Sacrifices in the Name of Love

Riyadul Haqq


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of love in religion and how it can lead to sacrifices and strangers abandoning family members. They also mention the success of Islam in winning awards and the significance of love in religion. The speaker uses the analogy of a Noble Messenger Muhammad Solari as an example of how love can lead to strangers abandoning family members.
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Allah subhanho to Ana says, Those who believe in Allah,

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and who are sincere in that belief.

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No one can rival or match the love that they have full Lasota.

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And the Sahaba of the law one was a supreme example of that.

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Now, we, as I said, we all love, and we all love for different reasons. And because of that love, we make great sacrifices, we may not

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immediately accept this, but even imagine a person

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in the name of love, or out of a claim of love, a person even sacrifices one's whole family.

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A man meets a woman, hitherto there were total strangers.

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Now, blood relationship, they don't belong to the same family.

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In fact, they were completely unknown to each other total strangers.

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They profess love for one another.

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Maybe it's true, maybe it isn't. Maybe they are deluded, maybe it's genuine.

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But in that love, both of them are willing to abandon their families

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and their background.

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And almost everything that they were associated with till today.

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There have been

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who have women only when faced with a choice abdicated the throne.

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Because the law, the Constitution,

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or the climate didn't permit them

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to ascend the throne, whilst being married to a particular woman.

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They had to make a choice, renounce their love or renounce their throne. And kings have been known to renounce their throne and go away and live in exile.

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Lungs of Assam Sall Allahu alayhi wa salam have taught us that a greatest love that a person can have should have is a loss.

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And once a person loves someone or something, they love those things and people who are associated with that, beloved,

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and if someone loves the last panel with the they will love those that alone

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and out of the whole of creation, the most beloved to Allah subhana, who was the most honored

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is undoubtedly the Noble Messenger Muhammad Solari.