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You got hit by a drunk driver. Yep. You were playing in the NFL. And sure enough, I got diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia. My dream job. I had my dream girl everything. You got some some death threats? Oh, more than death threats. I mean, you're gonna kill me in my family. Why? Because we spoke positively by you cross you crossed you went way out of line. Yeah, but yet that's supposed to be the good person right? Yeah, he says he's fighting, telling me people like me should be dead. How can I do this to America? How could like why, like, call me a terrorist never started to highlight the KKK? They have functioning branches right now to this day. Oh yeah. And we don't take them as

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like the epitome of of Christianity America fears Muslims.

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And they shouldn't. Yeah, like why are you talking about doing terrorists x y calling somebody else a terrorist? Yeah, there you go. That's a good point. Right. Some of the people I went to their pages, they said that they bragged they go to church twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday. Be at and they still have that heat in their heart. Yeah, there's been more what they call terrorist attacks from Christian organizations than there ever has been Muslim. That's a statistical fact. Yeah. And he was making fun of me that he follows God, you don't know why. Why be around people following a lot. Hmm. And somebody had explained to me, you know, you just said you don't follow

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God, and you were talking about God, you have no fear for the law. You have no fear for what other people think of you. Yeah. What's gonna stop that person from actually going out and attacking somebody? Why? Because of religious beliefs, you know, for the Muslim community, how often do they deal with this? I said, When?

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I say so how do you feel now that you realize it's not a bomb making factory? I mean, I'm six foot four. I got people literally threatening me over a situation. Assalamu alaykum greetings of peace. Welcome to the D show. Thank you for tuning in. Every week, we are here, hit that notification bell, so we can get you the newest, latest upcoming episodes delivered directly to you. My next guest, Tim, former NFL player who got hit by a drunk driver. And then after that, another tragedy happened where he was given only two years to live.

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How are you doing? I'm actually doing pretty good. Let's bring them up to speed few. It was about a couple months ago, I believe, right? Oh, yeah. We hooked up. And in a positive view on pretty much everything we were seeing around us what I was noticing and everything else. Yeah. So we talked a little bit about your

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former days in the NFL. Yes. Bringing people up to speed you got hit by a drunk driver. Yep. You were playing in the NFL. And that your life took a turn to bring us up to speed on life. Pretty much what happened was I had a drunk driver take my career away from me. Finally I started doing good I get myself right back on the right path, got my goals elevated right to I needed him to and sure enough, I got diagnosed with lymphoid leukemia. Okay, why did this happen? After the drunk driver hit you about 16 years later? So you are getting back into the NFL? No, I was getting back into shape though. Finally my legs started working really good. I actually finally started doing I felt

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like I was back to me again. Yeah, I was finally able to stop using my crutches. I was finally able to stop to get my life fully going again. Yeah. And then once when he went out and everything else again. And now it seems like with my healthy cane. It's almost like all the hard work I did just went back into nothing almost. But I'm not letting affect me like that. I'm letting affect me as what can I do to overcome this now? How can I achieve this? And how can I still hit my goals?

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Now what happened after I paint the picture? So you're you're you get signed? That was your dream? Oh, yeah. NFL player? Oh, yeah, pretty much. Everything was going great for me. I ended up I got my dream job. I had my dream girl everything and come to find out the dreams and always thought to be because whenever everything happened, I spent right around five, six months in the hospital. Got the the woman I was with that I thought was my one and only actually divorced me while I was still going through the rehabilitation in the hospital. I ended up meeting a great woman I now have four beautiful children.

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And I can tell you this much right now. I now that went from my fear of loss of not being able to play anymore to now my fear of loss of how to get them taken care of if anything shall go wrong.

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Now what was this called? It was called a leukemia, lymphoid leukemia lymphoid leukemia. What is that for the it's really for leukemia is where your cells actually start magnifying. They thought I was having a heart attack. I went to the hospital, they did a cardiac catheter. They couldn't figure out why my heart had the issues ahead. Well then finally they decided to do a PET scan.

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And then they ended up finding out I had the lymphoid leukemia.

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At first we weren't, we tried pretty much everything I was, I was kind of nervous, we did a lot of doctor's appointments, a lot of everything. And it's, it's one thing to go through it. Luckily, I had my wife go through with me, but the scariest thing in the world

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was having my kids see it.

