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In this episode, Omar Suleiman explains how Adam AS owned his sin completely on himself repentance sincerely solely for forgiveness from Allah SWT so much so Jibreel AS comes down and asks Adam AS until when he cry. Tune in to listen to the beautiful conversation between Allah SWT and Adam AS on repentance and Jannah.


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The importance of forgiveness in a situation where one is facing a loss of their job and is not forgiven is discussed. forgiveness is not a means to blame, but rather a means to obtain forgiveness. The speakers emphasize the need for forgiveness to obtain forgiveness, and emphasize the importance of forgiveness to obtain forgiveness. They also mention a woman who claims to have been forgiven for her actions and encourage viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel and Facebook page.

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Last Hannah Montana says Fatah Adam in the lobby Kelly Martin Fatah barely in the hood to him very early on in the portal and as we're reading and certainly bacala we have the story of Adam and Eve Salaam, Allah subhanaw taala tells us about this story to remind us that just as he fell he came back and Allah says that he approached the loss of Hannah to either with some Kadima with some words, and Allah subhanaw taala immediately forgave him because a loss of Hannah horchata is the acceptor of repentance. He is the Most Merciful, not because of the mighty Salaam deserved to be forgiven, not because we deserve to be forgiven on the Day of Judgment, but Allah Subhana which

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Allah is merciful, he's not forgiving, he has prescribed upon himself mercy before he even created the mighty his Salaam. He has prescribed upon himself forgiveness before Adam it has set out even committed that sin. So what are what are the lessons we can take from these words? One of them is that I'm called upon Allah subhanaw taala he said I've been on one ama and for Sunnah the Kelly Matt the words were, Oh Allah Our Lord, we wronged ourselves. So it's unconditional look we're not we're not going to blame anyone else out of the money Salam does not blame Eve as we established in the previous lectures of the mighty Salaam does not blame shape on he doesn't blame anyone shaitan blame

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the law shaitan said it's your fault for putting me in this situation either Martinez Salaam takes full responsibility which is essential when you're repenting to Allah subhana wa tada they call upon Allah. Valentina and for Sunnah we wronged ourselves not only did we wrong ourselves in lamb tougher Lana water hammer Lana ko Nana Milan Casa de and if you don't forgive us and have mercy upon us, then surely we will be amongst the losers. And this is powerful, because they ascribe the sin fully to themselves, but then they ascribe Toba purely to Allah subhana wa Tada. They ascribe forgiveness purely to Allah subhanaw taala. Meaning we are fully responsible for our own actions. And we are

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completely in need of you, meaning you are not harmed by our actions. It's only us who are harmed by actions. And we are not capable of surviving without you. Oh, Allah. We need you. Yeah, Allah. You know, think about if you were to have done something with your parents, right? If you've done something with your parents, if you've committed a wrongdoing with your parents, you go back to them, and you apologize, and you take full responsibility and ownership of that which you've done. You don't say mom, dad, you did this and you did that? No, you fully messed up. And then you say, look, Mom, Dad, I need you. I need you. I can't I can't afford to have you mad at me. I need you. I

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love you this this is the essence of Adam and his Salaam. Coming back to Allah subhana wa Tada. And there are many beautiful things that we can take from this one of them is that the Toba? The repentance is unconditional. The money is Salaam is not saying to Allah, Oh Allah. I'm seeking your forgiveness. So please don't expel me from genda The goal is not to have something material in this world, you know, and that's what makes an insincere apology. When you apologize when you know, and this is very relevant to me. You know, my own children. When I tried to point out something they did wrong. And when I pointed out Bubba, I'm sorry, please don't take away my canned candy. Please don't

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take away my toys. It doesn't work that way that's insincere, right? That might work for a six year old but that doesn't work for an adult when they're repenting to Allah subhana wa Tada. It's it has to be unconditional. It has to be sincere. And you have to want nothing out of that except for the forgiveness of Allah. And if your repentance is sincere, then a loss penalty will take care of you both in the dunya sense and in the ocular sense both in the worldly sense and in the sense of the hereafter. We also see that Allah Subhana hoods Allah is the one who gave them these words to repent with. Just as a last minute Allah gave him the Esma he gave him the names of all things Allah

