

professionals, the point is, is that this is a multi prong is it being done at all? I think that I think we can have a breakthrough with this, with this program we're doing now that we can start because this is how it happens. You know what I mean? They're gonna get to, when we did the push I had, you don't understand how many people contacted me when I did, I'm just striking example with the get the Coca Cola down in Masjid starting type it I was like, and this is out of my concern, you know, for the health of the Muslim for the health of people, humanity in general. And I had people telling me, man, I really helped and we started to clean up and we started to, you know, be more

00:31:46--> 00:32:19

eating healthy. So Inshallah, this can be something that we can kick off, and people can really go ahead and put these action plans into effect. Yeah. Listen, the the discourse, the discourse itself is one thing. And you know, I was at the mouth convention, Chicago, Chicago, as a family gave a beautiful talk. And she asked her family said, you know, like, he gave this example of how someone came up to him afterwards and said, you know, this sounds like hate speech. And you're talking about being a mercy to the world's allotments and an ally. And I mean, the prophets lie, some being mercy to the world and the sounds like hate speech. And he said, No, I don't think it's merciful to

00:32:19--> 00:32:30

children, to teach them that the only way they can be happy, is to undergo all of these dramatic transformations and to be fed with this. I think that's cruelty to them. Actually, I think that's the opposite of Rama.

00:32:32--> 00:32:43

And he articulated it beautifully. And you saw the way it resonated with people as he was saying, was this. Was this a Muslim? who approached him who said that? I believe, so. I can't remember the story, as he told he's a good friend of mines. Yeah.

00:32:45--> 00:32:49

But I think that that's one form of it, right? Like the idea of the discourse changing and

00:32:50--> 00:33:22

for us to be able to challenge it and Charlottetown effectively, but what I'd also say, before you go to your next point, because it has me thinking you see how quickly the Muslim, you get desensitized, little by little, and you start thinking as normal, and I now Fatima, or Muhammad thinks like, hey, you know, I can fly jumps off the roof, he wouldn't do that. But now he starts thinking, hey, I'm a girl. And you see how the confusion hits home penetrates. And next thing, you know, look, we have to have these clear boundaries, you know, you can't cross them. So it's multifaceted. Yeah, you know, there's also mashallah like, for example, what Brother where he

00:33:22--> 00:33:25

Johnson, and then we're doing the

00:33:26--> 00:33:31

it's called Beyond the way beyond the rainbow podcast, you know, and we recently had a webinar

00:33:33--> 00:34:02

Yaqeen Institute about LGBT, some of the issues and addressing it from multiple, multiple angles, and I thought it was very well is that the brother who, who was going down a path, and like we opened up earlier, being a slave to your creative has to be a slave to design and he's helping people to get overcome. And they're trying to pass the armor talks about this, and they're trying to pass laws, I guess, that's that. They also tried to stop things like this, aren't they? You know, to be to be honest with you, I think that there's a lot of

00:34:03--> 00:34:42

this is a good initiative. Now he's showing that people could, you know, yeah, I think that there's a lot of room for debate about what constitutes the legal and illegal but obviously, the laws are definitely becoming more aggressive and like No, but I think the point is that you need an approach for Muslims that have desires I think, I think the point is, is that like, Look, you have to have a way for Muslims that want to be sincere slaves of Allah subhanaw taala and want to enslave themselves only to Allah subhanaw taala and want to be you know, faithful Muslims and not succumb to the Haram right and actually find ways to deal with the crisis that they have then you've got to

00:34:42--> 00:34:48

have the political discourse then you've got to have the social discourse then you've got to have the media discourse and legal discourse So

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

to answer the very first question something being done actually handed on there are a few a few. Yeah, efforts right now a few Muslim scholars that are working with different folks and inshallah Tada. There should be

00:35:00--> 00:35:35

Something within the next few months with an eye to on if something that's comprehensive and shallow is about sort of a strategy for us. What What was your thought? Have you? Did you see that documentary? What is a woman? I didn't watch it first. Yeah, yeah, I think you should watch it. I mean, it'd be nice if we can work with people like this. But then on the other end, you worry about people like this also, who have such a wrong image of Islam. But at the same time, you know, if these are the places I can't, I can't come again, I didn't watch the documentary. And that's probably my fault. And I probably should watch the documentary and be able to give an informed