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So once I actually got over that part right there, I was able to actually get myself to, I helped me get myself to the point where I know what I'm doing. And I remembered what I was working for in the first place. So now God forbid anything does happen with me with this. I'm setting things up. So my kids won't have to worry about how they're going to go to school, how they're going to go ahead and learn where they're gonna live. And I'm just gonna keep pushing forward on that. And what do they say they diagnose it as? Well, they diagnosed as a lymphoid leukemia in late stage four. So there's really, we actually tried this stuff we did try, there's not really much more to do. Now, I did meet

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a gentleman today that I guess he has a doctor that's doing a lot with experimental as well as that, and we're gonna try seeing him. And I mean, hopefully that could do something. What did they say? So they actually put a timeframe on it. What was the timeframe? I'm looking at a time I was looking at around two years. How long ago was at about 1314 months ago. 1314 months? Okay. So that's, that's coming up to where they told you two years. That's another six months, basically, six, eight months. Yeah. And then on top of that, I came out, can I go and talk about what happened after your show? Well, yeah, so we bring you we didn't go into the details. I was really short. And I heard about

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your situation, and I really wanted to meet you. And we met and then we started to talk on some really positive things most positive. I mean, the Brotherhood, I got to see it that

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I've seen I I go to church, Salem Baptist indicator. And let's see, for the people who didn't get to see that clip. I was I was asking you because we were at a convention, and it was a lot of Muslims around. Yeah, I was just asking you, how was your interaction been with the Muslims? And yeah, I got to realize you were talking positive, yes. nothing but positive. The Brotherhood they have the unity that they have. It's it's unstoppable. I mean, like literally would normally. And then if that wasn't bad enough, I literally got to see them go outside, though. Some homeless people outside, as you remember outside the convention. They brought them in, they gave them clothes, they give them

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food. And then one other event, will you ever see that? I go to Vince on a monthly basis, and I'm not gonna lie. I've never seen nothing like that before. I mean, I've seen people give the homeless couple bucks in the walking in and out of either an actual good guy or guilt. But they never actually just take them in, get them close, make sure you're taken care of. They even gave him a couple. What were the things? They gave him some coffee, and there was an organization there that actually puts people through college sponsorships? Yes. And they actually took them in and they had figs and they had coffee, and they would literally given these guys coffee, making sure they were

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warm. And maybe some dates days is what it was. Yeah.

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And yeah, they made sure these guys had food in their belly. And they made sure they had clothes on them. They were asking what were you going this night? Make sure they had a place to go ahead. Yeah. I mean, that was amazing. You don't see that? Nowhere. And because of that, if I'm correct me if I'm wrong, you got some some death threats? Oh, more than death threats? Have you have you actually even got so this is this is in response to the video, we will leave the video in the description, you can actually see what we were talking about. And then you are bringing me up to speed? Well, I was very shocked and surprised though it blew my mind is there's people making comments on their first

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comments started off calling me a terrorist and stuff. And I mean, two of the comments were right there literally like an extension where I put a like on the thing and then made a comment about I put positivity or something like that nothing negative at all. And I got called a terrorist. I mean, I don't understand what makes it a terrorist. I mean, that's what we're getting wrong with the concept between reality, religion and reality. I mean, there's I didn't see a single terrorist there, there was no terrorist actions. And then it started off and all I did is defended the fact of the like, what I seen versus what he was stating. Yeah. I mean, it led to a thing as you've done,

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where it became more of a lead into more of how do I put this a situation where it wasn't just him. And I started wondering, you know, for the Muslim community, how often do they deal with this? I said was, what five minutes of positivity?

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And I've gotten a month's worth of hate.

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I mean, what what I went to pretty much an event of love. That's what it was. It was prayer. It was education. And it was just the community finding ways to work the Muslim community find ways to work together and grow.

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And next thing I know I'm a bad person for it and there's no way I mean, I help out don't Chicago, I mean, I see the next thing you know, they're gonna start saying like, I mean,

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I don't even know how to put into words. You actually got to you got to someone phones, your phone number. Yeah, I had my phone number attached initially to one of my accounts. And I guess he just started Googling me and googling me. Well, I get a phone call. And I'm sitting there with my wife and kids. And I literally had to leave the room from the situation. Because I mean, this guy is literally, I mean, he's telling me people like me should be dead. How can I do this to America? How could like why, like, call me a terrorist and everything?

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You know, I call it stupid. I tried to rationalize with somebody I don't know the phone. I know the common thing with you, but you hang up so many times you finally answered. I'm not gonna sit down and call the cops and hide behind the cops. I'm gonna try explain it to this guy. Listen, here. You're making a mistake. Why would you judge people like that? Why would you go ahead. So now you're trying to reason you're trying to reason with them? Yeah. hoping that some good will come out. Yeah. And then it turned into a situation where he literally tagged me with a whole bunch more people on Facebook. And pretty much put some like, it just turned into something bigger and bigger and bigger.

