Indian Muslims Under the Pharaonic Rule of the BJP

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All praise is due to Allah Who created the heavens and earth in six days, and then rose over the majestic throne. He created Adam by joining the soul with Earth's clay, blowing his role into flesh and bone. And he created us from an extra fluids, transforming into stages from embryo to child until we are fully grown. He revealed to us a scripture and gave us a sherry so that the Serato Mr. Team may be shown. He told Noah to build the ark. He commanded Ibrahim to build the Kaaba, and in it he placed the sacred black stone. He gave Esau the power to heal and resurrect, and he saved Musa from the armies of Freetown and he chose our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to make him from

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amongst the Gambia, the most honored and the most well known as to what follows Allah subhanho wa Taala reminds us to be conscious of him in the Quran. When he says yeah, you hola Dina Manu taco, la haka, Ducati. Wala Mutanda Illa. Anta Muslim moon. Dear Muslims, Allah subhanahu wa taala has reminded us in the Quran, of the consequences of injustice of Luton, and of the final result of those who perpetuate Volume One, seven Allah Hafiz, and I'm Yamato volley moon, do not think oh mankind, that Allah is not aware of the injustices that the wrongdoers are perpetrating. When we see evil in the world, when we see tyrants, when we see rulers that are committing transgressions

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against their people, Allah is saying, Don't think I am unaware. In MRU, a hero whom I am going to cause them to wait they shall be delayed. Until that day when the eyes will be staring empty, rushing forward, their heads raised up and they're not going to be glancing back and their hearts are empty in dread and fear. The Quran and Sunnah has come to us with so many warnings against transgression against done. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that Allah said all my servants, I have made Luton haram on me and I have made it haram between all of you. So do not transgress against the rights of others. Transgression boom takes many forms of them to individuals

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against one another, somebody takes your wealth somebody transgressors, Your Honor. But do you know what the greatest boom is that a human can do against another human? Do you know the highest level of boom that the Quran criticizes explicitly, it is the victim of tyrannical regimes. It is the volume of a government that has been given power to take care of the people and instead of taking care of the people, they use it to take the lives of the people to destroy the property of the people to cause civil war amongst the people. Rather than establishing law and order these tyrannical regimes spread fitna and facade and are the worst of the worst. And that is why who is

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the worst human being that the Quran mentions? Who is that one individual that is considered to be the worst of mankind? Allah tells us and also tells us why in Farah Iona Allah fill out what your Allah Allah Shia your story photo if at Amin, whom you that be who Amina home, what you're studying in his home in the whole condominium of Cid in Freetown was the worst of the worst. Now. Fifth round has a long litany of evil fifth round has done and for everyone has done it and has done for round even said another book who will either be love for outside I am your God. And that is no doubt the worst boom that a man can do against the rights of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. But when it came to saying

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that for our own was the worst of the worst, Allah azza wa jal mentioned another reality. What was that reality in Verona Allah fill out of the fear around transgressed in this world for our own transgressed in this world he ruled over the earth and evil, he divided his own people up. He divided his own people up and he broke his people into different groups, torture

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One group humiliating another group.

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And when we look at the Pharaonic methodology for one is gone, we don't have it out. But you know what we have left for our Nick methodology. What is Pharaonic methodology for our methodology is a toxic mix of racial superiority, and have a false sense of nation, pride nation state, and have a false sense of one's religion being the best and it is not the best, a toxic mix of race, nation, state and false religion. This is ferons methodology. When you look at this methodology in human history, and when you see its manifestations in today's world, we find that this toxic methodology reared its head multiple times during the worst genocides of the last century, what was Nazism

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except a modern manifestation of this toxic mix? What happened in Bosnia except the manifestation of this toxic mix? What happened in Rwanda except a manifestation of this toxic mix. And when we look at what is surviving of this toxic making mix in the world today, we find there are four primary ideologies, we don't have time for all four of them. But very quickly, number one, and two, we don't have time for them today. Number one is the far right of our own lands, and of all the Western worlds, that toxic mix of racial superiority, they think that they're white, and everybody else is not. So they're better. They're toxic mix of nation state, we are the real Americans, the real

