Over consuming the material world What are you hiding

Wael Ibrahim


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One of the ideas that I wanted to discuss in the future in sha Allah Allah perhaps in a course of something is the concept of overconsumption. Why human beings are always drowned into materialism, whether it is overconsumption of food, overconsumption of social media, overconsumption of just being busy doing nothing or being busy doing unnecessary stuff.

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overconsumption of pornography, addiction, overconsumption of relationships, getting out of one, and jumping into another, and so on and so forth, overconsumption what are we hiding, deep inside, and makes us busy with this material world. And if you are not addressing these hidden or underlying problems that perhaps we have suffered from these traumatic experiences, if you don't address them, then you will keep on overconsumption, of things that will never benefit you at the end of this journey.

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So reach out and speak about those underlying issues so that you can start consuming that which is beneficial to you in sha Allah. And Allah knows best As salam o alaikum.