00:35:35--> 00:36:14

opinion on it. But I know enough from how people have discussed it. But I think to the broader point that you just mentioned, if Muslims start to have their own authentic discourse, and their own strategy and their own platform, then they can then engage on the basis of those ideas, rather than having to engage on the basis of other people's ideas, and then take on their baggage. And I think that that's something that, frankly, we can take as a as a lesson for us in Charlottesville, I speak to myself first, like we have to Inshallah, to Allah, articulate things from the Quran and the Sunnah, that are authentic to our discourse, Inshallah, and then engage the rest of society on the

00:36:14--> 00:36:49

basis of that discourse, and not always have to react to someone else's ideas, and then take on their baggage, because at the end of the day, even if at the output level, we're going to agree with certain people on the right, and certain people on the left on certain issues, you know, foundationally, we're different. We're operating from a different place. We're operating from divine revelation, we're operating from an entirely different worldview of Islam. And so that means that we have to be able to articulate that properly. You know, I'd recommend you know, we recently in Hamburg that released the paper, from Dr. Cole, Sharif Togi.

00:36:50--> 00:37:32

And he talks about sort of the narratives, right Islam and LGBT and the narratives right and building a worldview from an Islamic perspective. So we have to have our own worldviews that we engage with others on the basis of rather than constantly reacting to others. And then we we work towards that which is good and shot what's on and the most effectively together, as a community in a way that demonstrates what we learned from our Prophet sallallahu wasallam. And we constantly try to not just help our own community navigate some of the turmoil that exists out there. But Islam is not just not for the Muslims, right? It's for the world, right? Try to put forth a way that is better

00:37:32--> 00:38:14

for the world and Charlottetown and that can actually benefit people we're not here to beat people into their darkness, and save ourselves on the ship. Right? We're here to help us all in Charlottetown with so much of what is happening to us in different ways, help us all not drown in the darkness and lose ourselves lose our, our sense of fitrah lose our sense of who we are as human beings connect ourselves back to Allah subhanaw taala and work with people for that which is good in sha Allah to work with people for that which is better and to engage thoughtfully inshallah with our own frameworks in sha Allah, Allah with our own foundation of Islam, and may Allah subhanaw taala

00:38:14--> 00:38:55

allow us to constantly come back to that inshallah Tada and to build from that place and Charlotte, are those pleasing to Him? And may He forgive us as we become desensitized to so much that's around us. You know, you think about alcohol man. Like, that's just one way Riba, right? Adultery, so many things that we've become desensitized to as Muslims, we can become desensitized to any of these things, right? So to be grounded in that which is pleasing to Allah subhanaw taala, to channel that in every effective way that we can have. In closing, I like what you said, Islam is a mercy for all of mankind, you know, this is for everybody. And without mentioning any names, you had a very, very

00:38:56--> 00:39:28

famous individual who's out there now and agree with him or not, people are hearing the word Islam. They're going and looking it up. And they're fascinated, you know, I was watching a clip from a very famous individual, I think it was named Aiden or something. And he's talking about man, you know, and I think he comes from a Jewish background, and he's looking like, man, the Quran, you know, there's things in there make sense? I'm looking into it. And just like, you know, amazing. So, you know, what would you say just in closing up, for the people who are tuning in, they really respect they like that, you know, they're seeing in their churches, they're allowing the stuff to go down

00:39:28--> 00:39:38

and they're seeing things, you know, being compromised, you know, but they're seeing the Muslims are holding the ground, you know, they really, really respect that. But then they're just like, hold on, you're stuck on where we open up, they're stuck.

00:39:39--> 00:39:59

You know, they're stuck on these, you know, stereotypes. How would you break down for someone who's like, you know, maybe this is the first time they're going to really have exposure to some degree with everything. Okay. They can be the atheist who left Christianity or the Christian who's not talking about trinity, or whoever it is, you know, the Aidan who's listening, whoever it is out there, and they're just like, Okay, we got them now.