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Europeans, and that toxic mix of thinking their religion is somehow different and better than all other religions. That's the fault, right? That's number one. Number two, we have of course, the apartheid regime of Israel, which has a similar ideology. And today's Hooda will concentrate a little bit on three and four. Number three, is the Chinese government and its persecution of our weaker brothers and sisters. And number four, is the rise of the BJP and what is happening in India. These are the four remnants of frowns, ideology and methodology ferroan is gone. But that toxic combination that he created, has remained on this earth. And it represents the greatest threat to

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human safety and peace and security. And in today's chutzpah, I want to remind my brothers and sisters, I want to remind us of the reality of what is happening and of the potential maybe even of the realization of genocide that is occurring in various places in the world. And in particular, in China. And perhaps looming on the horizon. We seek Allah's refuge in India.

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The world's most famous professor of genocide studies, he's retired now he's in his 70s. He's taught 50 years at university. He's published dozens, hundreds of articles and books, he is recognized as the authority he studied every genocide in human history. His name is Dr. Gregory Stanton. He has founded a genocide studies watch, you can find this online. He is not a religious person. He's just an academic.

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He has written an article about the 10 stages of genocide. He has studied every genocide in human history, and said whenever a genocide occurs, these are the 10 stages, the first two or three are relatively innocent, the last two or three, it's too late. It's gone. We need to know this list, use it as a litmus test, take this list and apply it to China to India to other countries, what is going on. And when we use this list, the results should make all of us look deeper, we should genuinely be alarmed and worried about the realities of what is going on very briefly. And I do encourage you to Google this and look it up and read it yourself. But in this football very briefly introduce stage

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number one, which is very innocent classification. You have to classify in and of itself classification is okay. I am Indian American, Pakistani, American, Bengali American, African American, that's all fine we classify, but everything begins with that classification. Something has to be done by classifying so far. So good classification in and of itself is good. Number two, you take that classification and you give it symbolism symbolization as the term you symbolize you make classification more than just identification more than just your heritage, you give it symbolic power, you give it a derogatory term, you take a clothing or a dress or you use the slur that makes

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them feel lesser than the other people. So for example, in India, Muslims are called the invaders as if they are not a part and parcel of India, as if India today is not shaped by and through Islam.

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The fact of the matter, modern India would not be recognizable without the contributions of the Muslims for the last 12 and a half centuries, but still the rhetoric of the BJP, these are the invaders. They're coming from the outside, this will be called symbolization. In China, the weekers are called terrorists, that is the term that is used for them. This is symbolization this is no longer classification. This is no longer ethnic identification, you have taken that ethnic identification, you've given it more than what it means this is stage two, stage three, discrimination at the social level, people begin discriminating against other people. People begin

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boycotting the shops of the people of that group. People began speaking or not hiring or problems happen in society. If a person applies for the job, he shall not be given that job because of his or her background. So we start with discrimination began social begins at the grassroots, slowly but surely, it makes its way up to any type of Parliament or government and eventually discriminate. Discrimination is legalized, it is enshrined in the law. The Nazis forced people of the Jewish faith to wear different clothes, they forced Jewish shops to display their identity. In India, a citizenship amendment bill was passed, which was very clearly targeted against the Muslim citizens.

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Today in China, the Chinese government forced Apple when I say forced, I mean by money, there is no gun to the head of this corporation. They forced quote unquote, Apple to remove all Quran apps, you cannot even read the Quran in China anymore from the phone. This is what you call discrimination, stage for dehumanization. Once you are discriminating, now you start looking at the other group as not being human anymore. You don't look at them as your fellow human beings, complete lack of any sense of humanity, complete lack of compassion of Rama. And we see this in every single place of genocide. Last week in India, a Muslim was killed by the military and a journalist, a journalist, no

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background in military, he's not carrying a gun. He has a camera, a journalist is so happy and so angry at this Muslim in front of the army, he jumps on the body of the Muslim repeatedly and the army just sits there and does nothing. They're not human. You're not considered to be a human when this begins.

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In India as well, the complete lack of compassion of rounding up innocent farmers elderly men with beards simply because they have an Islamic identity harassing intimidating, forcing them by mob mentality to shout Hindu slogans on the streets, videotaping and the police are well aware and nothing is happening. This is dehumanization and of course in China, how much can be said about this.