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Wow. And all it was was positivity. I mean, even even even you the video thing we had you been on there love? I mean, at no point do we like we wasn't talking about doing anything negative in any means possible? I mean, anybody that follows me knows, I deal with 16 different charitable organizations. 16 including one of them does nothing but get gang members out of gangs and off the streets.

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If that's terrorism, what's Americanism? Yeah, I mean, I I do what I have to do to help my family. I want to show my kids that you don't have to be scared of anything that you don't just because you hear something's bad find it like, find out.

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I mean, it ain't like if it's something that's legal to be there, obviously, there's a reason why it's not banned.

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And the way I look at the situation, at no point did I see any negative behalf of anything they had going there? And honestly, that's one of the reasons why the company I work with now that's why I like them so much. Because I did the same thing as what we were talking about with that. I mean, you ame does the same thing that that you see them out there, they set up they educate with what the programs are going with the Quran and all that.

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What other organs what other companies brings together with a family like that? Yeah, just like you guys. Do. I'm trying to get the way you guys were out there with the books and stuff that they had that other group of people that's right there by you. Yeah, it sent it to the correctional centers and stuff. Uh huh. Gain gain peace. Can peace. Yeah. Never other organizations that do that. I mean, don't get me wrong. It's, that's not a bad thing. You give them people that that that feel like they have no hope, motivation to succeed. Yeah, motivation to do positivity, motivation to learn, motivation to grow. If that's terrorism,

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whoever got that mental idealism of is all wrong.

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You got a chance to kind of experience a little bit what many Muslims go through. Now imagine someone like a, let's say, a Muslim woman who's imitating the mother of Jesus, Mary, Mary, she wears the, what's called the hijab. Now you know that she's a Muslim. And now you can now imagine the kind of not only threats, but physical assaults that have happened to these I believe it 100% Yeah, I mean, I'm six foot four, I got people literally threatening me over a situation. I can't imagine.

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I don't mean this to stereotype or anything else. But I was about a good two foot taller than almost anybody I've seen out there. Yeah. And I'm not I'm not as peaceful as I speak my mind very easily. And I noticed a lot of guys there. Even if they get offended, they excuse ourselves from the situation. Yeah. So I can't imagine what they're dealing with. I can't imagine when people the way that they get disrespected. I mean, I did something positive for five minutes.

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In like a blink of the eye. And I got threatened like that. Imagine people that have that wear the robes that go that they see it on the way to church? Yeah. I mean, imagine the way they're treated. Why do you think this is? fear? Fear? So many people in the government originally 911 everything else, it was like install fear into people. It was so many people think automatically they see somebody that's foreign, and they automatically assume terrorist. Yeah. I mean, obviously, that's the only way I can think I never thought like that. Yeah, some of us can kind of imagine it. But yeah, I met a pastor. He was I was visiting Colorado. And I just got done speaking. And I noticed

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him and I approached him. And we spoke and while we were speaking, and then he obviously got to ask his questions. He had some some questions. And that's the first step making that human connection and doing what he did. He was brave enough to come in. But at one point in the conversation, I heard him sincerely say that he was actually scared to come there. I said, so how do you feel now that you realize it's not a bomb making factory? And how do you feel like being around Muslims making that connection with other human beings

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That was that first step. And he was very happy. He was elated. He was feeling

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much more at ease. And education was the second step. So obviously making that first connection with with the Muslims visiting a mosque, connecting, and then getting yourself educated. I think that that's that's another key to eliminate some of these. I call them false fear manufactured fear that's been created. I agree. I mean, know that look online? Yeah. I look, look look online about like, I mean, this is one thing I said a little bit of it whenever I was on the show. I mean, I, like I said before that everybody

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it's a misjudgment.

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If you look at the situations the way they are versus the way that people are programmed to perceive them, you actually realize, I mean, if you go to Ireland, it's the US the Catholics and the Protestants. Yes, at a war with each other.