00:40:00--> 00:40:11

How would you summarize Islam? What would you say, you know, to have them continue that journey to really look into Islam submission to the Creator, not the creation? I would say, you know, first and foremost, from a Muslim perspective, look,

00:40:13--> 00:40:50

you know, when you deal with us as Muslims deal with us from a place of respect, not from seeing us, as a tool to be used in any type of political chess game, and I think that's one of the problems is that when one side beats us down, we run uncritically to the embrace of the other side. That's not who we have to be as Muslims, we have to be consistent. We have to be dignified, we have to hold ourselves and we have to deal with society in ways. Inshallah, tada we represent our faith accurately and beautifully. No matter who we're talking to. Right. That's for us as Muslims, right? I am not your Muslim, I'm Allah as Muslim. It's not, I'm not going to be your Muslim because it's

00:40:50--> 00:41:27

convenient to you right now, I want to be a servant of Allah subhanaw taala. So they will last pants on a person who submits themselves to Allah subhanaw taala. And, you know, talk to me, understand me understand where I come from. And you might be surprised, right? But you have to leave your suspicions at the door, you gotta leave all of those things at the door, and interact with us as Muslims as people, right? And try to understand where we come from. I don't expect you to agree with me on everything. But if you hear me out, and listen to what I have to say, and know me as a human being know me as a person, then we'll meet at a place that's better than the one we're at right now.

00:41:27--> 00:42:02

And that's true for people wherever they're coming from whatever your entryway is, whatever your vantage point is, we have our religion, we have it very beautifully, and we can articulate Inshallah, to Allah. And we can deal with people in a beautiful way. And you'd be surprised, you know, if you actually got to know a Muslim, talk to a Muslim, and not see us as a tool, but CSS as a means or not as a means that's actually the opposite of CSS, a way in which you can enrich yourself your own understanding. So talk to us, whoever you are, right and understand this, then try to understand this away from sort of the the online world and social media and you're right, look,

00:42:02--> 00:42:39

people are gonna get introduced to Islam, in many different ways. Sometimes they're gonna get introduced to Islam, through personalities, and those personalities might not be proper representatives of Islam. But you know what, like, how many people were introduced to Islam through, you know, the Nation of Islam. So people will find out about about Islam through their different ways, they might find out about it through the mouth of a person who's calling this the most violent religion on earth, they might find find out about it through the mouth of someone that's calling it the most regressive religion on earth, they might find out about it from a person who has qualities

00:42:39--> 00:43:19

that are severely undesirable, and views maybe that don't align with Islam, but they're saying, you know, things that are positive about Islam, look, learn Islam for what it truly is. Talk to us and learn Islam for what it truly is. And we have a right as Muslims in this society, to be fully Muslim, and to articulate our Islam and Sharia law to fully and to practice our Islam fully. And what that's going to mean in sha Allah Tala is you're going to hopefully have a consistent faith community and a faith community that brings about good wherever it is, ideally, wherever Muslims are, inshallah Tada, there shouldn't just be more parking issues, but there should be more goodness

00:43:19--> 00:43:52

to that entire society in that entire community around to where people will learn to love our religion, because of the way that we carry ourselves in Charlottetown and it reminds me you know, the, because people know Jesus and many don't know that we love Jesus peace be upon him you can be a Muslim unless you believe in love Jesus. But then it reminds me of a statement from the last in front of Mr. Sinha, mankind where he's going around this house. It's like a beautiful brick house beautiful mansion. How would you describe it? You can elaborate on this. And there was one brick missing. And people are just adoring this they're like, Wow, this is so beautiful. But there's like

00:43:52--> 00:44:06

there's one brick Miss He says I am that brick. I'm the seal of the prophets. Can you elaborate that I just had this individuals named Aiden in my head is very very well known person was shared with me. So he's from a Jewish background. If you're super religious, and

00:44:08--> 00:44:24

like, bro, I'm Jewish, and the Koran is like has a lot of truth to the Quran, bro. Like, a lot of stuff that I really like. Like like standby, like, the Quran is beautiful. And I haven't really studied the Holy Bible like that. And the Quran itself is just I don't know. It's just the new thing.

