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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the challenges of fasting during the month of developers, including the difficulty of fulfilling obligations and dealing with non-M-thousanders. They suggest keeping things in shallow water and not cutting oneself off from family members. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of being a good person and partnering with others to build a support system.
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So the question is about new Muslims who would like to start fast in the month of Ramadan probably for the first time in their lives when they live on the Muslims

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obviously for new Muslims melas panda rewarded for taking you know the step to give their Shahada and now once you become Muslim you're responsible to fulfill the obligations of Islam one of them is fast in the month of Ramadan for many people to come a lot faster the month of Ramadan is a big challenge, not because of how difficult it is for them for to do that for the first time. Meaning you know, the headaches and going hungry and long hours of without water and so for the no one used to that before, this is not the most difficult part for many of the young brothers and sisters will become Muslims actually, the biggest challenge for them is how can they do that? When they live with

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the non Muslim relatives, parents maybe, or spouse or even other relatives and so forth. It's very challenging for them, especially if they're Islam was not received very well by their family members. Or even if they don't even yet know about them being Muslim. So how can they fast without, you know, maybe

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showing any red flags and the feminine side for them, I would say the last part, it was you for your patience, and reward you for taking you know that chance and you know, to give your Shahada know that difficult you're going to be going through obviously one of the kind of one of the challenges is for being Muslim, not just being you know, living with non Muslims and rotis even sometimes with other Muslims or non necessity as practicing, it's hard for many people to be adherent to their faith and practice it you know, with confidence but I would suggest for them in shallow data first and foremost, to strengthen the man in the last panel data

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you know, keep that attachment to the book for larger stronger shallow vertical data also having a support system with the Muslim friends that they have around him in sha Allah and then when it comes to dealing with their families, I hope one step at a time you know inshallah so if they are afraid that their family if they know it's going to be a big issue for them, Melis panda wouldn't forgive them they can start the day fasting and if any in any moment in time, they feel for themselves they have the option to continue let them know or obviously they will just break their fast and hopefully shallow that they can make it up for the afterwards but in a lot more convenient time. Whether

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during the in the winter time when they are in school or at work or away from family and so on. So they can do that in shallow water Katana but the most important thing that I want I want the brothers and sisters to understand. So being a Muslim doesn't mean that you cut yourself off from your family or changing the way you're dealing with them you know

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completely dramatically but what needs to happen when you become a Muslim and shout louder as you become a better person and become a better actually a family member. You become good and better to your parents to siblings to your family members inshallah Allah let Islam show in your flock and your manners and I hope and Charlotte about a quarter Allah when they see the new the new character the new self, of who you are to them inshallah they won't really mind that if you break if you fast and their presence and while they're eating you're still continuing shell on the month of Ramadan mela, make it easy for all of your anatomy and your geomancy for your patience.

Shaykh Yaser Birjas answers

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