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You go to Greece, it's not even a religion issue. It's a it's a lot of the Greeks versus the Turkish. And it's like that in all parts of the world. Not just one part, not just two, but they try to they try to push away from it. They try to help each other grow from it. They they're trying to fix the boundaries. Here, it's like it's trying to install them worse. Yeah, I mean, one second, you got somebody sitting there. I mean, look, even in the comments on just like a basic thing. It starts off, somebody says some positive or puts like a little cute video. And the next thing you know, he got people making comments, and then either becomes a race or religion. Yeah. And then from there

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just becomes hate all the way down. Yeah. And it just blows my mind. I mean, we did a message of peace, message ingredients, as you call it. Yeah. And honestly, it was very positive. I mean, I went home, and I even showed up members of my church. I was like, Listen, I had a great time, you know, great people. And then next thing, you know, I just started getting the messages. I started getting comments. I mean, right there directly on the page, when people have a right to post their own opinion. I understand that that's their opinion, that says thoughts. But there's a difference between opinion and a hate crime. And some of the comments has been made on there, there was one

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gentleman that made a comment on there that

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he did not appreciate it. He was, he's been Muslim his whole life. He's never done any violent actions, he has no criminal record. And then it'd be like, it was almost like he was targeted for a second even. And it's like, Why? What did he do to deserve that?

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Realistically, he did nothing. That I mean that those type of people, if you look at, they have more in common with that fringe element that the media usually highlights and tries to represent represent them as if they're, you know, the majority of Muslims. Like let's say, someone does an extreme act out there and has nothing to do with Islam. And if you look at all the data, you have more of a chance people make this example experts in this area of collecting data on terrorism and whatnot, you actually have more of a chance of getting hit by your furniture or getting killed by your furniture than some kind of Islamic terrorists out there. Right. But these people out here who

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are spreading this kind of hate and misinformed, who are who are, who have been misled to believe many of these false things, but it's one thing being misled to believe something that's false, but then you can either continue to stay ignorant, or you get educated. Exactly. That's the thing. And the scary thing is many of these people who are who are attacking, attacking you and people like you, who are speaking the truth, they're actually choosing to stay ignorant. When the worst thing of it is, is some of them saying people were people that were following me right before talking about how much they love the positive the positive stuff I was doing. Yeah. But then all of a sudden, the

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anger the grief, and all the mental anguish came out and then it started making me wonder is like, why you talking about doing terrorist acts? Why calling somebody else a terrorist? Yeah, there you go. That's a good point. Right? Yeah, I mean, you're gonna kill me in my family. Why? Because we we spoke positively by you crossed, you crossed, you went way out of line. Yeah. But yeah, that's supposed to be the good person. Right. He says he's fight to actually threaten you and your family. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, one of them. Like, literally, if you go to the initial video, you can see where it actually starts, where it leads into it. And the thing that blows my mind is, that means he

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actually follows it. So why are you following something you hate so much? That's interesting. Yeah. I wonder why you go out of your way. The way I look at it is if you if you hate something that much leave it alone. Yeah. Avoid it go somewhere else. I mean, there's been people in my life I didn't like and if I see them, I just don't talk to them. And I walked the other direction. Yeah. I mean, why threaten people?

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I mean, the difference of it is, and I don't even really feel it as a threat. I fill in as sincerity from them. Because if you have that much hate in your heart, you're gonna sit there and publicly say it. That means you have no fear for the law. You have no fear for what other people think of you. What's gonna stop that person from actually going out and attacking somebody Why? Because of religious beliefs. Yeah.

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So this overall so there was a there was a lot of people who had seen that video, huh, yeah, yeah. Was there some positive feedback? Yes, actually, not a lot of this is a

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A lot of the Muslim communities and stuff that actually noticed they came up, they tell me, thank you so much. I'll actually my church even liked it. A lot of the guys from my church came up and told me Hey, guess what? You did a great job. Did you have fun? They look like nice people.

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And I can tell you, it's it wasn't the people. It was the it was a place. It was everything. Yeah. And honestly, I mean, I've met a lot of positive people. I've met a lot of friends actually at the event. And I can tell you this much right now, when people want to sit there, and I'd say this right here,

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I'll say, right like this right here. For those who want to sit there and say like, call them names, threaten people for their religious beliefs, especially the Muslim community that's doing nothing wrong to you. Think about it, I want you to go home, I want you to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself the to true question. Who is a terrorist at that point, you're going to cause harm to a family into a culture of people? Because you don't understand that? If anything is terrorism, that's terrorism, the breakdown the mental abuse, I feel sorry for the children. I seen the way the children were dressed and everything else there. And what if somebody wanted to come at me a grown

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man? Did it what are they gonna say to a kid? Where are they going? I mean, I see I got to see the looks. I was actually with one of my colleagues that I work with. And we went to

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Brazilian steakhouse.