00:44:25--> 00:44:59

So I don't I don't know nothing about the Quran. So educate me is a crown like Okay, can I because there's a lot of a lot of stuff in the Koran has applies to today, like a lot. A lot, bro. That's I watched videos on it and I read up on stuff and people discuss and break it down because I don't really understand. Now, you know, someone like this out there he thinks, oh man, you know, how am I going to go against my family? My this that and the other? Islam transcends all that and if you're like we start if you really are a slave to your Creator, you love your Creator, you're going to transcend all those

00:45:00--> 00:45:35

listings for someone like Aiden and whoever else is out there, just use his name because now he's fortunate enough just gonna be a sign, you know, from the credit we discussing his name, and we mentioning this, but what would you say to that to that person, where's a good place to start? You know, where's a good place to start for that individual, you know, to go ahead and start that journey, you know how important it is for a person? I've asked so many people, have you ever thought about the purpose of life, people will be sometimes in their 80s I do this experiment. And they'll be looking at me like I asked him some, you know, mathematical equation that, you know, it'd be

00:45:35--> 00:46:05

obvious they never thought about that. But a simple question like, purpose of life, have you thought about it? Someone can be in their 80s? And they're like, No, I haven't. Has anyone have asked you that? And then the other thing is, I ask people is like, Have you ever asked the creator for guidance? Have you ever so so basic, simple. Have you ever asked the One who created you, to guide you? How important are these two fundamental questions? Well, you can't know Islam without knowing the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon it. And so you need to know His person you need to know His character you need to know his mission problem learn about him the problem Muhammad peace

00:46:05--> 00:46:25

be upon him he is the final brick, and that he brings together the call of all of the messengers and prophets have one God and then leaves behind, not just a revelation that's intact, but an example that's intact with how to practice that revelation from that one true God and so learn the Quran learn about the biography of the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him.

00:46:27--> 00:47:02

You know, I wrote a book about a series that I did called meeting Muhammad Sallallahu HaShana and just his person who he was learn his biography learn about who he was, learn about his proofs and then check Muhammad Disha now we wrote a book called the proofs of Prophet Muhammad peace be upon a lot of good powerful points there yes I read this yeah and article format real powerful your ebook and I can't believe someone to go through that sincerely. Look at him like no way. This can be an imposter. It's gonna be a fake no way proofs of profit Prusa profit on E L S. H I actually interviewed him and we went through some of these points exactly on this Yeah, the proofs of profit,

00:47:03--> 00:47:40

go through it. Consider the test of his prophethood and consider the test of His Prophet. Go ahead and ask God sincerely for guidance in the process. Ask Well you say God which God people are like, you know, Jesus, God of the Lord of the heavens in the earth, okay. Oh God, my Creator Lord, did he put a picture in front of them? Do they do some like had to get some candles they have to give romantic How does it go? Just sincerely from the depths of your heart in the privacy of your home ask God for guidance. No one has to be do you have to make a call and nothing just they don't have to call me but if they want to it's one 850 cents a minute right? That's That's all this just

00:47:40--> 00:48:03

privately they don't have to go to a clergyman none of this you know nothing esoteric like some strange stuff just that says that's simple. That's simple. And finally you'll find the purpose when you find the proof so look for the proof you'll find the purpose admit yourself to the truth be ready to and willing to submit yourself to the truth let's end with that beautiful

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thank you well they come sit on the couch

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we're here with us

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so he'll

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find everything

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neg lb

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eight Heiko Ben hubbardston.

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Tillman now a heavy bag Hayek on Yahoo

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of Muslims around here it's pretty huge and split like this. The place the location that you opened in basically it's for further south from the other other big massages. And everyone I know a lot of people that are used to come like my cousin was nine minutes from here. Another uncle of mine lives about five to 10 minutes from here, this area, the Masjid opened up in an area that it's much needed on this side. This

00:49:52--> 00:49:59

the center this center is much needed for this area. And the idea of this center is needed for the whole state because we don't have anything like that.

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

In the whole state that was sensor where it's gonna basically nurture and basically educate and it's gonna basically spread this

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