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This leads to stage five

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actual organization. This isn't just random you see a Muslim something happens no now. WhatsApp messengers are passed around and in India. This is very common. WhatsApp messages are passed around we're meeting at this time in place. We're going to attack that Muslim house. Come here we're gonna desecrate that Masjid. mobs are formed, those mini mobs lead to a militias armed militias. These militias are then backed by the police, the police then themselves get involved. Eventually the government itself gets dragged in and they start perpetuating this type of mass mobilization, organized violence. Step Four was not organized. Step five is now organized. stage six according to

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this author, polarization. And what this means because whenever whenever this type of rhetoric begins, it always begins with the majority of the population not wanting this rhetoric because they realize it's going to harm them. The majority do not want Civil War, the majority try to stand up and push back. As the pressure keeps on increasing. That majority becomes silenced. That majority is forced to take sides. And generally speaking, the majority will side with the perpetrators of violence because they don't want to be themselves the victims of violence. And so what happens is polarization, you will no longer have a middle ground of sensibility. You no longer have a critical

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mass that can prevent a war because they have been intimidated. This is exactly what happened in Nazi Germany. It is happening right now in India, where there are plenty of parties that weren't like this. They weren't pro BJP in Southern India, generally speaking, they were not pro BJP. But what is happening now. polarization. Pressure is being put there is no middle camp or the middle camp is when

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The moderates cease to exist and when only the radicals are left, what is going to happen to the victim class? What is going to happen to the minority when there is no large middle moderate to prevent anything that is happening? We are seeing as we speak right now, the polarization that is taking place in India, of course in China is already past this stage in China. We are on stage eight, stage eight, public mass persecution, government sponsored persecution not yet deaths yet persecution, nobody just starts extermination overnight. No, you ratchet up a little bit, you turn on the fire a little bit, you've put the pressure higher mass persecution, like Nazi Germany, round

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them up, throw them to the concentration camps, like China, round up all the wiegers the largest concentration camps since World War Two satellite images exists, nobody can claim now we didn't know you know, the allied forces when they invaded. When they invaded Poland they invaded Germany, they shrug their shoulders has it Oh, we didn't know this is happening that is possible most likely alive. But still, we can say at least there was no satellite back then. Now, the United Nations has publicly said there are concentration camps in is to install the Keystone which is of course what the Chinese call that province. That province is not the Xinjiang province. Jinjiang is the name

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that the Chinese gave it is a Turkistan ethnicity is Turkistan the Chinese invaded 100 years ago, they took it over and for the last 100 years, they have been attempting to eliminate Islamic identity for the last 10 years they have raised their bar of persecution and they have rounded up anybody who does anything that is Islamic. Last week I posted on Facebook that a businessman, not a religious person who donated funds less than $3,000 to build a masjid in his village. He was rounded up and persecuted until he died. His body was handed back to his relatives cause of death unknown. Anybody who prays who fasts who does anything, anybody who's related to anybody who's praying or

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fasting, anybody who's a visible Muslim living in Europe, I have friends here there are people in this audience who are wiegers just because they are coming to the masjid. Their brothers are endangered. Their sisters are endangered Subhanallah this is what you call mass persecution. The Uighur women are sisters are forcibly married to Han Chinese forcibly against their will taken away from the homes of their parents and forced to go and live with the other people with who are not from their faith or their background. As we are aware in Ramadan, you're not allowed to fast in that province. And of course in India, especially in the Assam province, perhaps the stage has already

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been reached of mass persecution. Stage nine is the actual extermination and mass deaths. Stage nine is when Hitler actually goes and kills everybody that opposes him, the concentration camps then throw in the gas and they actually put them in the gas chambers, stage nine, maybe in China's some places it is happening but it is not yet reached and that is why we have to raise awareness. That is why every one of us has to do something because stage nine is the end. What is stage 10 of stage nine is the end stage 10 after it occurs, denial Oh, that didn't happen. Oh, we are a free country. Oh, we are fully you know completely democratic and denial. Of course it permeates from stage one to

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nine. Denial is always constant to this day. The BJP government says we are a democracy China says oh, this is an internal affair. We are treating them with humanity. This is a denial you keep on denying to the very end. So dear brothers and sisters, if you look at this 10 point list, both India and China have passed the half mark, China is on number eight. Now. India is on number six, and in some places between seven and eight. If it continues Subhanallah the identity of Chinese Muslims will be destroyed. If this continues, there is no way out for India except moving to stage eight and then God forbid stage nine.

