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Stop getting kids to go on your Patreon and get to you privately without their parents knowing

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and uploaded on Tik Tok with that my job now this is a very important story of a Muslim woman, exposing a person who identifies as a, I do not identify as either a man or a woman. Article * is fake. Yes, we all know that gender roles are fake. But that's not the main issue here. It's her courageous attempt to protect the little ones to protect the children. Okay, it's Hey, kids, I want to talk to the kids. Hi, kids. Hey, kids. So yeah, there's a lot of videos of them addressing kids. Now, the main video I want to talk about your parents screwed up.

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It's okay to say so. That's why I made a Patreon. So you want to talk to kids whose parents have screwed up? Why why you want to talk to these particular kids. Why? That's why I made a Patreon so that we could talk about it so that we could connect in a way that has more privacy, so that we could talk to each other in a way that's more open and stuff that we wouldn't share, like in the comments of a video like this.

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I think you're worthy. And because of that, she's facing some backlash. Let's have a look, I want you to give a quick update on what's going on with Jeffrey Marsh. I know I said, I'm gonna stay out of it, you really should have stayed out of it, but you didn't. And so here we are. Most of you know that there's a problematic creator with 7 million followers being super transphobic. Right now, this person right here. I only talked about their behavior. And I became transphobic. And then you have this is just a quick example of some of the response. And I cannot believe people actually defending this. Imagine if right after 911 We all stitched your videos to make it look like you were

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sympathetic to al Qaeda. If we did that, you would call us Islamophobic. And you do right. You can even see here that she brought forward the definition. The red flags of predatory grooming behavior is Jeffrey marshes, Patreon. You talk about this topic with kids. Now here are just some of the signs of grooming, literally one of the first ones gaining access and isolating the victim

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asking them privately to go on Patreon. And what does it say as you can see here gaining access and isolating the victim. Abusers will attempt to physically or emotionally separate a victim from those protecting them and often seek out positions in which they have contact with minors and want to talk to the kid. That's why I made a Patreon so that we could talk about it. So we could connect in a way that has more privacy. And I'm wanting to spend more connected time

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to trust development keeping secrets. Abusers attempt to gain trust, of a potential victim to gifts, attention, sharing secrets, and other means to make them feel that they have caring that they have a caring relationship and train them to keep their relationship a secret. Now, isn't this a red flag? Isn't this what this individual is doing? I will tell you about going no contact. So you've decided to go no contact with your family.

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Isolating the parents keeping the secret that time of year again, when you start thinking about going no contact, you're going to love the * icing on the * cake. I coach a lot of people one on one who want to go no contact with their parents, you need a family. You can come hang out with me. Love you very much. If you do not have a family that loves you, I'm going to be your family or parents screwed up.

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It's okay to say so.

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Talking about sexual behaviors with children. It's about Jeff and I having *. And are you allowed to talk about that on Patreon? Is this not the quintessential example of someone who fits this description? If you need a family, you can come hang out with me. And all she did was expose this last one's gaining access and isolating the victim

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asking them privately to go on Patreon. And then they went after her Oh, I just got an email. They know where I live. They have got my daughter's details on the email. They've given the school details and everything. Yeah, my daughters are involved now in this some of you might know that my car was damaged in this whole thing done. I don't want to do anything. I'm not gonna talk about Jeffrey Marsh. I've deleted everything like some of you

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I found old pictures of me

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and uploaded it on Tik Tok, without my job. While the mainstream media machine is still quiet on this, the question is where are the experts, the grooming experts, the doctors, academic scientists, a panel of psychologists, psychiatrists to go ahead and to look into this person's behavior to see if it fits the description. They're analyzing this as they do, and some person identifies as being a Muslim, and does something outside the folds of Islam and commit some crime, some act that totally Muslims condemned. So they bring on these panels of experts, where the panel of experts here to discuss this to see if this person actually fits this criteria. It's not happening, where's the

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uproar, all she was trying to do was to protect the little ones to protect the children. And all we're doing is practicing our religious freedom and our freedom of speech. And before I close, I want to bring to your attention that the verbatim Word of God Almighty the Koran were shaytaan has been quoted here as saying in chapter four, verse 119. And as a shakedown being quoted, and I will mislead them, is a promise he's making, and I will entice them, and I will prompt them to slit the ears of cattle, and I will prompt them to alter the creation of God. And then God Almighty Allah is saying, Whoever takes Satan shaytan as a lord instead of God, has surely suffered a profound loss.