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And while we're sitting there, we seen a group of Muslim kids come in with their family and everything else in like, I never noticed I never paid attention before. Maybe it's because of the situation I'm dealing with. But you can actually watch the way people look at them and move away from them and make comments with them standing right there. No fear, no note, no restrictions on what they even say.

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So I mean, if you think about the situation, what everybody needs to do is stop looking at it like this. talk to somebody, you see a guy that you fear, walk up to him shake his hand. It doesn't matter what religion he is, he'll talk to you. he'll sit there, he'll be real with you. I mean, the simplistic Okay, it's it's a belief issue. But at the same point, they want the biggest response I got Well, I'm a I'm a true Christian.

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No, because if Christians started acting like Christians, there would be no need for Christianity. I know that sounds weird. But the love.

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I mean, where's the love, religious religion supposed to be love. It's supposed to be knowing that there's something up there knowing that, hey, I want to go to heaven.

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Whatever you call it, whatever you want it to be, I don't care what religion you are. It's to do good. And as I get asked for forgiveness for the wrongs you've done, and move forward. Now, how can you do that? Sit down and say you're doing that when you sit there? And I guarantee is, some of the people I went to their pages. They said that they bragged they go to church twice a week, every Sunday and Wednesday. But then they still have that heat in their heart. Yeah, I can't understand that part. Because one of the greatest commandments is to love your neighbor. Like you love yourself. Right? Exactly. So after loving God loving your neighbor, and we're not going anywhere, I

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mean, Muslims are here to stay, Christians are here to stay, we all have to learn to get along, we all have to learn to, you know, cooperate in goodness, right? And I like what you're saying is that, and this is important for everybody. Because if the the majority if the majority of good people remain silent, than the minority of evil people out there, they're going to start to reign havoc. So many people, they don't agree with a lot of these things, but they stay silent. But you're courageous enough to step up and speak up. Many people they're staying while other people are staying silent. And that's how that silent these this minority that's out there spreading this hate.

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They're going to end up having a bigger and bigger platform. And you're going to think they're the majority. Well, and not only that they're sitting there. I mean, do they realize how many religions are out there? I mean, they're focusing on one religion. I mean, there's so many religions. I mean, you got Muslim. Yeah, Israelites, you got Christians. You got Catholics, you got Baptists you got I can go on for days. Yeah. And then you go into other countries. I mean, they got one whole religious structure that's separated.

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Even in Africa between Kenya and Nigeria. Yeah, but one thing they got in common is everywhere you go, there's still Christians there. And there's still Muslim sir. issues not as big as in other countries. I mean, it's still there. It's still there. But the hate part of it. Yeah. You gave some good examples. Also, I think you mentioned we talked a little bit about, for example, if people started to highlight the KKK, they have functioning branches right now to this day. Oh, yeah. And we don't take them as like the epitome of of Christianity, or the drug cartels. Exactly. They're crossed up. They got the cross, you know, they're practicing. They'll say we're Craxi Christians.

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But imagine the media took them as if they represent mainstream Christianity. Exactly. Yeah, just like this right. Here is one thing.

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Another thing I'm like, whatever you watch shows, it's there anymore. So many shows actually stereotyped to the point where it's

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like, literally, I mean, you watch a show you see a Muslim man, you don't see a Muslim man, you see a Muslim stereotype. You see that you see a Christian man, you don't see a Christian man, you see, the holier than thou Christian man that you see on there. But in reality, a lot of them same things show the feud, it's, it's creating the same thing for the kids. That's gonna grow up, that's gonna create the same thing for the kids. It's time we just show love. This is a this is this is one of the things that that usually like when I spoke to the pastor in Colorado, David, when we focus on many of these commonalities that we have, together, you know, the people will be amazed like, and

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this is why education is so key. Many people you know, just by defining certain words, like for instance, Muslim is simply one who has submitted to the will of God, just like Jesus submitted to the will of God, Moses, Abraham, and Islam is to do that action of submitting one's will to God. Christians don't know that there's a whole chapter in the Quran, named after Jesus's blessing mother, Mary. It's in the Quran a whole chapter, a Muslim can buy himself or herself a ticket to the Hellfire if they deny Jesus as one of the mightiest messengers ever sent to mankind with that same message that all the other prophets came worship the Creator, not the creation. So we have a deep