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The reason therefore, that I'm giving this whole book, dear Muslims, is that each and every one of us needs to be aware and then have some plan, some effort, something that they do. And I'm going to make a very special appeal today to those Muslims that are from this region and land those Muslims whose heritage goes back to that land that was known once upon a time as Hindustan, and I mean here, Muslims of Indian nationality, Pakistani nationality, Bengali nationality, all of us our heritage, it goes back to that land. We are well aware that land has shaped us who we are today. We would not be the people that we are the language that we speak the cultures that we have the cuisines, our

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friends and relatives. Everything is shaped from that region and that land. It is

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especially imperative of Muslims of that origin to take a stand, and to make sure that they do something, whatever they can. Brothers and sisters, there are so many projects of the OMA, we have to build masajid. Here finance the Islamic schools at Hamdulillah. We have so many nationalities and ethnicities Alhamdulillah our brothers from other backgrounds can help in those causes. But we cannot expect a brother from Arabia, a brother from Egypt to understand what is going on in India. That's our responsibility to educate. That's our responsibility to clarify and explain, if we remain silent. If we don't take charge, then who else is going to take charge? So every one of us has to do

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our bit, and every one of us has to have something so that the least that we can do on the Day of Judgment, we can say, Oh Allah, I tried. I wasn't a politician. I wasn't a army man. I didn't have a Salahuddin up his army at my disposal, but I was an individual. This was my capability. And this is what I did. And dear brothers and sisters, one of the things that I want to raise over here as well,

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is that the least that we can do educate ourselves and educate others. I mean, that doesn't require anything. Read a few paragraphs, study up what is the BJP what is the origin and then educate your family and friends on Facebook in your you know, colleagues, your neighbors whenever you speak, bring up this topic so that at least public awareness can be raised. So many people are unaware that the BJP is actually from an organization called the RSS and the RSS and Hitler's Nazi Party were actually twin parties. Literally, this is not some joke. This is not some exaggeration, the RSS and the founders of the RSS and Hitler and his Nazi party they took from each other, and they benefited

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from each other. This BJP, it is the literal biological child of RSS. What happened to RSS? Why is there no more RSS? Because moderate Hindus banned RSS This isn't Muslims. This is a fundamentalist. This isn't no Hindus themselves, who understood that this entity is going to destroy our country. If we allow this cancer, it will take us over and you want to know what RSS did. And this is something every Muslim should be aware of. And if you don't know it, I'll teach it to you and quote it to others. The universally revered Indian freedom fighter, Mahatma Gandhi. Do you know how he died? Or assess assassinated him? A member of this fanatical Hindutva entity felt that Mahatma Gandhi had

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betrayed their version of that toxic filth known as Hindutva ideology. And so in his anger, he assassinated the father of India. Do you understand how radical you must be to think that Mahatma Gandhi the Indian freedom fighter is a danger to India. And because of this, the RSS was banned, Jawaharlal Nehru, the next prime minister, the people begged him to lift the ban. And Nehru literally writes to another minister, he goes we have absolute evidence that the RSS is following in the lines of Nazi Hitler Germany, we cannot allow this in India. This is narrow, not a not a Muslim, not a fundamentalist, narrow a secular but a person who understands we cannot allow this fanaticism

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and so he banned RSS what happened RSS is banned. And so it gives birth to an illegitimate child. That illegitimate child is the BJP. This is the party that is now currently ruling India. What do you think is going to happen? Also, dear Muslims, I speak to you from an American platform in an American Masjid. We need to bring up another sad reality. Yes, the BJP is in India. But do you know where it is extremely active right here in America. It is unbelievable that this entity is getting involved in our elections here in America, in every single campaign of Congress or Senate. They look at which of the two candidates will be better for the BJP and they finance with money, which

