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Ali Hammuda
AI: Summary © The rise in food inflation and housing supplies is due to the shortage of food, inflation rates, political unrest, and economic turmoil. The importance of morality and physical events of life is interdependent, and businesses and parents should be made aware of the importance of being honest and prioritizing healthy habits. The role of businesses and parents in managing the economy and the financial crisis is emphasized, along with promoting values and activating people to support social welfare and society. The importance of promoting values, including reliance on Islam's ability to bring peace and wealth to society, is emphasized, along with the need for innovative solutions and a focus on the "weirdly smile."
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah. Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah. Paradise is where people will rest. Till then life will hurl curveball after another till death separates us from its soil.

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Having understood this reality our predecessors would say a duniya Konohagakure, Moon, summer camp, I mean they have been sold or in for whatever this world is grief in its entirety. So, on the odd days when you are at ease, they would say, consider it a bonus.

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So, never was life intended to be easy. And expectations had always been managed by our Lord what he said to us in the Quran.

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Whenever you want there couldn't be a middle how you will do are you an apples in middle and worldly will own footsie with the Murad? Well, Bushido Siberian we will certainly certainly test you with a touch of fear and farming and loss of property, life crops and give good news to those who patiently endure

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inflation, rise in cost of living and the shortages of life's necessary supplies is one of the recurrent features of our world that has always affected communities and hours of today is therefore by no means the fast no that was to have ever experienced this type of flight. Let us zoom into the past very quickly I want to share with you a few snapshots. Speaking about the events of the year 281 After the Hijrah email, look at it, he said wahala till SRPG

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wotja A natural Hatter Akela bow to whom Baba cada Raju yet Gupta who have data HuFa in La La he were in the in a urology Hall. He says prices prices rose extortionately to people's hunger caused them to eat one another until a father would eat his children. So in learning how he weighed in daily, you got it out, he said.

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And then he speaks about the events of the year 334 After the Hijrah. And he said that the rise is in prices in Baghdad caused people to eat dead meat, cats and dogs. And some details here that I have purposely omitted because I feel it will be too heavy on the ears of the viewers. And then he spoke about the events of the year 449. And he wrote with people who would who were forced to eat corpses due to the shortage of food. They found a woman consuming the size of a dog that had turned green, a bird felt dead from a wall and at once five people left on it to eat and it was that existential. And then he writes about the events of the year 462 After the danger, and he wrote

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about the financial strain of the Arabian peninsula that caused the Emir of Netcat, to sell the gold from the curtains of the Canada and to sell the Musab, which is the golden spout that collects rainwater from above the Canada when he sold the door of the Canada and made it into dinars and Euro hubs for the people. And similarly, in Medina, the lanterns of unmatched you do never we were sold, can you imagine. And the same can be said about Egypt, where the levels of hunger reached a level where the minister wants dismounted from his camel, and three men pounced on it and slaughtered it and ate it. And as a punishment for these men, they were crucified by by the next day. Their bones

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were visible, where people had know that their their corpses, it's like people started to bury their disease during their during the night instead of the day. Because they were afraid that they would be dug up and consumed.

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So yes, as I mentioned, parts of this have purposely been omitted from the translation because of the graphic and to be honest, the unbearable nature of some of it. That's a snapshot of the past. Looking into the present,

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fast forward into the 21st century, the cost of living crisis has yet again become the top of the hour. With UK inflation rates reaching the highest it has reached in around maybe 30 years.

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The cost of utility gas, water electricity as well as basic food items are as you know, rocketing. British economists warn of the biggest drop in living standards since the mid 1950s. And many will be left with very little to fall back on where there's apparently no cutting back. No smart decisions. You just don't heat your home. You just don't use your cooker. You don't heat water and you don't shower. You just don't do those things because you can't afford to do those things.

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There was a study published by the lancet public health that found that between 2015 and 2020 10,000 children were removed from their family homes and take it into local authority care due to the financial crisis.

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So this is most certainly not a normal circumstance of economic turmoil due to a natural disaster. Like for example, the drought that affected the city of Medina at the time of Omar Radi Allahu Anhu. No.

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A lot of this is artificially manufactured, and a product of the conscious decisions of men.

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Whether it's an unjust interest based economy, an equal distribution of wealth, where the world's richest 1% own 45.8% of the world's wealth, whether it's a structural inequality that prevents other countries from being able to catch up with the West, whether it's manufactured wars, greedy bankers, so on.

