Sacrifices in the Name of Love

Riyadul Haqq


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Allah subhanho to Ana says, Those who believe in Allah,

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and who are sincere in that belief.

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No one can rival or match the love that they have full Lasota.

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And the Sahaba of the law one was a supreme example of that.

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Now, we, as I said, we all love, and we all love for different reasons. And because of that love, we make great sacrifices, we may not

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immediately accept this, but even imagine a person

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in the name of love, or out of a claim of love, a person even sacrifices one's whole family.

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A man meets a woman, hitherto there were total strangers.

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Now, blood relationship, they don't belong to the same family.

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In fact, they were completely unknown to each other total strangers.

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They profess love for one another.

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Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. Maybe they are deluded, maybe it's genuine.

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But in that love, both of them are willing to abandon their families

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and their background.

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And almost everything that they were associated with till today.

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There have been

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who have women only when faced with a choice abdicated the throne.

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Because the law, the Constitution,

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or the climate didn't permit them

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to ascend the throne, whilst being married to a particular woman.

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They had to make a choice, renounce their love or renounce their throne. And kings have been known to renounce their throne and go away and live in exile.

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Lungs of Assam Sall Allahu alayhi wa salam have taught us that a greatest love that a person can have should have is a loss.

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And once a person loves someone or something, they love those things and people who are associated with that, beloved,

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and if someone loves the last panel with the they will love those that alone

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and out of the whole of creation, the most beloved to Allah subhana, who was the most honored

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is undoubtedly the Noble Messenger Muhammad Solari.