Four Wishes From The Hellfire

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So my brothers and sisters today we're going to talk about something very strange or very special, very scary in a way.

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We all know that at the end of the day,

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the people will be divided. A group in Jannah and the group in the Hellfire

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May Allah make us all from the people of Ghana. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, Young man even Yetta for raccoon in Surah Tarun Allah subhanaw taala said on that day, they will be separated. And in Surah to Shura, Allah subhanaw taala said three can fill Jana were very confessor, a group in Ghana and a group in the side.

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Now, after the people go to jahannam and they stay there for a period only known to Allah azza wa jal after that they will have four wishes. They will have four wishes.

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Today we're going to do something different in sha Allah Tala, I'm gonna ask chefs as yet to help me I will mention the wish and he will recite the idea of the wish, my beloved chef

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so the first wish

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is that they go and they make that wish and that request from Allah azza wa jal they start with Allah subhanho wa Taala begging him and they say

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our rules will be learning Amina shame on your body.

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Rob burner

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Regina Amin halfon in Northern Africa. Now Holly moon, Bon

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Bon Jovi, how on earth can the moon for the first request they would go to Allah Azza Qian and they will say yeah, Allah, Ya Allah bring us back.

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And if you bring us back and we do something evil, then you can call us volley Moon please your Allah bring us back.

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Give us a chance to go back and do something. And subhanAllah Annie I beg Allah and this blessing night of of Juma

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to make me and you and everybody who's watching us to not hear these words from Allah azza wa jal. The Allah does not make us hear these words from you. God settled here, stay in it. So it's a very, very powerful verb. Not only stay here, stay in it, stay in it humiliated, disgraced, all the bad words

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were to kill the moon and don't ever

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talk to me again. So the first wish is they go to Allah and request to go back. Then, when Allah subhanaw taala said that they come to the second wish, on the second wish, or do they go to

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Malik? They go to Malik who's Malik? The gods of Jahannam What do they say to Merrick

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1pm legally uncle Dr. Lane now book all

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Allah yeah Malik. Yeah Malik. Tell your rub Subhanallah even though there are in Jahannam they still disrespectful. You're up. Tell your Rob.

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To do what? To kill us. We want to die. They're begging for death. Please, we cannot take this anymore. Ask your Rob to end it. We want to die. Malik will answer and say in ACOEM makeathon. You are staying there forever. Now that is the second wish when they gave up on Naric

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they go to Havana T jahannam. They go to the gods of Jana the angels. How many angels are around Jana? Elia

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the SATA Asha 19 Angels assigned by Allah azza wa jal now they go to them. And Allah subhanaw taala in surah. Raphael he said

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for you face

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your feet

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a woman minute

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T co mosholu

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bill been

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on old

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Katharina in FY one

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Medina really because they went to the gods of Jana and the victim who do please ask Allah to save just skip one day.

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One day of hijab one day of torment. Let's skip on day let's make it every other day. Let's wait take a break one day a week because keep in mind that people in Jahannam in front of them, fire behind them fire to the right fire above them fire to the left fire below them fire everywhere is fire. They drink fire they they eat fire alarm man as you remember. No. So they sing your angels please. We beg you ask Allah to skip one day Yeoman Minelab just one day. Let's take a break and then we will continue to adab just give us a break.

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Angels answer and say hello. I want to tackle that he

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didn't. Messengers Allah sent you messengers with bayonet clear everything was very clear just like we're saying now Yeah, Shabaab my brothers and sisters wake up. This is true this is Huck and I'm nothing compared to the engineer to the to the messengers than messengers came with with with with miracles. They came with the lead. They came with a yet stop what you're doing come back to Allah azza wa jal. I want them to take with it. Congressman Campbell painted rubella. Didn't you look at this, there's a conversation going on. Didn't you listen to the messengers came to you with clear with clear evidence. They said, Yeah, Nam Bella? Yes, they did. And then here sarcastically, the

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angels say.

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Okay, then why don't you make that?