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And as Muslims, our belief is that morality and the physical events of life they are not interdependent. They're very much interconnected. So for example, when sexual promiscuity and moral decadence degeneracy become the feature of a society or Muslim or otherwise, then Allah who will send his reminders. The Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said either of our Hara Xin our riba fee creating a hand up and putting him under ALLAH. Whenever Xena fornication, adultery, and riba usury interest up here in a town, become prevalent in a town, then they have brought to the punishment of Allah upon themselves, Allah who will send his signs.

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And the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said Yama shall mohajir either follow the hubs either to lead to be hindered or hold will be nasty and to the Calhoun and to the raccoon. Whoo ha Have you don't immigrants? There are five things with which you will be tested with an eye seek refuge with Allah lest you should live to see them. And one of the five he said was what leapt off her in Fantasia to feel calm and up to her tell you honey will be her 11 Chevy Tahoe will Elijah, a Latina could not be a Salafi he will love you that model. He said whatever immorality

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among a people appears to such an extent that they committed openly but plagues and diseases that were never known among their predecessors will spread among them. So our belief is that morality and the physical events of life, they are not interdependent. They are very much interconnected. So whenever sexual promiscuity, moral degeneracy become the future of a society. A Muslim or otherwise Allah Almighty will send his reminders.

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Now, having said all of this by no means are Muslims, fatalists fatalism is an attitude that believes that everything that happens in the community environment is beyond their control.

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And so it produces this submissive attitude towards these events.

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Okay, Muslims, of course, acknowledge that all matters are from Allah that that serve a host of wise purposes, granted, but the Muslim does not resign himself herself to inaction and freeing themselves from blame using a metaphysical excuse. Our understanding of fate is not one which absolves human beings from the blame of sin of failure or the need to take action. Today, each one of us has a role. Let us discuss them

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the role of businessmen towards their clients in addressing the rise in cost of living,

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many will argue that usually is the underlying cause of the financial economic crisis that has crippled the world since the autumn of 2007. Till today. Others will also level blame at the banks, which know that they can continue to lend recklessly enjoying the interest they earn during the good times and in their knowledge that governments will always cover their losses during bad times. The issue with for me really, is that these words, as true as they are, they ring so ironically when uttered by Muslim users of interest. Yeah, it's true that your influence on these big macro financial matters may be somewhat limited, fair enough, that you are the master of your own

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So should you be voluntarily engaging in the rebar based business then consider yourself a contributor to the same crime that you are decrying?

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Allah Almighty, said a Latina Yakko the Rebbe, nya kulula Illa cada yaku malaria Humberto che la Dominus. Those who consume interest will not stand

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On the Day of Resurrection, except like the standing of a person who is being beaten by shaytaan into insanity.

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Valley can be unknown Kado in the Malbaie armies Lottery but that is because they used to say trading is like usury whereas Allah has permitted trading and he has forbidden usury.

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So similarly, landlords are aware that the current lack of supply of property means that they are able to keep raising rent, having now reached the highest rate on record, a Muslim landlord, however, he has to be critical with himself and honest how are people to manage this? How, in light of an economic crisis where most are barely able to make ends meet?

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I mean, is it not possible for tables to turn at some point in the future? In which case, how would How would you wish to be treated if you are the one looking for property?

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So the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Rahim Allah, your humble, humble Ramadan, you're humbled and three out of the Yahoo Community Center, the Merciful ones will be shown mercy by Allah.

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Have mercy on those on the land. The one in the heavens will show mercy to you. You're either in Allah

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and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam would say Rahim Allah Who Raju lend some hand either Abba, some hand either stirrer, some hand, either colada. Allah show mercy, O Allah show mercy to a person

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who is claimed when he sells kind when he buys and kind when he makes a claim. That's number one, the role of businessmen towards their clients. Number two, the role of parents and children towards each other in addressing the economic crisis and a rise in the cost of living. Their duty of the Muslim parent is to nurture righteous and smart and successful children, equipping them with the skills needed, that will serve them in adulthood. And one of those skills is financial responsibility. I mean, frank conversations should start between parents and children, really honest ones, where the financial status of the family is candidly discussed.

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And they should be made aware that the House runs on the income of the parent or parents, they have no other means. Besides that, they should understand that all of the needs of the House have to be met from that one pot of money.