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candidate will be better for their party, they are interfering in our own elections. And here we are completely oblivious of what is happening in our land. And this is where we need to come in at every single level from the lowest level to the highest. The BJP has plenty of organizations active here that are boycotting Muslim restaurants and Muslim owned institutions. They are targeting academics and Muslim preachers and teachers. They are targeting secular people. There's a very famous professor in Rutgers by the name of Audrey trischka She's a Caucasian professor, not religious nothing she's written some really good books about Muslim India Hindu and Muslim relations about

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oral exam about the Mughal Empire very beautiful academic books. And because these books praise the contributions of the Muslims to India, they

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Hindutva have targeted her and threatened her life. This is a professor here in this land. She needs armed guards whenever she goes to an event. This should be front page news of every single mainstream paper. This is our land and they're interfering in our land. They're making it difficult for people in America to preach and teach the truth. Who am I compared to the power of the BJP last year, I made one post my first post about the rise of the or maybe two years ago I forgot I made one post about the rise of the BJP you have to be you know, careful of this. Who am I compared to the BJP, my Facebook page was attacked viciously 1000s of what is called bots, look this up, they began

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to attack and try to hack my page. I was panicking. What is going on? I've never seen this. I contacted Facebook, the official company, they responded back they hardly respond by this time, they responded back and they said and I quote, we have never seen anything like this. Your Facebook page is being targeted from 1000s of bots in India. And I'm like what me? What I mean, think about that they have the resources to target a minor cleric like myself so that I cannot even post about what is happening on in their country, then what do you think they're going to do to congressmen to senators, what do you think they're going to do to actual academics, and this is happening were in

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our own soil here in America. And this leads me to my final point of the first hotbar. If this is happening here, and the people that are doing it are based here, who's going to respond to them Muslims in India, they are worried about their own lives. This is our duty and responsibility. This is what we need to do. See what is happening at every level of politics. Understand what these organizations are doing. Can you believe funds are being sent from here in Dallas in Houston in Chicago to help the BJP over there? Hundreds of 1000s millions of dollars. Funds are being raised here to influence politicians of our own land. And here we are completely oblivious to what is going

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on. Dear Muslims, we probably cannot change the course of history single handedly. But we cannot. We simply cannot afford to be apathetic or neutral. Our humanity demands that we act. Our privilege status here in this land of America demands that we act and most importantly our Eman in Allah subhanahu wa Tada demands that we take action in defense of our innocent brothers and sisters around the world may Allah subhana wa Tada bless me and you with and through the Quran, and may make us of those who is versus they understand and applies halal and haram throughout our lifespan. I asked her last forgiveness, you as well ask him for his liver for under a man.

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Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah the one and the unique. It is He alone that we worship, and it is His blessings that we seek. He is the Lord of the oppressed. And he answers the door of the week. The question that we all have now, what can I possibly do? What can I do? I'm just one person. And the response. Just like we see the other group is also composed of one person, one person, one person, what do you think they are? Who do you think they are? They are the same doctors, engineers, accountants that we are, but they have mobilized and they have a vision and they're spending money for causes that are completely belted in Alladhina Cafaro you will feel Kona Awana Julio so do

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answer be the law. They're spending money to stop the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala so you're right, I single handedly cannot stop the entire army of the BJP. You're right. But I cannot just sit back and ignore. So what can we do? First and foremost, at the simple theological level, we begin as we always begin internally, we begin by connecting our hearts with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We have what they do not have we have Allah Allah is our Mola and they have no Mola. So we have to develop connections with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. We have to make sure that we are worthy of Allah's help and that is the first but that is never the end result. Religion is not just coming to the masjid and

00:29:20--> 00:29:58

praying religion is not just rituals, our process and didn't just pray and Vicodin, maca. No, he has a plan. He has a vision, you have to have action. And so at the next level, you must do something physical, you must have a physical plan. Now what that plan is, I have said many times, that's not my area of expertise. I am a religious cleric. I'm a theologian. I study Quran and Sunnah, you know, that's what you get from either religious motivation to have a political plan. You need to bring in the experts, the media, the PR you need to bring in the people who know how to cause an impact and put together with religion with a man and then with Amato saw that with a plan that is how we bring