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reverence and love not only for his mother, but for Jesus Himself. You cannot utter one word of disrespect about Jesus. So I think this is like heart touching and softening when you hear these things, you know what, many people don't know these commonalities? Well, the funny thing of talking about that right there, I'm not I try to be the best Christian I can. Yeah. And I'm not gonna lie. I had a situation happen. I think it was two days ago, we were out. We were actually in Chicago. And I ran into a gentleman at one of the events we were at, yeah. And I said, I use Jesus's name and to comment. I mean, you guys look good. He actually corrected me and asked me not to use the Lord's

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Name of Jesus name like that, because that's disrespectful. And I was like this out here. I was like, he actually went into detail to explain to me that just other names other like that is a form of blasphemy is a form of disrespect, because you're saying that something? How do you put it on? I wish I could put it the way he did. He said it. So was this a Christian or Muslim that was a Muslim gentleman Muslim will usually say peace be upon him. Yeah. But no, I took no I told him I

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said something like, I think Jesus Christ, I said something like Jesus Christ. He was like, I complimented his outfit. Yeah. And he corrected me and he said, No, you're not supposed to say that. And I thought at first because as my first response is because of lack of knowledge, as it Oh, yeah, I forgot you guys. Don't you guys, my first words to him and I'm not gonna learn anything. Oh, you guys don't believe in Jesus. He corrected me He's like, no, it ain't that we don't believe in Jesus. This is the Muslim now. Yes. Okay. What did he say? He actually went into detail talking about how he looked, Jesus was a prophet, just start going that Mohammed everything else. He explained to me,

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no matter how you look at it, to use their names in vain, especially to the word vain he like he went into detail the word vain is in like the same thing I was doing that I complimented him on his clothing, to be overexcited about some of these appearances to be vain. So like, he went into this long, detailed thing about like, literally gave me his election not to use Jesus's name like that, to be respectful towards Jesus. Yeah, pretty much and that's what I'm saying that you know, if many Christians if they knew they sit and talk with the Muslims and really know our viewpoint obviously, obviously, we get the elephant out of the room. And this is with all due respect we don't believe he

00:28:40--> 00:29:16

was a literal God or Son of God but he called people to worship God. Okay, we got that out of the room. Fine, let's do that. But let's go on on the on these other things, how he greeted people, he would say a Sheila maleic salaam aleikum, the way he prayed. The same way Muslims prayed he fell on his face and pray to God, he didn't eat pork. He was chased moral, he was that same moral message. All those commonalities, right. Are there with us? And we like the gentleman who was telling you he we take strong offense if someone disrespects Mohammed or Jesus, they're all brothers of one another hoop they all came with the same message worship the One God the Creator, not Christian. We respect

00:29:16--> 00:29:48

them. All of them, you know, deny one deny him off. That's all it is. Yeah, it caught me off guard because I literally I was educated. Yeah. He didn't get mad at me. He didn't get angry. He didn't threaten my family. He didn't sit there and act like an idiot. Oh, he actually was very positive. Yeah. I mean, after we got done and everything, I even got his business card. Never again. And here's one thing I like to because a lot of times, you know, look, you'll be a football fan, right? What's your favorite team? My favorite team? Yeah, there's you like the bears. You'd probably like for your friend to like the bears to more than the Packers or something. Right.

00:29:49--> 00:29:59

So even you can be you know, let's say you drive a certain car. You know, you you believe that Ford is the way to go. The other one wants to Toyota. But then your friend your friend says Look, he says

00:30:00--> 00:30:01

found on the road dead, you know?

00:30:02--> 00:30:05

Oh, so he's like conventional grocery boat daily.

00:30:06--> 00:30:23

So now Is he a trader now because he's trying to get you to go with, with, let's say the Toyota that you have less problems, or you're trying to get him to go with this team. I mean, what I'm trying to make the comparison is like when you when you go and eat Italian food or you go and you pick for this team or that, obviously,

00:30:24--> 00:30:53

this way of life, you know, the way of life that you choose to live by that is connected to God is more serious, right? But I mean, that's all you should feel. It's not like someone's trying to, let's say push something on you. They're sharing. They're educating, dislike, we're we're educating people on this way of life, if you like what we have to say you accept if you don't reject, but doesn't mean we can we can still, you know, be friends and you know, work together on other important issues and that are out there

00:30:54--> 00:30:55

affecting the world

00:30:56--> 00:31:07

that we live in. Well, it's kind of like this right here. I got to see the restraint. And I even asked him why afterwards, we just actually did an event. One of my friends Abraham.