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And then for children help help them prioritize lifelong healthy habits by for example, dividing their income

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into three areas, you have an area for for spending an area for saving an area for giving charity, for example, you encourage them to spend 50%, and to save 30%, which teaches them to delay gratification. It gives them a sense of appreciation for what they want and will also provide the sense of security for future unknown. So to save 30% And then to give 20% as charity because children actually they love helping others, it nurtures within them, the belief that they can make a difference to our world.

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Now as far as grown up, children are concerned who are living at home still, they should be encouraged to contribute to the household finances, even if they are living at home to save money. They are to realize that serving parents, especially during their hour of need is a religious obligation. It's non negotiable. It's one of the most rewarding of all endeavors. And it's your personal future lifeline when a similar circumstance unfolds to you. Allah said yes Aluna Canada you will feel good. They ask you what they should spend Palma and factum in hiring Falleen while reading any say to them, whatever good you spend should be for parents. This verse will then list five

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different places where money should be spent. The list starts with parents who led

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these children should also be told that expenditure on certain matters have to be given priority over others. For example, when the household expenses of rent, amenities shopping are met, then okay, we can look at the other requirements.

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Another example is instead of spending half your wages each month on just eat, learn how to cook something, help out at home.

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This is much more of a responsible choice. So that's number two, the role of parents and children towards one another. Number three, the role of Muslims towards their extended families in addressing our rising cost of living crisis. Our postmodern Neo liberal society is one that seeks to serve the individual individual

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social constructs of today have have torn away family, tribes community and in doing so, it has also torn away

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have a huge safety net for people, especially during times of a crisis.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in there I JELA it Theravada to say that what Rahim the deeds that brings about the quickest reward is what upholding family ties.

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At the in the annual Beatty Laya Kulu fudge era 13 More than one who works harder to compete at awasu. He said, in fact, even in the case of a sitting family, should they uphold their ties, their wealth, and their numbers will increase? He said, Well, ma'am, in elevating the Ottawa Saluda for your attitude, and any family that uphold its ties of kinship will not be in need of others.

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So as prices rise, and as the value of currencies plummet, Muslims are to remember that the money they spend on their families today is at its highest value with Allah. That's an intention to not waste.

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And that's why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said in a profound Hadith did our own factor who feeds me Lila? What denial and factor who fear Allah? What do you not want to subducted Behala miskeen What do you know? In fact, our Allah Allah Allahu wa jal Olivia, Dr. Juan Eric, are you said a dinar that you spend in Allah's way or dinar that you spend to free a slave or a dinar that you spend as a charity to a needy person, or a dinar that you spend in support of your family, the one that will yield the greatest reward is that what you spend on your family

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number four, the role of Musk's towards the community in addressing the rise in the cost of living. The role of the masjid is central just as you have opened up your facility for Quran memorization and lectures, opened up your facility for courses and developmental programs contact your local council access the pots of funds for for apprenticeship schemes upskill your community

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committee members, this is the hour where you will either gain the confidence of your community or lose it this is number four for the role of the masjid towards our community.

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Number five, the role of the Muslims citizen in alleviating this rise in the cost of living. Without doubt some of our missing meals some are choosing between heating and food. Others are left with nothing but the clothes on their back. Contact your neighbors

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or at least a handful of those within your vicinity. Check out them

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offer them any of the surplus that you may have. And I love the hadith of jab it'd be Allah had been pleased to him, where he said that whilst we were once with the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam journeying, a writer came and began looking right and left as if to ask for help. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam recognized his poverty and he said mankind abou HuFa blue. Varin failure would be here Ana de la Valhalla, woman Candela who had low means that in failure would be here, Anna Melissa della, whoever has an extra amount should offer it to the person who has no mound and whoever has extra food should give it to the one who has no food. And he continued mentioning other

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properties until we thought jabbered said until we thought that none of us had any right to surplus of his own property to extra.

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Number six, the role of the Al Kahf. In addressing the rise in the cost of living with the demolition of the Khilafah the Muslims lost one of their finest institutions, the GAF public endowment

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that independently fund many aspects of Muslim society.

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Now you've got what they call the Jewish Federations of North America.

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And it's the name of an American umbrella body that represents around 146 Jewish Federation's and over 300 network communities, they raise and distribute

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more than $3 billion annually through planned giving, and endowment programs to support social welfare, social services, educational needs of the Jewish community,

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that Federation movement. Collectively, they're among the top 10 charities on the continent. It's about protecting and enhancing the well being of Jews worldwide.

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Where our our our half, the practice of work was no more as popular as it was in the past unfortunately.