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Why don't you make that?

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When I do, I will Caterina Illa feudal, but unfortunately, all your data that you're making right now is for waste.

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They went to Allah first. They went to Malik second, they went to the gods of jahannam. And now who do they go to?

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The people of Ghana, the people of Ghana.

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The people of Ghana. Have somebody say

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there's a conversation going on between the people of Ghana and the people of the Hellfire Well, it was very clear and sorted out of

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why no

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Maddie, I will meet

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all Oh,

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no law how Rama

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has made this request. So that people of Ghana the people of the Hellfire, they ask the people of Ghana, even Abdullah Saudi Allahu Allah. He said the man the person will ask his father the person will ask his brother Give me some water please give me anything whatever. Then Nara zakat from Allah from whatever Allah has given you. And Allah subhanaw taala specified that they request water. Now when someone asked you for something here in this dunya and you think it's and you say it's something very, very easy. What do you say? US just like water Subhan Allah, the simplest thing, the easiest thing the most available thing in this dunya will be the wish of the people of the Hellfire.

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The wish to get a sip of water. A fee to arrange please just a little bit of water to put this fire to drink just a little bit of water. The people of Jana will answer and they say Allah made water haram upon you. Ha Rama, Huma everything we have right here now all the luxury all the fruits, all the rivers, everything we have is haram for you. is haram for you.

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My brothers and sisters, the four requests that the people of the Hellfire make first from Allah, then from Natick than from the angels then from the people of Ghana.

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Why did this all happen? Why did they get there in the first place?

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Elon mentioned that in the AI right after the request

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from the people of the Hellfire to the people of Jin

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Woo, Dena.

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levena Tao Hado de Dena

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higher to dunya fell

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salmon gamma anus only on me.

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Moon Subhan Allah the main reason why did they get there in the first place is because it tocado Dino. They took the Dean as a joke.

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Salad five times a day Hamdulillah I have a clean heart. I'm a good person. I don't harm anybody. Why do I have to pray?

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They took the Dean lab joke and play in amusement.

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They did not obey Allah azza wa jal. They did not stay what Allah from what Allah has prohibited

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what happened? Allah subhana wa Taala said, today you will suffer in the Hellfire because of what you did. You ignored the orders of Allah subhana wa Taala you ignored the orders of Allah azza wa jal so you will be punished in the Hellfire because you used to deny our our verses. So my brothers and sisters

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we all know that the Jana is Huck, and the Jahannam is Huck. They're both Huck and this is one of the pillars of Eman is to ima is to believe that there is genuine and there is no

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and the believer is always hanging with hope that Allah will forgive him and enter him to Jannah and fear that Allah will punish him and get him into the hellfire. We live our life with that hope and fear. No complete hope all the time. Oh, hello, I am Muslim. I'm going to join anyway. And like a brother told me the other day I'm going to hell anyway. No, no, you don't have that. And you don't have this. You live with the both wings like Kalyan said one wing of hope and one wing of fear and you act upon that. Until Allah subhana wa Tala decree our destination. Finally Subhanallah look at this Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said whomsoever ask Allah azza wa jal to keep him

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from the Hellfire three times the Hellfire will tell Allah Ya Allah keep him away from me.

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What is the dot Allahumma a journey manana Allahumma a journey manana all of us three times in sha Allah Allahu Ajin ajuda now Amina na Allahumma Jelena. Jelena I mean in Milan nug one more time Allahumma Jelena. We didn't know I mean, I mean Zach from LA here Subhan Allah Allah, Allah Allah Allah and a stockbroker I want to relate

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in mostly me now I think mostly man do you want to move meaning I want to move me 91 quantity now look on it. The more saw the pain I was saw the bond the one saw the Rena was Slavia right the one before she you know she

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was before she know what to call she is the one downside BP now one downside the party was on me now was all in

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one heavy Lena photo gentlemen one Hatfield law. It was good enough long I guess.

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What's going on? I don't know who

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