Christian President uses a solution from the Quran to save his country

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AI: Summary © The conversation covers the negative impact of alcoholism on women, including a lack of women’s independence and fear of getting fired. The speakers emphasize the need for women to empower their bodies and develop healthy sexual behavior. They also touch on the issue of women’s lack of respect and fear when asked questions.
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I mean, this Reverend Christian Reverend brought it up. This is another thing that they attack Muslims on on having caring for multiple families. Yes, yes, yes. polygamy. Yeah. Yeah. Or as I call it, extending the family, right. So what happens is there's a Christian pastor, you can find his. He wrote a book, because he's in one part of the world where they have such an access of women. Yeah. And even the president, he's giving incentives for men, he's begging men. Okay, we have excess of woman by the year 2020. We are going to have women in Ghana between the ages of 15 and 55 3 million from the statistics of 2010. publishing houses census 2010. When check between the ages of 15 and

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55, we are going to have 3 million women who will not find husbands if each man married worldwide, Tanzania has 30 million women 20 million men. In February of this year, president john magufuli was begging literally begging the men to take two three wives, because they're over 10 million women.

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And you know what that means? No? Okay. There'll be increasing prostitution, extramarital affairs, there'll be increasing unwanted pregnancies, then abortions, sexually transmitted diseases. And when there is excess woman, is that the big ones are yet to be born, right? You see the big ones, the old marriages will collapse, because the men will leave them and go and take new wives. So when you say that polygamy is destabilized this stablizing, think about monogamy as well. I think your point is made. Thank you very much. Reverend Allison has made a very strong point. These are Christians, these are Christians now espousing and calling for this, because it goes back to much of the natural

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way. Yeah, there have been in history. There's like anabaptist Christians in German community can what can What are you you know how? Our friend My friend Joe Rogan? Yes. I think he's the guy. You know, Joe, when you're looking for the guy for the statistic or somebody named Oh, yeah, the guy looks it up. Can you look up? I'm curious to know, President calls for

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the president calls for polygyny and his country? Yes, yeah, I forgot.

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Can you look that up? I mean, it's not just, it's a solution now. Find something better? It's not something that's obligatory. But it's a solution to a growing problem. And there have been in the present. I mean, this guy, I mean, he's,

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what is it?

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That's another one. See, this is not even the one that I'm

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looking at. Yeah, yeah. So that's the thing we have you have a small community in the world has their worldview? And are you trying to do they're doing Dawa, for the rest of us? Yes. Is that no, you're absolutely right. In fact, most world religions openly endorse these things. Obviously, it's the churches or and or the religious communities. And those divisions were sometimes suppressed those things for legalistic reasons, but certainly the Jewish community they believe in. They believe in polygamy a large portion of those things, if you look at their rulings, a lot of their clerics, even to this day in Israel, they're talking about political polygamy, as polygyny is

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something which is very much practice, which is men marrying more than one woman, and the anabaptist. I remember, even after the whole Martin Luther experience, and 16th 17th centuries, and the Protestant Reformation, that there are most a group called the anabaptist Christians. And they I think they made actually obligatory, obligatory for men to have at least two wives. And they use biblical verses to, to justify their, their belief, and so on. I mean, obviously, most of the world religions have this. But

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the point is this, once again, we'll go back to our premise, a premise is that different things are treated in different ways. And if we're saying that the the physical, physiological and emotional infrastructure of a man is differentiated, almost in its entirety from that of a woman, then certainly it's prescriptions regarding marriage and divorce should be slightly different in that regard. Otherwise, there will be universality where it's inappropriate for it to be. So obviously, a man having more than one wife comes with a lot of responsibility. And it comes with a lot of restriction as well from Islamic Quranic perspective, and can only be done and, you know, in certain

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conditions, I mean, if so, you know, obviously,

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precautions are taken and agreements are made, and so on. But it's it is a solution. And it is a solution, which has helped humanity

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for time historically, and continues to do so. Yes. And in fact, there's a growing problem in many societies where we travel go to Africa, we go to Asia, we go to these places. And we find that there's a there's a problem with, like divorce sisters, that people for some reason, for some strange reason,

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they become outcasted in the community, even though really and truly from my practical experience perspective, they have more experience if you think about it, right.

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through something and they have more experience and say,

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a person has not been married before. Yeah, yeah.

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That's the one. Yes, john magufuli.

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Just encouraging you to marry two or more wives to reduce one woman stay without husbands do you have so they realize it's social issues of john magufuli.

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He's telling them to not forcing you, but he's encouraging. So I think it's a natural thing. If you look at sociological trends, it makes a lot of sense for a man sometimes to know, we have to revive this sooner. So

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maybe maybe in another country, not now. I I only brought that up is to for the empowering aspect of because you we brought up a connecting it back to the natural way. I mean, of course, the number one natural way. I mean, the number one thing is that pure monotheism, that's that thing that every human being, I mean, is a part of that nature does connect to worship the Creator, not the creation, it just part of the human nature. But these other things that Muslims feel depowered they feel like, you know, when you talk about many of these things, they feel like how can my religion everybody's against it, but then when you bring up a lot of these issues, this is this is amazing. Like, it just

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it brings people back to like, Wow, I didn't know this, for instance, like people get teased about alcohol, for instance, you know, and then recent study, for instance, concludes that no amount of alcohol is good for the human being. But the previous study, we all heard that because it was now a gimmick, what they had is faulty. They had the the alcohol companies funding. They were funding. I'm sorry, yeah, the alcohol companies were funding these studies that promoted alcohol. Yes, a new study comes out it's in Alaska's Atlanta, no amount of alcohol is good. And actually, who reports that one?

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One person every 10 seconds dies from alcohol consumption. So now that Muslims at the party, right, somewhere, maybe he's not supposed to be or even he's in the place where work party and now he's, you know, being offered this alcohol and everybody's saying, Come on a glass of wine a day is no good. How can your religion deny something that's, you know, good for your health. You follow me or for instance, we talked about fasting, right? People will make fun of you, like, how can you starve yourself? What's going on? But now we're quoting the scientific facts. They're all coming to the forefront, right? Anything in the DNS the natural way, there's nothing that the creator told us to

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do, even though they're making fun of us one day. Now, the joke's on you. Like how can you fast all day? Now you saying man, this is for longevity for life, you know, all of these things coming to the forefront now but we're not doing it for the, for the hell for this, because the science is coming out. We're doing it because we trust in our Creator but now we get to reap both. Absolutely. And you know, the Quran says Allah, Allah woman, Hala, Hala, Javier, does he not know what he created, and he is,

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you know, the most all aware, he is all knowing, you know, and so, why waste all of our time, you know, trying to find sociological and psychological solutions, when all of it has been sent to us through the final messenger Muhammad sallahu wa sallam which all his all his action has been approved stamp of approval from the Creator, all knowing what they all knowing. I mean, that's just the major. So these I just bring up we brought this point, this point, because this this is empowering. I mean, this just, you know, this is just more more and more evidence and evidence upon the Quran that we have, you know, with the most evidence that this is indeed from the creator and

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Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was like Jesus, Moses, Abraham all the other muster, he was a messenger sent as a mercy to mankind, calling us out of the love to submit our world to the creator and get to Jenna paradise. Yeah.

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beautiful podcast. Thank you. I mean, there's a lot of gems. So you're talking about gems,

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you know, go

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gold now, they can read from this podcast and especially when you're talking about health, etc. So I think

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it's very important for Muslims, you know, to have that awareness to have that as you put it quite succinctly. Nutritional integrity.