The significance and etiquettes of Jumaah 6

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Post Isha Khaterah


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The speaker discusses the importance of the removal of Islam and the importance of following the act of worship. They encourage people to change their behavior and use the best language to communicate. They also mention the upcoming award and celebrate the joy of graduation.

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Your oil your loved one who called by an illegal Salalah. Honey who earlier saw your sudden return a collection a Muslim Rangers were Herrera. And this wasn't the theme of significance of Jamal, which I'll talk about for another week or so maybe to try and cover all the mean, how do you talk about your mind the importance of it. And again, the point of this is right around school time, I think everyone start school tomorrow, thanks for the school as students and mostly, I think also university right tomorrow or something like that day to day after you will start and then John was suddenly just plummets, the numbers just kind of take one of those Olympic dives down in terms of

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showing up. And it's not, it's understandable that people are stuck at school. And so what I'm trying to encourage really is just that, that doesn't mean you're exempted from Jamal doesn't mean you have to come here, or 20 messages, you're not exempted of Jamal, you still have to figure out how you're going to pray Juma. And I'm not even I'm not trying to suggest that everyone should, you know, boycott their work or have university stop you. You're not exempted from Jomar because you have a job or because you're studying. Because everybody who's studying or is working. No one's exempt from drama, you still have to attend Yo Ma as Muslim males, or jellen of age and ill and not

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traveling, saying you have to attend July. So it's something I want people to remind others. I think everyone here knows that but just as a reminder for the people has already said it. So what's the very same thing as Hadith and you'll know it once I started but I'm going to point out the piece that I am interested in. By that I'll start over to Hangzhou while Jim or I to El Djem or it will Rama Amala and Oka Farah to Lima Bina Hoonah doll the shell Koba. So he said Alia Salatu Salam is at the five prayers and Juma from one Jomo after the other, and Ramadan, one to the other, they are Cassatt and the SB eight everything between them. The clear here is the act of removal of sin is the

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act of removal of sin. And I'm not gonna go into the Linguistics of the word Cofer or kapha, because it has a lot of different usages in the in the Arabic language, one of them is to remove something when especially when you use it in this in this derivative. So the clear here is to remove the removal of sin. So, the prophet Alia started telling us that these acts of worship serve as checkpoints, you play video games, okay, you hit a checkpoint, everything resets right, your health goes back to full and you're they fill up your ammo, and you're flying again, right? Every time we hit a checkpoint, so you just try to survive, you get to the checkpoint, if you get to the

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checkpoint, everything you give it, your game is saved and have to go back and start over again, you get all this same thing.

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You guys didn't play sorry, I'm sorry, you didn't play video games. Well, boohoo

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don't have a good example for those who didn't play video games, honestly.

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But the concept is the same. It's the same idea. These acts of worship, if you make it to the second one, Allah subhanaw taala will reset to get rid of all Muslim Tosho cover as long as you do not engage in the Acts of sin that are considered as Cardinal or major sins that require a Toba may require a change of life, you have to make a decision and you have to change your environment. That's what it could be, as a community is something that is of such depth of such weight, like a center so heavy that you will need to pause your life and you have to you have to come a complete makeover, you have to get rid of this, this has to be removed, you just cannot stay here you have to

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completely get away from everything that is going to allow you to do this again. That's how that's what you can do. Because you're a big deal. They're not something that you can just brush off. No, this is not this requires you to take it seriously. And you have to kind of change everything. Aside from that we make a lot of mistakes. We make a lot of mistakes. We don't do things on time. We don't use the best language every time we speak. We don't always pray in the best manner. We make mistakes all the time. These mistakes, just you make those checkpoints and they're forgiven. And Joomla is one of them. Why is the weekly checkpoint make it to Joomla and we'll talk about the etiquettes of

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making it to Joomla so that it actually works make good is your mind the week the previous week I want you to think about that every time you come to Joomla from now on once you make it to Joomla and you made it to the salon shell you did everything right. The week before has been forgiven and shoulder has been removed as long as you haven't fallen covered and you're not doing anything like oh I do have covered well then then then please take it seriously. Because it is you cannot afford not to you can't afford to act like and you don't know what the cover and I think we'll learn some scholars say that cover are the major sins and any saga and the small sins that are done

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repetitively or repeatedly

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that are repeated all the time being is there a habit or an addiction of some sort? Then those qualifies as well. Just think about that, but Gemini serves as that it's like okay, this week wasn't very good. Made a lot of mistakes this week. This week was a bad week for me make it for July, Allah subhanaw taala inshallah will

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remove all of that for you. That's I think the beauty of this day. That's why celebrate celebratory day, become your dress. Well, you come to the gym, Mom, it's a celebratory day because this is the day you're going to be given your award and your sins.

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shall be forgiven before and what's more worthy of celebration than Allah subhanaw taala looking at us and giving us that on that day, you have to email Muslim with Visa Haiti and Abu ilottery Allah when Allah Nabil sal Allahu Allahu alayhi wa sallam, a Salah to Hangzhou while Jomo i to Elijah more it was Ramadan Kapha to lead up

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to Shilka Allah Hi Shinola in a heyland to start with you because Allah wa salam ala Nabina, Muhammad

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