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And we can see this happening, we can see them trying to change the creation of God. We can see them altering the things, the beautiful way that God Almighty Allah has created the human being, they're trying to change this. And we have a clear verse in the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah because what's happening is a deliberate attempt to confuse people to confuse the children. And that's what happened when people are left with without guidance, they're left to follow their desires, and then all Havoc is raining loose on the land. But look at this clear verse in the Quran when you're upon clear guidance, like what said here in chapter 41, verse 13, God Almighty is addressing you, all

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people, he says, oh, humanity, oh, mankind, oh people, indeed I have created you says, God Almighty, look, you have to understand this is the Creator of the heavens and earth. He's greater than you greater than your desires. And he is letting us know and we're practicing our religious freedom. And this is in the Quran. Allah is saying, God Almighty Allah is saying that I have created you from a male and a female period is done. There are only two genders. This is what God Almighty Allah is saying in the Koran. This is what Christians understand this is what Jews understand this is what Sikhs and people of other religions and people of science people understand these things. It's I, I

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just cannot understand how we've gotten here. But Muslims do understand because there's an enemy to humanity. And this is the devil This is shaytaan and the forces of evil who are trying to cover up the minds of the humans to desensitize them to confuse them to accept these kinds of things. And we have to go ahead as a community now, this is the call to action, community leader sheriff's academics, people have consciousness, at conferences, at your images at the masjid kids need to start talking about this more, you need to start talking to your children. This is coming to your door. You don't want this happening. Now take this into consideration. This is a woman's bathroom.

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You don't want this happening, and you're caught off guard to have a look. I'll tell you

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how can you tell me I'm not transgender? Tell me I'm not transgender.

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So don't be like a ostrich with his head in the sand. naive, we have to be people of principle holding to our values. You have many Muslims who have protested these things. And people have stepped back pull these things from curriculums, these books are out there. And then people like this. The only solution at the end of the day is that complete adherence that submission to the Creator that heavens and earth this is all found in Islam. So we cannot eat as much as we had poured these things as much as we're against this. And like the sister peacefully brought these things to dict attention of people this grooming behavior that fit the description red flag, and she was

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facing some backlash. That's what's going to happen. But you have to be courageous, you have to be brave and at the end of the day, we want good for all of humanity. So even this individual individuals out there like this, the solution for them also because we cannot restrict the mercy of

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God Almighty Allah we cannot. Their only solution is also to turn away from following the shaytaan from turn away from following their desires and come to the Mercy of Allah. Come to the mercy of Islam. Go ahead and ask for the guidance guide me guide me guide me. And you will see that so many Allah's Mercy is encompassing but if a person continues going down this route and following the Shakedown, then they will end up suffering of in this life, they will never find peace, because they're not living purpose, they will always they will always have that void in their heart. And when they die, the gates of paradise will be closed the gates of hellfire will be awaiting people

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like this. So let us not be people who end up causing our own oppression. We oppress our souls, we oppress ourselves. We invite humanity to go ahead and accept this free gift, this free gift that will give you when you go to the deen a free copy of the Koran. And we invite you to look into Islam, because Islam doesn't bend for none of these satanic games. These delusions, Shakedowns way of misguiding people know if you want to be on guidance, if you want to be away from being misled, call on the Creator of the heavens and earth. Ask him and then because I want to end with this beautiful statement, that God Almighty Allah is saying, all my slaves are misguided LSI guide

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So ask me of my guidance. That's all you got to do. His love is there, His mercy is there. You have to put your desires on hold and say there's one that's greater than this, and he will help you to get out of this confusion, dismiss guidance. So ask for the guidance pick up this free gift. And like I said, we do this out of the love for humanity. So go ahead, but we also have to protect ourselves. We have to protect our children and we have to speak the truth. Practice our religious freedom and our right to freedom of speech. Thank you very much. Oh my God Almighty. Allah bless you guys tuning in. Go ahead and share this and get this out like the video so more people can benefit

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from this. And we'll see you next time. Until then Peace be with you. A Salam aleikum. What I love about this project is that the whole project is that the whole project is done, that we train Muslims on how to give Dawa, those who have accepted Islam teaching them to be confident in Dawa as Eddie was walking me through the facility that we're at right now. He was showing me that he has a vision of having a an Islamic school here for younger children to come and learn their Deen that the goal is to have a place where young Muslims can come and roll that you did see places having an opportunity at soup kitchen where people can come and you know benefit from the generosity of the

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Muslims, the neighbors around here giving them an opportunity to benefit from the Muslim physicians and the services that they have to offer. This is more than just a measure that's being built with the hard work of Eddie and the team that's with him. You know, one thing I'll say that I saw here is that Edie is taking this Amana of the people very seriously. The money that's being contributed to this project is not being wasted. So this is a project that's led by the OMA and it's for that. So I encourage everyone here that can hear us they can see it. This beautiful project that we're looking at has the potential to be a beacon of light for them. Join us in this project inshallah so we can

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establish the beautiful team Center in Santa Monica.

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