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subhanaw taala inspired him with the proper words to make Toba with, which is a sign that Allah wants this man to repent. He wants this woman to repent. He wants to help them seek forgiveness in the proper way. And these Kadima these words that Allah gave to Adam and his Salah. It's the same concept as on the Day of Judgment. When the Prophet slicin um says that as I enter upon my Lord, and I fall into servitude, I fall into this prostration Allah will give me these Muhammad, he'll give me these words of praise that I have never known before. I never would have been able to say before the prophets lie, some couldn't even tell us what those words were. But Allah will give the prophets I

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send them the right words, to properly be able to intercede on behalf of mankind and that's the mercy of Allah subhana wa it's Adam. Have you ever noticed when you're calling upon loss of habitat or sometimes in a really sincere the way that the words are flowing? That's not your own eloquence that's a love putting those words on your tongue and that's what the law says.

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That you know I don't concern myself with the answer with your I just concern myself with the ability because if Allah subhana wa tada allows your tongue to move, and he allows your heart to speak through that tongue that Allah wants to give you something. And this is a beautiful concept that we have here. We also see that other mighty his Salaam, after a loss panna cotta forgave him and Allah says he forgave him right away, Fatah Valley right away, he forgave him, the mighty his Salaam, nevertheless, he still felt a sense of regress of regret, he still regretted that sin, just because a loss of hundreds ALLAH forgive you for it doesn't mean that you don't still have a point

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of regret. That doesn't mean you you beat yourself up over it. No, but you continue to remember if you start getting ahead of yourself, and you start getting conceded and you start thinking that you're content with your good deeds and you're content with your situation. Remember that there was a time that you made these mistakes, and had it not been for the forgiveness of Allah, you would have remained a loser. And we find that gibreel at his salon came to MIT his salon, as Adam is frequently used to cry, even as he came to this dunya he would frequently cry over that incident. And jabril came to Adam and he stood up and says yeah, the Isla Mata Ki. O Adam, Until when will you

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cry? You know, how are you going to continue to cry over this for the rest of your life for the rest of your existence? And Adam says darney aphakia debris leave me to my tears Oh jabril for caught up to them. But what I'll say to Robbie because I committed a sin and I disobeyed My Lord. This should not make a person dive further into despair. But instead it should inspire a person to continue to get better, to continue to rise and to continue to draw closer to his Lord or her Lord subhanho wa Taala. And we also find that other mining is Salaam as he is in the earth, and as he's calling upon a loss of Hannah Montana and as he's still seeking forgiveness, the loss of hundreds Anna already

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forgave him for that sin. Adam and his Salaam calls upon Allah and he says Rob be unto halachot antibiotic. Oh my Lord, You created me you fashionably with your hands. And last pantai says Nam Yeah. Adam. Yes. So Adam. So he says, Yeah, Rob. Adam just did the Ico. He says, Oh, my Lord, didn't you cause the angels to prostrate towards me? And the last contest has been either, yes. So Adam, and he says era, lm a plus LMR plus for Colt. Didn't I sneeze? And then you said your hammacher book, didn't I? You know, sneeze and you were the one who said to me, may your Lord have mercy on you. So Allah Subhana Allah says, Bella Adam, yes, so Adam. So Adam alayhis salam says Robbie, in an

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attempt to it like if I if I make sincere repentance to you what an act. And I really, really continue to live my life turn towards you. Will you return me to gentleman? Hell until Isaiah 11? Are you going to return me to gender and the last pantai says anatomia Adam, so Adam, you will return to Geneva so long as you continue to repent so long as you draw close to Allah subhanaw taala this promise was made to Adam and his, even as he was sent to this earth, and to Eve and to all of the descendants for MIT and recommend Neha Furman tabea. Who Daya Fela Hoefler family him whether or not that guidance will come from a loss of Hannah who it's Anna and whoever follows a loss guidance,

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then they should not grieve nor should they feel a sense of fear Allah subhanho wa Taala will return them back to their home. And it is the it is the eventual return of all of the believers all of the people that live in this earth so long as they continue to flee towards Allah subhanho wa Taala to run towards Allah subhana wa to admit their mistakes and try harder. Allah will certainly secure their places in general.

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