Law & Wisdom MUST Be Together Ep 9 – Hikmah in the Quran Dhul Hijjah Series

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How are you applying the law of Allah without hikma? You're going to create injustice. And so he brings them together. Jesus brings them together. And then after this battle between Kitab and hikma, the final messenger comes, well how much Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, and Allah says I'm going to give this messenger Al Kitab. While one hikma together

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this new short series is based on the findings of Dr. Zakir Hussain in his PhD thesis wisdom in the Quran, which was summarized and presented by iostat doorman in front of a live audience, the link to the full paper is in the description.

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So now we know that Kitab is the law and hikma is morality,

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law and what morality and the Quran has fused the two of them together. You cannot separate them.

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What happened in our OMA we became obsessed with law. And other people said, To hell with the law, I don't care about the law. All I care about his wife, morality. I'm just wanting to be a good person. I'm a moral person. We separated Kitab and hikma, the Kitab and the hikma were together, the Kitab is Quran and the hikma is also Quran in early interpretations of the word Hekla.

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Now, Allah says what are the few do I Atilla? He was with Kuru near Matala, he Alikum remember the favor of Allah on you? Well, my Anza and a communal Kitabi will Hekmati I will come be here, and whatever he has sent to you, on to you from the Law And the Wisdom is there to give you advice. I am giving you in these ayat law but I'm also giving you what is he saying? Wisdom, it's together. It's together.

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This is a huge message. In our religion. Kitab and hikmah cannot be separated. law and morality cannot be separated. look at an example case study. You have for example, a man who hates his wife and doesn't divorce her though, never divorced her. And there were plenty of people in South Asia that married that are made for like almost a century.

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And so their kids have grown up their grandkids that group their grandparents style, and even their sons and daughters look at them and say why are you guys together?

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You guys hate each other so much.

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You're fighting all the time? What is it?

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It's like professional boxers. They enjoy the pain.

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Anyway, so what happens the man is about to die. He's about to die, but his wife is that he doesn't like his wife. Two minutes before he dies. He goes by the way.

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I divorce you

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tubers before he dies, he divorces or if he divorces her, she doesn't have a share in the inheritance.

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See that? Now if he divorces or a couple of minutes before he dies, is that legally a divorce

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is legally technically you can divorce your printout and the divorce is finalized the moment he dies.

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But is that a violation of heckuva? Totally. Which is why the early for CA said we're not going to let you do that. Because even though it looks like it's within Kitab It is against hikma you understand?

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Here's another case, a person wrote wrote a will they wrote a will. Okay. And in their will. They said this percent of my income shall go to charity, this percent. There's the inheritance that's decided percentage, but there's a will also some portion of your money you can dedicate to a machete, the charity and orphanage whatever, right?

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And the person died. And the person reading their will looks at it and sees Oh, okay. They wrote in their will because they hated their mom a lot or they hated their dad a lot. So they make sure that they gave a huge chunk of their will to one of their dads enemies or something something stupid like that just as a grudge. Last, last act as a grudge. So you see in the will that there is a bias and there is some kind of evil intention. Right? Allah says if you see that, if you see if men Oh, Jonathan.

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Then there is no harm that you fix it.

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Allah allowed for a legal document for a person who's dead Nah, he's gone. Allah allowed for a legal document that looks like it's biased. It's against the principles of justice and wisdom for

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document to be edited.

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Hola Hola photo Rahim Allah is forgiving. Isn't that incredible? We have been given the Jewish tradition of 1000s of years, focused on the law and forgot all about what? Wisdom then Jesus comes and says, No, you guys have forgotten about ACHEMA How are you applying the law of Allah without hikma? You're gonna create injustice. And so he brings them together, Jesus brings them together. And then after this battle between Kitab and hikma, the final messenger comes, well how much Rasulullah Salallahu Salam, and Allah says, I'm gonna give this messenger Al Kitab one hikma together, and that is the Quran. That is the Quran and this is a miracle of Allah. It's the massive

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gift of Allah that He has given us this, the the fusion between Kitab and hikma now

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