00:31:08--> 00:31:47

He was you got disrespected horribly. Yeah. And dude is one of my friends. Abraham. Yeah. Muslim guy. Yes. Yeah. And long story short, like why you get disrespected for originally it was it was over a disagreement over the event, but it became into something more like hate hate word started coming out. Yeah. And the way he handled the situation, I honestly have to say, I've never seen anybody. Like, I know I wouldn't have handled I actually stepped up he had to tell me please step down. Cuz I got like crutches and all that. I mean, I was about to lose my temper. Yeah. And the bad thing of it is the people that was with me, I mean, we almost lost our temper. And he had I

00:31:47--> 00:32:24

literally asked us, Hey, can you guys please just calm down going? Yeah. And he stood there and was literally, for about 15 minutes. He sat there. And he tried to reason with the gentleman. After he was pretty much called racist names. He was like, made fun of right there. And he stood his ground. He stayed positive, who was calling them racist names. another gentleman that was actually one of the gentlemen that we're actually using to put on the vent through. Yeah. And like he actually I don't know how he did it. But he maintained his confidence, calmness and everything else. And after, after we after we got done with the situation, we're getting ready to leave me and my brother

00:32:24--> 00:32:58

actually went up and talked to him. We're like, why don't you? Why don't you just lose it like we had your back? I mean, yeah. And I'm not trying to promote violence or anything. But if you would have heard the stuff that was said, I mean, I had my blood boiling. Yeah. And that shows one's gonna say something when you got a good man that sits there and helps people and he gets disrespected those around them. I figured, you know, maybe he's just all about peace. I'll stick up for him. But his exact words was what would that solve? You can't be ignorance with a stick is what he told me. That's powerful. Look at that. Yeah, you can't be you can't defeat ignorance with a stick. And I was

00:32:58--> 00:33:00

like, well, these definitely are more like lugs.

00:33:02--> 00:33:43

Because like they were here, because it wouldn't solve anything, then the guy would have a reason to sit down and say why he did what he did. Yeah. And how he feels like he feels. So I said there. So I see the way that the community gets treated in a hole now. And I don't like it. It's not right. I mean, the way I look at it is is you don't see the Muslims going up there and calling the Christians terrorists. But if you look over all over time, there's men. This is where it goes literally to abandon a church. There's been more what they call terrorist attacks from Christian organizations than there ever has been Muslim. That's a statistical fact. Yeah, yeah. And yet you don't you don't

00:33:43--> 00:34:09

see the Muslims going up to the Christian churches saying that. He's still see them saying love. Yeah. No, no, I do. If you watch even the way to come up, and when I go up to shake somebody's hand, I was always talking like this, right? If you notice, it goes like this right here. They comfort and they like come in peacefully. They even show like, I mean, it's it you feel peace. When we start with peace. We say, yeah, I'm making peace be with you. Yeah. And

00:34:11--> 00:34:49

I've heard so much ridiculous stuff like this one. And one of my friends actually corrected the guy there. And the guy felt like an idiot just walked off. But I had one gentleman. Literally, I guess he seen videos of me being on your last show. Yeah. And he was making fun of me that he follows God, you don't know why. lobby around them people following a lot. And somebody had explained to me, you know, you just said you don't follow God. And you were talking about God. Yeah. So I mean, he got a little bit of a treat of reality right there with themselves. And I found it humorous. Like, I mean, they got, you know, you told somebody something that they realized that they were wrong, and the

00:34:49--> 00:35:00

only thing they could do is walk away. Yeah. But seriously, I mean, on the biggest note of the situation, I mean, what's wrong with people today? What happened?

00:35:00--> 00:35:11

Like I know they say the 1950s anymore. I know it's not the 1960s anymore. I know it's definitely not the 1920s anymore. But what when did it become okay? To walk up

00:35:13--> 00:35:32

and just racially attack somebody to text me spiritually to taxiways, mental being. And then we see here and like the biggest thing everybody wants to focus on is anti bullying. Yeah. Oh my God, look at the bullying in the school. And then you teach your kid to walk up to them and sit there and make fun of them. Yeah.

00:35:33--> 00:35:39

So what why should your kid not be picked on? But your kid can walk up and start making racist slurs at a grown man.

00:35:40--> 00:36:09

So you're trying to you're it's contradictory. It's hypocrisy? Nah, yeah. Yeah. So like everything. I mean, when I was a kid, believe it or not, the area we grew up in, there was no hate back and forth, no matter what religion you were in, no matter what your mindset was, you know what your cool people you got love. If you're not, don't be around us. And nowadays, ever since all this stuff, it's like, and I'm not even gonna say just Illinois, but America fierce Muslims.