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And although the rich people from our community Alhamdulillah and others they donate abundantly during their lifetime for individual or community causes

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In most cases these causes are short term, which means that we've surrendered our charity to a similar fate short term. So we are to revive this collective spirit of our graph. And that starts with the work that you create.

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Number seven, the role of the colonists to Islam, the activists, in addressing the rise in the cost of living, whether you are a scholar, a parent and elder, sibling, community leader, or whatever it may be, we are all to spread good news, Raise Morale, to promote certain pressing values amidst our sphere of influence. What are these values that we are to spread? Now? The first of them is too far to say a selfie with Allah I asked for Allah's forgiveness, to make peace with Allah is still far.

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A man complained to Al Hasan Basri about famine.

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You said to me engaging so far.

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See, may Allah forgive me keep saying it. Another one complained to him of poverty. And he said to him Do is the far

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third person asked him to pray to Allah that he should be granted a child. So he said to him Do is too far.

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Another person said to him, I have a garden that's become arid.

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What do I do? He said, engaging is still far. So they queried him about this. And he said to them, Michael to be in English. These are not my words. And then he quoted to them the words of ALLAH from Surah Lu, where Allah said that Prophet Noah said to his community is still filled with a backhoe in there who kind of a Farah, you will see some, Alico Madara while you did you can be wildly Wolverine. Why are the Anaconda Toyota Allah called Adhara seek your Lord's forgiveness. He said he is the most forgiving, he will shower you with abundant rain and He will supply you with wealth and children and we'll give you gardens and we'll give you rivers that's the value that is to be

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promoted now as people discuss this is too far is too far making peace with Allah number two reliance upon Allah

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shared this value with people this crisis has exposed the extent of the modern day man's anxiety about the future and in many cases, his lack of good thoughts towards Allah.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said man doesn't have to be he FACA tune for Angela has been Nursey Lim to set the FACA to woman doesn't have to be here for opportune for Angela has been there he for you, she cola hula hoops, there has been a hygiene agent. Whoever is afflicted with poverty

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and relies upon people for relief, his relief will not arrive.

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But whoever is afflicted with poverty relies upon Allah for relief. His provisions will be sent to him sooner or later. That's the second value to promote

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reliance upon Allah to think well of him. Number three, a third value Islamic economics see whether it's the Great Depression of 1929 to 1939. Whether it's the financial crisis of 2007 2008, or our crisis of the day, or the many natural follow from their ashes appears a golden opportunity for us to convey to the world our economic system, and how it can achieve what the world needs and save it from the injustice is of man.

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And my personal belief is that the role of the Muslim economists and financial experts have integrity today is arguably no less important than that of Muslim theologians and scholars, provided that they don't bury their heads into the sand, and instead play an active role in demonstrating the Islamic alternative model.

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Give you an example. Here in the West, Adam Smith is considered to be the father of economics. And he's revered by both Western academics and in western popular culture and government. Yet, as was noted by many academics, including David Graeber, and Arthur apologist

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who taught in the Princeton and the London School of Economics, he said that Adam Smith got most of his best ideas and best lines from medieval Islam,

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specifically from Allah bizarrely, and ignore Khaldoun both of him are suspiciously neglected in mainstream school textbooks.

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So so it's it's the Muslim financial experts who can cure the modern day Alzheimer's disease of mainstream economics by correcting historical narratives.

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And by offering solutions for the future, and at the time of the next collapse of Western banks, the world will need a new hero

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a way of doing business that is free from

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rampant speculation free from excessive risk and is banking back to basics, taking deposits from savers and lending to borrowers borrowers for a profit. The point of mentioning this is what? It's mostly an economist and financial experts who must drive this awareness campaign be innovative Dear brothers and sisters.

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how merciful is Allah subhanho wa Taala when he sends humanity, these occasional Wake Up Calls

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at a time of worldwide slump by distraction.

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It is these reminders that shake off from hearts to the grime of worldly obsessions and forces our gaze back into the direction of the heavens. In a reawakened longing for Allah and a renewed desire for the home of perfection gender,

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we needed this. How true are the words of Allah subhanaw taala the Most High who said Kulu Medallia fun. Everything being on Earth is bound to perish.

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Allah Almighty said well Manhyia to dunya Illa Batang rule.

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The life of this world is no more than the delusion of enjoyment.

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And Allah subhanaw taala said we'll ask you to have your own why because the Hereafter is better, more enduring. And Allah Almighty said we're in the law Hirata, he adorable Quran is the hereafter that is the home of perpetual residents.

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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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