00:29:58--> 00:29:59

about that change, but there are plenty

00:30:00--> 00:30:36

of things that can be done at the individual level public awareness, make sure that you're spreading knowledge of this at the individual level, find out who your congressman senator is and find out what the BJP has done with them and find out what organizations and there are a very few but there are Muslim organizations, Indian Muslim organizations that are involved in campaigning that are involved in public awareness, find out what they are, what they're doing, ask what help they need, and then give money as well. There is no doubt brothers and sisters, that money that we give in this country of America, it will go a long way because our politicians are the ones being bribed by the

00:30:36--> 00:31:16

other side, do what you can, at that level, also do a bit of reading, understand what is Islamic history in India, we had a glorious history. As I said, this is not a time in place, but the Hindutva party is corrupting and changing the reality of Islam in India, Muslims did not come as outside invaders, Muslims came and took India to a new level of civilization. Yes, the moguls ruled over India, but they did not rule like the British as outsiders. They ruled as Indians, they took on the culture, they took on the language and they gave to the language and culture they never ruled as an outside class. They ruled as an inside class, loving the land of India, helping the people of

00:31:16--> 00:31:54

India not like the British raping, and plundering and taking trillions of dollars back to England, it is a travesty of the highest magnitude that the Hindutva gets away with such a blatant lie of calling us Muslims to be the invaders. It is true that Muslims came, but then when they came, they contributed. And they did much and they helped shape the culture and the language you wouldn't speak Hindi, the way we speak it were not for the Arabic influence on Hindi, we would not have the culture of India without the influence of the Muslims of India. So India, as it stands today is a mix of many cultures. And Islamic culture is one of the main cultures. This is simple education. It's not

00:31:54--> 00:32:35

controversial. There's nothing hating rip. Raising hatred is just factual and you keep on responding at the individual level. And then higher up if you have PR skills, media skills, political skills that will be done by those who are qualified to do so. But the bottom line brothers and sisters, the bottom line, we cannot be apathetic and neutral. Every one of us has a role to play just like they're doing it we too have to do our job and then when we do our job, then we can put our trust in Allah subhana wa Tada we don't just sit back and say Allah will take care of no we do what we can we strive for everything we can do. And then we say to what Kota Allah we tie the camel, we haven't

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done that yet. We tie the camel and then we say the rest is up to you. Allah subhana wa Tada Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Quran, Allah azza wa jal reminds us in the Quran, what kind of how can Elena not so many, it is our obligation to help the believers Allah will help but Allah is going to see what are we doing? And Allah azza wa jal reminds us in Nasir Allah He buddy, Verily the help of ALLAH is close by Allah in Nasir Allah Karim. Allah in nanosolar, Allah Hikari memorize these verses keep on saying them put your hope in Allah be optimistic about the future and then try your best try your best to make sure that we don't see this 10 Point List continued down till we get to point A to

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nine May Allah subhana wa Tada protect our brothers and sisters around the globe. May Allah azza wa jal grant his special protection to our weaker brothers and sisters, may Allah azza wa jal avert calamities from an Indian brothers and sisters May Allah subhanho wa Taala show us peace and Sakina in all of these lands, may Allah azza wa jal forgive our sins and forgive our incompetence for not being able to do more. May Allah subhana wa Tada blessed us with Eman and Taqwa May Allah subhanho wa Taala allow our progeny to be faithful to our faith. May Allah subhanho wa Taala cause us to be role model citizens embodying the faith of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and showing the

00:33:55--> 00:34:34

message of Islam dear Muslims, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada began with a command with himself and then he seconded it with the angels themselves. And then he caused us to follow along when he said in Allah woman I could do saloon either Nebby you Alladhina amanu Sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allah almost suddenly we're sending robotic or entering and abduct rasool Allah Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Marian everybody Allah in Allah to Allah Yeah, movie loudly what you're saying when? Cordoba Wang manufacture it will Moon kariobangi era Allah cantata karoun Oh, the Kuru law had all the money whether it was guru, is it quality? Quwata Akbar Wa famous salah? Yeah, man