00:36:11--> 00:36:50

And they shouldn't. Yeah. I mean, I'm not saying that, you that there's not certain Muslims you shouldn't be scared of. There's not certain Christians, you shouldn't be scared. But it's not the fact that they're Muslim that you should be scared of. It's the people. It's not the religion. I actually say if a Muslim is falling, the more he's following Islam, the more you have less to actually fear him, right. But I think most people, a lot of times this hate is perpetuated, and people are socially conditioned according to the culture, you got a lot of you just the kind of things people are seeing all day and all night on the TV and you know, the movies and the rappers

00:36:50--> 00:37:05

and all these other things that are out there conditioning, the mind and whatnot. So these people are affected, you know, by their social environment, but Islam is actually calling people away from these things that are mind and heart corrupters. And you mentioned that it's interesting.

00:37:06--> 00:37:43

That's why education is so important. When you mentioned the guy said, Oh, I worship God, they worship Allah right. But that just you know, when you know the simple facts on this Jews and Christians who are actually Arabic speaking their Arabic speaking Christians, they have an Arab, a Bible in Arabic, in that first chapter of Genesis alone, the word allows us because God, the word God didn't come into existence until what like around the 1600s. Exactly. And Jesus would say aloha in Aramaic. He spoke Aramaic, he would say Aloha, he didn't say God. Right. And it's closer to Allah, Allah, Allah him Allah. So this is the same, this is just Semitic languages. So you can see

00:37:43--> 00:37:55

how far people are away from reality, and how how compounded on on compounded ignorance, on top of ignorance, and then you get some more Fox News. And then that adds to the,

00:37:56--> 00:38:04

to the problem. But before before we cut out again, I commend you, you know, some people like you who've made the human connection who've connected

00:38:05--> 00:38:43

with your brothers and sisters, because we're all you know, in this world together, right, we're all we say, brothers and sisters, in humanity, because we all have the same father, Adam, and there's brothers and sisters, and family, and there's brothers and sisters and faith. But in brothers, brothers and sisters in humanity, we want to see violence go down, we want to see poverty, you know, be eradicated, we want our children to succeed, our families to grow, we want the good things. So those are the kind of good things that we want to work together on. This hate is going to just hinder all that right and destroy it. And I would like to say something. I would like to say this

00:38:43--> 00:38:56

right here. For those who said they're Okay, I understand. It's the same situation that we've been dealing with with the last few 100 years, with black and white. Yeah, the only difference of it is is now it's Christian Muslim.

00:38:57--> 00:39:36

And the bad thing of it is his blood, the hate goes, let the racism go. That's pretty much what it is. You guys want to sit down and you say you want anti bullying, then stop and then stop bullying. I mean, if you look at the majority of the people that's out there that's having these issues are the same people giving it to somebody else. You can't sit there and yell a child for pulling a girl's hair. And then go ahead and see somebody and pull your kids across the street because oh my god, she has what is that real code on the job? Her job? is their job. Yeah. Okay. Just like Mary row. Yes, Mary. I mean, if mother, Mary was walking down the road, would you go ahead and grab your

00:39:36--> 00:39:59

kids and go to the side of the street or like a nun? Or even this much I know, like, watch like if whatever church you go to whatever religion you have, if you see your pastor, Father, whatever, walking towards you, are you going to go to the other side of the road? No. So stop doing it. Grow up. We're all brothers and sisters one way or another no matter what religion you have. I mean,

00:40:00--> 00:40:36

Respect your neighbors. Respect your neighbors. Yeah, I mean it is at the same point you don't have to have the same belief. To have this you got the same heart. You got the same blood. I don't care what color you are you go outside in the sun long enough, you're gonna get sunburned. You go ahead and you cut yourself with a knife. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this, you're still gonna bleed. So until you find a way to fix all that stuff and change all that stuff. Remember that you guys are the same. Everybody's the same. Stop the hate show love. I mean, I heard I heard a good phrase. Justin, I know we're wrapping up. But there's actually a boxing gym here in town that God's

00:40:36--> 00:40:38

put down the guns pick up the gloves.

00:40:39--> 00:40:39


00:40:41--> 00:40:46

same thing, but instead of picking up the gloves or picking up the guns, they should just

00:40:48--> 00:40:59

pick up a book. get educated, learn. get educated. Watch the watch the D show. Watch the deen show. Exactly. And don't come back with hate on the dean show. There you go. I really I will debate you.

00:41:01--> 00:41:39

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